The Little Minister (1934) Movie Script

Is the new minister
a married man?
I hear not.
What a scramble.
There will be
No womanly spinsters
at thrums.
He's little more than
a laddie.
I'm thinking
he's too small.
Where's the reverence?
Aye... we should've chose the lone
candidate from aberdeen after all.
No, we've got
the pick of the lot.
I tell you, he prays
like one giving orders.
Ah, well,
we'll see.
Thank you.
Does my hat
make me look taller?
Aye, yes. You're almost lanky, dear.
Welcome, mr. Dishart.
Welcome to
the auld licht manse.
Thank you, mr. Carfrae.
This is my mother.
How do you do,
mrs. Dishart?
How do you do?
Come in.
Thank you.
Move them away, you puddin'
- Headed policeman.
Will you
take a chair?
I hope you will be as
happy here as I have been.
It's like a dream.
The first time
i entered this room,
I decided to cut down
that cherry tree
Because it kept out
the light.
But, you see,
it outlives me.
I grew old while
looking for the axe.
Yes, jean?
There's several folk
at the back door,
And their respects
to you,
And would you give them
some water out of the well?
Some of the pumps is locked
On account of the dry weather.
Oh. Tell them
to help themselves.
There's scarcely
enough for ourselves.
And I should tell you
that 3 of them
Is no members of
the auld licht congregation,
And one of them even belongs
to the u. P. Church.
Let that make
no difference.
A pailful apiece
for auld licht.
All other denominations, one cup.
Good day, mr. Dishart.
Gavin, just think.
It's all come true.
Your own church.
Oh, for years i've lived for this day.
And the sacrifices
you've made.
Mother, now you
shall have an egg
To your breakfast
every morning.
You're mistress of the auld licht manse.
The auld licht manse. Gavin,
how many rooms are there?
Oh, it'll seem large
to you at first, mother,
But you'll get used
to it.
And you shall have
a silk dress,
With beads on it.
Gavin, stop.
Not another word
to be uttered
Till we say a prayer,
of thanks on that.
Do you think I could
have a new bonnet
With blue trimmings
on it?
My old one wouldn't
go very well
With a silk dress.
You shall have one
with blue feathers
On it if you
want it.
I entreat you,
Cherish the goodness
that is in your hearts
And listen ever to
the voice of conscience,
For conscience is
the safeguard of humanity.
Our text this morning
keeps before us the fact
That all sinners have
the scriptural promise
Of rebirth and regeneration,
And they need never despair,
Need never be without the hope
Of redemption from that sin
in which we were all born.
We're all born in sin.
But, ah!
Come home, father.
Go away, micah.
Our sins
are never too great
For god's mercy.
But if a man have many sins,
or only one sin,
Say it is the sin
of drunkenness,
And remains unrepentant,
That sin will utterly
consume him,
Does any man here desire
to be consumed by drunkenness?
If you're referring
to me, minister,
I'd rather consume the drink.
Come forward.
Come forward, rob dow.
You hulking man of sin.
Sit here on the stair
and attend to me,
OrI'll step down
from the pulpit
And run you out of
the house of god.
Sit down!
And now, my friends,
again I remind you,
There is no need
to despair.
Up and forswore.
Throw off this vile habit
that is dragging you down.
It is not too late.
There is yet time to stand
foursquare with the world
And look your fellow man
in the eye and cry,
"I, too, am a man. "
Any man who can bring
rob dow to his knees
Is a minister
to be reckoned with.
I think
when rob began
To interrupt
the service,
I felt awful sorry
for mr. Dishart.
But he didn't need
any bit of sympathy.
Our little minister
does not lack courage
To stand up to
a drunken hulk like rob dow.
Aye, tammas.
He has the gift.
Thrums seems
such a quietlike place,
Yet they told me
in glasgow
That i'd received a call
from the mouth of hell.
Well, those were
cruel words.
It's true, there was
an ugly outbreak
About 2 months ago,
The manufacturers reduced
the price of the web.
But what did that mean
to a town of weavers?
It meant starvation.
What did they do,
our weavers?
They turned on
the manufacturers.
Made a bonfire of
some of their doors.
6 policemen who drove
out from tilliedrum
Were sent back tied to
the seats of their cart.
And no one
has been punished?
Not yet, but the sheriff is canny.
He'll appear one night with soldiers
And seize the ringleaders in their beds,
As he did
once before.
I cannot understand
why the widow henderson
Doesn't give old sam
a headstone.
He left enough
money, i'm hearing.
That's lord rintoul's
Have you ever
looked on a lord,
Mr. Dishart?
Or on a lord's
young ladyship?
I have.
Have you?
Surely you know
rintoul is old,
And is to be married
to a young ladyship.
Oh, she's no
ladyship yet,
But they're to be
married soon,
So I may say
i seen a ladyship.
Aye, it's
an impressive sight.
la, la, la,
Is that singing?
Aye, it is singing,
surely, and on the sabbath.
It must be one of them
egyptians in caddam wood.
I'll find out who's
desecrating the sabbath day.
la, la, la,
la, la, la,
tra, la, la,
la, la
la, la, la
la, la, la, la-
Don't you know
it's unlawful
For gypsies to be
in these parts?
Have you not read the
sheriff's proclamation?
I said, have you
not read
The sheriff's
I dinna ken
how to read.
I'll read it
to you.
"Warning. All gypsies and
other wandering vagrants
"Found trespassing
on these lands
Of glen quharity within
the parish of thrums
Will be arrested and
summarily dealt with. "
15, 2,
and 100 nought.
15-2, 15-4, 15-6,
15-8, and 10. Ah, 18.
15-2, 15-4, 15-6,
15-8, and 8. Ah, 16.
Cribbage is a game of
skill, my dear evalina.
I wonder where
barbara is.
Your fiancee has not yet
returned from her walk,
I believe.
Look here, evalina,
i suppose you'd try
To accept
my betrothal
With a little
better grace.
Captain halliwell and the
sheriff to see you, my lord.
Lord rintoul.
How do you do?
This is
captain halliwell,
And sheriff greer.
My sister,
the lady evalina.
We must teach
these weavers
That they cannot
flout the law
Without suffering
the consequences.
Now, then.
Is everything
arranged for tonight?
Yes, your lordship.
We have the names of
the ringleaders,
And we'll move into
thrums after sunset
And take them
As we did
once before.
Yes, but we must
be careful.
I do not think
they intend
To be taken again
quite so easily.
I have reason
to believe they've been
Making preparations
of some kind.
Ha. To resist my men?
I'm afraid so.
Ha ha ha.
That's good.
Rest easy, your lordship.
We shall take them
completely by surprise.
We will have the offenders
in the lockup
In no time at all.
Well, I hope so.
Uh, uh, mr. Dishart.
Oh, hello,
I was just going out
for a breath of air.
Heard rob dow's
And he says if you're not
with him within an hour,
He'll break out
into the drink again.
There's blood
in his eye.
Oh,I'll go at once.
Aye. Hey, you'll
let me go a bit wee?
Of course.
Come along.
For until rob
sent me on this errand,
Not a soul has
spoken to me this day.
Many a one
have I spoken to,
But not a man, woman, or
bairn had flung me a word.
I've often meant
to ask you, wearyworld,
Why are you
so unpopular?
Because i'm police. I'm the
first that's ever been in thrums.
Well, didn't the
thrumspeople appoint you?
Aye, and they are
the very folk that
Look down me as a
disgraced man for accepting.
Even my own wife
is short with me
When i've got on
me uniform.
Well, it should be
a consolation to you
That you're discharging
useful duties.
But i'm no.
Charles dickson says that
The very sight of
my uniform
Rouses his anger
so much
That it makes him
smash windows.
Although a peaceable
disposed man
Until I was appointed.
But, uh, they-They do
recognize your authority.
Ah-Authority? Ach, they
won't even come to the lockup
After I lay hands
on them.
Do they say
they won't come?
Catch them
saying anything,
They just give me a whap
into the gutters.
If they'd speak, i
wouldn't have complained,
For i'm naturally the
sociablest main in thrums.
That's easy to see. Well,
good evening, wearyworld.
I- Uh...
Well, it was pleasant to
crack a word with somebody.
I- I'll be in
my rounds, now.
Oh, it's a weary world
And nobody bides in it.
My father put me out.
He's been talking and arguing
with the devil for an hour.
Don't be frightened.
Oh, it's a weary world.
Hi, there!
In the name of the lord,
you don't show anything. Ha.
Oh, it's just
a gypsy, buddy.
I'm the police.
Oh, I dinna ken.
Uh, please,
mr. Police.
Do not take me to the
lockup, andI'll go away.
No, no, honey. Stay
here and talk with me,
And maybe wearyworld
won't be hard on you.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Oh, never be
a policeman, lassie,
Or you'll soon have
feet like nobody else's.
Aye, but it's
grand work.
A great responsibility.
Are you here in case
the soldiers come?
The soldiers? Those
preservists, when they come,
I hope i'm a thousand
miles away.
My heart's with
weavers, lassie,
But my duty
is with the law,
And 3 blasts
of the weaver's horn
Will unleash
a bee's nest in thrums,
AndI'll have to be
in the middle of it.
3 blasts on the horn?
Aye, the signal horn
they hide in the old mill.
Everybody knows
about it.
Everybody but
the minister.
He's all for peace,
so nobody tells him.
You mean
the little minister
With a twinkle
in his eye.
I mean the reverend
mr. Dishart.
Come along, lassie,
and walk with me a bit,
And maybe you'll give me
some of your gab, eh?
Now, if that doesn't
beat all.
Oh, please, sir.
Don't hand me over
to the sheriff.
I've lost my way.
Oh. Perhaps I can
help you.
Oh, you can, sir,
If you can
tell me where
The old mill is.
The old mill?
Aye, sir. I want to meet my sweetheart.
Oh, I mean, my father were there,
And I cannot even
find the place.
I pass it
on my way.
I'll direct you.
Oh, you're kind, sir.
That's it.
I take it you must be
the new little minister
I hear them
talk about.
I'm the new minister.
Do they say
"little minister"?
Oh, no.
That was my fault.
It kind of
popped out.
But it wasn't meant
to be uncomplimentary.
You're just the size
i like.
Ha. Oh, they say
bonny things about you.
That is,
the lassies do.
Would you like
to hear?
I didn't hear you.
Did you say you would
or you wouldn't?
I've said nothing.
Oh. Well, I wouldn't
want to tell you
If you didn't
want to hear.
They say you're against
the weavers
Fighting the soldiers
when they come.
I'm against fighting.
Even when they're
in the right?
Fighting and bloodshed
won't help them.
Here's the mill.
They're not here, but
they left the horn.
It's our way of
calling each other.
They'll be
looking for me.
Oh. Ha.
Give it a blow
so they'll find me.
Can't you
blow it yourself?
If it's your way of
calling each other.
Aye, sir, but, um,
i'm fair out of breath
From taking
such long strides.
It's hard for a lassie
to keep up with a man.
Oh, now, now that was
barely a toot.
I don't suppose
you could blow it
A wee bit louder?
Oh, it takes
a strong man
To blow a lusty blast.
I am a strong man.
Aye, sir.
They must've
heard that.
No, that must suffice.
Of course,
if you're tired.
Thank you.
That was grand.
What's that?
That's them.
Good-Bye and thank you.
Hurry, joe talley. Hurry,
we'll be needing you.
Oh, doctor. You'll be
proud of me this night.
If you're wise,
You'll go home
and go to your bed.
Hey, hey, hey,
Hey, mrs. Macintosh.
Throw all your weapons.
It's my duty to arrest
any man with a weapon.
Go home
and go to bed.
North roaders,
We'll find your families
Gathered at the brae.
What's happening?
The soldiers are coming. the cemetery.
The south roaders will march
From the tame to cushing.
And mind you,
Let no man tell the name of
Any who took part
in the last riots.
Remember, you're all
dumb critters,
And none know who tied
the policeman to the cart.
Andrew struthers.
Rob dow.
Snecky hobart.
Hendry munn.
Tammas whammond,
And all of you
who are auld licht,
Lay down your weapons.
Let me have
my fling this night,
And I promise youI'll bide
sober for a twelvemonth.
Oh, rob.
Are you the man
i prayed with an hour ago?
Down with
your weapons,
OrI'll brain you
with them.
Aye, lay them down.
But keep your feet on them.
If you fight,
your wives and children
May be shot in the streets.
These soldiers have come
for a dozen of you.
Will you be benefited
if they take away 100?
Aye! Hearken to him!
There's a gypsy.
She'll tell us.
If I were a man, I wouldn't
let myself be catched
Like a mouse
in a trap.
How dare you, woman.
What kind of women
are you,
That bid your menfolk go to jail,
When a bold front would
lead them to safety?
Do you want to be
husbandless and homeless?
Disperse, I command you.
This abandoned woman
is inciting a riot.
Dinna heed
this little man.
You men and women
of thrums know
That I wish you well.
There is not much time.
The soldiers will be
here before you know it,
And then it'll be
too late.
She has
a false tongue.
Don't listen to
the brazen woman.
She tells us
the truth.
Listen to her.
She brought us
the news.
You all run in different
directions, you're lost,
But if you
keep together,
You can force the way into the
country, where you can scatter.
That's what the captain of the
soldiers is afraid you'll do.
Aye, that's a
good thought, egyptian.
Then that's
what we will do!
That's what you will
not do.
The truth is not in
this wicked woman.
The soldiers!
The soldiers are coming!
We need the men.
They're here!
They're here!
You see! You see!
Put down
your weapons.
Come along!
Follow me!
Gather the divots.
The bigger the better.
Did you see how
she flouted me?
That I did.
Come on!
Men, get ready to run.
Women to the left side
till I give the word.
but they'll fire.
Have no fear.
They'll no fire.
Don't fling those stones.
Turn them down
the trail.
Gentlemen, advance
and hem them in.
Oh, if I could only
fling straight.
Get him.
You're a dear.
Only 6 prisoners,
your lordship.
The whole thing
has been a fiasco
Because you did not
take them by surprise.
It isn't like it
if the soldiers
Spread the news
that they were coming.
The men didn't even know
their own destination.
We'll find out
something when
We lay our hands
on that gypsy.
Lord rintoul?
I am gavin dishart,
The auld licht
I am happy to know you, mr. Dishart.
This is the sheriff
and captain halliwell.
How do you do?
I am told you've done
good service tonight
In the interest of
peace and order.
Thank you,
lord rintoul,
But i'm afraid
the gypsy had
More influence with the
people tonight than I had.
You don't happen
to know
Who gave
the warning signal,
Do you, mr. Dishart?
What signal?
The horn. 3 blasts of the horn.
3 blasts.
No, I-
I didn't know.
You look very tired,
mr. Dishart.
Yes. Yes, I am.
I came to ask you to
be as lenient as you can
With these poor men
you've arrested.
They're so easily misled.
As we all are.
I'll attend to
the weavers.
They will not be
dealt with too harshly,
But they must learn not
to throw stones and clods
At soldiers performing
their duty.
Oh, yes. You're quite
right, sir, of course.
If you'll pardon me,
i shall go.
Good night,
mr. Dishart.
Good night.
And let me
thank you again
For all you did
for us tonight.
You set
a wonderful example.
Thank you.
The soldiers, dear.
Oh, it's you,
mr. Dishart,
And your lady.
We dare not allow
anyone to pass
Without knowing
who they are.
You haven't found
the gypsy, then?
No, ma'am, but we have her closed in.
We'll get her soon.
I thought I might be
able to help
Some of these
unhappy people,
But I could do so little. Sadly little.
It's no scene for a lady,
ma'am, but your husband-
Did you say something, mr. Dishart?
Yes, i
- My dear, I quite agree with you.
So we needn't detain
the captain.
I'm only
a sergeant, ma'am.
Oh, indeed.
And how long are you
To remain in thrums?
Just a few hours,
mrs. Dishart.
If the gypsy girl had
not given so much trouble,
We might have been
gone by now.
Oh, yes.
Well, i'm sure
She'll never slip through
your fingers, sergeant.
Sergeant, I must-
You must indeed,
You're sadly tired.
Good night,
Your servant,
mrs. Dishart,
Your servant, sir.
Come, love.
You woman.
It was beautiful.
It was iniquitous,
And I a minister.
You can't help that.
No, I could not
help it.
No blame attaches to
me. No, no, no, no, no.
I meant you couldn't
help being a minister.
Now, you could've
helped saving me,
And I thank you
so much.
Don't dare to thank me.
I forbid you to say
that I saved you.
I did my best to hand
you over to the soldiers.
Why didn't you
hand me over, then?
All you had
to say was,
"This is the person
you're in search of. "
I didn't have my hand over your mouth.
Oh, it's all over, and no one will know.
You're not angry
with me, are you?
Oh, I was afraid
you were.
No, they're
not gone.
It's not yet
too late.
Why don't you
shout to them?
I do not
understand you.
On the hill
and in the square,
You spoke as broadly
as any woman in thrums.
Now you fling a cloak
over your shoulders
And become
a fine lady.
Perhaps it was
the cloak
That bewitched me.
Aye, it was just
the cloak,
For i'm a pure ignorant
bit lassie again.
My, certainly,
but clothes does
Make a difference
to a woman.
This is sheer levity.
Good-Bye, if you're not to give me up.
I'm not a policeman.
Surely we part
friends, then?
No. I hope never
to see your face again.
Now, I cannot help
your not liking my face,
But there's
a splotch of mud
On your own,
little minister,
That came off a divot
you flung at the captain.
There are soldiers at
the top of the hill.
I can't escape
that way.
There's no other way. Ah,
won't you help me again?
Why do you do that?
She'll see us.
She? Oh, your-
My mother.
Oh. Only your mother?
Only. Let me tell you,
She may suffer
more than you
For your
behavior tonight.
How could she?
If you're caught,
won't it be discovered
That I helped you
to escape?
I thought you said
you didn't.
Yes, I helped you.
What would my
congregation say
If they knew i'd let
you pass yourself off
As my wife?
I'm sorry.
It's not the punishment
from them i'm afraid of,
But from my conscience.
No, that's not true.
I do fear exposure,
for my mother's sake.
She's had such trials
as you cannot know of,
And now, when, at last,
I seemed able to do
something for her,
You destroy our happiness.
You have her life
in your hands.
Where are you going?
To give myself up.
Do not be alarmed.
I'll clear you.
Why do you not hide in the manse garden?
Nobody will look
for you there.
You're a good man.
I like you.
Don't say that.
the summer-Seat.
Listen... I do believe
you've liked me all the time.
Can a man like a woman against his will?
Of course he can.
That's thevery nicest way to be liked.
Good night.
You will find my text
in the book of ezra.
The eighth chapter of ezra.
Stop making a windmill
of your bible.
That's chronicles.
There is ruth, when
she isn't wanted.
But it looks as if ezra had
jumped clean out of the bible.
You will find my text
in genesis.
Chapter 3, verse 6:
The fall of man through
the temptation of woman.
"And when the woman saw that
the tree was good for food,
"And that it was pleasant to the eyes and
the tree to be desired to make one wise,
"She took of the fruit thereof,
and did eat,
And gave also unto her husband
with her, and he did eat. "
Until a woman ate of the tree
of good and evil,
There was no sin in the world!
Adam was an erring man...
But beside eve,
he was respectable.
This errand wouldn't seem so
unpleasant to you, mr. Dishart,
If you smoked.
Of course, going to the
poorhouse is bitter medicine
For old nanny, or any
woman to have to take.
But after all,
the poorhouse is not a jail.
Have I fallen deaf
on my left ear, too?
Mr. Dishart...
Were you ever in love?
What? Never!
Well, well!
Don't terrify the horse.
Maybe I should
have come alone.
If you pray,
she's sure to break down.
Couldn't you pray
cheerfully, mr. Dishart?
You don't look very
cheerful yourself, doctor.
Nonsense. I have no patience
with false sentiments.
Well, nanny,
you see i've come
And i've brought
mr. Dishart with me.
Thank you kindly, sirs.
Please to take a chair.
No, no, nanny.
It's best we go at once.
Oh, no! No!
But nanny, you must remember
what I told you about the poor.
The place you're going
to-It's a fine house,
And you'll be
very happy in it.
Aye,I'll be
happy in it.
But if I could just have stayed
on here, though I wasn't happy.
But think of the fine
food you'll get:
Broth nearly every day!
It'll be terrible
And there'll always be
pleasant company for you there.
Why, after you've been there a
week, you won't be the same woman.
That's it!
No, no! I'll be a woman
on the poor rates.
Oh, mother, mother...
You little thought
when you bore me
That I would come to this!
Well, we must go.
Put on your cap, nanny.
I don't need to
put on a cap.
I've got a bonnet.
Are you sure there's
nobody looking?
Nobody in sight, nanny.
I'm a base woman not to be more thankful
to them that's been so good to me.
Oh, mother!
I wish terrible they had come
and taken me at night.
This is more
than I can stand.
I've tried you, sir,
But, oh, i'm grateful...
And i'm ready now.
I cannot help it.
Have pity on her, o god.
O god, you might.
This is no place
for you.
They're taking me to the poorhouse!
Don't let them.
How dare you!
You don't see-
I see two hulking men
Dragging a poor, weak little
woman away from her home.
You poor dear. I won't
let them take you away.
Sympathy is not
meal and bedclothes,
And these are
what she needs.
And you, who live in luxury,
Would send her to
the poorhouse for them.
Tuts! Mr. Dishart gives more to the poor
Than any man
in thrums,
And he's not to be
preached to by a gypsy!
We're waiting
for you, nanny.
Aye. I'm coming.
I'll have to go,
No, you're
not going.
It's these men who are going.
Go, sirs,
and leave us.
And you will
take care of nanny?
Aye. And where's the money coming from?
Oh, the money.
Oh, i'd forgotten.
7 shillings
a week.
Oh! Oh, is that all?
Well, she shall have it.
At once.
No, it's not
possible tonight,
ButI'll bring
5 pounds tomorrow.
No,I'll send it.
No, you must
come for it.
You will meet me
tuesday, at this hour,
At, say, the old mill.
No, I won't! How can a vagrant
have 5 pounds in her purse
When she hasn't 5 shillings on her back?
Look at my ring.
Do you know its value?
There's a quirk
in this.
Mr. Dishart,
give nanny your arm.
I'll carry
the box...
Unless you trust
this woman's word.
You do trust me.
Yes... I trust you.
You dasn't have an
appointment with this gypsy.
Think what they'll
be saying in thrums!
Send someone.
No. He must come himself...
So be it.
And I hope her stocking
foot is full of gold,
For your sake,
Or now that
i'm here,
I'll make her go
down the road.
Will you come,
mr. Dishart?
No. I'll walk home,
Well, will you come outside a minute?
Who can she be?
You saw how easily she put
the scotch tongue on and off.
She's as much a mystery
to me as she is to you.
I daresay she's one of those
wealthy gypsies from the south.
They're said to have a very
grand manner when they like.
Look here, young man.
A man's second childhood begins
when a woman gets hold of him.
Oh! Don't alarm yourself
about me, doctor.
Ah, well.
Good luck.
But be wary.
Nanny and I are to have
a cup of tea.
Do you think we should
invite the minister, nanny?
We couldn't dare.
You'll excuse her, mr. Dishart,
for the presumption.
Don't be so free-
He's the auld licht minister.
There isn't any water!
Well, get some.
Lassie! Mind who
you're speaking to.
To send a minister
to the well!
I will go.
Where's the well?
Give me the pitcher,
mr. Dishart.
What a talking there would
be if you were seen with it!
Don't you think so?
Nanny, for shame!
How can you expect to
follow our conversation
When you listen
only to mr. Dishart?
She was saying, nanny-
I was saying
that he is married.
But the minister has no wife, babbie.
No? Oh...
Well, I did wonder at any mere woman's
daring to marry such a minister.
But it was one of the soldiers
that told me about his wife.
He said that mr. Dishart
introduced her to him.
Soldiers? Never trust a soldier, lassie.
Nanny, I was told that
she was rather like me.
Heaven forbid!
I'm no meaning, but you're
the bonniest lass I ever saw
Out of
a picture book.
But you would know mr. Dishart's
contempt for bonny faces
If you'd heard his
sermon against women.
That was an excellent
cup of tea, nanny.
Wasn't it? When did he
preach against women, nanny?
Oh, it was long ago.
Not so very long-
It was the sabbath
After the soldiers
was in thrums,
The day you changed
your text so hurriedly.
I forbid you to
repeat that story, nanny!
What made you change
your text, mr. Dishart?
I suddenly thought
of a better one.
Well, I must go.
I, too. Which way
do you take?
Not yours, mr. Dishart.
I go into the wood and vanish.
Good day, nanny.
Thank you, lassie,
for your kindness.
NowI'll have peace
to the end of my days,
And I wish the same to
you with all my heart.
Oh, i've read my fortune, nanny,
And there's not much
happiness in it.
I hope that's not true.
Do you really care?
Yes, I care.
Because you
don't know me.
Because I do know you.
Well, I believe that you
misunderstand me less
Than those who have
known me longer.
Oh, i'm glad to
hear you say that.
I thought you did not
really like me
Because you never
called me by my name.
That wasn't the reason.
I dared not speak your name,
or I would have said more-
Oh, I was wrong.
You don't understand
me at all.
Oh... good day, nanny.
As soon as I have the
money,I'll bring it to you.
Oh, what a pity
he's a minister.
Ah, rob!
You're just in time
To hear a query
about the minister.
Rob, mr. Dishart
has fallen in...
What do they call
the thing, hendry?
In love.
Now we know what he was doing
in the country yesterday.
Who is the woman?
Aye, who is she?
If we only knew.
That's what we've been
asking ourselves.
Well, if you ken
nothing about her,
And you ken
she exists...
We know all about her,
except who she is.
And we also know the minister's
acting very strangely.
Aye. I saw him come
out of the manse,
And walk straight into
a gooseberry bush.
And I saw him
come down
The school road
this morning,
And the wind
blew off his hat.
The wind's always looking
for hats on the school road.
Maybe... but I didn't like
the way he ran after it.
But he couldn't afford
to lose his hat!
Aye. But he should have run
after it more reverently.
Not that i'm
criticizing him.
Criticizing. Hah!
You all make an idol
of the man.
It's true.
Aye, but we cannot help it.
Yet if he were to
be led astray,
I'd be the first to
cut him out of my heart.
I'd rise
against him,
And the whole congregation
would rise with me
And pronounce
his doom.
John, man, you make me
shiver to the marrow!
Yes, I believe in you.
But henceforth, you must send your
money to nanny by another messenger.
You're a gypsy...
and i'm a minister.
I refuse to see you again.
I'm not angry with you,
but as a minister-
the lady looked o'er
her window so high
and oh, but she
looked weary
and there she spied the great
argyle, come to-
What are you doing up there?
Come down at once!
"come down, come down,
lady margaret," he said-
If you don't come down
this instant and give me
What I was foolish enough
to come for...
I wouldn't have kissed
thee, great argyle
I wouldn't have kissed
thee fairly-
You've deceived nanny, and
brought me here to make fun of me.
I'll have no more
to do with you.
I'm coming down,
And i've got the money.
Did you know that you were
speaking to yourself?
Oh, you're mistaken.
I was speaking to you.
I was saying that...
there is a difference
Between a minister
and a gypsy.
But if i'm willing
to overlook it...
I cannot allow you to talk
disrespectfully of my calling.
It's the highest
a man can follow.
I suppose one must be
very clever
To be a minister.
And it must be nice to be able
to speak for a whole hour
To people who can neither
answer nor run away.
Is it true that before
you start to preach,
You lock the doors,
to keep the congregation in?
I must leave you
if you talk that way.
Well, i...
I only wanted to know.
Tell me who you are,
I want to know your people,
your father and mother.
Because I like
their daughter.
Oh, you are
really good.
But you will never
know my parents.
Are they dead?
But babbie, the time
has come when I must know
Everything of you
that is to be known.
You're no gypsy.
That dress is
but a disguise.
Where did you get
that ring?
- Tell me how you got it!
I must know.
Must know-?
Where did you get
that ring?
Good afternoon to you!
It's not good afternoon.
It's good-Bye forever,
unless you answer me.
As you please.
I will not tell you
where I got my ring.
It's no affair of yours.
Yes, babbie, it is.
I thought you were going.
I was...
Brushing my hat.
You want me to go?
You can go if you like.
But you said...
No, I didn't.
You're crying!
Because you're so unfeeling!
What have I said?
What have I done?
Oh, I should have
gone away at once!
Ohh! You're hardhearted
and cruel!
What have I done?
You said you wished
you'd gone away!
But surely
you asked me to go!
How can you
say that? Ohh!
On my word
i thought you did!
And now i've
made you unhappy.
Oh, babbie,
i'm a hopeless lout.
Oh, no, you're
really not.
Babbie... i...
I've never kissed
a woman before.
Before what,
little minister?
Oh! Uh...
If I were a man, I should
choose to be everything i'm not
And nothing that I am.
I would scorn
to be a liar.
I would try to fight the
world honestly, but... but...
I'm only a woman,
and so... well...
That's the kind of a man
i'd like to marry!
A minister may be
all these things.
The man I could love must not
spend his days in idleness
As the men I know do.
I do not.
He must be brave,
no mere worker among others,
But a leader of men-
All ministers are.
Who makes his influence felt,
And takes the side of the weak
against the strong,
Even if the strong be in the
right. Always my tendency.
A man who has a mind of his own,
and having once made it up,
Stands to it in defiance-
Of his congregation.
Of the world.
He must understand me,
i do.
And compel me
to do his bidding;
Yes, even thrash me if-
If you won't listen to-
He must not yield
to my coaxing
Or temper-
That would be weakness!
He must rule me.
He must be my-
Your lord
and master!
i am that man!
If you'd come home,
The minister might never
ken you broke your promise
And took a wee drop.
I don't care what
the minister kens.
He's not the man
i thought him.
Be off with you!
Aye! So this is what your
conversion amounts to.
If you were half a man, rob dow,
The very thought of what
mr. Dishart has done for you
Would make you run past
the public houses.
It's the thought of him
sends me running to them!
Leave me alone.
Not till you tell me
Why you of all people are
speaking against the minister.
Say again that I was
speaking against the minister
AndI'll practice on you
what I intend for her.
Who is she?
Who's what? The woman
whom the minister-
I said nothing
about a woman!
Doctor, i'm ready to
swear before a bailie
I never saw them
together at the old mill.
The old mill!
Poof! You only mean the egyptian. Aye.
Make your mind easy
about this, rob.
I know why he met her there.
Do you know that
she has bewitched him?
Do you know that I saw him
trying to put his arms around her?
Do you know they have
a trysting place
At the old mill?
No, no, doctor!
I'm drunk! Roaring
drunk! Ha ha!
It wasn't the minister I saw at all.
It was another man.
Was not
that lightning?
I think not, mother.
Don't be frightened.
I'm never frightened
when you're with me.
And I always
will be with you.
Aye. But if
you were married?
Do you think that would
make any difference to you?
Except that you'd have a daughter
to love and take care of you,
As well as a son.
Gavin, I often think you
would be better married.
But when it comes to
selecting the woman,
I grow fearful.
I wonder what sort of
woman would content you.
Of course, she would be
a member of auld licht.
Aye, gavin, a truly
religious wife
Would be a great
help to you.
If a woman is good,
she is religious, mother.
A good woman who has been,
Let us say,
foolishly brought up
Needs only to be
shown the right way.
I question whether any man,
minister or layman,
Ever yet fell in love because
a woman was thrifty or clever,
Or went to church
twice on the sabbath.
I believe that is true.
But as you said yourself
In the pulpit
two weeks ago,
It's an awful thing to worship
only at a beautiful face.
Mother, you think too much
about what I say in the pulpit.
I hope that lightning
stops soon.
I don't think there
will be any more.
Good night, gavin.
Good night.
And don't sit up
any later.
Babbie, what is it?
I must go.
Babbie, tell me
what's happened
To bring you here
at this hour.
I thought that you'd
be glad to see me.
I'm very sorry
to see you.
Well, then
i'll go at once.
Yes, you must go at once.
Then I won't.
Yes, you will.
you must do as I see fit.
Since when have you
taken command of me?
Since a moment ago,
when you let me kiss you.
Let you?
Oh, you did it
I was very angry.
No, you were not.
Come. I'll carry
the lantern.
You're not
going with me?
That I am.
Oh, but I won't
let you.
When I say i'm going,
i mean i'm going.
Take my arm.
No, I won't.
Take my arm.
Your hat!
Don't you care?
Oh, dear.
Wait, I see
someone coming.
I've seen him
for some time.
Turn back, dear.
If he sees you with me, all
thrums will be in an uproar.
I cannot help that.
But why should
you suffer for me?
You're mine.
Mr. Dishart.
Good evening, doctor.
I met mr. Dishart
quite by accident-
Doctor, it's quite
natural you should wonder
Why we're here
at this hour.
You needn't explain
to me, mr. Dishart.
I'm not
your congregation.
That's true.
I shall explain nothing.
Dr. Mcqueen, if you're going
past nanny webster's cottage,
Perhaps you wouldn't mind
my walking along with you.
That will save mr. Dishart
the trouble of coming farther.
Aye, i'm going
past nanny's.
Take my arm,
Tomorrow, dear.
I'll come to nanny's
after church.
Good night,
mr. Dishart.
You love him, too.
I do that.
There's trouble
ahead for him
If he's tangled up
with you.
G- A-V-I-N. Gavin dishart.
Babbie dishart.
oh, the very, very, very, very
very, very, very reverend
mrs. Gavin dishart
Why are you crying,
I'm nae crying.
What's your name?
Micah's my name.
Rob dow's my father,
And he's taken
to the drink again.
What are you doing
up there?
I'm wishing.
It's a wishing stone.
You're wishing your father
wouldn't drink.
Nae, i'm not. There was a
long time he didna drink.
But the woman has
him start again.
It's about her
that i'm wishing.
I'm wishing
she was dead.
What woman is it?
I dinna ken,
but she's a bad one.
Did you never see her
in your father's house?
No. She ever
came there,
He would break her
over his knee.
But if he hates her,
How can she have
such power over him?
It's nae him that
she has hold of.
Who is it?
It's mr. Dishart.
How could that send
your father to the drink?
Because my father's
terrible fond of him.
And when the folk find
out about the woman,
They'll stone the
minister out of thrums!
Why do you run from me?
I'm afraid of you!
You're the woman!
What makes you
think that?
Because you're so bonny.
You might go away,
If you knew
what a difference
Mr. Dishart made in
my father when he came.
How have you such an
ill will at the minister?
If finishing
comes to the minister,
His old mother will die.
I'll give you my rabbit
if you'll go away.
I've just the one.
Oh, well,
i'll give you them both,
Though I might be sorry
to part with spotty.
Keep your rabbits,
And cry no more.
I'm going away.
And you'll never
come back no more?
All your life?
Never no more.
All my life.
And you'll leave
the minister alone?
Forever and ever?
Forever and ever.
We could go to paris,
and go to the opera.
Is this a secret,
It's nothing at all,
No, I was merely
saying, aunt evalina,
That paris would be such a
wonderful place for a honeymoon.
Paris is a long way off.
And so, alas,
is our honeymoon.
It needn't be.
Oh. Do you mean, sir,
That I may marry you
tomorrow if I wish?
Ha ha ha.
I do, barbara.
Then I accept.
It appears to me a very unseemly
subject about which to jest.
I was not jesting.
Nor am i, evalina.
I think we've
delayed long enough.
Why shouldn't
we be married soon?
Not tomorrow,
But in a fortnight,
Oh! Oh, please
don't object.
Everything can
easily be got ready,
And it is
so dreary waiting.
If my brother wishes
to rush into this marriage,
It certainly is
no concern of mine.
Are you really impatient to
marry me, my little babbie?
Aren't you impatient to
be away from here yourself?
Yes, I am.
Marry me in a fortnight,
in a fortnight
in a fortnight
i'll marry you
You can put rob dow
in jail for this.
That's what I was
trying to do,
But he wouldn't
come with me.
Good day to you,
How are you,
Hello, mr. Whammond.
Would you like to see
the bump on my head?
What can I do
for you, tammas?
There's nothing you
can do for me, doctor.
But the elders
of auld licht
Think you should
call upon mr. Dishart.
We fear
he's nae very well.
Oh. What do you think
is the matter with him?
That's for you
to tell us.
It might
be overwork.
Then again,
it might not.
Well, I don't think
it's very serious.
If he wants me,
he'll send for me.
He'll nae send. He
doesna think he's sick.
Perhaps he isn't.
If he isna,
he's in a worse state.
I only hope
he is sick.
I'll come back
and explain myself later.
When you're alone.
Ha! He doesna want me to
hear about mr. Dishart.
But I could tell him more
than he could tell me.
What can you tell
about mr. Dishart?
Well, it was
only two nights ago
When I was coming
through caddam wood,
And I heard
with my own two ears
The minister ask
the gypsy chief
If he knew the whereabouts
of the egyptian woman.
He called her "babbie. "
Do you see that?
If you repeat that
to anybody-Anybody-
I'll cut your throat
with it.
You understand?
How could I repeat it,
Nobody speaks
or listens to me.
My lord, you shouldn't
have come in here.
It's very bad luck
To see the bride
in her wedding gown
Before the ceremony.
I couldn't wait to see
how you look tomorrow.
And it's lovely.
Well, i'm sorry.
You're tired,
my dear.
I'll sew
the flowers on later.
I'll come back, miss, and
help you off with your dress.
No, uh, no,
i can do it myself.
Mercy on us, lassie.
Have you risen
from the dead?
Hello, nanny.
I've brought you
some money.
I hope you haven't
gone without.
No, no, lassie.
Mr. Dishart's been here
every day you've been away.
Mr. Dishart?
How is he?
Well, I don't know
how to say it,
But something has
come over the minister.
He's not himself.
The whole town's
noticed it.
And some of them
try to say it's a woman.
But I canna believe that,
and him such a scholar.
Can you?
Why, you're crying.
Lassie, what has
come over you?
Oh, nothing, it's just
that i'm going away
And I won't
see you again.
Is it me or is it...
Babbie, don't tell me you've
got overfond of mr. Dishart.
Oh, my poor lassie.
What does it matter
who he is
When you canna help it?
does the minister-
No. No, nanny.
Oh, dear, oh, dear.
That's it.
He loves you, too, babbie.
No, he'll never
see me again.
Good-Bye, nanny.
I'll not forget you.
Mr. Dishart!
Mr. Dishart?
He must not see me!
Hurry, go outside.
And don't let him come in.
Swear you will not.
Hurry, hurry!
Good evening, nanny.
Why, mr. Dishart.
Good evening.
Isn't it time you put
that up for the day?
Come,I'll help you
in with it.
Oh, no, no, sir.
Thank you.
You'll nae mind if I go on
with my work for a while.
No, of course not,
AndI'll just here
and rest for a few minutes.
Nanny, what do you think
has become of her?
Oh, you mean the gypsy?
Oh, where do the flies
vanish to in the winter?
Those gadabout bodies,
They canna be happy
in one place for long.
But she was different.
Aye, she was that.
But she was
only a gypsy girl.
You canna get away
from that.
Yes, she was
only a gypsy girl.
But I had hoped that
she would be my wife.
Mr. Dishart!
That's my prayer meeting.
I will bid you
good night, nanny.
Oh, god, you canna mean for them
to bury their youth so soon.
Look at me.
What is anything
when you're old
Without somebody?
Mr. Dishart!
Yes, nanny.
What is it?
Oh, my wheel.
Would you mind?
Why, of course not,
How was he, nanny?
Did he ask about-
No, no.
Babbie, tell me why you've
left me all this time.
You cannot know what
i've gone through.
There is something
i must tell you.
Tell me that
you love me first.
No, no, you will not
ask me to say that
When I tell
you what I am.
I'm to be
married tomorrow.
I'm to be married
to lord rintoul.
Can't you just say that
You will try to forgive
me before I go?
Won't you even
look at me?
Not that way.
I meant no harm.
I swear I didn't.
I didn't even know
what I was doing
Until it was
too late.
And then I meant never
to see you again.
When I came
into your life,
I was wild and careless.
So little heeding,
i never even dreamed.
You don't blame
the birds
When their song
comes for a moment
Between you and your work.
You smile and forgive them.
Let it be that way with me.
It is myself I cannot forgive.
I have been a dull-Witted fool.
But I cannot understand
Why you should have
acted so strangely.
The gypsy clothes
you wore-
I have no wish
to excuse myself.
But have you ever
seen a gypsy cart
Where there's sort of
hammocks swung beneath it
In which gypsy children
are carried about
The countryside?
That was the only cradle
i've ever known.
But one day, I suppose
the road was rough
For I was thrown out.
I can remember
picking myself up
After a little
and running after the cart.
But they-They didn't
hear my cries,
Or if they did, they
didn't come back for me.
I like to think that my
mother did come back for me
And then went away again
When she heard that I was
in better hands than hers.
It was lord rintoul
who found me.
And so I owe
everything to him.
He took me home on his horse
And paid his gardner's
wife to rear me.
Afterwards, he sent
me to fine schools.
He's lavished
everything upon me.
He has been very
kind to you.
Yes, he's been
very kind to me.
And i'm to marry him.
Does he love you?
He doesn't know
what love is.
Nor did i...
You were laughing
at me all the time.
Only a little...
At first,
but not afterwards.
You never cared
for me at all.
Always since I first
knew what love was.
And it was you
who taught me.
That night in
the manse garden.
Do you remember?
I knew that I could...
Never again be
altogether unhappy.
All my life I would
have that to remember.
And when I went away,
So that I would
not bring disgrace
And wretchedness upon
you and your mother
I was strong.
Your love had made me strong.
I'm going now.
Don't think of me as unhappy.
It will be happiness
for me to try to be
All you thought I was.
Your face will always
come between me
And ungenerous hearts.
I cannot let you go.
Don't tell me
that you love me still.
Oh, gavin,
Do you?
We will go to
lord rintoul at once.
You are mine,
and I will tell him so.
He will release you
when he hears of me.
Oh, how little
you know him.
His only
interest in you
Will be to turn the town against you.
He has great
influence here.
I can defend myself.
Nothing but duty
of the highest kind
Could keep mr. Dishart
so long.
Aye, but, snecky,
i do not like it.
Why, mrs. Mcclarin.
My john's got
to be at work
At 5:00 in the morning.
We cannot
wait longer.
Aye. Come along,
Did mr. Dishart have any
calls to make after his tea?
I don't know.
He uh...
He was nae
home for tea.
He was nae
home for tea.
I think there's
something to the talk-
What talk?
I've heard no talk.
AndI'll cut the tongue
out of any man who has
So that he'd no repeat it.
Oh, I did nae
hear it myself,
I only heard of a man
that did hear of it.
He saw him.
He saw the minister.
Come in here.
What's sam langlins
doing here?
He's no auld licht.
He says the minister
came to his place
Not 10 minutes ago asking
to hire a carriage.
What? Hire a carriage! Aye.
While we're sitting
here waiting for him.
Where did he go?
Samuel cannot tell.
Because he said he
would nae let a horse
Of his out on
a night like this.
Not for no auld licht.
Most likely he was going
on some errand of mercy.
But samuel said he had
a woman with him.
I see nothing to do
But to dismiss
the congregation
And notify
mr. Dishart
That the pulpit
is vacant.
I'm thinking he can
hardly explain his actions
To the satisfaction
of this session.
Mr. Whammond,
don't be hasty.
Maybe it's nae his fault.
Mind your place,
rob dow.
Putting yourself
on the equal
With the elders
of this kirk.
Have mercy on him.
God himself would give
him a second chance.
Rob dow, what
can you know
Of the ways of god?
That's true.
I know little.
But, oh, mr. Whammond,
you know.
Then why should
the minister be punished
For what's no his fault?
It's the gypsies.
I saw her!
You saw her?
With mr. Dishart?
No, no,
i didn't see them.
Out with it,
rob dow!
Or as chief elder
of this kirk
I say it will be
the worse for him.
You saw them
He didn't have his
arms around her.
It was her wrapping
her coils around him.
May I burn forever
if this is no true.
He had his arms
around her!
I tell you, he didn't. It was her!
The minister!
The gypsy!
Hendry munn,
As chief elder
of this kirk,
I command you to go and
dismiss the congregation.
I hereby pronounce
this congregation dismissed
While the session
prepares to do its duty.
Oh, jean!
Jean proctor!
It's a terrible thing
they're saying
Against the minister,
is it no?
Did they say
the woman's name?
You leave me be.
You've got no right
to talk like that.
Easy, jean, easy.
i'm police.
The impudent
But i'd rather go with
you, gavin, please!
No, you will wait
at the manse
Until I get back.
Dr. Mcqueen has offered
me his carriage
Many a time-
Mr. Dishart!
Mr. Dishart!
It's not for me
to remind you,
But have you not forgot
your prayer meeting?
Prayer meeting.
Half of them
has gone home.
Uh, yes,
thank you.
Gavin, did you have a prayer meeting?
Yes, but, but,
i'll go as soon-
No, no, you
must go at once.
If you think it's
storming here,
You ought to see it
over at the kirk.
Come, dear,I'll see
you to the manse.
Gavin, go to your church immediately,
For my sake.
I'll go to
the manse.
I shall then.
Weary will go with you.
You'll wait for me?
I'll not be long.
Oh, it's a weary world,
And women is the most
uncanniest things in it.
Mrs. Dishart?
Why, no, she-
What did you want?
Who are you?
I'm a friend of
mr. Dishart's.
He told me to wait
for him here.
Where is
the minister?
He's going over
to his church.
It's true then
what they say.
He was with you.
Oh, how could you?!
How could you let
him stay away
From his prayer
I didn't know.
Do you think if i
had known that i...
I love him.
I could near
believe it
From the look
in your eyes.
And yet...
Have you no heard
He's been put out
of his church?
Oh, no.
But he done nothing wrong.
I'll go and tell them.
No, no. Don't.
They'd never
listen to you.
Who is it, jean?
It's just somebody to
see the minister, ma'am.
SayI'll be
right down.
It's the mistress.
Oh, if we could only
keep it from her.
She'll have to
learn, but-
Tell her never to mind.
Tell her I couldn't wait,
i've gone.
Good evening.
I'm mrs. Dishart,
The minister's mother.
How do you do?
Isn't it a dreadful night?
Put on
the kettle, jean.
He won't be long.
His meeting is over,
Or jean ought
not be back.
Child, you're shivering.
And wet.
Come in here
by the fire.
Jean will be in with
the tea directly.
Oh, let me have
that wet cape.
Just sit here.
I'll have jean dry this.
Why, you're crying.
Now, now.
Don't do that.
Mrs. Dishart,
What if I were
to tell you that
You were no
longer to be
The mistress
of this manse?
And that it was
because of me?
You're the girl
my son loves.
Oh, I think I almost
knew it in my heart
When I first saw you.
I have so wondered
what you would be like.
Has he told you
about me?
But when a young man
tells his mother
That if the right
girl comes along
He will marry so that
she will have a daughter
To love and care
for her, too,
The mother knows
That the right girl
isn't so very far away.
Gavin will tell you,
My prayers have ever been
for his happiness.
In that, I will
see my own.
Good evening,
mr. Whammond.
The minister,
he's no home.
You sure of that?
Aye, i'm sure.
Where is he?
He's gone to
the church.
How do you know?
Because that's where
he said he was going.
Then you've seen him.
Was anybody with him?
No, no,
mr. Whammond.
If he's no at
the kirk,
We'll be back,
jean proctor.
We'll have words
with him this night.
I could swear I heard
somebody talking inside.
We'll have a look
through the window.
Who was it, jean?
I, uh...
It was mr. Whammond, ma'am,
To say that
the minister
Would be late
at the church.
And he came through all
this rain to tell me,
The chief elder.
Why didn't you
ask him in?
He seemed to be in a
terrible hurry, ma'am.
That's a pity.
Aye, ma'am?
The... the blind
was up a bit,
And I thought...
I want you to go
upstairs, jean.
And on the top shelf
in my wardrobe
You'll find a wee box.
I think i'd
better go myself.
Oh, no, please.
It's getting late.
Some other time.
It won't take
but a minute.
I want you to see how
light his hair used to be.
They're out there.
It's her.
It's the woman.
In our manse.
She's terrible grand
for a gypsy.
Did you see
that dress?
I'm thinking
she stole it.
What can we do?
It will kill her.
Go upstairs, jean,
And keep her
from coming down.
I'll try to get
rid of them.
What can i
say to her?
Anything, anything.
It doesn't matter.
Won't you come in?
Jean is upstairs
with mrs. Dishart,
So I answered
the door for her.
Please come in.
The cheek of her!
I'll have the fire
nice and bright
For you in a minute.
There is nothing like
a nice bright fire
When you've been
out in the rain.
Is it still coming
down as hard as ever?
What are you
doing here?
The minister
was kind enough
To give me shelter
out of the rain.
If he hadn't, I don't know
what I should have done.
He is no longer
our minister.
And he no longer
has the right
To shelter anybody
under this roof.
Where is he?
He has gone
to the church
To explain to you
Why he was not at
his prayer meeting.
We know why.
Do you or do
you no deny
That he had his
arms around you
This night?
We know everything.
No, you don't.
If you did,
You would know
we've done
Nothing to be
ashamed of.
We're well aware that
you have no shame.
But the minister...
Making lover's meetings
stealthily by night
With a-
That's not true.
You should not
need to be told
That your minister is
incapable of such a thing.
And there's something
more you ought to know.
I am-
Silence, woman!
Do you stand there
and tell a man
That's been an elder
of the kirk
6 and 20 years what
he ought to know?
Where's mrs. Dishart?
I'll have the keys.
Oh, now please.
You're not
gonna tell her.
At least let her hear
it from his own lips.
It will not
sound so cruel.
I must do my duty.
Out of my way, woman.
Would you have
me dishonored
In the sight of god?
Dishonored in
the sight of god
Because you might
permit your heart
To rule your
stubborn mind?
Because you might
refrain from speaking
The word that
will destroy
This innocent
woman's happiness?
She's coming down.
I could not keep
her longer.
I'm sorry for
what i've said.
I know you must
be a kind man,
But don't tell
her it tonight.
Let her learn
it tomorrow.
It can be
no great sin
To give her one
more happy night.
I'll go away.
I'll never
see him again.
I swear it-
She's coming.
mr. Whammond.
Did the rain
drive you back?
put this on.
It will
keep you warm.
Oh, you shouldn't
have come out
On a night like this
Just to relieve
my mind.
I did no come to
relieve your mind.
Aye, mr. Munn,
and mr. Spens.
Oh, I know it
wasn't for me.
But for my son.
But, mr. Whammond,
Is that going to make me
think the less of you?
Give me your things.
No, I cannot stop.
I have something here
i want you to see.
I brought it down
to show the young lady.
I know you'll be
interested, too.
Come and sit down.
Here, mr. Whammond,
In the minister's chair.
It's no intended for me
To sit in
the minister's chair.
But the mantle
of chief elder
Of the auld licht kirk
Has been wrapped
around me,
And I must do my duty.
Aye, and don't you.
The minister's
always telling me
How he couldn't
carry on his work
Without you-
And you, mr. Munn.
And you, too,
mr. Spens.
Let's see.
His hair.
His baby hair.
Do no give it to me.
Do not give me
that bit hair.
You won't hurt it.
If fondling
would hurt it,
It wouldn't
be here now.
I cannot help boasting
about him a little.
He's been so terribly
near me always.
Mrs. Dishart,
Your son may be
all the earth to you,
But my eldership
is as much to me.
Of course.
Not everybody can
be a minister.
But I know well
a chief elder's work
Is just as worthy
in the lord's sight.
Though, of course,
It doesn't require
the education.
Oh, you must be cold.
I'll have jean
bring you some tea.
Now, now.
Thank you.
I was wrong.
You're a good man.
Silence, woman.
What came over
you, thomas?
Why did you
no speak out?
Did you no see
how I struggled
To bring out
the words.
It's no true.
My mouth snappeth
shut like a box.
Thomas whammond
has been unfaithful.
6 and 20 years have
i been an elder
Of the kirk in
god's service.
And don't you think
he stood closer to you
The last 5 minutes
Than in all those
6 and 20 years?
Hold your peace, woman.
I'll make amends.
Now, do not let her get
the start of you this time.
And do not let her put
a cup of tea in your hand
Or you're
gone again.
Just come right out
and say it.
I know what to say.
It's the saying of it.
Mr. Dishart,
I can no neglect
my duty.
Your duty is to
your minister.
Peter tosh,
unlock that door.
I will not.
He has a knife!
Open the door,
peter tosh,
Before I open
your neck!
Rob, don't!
Mr. Whammond!
What is it?
It's the minister.
The minister.
What's happened?
Peter tosh was
locking up the kirk
Though more than half
the congregation
Were about when
the minister came.
What is it?
The minister demanded
that peter open the door.
But peter wouldn't do it.
Rob dow,
With a knife
in his hand,
Shouts, "open that
door, peter tosh,
OrI'll open
your neck. "
Nobody stopped him?
The minister.
He tried to.
Where is he?
Where is he?!
They're bringing him.
They have to
take it slow.
Has anybody gone
for the doctor?
Aye. Thomas, where's his mother.
Here he comes.
Put me down.
Now then...
You're here to accuse me,
So out with it.
There is no need
to spare me.
Tonight I was seen in
the company of this lady...
When I should have
been at my church.
I may have seemed
to sin against you...
But believe me,
What happened
is not for you
Or any other man to judge.
All I can say is
This is the woman
of my choice.
She's not what
you think her.
But she were,
That would make not the
slightest difference to me.
If she's unworthy
of your reverence,
Then so am i.
We belong to each other.
And I am blessed
more than I deserve
In knowing she's mine.
And no mortal man
shall part us.
And now...
My boy.
You mustn't cry.
I won't.
I was frightened
at first.
But i'm not anymore.
He wouldn't let
anything happen to you.
It's all because
of me, gavin.
Because of you...
Life has
a new meaning.
If god takes me now
I shall have known love.
And had happiness.
It's the doctor.
Let me pass,
Everybody out.
Everybody out!
Clear the room.
Mrs. Dishart,
Fetch me a bowl
of very hot water.
You better go, too.
Oh, doctor-
You'll help me most
by leaving the room.
And tell jean to
bring that hot water.
Don't die.
Please, god...
He's so good.
He really deserves
your help.
The people in thrum
need him so.
And I need him, too.
Oh, please, ma'am,
Please try before
it gets cold again.
I can't eat,
Can't you?
Never mind, jean.
I hear the doctor stirring.
I hope he has some good
news for us this morning.
Wha... well?
You can go in now.
Just one of you.
I'm so sorry.
For sorry? It's not yet too late.
I could give you
Come away with me,
It's only in pity
for yourself-
I don't pity myself.
Have you no pity
for me then?
Ah, yes.
I know you're
unhappy now.
But it won't last.
You don't love me really.
There's nothing
in the world
You cannot have
for the asking.
Is not that love?
Bye, barbara.
Good-Bye, my lord.
He's asking for you.
Oh, it's so weary...