The Lodgers (2017) Movie Script

EDWARD: Rachel.
It's midnight, they're coming.
Girl child boy child
Listen well
Good sister good brother be
Follow well
These cautions three
Long as your blood
Be ours alone
We'll see you ever
From below
Happy birthday, Edward.
It hurts my eyes.
Aren't you going to
wish the same to me?
What is there to be happy for?
Well, we're to take our
walk today, aren't we?
To celebrate?
There's no hope for us now.
Edward, I know you're angry...
It's not my anger
you need to fear.
They keep us safe.
Can you not do the few
things they ask us?
Nothing happened.
Nothing yet.
The first chime
had struck Rachel.
Edward, don't be
like this, please.
Not on our 18th birthday.
I didn't mean to take the risk.
It's only that I was
out by the lake.
I was reading and
I lost track of time.
The lake?
You know it's just as beautiful
as when we used to play there.
I don't think you'd be so...
Should we not be afraid?
Should we both not be afraid?
We could be reprimanded
for what you've done.
Edward, you're hurting me.
Edward, please!
You know the rules by which
we are governed sister.
Yet you continue
to jeopardize us,
so help me to those
laws I will appeal.
Edward, let me go.
You'll make your
apology to them.
You will!
Edward, let me go!
Get up!
Edward! [YELPS]
Say it!
Say it and make us safe again!
I won't beg for
their forgiveness!
I've done nothing wrong!
Do it!
Say the rules!
I won't.
They're listening.
You know they're listening!
Girl child!
Girl child boy child
Listen well
Be in bed by midnight's bell
Never let a stranger
Through your door
Never leave each other
All alone
Good sister good brother we
Never forget
These cautions three
Long as your blood
Be ours alone
You'll see us
Ever from below
There, are you satisfied?
You and I will never do
what mother and father did.
You're home!
We thought you might
never come back.
DESSIE: It'll be all right, Kay,
no one will hear us.
Yeah, touch it there, yeah.
Touch it there...
Would you stop it, Dessie.
I don't like this.
DESSIE: Come on,
keep the hand warm.
What is it?
Shut up!
Come out then!
[GROANS] Bitch!
I see ya'.
SEAN: The way that
they look at me,
like I have no right to be here.
We understand why you went, son,
but the others, they've
a war of their own to fight.
I don't see them fighting it.
I didn't know you...
Kay, where have you been?
Running around with those good
for nothings in the woods?
No, mam.
Come in, if you'd like.
Friends of yours?
The list.
Special day for
you today, isn't it,
for you and your brother?
Quickly please.
Who is that?
It's her from up
at the big house.
On credit, please.
One more week is
all we can manage.
You'll get your money.
This as well.
For the estate?
Came a week or so ago.
We have so little post for
the estate I almost forgot.
I'm sure you did.
What can we do for you?
See something in the woods
this morning, did ya'?
There was nothing to see.
Leave her be.
You stay out of this, traitor.
Should you not be out
fighting for the English?
What's the trouble
here then, chaps?
Brought your friends.
What are you doing
in my chimney?
You're safe now.
Those men, were
they disturbing you?
If I'm disturbed,
it's by you, sir.
I only want to see
that you're all right.
As you see.
Do I know you?
Sean Nally is my name.
Me mom used to take
washing up to your home.
You would've only been a
child when I left for the war.
A grubby face staring
through the gate maybe.
We knew better
than to stare back.
You won't follow me
all the way home
limping like that will you?
I would if you asked me to.
And if I didn't?
I'd ask if I may.
I have to go, I'm expected.
Mothers love birds.
What do you see?
good sister be.
I was afraid.
What took you so long?
I didn't know that
I would come back.
EDWARD: Is that a letter?
It's from Bermingham,
the solicitor.
He says there's nothing
left in the trust.
He wants us to sell the house.
They'd never allow it.
He says we have no choice.
Now that we're of age,
we have the right.
By his laws, maybe,
not by ours.
He's threatening to visit.
He can't!
You've been to the lake again.
These hours are my own.
Rachel, I...
You won't follow me
all the way home
limping like that will you?
And if I asked you to?
If I asked you to follow me...
Follow me here.
Who is it?
EDWARD: It's me, of course.
That nightgown was mother's.
So was that.
You hurt me today.
I didn't mean to.
Edward, we had
such plans for today,
just to walk in the grounds
and even that, you couldn't do.
I'm sorry.
I remember how she
loved those birds.
I think she understood them
singing in their cage.
She said as long as
she could hear bird
songs she knew
she was still alive.
Maybe she still does.
You know birds can fly past
this world into the next.
We could live a thousand lives
and never know what they know.
Those are just stories, Edward.
She left them to die
like us.
They taught us to
live by the rules.
This isn't living.
Never leave, never
know another soul,
lock yourself in night
after night after night?
You know we can't go on
like this any longer
than mother and father did.
But this place belongs
to us and we to it.
There's no other way.
You know I'll die
if you leave me.
We could try again tomorrow.
It's too late.
We're old enough now and...
Why should we be
punished for it?
We've done nothing wrong.
No, it isn't what we've
done, it's what we are.
But who is to blame
for that, Edward?
Not you, not me.
It's wrong.
How can fate be wrong?
I've drawn a bath.
For me as well?
No, Edward.
We're too old for that now.
Bring this thing back to your
room when you're leaving.
And if I asked you to follow me?
Follow me here.
LODGER: Rachel.
You yearn for consummation!
Leave me alone.
It's not yet midnight!
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!
Good sister.
What is it?
Thank you.
EDWARD: The gift
of a pure betrothed.
How can something so
cruel ever come from love?
What's it like
out there, really,
outside the estate?
If I lied and said
it was beautiful,
would it make any difference?
"Never let a stranger
through your door."
Stay here.
Open up.
I've come all the way from...
Mr. Bermingham?
Ms. Rachel, I have come all
the way from the mainland...
This is our mainland,
Mr. Bermingham
and you seem quite
out of place here.
Well, I must insist that
you admit me, regardless!
You know we don't admit
visitors, Mr. Bermingham.
My family has always been
emphatic on that matter.
I'm here on urgent business.
Where is your brother?
Edward is indisposed.
You may deal with me
from there.
I am not here on
a social call, young lady.
The finances of your estate are
in a state of grave depletion.
The outstanding debt is such
that I have little option
but to take drastic measures.
Wait here, please.
Young lady, I demand to
speak with your brother!
Sorry mother.
Will this help?
Well clearly I'm in no
position to evaluate
but they might help
for the time being.
Exquisite, yes!
An exquisite piece but
young lady, I'm afraid
you don't understand
the magnitude of the debt.
In the absence of your elders,
perhaps your brother
might be best...
I was born 11 minutes before
Edward, Mr. Bermingham.
You may consider me the elder.
Walk with me?
Clearly this is an unusual way
to conduct business
of this nature.
We're an unusual family.
LODGER: Edward...
You won't follow me all the way
home limping like that, will you?
Rachel, is it you?
And if I asked you to,
if I asked you to follow me...
Tell me then, how
badly off are we?
I'm afraid the estate
could scarcely be worse off
and your family's eccentricities
have been little help to matters.
How long have you worked
for us, Mr. Bermingham?
My family has
attended to the needs
of your own for generations.
RACHEL: Never before today
have any of you presumed
to come here in person.
The situation has
never been so dire.
My brother and I
live very simply.
Simply or otherwise,
there is nothing left
for you to live upon.
BERMINGHAM: I must see inside the house
and bring a qualified individual
to make an evaluation of the
property and it's content.
That's out of the question.
The sale of a few trinkets
will only go so far,
but what about this
pretty little thing?
Silver, is it?
If I'm to sell the pearls,
mightn't this be taken also?
Not this.
Soon you might not be in
the position to choose.
If only you knew!
In your position and with
your obvious advantages,
perhaps the best course of
action would be to marry?
This house has belonged
to us and we to it
for more than two centuries.
You need not understand
that, Mr. Bermingham,
but I ask that you respect it.
Good day.
What are you doing here?
- Well?
- I'm sorry.
No, stay there or you'll
be seen from the house.
So you did follow me?
I didn't mean to frighten you,
but when I saw you in the
village you looked so...
Come back tomorrow,
in the morning.
It's okay.
We belong here, together.
Edward, he's gone.
Still afraid?
Wouldn't you be?
I didn't break the rules.
Did you dissuade Bermingham?
I tried,
but he'll be back.
And he came alone?
Yes, he was quite alone.
Don't you feel different lately?
Don't you feel their
presence with more intensity?
You know I do.
Do you hear them more now?
In every ticking of the clock
and every crick
of the floorboards
and in every sound the
house makes, I hear them.
They won't wait much longer,
not now that they're of age.
When they came last
night, how did it feel?
Did you call them in?
They wanted me to see you.
I can't save you!
You can't save yourself.
RACHEL: You came.
Don't be afraid.
Have one?
Go on.
They grow so well on the graves.
Come with me, I'll show
you where they died.
My brother and I
were always happiest
playing here as children.
This is the edge of our world.
Any farther and we weren't safe.
What were you doing
here yesterday?
I wanted to see you.
You saw me at the village.
I wanted to see you in private.
You mean you wanted
to see where I live.
When I saw you yesterday,
you looked afraid.
I was afraid that
you'd be afraid of me,
that you'd think
I was like them.
There are greater
things to be afraid of
than you or anybody
from that village.
Will you sit with me?
This is where Edward found them.
I was in my bed.
I woke up and this
was around my neck.
Mother had put it on me
while I was sleeping.
That's how I knew
they were gone.
By the time I got here Edward...
Something was broken in him.
He's never left the house since.
Your parents were suicides?
And theirs as well,
and theirs before them.
Drowned, all of them.
It's something about the water,
maybe they think it will
wash their sins away.
"So lovely is the
loneliness of a wild lake
"with black rock bound
and the tall pines
"that towered around."
Do you know it?
I never had much
time for poetry.
"But when the night
had thrown her paw
"upon that spot eyes upon all,
"and the mystic wind went
by murmuring a melody.
"Then ah, then I would wake
"to the tire of the lone lake.
"Death was in that
poisonous wave
"and in its garth,
a fitting grave."
I'll die if you leave me.
Would you help me?
Would you help me
get away from here?
If we went together,
it could be safe.
Why would you want that?
If you'd seen the world I have,
you'd know you were safer here.
All I have here is death.
And what do you think is
out there in the world?
It's a bad place,
people are bad,
even there in the village.
I know what that's like
to have somebody
look in your eyes
and there's nothing
there but hate.
Maybe that's what
drove your parents to...
You think that's what did it?
A few squinting eyes,
wagging tongues?
There are worse things
in this world than hate.
What's worse than hatred?
Love can be worse than hatred.
RACHEL: Show it to me.
I know you have a false leg.
Show it to me.
Don't, please.
I want to know how it
feels to be somebody else.
EDWARD: Do you feel that?
Do you feel that?
Sometimes I think
it's still there.
And then I look at it,
it's not me when I look.
Does it come away?
Show me.
I didn't think you'd understand.
It's war, you know?
There's a lot worse off than me.
touch me there.
I'm not touching you anywhere.
You know how
it feels, don't you?
For something to still
be there when it's gone?
Open up, I demand
an explanation for this!
Young lady, I will not
be made a fool of!
Oh, Master Edward?
I mistook you for...
What do you want?
Well, to be given an
explanation for this chicanery.
I was presented with
jewelry to begin repayment
for this estate's
considerable debts
only to find some kind of
substitution has been made
at the gate no doubt!
Oh, sly girl indeed.
Mother's love birds,
they've called you back.
I beg your pardon?
I suppose you
better come inside.
I thought you wanted me to?
I can feel eyes on me.
there's no one here.
We're never alone.
Young man, this house is
in a state of dereliction.
We live simply here.
You live in squalor!
It's clear management
of this property is
beyond you and your sister.
EDWARD: You'd have us leave?
I see no option, but
for you to do so.
RACHEL: Our ancestors fled where
they came from to this place,
where nobody knew,
they built this house
to hide their shame,
but their shame took form
and it punished them.
They'll never be free of it.
We'll never be free of them.
Free of who?
They live below
and we live above.
The day is ours,
the night is theirs
and as long as we
keep to the rules
that's how it remains but
now we're of age.
I feel them pressing at us.
Rachel, who lives with
you in that house?
Some of these items
could surely be sold.
Clean and restored they
would fetch a price.
This, for instance,
might be a fine piece.
Flemish, perhaps 17th century.
Surely, there are other
properties in the family,
other holdings?
That ceiling is near
eaten through with
damp, young man.
Clearly, this house
is beyond you.
A return to England perhaps
might be the soundest idea.
EDWARD: We aren't
English, Mr. Bermingham.
Not English by birth perhaps,
but for all intents
and purposes...
There's no name for what we are.
Rachel, what you're
telling me, it's a story
to scare children,
to make them behave.
It's no better than the stories
they tell in the village.
And what would you know?
Was it a story that
drove my mother
and father into
the lake and theirs?
Is it a story that has
my brother and I locked
into our bedrooms each night?
It's a punishment.
Our parents followed
all the rules,
taught us to follow
them but in the end,
they couldn't bare it!
And when we've fulfilled
our purpose like they did,
we'll go the same way.
Do you think I want
to live like this?
Afraid to live,
afraid to touch
anything that lives!
you make your own fate.
Nobody is cursed to die.
Cursed to die?
Our curse is to live.
Go on then.
You're no use to me.
You're no use to anybody.
Oh, no...
LODGER: Never let a
stranger through your door.
Forgive me!
Where you off to, traitor?
Get out of my way.
Your way?
Got heirs with your
friends up there, have ya'?
What's that, traitor?
Grab him, lads.
Get off!
Get off!
Get off me!
Around here,
we fight our own war,
our own ways, understand?
And we have no use
for you here, cripple.
We have no use for
traitors around here.
You get me?
I've killed better men than you!
Let me past.
You've hurt yourself.
It's nothing.
It was the bird.
It scratched me.
You're sick, Edward.
This can't go on.
Who have you been with?
Tomorrow I leave
with or without you.
I won't stay and
become what they did.
Edward, I know it's you.
You won't stop me.
LODGER: Never leave
each other all alone.
It's not your time!
I kept to the rules!
LODGER: Good sister be.
Breed our immortality.
I kept to the rules!
They've been in our room.
You, you brought Bermingham
into the house, didn't you?
- You made this happen!
- Rachel, I had to do it.
They don't have to hurt
us if we only obey.
There's only
the master bedroom now.
Where will you go like that?
You'll never survive out there.
Don't even say her name, Sean.
See who that is, mam.
I'll tend to him.
It's you.
What do you want?
I've come to see your son.
Come to see the damage
you've done, have you?
Tell him I'm here, please.
I know what you're like!
Tell him I'm sorry
for what I said.
I'll tell him nothing from you.
Washing the filth
out of your sheets,
your parents and
the ones before them.
You think I don't know
what goes on in that place?
I need his help.
There's only one thing
you're good for
and don't think
he doesn't know it
so why don't you pay
your bill and leave
before you cause
any more trouble!
I have nothing to pay you with.
Not half, you don't!
More fool of my boy for thinking
he could get it out of you!
Take this then.
It's all that's left of us.
Don't touch it!
She'll be back.
This is yours.
She told you then?
Told me what?
Oh, Sean.
In my dream, I saw
things, things I can't...
Whatever that girl told you,
whatever awful things,
it's all true.
How could people like us
ever help someone like her?
It's not that I'm
not sorry for them.
I've seen them when
I was at the house
with the mending and washing.
Just two little children too
young to know what they were.
Do you believe that two
people can do something so,
so unnatural that it
leaves a stain on them
and that the stain goes
on to their children
and to their
children's children?
They were all like us, twins.
My mother, my father.
Their mother and
father before them
and their mother and father
before them
since we came to this place
and shut ourselves away
so nobody would
know what we are.
I thought your brother
might be the one to help me
but no one can.
Now don't go
rushing off again, Kay.
There's not much left of that
traitor for you to run back to.
Get that one!
You wouldn't dare
come in here, you filth!
You're not worth the bother.
Let's leave her alone
Leo, she's done nothing.
What can I do?
What would you have me do?
What have they done to you?
You would have
left me here to die.
They knew you'd come back,
you'll always come back.
I saw, Edward, what you
saw down by the lake.
I know you've been so afraid,
but Mother wanted us to be free.
She wanted us to be free.
Edward, there's still
a chance for us.
Edward, are you listening to me?
We know what you've been doing.
You found yourself some man,
some peasant down in the village
you've made yourself a whore.
You think just because you're
outside we don't see you.
You think we don't see everything
you do, everything you feel.
You can't believe
this is meant to be?
Then why do we
feel what you feel,
why do we see what you're
thinking before you do?
This house speaks to us.
It belongs to us and we to it.
Even the bird
speaks in its voice.
There's no bird in that cage!
You'll see what we see soon.
You think that we're cursed,
that we're being punished
but what we have is a gift.
You crave it, too.
We feel your yearning
for the consummation,
to breed our immortality
in the pit of your body.
Get away from me.
Good sister good brother be
You know they mean
for me to claim you.
I'm already claimed by
that peasant at the lake.
It's true.
I made myself a whore for
him to be free of you.
What have you done?
You stink of longing
for his rotting seed!
There's nothing left
for us to do but die.
You lied!
You're still pure!
The gift of a pure betrothal.
Let me in!
Where is she?
Tell her I've come for her.
Tell her yourself.
This place...
Where is she?
What do you know
about this place?
I know enough.
Then you know she
can't go with you.
Midnight is coming.
Now you see.
Edward, Edward!
What have you done to him?
Sean! Sean!
They're coming.
SEAN: Rachel!
Come on, the door.
Come on, Rachel.
Rachel, Rachel, let me.
Let me!
It's a trap.
They will never let us.
Did they?
He followed me down.
They took him instead.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Then, we can be together?
No, darling.
It's too late for that now.
I came back to say goodbye.
I'm afraid.
Don't be afraid.
You'll be free soon.
We both will.
EDWARD: I love you.
And I love you.
Will Mother and Father be here?
Mother and Father will
come for you, I promise.
Long as your blood
Be ours alone
You'll see us ever
From below