The Lonely Trail (1936) Movie Script

I care about Havana,
Mr. Armstrong,
just to give
to my friends.
You know, I can make it
so big in this area,
that can distribute
their own cigars. Thank you, Brother Holden.
Thank you very much.
But ... how many votes
would you say you control?
Well, I think my people
will vote for anyone ...
that gives them benefits
materials in this emancipation.
Well, I can take care of it.
Here there are very practical benefits,
can distribute
where we will have votes.
There is nothing practical about
confederate money, Mr. Holden.
Even the peasants
They know it's not good.
Tell them that
I said good
And I am the general who commands
this district is in the election! Yes sir.
At your service, sir.
How was the withdrawal
of taxes?
Very good, sir.
Troop A brought two thousand.
Half, in common money.
The troop collected thousand
in confederate money.
- Forget common money.
- Yes sir.
Do you know what to do with them?
- Your personal account.
- Yes.
Tucker, better not!
to register our business.
Someone can see this book.
There is no possibility, General.
I will show you.
I had to put this while
You were in the North. Who's there?
- Captain Hays, sir.
- Just a minute.
"What is it, Hays?"
"A new recruit, sir.
Bring him.
General, this Bull Horrell.
Well, Horrell, we chose
carefully our recruits.
What's your story?
Here are the rules of Mounted Police.
Read to do
the oath.
What's it?
Can not read?
No, sir.
But I can count!
You serve.
Raise your right hand.
Solemnly swear
obey the rules
- of the State Mounted Police?
- Yes sir. That's it. Take your
with the sergeant.
Yes sir.
We need men like this ...
to collect taxes
of rebels.
It gets harder
with each passing day.
Everybody says
who have no money.
- What do we do?
"Take the horses and the cattle."
The reconstruction will not
last forever, Hays,
and if we do not
fortune now
In between!
What's it?
Troop B is coming back,
sir, more trouble.
An ambush
in the Terry plantation.
- The second this week! - Yes sir. Any orders?
No orders, Lieutenant.
Take care of your men.
We need to do something
About that.
"On time, Captain.
- But that's the armed rebellion!
Of course, and I was
waiting for this.
Now I will be forced
to take extreme measures.
This is an outrage! You can not deprive us
of our rights!
The only law that will have
martial law,
while there is
armed rebellion.
"You'll pay, too."
- You're going to collect taxes.
For the troops to take our
properties and our lives?
Yes, $ 500 per day
to maintain law and order.
Hey Jeff, some Yankees
are coming
I want to know
It's John Ashley!
It can not be.
He would not have the
facing neighboring friends.
Here we are, Jed.
The best water in Texas!
himself! I'm not seeing the property.
That you told me about, John.
Maybe I should
stayed in Missouri.
Do not be surprised
with this place.
Wait till you see my ranch!
Something tells me that the last 4 years
They were not good for any ranch.
Always complaining!
Why do not you get excited?
We went through the war
without scratching!
And now we're home,
resumption of life.
Well, on the rebound!
the old Jeff Pruitt,
the best aim of the country.
I think he did not like it
of its Union bonus. It is better to get rid of it.
They got rid of him for me.
He must not have recognized me.
- Hi, Ti Jeff!
- Go away!
I do not want it around here.
Damn Yankees!
He's half angry,
but he does not want us bad.
Is the way he's hospitable?
You know Jed, I'm not
No seat, let's travel.
Do not tell me this.
it was your wonderful home!
It was.
All right, John.
I'll work hard ...
and, within a week,
will be somewhere else.
It seems we will not need it.
repair your ranch. PROPRIETARY:
More than $ 400
of taxes for one year.
Let's have a conversation
with a man named Holden.
Yes, Captain Ashley,
I agree with you.
It's a shame that taxes
have to be so tall.
But schools must be maintained,
roads must be built ...
and life and property should be protected, no?
When you put yourself like this ...
No, thank you.
I think every good citizen
must give its share.
And there seem to be so few
good citizens!
Are struggling
against law and order ...
how they fought against
the army of the Union!
It does not look like people.
I knew.
Is not being
A little rough, General?
See that.
Do you really have
a huge problem.
Bigger than I thought.
- If we can help ... "You need money,
and I, of men
with your skill.
Why do not they come?
for the Mounted Police?
Thank you, sir, but I fought the
enough for me and my grandchildren.
We had better think
about it, sir.
Your ranch next door
two Terry, no?
- Yes sir.
"Do you know the Terry family?"
Of course, I grew up with
the grandchildren of Colonel Terry!
So, you can help
with the reconstruction.
I think young Terry
He is the leader of the rebels.
, he's always been hard-headed. You can use
your influence ...
- As a friend and neighbor ...
- I do not think he would hear.
I fought against his side.
You can not convert it
for the Union,
would be to wait too long,
but you can persuade him to come
talk to me, no?
Maybe it's the way
to save his life.
I can not ask the soldiers
not to fight back, understand?
I'll see what I can do.
Are you going to talk to him soon?
I'll see Terry
on the way home.
Thank you.
Good morning, gentlemen.
(I.e. Now I know why taxes
I'm so tall over here.
These Terry are nauseous.
like Uncle Jeff?
They are the best
people from Texas, Jed.
Dick is my best friend.
I was going to marry
to Virginia, his brother ...
before the war.
Well, if the girls from Texas
are like men,
my friend, she would only serve ...
to pluck out your heart
and make jerky.
I went to l
with the chapu threaded
Doo-daa, doo-daa
I returned home
with full pockets Day of doo-daa
I will run all night
I'm going to run all day.
I placed my money
on a short-tailed horse
The Yankees are coming!
MS. Virginia,
the Yankees are coming!
- Go hide!
- Why?
They know I'm here,
or they would not come.
- You're not sure.
- Holden has spies for now.
Ginny, I can not hide
every time the Yankees come.
Dick, you're all I have left.
I can not lose you too!
Please, for me.
Stop it, boy! So does
Your work, Snowflake?
How many times have I said ...
what cups should be
taken to dry at the time?
Snowflake, you?
more annoying than the Yankees!
Yes ma'am.
I am very happy
to see you again, Mr. John!
Thank you, Snowflake.
It was worth waiting 4 years
to see you again, Virginia.
I thought you would be different,
now that times have changed.
You have not changed.
I had to choose the side
which I thought was right.
It's no use starting over. Do not remember the
Veils, Virginia?
What did we think of each other?
What were we planning?
We can not restart,
now that the war is over?
- Snowflake!
- Yes?
"Where is Mr. Dick?"
- I do not know, sir.
I need to see you as soon as possible.
What do you want with Mr. Dick?
I heard he had problems
with the authorities.
- What do you want with him?
- Anything.
But General Holden
do you want to speak to him...
and if Dick comes with me,
like a friend...
- Friend?
- That's what I said. While fighting against us,
I could at least respect him.
But come here
to betray my brother ...
show the exit to the boy.
Yes ma'am.
- Sir!
"What is it, Snowflake?"
I would not speak
the general here.
Ms. Virginia
and Mr. Dick ...
they do not want to know
of that murderer.
You've gone crazy!
Went listening
the peasants' conversation.
No, sir,
and there is no conversation.
He killed a lot of people.
by back.
What are you going to do now?
I do not know. "Why did you arrest them?"
- They were armed.
- No crime in Texas!
- We demand a fair trial.
General's orders
do not bring prisoners ...
without giving them
a chance to escape.
But, Captain,
Why let them escape?
You will learn!
You know you have no chance.
against a court martial.
Would you like to escape?
"Are you serious?"
- Of course yes.
These prisons
it is mere formality.
Start running
like a madman.
Let's give you a chance. Prepare ... aim ...
Very well, rebel.
You're next.
- They're going to kill the boy!
- No, no, no.
Do not be in a hurry, Yankees.
I'm not going to run.
To point...
We are surrounded!
"Let's go down and help him."
- Hold on.
There is a way
better to help them.
- New recruits, sir.
"Oh, have them come in."
It did not take long
for us to decide, general.
Why, then, will you come in?
Yes sir.
The welcome we had
in the Terry's house ...
convinced us that it is our duty.
Yes, we went to talk and ...
we almost got shot!
Now you understand what
Is it Mounted Police?
We understand.
Join Us, General,
and we will prove that we understand.
Very well,
we take the oath.
- Thank you, General.
- It's good to have them with us.
"What is it, Captain Hays?"
Another ambush, sir.
I had to retreat.
"The enemy surrounded the mission.
- How many?
Two tens
of good snipers.
It was quite a fight!
Captain Ashley and Mr. Calicutt ...
they went in to
the Mounted Police.
Both have a valuable
military experience.
Without doubt,
in a common army.
Do you think it will help
against these ambushes?
Maybe not.
Me and John do not know
nothing about retreating.
Tell me what you would do if you were
in the trap I was.
Well, we've won this much already.
of mounted soldiers.
- I think we can repeat it.
- What?
Did you say
"mounted soldiers"?
Is not it funny? clear that I meant "rebels".
All right, come on.
Ah, just a minute, Captain Hays.
Here is a list of taxes
to be charged tomorrow.
Check the names
with Captain Ashley.
He knows everyone here ...
and can help deal
with these rebels.
Yes sir.
We'll see the list at night.
We should not have
problems in Rio Blanco.
Belongs to an old lady
Spanish, peaceful as a saint.
We will not need
of many men.
"What about Bradley?"
- It will be easy, too. Bradley was killed
on Lookout Mountain.
His wife is
taking care of everything by herself.
Thank you, Ashley.
You were very useful.
It will be easy to collect.
Glad to help, Captain.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What's the situation?
The sentry is
All night, John.
Must leave
and warn the ranchers.
Sure, and you're leaving.
I'll keep the sentry busy.
while you jump the wall.
Who's coming?
It's just me, the old man.
Jed Calicutt, from Missouri! I was just walking and ...
Hey, do you speak Spanish?
I can not read
the label of that bottle.
Is written
"water" something.
It looks like brandy.
You smell brandy!
- Cognac.
- Thank you.
Hey, what are you doing there?
Trying to read
the label of that bottle.
Let's go inside,
maybe we can read better.
My friend,
I do not speak Spanish.
- But I think it's brandy.
- Really?
- Cognac?
- I still do not know.
No, cough medicine.
Damn me
I'm not coughing! You have the flu,
It's better to take more.
It was brandy
all the time,
and you did not know,
You idiot jerk!
You're hot!
You go to your room.
Someone warned him.
Maybe they
also have spies.
Horrell, bring them out.
They disappeared, did not stay
nor a mangy cat.
"How did this happen here?" "When we find out,
we will know who warned
the ranchers yesterday.
As I see,
there is only one man who could
send this information: Ashely.
But him
a sympathizer of the Union.
He fought north.
Why do you suspect him?
He is the only one beside me.
who saw the list of names.
It's fine.
We did a test with Ashley.
Bring it here.
Oh, Ashley, Holden wants to
see you right now.
Oh, Ashley!
I have a job
special for you.
I found this here
in my office. Who made this brave!
He's going to need courage.
when I get it.
Not only that,
he is spying.
Any idea who, sir?
Yes, and yes.
You come in, Ashley.
Before I Quit
behind this guy,
I want you to hold
your cplice.
- Who?
- Richard Terry.
You will take 6 men
and leave immediately.
Yes sir.
Stay close to the plant
Terry and watch it.
My God, Dick, it seems
that you want to be killed!
Take all this munio
in the face of police! I know it's risky,
but it needs to be done.
- Can not you wait to get dark?
- That's it:
Let's get together and I promised.
carry weapons and ammunition.
"But what if you get arrested?"
"She's worried,
hide it while
we took the rest.
Quick, Dick, fast!
- Do not wait any longer ...
- I need to get the blade!
Please, Dick, please!
Come and help him, Snowflake.
Come on, quick!
Too late,
they saw you!
I need to take this car!
There he goes!
VOo by cionion and we will catch the crossroads.
What are the orders?
Terry is trying to escape.
in a car. Ashley went back.
He told us to go by the
and pick it up at the crossroads.
All right, follow me!
- You fucking ...
- You're wrong, I'm your friend.
Take my horse
and climb the mountain.
To take
a shot in the back?
You think I would do that?
I do not believe in Yankees,
even more than Holden!
Coming, get the horse.
and get out of here while you can!
I'm sorry you did not
believed in me. Well, Ashley,
I see that it worked well.
- Check the car.
- Yes sir.
The car is full.
of weapons and ammunition.
You know what that means, Terry.
Of course!
Get it over with!
My friend here is crazy.
to shoot me!
I'll give it to you
a chance to escape.
Get the horse as fast as you can.
Let's give it to you
a fair chance.
Mount, Ashley.
Very well, rebellious,
Let's see your ride!
To point...
- Drop your weapons!
- Get off!
Let's shoot in the first one you move.
Ride on the horses
and let's get them!
Easy, Jed.
This way.
Joe, come back and bring the troop.
The others, dismantle
and keep an eye on them.
They think we are
without leaving, it's our chance.
"Can you travel?"
- Sure, can you?
- You did not find it, Snowflake?
- No.
Do not worry, Miss. Ginny,
We'll definitely find him soon.
Oh, Snowflake, maybe
he is wounded or dead!
No, Miss. Virginia,
Mr. Dick is not dead,
is hidden in the bushes, He's very smart.
It's no use, Snowflake.
I heard some shots ...
Balan suava gently sweet car a
What's next to take me
for home
Balan suava gently sweet car a
Who's coming to take me
for home
I looked over the river
and what I saw
You hear that, Blaine?
Someone must have died.
No, cry, my dear.
The song to deceive some
Yankee who is close by.
What's next to take me
for home
Sometimes, I'm over it. Sometimes I'm underneath.
Come and take me
for home
Come on, woman!
We need to take care of the tavern.
Take that smile off your face,
- We have a death in the family.
- Praised be God!
What's next to take me
for home
How did you escape?
Ashley, after all,
To our friend, Ginny!
- John Ashley? Our friend?
- The best!
He and your partner
They risked their lives for me.
After what I told him!
I told him that ...
- Do you have a doctor here? - I'll get it, sir.
Leave it to him. Stay where you are.
No one leaves here
Until we left.
- John! Are you injured?
- No, sir.
Do not believe me, sugar.
He's half dead already.
and have no judgment to know.
I'm just tired.
To be tired tomorrow,
when to begin gangrene.
Snowflake, drop everything
And you go to the doctor!
Mammy, bring warm water
and clean cloths.
"But, Virginia, you do not ..."
"Now, I pray, please."
The women are there
of my understanding!
They just brought the brother's cadver ...
and she is taking care of
of the Yankee who killed him!
Well, to the women!
Let it go!
- Did I hurt you?
I think I heard something.
- You're safe here.
- Yes, we will, if they come.
You can not fight alone.
Come, there is a hiding place.
I'll never find you.
Gentlemen, these men today
They saved my brother's life.
I trust in honor.
of the masters.
Surround the house!
Sing, dance,
act naturally!
- Boy, get me a drink.
"Yes, sir, right now. Can I do something?
by the Lord, General?
Yes, you can tell where you're hiding.
the deserters of my troop.
Yes sir.
I mean, no, sir.
All men here
are in this room.
Do not lie to me, boy.
I'm not saying
the truth, Miss. Virginia?
The truth, sir.
We found two horses
Back off, sir.
Search the house.
It seems that they are not
here, sir.
Very well, of p .
Ashley, Calicutt, you have 10
seconds to get out of hiding.
Prepare... We're trapped.
Prisoners, in front.
Let's help you.
Dick and me.
Prisoners, let's walk.
Untie them.
They will be tried at 7am,
in court martial.
Have you got tonight?
to prepare his defense,
for mutiny,
shoot at colleagues and hurt them,
join the enemy and defect.
Leave the flashlight.
The chain will not hold them.
It has not been repaired since
the blacksmith almost ran away.
They will escape.
Is not that what we want? Horrell, I'll promote you.
"You're going to be in charge of the guard today.
- Thank you sir.
If it matches your expectations,
will be sergeant tomorrow.
"Any orders, sir?"
- Pick two marksmen.
Wait for the prisoners
flee and shoot to kill.
Yes sir.
Here is the man we started
to give of the remedy itself!
"I'm sorry, Jed.
- Oh, do not worry.
I feel bad for Miss. Virginia.
She'll miss you.
There is no one that you see
miss you, Jed?
A wife? A love? You're damned! Both
Will you miss me?
That's why I did not come back.
to Missouri.
What an unexpected honor!
He did not warn that he was coming,
General, no.
a social visit.
an official investigation.
I received complaints
of your district.
I'm sorry to hear that, Governor.
Even so
You're welcome.
Very serious complaints!
How to shoot
in defenseless prisoners.
Give me permission
for a few minutes,
- I will be at your disposal.
- Sit down. - But the guard ...
- Sir!
Notice what you're talking about.
with the governor of Texas?
Forgive me, Your Grace.
Well, as long as there is life,
hope for you
Something will happen
by morning
Just this
which worries me.
After a day like this, I'm
tired to worry.
I can not lift a finger.
Not even my life.
depended on it.
How are you?
Expect a man
sleep in something like that?
- No one.
- It's our only chance.
Some of you
they fought with me. Others just stared.
I do not blame them.
We all saw a lot of blood
in the last 4 years.
But now if they are Southerners,
You have to fight.
I'll tell you why.
Today, John Ashley risked
your life to save me.
And it was not just that.
Since returning,
hated by all of us,
he was our friend.
Who warned you that
Holden would get his cattle?
And who left you?
Escape from Holden?
Let's let him be killed.
after what did you do?
- No!
"Then get your horses!" Call all that
have a gun!
You do not know
a man who has a gun.
But I know many
boys who have razors!
How much your relationship?
with the people, seems to be bad.
Of course sir,
some did not realize
that the war is over.
But now, with
the reconstruction by walking,
I can promise that
there will be no more problems.
Certainly, there will not be.
No sign of life, only light.
in Holden's office.
Come on, before he
have a brilliant idea.
Ah, all right. Remember what I said.
about Holden's ideas?
This is too easy.
You're right.
Let's go the hard way.
It arrives
We can not wait any longer.
It's fine. Come on, Texas!
Do not shoot,
will wake the whole barracks.
Let's try to jump over the wall.
Look out for the wall!
We would be good targets.
I do not think we can get out.
without going through the commander.
You got it!
Well, I must admit that
defended well against the accusations.
Not what it says
which diverts funds.
You can check the books ... Your employee takes care of the books.
and can continue to care.
I am referring to the fact that it
just confederate money.
recently we collected
common money, no, Tucker?
Yes sir,
we have hundreds of dollars.
ready to be
sent to Washington.
Well, that exonerates him.
And with the difficulties
What did you tell me about?
- Until you're not so bad.
- Thank you sir.
What was this?
Maybe the prisoners
trying to escape.
"What prisoners?" - The ambush.
That's right, gentlemen!
I'll shoot
in the first one you move.
Turn around, carpet-bagger.
Have no idea.
It's hard not to shoot at the thought
who killed him behind his back.
What they want?
We want to get out of here alive,
and you can only guarantee that.
No, we do not want a pass.
You are the guarantor.
that we want.
You go with us.
Like this.
Act naturally.
Give one of those
your smiles!
Wait, John, there's something else.
which we should take.
"Any clue to them?" - No.
Keep looking,
I'm going to talk to Holden.
Come on, let's go.
Your money will come back
for those of whom he took.
- Holden ...
- Drop the weapon!
Come here.
"Come on, Jed, let's go."
- Just a minute.
You showed me what I needed.
know about your commander.
As governor of Texas,
I guarantee your safety.
There they are!
We are ready!
Where's Holden?
I do not know, Dick,
but this is the governor ...
I suppose you're
in charge.
And I am. What does that mean?
We came to prevent death
of Captain Ashely.
- Captain?
- Yes sir.
I was official
in the army of the Union.
It seems to me that the complaints
have foundation.
And I promise that, after
an impartial investigation,
if it is proved that they have had
reasons for an attack,
the troops will be dismissed.
Go to your homes,
example of law and order.
and promise me that you will
when they are called.
I was too
in the army of the Union, sir. "And a good forager, I suppose." - For sure. Translator Larissa Menezes Tele Cine Cult Translation and caption THREE MARC Copied and synchronized by virtualnet.