The Lion Roars No More (2023) Movie Script

Fatima: Where you going?
Assad: I'm going to find out what's happened.
Fatima: Can you not find out
in the morning, in the light?
Assad: I am not afraid of the dark!
Fatima: I am not either!
It's what is in the dark that I'm nervous about.
Or should I say who?
Assad: My name means lion.
And lions don't run away from jackals.
(More gunfire)
Assad: Hey. Salaam alaikum
Omar: Alaikum-Salaam
Assad: Do you know the reason of the shooting?
Omar: They are celebrating.
The emperor is dead!
The communists have strangled him.
Assad: It has started!
Omar: It is continuing. The
beginning goes back in time.
You know, this could lead to
a civil war on a broad scale.
Assad: My biggest fear.
What can I do to protect my family?
Omar: Ah, I'm thinking of taking mine to Kenya.
Assad: Kenya! But I thought Kenya's a Christian nation!
Omar: They have a government that encourages
cooperation between Christians and Muslims.
They call it "Harambee".
They believe that all people should pull
the country together to form a new nation.
Assad: Well, sounds like wisdom
yes, but obviously empty promises.
Omar: No. They live what they teach.
I have a sister who lives in
a village that is very Muslim.
And they don't bother them.
Perhaps you could come.
Assad: You want me to leave everything
I've worked so hard for to go there?
Omar: Possessions. Possessions will
not do you much good if you have no food.
Or you're in prison or perhaps in a shallow grave.
Assad: So when are we leaving?
Omar: When there is no other option.
I don't want to leave Ethiopia if I can help it.
That should give you more time to sell what you have.
Assad: OK, I'll think about it.
Omar: Good.
Thank you.
(Gunfire and incoherent voices)
Fatima: The girls are asleep. Are you
not going to tell me what's happening?
Assad: Haile Selassie is dead!
Fatima: Who will rule now?
Assad: The communists are
trying to get a hold of the country.
There will be resistance,
but I'm afraid they are too strong.
And if they get a hold of the country,
they will limit anybody who tries to
practice any religion, including Islam.
I'm afraid we have to flee to Kenya.
Fatima: Flee? I thought you
said lions don't run from jackals?
Assad: The communists are
not jackals. They are monsters!
The Christians only prevented
us from having a voice
in this government and they
have taken all the good jobs.
The communists will kill anybody
who tries to argue with them.
Fatima: How can we run with so many small children?
Assad: (Sigh) It is not going to be easy.
Fatima: Where will we live? And how will we live?
Assad: I don't know. I just don't
know, but Allah will guide us.
You see, I have some gold that we
might sell that I maybe start a business.
I'll work hard in our new world.
Don't worry. OK? Everything will be fine.
Maybe the communists will be
stopped and we will stay here.
Fatima: I pray it is.
Assad: I also. Now I need you to prepare for travel.
Get enough clothing. Get
enough food. Get enough water.
You will carry Jamal, and I will carry Farah.
Akira doesn't weigh as much as Farah.
But Akira is not blind. We need to sleep
to conserve our energy, if we have to go. OK?
(Noise of door)
Assad: Hey. The time has come! We need to hurry.
The soldiers are going from house to house.
Fatima: OK.
Please, Allah, help us!
(Along the 500 mile journey).
(Music plays)
Assad: Jamal, you're about to
finish your elementary school.
Yes, I ready to be at work.
Assad: Huh? No, no, no.
Allah has provided enough for us.
I want to take you to boarding school
so that you can complete your education.
Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal. You're surprised?
Seems the surprise has made your tongue paralyzed.
Jamal: I do not know what to say.
Assad: You are wise.
Because it is good to be silent
when you have nothing to say.
Jamal: Do I have to go to this big city for schooling?
Assad: Jamal, that is the only place you can get
this good education.
You'll go to Mombasa. OK?
Jamal: I'm somehow scared for me being alone
in a big city.
Assad: Yes, your name does not mean lion,
but you are not a coward either.
You see, your mother insisted on calling you Jamal.
I wanted to name you Prince.
In spirit you shall remain a prince.
You'll rule over a big city or even your school.
Jamal: Perhaps you put too much trust in
names and positions, too.
Assad: Maybe, yes. But we
should also put our trust in Allah.
And don't forget that you are supposed to be
a mosque elder just like me.
I want you to carefully study the Quran.
And master it.
And be an example to your peers. OK?
So when the Christians come and tell you
that Isa, the one they call Jesus Christ
is the one to be bowed upon,
resist their lies, vehemently!
Do you understand?
Jamal: Yes, I will close my ears for their propagandas.
I also have a question that I
asked you when I was 9 years old.
I want to ask it again.
Assad: What question is that, my son?
Jamal: Who is Allah and where does he live?
Assad: Do you remember what I told you years ago?
Jamal: Yeah. You said that Muslims
aren't supposed to ask any questions.
And that they should believe that Allah
is he who the prophet said he is.
Assad: The answer is still the same.
Jamal: I thought you told me
so because I was 9 years old
and I couldn't understand anything.
Assad: Jamal, whether you are 9 years or 99 years,
the answer will still remain the same.
Jamal: But I want to know Allah very very much.
Assad: If Allah wants you to know him, he will
reveal himself to you.
Don't stress your heart on dreams
that are not meant to be.
You will have your question answered thereafter.
Jamal: Yes, but you know I want...
Assad: Shh! All this is OK.
Fatima: Go safe, my son.
May Allah watch over you.
Assad: Hey, he's going to miss his bus to Mombasa.
Kindly, let's go.
Fatima: It is so far away!
We won't see him for so long.
Assad: Time will move on quickly. Besides,
you have others sons to cling to. Let's go.
Fatima: And daughters as well.
Jamal: Mama, don't worry about me.
I'll be safe.
Just pass on my love to Farah and Akira.
Good bye.
Fatima: I will. Insh'Allah.
(music plays)
Dorm parent: Can I come in?
Ibrahim: Hold on, Mom!
Dorm parent: This is where you will
be living during your school days here.
Yeah. If you have any problems, come and see me. OK?
Um, this is your new roommate. His name is Jamal.
Yeah. Take care of yourself.
Ibrahim: Your bed is over there.
Are you a Muslim?
Jamal: Yes. My father is an elder at the local mosque.
Mustafa: Perhaps you'll join us?
Jamal: Yeah, of course.
I have no choice.
The dorm parent said that this will be my room.
Mustafa: I mean our group. We
call ourselves the Lions of Allah.
We swear to protect Islam from the infidels
and from those who will
corrupt the purity of our religion!
Jamal: Wow! That sounds interesting.
Ibrahim: Interesting? It is the duty of every Muslim
to conquer the world for Allah.
Jamal: Conquer like like like
warfare or or by using a sword?
Ibrahim: Swords? We no longer use
swords. We are in the 20th century.
Right now we have guns and grenades.
Jamal: Huh? Where do you keep those weapons here?
Mohammed: We do not have those weapons yet.
When our school boy days are over, we will have though!
There's a group of fighters called Al Qaida.
We will make a similar group and make
the whole continent respect our prophet!
Jamal: Wow! My father's name means lion.
Ibrahim: And yours means beauty.
I don't think he can be a help to our cause.
Jamal: My mother gave it to me.
Mustafa: Give it back. If you
want to be part of our group,
you must have a fierce name.
Jamal: OK, ah, what if you call me the Scorpion? Huh?
Ibrahim: I like it.
Mustafa: But let me make one
thing very clear to you, Scorpion.
If you betray us, we will kill you!
Jamal: As long as you carry out the will of Allah,
you have nothing to fear from me.
(Classroom chatter)
(Room quiets)
Kipsang: Good morning, class.
Class: Good morning.
Kipsang: My name is Mr. Kipsang.
And I'm a born again Christian.
(foot tapping as applause)
Now open your desks and take out your books.
Ibrahim: I can't believe we are
being taught by a Christian teacher!
I believe it. He's just stupid enough to talk about it.
Ibrahim: Exactly! Huh? We
must make his life a living hell.
So that he will quit his job
and a Muslim can take his place.
Guys, guys! Don't you think we'll
get ourselves into big trouble?
And maybe get kicked out of this school?
Ibrahim: You worry too much! You're like a girl.
We'll be clever and harass
him and not leave any evidence.
The day will come however, that we will not
hide the boldness of our actions.
(Suspenseful Music plays)
Kipsang: Remember, this test will
count for 20 percent of your final grade.
I hope you studied.
You may begin.
(belching sound)
(Moaning sounds)
Are you alright?
Mohammed: I am going to vomit!
Kipsang: Huh? You must leave. You must leave!
Mohammed: The test?
Kipsang: No, no, no! You can do it later. Let's go.
I expect diligence, silence, and no cheating.
Ibrahim: Jamal.
Do you know the answer to number three?
The teacher said that we should not cheat.
Ibrahim: Since when do we
listen to Christian teachers?
Number three?
Mustafa: Italy, Germany, and Japan.
(door closes)
Yes, Jamal?
Jamal: How is Mohammed doing?
Kipsang: He has been taken to the hospital.
(music plays)
Ibrahim: Jamal, what's going on?
Jamal: Mohammed died.
Ibrahim: Huh?
Mustafa: He died.
Ibrahim: Are you guys joking?
Mustafa: It is told he suffered from yellow fever.
Three more students from the
school have gone to the hospital with it.
Ibrahim: Yellow fever!
Allah, help us!
(music plays)
(crickets chirping)
Ibrahim: Sokoro, can you go back to your cube?
Sokoro: OK. OK.
(music plays)
(Sound of vomiting and crickets)
(Moaning and vomiting)
Sokoro: I think I have the fever.
(Music plays)
(Moan and belch)
(Sound of vomiting and coughing)
(music plays)
Sokoro: Jamal!
Not you too?
Jamal: I am afraid so.
Sokoro: I probably gave it to you. I'm so sorry.
Jamal: Don't worry about me. Focus
on getting better and getting out of here.
Sokoro: Thank you!
(music plays)
Mustafa: Soon more of us will be
in the hospital than in the classroom.
Ibrahim: Not me. It will never get me.
I am too strong.
Mustafa: Where is Jamal?
Ibrahim: Ah, last time I saw him was
yesterday when we were going to bed.
But you know he always gets up earlier than us.
Maybe he's just late for class.
Mustafa: Maybe. This cursed fever strikes quickly.
Ibrahim: I wish Allah would just give me a sword to
slash this demonic virus into pieces.
Mustafa: It is hard to wage
war against an unseen enemy.
Ibrahim: More like impossible.
Mustafa: Besides, we don't use
swords. We use grenades instead.
Jamal: Nurse!
Nurse, what happened to my roommate
who was in the next bed?
Was he discharged from hospital?
Nurse: Your friend passed
away last night, Jamal. Sorry.
Kipsang: Hello, Jamal.
Jamal: Mr. Kipsang!
What are you doing here?
Kipsang: I came to visit my students.
Jamal: Aren't you supposed to be at school, teaching?
Kipsang: It's six AM.
I will, I'll get back to my classes later.
Would you like some milk and bread?
OK. Sit up. Sit up.
Jamal: One.
(Choking sound)
Kipsang: Come on. Take it easy.
How you doing, Jamal?
Jamal: I'm scared.
I don't understand this disease.
Kipsang: I've done a bit of research on it,
so I know more about it.
Jamal: Tell me!
I thought teachers were eager to share
their knowledge with their students?
Kipsang: Normally, but in this case it's a bit hard.
You see, I don't have good news.
Jamal: Tell me the truth.
Kipsang: It is caused by a virus.
And with yellow fever,
many develop mild symptoms and they're fine.
However, those who develop serious complications,
about half die within the first seven to ten days.
Jamal: Half?
I know you don't teach math, but
that gives me a fifty-fifty
percent chance of survival.
Kipsang: You're young! That puts you at an advantage.
Jamal: So was my friend.
He passed away last night!
Kipsang: I'm so sorry. I'm truly sorry.
Jamal: It's not your fault.
I just don't get it.
He was a good Muslim.
I don't know why Allah allowed
those tiny nasty invisible cells
that cause yellow fever to take away his life.
Kipsang: Teachers don't have all the answers.
I did not compose the test of life.
In fact I am just as much a
student as you are in this matter.
Could I tell you what I've learned over the years?
Jamal: Just don't tell me
anything that will hurt my head
more than it does now.
Kipsang: OK, I'll try.
Are you going to go to Paradise?
Jamal: I don't know.
Allah is the one who judges and decides
who is going to live with him.
Kipsang: What if I told you you could
know for sure you could be accepted?
Jamal: I've always wanted to
hear that since I was a small boy.
Kipsang: Jesus makes that possible.
Jamal: I don't want to hear that.
Kipsang: OK. I see.
Jamal: Sir, are you leaving?
Kipsang: Yes. There are
other students I must visit here.
Jamal: Of course. Anyways,
thanks for the bread and milk.
Kipsang: You're welcome.
Jamal: Sir, will you come again?
Kipsang: Only if you want me to.
OK. Bye, Jamal.
Kipsang: Jamal!
Good morning. How you feeling today?
Jamal: Not so good.
Kipsang: Are you hungry? I
brought some more milk and bread.
Jamal: Very.
I think half of people who
die in hospital starve to death.
The food they serve is horrible.
Kipsang: Umm, I've spent time in a hospital bed before.
I know what you're feeling.
Take your time.
OK, I must get going now.
Unless you have something
you wanted to talk to me about?
Jamal: Wait. You tell me that
for me to be accepted in Paradise,
that I must be a Christian?
Well, I hope you know that I
don't want to be a Christian, right?
Kipsang: So, Jamal, I guess
you know the conflicts between
the Christians and the Muslims, right?
But do you know about Jesus
and how he died to save you from your sin?
Jamal: Well, yeah. He's mentioned
several times in the Quran.
There he takes by the name Isa.
Kipsang: Isa?
OK, today is Saturday, so I don't have to be rushing to
my classes. If you permit me to
go and handout more of my food
to the other patients, I'll come
back and tell you more about it?
Jamal: Well, I'm not going anywhere.
Kipsang: OK.
Now you know the story of Jesus.
He did not ask us to become Christians.
He asked us to obey him and to follow him.
My job today was not to focus
on the religion of Christianity.
But rather on him and his sacrifices.
will you accept his forgiveness for your sins?
Jamal: I am not convinced
that Jesus can forgive my sins.
For me to believe that, I must believe that
he's the son of God.
Kipsang: Yes, that is true.
Jamal: Well, I can't at the moment.
Kipsang: OK. I understand.
Kipsang: I will leave you to think about it and to pray.
Jamal: Mr. Kipsang. You didn't come in the morning?
Kipsang: Today is Sunday. I
went to worship and now I'm back.
I can spend the rest of the day at the hospital.
What happened to your neighbor?
Jamal: He passed away yesterday in the afternoon.
It seems everyone around me is dying.
The imams and some of his family members came to
perform the Surat Jannah among many others.
I feel vulnerable. My family and Iman aren't near.
Kipsang: Surat Jannah? What is that?
Jamal: It is a prayer that is performed to Allah
so that the person may go to Jannah,
where you people call Heaven.
Kipsang: Would you allow me to pray over you?
Jamal: No thank you. But you can
read for me from your black book.
It contains much wisdom, like the Quran.
I will read for you what we were
talking about today in church. OK?
I'm having a problem with my eyes.
Kipsang: The nurse told me towards
the latter stages of the disease
people tend to lose their vision.
Jamal: It looks like I'm losing the battle.
I could not stop thinking about
what you have been saying.
Kipsang: So, have you made a decision?
Jamal: I want my sins forgiven, but
I don't want to be a Christian.
Kipsang: But I have to remind you that
you don't have many days to make a different choice.
Jamal: I think you should go.
I said leave!
Jamal: Jesus!
I believe in you.
I want you to forgive my sins.
You are the only hope I see.
Jamal: I thought you wouldn't come.
I'm so sorry for talking rudely to you yesterday.
Please forgive me.
Kipsang: Apology accepted.
Jamal: Well, yesterday I spoke to your Christ.
And I told him that I wanted him, and I wanted
him to forgive my sins.
At least I know that I'm going to die happy.
And with no burden.
So, you are the only one who knows
that I made this decision.
Kipsang: Don't give up hope yet.
Jesus might decide to keep you around
just to serve him for a long time.
This is for you.
Make sure to read it every day.
And God will show you what to do next.
Jamal: My vision is almost
gone. I can barely see your face.
But I'll try.
Kipsang: Jesus specializes
in helping the blind to see.
Jamal: Thank you!
Kipsang: You're welcome.
Nurse: How is Jamal today?
Jamal: I, I,
the pain in my head is much less and
so is the swelling in my eyes.
Nurse: Excellent! Perhaps you've
turned towards the corner and
heading towards recovery.
You can go back to reading your Bible.
I won't tell anyone.
Jamal: Where's the nurse? I can wait to get out of here.
Kipsang: And back to the food at school?
Jamal: Well, I'll appreciate
that better after this experience.
Nurse: Anybody ready to go home here?
Jamal: Actually not home but school.
I won't mind the assignments and tests.
Ibrahim: I thought you are dead?
Jamal: Never felt any better.
Ibrahim: Lucky you.
Jamal: Well, I want to tell
Ibrahim about Jesus, but I don't want
him to know that I'm a follower of Christ.
You know, he and Mustapha had threatened to kill me
if I betrayed them.
They will consider that as a betrayal.
Kipsang: I understand.
I'll reach out to him like I did to you. OK?
Jamal: Thank you. At least my
conscience will rest with ease.
Kipsang: What I don't understand
is why the Muslims feel so compelled
to kill those who abandon the Islamic faith.
Don't they think that Allah is capable of
punishing them himself?
Jamal: Well, that is a good question.
Kipsang: Another thing that bothers
me is why do the militant Muslims
decide to kill their more
moderate brothers just because
they can't participate in the so
called violence against the infidels?
Jamal: I have seen this in my own life.
I have this one uncle who is obsessed with being
the rod of Allah. He sees moderate Muslims who preach
peace and love to be cowards.
He is not against intimidation or violence.
Or even making them fall in line with
his warlike philosophy.
Kipsang: But those who stand for peace and justice
are the bravest of the people.
Jamal: Yeah. I want to be brave.
I want to be with you, but
I don't want to be seen with you.
Kipsang: I see. Um, we will meet in secret. OK?
We will meet in secret at school and
I can even disciple you if you want?
Jamal: What is that? Disciple?
Kipsang: It means I will teach you about Jesus Christ.
And what he expects of you.
Jamal: Then we can meet before the lazy ones
get out of bed?
Kipsang: Yes. Yes.
(Music plays)
Kipsang: I received some bad news yesterday.
I am being transferred to another school.
So when you come back from
your break, I will be long gone.
Jamal: Now who disciple me? Huh?
Kipsang: The Holy Spirit. Or someone else if God wills.
Jamal: I will miss you.
I don't know how to thank you.
Kipsang: Pass it on to someone else.
Jamal: Will I ever see you again?
Kipsang: Only if God allows that.
Jamal: I will pray to him so hard that
I will meet my big brother again.
Kipsang: I am honored.
I will give you three challenges. OK? Three:
Pray, read your Bible, and
tell others what God has done.
Jamal: Well, I will try, but I'm not sure
about telling people at this point, you know.
Kipsang: Good bye. Good bye.
(knocking on door)
Assad: Hey, Jamal. It's time to go and pray.
What is wrong with you?
Don't you want to go and worship Allah with us?
Jamal: I'm just a little tired. I need some rest.
Assad: It's OK. You'll get over it.
And hurry up!
Jamal: Lord Jesus,
I might be bowing in the mosque,
but I'll be bowing and praying
to you, not Allah. I'm sorry that
I can't tell others about you yet.
(Music plays)
(music playing)
(music playing)
Assad: Fatima, Jamal is acting so strange these days.
You know he is the fields singing like some bird.
He is always happy all the time.
And that is not him.
Fatima: Maybe it's because he's home again with us.
Assad: Or maybe the school made him crazy.
Fatima: Don't complain about him being happy.
It's a good change.
Maybe the rest of us should try it.
Assad: I can't help but wonder
if perhaps the school taught him something
that he is supposed to forget.
Fatima: I can smell the coming rain.
Looks like the rainy season is upon us.
Where are you going?
Jamal: To the field.
Fatima: Jamal, what is your
fascination with that field?
Jamal: I like spending time in the
beautiful world that Allah gave us.
Fatima: What do you do there?
Jamal: I pray.
Fatima: Isn't five times a day enough for you?
Jamal: Isn't Allah worthy of our prayers all day?
Fatima: You have spoken well. Go!
(music plays)
(music plays)
Fatima: What are you looking for, Jamal?
Jamal: Spiders, Mom, spiders. I'm looking for, um, spiders.
You know there are spiders.
I'm just cleaning because
they bite me now days at night.
So I'm...
Fatima: Spiders?
Jamal: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Fatima: Jamal, is there
something you wanted to tell me?
Jamal: Yes. Ah, yes. I'm feeling hungry and I need some ah
food. Yeah, food.
(Music Plays)
Assad: Hey, where are you going?
Jamal: Some of the boys are playing soccer.
Assad: Have you finished all your chores?
Jamal: Yes, sir.
Assad: Score a lot of goals. OK?
Jamal: I will try.
(music playing)
(singing in Swahili) The
rock the rock Jesus is the rock.
Worship leader: (Swahili) Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord, Brothers and Sisters! Amen!
Praise the Lord again! Amen.
(music playing)
Spy: Assad!
Salaam Aleichem.
Assad: Aleichem salaam.
Spy: I saw your son today.
Assad: What, playing soccer?
Spy: More likely playing with
fire. He was hanging around with
that Christian group that invaded our village.
Assad: Are you sure?
Spy: Yes. I kept my eye on them to see what mischief
they might be doing.
He came out of the building walking with them
and even embraced them.
Assad: Excuse me.
I have to go.
I have some urgent business I have to attend to.
Assad: How was the soccer game?
Jamal: It was good. I had fun.
Assad: Get up.
Get up!
You lying boy! You dishonored me.
You went to a Christian festivity.
What did you go to do there? Huh?
Answer me!
Look at me when you talk to me, boy!
Answer me!
OK. You should know what to tell your elders.
Elder: So, Jamal, you have
decided to become a Christian, huh?
Elder 2: If you do not deny it,
then it seems that you're Christian.
Jamal: For whosoever shall deny me amongst men,
I shall deny him in Heaven before my Father.
Elder2: What is that?
Jamal: Something Jesus said.
I cannot continue to deny him any longer.
I'm his follower.
Assad: You are dead to me!
You are dead to me!
You are no longer my son!
Elder2: Do not despair. He's just a young boy.
He's confused.
Seems the Christians have, you know, hypnotized him.
Elder: Exactly!
Elder2: But I will make him
come back with right state of mind.
Elder: But Jamal, did they
pay you to become a Christian?
You know, we can always give them back their money.
Then you can denounce their God anytime.
And their Christ god and come back to Allah.
Jamal: The stories you spread
about Christians paying people
to convert to Christianity are pure fairy tales.
Elder: Do you know what that means, young man?
You can be excommunicated.
You can be called a kafir.
An infidel!
And do you know that that means?
Do you know the punishment?
You can be put to death!
Jamal: I know.
Elder2: Then renounce
yourself from the Christian god.
And swear your loyalty to Allah!
Jamal: I cannot do that.
Elder: Well then, take him to the isolation room.
(birds singing)
Assad: So, what's the plan?
Elder: Well, he will spend the
night inside the isolation room.
Inside there will be playing
Quran and other Islamic writings.
Maybe that will help him to convert from
this rubbish that he has entered himself into.
Assad: And if that does not make him see the light?
Elder: Then I think a bit of physical intimidation
will be in order.
Assad: That's a good idea.
I have a brother who is a boxer.
He can work over someone without leaving marks
that would anger a mother.
Elder: That's an excellent idea.
Elder: So, Jamal, how was your long dark night?
Jamal: I slept through most of it.
Elder: Hmm. Now are you ready to declare your
loyalty towards Allah?
Jamal: I will only pledge my
allegiance to the god of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob.
And the father of Jesus Christ.
Assad: It seems your
deprogramming plan is not working.
What do we do?
Elder: Unfortunately. Unleash the boxer.
(footsteps and suspenseful music plays)
Basil: Young man, do you know who I am?
Jamal: My uncle who is the boxer.
Basil: Hmm.
(fist hitting palm)
Because you are a traitor of Allah,
and have become a Christian,
I will take you. Kill you!
And feed your body to animals.
Because you are an infidel!
Your blood smells good to me.
And I will enjoy killing you.
And I will get a reward for this.
(gate slams)
Assad: What are you doing here, Fatima?
Fatima: Your brother came to the house asking where
Jamal was being questioned.
What is going on here?
Where is Jamal since yesterday?
Assad: This is a place of no woman! You go back home!
Fatima: He is also my son.
Do you suspect he's become a Christian?
Assad: No.
No one can suspect anything they know for certain.
He told me he was a son of Jesus Christ - an infidel!
Fatima: Where is my son?
Assad: Keep your voice down!
This is a house of worship. Go home!
Elder: Maybe we can overlook this, huh
Fatima: I want to see my son!
Elder: Jamal, do you have anything to say for yourself?
Jamal: Every knee on earth, in
the earth, and under the earth
shall bow to him our Lord and savior.
Elder: Now, you leave me no option
but to give you a punishment
that is worthy of this blasphemy.
Fatima: No! Jamal, tell them what they want to hear.
Tell them you're not a Christian!
Jamal: No I can't. I can't hide this any more.
Elder: He has said. It is done!
Fatima: No! Jamal!
Elder: I will remind you. That is what Assad said.
That he will let his brother Basil bring honor
back to the family from the blasphemy
of this young boy.
That is all!
Fatima: No! Jamal! Jamal! Jamal!
Elder: Now we have to go.
Mama, we have to go.
I've given you enough and you've heard for yourself.
Kindly, let us go.
You wanted to see your son. You have
heard for yourself, it is final. Let us go.
(Music plays)
Fatima: Thank you.
Thank you.
Assad: And now go home.
(suspenseful music plays)
Fatima: Come, Jamal.
Come. You run when I say.
Run, Jamal! Run! Run!
Assad: Hey, Basil! Basil!
(suspenseful music plays)
Jamal: They're coming for me.
Policeman: What's happened? What happened?
Jamal: (unintelligible blubbering)
Policeman: Calm down. Calm down.
Basil: And now the lion has caught the mouse.
Policeman: Hey! What's wrong?
Jamal: I'm a Christian and my family wants to kill me.
Policeman: Is this true?
Basil: This is none of your business!
This is a family affair.
We may now leave you in peace.
Policeman: Stop right there or you'll get arrested.
Basil: I'm going to tell the police chief about this.
Policeman: I am the police chief!
Now get out of here before I get you arrested.
Jamal: Thank you. Thank you very much.
Basil: The police chief is defending him!
He's threatening me with his gun!
Assad: It's OK. It's OK. I'll talk to him. OK?
Assad: This is my son and I want to take him home.
Policeman: So you can commit your honor killing?
I don't think so. Not on my watch.
Assad: Look here, if you don't give me my son,
I shall go out and bring my people
and burn this place down.
Policeman: This country has a law.
If you burn this station, I'll get you arrested and
take you to prison.
Jamal: You know he will come back soon, right?
Policeman: I figure it will take
him some time to gather a mob.
Would you consent to leaving this city?
Jamal: Yes, yes, yes, yes. My
life is in danger in this village.
Policeman: OK, I'm going to call
one of my friends who has a car
to see if he can deliver you to another village.
Jamal: Will he be here before he comes back?
Policeman: I don't know, but
first I'll have to make a phone call.
Jamal: Thank you. Thank you.
(music plays)
(car engine starts)
(yelling and racing car engine)
(peaceful music plays)
Pastor: Praise God!
Congregation: Amen!
Pastor: Praise God again.
Pastor: So good to be in the presence of God.
Today we have a new member.
Jamal. Come, Jamal.
(clapping and cheering)
Jamal is a baby Christian converted from Islam.
Can you clap for him?
(clapping and cheering)
Jamal had to escape from his home for the fear
of being killed by his family.
We have a little problem.
Jamal doesn't have a place to live.
Is there a person in our village who is willing to
shelter him or is willing to give him a place to live?
Yes, Mr. Makonge?
Makonge: Hallelujah, Church! Amen.
Hallelujah, Church! Amen.
Pastor, my wife and I have a spare bedroom.
Which we would gladly share with Jamal.
But the problem is that due
to these harsh economic times,
we'll need some financial assistance.
Pastor: Amazing!
Young man: Praise God, Church!
Congregation: Amen!
Young man: Praise God again!
Congregation: Amen!
Young man: Yes, I'm also
willing to tap into this blessing.
And I want to support my brother Jamal
with two pairs of school uniforms.
(clapping and cheering)
Pastor: I'll be willing to help as much as I can.
Do we have any other member
who wants to support in any way?
Woman: Praise God, Church!
Congregation: Amen!
Woman: Hallelujah!
Congregation: Amen!
Woman: I'll be helping Jamal
with stationery. Thank you.
(clapping and cheering)
Pastor: Anybody else? Anybody else willing? Uh-huh.
We have two members. Wow! Wow! Wow!
Jamal, so happy to have you as a son.
I'll mentor you and disciple you into a
Christian. A good Christian. Amen?
(singing in Swahili) That is why
we say the gospel must go on.
(singing in Swahili) The gospel of Jesus saves,
that's is why we say the gospel must go on.
(upbeat music plays)
Makonge: Now, my son, since
your birthday is coming up soon,
what would you like for your birthday gift?
Jamal: Um, you don't have to give me anything.
I'm eternally grateful for
the chance you have given me
to get an education, um
to start a new life and getting mentored by the
church. I'm eternally grateful for that.
Makonge: Tell me this, suppose
I was to get a gift for your
birthday. What would that be?
Jamal: I would wish that everyone could get along.
That Christians, Muslims, and Jews
would love each other and stop fighting.
Makonge: That's a very very noble desire.
I wish I could grant it.
(Swahili) I think this is the will of God
But that would only happen if the Holy Spirit
filled up the world and humanity.
We just got to keep strong in the faith.
(music plays)
Jamal: You wanted to see me, Sir?
Supervisor: Jamal! You can have your seat.
I have a new assignment There is a terrible famine
in the north there. And we need someone.
People are starving. We need someone to be in charge
of distributing food there.
Jamal: Are you asking me to do this?
Supervisor: I hesitated. I
hesitated because I know your history
in Uhuru. And the relief base will be there.
I know some people are waiting. I know some people
could be waiting to harm you.
Jamal: How long would I be there?
Supervisor: As long as we are needed.
And that could take a while.
Jamal: This is something like the story of Joseph
except in this case Joseph doesn't travel to go
save his family from famine.
Supervisor: I thought about that too.
Jamal: I will do it.
Supervisor: Jamal, are you sure?
Supervisor: Yes, I will.
Supervisor: Oh, thank you, Jesus. Can we pray?
Father, we thank you for your son...
(music plays - chattering of children playing)
Akira: Are you Jamal?
Jamal: Akira!
Akira: Oh, my goodness. I could hardly recognize you.
You're such a grown man!
Jamal: So are you!
I mean, you're a fully grown woman.
Akira: I mean yes. Married and I have two children.
Jamal: Wow!
(chatter as music plays)
Jamal: So how are your parents
and the rest of your siblings?
Akira: They're also your family, Jamal.
They're doing quite well.
Although the drought has
affected Father's business.
Jamal: No doubt. I'm sorry.
Akira: Are you? I thought you still hated him.
Jamal: I don't have room for hate.
I already forgave him.
Anyways, I need to cut this conversation short.
Many people are waiting for food and ah,
you know what? It's good seeing you again, Akira.
Akira: Yes, of course
And I'll send greetings to our family.
Jamal: OK.
(upbeat music plays)
Fatima: You are very handsome, my son.
I named you well.
I spoke to your father.
He gives permission for you to visit our home
but he says you must not speak about Jesus.
He doesn't want to hear anything about Christianity.
Will you come?
Jamal: Um, I actually have a lot of work.
I'll think about it.
Fatima: I'll make you some baklava.
Jamal: You remembered my fondness for baklava?
I've had it several times since I left home, but
none of them compared to yours.
Fatima: I thought Christians don't lie?
You're just trying to make an old woman happy.
Jamal: No! I'm serious, Mama.
Um, just let me get you something...
Fatima: No, no, no!
We still have enough money to buy our own food.
Besides, your father will not accept charity
from Christians. I just came to see you and
invite you to visit. I'll leave you to your work now.
OK. Take care.
Jamal: I love you, Mom!
Jamal: Yes, Lord.
Yes, Lord.
Yes, Lord, I will obey.
Jamal: I had a very vivid dream last night.
And in the dream God spoke to me and told me
that he was going to use me to bring Christ
to all the tribes and Muslims of North Kenya.
Coworker: Wow, that is powerful!
Jamal: Yes, but, I hope it was not just a dream and
actually God speaking to me.
Because I actually planned to come back here
someday and spread the word of God.
Coworker: That would be
very dangerous and difficult.
Jamal: Believe me, I know.
Well, in the meantime, I plan to
stay here, go to the streets and
spread the gospel.
Coworker: Wow, that's amazing!
So that was your mother you were hugging yesterday?
Jamal: Yes, it was.
Coworker: Are you planning to visit?
Jamal: I don't know.
Coworker: Perhaps your father is just
seeking another opportunity to kill you.
It would be very easy if you step in the house.
Jamal: I realize that.
And that is why I'm only thinking of a visit right now.
My heart says yes. But my mind says not so fast.
It tells me to think it through.
Shall we?
Jamal: I'm just calling to let
you know that once my assignment
here is done, I'll be staying
here to start my own ministry.
Supervisor: OK. OK. Um, that is
good news to you but bad news for us.
It will be hard to replace you, honestly.
Jamal: I doubt it. I believe
that God always has someone
to step up. Um, I'm sorry that I have to
deliver to the ministry such a
notice through the telephone.
I really wish I could be there in person to give such
an important message to you, but it's too far to travel
and I believe I'm really needed here.
Supervisor: I completely
understand it. Don't worry about it.
Jamal: Thank you. Thank you
so much for the past few years.
You've built me as a man
and as a servant of God.
Supervisor: The honor is all mine.
You have helped others to grow as you are
growing also. We believe
that you experienced growth
in all yourself and you have
a good success in ministry.
And I pray for you that you have a good success.
Jamal, God bless you!
(birds singing)
(knock on the door)
Fatima: Jamal! I'm glad you came!
Jamal: It looks pretty much the same as when I left.
Fatima: Your father should be home
soon. Please come in. Come sit down.
Please have a seat.
Jamal: I came to thank you.
Fatima: For what?
Jamal: For saving my life.
I feared for yours the day I fled.
I really hope he did not punish you
severely for helping me escape.
Fatima: I survived.
Jamal: So which of the children are still living here?
Fatima: Only your youngest brother Ameer and Farah.
All your other sisters are married.
No man seems to want a blind wife.
Jamal: Farah is too good for any man.
Fatima: I agree.
(door shutting)
Ameer: Ah, Jamal!
Jamal: This is little Ameer?
Fatima: Not so little, huh?
He's the same age you are when you left us.
Ameer: I barely remember him. Can I go to my room?
I must study.
Assad: Go. The world won't
stop because traitors are back.
Fatima: Assad!
Assad: I don't smell anything cooking?
Fatima: I haven't gotten started yet.
Jamal came in just as I was getting ready to prepare.
I'll go and prepare something.
Jamal: Um, I should go.
Fatima: But you just got here!
Jamal: I know, but there doesn't seem to be anything
for me to talk about.
Sorry for intruding on your space.
Fatima: Assad, are you not
going to do something to stop him?
Assad: Jamal is right.
There's nothing in common for us to talk about.
(ominous music plays)
(jubilant music plays)
(cheering and clapping)
Jamal: Do you feel the sweet
presence of the Holy Spirit?
That feeling that all is well with your soul.
That peace that is beyond all understanding.
God is about to do miracles!
So, if you want prayer, especially for those with
medical issues, come to me. Amen!
Congregation: Amen!
Congregation: Amen!
(music plays)
Jamal: Silver and gold I do not
have, but I what I have I give to you.
Rise and walk in the name of Jesus Christ.
Congregation: Amen!
Jamal: Amen!
(cheering and clapping)
Is the owner of this land here?
Owner: Yes.
Jamal: God has revealed to me
that we are to build a church here.
Will you donate this land to the own who owns it?
Owner: God has spoken to me. How can I refuse?
(cheering and clapping)
Jamal: That is good.
(music plays)
Akira: Jamal, I need to talk to you. Now!
Mother has been diagnosed with cancer.
And she's in the hospital right now.
Please go see her.
Jamal: Thanks. I'll go visit her.
Akira: OK.
Coworker: Hey, I hope everything is well.
Fatima: Jamal. How did you know I was here?
Jamal: Akira told me.
How are you doing?
Fatima: Not so good.
The doctor says I'm probably going to die,
but they will try these treatments.
Fatima: I'm sorry.
I don't mean to sound insensitive,
but we are all going to die.
Or at least our bodies are.
Our spirits, they will live on forever.
So, you choose the destiny of your spirit.
Fatima: Did you come here
to preach your religion to me?
Don't waste your breath. I'm not interested.
Jamal: And that makes me the sorriest of all.
(music plays)
Angel: Fatima!
Follow the light.
And do not follow darkness again.
Jamal has the light.
Follow the light.
Fatima: Who is that man with the candle?
Nurse: What?
Fatima: There was a man at the end of the bed.
Just a minute ago. He spoke to me.
Who is he?
Nurse: I didn't see or hear anything.
Relax. Relax.
Fatima: Last night I had a vision.
Jamal: What do you mean?
Fatima: A man, or an angel maybe, he appeared to me
and spoke to me to follow the light.
Jamal: Wow!
Fatima: I think your Jesus sent him.
I'm ready to be a Christ follower,
or whatever you call yourself.
Jamal: Praise God!
You have made me so happy!
You've made me so happy!
Fatima: Tomorrow is my last day of treatments.
I'm going home after that.
Even if the doctor wants me to stay.
If I'm going to die, I want to do it
in peace in the comfort of my own home.
Jamal: God will heal you now.
Fatima: Maybe, if it is his will.
I have a confession to make to you.
Eight years ago I found your Bible.
And I took it.
Jamal: I figured so.
Did you destroy it?
Fatima: I thought about it.
But I ended up hiding it so that your
father would not find it.
But I'll return it to you.
When I go home.
Jamal: Mom, I have obtained a new one.
You may keep that for yourself.
But you'll want to start reading it
instead of hiding it.
Or actually, you might have
to start reading it and then
hiding it just like I used to, to keep my father
from going crazy.
Fatima: No. I will not do that.
Jamal: You don't want to read God's word?
Fatima: I will read it.
But I will not hide it again.
I will tell your father the truth.
He will have to deal with it.
Jamal: He may kick you out of the house.
He may even try to kill you.
Fatima: I know. I'll take my chances.
My remaining days are short.
What must I do to be like you?
Jamal: Well, Jesus says that
we must all be baptized in water
for the taking away of sin.
Fatima: Can you do that here in the hospital?
Jamal: Ah no, you need a lake a river or a swimming pool.
Fatima: But we don't have such in our home.
When I get out of here, we must find
a body of water and make it happen.
Jamal: It'll be my pleasure
to find a perfect one for you.
In the meantime, just make sure to tell Jesus
that you're ready to accept his proposal of marriage.
Fatima: What?
Jamal: You'll understand later.
Just tell Jesus that you're
ready to give your life to him.
Jamal: Come here, Mom.
Assad: This food isn't even meant for pigs.
Are Christian women capable
of making some good food?
Fatima: I prepared it just as I always prepare it.
Assad: I can't eat this slop!
Fatima: Where are you going?
Assad: I am going to get some good Muslim food.
And maybe a good Muslim wife.
And divorce you.
Farah: I can't believe he said that.
Most women suffering from
cancer will not even be cooking.
He should be grateful that
you're trying to take care of him,
when you really need to take care of yourself.
If I could see, I would do your work for you.
Fatima: I know you would. Thanks, Dear.
Farah: I'm so mad at Papa right now.
And I will tell him so when he comes back home.
Fatima: Worry not. It's the devil
in him reacting to the Jesus in me.
Farah: Tell me more about this new faith of yours.
Fatima: Do you have a couple of hours?
Farah: I have the whole night.
Fatima: Well, let me start by teaching
you a song that we sing in church.
I know how you love to sing.
Farah: Uh-huh.
Fatima: Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Farah: Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Fatima: Look full in his wonderful face.
Farah: Look full in your wonderful face.
Look full in your wonderful face.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
(Ominous music plays)
Basil: Do you remember me?
Jamal: The last time I saw you,
you were chasing me down the street.
Basil: Yeah. But the little mouse outran the lion.
So tell me, why are you here and why are
giving food like this?
Why are you Christians helping us Muslims?
We are enemies for Allah's sake.
Jamal: But you're wrong. Our enemy is the devil.
And the hordes of demons.
Muslims are just flesh and blood,
just like us Christians.
We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.
Basil: Don't you try converting me!
Your actions have clearly softened my heart.
So what I don't want to hear is you being blasphemous.
I need you to say that you hate me.
Fatima: But I don't. I hold no
anger or hatred towards you.
Jamal: I forgave you.
(solemn music plays - sound
of cane striking furniture)
Farah: Mama! Mama!
Ameer: Mama, what's wrong?
Mama! Mama, what's wrong?
Assad: Hey, why all the talking?
Ameer: It's mother.
Assad: What is it?
Ameer: Come quick!
Farah: Mama!
Assad: Fatima! Fatima! Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong, Fatima?
Fatima: Assad, thank you for being my husband.
Thank you for blessing me with my 11 children.
I am blessed. Praise Jesus!
Assad: It's OK. I'll get you to the hospital, OK? It's OK.
Fatima: Make me a promise
that you will give me a Christian funeral.
Assad: It's OK. I promise. You
won't die. OK? Hey, Fatima, wake up!
Wake up, Fatima! You won't die. OK?
Ameer: Oh, Mama!
Mama, wake up!
Farah: Mother!
Ameer: Mama, wake up!
(Music plays as Farah screams and sobs)
(sad music plays)
Akira(memory): Mama has died at the hospital.
Father has agreed to let
her have a Christian funeral
as long as you lead it.
(Sad music plays)
Jamal: This will be the first
funeral service I've ever conducted.
It will also be the first
funeral service at the location
of the new church.
And ironically it will be my mother's funeral
But we are not here to grieve our loss.
But to celebrate her life and faith.
Death is not the end.
It's simply the final step towards our destiny.
She really wasn't a Christian
for the longest time, but
there is one song that she came to love and
I'd like us to sing it and celebrate her.
I will enter
his gates with Thanksgiving in my heart.
I will enter his courts with praise.
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice for he has made me glad.
He has made me glad. He has made me glad.
I will rejoice for he has made me glad.
He has made me glad. He has made me glad.
I will rejoice for he has made me glad.
Jamal: It is believed that Christians do not die.
We simply go home.
And today, she's seated by Jesus's side.
At her rightful home.
Now death to many is perceived
as an event to mourn.
But to those who believe in he who said that
those who believe in me shall not die,
it's a day of rejoicing.
No pain.
No sorrow.
No tears.
When I first came home, my Mom told me that,
I told my Mom actually that she saved my life.
But before she died, she told me that I saved her life
by introducing her to Christ.
So to those who wish to accept the forgiveness
that Christ offers, come to me.
Farah: Papa.
I want to go there.
Assad: Shhh!
Jamal: OK. Let's lift up our hands in praise to God.
(singing in Swahili) Praise the Lord!
(music plays)
Akira: Who are all these people
who came to Mama's funeral?
And why did they come?
Assad: I don't know. Maybe they are her friends
who went to church with her.
Farah: She only went a few times before she died.
Those who knew her for so many years did not come.
Assad: Of course, all those who
knew her all those years were Muslims.
And their husbands wouldn't allow them to come
to this funeral even if it was outside.
Farah: Papa, I want to go to the Christian church
where Jamal will be speaking.
Assad: What? There is no church there!
Just an open field and some crude benches.
Ameer: You see when you're
blind, such things don't really matter.
Maybe we people who see
should be a little blind sometimes.
Assad: This is crazy talk.
We are Muslims!
Why should you go to a Christian church?
No! If you want to hear Jamal speak,
he can do it from here!
Farah: I cannot answer for Ameer,
I just felt something special there.
I don't know how to explain it, but
love is the only word I can use.
I felt a lot of love there.
Assad: But you've been loved here!
Farah: I know.
Mama loved me so much, but I felt
that love much more after she became a Christian.
I'm sure you felt it, too.
She treated you with love and dignity,
even though you treated her like trash!
Ameer: She's right about that.
(sound of fork banging on plate)
Ameer: You have more courage than me, or perhaps
fewer brains. I wanted to tell him how he acted
about Ma, but I was afraid.
Farah: Thanks for having the
courage to back me on this one.
Ameer: I could take you to the Christian service,
but you'll have to walk. It's a long way.
Farah: I might be blind, but my legs are strong.
I just need you to be my eyes.
If you feel like you want to leave
and go somewhere and come back after the meeting,
that's fine.
Ameer: I will not leave your
side. We have to leave so we can
make it on time.
Farah: No problem.
At least I won't have to waste a lot of time
on trying to make myself pretty with makeup.
Ameer: You don't need makeup. You're beautiful without.
Assad: Yes, she is.
She's just as beautiful as your mother
when we married.
So, at what time should we leave so that
we arrive in time to hear Jamal speak?
And one more thing, we shall use the car.
We won't be walking.
Farah: You heard us!
Assad: A lion has very good ears, you know.
Ameer: Indeed. In two hours.
Assad: OK. In two hours time, we leave.
Farah: Thanks, Papa.
(music plays)
Who's there?
Girl: Just a girl. You don't know me.
I understand you're blind.
Farah: Yeah. Since birth.
Girl: So was I, but now I see.
When that man up there, Jamal, prayed over me,
my eyes were opened.
Farah: Wow! That's fantastic!
Girl: I'm praising the name of God throughout the day.
I just thought you'd like to know
that there is hope in Jesus.
God bless!
Farah: Thank you!
Jamal: We'll talk about Jesus
in a minute, but first I'd like us to
talk about more practical things.
It's OK to sit in the open during the dry season, but
when it gets to the wet
season, it will be really difficult.
I'm sure none of you want to be seated in wet clothing
and getting wetter as I speak. And even worse
our Bibles will get wet and get destroyed.
So, which of you are willing to pledge to give
money, materials, or even just the labor
for the building of the structure of the Lord?
And before any of you respond,
there was a builder who was here
some days ago. And he was
here for all the wrong reasons.
He wanted to attack me with a rock, but
in the long run he actually got baptized instead and
he pledged that he will provide his knowledge,
materials, and his labor. Who
here would like to volunteer?
Volunteer: Thank you, Pastor.
I have no money, but I'm perfect with my hands.
I will work on this building
whenever I'll be available.
Jamal: The Lord is good!
The Lord is good!
We will build this church together!
Now I must say that we need to find a full time pastor.
I will not hold the position.
I plan to travel the area and and build
and plant several churches.
Normally at this time I'd speak the word of God.
But the Lord is telling me that
there are those of you who are anxious to receive him.
And they can hardly remain seated in their seats.
So any of you, those of you, who'd like to
come and be disciples of Christ, please come up.
Come to me.
(music plays)
Assad: This lion will roar no more.
Jamal: Let's welcome these people to the family of God.
I have the pleasure of being family twice
with all of them.
Farah: Jamal.
Jamal: Yes, Farah?
Farah: Can you pray for me to see?
Jamal: Um, can we do this at home?
Farah: No. I want to do it here.
Jamal: OK
Close your eyes.
In the name of Jesus, may your eyes be opened.
(birds chirping)
Farah: Everything is still dark.
The other girl was healed.
Why can't you heal me?
Jamal: Farah, I really wish that I could heal you.
But I don't, I can't heal anyone. Jesus does.
And I don't understand why he chooses
to heal some and not others, which
really bothers me.
Farah: Perhaps I can do God's
work better in my condition.
Jamal: You want to do God's work?
Farah: Yes. I want to travel with you
and start churches.
Assad: And do you have a problem with that?
Jamal: No. Not at all.
Assad: I'll also help, but I'll do it from here because
I am old and I can't travel all over like you.
Jamal: Well now, it's time to preach.
But I don't feel like giving a message.
I don't think that you need a message.
I think that it's time that we thank God
and praise him for what he's done here.
What song should we sing?
Farah: Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Look full in his wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim.
In the light of his glory and grace.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Look full in his wonderful face.
And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim
in the light of his glory and grace.