The Little Prince (1974) Movie Script

When I was six years old,
I saw a magnificent picture
in a nature book
about the primeval forest.
It was a picture of a boa constrictor
swallowing an animal.
I'm trying to make a sketch of it
to show you.
Under this picture it said:
"Boa constrictors swallow
their prey whole without chewing it. "
"And then remain stationary
for six months digesting it. "
I pondered that deeply.
And after some work, I succeeded
in making my first drawing.
I called it "Drawing Number One".
I showed my masterpiece
to the grown-ups.
I asked them if it frightened them.
Frighten us?
Why should we be frightened of a hat?
A hat?
It was a picture of a boa constrictor
digesting an elephant obviously.
Since the grown-ups couldn't
understand it, I made another,
showing the elephant
clearly inside the boa constrictor.
"Drawing Number Two".
I was told to stop wasting my time
drawing boa constrictors,
whether from the inside or the outside,
and attend to my studies, which I did.
And that is why, at the age of six,
I gave up a career as a painter.
As I grew up, whenever I met one
who seemed clear-sighted,
to find out if he was a person
of true understanding,
I would show him my first drawing.
- Whoever it was would say...
- # It's a hat, it's a sort of a kind of hat
# Painted poorly but it surely is a hat
# It's a hat, there's no doubt of it
It's a hat
# Top of Poppa is its proper habitat
# My, oh, my, look at that
Why, this dummy has drawn a hat
# It's a hat, it's a hat
If it's anything, it's a hat
# Why, it's nothing but a common
Himalayan mountain hat!
# It's a hat that looks like down upon
which someone must have sat
# Not Picasso or Corot
But a very nice chapeau
# Are you kidding?
It's a hat, you silly brat! #
# Every grown-up was the same
Uniformly they'd exclaim #
# It's a hat, it's a hat, it's a hat! #
# I could see it wasn't worth
Spending time with them on Earth
# There were fewer in the sky
I decided I would fly #
# It's a hat, it's a hat
It's a hat, it's a hat
# It's a hat, it's a hat, it's a hat #
# I need air
# Where only stars get in my hair
# And only eagles stop and stare
# I need air
# Oh, the world is mad
And I have had my share
# I need air
# I need air
# I need air
# One hour of mortal wear and tear
# Gives my morale morale-de-mer
# Any corner lot
that heaven's got to spare
# I need air
# I need air
# There's not a sign of life down there
# Just hats and grown-ups everywhere
# I need air
# Lots of cosy sky
that God and I can share
# I need air
# I need air #
I came to know many grown-ups,
and my opinion of them never improved.
I stopped showing my drawing and
never again mentioned boa constrictors,
elephants or stars.
Instead, I would talk about golf,
money, politics and neckties,
and everyone was pleased
with such a sensible man.
So, I lived my life alone
without anyone I could really talk to.
Until a short time ago.
I was testing a new plane, racing it
against the clock from Paris to India.
Paris calling Flight F-BDXY.
Come in, please. Over.
F- BDXY to Paris. Ground speed 190.
Running 10 minutes behind schedule.
Strong headwinds.
Losing altitude!
Paris calling Flight F-BDXY.
Detail location.
Detail location. Detail location.
Paris calling Flight F-BDXY.
Are you there, F-BDXY?
Where are you?
If you please, draw me a sheep.
Will you?
- Will I what?
- Will you draw me a sheep?
What did you?
How did you?
How did you get here?
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you to draw me a sheep.
No, listen. Where did you come from?
Will you draw me a sheep?
Don't you know any other words?
Is that all you can say?
Will you draw me a sheep?
When a mystery is too overpowering,
one doesn't dare disobey.
A thousand miles from civilisation
and death at my heels,
I picked up a pad and pencil
and began to draw.
- Look, I don't know how to draw.
- That doesn't matter.
I certainly can't draw a sheep.
I've only drawn one thing
in my whole life.
Oh, no. I don't want an elephant
inside a boa constrictor.
A boa constrictor is very dangerous,
and an elephant is very cumbersome.
Where I live, everything is very small.
What I need is a sheep.
Do you live in a small town?
On a small island?
Where is it very small?
- What sort of object is that?
- What?
It's called an aeroplane. It flies.
I was flying in it, but it broke down.
You must have dropped from the sky.
That's right.
You, too. How funny!
If you don't mind, I prefer having
my misfortunes taken seriously.
- What do you mean, "You, too"?
- That's a sick-looking sheep.
Did you get here
in a plane that crashed?
- Could you make another?
- Why?
Because that one doesn't look well.
This is really not the way two strangers
get to know each other in the desert.
This is the way: Ask me a question.
- Where do you come from?
- Good!
To which I reply, "I come from Paris. "
Now, I'll ask you,
"Where do you come from?"
Is Paris on this planet?
Well, of course it's on this planet!
- I'm sorry, it won't do.
- Why not?
See for yourself. That's not a sheep.
It's a ram. It has horns.
You think this is all I have to do?
I have this engine to fix
before my water runs out,
and I have no time to draw sheep
for a little boy carrying a sword,
who appears from nowhere
in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
And that's the last.
There's no horns.
It's not sick.
- Well, then?
- It's old.
I'm sorry.
It's only his box.
The sheep you asked for is inside.
That's perfect.
Exactly the way I wanted it.
It is?
- Will the sheep need a lot of grass?
- Why?
I told you. Where I come from
everything is very small.
Don't worry. It's a very small sheep.
This sheep isn't so small.
Alas, I couldn't argue with him.
I'd grown too old to see sheep
through the walls of boxes.
- "Is Paris on this planet?"
- Of course it is. Did you forget?
No, I didn't forget. But why did you ask?
Aren't you from this planet?
What's good about this box is
at night he can use it as his house.
Sh! He's just going to sleep.
Oh. Sorry.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Where, in God's name,
could you have come from?
Up there.
- Do you know what asteroids are?
- What what are?
- Asteroids.
- No.
They're very, very small planets.
The smallest, Asteroid B-612,
was discovered by
a Turkish astronomer in 1909.
I think you may live on Asteroid B-612.
What do you think?
I think you may live on Asteroid B-612.
What do you think?
Does that mean
they also eat baobab bushes?
- Hm? Who?
- The sheep.
Do they also eat flowers?
- Do they?
- Just hold it a minute.
- Do they also eat flowers?
- What?
Oh. Yes, they do.
Except the flowers
that have thorns, of course.
- No, they even eat ones with thorns.
- But the thorns protect them.
Maybe from being picked,
not from being eaten.
Then what's the good of having them?
- Having what?
- Thorns!
I don't know! Spite, I suppose.
Flowers have thorns just for spite.
I don't believe you.
Flowers are weak and helpless.
How could they face the world without
believing in their thorns' protection?
- What I'm trying to do is important.
- Important?
Flowers have grown thorns
for millions of years.
And for millions of years,
sheep have eaten them just the same!
- You think that's not important?
- It is.
I know one flower that's unique
in all the world. It's on my planet.
But some morning,
a sheep can destroy it with one bite.
- And you think that's not important?
- I suppose so.
What you don't understand is
that if someone loves one flower
that grows on one star among
all the millions of stars in the sky,
it makes him happy to look at the stars.
He can say to himself,
"Somewhere my flower's up there. "
But if the sheep eats the flower,
all the stars will go dark.
And you think that's not important?
It's not a matter
of consequence to you, is it?
Wait! Come back!
I most humbly apologise!
I was behaving like a grown-up!
Your flower is very important!
I swear it!
Come back!
Please come back!
# Where did you go?
# Where, oh, where did you go,
little man?
# Don't you know that I'm on your side?
# Why did you go?
# Why, oh, why did you go, little man?
Let me show you I'm on your side
# This world
# Is an ocean without any shore
When you're on your own
# Dawn is the end of the rope
When you're all alone
# I've been, I've seen, I've known it
# Where can you be?
Where, oh, where can you be?
# Hurry back and you'll see
that I'm on your side
# Where did you run?
# Why, oh, why did you run
From the only one who is on your side?
# Everybody needs a friend
# Come make use of me
# God gave people hands to lend
Mine are free
# So why stay away?
# Come what may
# I'm on your side #
I missed him.
I wished I'd discovered more about him.
But he'd gone
and taken his mystery with him.
Unaccustomed as I am to drawing
anything but boas and elephants,
I decided to make a portrait of him
so I wouldn't forget him.
After all, he was a friend.
And not everyone has a friend.
Least of all me.
I'm hungry.
I have your supper right here.
I waited as long as I could.
I'd advise saving
some of that till tomorrow.
That is, of course,
unless you're very hungry.
Is this all you have?
At the moment, yes.
This will be quite enough, thank you.
Needless to say,
that problem you outlined
concerning the flower, you know?
The one on the star. And your sheep.
In fact, all flowers and all sheep.
That's extremely important.
In fact, I can't think of anything
that's more important.
Well, I've given it a great deal of thought,
and I think I have a solution
that will completely remove your flower
from any possibility of danger.
This is my plan... But this is subject
to your approval, of course.
One: To draw a muzzle for your sheep.
Two: If you can describe
your planet to me
in sufficient detail for me
to make a drawing of it,
I'll put up a big strong fence
all around your flower.
Would you really do that?
I have three volcanoes.
- How big are they?
- Very big.
- Compared to you?
- Knee high.
I have to clean them out every day.
- All by yourself?
- There's no one else.
There are three baobab bushes.
You don't have to draw them.
They don't come up for a while.
- Where's your house?
- On the other side. Don't draw it.
My flower lives on this side here.
When she first came
through the ground,
I was afraid she was going to be
a baobab, but then she blossomed.
One bright yellow morning,
she blossomed.
- Good morning.
- Stop!
- What is it?
- Give me a moment to wake up.
I'm sorry.
How beautiful you are.
Yes, I know.
I was born at the same
moment as the sun.
- Did you know that?
- No.
- Did you know you're quite selfish?
- Selfish?
Instead of thinking of my needs,
you're standing there doing
what you want to do, staring at me.
- What is it you need?
- Water!
I realise this is a small,
unequipped little planet.
I'll get it for you right away.
I brought her some water.
I brought it every day.
I did everything I could for her.
It's cooler when the sun goes down.
Can you put a bowl over me at night?
That will only make you weaker.
The night air is good for you.
I'm cold!
I'm cold!
- You promised me a bowl.
- It's not cold.
- Do you love me?
- Yes, I love you very much.
You've made my planet beautiful.
I don't believe it. If you loved me,
you'd know how cold I am.
The nights aren't long,
and you'll soon get used to it.
- Do you love me?
- I'll get the bowl.
I couldn't understand it,
and I couldn't understand her.
I loved her, but I was so unhappy.
I began to realise I didn't
really understand anything.
So I decided to leave my planet
and go out into the universe
and try to learn something.
I was wrong to leave her, but at the time
I didn't even understand that.
I was too young.
One morning,
I cleaned up my volcanoes,
took one last look for baobabs
and put my planet in order.
- Good morning.
- You're all dressed up.
- Yes.
- You look very handsome.
- Thank you.
- You're going away, aren't you?
- Yes.
- For a long time?
- Perhaps.
- I see.
It's my fault you're going, isn't it?
I've been very foolish, haven't I?
I wonder who will call on me
when you're not here.
There are those two caterpillars.
I don't like them, but one has
to put up with them to meet butterflies.
For anything else, I have my thorns.
If you're going, go!
# Be happy, be happy, be happy
# Forget that I have no one
and nowhere to go
# Be happy, be happy, be happy
# Don't think of me in winter
All covered with snow
# Be happy, be happy
# Forget that I'll be crying still
# And never will be happy
# Be happy
# Without you #
- Stop! Where are your papers?
- What papers?
You can't cross the border
without papers.
- What border?
- That border there!
- You need a visa. Do you have one?
- No.
You can't cross it.
Those are the rules. Stop!
You almost backed into another country.
What are you?
A smuggler? A refugee?
- An idealist? Speak up! What are you?
- I'm ignorant.
Well, you might outgrow it.
Now, look.
My country is too small for both of us.
But I have a colonial position to your left.
If your papers are in order,
you can settle there.
Your Majesty, it's such a small planet,
why do you need borders?
Why do we need borders?
Yes. Why do you need borders?
You told me to ask questions.
But any child understands
why we need borders!
- I don't.
- Of course not! You're a child!
# How do you expect you can understand
international things and stuff?
# Scissoring the earth,
carving up the land
# Is the business of kings and stuff
# Continentally, you are mentally
a silly-billy boy of two
# How absurd of you, it's unheard of you
could ever think as grown-ups do
# Why you, why you
# You're a child, you're a child
# You're a twerp and that's putting it mild
# You're a speck, you're a fleck
# And it's just too tough
pounding grown-up stuff
# In the bean of a green little child #
- Try!
- What?
- Explain it to me. I want to learn.
- Well...
# Why do borderlines exist?
# Well, first and foremost on the list
If all the borders were destroyed
# Tomorrow I'd be unemployed
# And what would statesmen do for fun
if all at once the world was one
# And one could wander
where he pleases
# Flashing smiles instead of visas
# It could
# It might
# It would
Oh, go away and grow
# Come again
when you're not a mini-brained punk
# Like this
# You are really too undeveloped
for philosophical junk like this
# Too adult, is it?
Difficult, is it, to ever get your teeth into?
# Too bewilderin'
for the children, and that means you
# Means you, means you
# You're a child
# You're a child
# And the kind that can drive
grown-ups wild
# You're a wee little pea
# Any thought profound
that I might expound
# Won't fit in to a pin-headed child #
Clear? Where are your papers?
- I don't have any.
- You can't stay without papers.
Then I'll leave.
Just as well. You're dangerous.
Where's your passport?
- I don't have a passport.
- Then you can't leave! Come back!
Get off this planet!
Come back here!
Get off this planet!
...nine hundred
and ninety-seven thousand
plus six equals:
Four hundred million, nine hundred
and ninety-seven thousand and six.
Good day, sir.
Good day.
Five hundred million and ten!
Five hundred million and ten... one.
Five hundred million and thirty-two!
Five hundred million and thirty-two what?
Five hundred million and thirty-two
plus three... those things...
Five hundred million and thirty-five!
- Stars?
- That's it! Stars!
Five hundred...
...million and forty-four...
Why are you counting the stars?
Because I want to see how much I have.
But what good does it do you
to own the stars?
- It does me the good of making me rich.
- What good does that do you?
Because... I don't know.
But how can you own the stars?
When you find a diamond that doesn't
belong to anyone, it's yours.
If you get an idea before anyone else,
it's yours.
So, I got the idea of owning the stars.
You want to stay here? Fine.
You can help me count.
If I owned a flower, I could do something
for it. What can you do for stars?
You wouldn't understand.
You're a child!
# Gimme how can you,
gimme understand
# Gimme gimme financial stuff
# Gimme your supply,
gimme my demand
# Mentally is gigantial stuff
# Gimme oodles, gimme boodles of
I don't care what but gimme more
# You're too poor to know, immature
to know what a gimme gimme's for
# Why, you're...
# You're a child
# You're a child
# You're too darling and dopey and mild
# You're a nit, half a wit
# Speaking wisdom-wise,
private enterprise
# Is too big for a twig of a child #
Oh, stocks and bonds! I've lost my place!
Now I shall have to start all over again!
Here... add up these figures.
Good afternoon, sir.
I'm searching for knowledge.
Oh, good.
You've come to the right place.
It's been said that I am
the greatest historian in history.
That's wonderful, sir. Who said this?
I said it. I wrote it.
I read it. It's printed.
Consequently, it's fact.
It's history!
Now that you're here,
I shall put you down.
In history, I mean.
- Where did you come from?
- From another planet.
- What was it called?
- I don't know.
Oh, good! I'll give it a name.
I like making things up.
That's my job. I'm an historian.
Let me see. Planet...
Alice! Do you like that?
No, sir. The Planet Alice?
- I don't like it at all.
- No wonder you left it.
Here, read my latest. An official version
of the French Revolution.
The other ones are now
totally inoperative.
- Is that the truth, sir?
- What?
- The truth.
- How do you spell it?
Never mind. I don't think I'd better stay.
Right... wipe!
Left, left, left.
Shoulders back! Left, left, left.
Left, left.
On your feet, boy, on your feet!
- Where's your arm, boy?
- My arm?
The colours! The colours!
The flag!
Sir, I don't see anyone.
How could you?
There's no one there, silly ass!
Get those shoulders back!
Back! Back!
Not that much. Watch it.
Stand easy.
Welcome to the base.
State your business.
- I'm trying to learn about life, sir.
- Learn about what?
- Life.
- Life?
Oh, life!
That! Yes, of course!
Company... double quick march!
Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left, right...
You want to know what life's all about?
Dying! That's what it's all about!
Die like a hero! That's the way to live!
Company, halt!
Boy, this is your lucky day.
We just happen to have an opening.
There's not a blankety-blank soldier
in the whole army.
Just a general. Me!
I can out-think the enemy
but just can't fight 'em!
Enemy? What enemy?
There isn't any, dunce!
You've got to have your army first,
then you find your enemy.
Boom-boom, bang-bang!
Company, on your stomachs!
Join up! The army needs you,
your country needs you.
More important, I need you.
Every young man wants to be a soldier.
Speak up, boy! Any questions?
Which way is the next planet?
The next planet?
Oh, the next planet is called...
You know, it's that round thing!
It's called...
...Dirt. No!
No... Earth!
That's it, Earth.
Bring up the cannon!
Company, on your...!
- Which way is it?
- What?
- Earth.
- Earth? Oh, Earth!
Ah, that way!
Crawl, men! Shoulders back!
Shoulders down!
What about it, boy?
Come back!
Come back!
Who said that?
Who said that?
Who are you?
Who are you?
- Be my friend.
- Be my friend.
- I'm alone.
- I'm alone.
What a queer planet, I thought.
Everyone says the same thing.
Just about.
That was just one year ago.
All I've learned since I left her
is that I should never have left her.
All those little games of hers,
I didn't see all the affection
that was underneath.
One should never listen to flowers,
should one?
I wouldn't know.
My experience is limited.
# Oh, I have met a daisy
# But where we met is hazy
# And I have walked the streets
with marguerites
# And clinging vines beside me
# Oh, I've met a lot of those
# But I never met a rose
# There's often been a heather
An armful altogether
# And I have even met a violet
who almost satisfied me
# Yes, I've met every kind that grows
# But I never met a rose
# Among the dahlias I often dally
# I left a lily in the valley
# But now and then I ponder
And wonder as I wander
# Among the fields and shrub
Perhaps the trouble is
# Who knows?
# That I never met a rose
# Never, never met a rose #
Perhaps you weren't
really looking for one.
# While roaming through the clover
Could I have passed her over?
# When all is said and done
Am I the one to blame?
# Who knows?
# That I never met a rose
# Never, never met a rose #
Good morning.
Good morning!
Are you feeling all right?
Why don't you rest for a little while?
I can't. We've run out of water.
Unless I can get this thing
off the ground...
But I will. Don't worry, I will.
- I'm not worried.
- Good.
We'll get some water from the well.
Well? What well?
- Out there.
- What?
- Did you see an oasis?
- No, but there must be one out there.
We could get lost and never find water
and never find our way back to the plane.
No. I'd rather bet on the motor.
At least we know it can work.
- Where are you going?
- To the well.
I said we were staying here.
This way!
Why not this way?
Or that way? Or that way?
This way!
This is suicide,
don't you understand? Suicide!
Then maybe I won't have
to find my friend the snake.
- What?
- It doesn't matter.
It does matter! What snake?
I'll tell you about him later.
Tell me now.
You can't draw while you're walking.
The stars are beautiful
because of the flower I can't see.
# Why is the desert
so lovely to see?
# Why is the desert
so lovely to see?
# There is a reason lovely to tell
# Because the desert is hiding a well
# What makes the desert
so lovely at night?
# What makes the desert
so lovely at night?
# Millions of reasons
# Tell me just one
# At night the desert
is hiding the sun #
Look! Look!
It's water!
# Why am I happy?
We're dying of thirst
# Why am I happy?
We're dying of thirst
- # Why are you happy?
- # Why do you think?
# Because there's plenty
of water to drink #
# Why was the desert so lovely before?
# Why was it lovely
but not any more?
# Water was hiding
# No one could see
# But now the water is hiding in me #
- You mustn't forget your promise.
- What promise?
- You know, a muzzle for my sheep.
- I won't forget.
First, I want to hear more
about that snake.
- Now?
- Now.
Very well, then.
I met him in a tree at the edge
of the desert not far from here.
There are some hills here.
He was the first person I met here.
Until I met someone else, I thought
everyone on Earth was a snake.
I arrived on the other side of the tree.
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon.
You're talking to the wrong end!
You're a funny animal.
You're nothing but a tail.
- I'm not an animal.
- What are you?
I'm a s-s-snake.
- I'm enchanted.
- Well, you should be!
- You're all cold and slimy.
- Thank you. It runs in the family.
Could you tell me what I've landed on?
This s-s-sunny section of the solar
system is called the S-S-Sahara.
- The name of this planet is Sahara?
- No, no, no.
This simmering spot of singing sand
is called the Sahara.
The whole silly, stupid,
s- s-smelly sphere is called the Earth.
Oh, good.
I thought I'd come to the wrong place.
Oh, you have!
You look like a nice fella.
Why don't you take off your sword
and s-s-stay awhile?
You seem like a s-s-smart, sensible sort.
Why did you s-s-swing down
to this sorry, sleazy swamp?
I'm trying to learn s-s-something.
I see.
Well, sir, this speck in space
is a s-s-scholastic sewer.
All that you can learn here is sorrow.
Sorrow. If I were you, I'd scram.
I can't. My flock of birds
have flown away.
- So?
- They brought me here.
I see.
Listen. You are so lucky
that you met me.
Why am I lucky?
You see, someday, any day, you wanna
see your own small sparkling star again,
I may have a s-s-solution.
You see, I have this special... sting.
It's almost painless.
And it can send you
scooting out of this s-s-sad slum
and sailing into the sweet,
sunny, splendiferous sky.
# If you would like to cure the fever
called life
# Get some relief
from all the struggle and strife
# The grandest medicine
that I can propose is under your nose
# A snake in the grass-ss
# If you would like a spot
where life never goes
# Where you can leave your body
home in your clothes
# The finest travel agent you'll ever meet
is right at your feet
# A snake in the grass-ss
# One sting
# And you can say goodbye
to all of your friends
# One sting
# And you'll be singing
as your spirit ascends
# All's well that ends
# So any day or night, wherever you are
# If you would like to take a trip to a star
# The quickest transportation
yet known to man is none other than
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# If you would like to leave
that inhuman race
# And take up residence
out yonder in space
# When you are ready to go travelling on
# Sit right down
upon a snake in the grass-ss
# One sting
# Is quite enough to make you
happy and free
# One sting
# And you'll discover
how relaxed you can be
# Posthumously
# And while you're wandering
through the heavenly blue
# If you should see the Lord
come strolling in view
# Go up and say you bring him
best wishes from his fallen old chum
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# One sting
# It's almost painless
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# A snake in the grass-ss
# I'll be waiting #
Wait a minute. Just a moment.
You're looking for that snake
in order to do away with yourself?
I can't get back to my planet
any other way.
It's too far.
And my birds have disappeared.
Well, of all the...!
Listen to me. That snake has
poisoned you against the Earth.
- That's not what the snake said.
- He's always prejudiced against us.
- It's what the fox said.
- You're not letting yourself be poisoned.
What fox?
- The fox I met after I met the snake.
- I see.
You certainly got yourself mixed up
with a strange crowd.
All right, let's have it.
Where did you meet the fox?
In a garden of roses.
How many roses?
Fifty? A hundred? Five hundred?
I don't know,
but if it's too difficult to draw...
No, no, not at all. Let's get every detail
of this sordid nonsense out in the open.
When she finds out there are millions
of flowers that look just like her,
it will break her heart.
Good morning.
I thought I was rich.
I thought I had the most unique flower
in all the world.
But all I had was a common rose.
A common rose and three volcanoes
that came up to my knees.
And one of them was extinct, at that!
That doesn't make me
a very great prince, does it?
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're a prince?
I'm a fox.
I'm sad. Would you play with me?
- No.
- Why not? It'll be fun.
Where are the others?
- What others?
- The other hunters.
There's no one here but me.
Please play with me. I won't harm you.
- Then why do you have a gun?
- I don't.
- You must have. You're a human being.
- I'm from another planet.
- Aren't there guns on your planet?
- No.
- Are there hunters on your planet?
- No.
- Any chickens?
- No.
- Oh, well. Nothing's perfect.
- Let's play hide-and-seek.
I can't play with you. I'm not tamed.
What do you mean, "tamed"?
Can't you stay put? I'm getting dizzy!
Sorry. I just don't wish to become extinct.
- If I move, will you disappear again?
- Of course.
- Why?
- You're human. I'm a fox!
- I hunt chickens. You hunt foxes!
- But I don't.
- You're a human being and you also lie.
- But I don't lie.
Then you're inhuman.
To be tamed...
Let me know before you move!
See if this will clear it up.
Underneath the prince, you're a little boy,
just like millions of other boys.
I'm a fox, just like millions of other foxes.
But if you tame me,
I won't be like all the other foxes,
and you won't be like the other boys.
I'll be unique to you, and you'll be
unique to me. Understand?
Sort of.
- Where are you?
- You moved!
I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
I have a very monotonous life.
I hunt chickens. Men hunt me.
They come, I hide,
they leave, I come out.
That's all.
But if you tamed me,
everything would be different.
- Even the wheat fields.
- The wheat fields?
Of course. I don't like bread,
so I don't care about wheat.
Wheat is the colour of gold,
like your hair.
If you tamed me, I'd care about wheat
because it would remind me of you.
I'm going to sit down.
What would I have to do?
Every day, you'd come and sit
where you're sitting now.
You'd always come at the same time,
let's say four in the afternoon.
I'd start to get excited
about three o'clock.
If you came any time,
I wouldn't get keyed up.
But what would I do at four o'clock?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
If you did anything, I'd get frightened
and wouldn't come out.
It's like this.
At first, I'll hide behind the trees.
As I do in winter.
# In time
# I'll start to feel at ease
# Show my face
# And we'II... beginter #
Get closer.
And closer.
And closer.
# We'll go a glance at a time
# A small advance at a time
# We'll be afraid a bit and shy a bit
# Avoid each other's eye
a bit less often each day
# The ice'll soften each day
# As we get closer and closer and closer
# We'll go a blush at a time
# A happy flush at a time
# Begin to laugh a bit and stare a bit
# And walk around on air a bit
# As gaily we grow
As night and daily we grow
# A little closer and closer and closer
# And then one day
# There'll come a day
# A Christmas Eve
# Midsummer Day
# A moment when right there and then
# We're gonna touch
# Then we'll jump miles at a time
# A million smiles at a time
# Begin to love a lot and live a lot
# And give and give and give a lot
# Away we will go
And every day we will grow
# A little closer and closer and closer
# And closer and closer and closer
# And closer and closer all the time
# And then one day
# There'll come a day
# A Christmas Eve
# Midsummer Day
# A moment when right there and then
# We're gonna touch
# Begin to laugh a bit and stare a bit
And walk around on air a bit
# As gaily we grow
As night and daily we grow
# A little closer and closer and closer
# Away we will go
And every day we will grow
- # A little closer
- # And closer
- # And closer
- # And closer
# And closer and closer and closer
# And closer all the time #
After I tamed him, we stayed
together for quite a while.
But then, one day, I had to say goodbye.
I think I'm going to cry.
I didn't want to make you unhappy.
But you asked me to tame you.
- I know.
- I haven't done you much good.
It's all been a waste of time.
Because you wasted
so much time on me,
you made me feel very important.
But now I feel sort of responsible for you.
I should have warned you
that would happen.
You always feel responsible
for what you've tamed.
The moment he said that,
I understood everything.
He wasn't like all the other foxes
in the world any more.
I'd tamed him, and now he was unique,
at least to me.
And my flower wasn't
like all those other flowers,
because I'd fetched her a screen
and put a bowl over her at night
and listened when she grumbled,
and now she was my rose.
I was responsible for her.
I had to go back and take care of her.
I brought you a present.
It's a secret.
So I wrote it down.
The last time I saw him
he was sitting in a wheat field.
What was the secret?
It's only with the heart
that one can see clearly.
What's essential is invisible to the eye.
It works!
Eureka! It works!
I need air.
It works!
It works!
My God! What have you done?
I'm glad you've repaired your engine.
Now you can go back home.
I, too, am going back home.
You must keep your promise.
- What promise?
- You know, a muzzle for my sheep.
I'm responsible for this flower.
Please. You promised.
You also forgot the fence.
It's a very nice muzzle and fence.
Thank you.
You're cold as ice.
Are you afraid?
Please leave me.
I can't.
I won't.
I don't want you to suffer.
I'll look as if I'm dead,
but it won't be true.
It's just that it's too far
to carry this body with me.
You understand, don't you?
This part of me will be like
an old abandoned shell.
There's nothing sad
about old shells, is there?
My star is so small
I can't show you where it is.
I'm going back there now, but before
I do, I want to give you something.
- All I want is to hear you laugh again.
- You will.
More than you ever did before.
Because on one of those stars
I'll be laughing,
but you won't know which one,
so all the stars will be laughing.
It'll be like a bell that's hanging
from every star in the sky.
There, now. That's all.
# Little Prince from who knows where
# Was it a star?
# Was it a prayer?
# With every smile you clear the air
# So I can see
# Oh, Little Prince
# Don't take your smile away from me
# When you came my day was done
# And then your laugh turned on the sun
# Oh, Little Prince
# Now to my wonder and surprise
# All the hopes and dreams I lived among
# When this heart of mine
was wise and young
# Shine for me again, Little Prince
# In your eyes
# Please, Little Prince
# Don't take your smile away from me
# When you came my day was done
# And then your laugh turned on the sun
# Oh, Little Prince
# Now to my wonder and surprise
# All the hopes and dreams I lived among
# When this heart of mine
was wise and young
# Shine for me again, Little Prince
# In your eyes #
Where are you?
I won't leave without you!
Oh, my God!
It never happened.
He wasn't here.
It never happened.