The Limit of Sleeping Beauty (2017) Movie Script

Gin and Tonic, no lime Gin Tonic.
Lime is fine.
Don't got lime.
Even though I recognize my existence,
I often don't know
where I am or when it is.
This happen to you too?
Do you think time is something that always flows?
That means?
In fact, time doesn't flow.
Past, present, and future.
They share one space.
You're in them all at the same time.
Doesn't feel like it.
It's how your brain processes it.
The idea that time flows
is only in your mind.
You mean I can travel to any moment?
Your emotions catching up is another story.
Then, fly me to when I was the happiest.
When is that?
Read me. I know you can tell.
Orange juice, please.
Gin and Tonic, no lime Gin Tonic.
By the way,
check out this photo.
It's beautiful.
Nice, right?
Keep it.
Can you take it over?
To her?
Thank you.
This too. Sorry I took it without asking.
Your bag is full.
Like a school trip.
- Perhaps.
- Leaving home?
Came out good. Keep it.
She's a runaway.
Let her stay at Aurora.
She's got a place.
No, she doesn't.
That's why she's here. Look at her.
Got a place to stay?
If you want, stay at Aurora.
Aurora is,
the circus place over there.
I'm the owner.
If you're in trouble, I can help.
He's a famous photographer.
Cut it out.
He's okay.
You'll be the same age as Kaito soon.
I can't stand it.
Those dead are always dead.
Those left behind are always left behind.
Left behind, I'm becoming the same age as him.
I haven't accomplished a thing he hoped for.
To become an actor. To protect Aurora. Nothing.
Wasn't he selfish?
All he did was have expectations for you and die.
I was reaching my limit around that time.
Ten years is enough to realize this
isn't a sane city for people to live in.
Even so, I also realized
that I had no place to go.
I'm dumb founded every time I wake
to see the time now without Kaito
is longer than the time we made love.
Once upon a time,
Aki was a girl who dreamed of being an actor.
She grew up in the empty countryside.
She just wanted to be a princess in the box.
Aki, Aki.
You're next.
I was supposed to be an actor.
But for the past ten years
I've been a magician's assistant.
So, is this how you sometimes feel?
If I had no dreams,
I wouldn't suffer a life
where dreams don't come true.
I used to think this wasn't how it was
supposed to be. And then...
Now I wonder what it was I was excited about.
Things like that.
That's fear.
I no longer see it as fear.
You do.
Feel it?
Who's your favorite character in Hamlet?
Mine is Laertes.
He's the most human.
I would say Ophelia.
Isn't this the audition for Ophelia?
That's so ordinary.
I've a special feeling for Ophelia.
That is?
You care?
I'm Maria. I'm not with an agency.
I'm Aki. Aki Oria.
Neither am I.
Freelance actors pass the application screening.
A fair audition, no?
It's to be director Bito's masterpiece.
That's right.
So, why do you have a special feeling for Ophelia?
We put on Hamlet in elementary school.
I got the role of Ophelia.
It was the first and last time I played a heroine.
So far, I mean.
I hope you can play Ophelia again.
Same to you, too.
What does "love" mean to you?
For me love is... Gain and loss...
Thanks. You may go now.
It's what saves me. But it's what's taken from me.
I keep acting because I want to know.
What now?
Around that time I was reaching my limit.
Flashing through my mind was
how this wasn't how it was supposed to be, and fear.
The emotions I escaped from
and contained finally let go like a flood.
They erode and torture me to the bone.
My name is Aki Oria. 29 years old.
"To be, or not to be - that is the question ."
She's everywhere these days.
Film, TV, and commercials.
She was picked to play Ophelia!
Always up to the challenge!
The hottest actress today. Here she is!
Actress, Aki Oria!
Welcome, Aki.
- Aki.
- What?
In Japanese showbiz it's unusual
for an actress to make it in her thirties.
I thought to quit many times.
Now I see it as an honor
to encourage women of my generation.
Now it's time for...!
Charlie's Funny Time!
- Aki.
- What?
Aki, congratulations for Ophelia!
Thank you. It's a once-in-a-lifetime role.
When do you begin?
I'm discussing the part with the director.
You mean the world-famous Bito.
He's a great talent, a wonderful director.
You sound very busy.
So, when are the two of us going out on a date?
Okay, Charlie.
My schedule is full for the next three years.
Ask me during the Olympic Games, Charlie.
You got it. Charlie Max Time!
You have a meeting in Roppongi
with the director at 7.
Can I use the car until then?
I'm going to Aurora.
I told you not to go there anymore.
Today is special.
Just don't be late.
Take me to Aurora.
Stop ignoring me.
- Why?
- Huh?
Why do you still turn up like this?
That means?
You know what it means.
I've no time for you anymore.
You're me.
You're me too.
Don't get cocky.
You're the cocky one. It's why I'm here.
Getting suspicious?
Of course I am.
Jealous that I'm always working
and never have time for you?
I don't mean that.
You never change.
I said I don't mean that.
You mean it?
Thanks for coming.
These days you're all over the TV.
It's such a surprise.
For real.
Are you busy every day?
More or less.
You're the same age as Kaito, right?
That's right. I am.
I haven't told you this.
We've decided to close Aurora.
You know we don't make much money.
I thought maybe it's time.
It's my call.
I see...
It'll be pulled down in a month.
We're open until then.
Come back one last time.
Yes, I will.
You must be Aki.
I'm Aki. Nice to meet you.
Kaito told me. You're a runaway.
I'm Fuku. I'm the manager of Aurora.
Nice to meet you.
Feel free to use the dorm.
I'll get someone to walk you through.
Thank you.
Hey, Sand-Can.
Have Daisy run the Sphinx rehearsal.
She is?
This is Aki. Kaito brought her.
He picked up another young girl?
You like it?
It was my dream.
As a kid,
did you get excited by magic or the circus?
I did.
They get me excited even now.
Stay as long as you like.
Well, thank you. Really.
Why'd you come here?
You don't have to tell me.
Three of us lived together.
Me, mom, and...
some guy.
He's the reason.
You're not going to laugh?
What is it?
I have a dream.
I want to be an actor.
An actor?
Sounds so frivolous, I know.
No, it doesn't.
You're kind.
It's good to have a dream.
Why laugh?
In return for staying, can I work here?
Yeah, sure.
You say yes to anything.
That's not true.
In your opinion, what does Ophelia symbolize?
I think she symbolizes
the pureness we've forgotten.
Can you find something within yourself
in common with Ophelia?
I believe there is a part of me
that is in touch with her.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you all.
You've garnered a great deal of media attention.
The concept that being young
is best doesn't fit these modern times.
We're vigorously promoting her.
Promote more.
She'll breakout soon enough.
What do you think the world is?
The air, gravity, people aging.
Considering these common things,
don't you feel the world is too cruel?
So, what is the world?
What is the world?
In just half-a-year, my world changed.
Unlike before, I'm not hungry. I'm fulfilled.
My dream has come to be.
My life was founded on a dream.
Once fulfilled, a dream has to be maintained.
But that in itself is no fun.
People long for what they don't have.
What a luxurious hell.
Still, hell is hell.
Attain it, grasp it, lose hope.
Then they ask.
What is this world?
That's Ophelia?
It's simply you.
It's just you.
How can someone like you sympathize with Ophelia?
Aki. Congratulations.
Aki, Aki!
Kaito wants you upstairs.
Stand there.
You're like a snake.
A snake?
Yeah, a snake.
In the next life I'll be a snake.
You know.
I could die tomorrow.
That's true of me too.
Why did you approach me?
Too late.
You got the part. Ophelia.
Good for you. Cheers.
Why the face?
Well then, try this out.
"Rising Actress Aki Oria's
Dark Underworld Connection"
What's this?
We were set up.
Set up? By who? Why?
They ask, you insist you know nothing.
Aki Oria received money from gangsters
to debut in show business...
This is out-and-out slander.
Now you're famous
Is your memory selectively disappear?
Where are you going?
To contain things. If this goes on
you'll lose your TV commercial contracts.
Ophelia is okay, right?
What a shock Aki's scandal is.
She came to the studio the other day too.
Her agency denies the tie
between her and organized crime.
But there's no doubt it's her.
It's so scary!
They're here.
What about Ophelia?
What going on with Ophelia?
Go! Go!
You only call me
when things are going wrong for you.
So what? Help me.
Help from what?
I don't remember who he was.
Why was I there at that time?
I don't remember when
that was or whether it was real or a dream.
Can't be a dream. There's that photo.
My memories are a jumble.
So what?
You think I'm hopeless?
Didn't say it, but I think so.
I feel I'm missing something here.
You've missed everything from the start.
I don't want to listen to your preaching.
I'm not preaching.
You do this because you like it.
What kind of game is this? Tell me.
Ugly bitch.
You make no sense.
I can't lose Ophelia because of this!
It's a joke, a farce.
Who's the joke?
Is being around Kaito fun?
Yes, it is.
Just know, he's out of your league.
It's cool. No matter how much
or how long women are there
for men, guys like young girls who
pop up out of nowhere more than anything.
Did you call me a young girl who pops up?
What else can you be?
I don't mean it in a negative way.
See this.
What's that?
I made a mix for you. Took me all night.
Is it my birthday or something?
No, not that.
I don't need a reason for a present.
Play it.
Don't say it like that.
Right here.
I carefully choose ten songs that blew my mind
over the course of my life.
My life is packed within this.
It will be the best record of your lifetime too.
Your sensibilities do not necessarily wow me.
We'll see about that.
When will you become an actor?
Make sure you do.
It disappears so suddenly.
What does?
Pretty much.
When I awoke, he was gone.
When I'm sad, I think of Kaito.
Not sure why.
His smile, his smell,
his body warmth.
Cut it out.
It hurts to hear you whine.
I vividly recall so much.
Say, Butch.
These days I think this isn't the only world.
There's another world somewhere.
Unlike here.
A better one.
I believe that Kaito is still waiting for me there.
Fine, then.
Only like that, can people grasp eternity.
Unless I think like that, it's too tough
dealing with someone's death.
She's everywhere these days.
Film, TV, and commercials.
For the much-hyped "Tokyo Hamlet,"
she was picked to play Ophelia.
An actress who never loses momentum!
The in vogue newcomer!
Let me introduce tonight's guest:
Actress Maria Yamamoto.
Thanks, Charlie.
There you are, Maria. Thanks.
What a career move.
Thanks, Charlie.
23 years old?
So young.
Things changed fast for you, yes?
My freedom and restrictions changed.
But what I do has not changed.
It's to play the roles I'm offered.
By the way, Maria. This man.
Know him?
Of course! He's Ryu Goto,
one of the film's producers.
He's smart and witty.
He has something to tell you.
Really? Charlie!
Let's check it out. Run it. Charlie.
It's an important time for you.
It's a big chance. We'll get through it.
Let's make a great film and wow the world.
She's in your hands tonight, Charlie.
Let me see Ryu Goto.
We have no one named Goto.
Don't try and trick me. It's all a setup.
Ophelia is me. I'm Ophelia!
This one?
Your name?
You know, I'm Aki Oria.
- Can you walk?
- Get me Ryu Goto.
- Get her out.
- Get Ryu Goto!
Get me Ryu Goto!
Can you see?
Once she's calm, bring her to the office.
Aki Oria.
It's time to see reality.
Ryu Goto.
Where's Ryu Goto?
If you keep up with these delusions,
you'll face the consequences.
You're sick.
Don't forget, this is your world.
How did this happen?
Ignore me,
but at this rate you'll be killed.
After you showed up,
reality and fantasy mixed
and I wound up like this.
That's the wrong order.
Your reality and fantasies mixed and
you wound up here. Then I turned up.
See these people.
Any connection with you?
You obviously hate that nurse so much.
Maria Yamamoto?
No connection to you?
No. She just looks like her.
They are here because you wished it, no?
Remember this world is all...
If this world is completely mine,
the first thing I'd do is
shut you up.
What does "love" mean to you?
For example?
What is love?
That what I'm asking.
Of course.
Anything else?
Thanks. You can go now.
Too bad about the other day.
It's okay.
Shooting's started and the director is busy.
I thought you were good in the audition.
The director didn't feel that way.
I'm a late-comer to the project
and don't have much say.
So, I thought you
and I could start a project together.
I said we'll work together.
You'll be the lead, of course.
It will be a low-budget film though.
But, we should do something.
Why so happy?
I got it.
Got what?
I'll star in a film.
Good for you.
Kaito would be happy.
- One more.
- Sure.
You want to star in a film.
Then you must make this guy like you.
- It's her?
- Yes.
Aki Oria.
You'll do a film with him, huh?
Make it a good one.
Thank you, sir.
Not yet.
She'll take it with her later.
I understand, sir.
You're not even that young.
- Sorry.
- Get naked.
Gin and Tonic, no lime Gin Tonic.
Lime is fine.
Don't got lime.
That's enough, Butch.
Remember now?
That this is my world, right?
Yeah. But your world has too many bugs.
Like what?
You know exactly what I mean.
Unstable memories.
You drove yourself to that hospital.
All bugs.
You hit the limit.
You imagined too much.
But whatever you do, this is your world.
You make the last call.
The last call?
"To be, or...
not to be - that is the question."
Aurora will be torn down at any moment.
Everything one can imagine,
can be made to happen.
Sorry but this isn't real.
It's my world, doc.
Are you saying I'm part of your delusion?
Aki, you go alone.
I'm just part of you.
If you die, what's the point?
I'm part of you too, no?
No, Aki. You are you.
Now, press the switch
and Aurora will detonate. Goodbye.
Kaito. Let's get out of Aurora together.
We'll blow this place up and make our own world.
If I'm to be in a dream forever,
I want to be with you.
I'll even forget that it is a dream.
Let's start over from the top.
That's the happiest for us.
If I'm with you, that's not starting over.
You must wake from your dream.
I don't want to hear you say that.
Why did you leave and die like that?
I'll stay here.
No, no, no.
Listen Aki.
The world is still wonderful.
You can manage. Aki.
I'm lost.
You're dead.
We won't meet again.
It's okay.
I'll find you again.
Next time as a snake.