The Living (2014) Movie Script

Fuck off.
Oh, babe.
Molly, you see my ring?
Teddy, turn around and
get back in your truck.
Look, can I just talk to Molly?
Take one more step,
and I'm going inside
and I'm getting my shotgun.
Angela, you're not
going to shoot me, OK?
Let me just talk to Molly.
Gordon, would help me out here?
Yeah, Teddy, I... I think
you should probably go.
Well, look, I'm just
going to stand here.
I'm just going to wait
until Molly comes out,
and I hope she does!
Stay away from my daughter!
I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was...
Well, it was.
Trust me.
I'm all right.
Molly, don't you
dare go with him.
Oh, god.
I'm so sorry.
I don't... I can't
find my wedding ring.
I'm not coming back to you.
I'm just going home.
All right.
All right.
Guess you should get going.
Guy does that to your only
sister, and that's your answer.
I hope you're half as
ashamed of you as I am.
I'll clean this up.
Mother fucker.
You said it, man.
I was about to fuck him up.
I was about to get up in
his face, and beat his ass.
And I don't give a shit
if it's her husband.
I'm about two seconds from going
to his fucking house right now.
You want to?
I'm just throwing
this out there,
but if you want to
do this for real,
I might know a guy
who knows a guy.
You know?
Shit, man.
We gotta go back to work.
Let's go.
Sorry, I didn't think
you were working today.
Yeah, I just... I
switched shifts.
Why, you... you didn't
want to see me?
I don't really
want to see anyone.
I think that you
should just come home.
Molly, please.
I went home.
Yeah, I know, but what if he...
Here you go.
Would it be all right
if I talked to Gordon?
Look, I know what
you're thinking,
and I... I got no
defense, all right?
I did a horrible thing, man.
But it's never going
to happen again.
And I... I know it won't
make up for anything,
but I think if you
want, you've got a right
to take a swing at me.
That's... no.
Well, I think we should all
get a bite soon, or something.
Or... I'm not going to hide
from this, or anything.
Son of a bitch.
Motherfucker comes in
here to my workplace?
Fucking Teddy.
He's here?
He offered me a free shot.
What, at your sister?
On him, you idiot.
So did you take it?
Why not?
What the fuck?
I can't do it...
We're in public.
So what do you want to do?
I want to fucking kill him.
Cause you know, as I
said, I might have a guy.
What do you mean, a guy?
Like... a guy.
Mark, you don't have shit, man.
Because I go fishing with
this guy who did some time.
He had a cellmate he's
always talking about.
He's done this kind
of thing before.
Dude, just because you
sell fucking dirt weed
to high school kids
doesn't mean you're, you
know, on the inside.
You want me to check
it out, or what?
I got work to do.
Like what?
How was work?
It was fine.
You gonna get paid
for that overtime?
Every time I bring it up,
they just... I don't know.
I'll see.
Not so much we'll see.
It's just no.
I wasn't done with it?
You know, when you let
people know that they can just
take from you and you
don't do anything,
that's exactly what they'll do.
I got the number, man.
You backing out?
No, I just... I don't
have that much money.
I thought you were
saving for a truck?
Yeah, I got like, two grand.
So you do got the money.
I got the number if you want it.
Yeah, I want it.
Come down to Henry's.
What's up?
I didn't get you nothing.
That's OK.
You sure this isn't bullshit?
I called my man.
He gave me the number.
And the money in my sock
drawer's gonna be enough?
You should ask him.
I'm going to go get
another pitcher.
You want one?
You got $5.00?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Mother fucker, I just did you a
favor, so I'm going to get 'em.
So yeah.
But just... I can't
spend anymore.
Get the cheap shit.
Well, can't you just
have Doris take my shift?
Well, I got the flu.
You want me around food?
I never take off.
I'll call you when
I'm feeling better.
Let me tell you
what we're gonna do.
Tonight you can
crash on the couch.
That's fine.
Tomorrow you're going to
take your stuff and move out.
Molly, I'm... please.
Teddy, it's not even
close to being a question.
All right.
All right.
What can I... Let me... let
me just take you to dinner.
Just dinner.
Let me start over.
Please, just dinner.
And if... and if I do
anything that... that you
don't want... anything
at all... I'm gone.
I'm... I'll fucking
move out of town.
I will, I... you'll never...
You'll never see me again.
Please, I'll do
whatever you want.
I'm serious.
I'm serious.
But this isn't some
kind of fresh start.
You're not my husband
again until I say so.
That's fair.
That's fair.
Yeah, it's fairer
than you deserve.
Uh, is this Howard?
Who's this?
My name's Gordon.
Um, I'm calling about a job.
What time is it?
Uh... I don't know.
About 1:30?
you're calling me this late?
Uh, I got a contract.
A con... a contract.
Uh... to take care of someone?
How much money you got?
Uh, $2,000.
You want
to talk, you come to my place.
I'm in Auburn.
I live at
the end of East Rio Street.
Jefferson County, Mississippi.
OK, well, I'll give you a call.
No you won't.
You come, or don't.
End of East Rio Street.
You pay expenses, too.
Um... well...
So, I guess I'm
going to Mississippi.
But just to talk to him.
He said he would do it?
Just to talk to him.
You sure he's good?
I'm sure he's cheap.
You want to grab a drink first?
Dude, we just talked
about this on the phone.
I didn't know if you meant it.
Look, I don't mean to be a dick,
but can we please
just go to the motel?
The store's sending
you to Mississippi?
It's just for the weekend.
It'll be fine.
Hey, there.
You ready to go?
All right.
Where do you want to go?
The Grill.
We could go some place nicer.
I like the Grill.
All right.
We're just gonna see people
we know, and, you know,
it's not private, and...
Is that a problem, Teddy?
I just thought, you know,
you might want to... The Grill
it is.
Hey, Teddy.
Hey, Hank.
How are ya?
I'm good.
How are you guys?
Good seeing you.
You know what you want?
What can I get you guys?
Hi, Sally.
Hey, Teddy.
How are the kids?
Oh, kids are great.
Y'all know what you're getting?
Yeah, I'm going to have
the chicken fried steak,
I'll have the spaghetti,
with the, uh, meat sauce.
I'm going to stick
with water for now.
Can you get me a beer?
All right.
I can handle that.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Why'd you get
the... the spaghetti?
They don't even do
it like you like it.
They don't have the
parm... the... the cheese.
I mean, if you
want spaghetti, we
can go to a place
that does that.
I want the spaghetti here.
All right?
All right.
You do anything fun today?
Fair enough.
You're gonna be all
right to get home?
I'm good.
Well, maybe I could swing
by after work tomorrow?
Maybe bring something
by the house,
or... or we could go out
again, if... if... if you want.
I got no problem with that.
I'll cook something up.
Is that all right?
What did I just say?
I guess I'll see
you tomorrow, then?
What you want?
Uh, does Howard Blake live here?
Who's that?
My name is Gordon.
Do you know where I
can find Howard Blake?
Come on in.
Come on in.
What you want?
Uh... I... I just... we spoke the
other day on the phone about
a potential job?
Why you come around here?
I'm ain't got no work for you.
No, it was... it was
about me hiring you
for a job in, uh, Pennsylvania?
You're the man with the money.
So, how do we... how do
we go about doing this?
Take your shirt off.
What's that?
Your shirt.
Take it off.
I don't think you understand.
No, you don't understand.
Take your god damn shirt off.
Whoa, no, no, no.
Take your shirt off!
Can you please
just put that down?
Take your god damn shirt off!
Shirt's coming off.
It's off.
Please, sir.
Get them god damn britches down!
You don't need to think.
Get your shorts down.
Hands up.
I'm fixing to put you
down with this, here.
Turn around.
Look, I have the money.
And you'll still have
it when we're done.
You look clean.
Put your shorts up.
What the hell was that?
Well, now we both know
you ain't wearing a wire.
Cops do that, you know?
Well, you could
have just said that,
and made this whole
thing a lot easier.
Yeah, well it seemed
pretty from over here.
Looked like you'd
done it before.
Calm yourself.
Sit down.
Take a seat.
So, what is it
you want me doing?
Um... well, I got
this brother in law.
He's... he's a bad guy.
I mean, really bad.
He... he beat sup on my sister.
I mean, the other day
he almost killed her.
So, what do you want me to do?
Well, I was wondering
if... you know,
you... you could
take care of him?
You want me to kill him.
Yeah, well, I would like
to talk more about that.
How much money you
got on this, again?
Um... $2,000.
Back home.
Well, let's go get it.
I mean, maybe we can
discuss it a little more,
if... if that's OK.
We can talk about it in the car.
Girlfriend, and she says...
She says, how did you know?
All I did was drink
iced tea all night,
and he didn't hit me once.
And the girlfriend
says, she says...
Says that that's what happens
when you keep your mouth shut.
You ain't thinking that's funny
cause of your sister, I guess.
Well, some people
got a sense of humor.
Uh... so how long you been
doing this kind of thing?
What thing?
The killing thing?
Well, a while.
But it ain't exactly
full time, you know?
It's hard telling how many
fellas want a man dead enough
to pay for it, but not
enough to do it themselves.
And you've done this...
You've done this kind of thing
before, right?
For... for money?
Oh, sure.
So, how do we... how
do you go about it?
Well, you... you give me your
money, I shoot him in his head.
Ain't like I'm teaching
Portuguese, or anything.
No, I just, mean, you
know, why do most people
want to do something like this?
Jesus Christ.
You keep nipping at my heels,
you're gonna buy me dinner.
Those motel walls
were so thin, all
I was hearing for a week was...
And he's
wanting to bust
his nuts, so he's
like... you know how that is?
Oh yeah, baby.
For a week, man.
I'm telling you,
it drove me crazy.
These burgers are
fucking fantastic, man.
I'm... I'm impressed.
So what do you like
to do in Mississippi?
Well, I keep myself
company just fine.
Are you from there?
Born in Utah.
Come out here about...
He's a terrible man.
You said that.
I wish I could
just do it myself.
I mean, that's moral, right?
If it saves my sister, and... and
he goes off somewhere better?
And the check, please.
I'll get that
right for you, hun.
How do you square
yourself off with God
with something like this?
Son, if you hadn't figured
out that this stuff was
bullshit by the time you reached
puberty, I got nothing for you.
What, you don't believe in God?
Well, what the fuck
are you saying?
We just die, and that's it?
I couldn't live like that.
Well, that's great, but it
just exists in your head.
Ain't none of my business.
I mean, I got my thoughts,
and you have yours, you know?
Who knows, right?
So I just... I just want
my sister to be happy.
Well, whether it's your
religion or your sister,
you tell me what you
hold close, and I'll
tell you where you're
lying to yourself.
You be careful, boy.
What are you looking at?
Not you.
You've been looking over here
for the past five minutes.
You want to tell me why?
I don't like the way
you talk about religion.
Maybe you want to shut up.
I don't give a good
god damn what you like.
You better put those eyes
back in that soup boy,
or you ain't gonna
have much use for 'em.
I'll look wherever
I want to look.
I guess you're gonna.
Look, maybe I made a
big mistake with this.
Maybe I can just drive
you back home, and...
What, cause of that?
No, I'm just, you
know, thinking...
Why don't you go outside
and bring the car around?
We gotta wait for...
No, I'll take care of that.
She'll bring it, we'll
square it up later.
You go and get the car.
I'll meet you outside.
Get In the car.
I didn't see you come out.
I got kids.
Oh, shit.
Look at me!
Get in the car.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Come here!
You get in the car.
You wanna talk about this,
we'll talk about it later.
Get in the car!
Hey, you look... you look great.
I got... I got you these.
Come in.
Tastes good.
You've had it before.
Yeah, I know... I know.
It's just... tastes like you
did something different.
Little bit.
Well, what'd you do?
It's just a new recipe.
Well, yeah, it's...
t's interesting.
Was it a recipe
with poison in it?
I mean, it's like,
really, really bad.
It's not good.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
No, you tried.
It's just... wow.
Don't you work in a restaurant?
Now you don't get to finish.
Wait, wait.
I'm... I'm eating.
I'm eating.
Now I'm embarrassed.
Never cooking again.
That might be smart.
Now you're done.
It's all right.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I know.
I don't remember
the other night.
You know that, right?
I'm not saying that makes it OK.
It doesn't.
But it wasn't me.
Do you know what I mean?
Yes it was.
So don't forget that.
I can do that.
So you got any chores
that need doing?
Can I swing by tomorrow?
I'll think of something.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to
make you nervous.
It's not that.
Well, what?
It just hurts.
What are you... what
are you... what are you...
What are you doing
with someone like me?
Have you lost your mind?
What are you saying?
I... if I saw that on anyone
else, I'd tell them to leave.
So what, you're
going to leave me?
That's not... that's not what...
Cause you signed on for this.
You don't get to
make that decision.
I already left you.
I... I love you so much,
and you did this to me.
I'm sorry.
You... you wanted to fix this.
So you're going to go
home to wherever the hell
you're staying, and
you're going to come back
here tomorrow and
make it up to me.
And you're going to
do that the next day,
and every day after
that, and forever.
Just go home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Want to listen to the radio?
Think I'll just... I kind
of want to just get home.
Well, that's where we are going.
Look, we never
really agreed to a...
I'm not leaving my
house in the middle
of the night for nothing.
Well, I think I said I kind
of want to just talk about it.
We were talking
about how, not if.
You'd best understand that.
They don't know
what we're driving.
And when they find
them bodies, they
ain't gonna piece
anything together.
They'll just be running around
like retards at the rodeo.
Um, do you think that
maybe we could, you know,
stay at a motel for the night?
I can drive till daybreak.
Yeah, well I kind of
want to crash in a bed.
Well, I guess every man
ain't cut out for the road.
All right.
I'm gonna crash out.
Yeah, you had
yourself quite a night.
Get yourself some sleep, there.
Take a shower.
Wash that shit off
the top of your lip.
What time do you want to
hit the road in the morning?
About 10:00.
10:00 it is.
All right.
See ya then.
I'm gonna need that phone.
Well, I don't
think you can just...
You gonna give it to me, or
you gonna make me come over
and get it?
Come on, now.
Your cell, too.
It doesn't even
get reception here.
Well, lucky you.
You won't even miss it.
Get you some sleep.
Try not to keep
yourself up thinking
about all the people
done screwed on that bed.
Enjoying the evening?
Can't sleep.
Wanna go curb
crawling, or something?
I don't.
Then go back to sleep.
10:00 AM.
Time to get up.
It's 10:00.
Time to hit the road.
All right.
I've spent my whole life
hand holding people like you.
But you... you don't know
me at all, and that's fine.
Hell, I might even
take comfort in that,
but you best keep that in mind
before you do something stupid.
Now, we're gonna
go to your house
and do what you need done.
Or you could just pay me the
money, and I'll be on my way.
Either way, I don't care.
But you're never going to
be a man in your own mind
unless this thing is finished.
And you ain't doing it yourself.
Now, it sounds like
she ain't leaving him.
And he sure ain't leaving her.
So it's up to you.
All you've got in
your life is choices.
What's yours going to be?
I want him dead.
All right.
Get yourself dressed.
See you in the car.
Hey, Howard?
Can you, uh, just do
me a favor, and not
kill anyone else
until we get there?
Gordon, I don't think that's
a promise I could comfortably
Especially if you keep
running your mouth.
See you outside in five.
That Auburn, you say?
That's pretty much
Penntucky, isn't it?
How cold it get up there?
I don't know.
Pretty cold, I guess.
God damn, that's gonna do
my joins in something awful.
So what's... what's the plan for
keeping this whole thing quiet?
What's the worry, kid?
I don't know.
What would happen if, you
know, you got arrested?
Why would I get arrested?
I don't know.
You've been caught
before, right?
Jesus Christ.
Do you want to see my
resume, or something?
I just know you went to
prison before, so I just...
Too chicken shit
to do it yourself.
How about this?
I want you money, so
I'm gonna warn you...
You keep talking like this,
I'll shoot you in the mouth.
I'm sorry.
If you knew how much
I felt like putting you
down right now,
you'd keep it shut.
I'm gonna get a lemonade.
You want one?
A lemonade?
No, Teddy.
I know you've got the wife
thing and all, but I'm not 12.
I don't want a lemonade.
All right.
Well, I'm going to have one.
Well, hey, can you throw
my beers in the fridge?
You're really gonna make
me go inside with those?
You gonna want help
with the rest of this?
Fuck you, man.
They're not mine.
Do... do you mind if I...
Well, I think
you've still got it.
Where the hell are you?
We have dinner with your
sister and the son of a bitch.
You going to make it back?
Yeah, I'll be home tomorrow.
How's the job?
Uh, it's... it is good.
You know?
It... it is fine.
I hate when you lie to me.
It makes me think you did
something you know was stupid.
Mom, I'm not lying, OK?
I just... I'm... I
can't talk right now.
I'm... I'm driving.
When we get home, we're gonna...
Lying to your mother?
Look, I know you said the
whole the thing about the mouth
and the shooting, but...
Doesn't sound like it.
Well, I'm... I'm
just kinda hungry.
Where are we going?
If you wanna get
something to eat,
we can get something to eat.
Well, how do you know there's
gonna be food around here?
Saw a sign.
Well, I didn't... I didn't
see any... I didn't see a sign.
Well, it was there.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'll... can we just
please keep going?
No, we're gonna get
you something to eat.
I have the money waiting
at my house for you.
I know.
OK, so can we please just keep
going and get on the highway?
I didn't... I didn't
see any signs.
Gordon, I don't need to
lie to you to kill you.
We're gonna get you
something to eat.
Are you afraid?
You afraid?
No worrying.
I'm not gonna kill you.
I'll just blow
your kneecaps off.
How about that?
No, no.
You need those things, huh?
Do you need those things, huh?
Calm down.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
OK, I'm gonna shoot you.
Just kidding.
Just kidding.
Relax, man.
Why would I kill you?
You ain't paid me yet.
Oh, fuck it.
I'm just gonna do it.
I'm just kidding.
You relaxed now?
You relaxed, mother fucker?
Gonna get you something to eat.
You ain't hungry?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Go on, get something to eat.
That's why we stopped.
So you could get
something to eat.
Is there something
you want to tell me?
No, I'm... I'm fine.
You can't take a joke, can you?
I'm fine.
God damn.
Am I just gonna
get that baby face
for... I was messing with you.
Don't turn into some bitch.
I... I'm just freaking
out a little bit.
I just wanted to talk about...
The whole thing.
The... I don't know.
I don't know.
You want me to tell
you about my killing.
Don't you?
You been wanting me to tell
you about that since we met,
You don't... you don't
have to talk about it,
if you don't want.
No, that's all right.
It's OK.
I... it's fine.
OK, look.
Uh... when I was a kid, I
had this golden retriever
named Misty.
I mean, that dog was dumb.
He would bark at the
wind if it heard it.
But she was nice enough.
You know?
It was the winter.
I think I was 12.
Someone left some food
outside, and a mountain lion
came sniffing around.
And bam, out goes Misty.
And that mountain lion
pounced on that dog
and snapped her neck.
I mean, just like that.
Out comes my old
man, .38 in hand.
Fires the gun.
Bullet hits the lion in the ass.
It... it jumps up, honest to
god, about 8 feet in the air,
does a double back flip,
lands on all fours,
and it is gone into the
woods, just like that.
I mean, pow!
I mean... it... next morning,
I come out with my .22,
and I'm gonna finish
it off, you know?
I look around, not too
far... about a couple
hundred yards beyond
the room for our house.
Lion's there.
And it's, uh, its cub is trying
to suckle at it, you know?
Get the last bit of milk.
I come up too close to it, and
it stops, and kind of looks
up at me with these
desperate eyes.
And I should've killed it
then, but because of my dog,
I thought, well, hell,
I'll just let it suffer.
It'd starve.
But then I'm walking home,
and I'm thinking, well,
Misty didn't suffer.
She's here, and then she's
gone, and the mountain lion
didn't suffer.
A couple hours of
pain, and died.
But me and the cub,
we suffered the most,
because we had to
carry that with us.
What I do isn't about
the people that die.
It's about the people
that are left alive.
They get the short end of the
stick, as far as I'm concerned.
Some of them are
blindsided, and some of them
think the ends
justify the means.
But there ain't no ends,
as long as there's people.
They go on.
It just doesn't matter.
Yeah, well I think that...
I don't give a
shit what you think.
And don't get on your
high horse with me.
Because I didn't
show up at your house
in the middle of
the night asking
you to kill a man for money.
So I'm sorry.
I just... I'm...
It's not like you still
mourn that dog, right?
What are you talking about?
Just that there ain't
much hope for the dead.
Where's your hope?
I have hope.
I have hope for my sister.
You know, and that... and
that she can be happy.
She deserves to be happy.
Well, what's his name ain't
gonna get that chance, is he?
No, he ain't.
What you watching?
Knew he was going to say that.
Why'd you laugh, then?
Because it's funny.
So I guess you think
you're pretty funny, then.
Funnier than you.
Oh, yeah?
Don't get my hair wet.
Thought you were watching that?
No, it's stupid.
They're supposed to be.
Oh, hey... go back.
I want to watch that.
Hey, hey, hey.
You can't.
All right.
Good night.
You aren't coming in?
If that's all right?
Yeah, it's fine.
Just don't push it, OK?
We're going to sleep.
All right.
Don't forget, we got
dinner tomorrow night
with Gordon and my mom.
We're here.
I need a shower and a bed.
Well, you'll get it.
After you go and get that cash.
I'm gonna do it tonight.
What, that soon?
Why not?
I don't know.
Don't... don't you have to,
like, scope out the area,
or something?
What for, Injuns?
What for, Injuns?
You go get that money, now.
Um, do you think you want
to park here, though?
Because my... my neighbors,
they might see something, or...
Well, you'd better hurry
up and go get it, then.
Go on.
Well, look who's back
from his big im... Hey.
Well, look who's back
from his big im... Hey.
Who's your friend?
Mind your own business.
You can get your car
at the train station.
How am I supposed to get it?
I don't care.
Did you forget something?
I gave it to you.
I gave you the money.
OK, and how do I,
uh, contact you?
You don't.
Did you get done
what you needed to do?
Well, why don't you
help me clean up?
I'm so comfortable.
All right, all right, all right.
Just don't... don't move, because
I think we've figured it out.
My feet are poking out!
I don't... no.
It's all right.
You can't make a fool out of me.
Promise me.
I won't.
I won't.
I promise.
You ready?
Guess so.
Smells good, Mom.
Hope it doesn't get him wasted.
Mom, do you think you
ever lie to yourself?
About, like, things
that you care about?
What are you saying?
Nothing, just, you know, maybe
you tell yourself something
because... I don't know...
Keep sharp objects away from
me when that man is close.
And let me tell you something.
I'm expecting you to
defend your sister.
That is your job.
I got it.
We're gonna talk about this
new attitude of yours later.
It's good to see you.
You're looking a bit better.
Come in.
You watch yourself.
All right?
Yes, ma'am.
What's this I hear about
business in Mississippi?
You're in demand.
Not really.
Well, I'm impressed.
Who wants to say grace?
I'd be happy to.
Well, why don't
you go ahead, then?
Um, dear God, we
thank you for the food
that Angela and Gordon
worked so hard to prepare.
And may we learn to
appreciate the gifts
the Lord has bestowed upon us.
And may we earn the
forgiveness of those around us.
When we... when we
make mistakes, may
we learn to fulfill
our duties as men.
You've got to be
fucking kidding me.
I wasn't planning
on bringing this up.
But you want a
conversation of it, I will.
I wasn't kidding when I
told you I had a shotgun,
and I'm not going to
use it to kill you...
But if you touch that
girl one more time,
I'm going to use it to
cut you off at the ankles.
You got me?
Leave you with two stumps.
And when they get fucking
word of what you did,
I'm not going to be
inside very long.
You'll probably get a big
government check every month.
But you better make
sure you can make it
to the mailbox in a wheelchair.
I understand.
Well, thank you.
How very humble of you.
Why the hell are you even here?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted...
You wanted.
There's something
that you wanted?
Isn't that fucking fascinating?
You get this man out of my face.
I'm not here to redeem you, OK?
Get him out of my face.
Get him out of my face!
Hon, can you give us a minute?
Maybe if I just...
Just go to the porch.
I need to talk to my mother.
If that's what you want.
Yeah, that's what we want.
You feel bad?
However bad you feel,
you should feel worse!
You go have a smoke
outside with him.
So tell me about Mississippi.
It's the same as here.
Gordon, do you think it's
better to do a bad thing
and you know it's wrong, or...
Look, if I wanted to
bring it up, I would have.
I'm not saying
that his is an act.
I just... I don't really care
how you feel about anything.
Fair enough.
He really can't wait to
get off that hook, can he?
Men always change
until you give them
the chance to change back.
So, what?
I'm supposed to move back here?
Start over?
I have a life that
I like, and there's
more to it than a couple
nights that went wrong.
You stay, you may never realize
how good life could have been.
Who's got it better?
I don't know what this
better life looks like,
but I don't see it here.
You sound like
someone who's trying
to seem real reasonable about
doing something god awful.
Just like your husband
on that one, huh?
I love that you just
assume I'm stupid.
It's not about
intelligence, babe.
It's... it's a
matter of judgment.
And you're in love with
him, so you don't have any.
Won't you please just
listen to me for once?
Ever since you turned 16, you
just stopped listening to me.
It makes sense, I guess.
16 year old kid.
Older than her mom
was when she was born.
I can't... I can't blame you
for thinking that that made me
And you've been smart,
up to this point.
But you cannot have kids
with a man like that.
They are all the same.
And I can't approve
of this, not one bit.
Not on my watch.
It's not your life.
It's not Gordon's.
It's not even Teddy's.
It's mine.
Next time I get a bloody
pulp on my front doorstep,
I don't know if I'm
gonna let it in.
You don't have
to worry about it.
Cause I don't want
anything from you.
Good Cause you're
not getting anything!
Let's go.
We're leaving.
Oh, yeah.
And fuck you.
Fuck me?
Oh, you're not coming back.
Not ever.
Like I would.
You stay out of it.
I'm done.
I'm done with this house, OK?
I hope you have a
lot of cover up.
Leave me alone, will ya?
Just go back inside.
Pull over.
Stop the car!
I can't stand that woman!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You all right?
Does that hurt?
I need something.
I don't know how to tell you.
Anything you want, you got it.
I'm thirsty.
Oh, come on.
Oh, come... no.
No, please.
I fed the dog.
All right.
Where are my pants?
They're on the floor.
All right, here we go.
But you owe me so
big for this, OK?
You hear me?
Are you just gonna
stand around all night,
or do you wanna
come back to bed?
Give me one sec.
I'm thinking of having a beer.
Just one.
Is that cool?
Yeah, if you want.
Just one.
You know?
It's not like...
If you want to, you should.
All right.
It's all good.
I know.
This better be...
You mother fucker!
Fuck you!
Son of a bitch!
You wanna die?
Wanna die?
You wanna die?
You wanna die?
I shouldn't have yelled.
I said nothing.
I didn't think you'd come.
What do you got
under that blanket?
I got nothing.
You want to do this?
Come on, man.
You really want to do this?
The hard part
ain't the doin' it.
The hard part is livin' with it.
I'm already living with it.
You do this, it's
gonna change you.
You won't know who you are.
I'll know that I'm alive.
Might not mean much to you, but
it'll be more than you have.
I got a brother in Colorado.
I want you... I'm
gonna give you...
I'll give you his phone number.
You call him, and tell him
that I am sorry about the...