The Load (2018) Movie Script

Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
In the province of Kosovo,
Serbian state forces
and the Kosovo-Albanian separatists
are at war
and have been for over a year.
Several weeks ago, NATO forces
have begun bombing the entire country.
- Misa Stankovic !
- That's me.
- You're new !
- Yes.
- Take this.
- What is it !
In case you need it.
There's a couple of rules
you must follow.
Once you start driving,
there's no stopping.
Avoid traffic and don't
attract any attention.
- And the money !
- Once the job is done.
They said there'll be
more money this time.
- Stefanovic, this is your second time.
- Third.
Ask about the money once you arrive,
you know I don't have that info.
You must be at the destination
at 9 p.m. sharp.
Are we clear ?
Hey, it's me. How are you ?
What did they bomb ?
So, everything is all right ?
When is your checkup ?
You're getting the results at 4 p.m. ?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Still down south,
but moving out soon.
No, I didn't ask.
You know I'm not allowed to.
I'll call you later.
Okay, bye.
Anyone know a different
route to Belgrade ?
- Belgrade ?
- Yeah.
Follow the shoreline, then turn
right and keep going straight.
This way, and then right ?
No, it's also blocked there.
Just go left
and take the old mountain road.
You smoke ?
You smoke ?
- I haven't got any.
- But I do, that's why I'm asking.
Gimme ten.
- Twelve ?
- No, ten.
- How much ?
- 10 dinars.
I know the way to Belgrade.
If you give me a ride,
I'll show you.
Some other time, kid.
So ?
Where is he ?
I'm sorry.
I fucked up.
Can I get in ? I'm freezing.
Get in.
- You can put the bag in the back.
- No, this is good.
It's pointless, NATO is jamming the
signal with their satellites.
Do you have a cigarette ?
While the Sutjeska's waters
flow, 1943-1958.
Try harder, it's very old.
Harder, harder.
Where'd you get it ?
My old man gave it to me.
- Wanna listen ?
- What's that ?
My band.
- You're good.
- Thank you.
What's your band's name ?
We haven't got a name anymore...
We broke up.
The guitar player moved
to Novi Sad to study.
Way it goes, I guess.
Which way now ?
Left or right ?
I'm not quite sure...
Get out.
- Where am I supposed to go ?
- Out !
You're not from around here,
are you ?
I'm from Pancevo.
You ?
I'm from here.
Actually, no I'm not.
I'm from Belgrade,
but we moved here after
I finished grade school.
Dad got relocated.
Where does he work ?
Nowhere, he's retired.
He was in the Yugoslav Army,
so we moved a lot.
Old school, huh ?
Yeah, very old school...
My dad is too. Well, was.
Those were different times.
Wait here,
I'll be back in a minute.
Yes ?
Anyone know the way to Belgrade ?
Lost your way, huh ?
- No, the bridge is blocked.
- Since when ?
Dunno, there's a fire there.
Then you'll have to take
the old road to Belgrade.
So, you go this way...
We are here,
and that's the old road.
Just keep going straight,
till you reach a big tree.
Once there, you go left, and
you'll soon reach the road.
So, straight till the tree,
then left, and that's about it ?
Just ask around if you get lost.
Got a phone in here ?
Nah, they cut off my phone
a few weeks ago.
- Wanna drink something ?
- Some other time.
There's a motel down the road.
I guess their phone should work.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Give it to me.
What's written on it ?
While the Sutjeska's waters
flow, 1943-1958.
- What does that mean ?
- I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I had to take a piss.
Why are you going to Belgrade ?
I'm going to Germany actually.
How old are you ?
I'll be 19 in December.
19, huh ?
At your age I was already married.
Those were different times.
- And you ?
- What about me ?
Girlfriend ? Family ?
Just my old man.
And my mom, but she doesn't
live with us anymore.
And what does your father
think about you leaving ?
I'm sure he worries. I know I would.
My kid is only 16,
but he's taller than both of us.
Short break.
Get me a coffee and some water,
I'll be there in a bit.
Hey, it's me.
Did you go ?
Are the results good ?
Great, great.
So everything is all right ?
I'm halfway there.
What are you doing now ?
I'm about to do that too.
Me and a colleague.
Don't worry, I'll be home by ten.
10 p.m., of course, don't worry.
I can't hear you, speak louder.
I'll be there by ten, bye!
Smile for the camera.
I'm off to the toilet.
Drink up and let's go.
Come on,
one for the newlyweds !
This one's for the best man.
You fucking with me, kid ?
Just drink !
Is there a problem ?
Yes there is ! The kid won't
toast the newlyweds.
Cheers !
Cheers !
- You stole it ?
- Here you go.
Wow, dude!
Can I try ?
What did you say your name
was again ?
How long have you been driving ?
About two weeks.
Ever since the bombing started.
It's temporary,
until I find a proper job.
I used to work
at the old Utva Factory.
- You heard of Utva ?
- No.
They shut it down.
One has to earn a living somehow.
Well okay, but why this ?
I got a truck driving licence
when I was a kid.
My father talked me into it.
He said it's always good to
have something on the side.
So I got the licence.
Turns out the old man was right.
What are you transporting ?
Whatever I'm given. I don't ask.
What did they give you this time ?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know ?
Doesn't that freak you out ?
Who do you have in Germany ?
No one.
So why Germany, then ?
Life's not much better there.
I heard on TV that their living
standards are the same as ours.
Sounds like something they'd
say on TV here.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
What's the problem ?
I went over a pothole.
What's in the back ?
Open it.
I'm not permitted to do that.
License and registration.
- What's this ?
- The papers.
- Sorry, I had no idea...
- It's okay.
Goodbye, sir.
What happened ?
He didn't see you.
What did he want ?
You can drop me off around here.
Or perhaps somewhere closer ?
Here's fine, thanks.
I don't know
when I'm leaving exactly.
Can you stop here ?
- Take care.
- I will.
What are you going to do
in Mnchen ?
Whatever. I'll get by.
Once you make a decision,
everything gets easier.
If you ever need anything,
or want to come to Germany, just call.
Thank you.
- Your band ?
- Yeah.
- Take care.
- Good luck !
You too !
Good evening.
The others arrived long before you.
I took a detour, the bridge
was blocked on my route.
Did you make any stops ?
Only to check if everything's
all right.
So ?
Is everything all right ?
- Straight on until that building...
- Then right from the parking lot.
You've got a new round
tomorrow evening.
- Where ?
- Back to the base in Kosovo.
You'll get the directions there.
- Who's driving me home ?
- You'll take the truck.
- And the money ?
- Ask in the building.
Found this in the truck. Probably
from the guy before me.
Go wait at the building.
Stefanovic ?
Can I go now ?
That idiot still
didn't return the truck ?
Wait outside.
Wash the truck before
you leave tonight.
What happened to the back door ?
I hit a pothole.
What took you so long ?
Got held up at work.
- Where's Ivan ?
- In his room.
Are you hungry ?
Where did you sleep ?
In the truck.
- Wanna drink something ?
- Please, don't get up.
Is everything all right ?
Ivan ? Ivan !
Is everything okay ?
I talked to my dad yesterday.
What did he say ?
He invited us to their village.
It's safer, there's no bombing.
Ivan and you should go,
I'll join you in a few days.
I've got another round to do tonight.
We can wait for you.
You shouldn't stay here.
Don't you worry.
Milica, does this camera work ?
I don't know, probably...
We should figure out what
to do with Leka's stuff.
Leave them here.
We can fight for months
and months, even years.
NATO General Shelton
Wanna check the view
from my window ?
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- What's that on your eye ?
- I'll be up in a minute.
Still not talking, huh ?
When are you leaving again ?
Tonight. This is the last one.
- What's the camera for ?
- Just work stuff.
Hey, you might dig this.
- What is it ?
- A friend's band.
You thought I don't have
cool friends, huh ?
How's mom doing ?
You're taking care of her ?
You'd know
if you were around more...
Do you think I don't care ?
- Hi, neighbour, how's it going ?
- Minding my own business.
You think I enjoy being away ?
No, I just know you're not here.
Come give me a hand with something.
- You don't smoke ?
- No.
Where's grandpa's lighter ?
Did you know that grandpa Leka
was barely 17 when
he went to war ?
A real war,
not this video game war.
He and his brother Bane,
who was two years older,
They ran away to join the partisans
and fight the fascists.
They were together in a battle,
the battle of Sutjeska.
It was one of the biggest
battles of WWII here.
They got separated during the battle.
Leka was holding one position while
his brother took the other.
That was the last time they
ever saw each other.
After the war, Leka went back to
Sutjeska, looking for his brother.
He told me how
the bombs had changed
the landscape.
Anyway, he didn't find his brother.
So, he gave up.
Several years later,
in 1958,
he was invited to attend the 15th
anniversary of the battle.
My mom told me how, once there,
Leka went to the place where
he saw his brother last.
He stood there, staring at a tree
in the middle of the field.
A walnut tree.
He knelt in front of it, and
began crying like a child.
Why ?
Because he knew that beneath that
tree lay his brother Bane.
Bane loved walnuts.
He always had some in his pockets.
He thought they brought him luck.
Later, when they dug up
the tree's roots
they found Bane's remains.
The whole tree grew out
of his pocket.
After the war, the army
awarded Leka
a medal,
a watch and a lighter.
He gave me that lighter when
he caught me smoking.
So where is it ?
I lost it.
Ivan, come upstairs !
- Go hang out with your friends.
- Bye.
Hurry up, it will burn out.
Cool !
There !
You have a tic ?
- Only since recently.
- Can you move your forehead ?
I know you can.
Without the eyebrows ?
I can do this with my hand.
- Anyone can do that.
- No they can't.
I'm the only one
in my class who can.
- I can.
- Yes, but not everyone can.
My friend tried,
but she has fat hands.
- You like this ?
- What ?
- Do you like it ?
- Yeah, it's great.
You know what,
I need to form a band.