The Limit Of (2018) Movie Script

All day walking
I ain't had nothing
But a concrete hot head
Get a hot head
I get the words wrong
Get the meaning right
With a left hook
Bunny in the foxhole
Rabbit in the headlight
Lamb in the lion's den
I don't know why I'm angry
I don't know why they hate me
I don't know why, who why where when
Just that I have nothing to believe in
Nothing to be dreaming
Nothing to decide on
Only that I have nothing to imagine
Nothing to put time in
Nothing there to choose from
Just that I have nothing
No one come tuck me in at night
Say, "I love you son
Dearest to my heart, my darling one."
I'm a stray dog walking
With his ribcage showing
And tongue hanging out
Foamin' at the mouth
Blue-eyed evil cap'talist pig
Hang that fucker in the big white wig
His street full of sheep
Screaming blue murder
A howlin' wolf at the big house door
Cause they have nothing
Right outside your front yard
And the tyres screeching in the hot tar
Anger, hunger
They have nothing
No one saying, "Please, sir."
No one saying, "Yes, ma'am."
None of them that have understand
That I want nothing
Nothing but your car, wife, life, pride
Dignity, sanctuary
Nothing but your everything
You goddamn motherfucker
So Nora.
You've applied for a loan for 60,000 euro.
it has come back as a decline.
Come back?
From where? I thought you said
it would be approved.
Our lending department in head office
has the final say.
Their decision takes into account
what is best for the bank,
but also what is best for you.
You know my husband has a tumour.
He needs to go to the States.
Our insurance doesn't cover the operation.
And you think you know what's best for me?
A loan is what's best for me.
The decision is final,
we've done everything we can.
Maybe you can reapply in six months.
He doesn't have six months.
Let me just print off some
lending policies you might find helpful.
Gerard, would you mind?
My daughter works here. Alison.
She doesn't know about the insurance
and I don't want her to.
- Now.
- Thank you.
Now, Nora, this will give you
some guidance.
You don't talk much?
I talk.
Like a psychologist.
Like a psychologist and a client.
They talk every week,
and yet the client always leaves never
knowing anything about the psychologist.
And you reckon I'm the psychologist?
I'm expensive.
- Maybe I've money.
- Okay.
Let's talk.
How was the sales figures last week?
How was the holiday?
Spain was it? With some friends?
Yeah, for a week, was nice to get away.
You must have been hiding from the sun.
Factor 40.
You better get to work,
big promotion coming up.
You know he would be proud of you
and your career.
I'm sure he would.
I better change the flowers.
It hurts.
I can't.
I can't.
Man worried about the big bomb flying
Worried about the ocean rising
Thinking on the day that he'll die
And wonder if he were ever alive
On the same day
He saw the big blue sky
It was the same day
They were closing his eyes
Actually there was a customer in
at me yesterday. Reminded me of you.
Her husband had something similar
to what dad had.
She needed money.
Were you able to help?
I know you did your best.
Those blessed banks
have a lot to answer for.
Well, look who snuck out
to help his dad, huh?
Would you rather be out here
in the cold helping your dad,
or inside in the house
looking after your mom?
Mum, are you okay?
Mum. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Stop, stop, stop, stop,
I'll get it, I'll get that, I'll get that.
Maybe I'll just go lie down.
What are you going to do
when your loved ones die?
It's a hard question,
but we've got to ask it.
One in five people die
before the age of 45.
One in four people get cancer.
Life Assurance,
easy money for the bank's bottom line.
So it's simple.
We need more.
Mike here, who is smashing
all sales targets
has agreed to share with us
some of his secrets
on selling life insurance.
First of all I'll start by saying,
when I sell I like to sell fear.
The best way I can teach you all about
how I sell life assurance is by example.
A 34-year-old woman came
into my office the other day,
she brought her five-year-old son along
with her.
She was looking for a loan.
There was no repayment capacity.
Tough shit.
Loan denied.
Now you sat there
in your seats looking at me, asking me,
how did I turn this decline into a sale?
This is where I feel visuals work best.
So there in the office
I drew her a picture.
It's a picture of a happy family.
It's a mother, it's a father
and it's a five-year-old boy.
But I left out one importance piece
of information in this picture.
It's the father died four years ago.
Now, here's the psychological trick
about women.
Is they like to see themselves
as independent people,
who stand up for themselves,
but if you take away
the man in their lives,
well, they can't help but feel alone.
So I look at that woman one last time
and I say to her,
the question is,
not whether you can afford
to have life assurance,
it's can you afford not to have it.
She's emotional
I'm emotional.
And I just made a sale!
Because I sell fear.
Well done. Well done, Mike. Thank you.
You weren't nodding.
Just now in the meeting.
When the meeting ended, everyone else
was nodding, but you weren't.
Wasn't I?
I thought I was.
Anyway, that's not why you're here, is it?
You're here
for the business manager promotion.
Opportunities like this
do not come up often.
You see this. This is great work.
You're a real asset to us here, Alison.
taking everything into consideration,
you are not the successful applicant
for the position.
Was there anything
I could have done differently?
Maybe work on your killer instinct.
I will.
Thank you for the consideration.
I wasn't in Spain last week.
I was on a rainy beach
in the west of Ireland.
My parent's friends own
a caravan down there.
I can't afford anything else.
When my husband died, the mortgage,
the bills, the car loan,
everything was in my name.
We're a nation of tea drinkers
and they still make us drink shit tea.
Open it.
I'm on my way.
Your mother
has had a severe stroke.
Most of her movements have been affected.
She can still recognise you
and understand you but
her ability to communicate is
I'm sorry.
She is going to need professional care,
she is going to need a full-time nurse.
And I can provide you with
with a list of the good care homes
in the area.
Sometimes there are warning signs and
with your mother's underlying
health issues, I think stress
can play a large part.
Was she under any undue stress?
Look, we'll keep her here
for the next week
and we'll reassess it then. Is that okay?
Good, man.
Hearing voice of old
Voice that sooths me
Voice that hope
I do wish this wasn't soul
Brave woman, mother of night
Who are trying to live a life
Woman patient, woman kind
Woman thoughtful on my mind
I love you, I always will
I'll miss you for as long as I live
I get lonesome I cry at night
I guess that's all right
How's your mother?
She's, um, stable for now.
We were all very worried here.
Anyway, we need to keep a push
on those sales, yeah?
Good, man. I'll leave you at it.
How is she?
- Don't what?
- Don't do that fake shit with me.
Save it for them.
Man worried about the big bomb flying
Worried about the ocean rising
Thinking on the day that he'll die
And wonder if he were ever alive
On the same day
He saw the big blue sky
It was the same day
They were closing his eyes
Man thinking on the history train
And wondering if he's partly to blame
Man torturing himself in sleep
Man love, man lose, man weep
On the same day
He saw a shift in his luck
T'was the same day
He stopped giving a fuck
I lit the small fire, ma
I don't know who lit the big one
I lit the small fire, ma
I don't know who lit the big one
I lit the small fire, ma
I don't know who lit the big one
Hey! You wanna sing
Like the birds sing?
Bring yourself around
And forget the whole thing
I lit the small fire, ma
I don't know who lit the big one
I lit the small fire, ma
I wanted to have a chat.
You haven't registered
any sales this week.
I just haven't logged them yet.
So let's take a look at them now.
In your office or
One second.
The wife.
I know. Okay. I'm sorry.
Front row. Centre seats.
What? I know what I said.
Right. Bye.
Where were we?
Oh, yeah, my office.
Do you know what, make it after lunch.
Just tea.
Do you mind?
And if I do?
Thank you for my stuff.
You're not very good with people, are you?
I'm good with people.
When you have to be.
People say you run at night
through the city.
2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m.
Do you?
When I was a boy
my dad was always my hero,
I'd do anything he asked.
But there was one particular saying
he used for a lot of things.
"Never show people your hard work."
"Make everything look easy."
So, no. I don't.
Is there anything you want, sir?
Not today.
Thank you.
I'm worried about your figures.
This whole thing with your mother
being sick is it's unfortunate.
But I really do think that the best thing
for anyone at a time like this
is to throw everything into work.
The last thing you want is to fall behind.
And of course you know,
if there's anything at all
that we can do for you,
all you've got to do is ask
and I'll make it happen,
because that's what I do.
There was one thing,
I was thinking I'd book some holidays.
When were you thinking?
I'll put you on the board.
Yeah, tomorrow, it's
it's kinda short notice, you know. Yeah.
Look, I'll check the board.
Oh! Yeah.
Mike is already off, golfing trip.
I could maybe give you Friday week?
Check again.
Look, this is silly, yeah,
I'm not entertaining this.
What the fuck?
I won't be in tomorrow.
- Sorry about that.
- It's okay.
tell me about yourself?
Well, I've been a nurse for 15 years.
Ten years public practice initially
and then the last five years I've been in
I got all that from your CV.
I'd like to get to know you.
Of course.
Well, I'm happily married
for the last 15 years,
to the wonderful Jim.
We met in school would you believe.
Um, most people call me Mags,
I prefer that,
I think Margaret's kind of, uh, formal.
I have a son, Adam.
He's repeating his junior cert
at the moment.
He failed his exams. But we're very proud.
Why am I sitting here in front of you?
I believe that when a parent
or grandparent gets sick,
they deserve the same love and care
that they gave their family,
every day of their life.
She's all settled in.
Must be nice to have her home.
I thought I might give her a bath
in a while.
Fresh start and all that.
- I'll give ye some time.
- Okay.
I can only speak for those
Who do not know me
I can only write the words
That would not show me
I will never quite explain
What I've been doin'
I am you and you are me
But we are nothing
My heart broke and rose to go
But I'm not goin'
'Cause I loved you long
Before the day I told you
And it's you and it's me
And it's time on our side
Tonight I want you
To be my safety rope
Oh, but tonight you've got
A heavy load
We both shine for morning time
We'll spend together
We don't pine or cross the line
Or go one better
And we would sing to those
Who'd bring us stormy weather
That it's you and it's me
Can I come in?
It's the first door on the left.
How's she doing?
She's sleeping now. She's doing okay.
That's good.
Bet you didn't think you'd see me again.
Well, it's a surprise.
What's on the 25th?
It's my mum's birthday.
You forgot that.
Thank you.
Who knows you're here?
And what do you want?
I want in.
I want money.
There is no money.
Unless you were declined
a loan in the last five years,
you won't be getting anything,
and neither will I.
I want 200,000.
And then you'll get your chip back.
You think this is about money?
Don't be fake with me.
There you go.
Molly's still not eating.
If it continues we could look
at feeding her through a tube.
I'm not feeding my mum through a tube.
It's just an option, James.
These will keep you warm.
I saw them on sale and I thought of you.
You're in.
I'll see you tomorrow,
I've to go take care of my lot.
No rest for the wicked.
See you in the morning, okay?
You're doing great,
just keep doing what you're doing.
I've left two brownies
in the fridge for you.
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
You don't have to do this.
You did this.
I came down here to do a deal.
I didn't think
you'd act like some kind of psycho.
Spread your legs.
If I were driving down an open road
and there was no other cars in sight
and in the distance I see a girl,
similar to you say, and I swerve,
knocking her down, killing her,
just in that moment of madness.
I would instantly feel bad.
A psycho wouldn't.
You've got quite the sweet tooth.
The brownies. I'll have to make more.
I'd make them myself
but it's not my forte.
You'd have no teeth left.
This is true.
I was going to do shop,
would you like something?
Um, no, I'm grand.
I'd say there's good drying out today.
Yeah, it looks like it.
You're back quick.
Would you believe,
I had the basket almost full
and I realised I forgot my wallet.
Did you put the food back?
I forgot my wallet one day
and I had to go round with all the food.
So embarrassing going
to all the different shelves.
But I just couldn't leave it on the,
on the ground.
Now you're making me feel bad.
- Are you going to go back in?
- To put the food back?
No, to pay for it.
I'll go tomorrow.
It's the only game I was allowed
to play in the house as a kid.
How does it work?
It's pretty simple, I could show you.
you throw the ball towards the floor,
it bounces up,
it hits in between the two windows,
comes back and you catch it.
- What if it hits one of the windows?
- Well then, my mum will deal with you.
And how do you win?
It's a personal best type of game.
Now, don't celebrate too early.
- What did you do?
- I celebrated too early.
I'll get the ball.
I better go.
I have to get home, make dinner.
It's gonna get better, okay?
I can't stay here.
My dad needs me.
Your dad needs you to stay here.
You're mum was in for a loan last week.
And she was declined.
Why was she looking for a loan?
Your dad's insurance.
It doesn't cover the treatment in America.
Why wouldn't she tell me?
Come Friday, three things
are going to happen.
The banks are going to be reminded
that they are not invincible.
You'll get to go home.
And your dad will be okay.
But you've to do something for me.
I can't let you go.
I know that.
But you can bring me inside the house.
There are people in the house.
You figure it out.
Morning. Sorry I'm late.
Take a seat, Margaret.
- Margaret? This sounds serious.
- It is.
Me and mum have been chatting
and we feel that this isn't working out.
What do you mean?
This, you, working here.
I don't understand?
I know it's difficult to understand.
Some people think they're really good.
And don't get me wrong,
you are good,
but maybe you're just not as good
as you think you are.
Can I talk to you alone?
Anything you need to say to me,
you can say in front of my mother.
Ooh, pa-pa-ra-pa
Search in the past for the bad
That is in me
I'm trying to see
If I've lost anything
I stumble upon the fact
That nobody's watching
Now how they ever gonna catch me, boy?
How they ever gonna catch me?
It's a Saturday night, it's February
Got nothing to do, I got no one to see
Not even a God to take pity on me
Not even a God to take pity on me
I'm sitting alone
It's okay, it's okay.
Did I wake you?
The whistling kettle did.
You'll have to blame my dad for that.
It was a gift for my mum.
Not the most romantic type.
At least he bought gifts.
I used to buy my own.
I even wrapped them myself.
I bet they were good gifts.
The best.
You know they'll be looking for me?
When all this happens tomorrow,
I'll be the missing banker.
And they'll want to know where I've been.
Tell them you went to that caravan
your parent's friend owns,
that you turned off your phone.
You wanted to be alone.
But I don't want to be alone.
Hello, Father
it's James Allen.
I thought I'd wash.
Get on the bed.
I had to be sure.
Today's the day.
You tied your hair up?
I found an elastic band.
Where did you find it?
It was just in the room.
Where is it?
Where's what?
Where the fuck is it?
In breaking news this morning INB bank,
one of the states' big three,
has suffered a major security breach
in its computer operation.
It appears that unknown hackers
have managed to approve
over 50,000 small to medium sized loans
which the bank had previously declined.
The loans, of amounts between 5 and 60,000
have been transferred automatically
into the applicants individual accounts.
Our financial correspondent
Fergal Costello has more.
Although none of the loan amounts
were large,
the effect of them being paid
simultaneously has put enormous pressure
onto the banks cash reserves.
The most interesting legal question
at the moment
is whether INB can force their customers
to repay these loans
without the backing
of a signed legal contract.
A spokesperson for people
before profit stated that
given INB's aggressive reputation
for selling,
and it's willingness to foreclose
on families suffering
from mortgage arrears,
it's hard to see how the Irish people
will feel any sympathy
for this particular bank.
Happy birthday.
That woman got her loan today.
Make a wish.
That it's you
And it's me
And it's time on our side
Tonight I want you to be
My safety rope
Oh, but tonight you've got
A heavy load
And she said that
I want my innocence, man
I want my confidence back
I don't wanna feel like this no more
Pull up they push and play you
Now you're this fool they made you
I don't wanna' feel like this no more
I had to be sure.
A man living life here
Who bought into a plan
Who one day will look back
Over all of this
And see me as I am
I talk like I know what I'm saying
I walk like I know where I am going
I pretend that I know who I am
And I'll live like that until the end
The path that I follow
The way I live life
It came down
From before I can remember
And that makes it right
He look out over ancient river
He looked down at his feet
In the stream
He think over everything that happened
Every war, every hunger, ever dream
How animals looks just like each other
How we think we are different
I imagine I can be fooled
I imagined it's easy to do
How many minds for how many years
Thinking, that nothing
Really matters here
So why don't I have a little fun
Before I die
I'll get these fools to do my bidding
I lie and cheat my way
To the top of some dominion
Lie back on a boat
In the Mediterranean
Chocked full of pretty woman
Wouldn't than entertain me until I go
And the whole ship fall down
Some years afterward
When I don't matter
Or live fondly
In someone else's memory
That means nothing to me
That means nothing to me
That means nothing to me
That means nothing to me