The Long Game (2023) Movie Script

Watch out!
- Joe, come on!
Joe, let's go!
We're gonna be late!
- He ain't home.
- How do you know?
- 'Cause I saw him leave.
- Why are you wearing that?
It's like 100 degrees.
- What do you mean?
It looks cool?
- You do not look cool.
Mario, come on!
Will you quit following me?
- Joe said I could come.
- Hijo de la...
That shirt's real wet, man.
- Yeah, thanks.
What's he doing here?
- Joe said I could come.
- Your nipples are showing.
- Shut up.
- Felipe, will you
shut your mouth?
- What?
- That shirt is really wet.
Let's go.
- Hurry.
- Corrale.
Cut it out.
- This ain't no taco stand,
you hear me?!
- Yes sir, I understand that.
- I told you guys to find
another meetin' place.
You hear?
Now get!
- Yeah, yeah,
we're gettin', viejo.
- Oye, what took
you guys so long?
Who invited this pollito?
- Joe did.
- Yeah, Joe did.
- Why's you shirt wet?
- So where is Joe anyway?
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Come on.
Put it down.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Get outta here.
- Ahh!
- Yeah, that's right.
- Thanks guys.
- Joe, you all right?
- Of course.
- I told Gene it ain't no picnic
on this side of the creek.
- Especially if you fight every
gringo who calls you a wetback.
- They didn't call
me a wet back.
- What did they call you?
- Nothing.
But I bet they were thinkin' it.
Oye what are you guys doing?
Come on, we're gonna be late.
- Pinche loco...
- Terrible.
Uh, Lucy, do you know
where my ties are?
- What?
- I, I can't find
my green tie.
- Your green tie.
Of course.
- You okay?
Yeah, of course.
- Sounded like you were
going a little harder
than usual last night.
- Sorry.
Didn't mean to wake you.
- You must be nervous
'cause you didn't
spend this much time
picking out your wedding tie.
- Oh,
it's cause I had
that one in the bag.
I'm good.
Great, actually.
Just gonna take it easy,
like you said.
I even have a good
golf joke teed up.
- No.
JB please, no jokes, no.
- Why, why do soldiers
make good golfers?
- Honey, you're really
not good at jokes.
- What are you talking about?
I tell great jokes.
- No, no, no, no.
- What are you talking about?
- You love your golf game
more than me, don't you?
- Oh, come on.
That is ridiculous.
Don't say anything like that.
You know I love you
both the same.
- See,
I told you I tell good jokes.
- Hey Joe, thanks for warning me
about the sand trap on seven.
Old Judge Cox here,
he's gonna be finding
sand in his hair for days.
- I haven't seen that much sand
in the air since we
landed on Normandy Beach.
- You definitely had a better
caddy than I did today.
- Hey, good work today, son.
- Wow. Thank you
so much Mr. Thomas.
- I can see you're better
with a cleaning rag.
- Thank you, sir.
- Quit that, Tim!
- What?
- Excuse me?
Yes, sir.
- Did you inspect your clubs?
- Yes sir, they're clean.
- All right.
Now you boys watch
your fingerprints
on the car when
you load the bags.
Yes sir.
Thanks for
your help today.
- Hey, I've got these.
Why don't you to take Gene out
and go look for
lost balls and tees?
Meet me out at front.
We can still make it to
El Llanito before dark.
- Yeah, all right.
- Yeah?
- What's El Llanito?
- You'll see.
- Nice.
Let me get that.
- Thank you for
coming today, Mr. Cox.
Hope you had a good
time, young man.
- Not as easy as it looks, huh?
Let me show you how it's done.
See that trap of
nopales over there?
- Go fetch, ball boy.
- I ain't crawling in there
to get your ball.
- That's not even a
tough shot, Felipe.
- Oh yeah, quarter says
you can't do better.
- All right.
- How about that?
You can't hit that.
- Joe, what are you doing?
- Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe!
- Let's go, come on!
- Hey!
Come over here you little shits.
- If you're trying to
make a good impression,
you could try being on time.
What the hell happened to you?
- Don't worry about it.
We're late.
- Jesus.
- Hi.
- Hello? Oh.
- I'm here to see Mr. Glenn.
- Sir, are you all right?
- I'm, I'm fine.
I'm actually Frank's friend.
- Yeah, Gayle, this is JB Pea.
He's my old war buddy and he
swore I wouldn't regret this.
- Why would you regret?
No, he, he's uh, look,
I'm here to see Mr. Glenn
about becoming a member.
- Yeah, you need to reschedule.
- Is, is, is he back
there right now?
- JB.
- Oh Mr. Pea?
- I'm, I'm just.
- Where are you going?
- Talk to him for a second.
- This is... Frank!
- Just two minutes.
Mr. Glenn?
- Yes?
- I'm sorry, Mr. Glenn, I told
him we could reschedule.
- Yeah.
- Mr. Glenn, JB Pea, sir.
- You Frank's pal?
- Yes, sir.
And, and I'm, very, very
sorry for, for being late.
Yeah, well, looks like
you got a good reason.
- Oh yeah.
No, I, it's fine.
- It's all right, Gayle.
- Okay.
- Well come on in.
Have a seat.
- Thank you.
- Frank says you just moved to
town, work related I assume.
- Yes.
- I start Monday as new
school superintendent
at San Felipe High.
And well, if I'm being honest,
this place here is
a real draw for me.
- Del Rio.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's the best
club around here.
Heck, the best club in
all Texas if you ask me.
Unless of course you prefer
that pansy Hancock course
out in Austin.
- I could play that course
with my eyes closed.
- I mean, the, the traps are
too small to even be a threat.
- Well, Frank
mentioned that you,
you served together.
- Infantry, yeah.
141st regiment, yeah.
- Must have been
a hell of a thing.
So I know you hear
this all the time,
but thank you for your service.
- Well, I, I, I don't
I don't hear that all
the time, but, uh,
that's all right.
I was proud to serve
my country, so...
- Well, that's great.
- Yeah.
- You know something,
I know the manager over at
the Rio Grande Country Club.
Now it's a bit of a drive,
but it's a great little course.
And I know for a fact
they'd be lucky to
have you as a member.
It's Miguel Chavez.
No, it's Chapa, Miguel Chapa.
I got it right here.
- No, no sir.
- No, it's really
no trouble at all.
- Yeah, I know it's not a lot...
I'm sorry, sir.
- Okay.
It's good to meet you Mr. Pea.
- Oh no, Mr. Glenn.
Listen, I'm a good golfer.
I got my clubs in the car,
I can show you right now.
- That's not necessary.
- All right, listen to this one.
Why do soldiers make
the best golfers?
Because you're used to
being in bunkers, you know?
- Is that, that's a joke?
- No, no.
Look, I don't want
to be a member
of some bordertown
club an hour from here.
I want to play here.
- You can play here anytime
as a guest with
one of our members.
- And I appreciate that, sir.
But I don't want to be a guest.
I wanna be a member just
like everybody else.
I really need this.
- Listen, Mr. Pea.
You seem like a good man.
And if it was up to me,
hell, I'd gladly let you join.
But I, I gotta consider
our other members
and they...
and they are just not
used to seeing a Mexican
on the golf course.
I'm sorry, son.
I'm afraid there's just
no place for you here.
- Hmm.
JB, what hap--
- It's, it's nothing.
You uh,
you were right.
He didn't like the joke.
- Oye, I thought your dumb ass
graduated two years ago?
- Oh, whoa, whoa.
At ease payasos!
The Mexicans aren't
gonna invade!
We already took over!
- Don't be a jerk, cabrn.
- Whatever.
Oh, no, no, no.
This guy can't be serious.
- First day of high school.
Gotta make a strong impression.
- You look like James Dean's
Mexican cousin.
- rale! James Bean!
- Okay, stuff it.
- Listen Gene, come here.
If I was you, I would show
a little more gratitude.
You know?
High school
ain't no picnic
and until you learn how
things work around here
you should keep a pen and
paper and write down our moves.
- Then let's see 'em, big man.
- What?
- I want to see your moves.
- Uh...
- That's what I thought.
- Hey.
Nice moves!
- Shut up.
You come to school
with no books?
Principal Guerra!
- Superintendent Pea!
Come on, call me Toms, right?
Careful not to bump the car
as you open your door.
You parked kinda close.
You left your window open.
I hear you have some ideas
on how to improve our
low reading scores.
- Yeah, it's just a
couple things that worked
in the last district.
- All right, well, one of
the biggest challenges
that we face at this...
- Excuse me, sir.
Is everything okay?
- You can't let the
boys see you smiling.
- The kids?
- We just want to give them a
taste of military discipline
so that they're not so
shocked when they get there.
- The military?
- And I know it's hard
because I'm not a
mean person naturally.
And I so badly wanna
be nice to them.
- No, you should
definitely be nice to 'em.
- I guess this is the job
we signed up for right?
- No, no, no it's not.
- Just gotta suck it up.
That's all. Just suck it up.
Be a big boy.
- No.
Attention everyone.
I hope you all
had a great summer
and I know you are looking
forward to a new exciting year.
School sucks.
- Okay, great.
And on that note,
I'd like to introduce
our new superintendent,
Mr. Pea, who has
exciting information
about our new state
policies for textbooks.
Mr. Pea.
- Thank you Principal Guerra,
for that concise introduction.
And thank you all
for being here.
I look forward to
getting to know everybody
over the coming months.
And I suppose if
there's a virtue
I'd like to focus
on this semester,
it'd be that of personal
I know you boys.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- Grab that boy.
- Who, wha?
- Sorry!
I'm so sorry.
I'm not looking, I promise
I'm not looking.
- Who?
So which one
broke your window
- Not sure.
- Okay.
We should go in there
and start paddling them
until we get a confession.
- We're not doing that.
- Obviously, just a thought.
- Where do these boys even
get golf equipment from?
- Oh, they probably stole it
from the Del Rio Golf Club
where they caddy.
- They work at the Del Rio as
in the Del Rio Country Club?
- It's nice, right?
I've never played there myself
but I've gone to a few high
school championships there
and I gotta tell you.
- And are these
state championships
always played there?
- At Del Rio?
As long as I can remember, yeah.
You know, my cousin
is Chief of Police.
He can dust that ball
for fingerprints.
- All right, boys,
here's the deal.
- It was me.
I broke your window.
They all tried to stop me.
- So you're saying you
did this on purpose? Hmm?
Where'd you learn
to hit like that?
- Look, whatever
you're gonna do,
just get it over with, okay?
- All right, kudos
for being honest.
Unfortunately for you
property damage is a
very serious offense.
- You boys are free to go.
- Okay.
- Come on, let's go!
What's this guy
doing here?
- Looks like you boys
are putting in some work.
- Come on man.
We're not bothering
nobody out here.
- So I'm assuming y'all
don't have money
to pay from my window.
So, I have a deal for you,
Every Saturday for the
rest of the semester
you can come to my house
and cut my grass
or we can meet here
and practice.
- Practice what?
- How would you boys like to be
the first members of the San
Felipe High School golf team?
- Us?
- Sure, why not?
Little coaching and
right opportunities,
who knows, maybe we
can make it to State.
- Are you serious right now?
- I mean, no offense sir,
but you did hit
your head recently.
- Look, you don't think I know
how those people at the
country club treat you?
- Don't you wanna show
them what you're made of,
that you're just as
good as any of them?
- I'm in.
- All right, that's one.
Anybody else?
- Yeah, me too.
- Yes sir, I'm in.
- Yeah, sure, why not?
- What about you?
- I'll see you at your
house on Saturday.
- It's all right.
All we need are four players.
- No offense to Gene,
but we're three and a half
players at best.
- Yeah, he's right, sir.
Without Joe, we don't
stand a chance.
- Hey Papa.
- Oh hey.
How was school?
- Eh, nothing special.
- Nothing, huh?
Hand me that wrench.
- Actually,
they asked me to join
the new golf team today.
- Yeah?
Does it pay more than the club?
- I wouldn't be getting paid
and I wouldn't be a caddy.
They actually want me
to be a player.
- Player?
What do they want you to play,
the trumpet, the violin?
- Golf.
- Golf?
Oh, well better bring
your sombrero anyway man,
'cause whenever you're
invited to a gringo party,
you're either the
entertainment or the help.
And at least you
were getting paid
being the help at the club, no?
- I told him no.
- That's it.
- Need help? Or?
- Nah.
- I'm goin' inside.
I want to be sad
- As people do.
- Okay.
- You remember Gayle?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Uh, um, Frank, did you
not tell them I was coming?
- Well, of course I did.
Told 'em about us.
- Yeah, he hasn't stopped
talking about you for days.
- Weeks.
- He hasn't stopped talking
about you for weeks.
- Next day I go to the infirmary
and I can barely look
those boys in the eye
after the wringer we
put 'em through.
I'm just about to leave
and I hear this
little boy just go,
Like that.
- I was not that bad.
I was not that bad.
- Trust me,
you were in pretty bad shape.
So I go over there and
I lean down, you know,
I think he's gonna
to give me a letter
for his mama or
something like that.
And he says, "Sir,
aren't you Frank Mitchell,
the golf pro?"
This crazy bastard starts
asking me for putting tips.
- No, no, no, that was
the next day.
- Oh no it wasn't.
- So what did you tell him?
- I gave him golf tips,
all up the boot to Italy.
What was I gonna do?
I can't say no to the guy.
Still can't.
- Oh, come on, when do
I ask you for anything?
- Oh, come on.
- Seriously-
- Look at him.
He almost believes in himself.
So JB, Frank tells me
that you are starting a golf
team at your high school.
- Yeah, that's right, yeah.
Our first practice is tomorrow.
And actually we can really use
a knowledgeable assistant coach.
- What did I tell you?
There it is.
- I rest my case.
- Think about it.
All right?
- Cheers.
- So?
- What?
- Club's closed Mondays, right?
- God, do you ever stop?
- No one's there.
The boys gotta play
on grass eventually.
- Let me ask you something.
Are they any good?
- Well, they, you know
they, they can be.
- You don't even know.
- Why does it even matter?
- Well, well, of course
it matters.
I don't want a bunch of
kids tearing up my course.
- No, the most important
thing is that people see
Mexican kids golfing.
All right, that's
good enough for now.
- Good for who?
- For the kids, for everybody.
People need to see us as
more than just caddies
and cannon fodder.
Well, just think about it.
He looks thirsty.
- Yeah, I want him to
suffer a little bit.
Maybe it'll
change his mind.
- What?
- I'm, I'm kidding.
- Here.
- So this is what it
might have felt like.
- What?
- For you to have
a son of your own.
He even kinda looks like you.
- That's not what this is about.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Think you made your point.
I get it.
- Get what?
- Okay, maybe I don't get it.
Why don't you want
to join the team?
You obviously wanna play golf.
I play golf
every weekend.
- I mean on a real course.
Where people can see you play.
- My friends see me play.
- I'm talking about
important people.
- Well, they're important to me.
- Look, you know what I mean.
All right, just some opinions
matter more than others.
That's all I'm saying.
It's not fair, but that's life.
- The only opinion I
care about is mine.
- All right, well, tell me,
Joe, what do you want?
- Want?
- Yeah, five, ten, twenty
years from now.
What do you want from life?
You better figure it out.
'Cause life is,
well, it's a lot like golf.
Yeah, some days it's smooth
sailing on the fairway.
Other days you're
lost in the woods.
But as long as you can
keep your eye on that flag
you can always hack your way
back on the smooth ground.
But if you don't know what
you're aiming for, then...
I don't know.
Okay then maybe I'll just say
a few words, set expectations,
but jump in whenever you want.
All right, and then when
it comes to technique
you're the coach as
far as I'm concerned.
So I just defer to
whatever you want.
- JB, stop trying to
butter me up, all right?
I know what you need.
You need a white guy to
schmooze the officials
and get you into tournaments.
This is not a regular
thing, all right?
I'm not their coach.
You are.
- Yeah, but Frank, come on,
you love teaching the game.
- Yeah, to people who want to
learn and respect the game.
Yeah, but I don't want
to be a babysitter
to a bunch of
juvenile delinquents
who just want to get
outta detention.
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning boys.
Why don't you take a knee?
- Y'all working on a
sand trap down there?
- Yes sir.
It's a par three when we shoot
from here to the near flag
and a par four when
we shoot to the flag
at the bottom of the hill.
We just play it 18 times
for a full round.
- All right, well you
boys probably recognize
Mr. Mitchell here from
the country club, right?
- Of course sir.
- Yes.
- Well, he's a great instructor
and he's agreed just
this one time to come--
- And you,
you boys built all this?
- Yes, Mr. Mitchell.
- Call me Coach.
- Get you an extra nickel
if you get the grass stains
outta the white leather.
- Yes, sir.
- Oye, Qu onda?
- Hey, Pollo.
- Hey.
Where's your crew?
- Golf practice, I think.
- Golf practice?
What golf practice?
- The high school
started a team.
- Oh yeah?
And you weren't good enough,
and they left you behind?
Chingao man,
at least you know who
your real friends are now.
- Nah, I...
they didn't leave me behind.
I told them no.
- What, you don't want to play?
- I ain't gonna perform
in front of rich bastards
who don't respect me.
- Oh, well you know what?
I completely agree with you.
I mean, why put
yourself out there
where they can laugh at you.
- Right.
- That's why I never
take off my cage.
It's my invisibility suit.
It tells the gringos,
"Hey, I know my place.
You don't gotta
worry about me, huh?"
I mean, they'll
never respect you
but at least they
can't hurt you.
And that's the important part.
That's how I ended up here.
You done with the brush?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Thanks, Pollo.
We cleared out the
smaller mesquite trees
through there but the nopales
are kinda painful
to remove without gloves.
So we just treat
'em like sand traps..
- Yeah, you really don't want
to hit into those nopales.
- And this is where
we put the most work.
Clearing all the roots was
probably the hardest part.
- Well, it's a lot of work.
What do you think, Coach?
- Well, I think if you
can putt on these greens
you can put on anything.
I could help you out with that.
So I guess we're
inviting everyone now?
- Woohoo, boom, I told you,
50 cents cabrn!
- Thought I'd stop by,
show you all how it's done.
- Coach Mitchell, you know
Joe from the club, right?
- Oh yeah.
I seen him at the club out there
hitting balls when
nobody's looking.
- Yeah, well, I seen you too.
Hitting that bottle
when nobody's looking.
- Hey, Joe, I don't think-
- Oh no, no, no, no, no.
- Think you're pretty good,
don't ya?
Let's go find out.
You got a natural fade.
Can you hit a draw?
- Why would I want
to hit a draw?
- Cause if you're gonna
be in a tournament,
you're gonna have to
have all the shots.
Now, you got a good
left to right.
Can you hit it
right to left?
- Yeah, I can.
- Okay. Let's see it.
Want me to show you how?
- Nope, I got it.
- All right.
- Y'all don't wear gloves?
- Nah, never needed one.
- Hmm.
Now wait, hold on.
What's going on here?
- I'm left-handed, sir,
but I can still hit it
good this way, look.
- Yeah, no, no, I, I understand.
Just turn around.
Stay with that position.
Okay, what, what was
going on with your foot?
- It just feels more
natural this way.
- Natural, huh?
Don't do that, looks strange.
- Okay.
- Nope.
- Hey, Lupe, you don't,
you don't lock your
hands when you swing?
- No, sir.
I messed my hands up
in the fields
and it hurts if I
try to lock 'em.
- I understand it might hurt,
but just, just try it.
- Why don't you just let
us do it how we do it?
- Yeah.
- Let you do it how you do it?
you used to work
the fields, right?
- We all did.
- Well, so did I.
How'd you spot a newbie?
- Uh, wear short sleeves
on the first day.
- Yeah, I did that.
I got burned pretty good.
- And how'd the bosses
treat the new guys?
Gave them the rows
with the least tomatoes.
Don't make no
money on the bad rows.
- That's right.
You see, there are
unwritten rules
that tell everybody you
know what you're doing.
And when you break those rules,
you get less opportunity.
Now, our goal here is to
win tournaments, right?
And hopefully eventually make
it to state championship.
First, I mean, we've
gotta get on the course.
And the only way to do
that is to play the game
the way it's supposed
to be played.
So that means when
you guys show up here
even on your course to practice,
I want shirts tucked
in and a belt, right?
And no shorts.
And, and lastly, and, and
probably most importantly,
I don't wanna hear
Spanish on the course, ever.
All right, understood.
We gotta look and act
like we belong here.
Got it?
Let's get back to work.
- All right boys.
Let's get everything together
as quietly as possible.
It's time to head out.
Uh oh.
Who is that?
- That's Pollo,
the grounds keeper.
Oh man.
- I'll go talk to him.
- All right.
- How long do you go to
jail for trespassing?
- Ah, don't worry about it.
You're not going to jail.
- Obviously, we're just kids.
I'm wondering how long
you'll be going to jail.
Hey, come on over.
He wants to show us something.
Now y'all are
serious about this, huh?
- About what?
- This thing you started,
you're not gonna quit on me?
- Yeah, we're serious.
- Good, then you're the
ones I've been waiting for.
Come on in.
are you serious?
Look at all this stuff.
This is old man Herbert's stuff.
- Is this for us?
- Yeah.
This is my size.
- I call this set.
- You know, Pollo,
maybe we better keep this
whole situation between us, huh?
- What situation?
- The, the gear,
and us practicing on
the course and all.
I mean, don't want to
get you in trouble.
- What are they gonna do?
Put me in a cage?
- Oh, sorry, boys.
But caddies aren't allowed
in tournament play.
- Oh, they're not caddies.
- Eugene Patterson.
You must be Coach Payne.
So glad we could squeeze you in.
So where are your players?
- I'm Frank Mitchell.
I think you mean Coach Pea.
Yeah, he's the head coach.
- Hey, hey.
Payne works too.
Thank you for having us.
And these are actually
our players right here.
- Oh, when we spoke on the phone
I just assumed
you were American.
- Well, you, you assumed
- Great.
good luck to you all.
- Thank you Mr. Patterson.
- Thank you.
- Good thing we
tucked in our shirts.
- All right, Gene's gonna
be running around
keeping track of
your scores for us.
So if you have a question
for me or Coach Frank,
tell him, we'll try and meet
you at the next tee box.
- Now look, you're gonna have
a lot of eyes on you out there
and you're gonna have a
tendency to overswing.
So don't.
Just stay calm.
- Frank!
- Stay with...
Hey, Glenn. How are you?
Judge Cox, how are you?
- Mr. Glenn.
Good to see you again.
- Of course.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is Milton Cox.
This Mr. Pea.
He's the superintendent
over at San Felipe.
- That's right. Yeah.
- Yes.
- Oh that's great.
- You got a boy in
this tournament?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Four, actually, the
Mustangs outta San Felipe.
- I didn't realize San Felipe
had a golf team.
- Well, it's our first year,
but wait 'til you see
'em on the course.
I mean, they took to
it like ducks to water.
I think you will be
genuinely impressed.
- I'm, I'm sorry,
Mr. Patterson invited y'all?
- Oh, Eugene, yeah.
He's happy to have us here.
- Excuse us.
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you again.
All right, everybody
stand up straight now.
Are they looking over here?
- Who?
- Fix your shirt.
Look happy to be here
for Christ's sake.
All right dammit,
not that happy.
It's not the Mickey Mouse Club.
- They're laughing at us.
- Yeah just, just forget
about that for a minute.
Look, if we wanna go to State
we have to get invited
to more tournaments.
So you boys go out there.
Remember your
etiquette, alright?
No joking around.
And stay serious,
but don't look angry
even if you hit a bad shot.
Now this might be the only
tournament we ever get to play.
- Well, the only thing
you forgot to say
was have fun out there.
All right?
You too.
- Right.
- Now come on, let's go warm up.
- Have fun out there.
- Pass your cards to the right,
Hopefully he plays
golf better than he caddies.
- Gentlemen, thank you
all for participating
in the 16th annual Monte Christo
Juniors Tournament.
In first place,
Johnson High School
with a score of 318!
In second place--
- Hey, boys, listen up.
- I was just talking to
Mr. Patterson over there.
He was very impressed the way
you handle yourselves today.
- Finally, in third place
trailing close behind--
- And he invited us to play
in another tournament
next month.
- Yeah!
- Yay.
- Great sportsmanship.
- Wa ha!
- Food!
- Food, food, food, food.
Food, food, food.
- What do you say, Frank?
Get these boys some food?
- I think it's about time.
- All right.
- I am getting a steak dinner.
- How 'bout a hamburger?
- Can we get pie too?
- Why not?
I dunno about
this last one.
- I'm gonna get some-
- They're not gonna serve you.
They're just gonna
ignore ya 'til you leave.
Might be able to find
food closer to Laredo.
- This isn't right.
- Joe.
Come here.
- JB, what are you doing?
- One second, Frank.
Excuse me.
How you doing?
- Kitchen's closed.
- Look, I'm JB, this
is Joe right here.
Our golf team just
finished a tournament.
- Hey, Arnie, this here Mexican
speaks pretty good English
but apparently he
don't understand it.
- Joe, come on.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
What's your problem?
- I didn't realize
I had a problem.
Hey, Arnie, looks
like we got a problem.
- Sit down.
Well, hey, Curly.
What you gonna do with that bat?
Shit, what was that?
- You can't speak English.
I don't understand English, huh?
- Whoa!
Hey! Hey!
- Joe!
Get over here!
Come on.
- That's a fore!
Get in the car.
Did you guys see that?
That thing broke.
- Joe.
- Holy shit, Joe.
- Joe!
You're still coming over
the top a little bit.
I want you to work on that
before the next tournament.
Yes sir.
Mustangs, Mustangs!
- Pull the car over.
- Mustangs.
- Quiet!
Pull the car over.
- All right, all right.
- Get outta the car.
Come on.
Don't grab me like that.
- Let me ask you something.
How'd that make you feel?
You feel good?
- Yeah, it did.
- What do you think
they're gonna do
to the next group of Mexicans
that walks in that diner?
- Well maybe they'll think
twice before insulting one.
- Or maybe they'll just
crack their skulls on sight.
Look, I fought and almost
died for this country.
Now people like that treat
me like dirt all the time.
You think I don't
wanna break things?
How is that gonna change
how they feel about us?
All right.
Dammit, Joe.
- Go fetch the paper.
- Yes sir.
The dog got to it again.
- Finish loading up the truck.
I'll be out there in a minute.
Yes, sir.
- Put it underneath that tree.
Hey Juanca, make some space.
- Hey, Mr. putt putt!
- Hey.
- Hola, mijo.
- Hey, look who it is.
- Joe, can you believe it?
Check it out.
- Shut up, put this away.
- What do you mean,
you're famous, man.
- Guys, what are you up to?
- Did you not hear?
- Hear what?
- You know, Joe's in the-
- Oh, Senor Raul's saying
that he's gonna
outgrill you this year.
- Ah, that old man's
always talking crap.
Go gimme those chairs.
- Why don't you two come
help me with the chairs?
- What's up?
- Joe!
- Hey Daniela.
You see my boy in
today's newspaper?
- All right, come on.
- Oh yeah, I think I saw that
when I used the paper
to light the grill.
- Okay, well, she
doesn't care, so...
- Oh, she does.
Gene and I are also on the team.
I'm supposed to be team
captain, but you know-
- Hello, mija.
These guys messing with you?
- Hi, Mr. Trevio.
- I guess I gotta get those
chairs on my own, huh?
- Oye Adelio, tell me something.
- Raul, my son tells me
you've been talking.
- No, no, no, I just
wanna find out
how a vato like you can have
a dandy for a son, mira!
You know what I'm saying?
I know you were
thinking the same thing.
- Yeah, he must take
after his mother.
- Damn right he did.
Thank God for that.
Oye, did I ever tell you
that I used to do body work
in San Antonio for a golfer
named Carl Peters?
- No.
- Are you serious?
- Hey, Mr. Raul, did you
know that Felipe here
is actually team captain?
- Oh, the captain?
Qu pasa? Then for sure,
you know Carl Peters.
- I mean, I wouldn't say
I'm El Capitn pero-
- Can you help my
dad with the chairs?
I'll be, I'll be right back.
I just wanted to say thanks
for saving me back there.
- Looks like you still
got some bigger problems
to deal with.
- How do you figure?
- You're the cockiest
guy in school,
you show off about everything.
- What? Come on.
- And now that you actually
have something to brag about,
you play it down.
- Well, maybe I just don't see
what the fuss is all about.
- Well, then you're
dumber than I thought.
- Wanna walk with me?
Butterflies, huh?
- Hmm?
- I, your-
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, I don't,
I don't know why I get so
tongue-tied with you.
- I have wondered
about that myself.
You don't find me
interesting or what?
- No, no, no, no.
It's, it's, it's, it's not that.
It's just, it's just,
when you look at me
and the stuff I usually
say to people just seems,
I don't know.
- Come on.
- Ready?
Nobody knows this,
but I come up here
with a notebook
and write stories.
What kind of stories?
- Just short stories, for now.
Little things about the town.
But one day I want
to write a real book.
Tell the world
about our life here.
- I don't know anyone in
this town that writes books.
- Me neither.
That's why I wanna
go to the city.
You see that red building there,
just beyond the water tower?
- That's the furthest
I've ever been from home.
My mom says the city
is no place for a girl.
Sometimes I think she's right.
But if you can be a golfer,
maybe she's wrong.
- Papa no!
- You think these
people respect you, huh?
- Let me go!
- You stupid little
wetback golfer
with your stupid hat.
- No!
- You're never going to
be anything to them.
They're laughing at you.
You hear?
You're an embarrassment.
- Mr. Glenn,
good to see you.
Judge Cox,
how are you?
- Mr. Pea, wh-wh-what
brings you out today?
- Well, we got 10:30 tee time
with Frank and Gayle.
- Is that right?
- I'm Lucy.
- Oh, I apologize.
This is my wife, Lucy.
- Yes, this is my wife Alice,
and this is Milton's wife,
- It's a pleasure
to meet you, Lucy.
- And what a bold
idea for a lady
to wear trousers
on a golf course.
I must say the idea never
would've occurred to me.
- Well, I mean, we
really couldn't ask
for better weather,
right, for golfing?
What time do y'all tee off?
- Well, also at 10:30
with Frank and Gayle.
- Oh.
- Hey, sorry we're late,
we were hitting balls.
Did we miss the small talk?
JB, I assume you already
commented on the weather, right?
- Frank didn't tell us
we were playing
with other couples today, so.
- Did I not?
Oh, sorry.
Well, Don here, he
asked me to bring along
another couple for my team,
so I figured, hey,
it's a great time for
y'all to get acquainted.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, see, the
thing is, Frank,
Don and I like to
play for stakes
and I'm not sure that the
Peas will be comfortable
with the amount that we're
gonna be playing for.
- Yeah, I think, Frank, you
should just go and play--
- We're comfortable
playing for stakes.
How much?
- $50.
- Oh, come on, Judge.
- What?
That's a lotta money.
- Yeah, that's a
bit rich for us.
So sorry about that.
- We'll do it.
- Lucy, hold on a second.
Lucy, what are you doing,
we can't afford that.
- Well, that won't
matter if we win.
- Look, $50, I mean, that's
a bit rich for us, too.
- Oh, come on, Frank.
You and JB are better than them.
When are you gonna get another
chance to impress these guys?
I mean, will you two
just grow a pair.
- Doesn't have 50 bucks.
So, don't worry about it.
- All right Judge,
tell you what.
$50, I mean, that's
a lotta cash.
I don't think I have $50 on me.
But what do you say we
play for clubs, hmm?
If you win, you get our sets.
If we win, vice versa.
- Well Frank, we have
real nice sets of clubs
and no offense, Mr. Pea,
but your clubs aren't
the same value as ours.
- Yeah, these are my
grandfather's clubs,
so they really have no
value to anybody but me.
- Yeah.
- Now, wai-wai-wait, hold on.
Frank, is that a McGregor
set you got there?
- Yeah, basically the same set
Middlecoff won the Masters with.
- Well okay,
let's go.
Where you
been hiding her?
- All right, let's go.
- Should I try a wedge?
- What difference does it make?
- JB, come here.
Girls, come here.
- Look, if the idea here
is to win these guys over,
I think it's backfiring on us.
- Hit it.
- Lucy, Gayle, you're too good.
We need you to throw the round.
- What?
No, no.
- We are humiliating them
in front of their wives.
- Well, it's what they
asked for, isn't it, Gayle?
- I don't know, Lucy.
I mean, Mr. Glenn's
my boss, after all.
- He's mine, too.
- JB, these are your
grandfather's clubs.
- Yeah Frank, I mean,
- I'll find you
another set of clubs.
- It's not about that--
- But look, if you wanna
win these guys over,
the time to do it is right now.
Otherwise, I think things
are gonna get really
difficult for us.
By that, I mean the boys.
- Well, I just
don't understand--
Hey Gayle,
you're up.
- Gayle, it's okay.
- All right, let's go, come on.
- Okay.
- Great shot, darling.
- Thank you, baby.
- Very impressive game, fellows.
- Yeah, we were
sweating it there
for a minute, but we
pulled it together
on the back nine there,
didn't we Don?
- Absolutely.
Wow, would you look at
these beauties?
- Hey look, fellows.
JB's clubs, they're
not worth very much,
and I think there's some
sentimental value to them.
Why don't we just let them go?
Are you kidding me?
I won those by beating
the great Frank Mitchell.
I'm gonna hang them on my
office wall like a trophy buck.
What do you think Mr. Pea?
- Well, I think, uh,
you definitely earned some
bragging rights today, sir.
- See there, Frank?
It's a true gentleman in defeat.
I respect that.
- Good game.
All right, ladies,
drinks are on me.
Great job.
- Did you know why I always
take the long way home
to avoid the park?
It's all the mothers, you know?
Laughing, chatting, bonding
while their kids play together.
They make me feel like there's
something wrong with me.
Do you know how hard
I've prayed for children?
I think about how
unfair it all seemed.
That feeling of being left out.
Maybe that's why I wanted to
beat those ladies so bad today.
It's so stupid.
- Lucy.
It's not stupid,
I understand.
- Yeah.
I know you do.
Okay, all right, that's...
Semper fidelis?
- Semper fidelis.
It means always faithful.
That's the motto of the
United States Marine Corps.
- My dad wants me
to be a Marine.
- Yeah.
- Nah, come in the
Air Force with me.
It pays better, right?
- Man, they won't let
no Mexicans fly planes.
- Then which one
you're gonna join?
- None of them.
You stupid or something?
- Why not?
It's better than
working the fields.
- You boys don't have to join
the military to be somebody.
- Why not Coach?
You did.
- It's different for us.
How many medals did you get,
Coach Mitchell?
- More than I deserved.
- How about you, Coach?
- No medals for me.
- Why not?
- Because they don't respect us.
- I don't need no medals
to love my country.
- Go Mustangs.
Go Mustangs. Go Mustangs.
- Go Mustangs.
- Okay, stop, stop.
- Hey, come here,
one more, one more.
is everything all right?
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
It just feels like
something's on your mind.
- Can't a girl just think?
- Well, it depends what
you're thinking about.
- Joe.
- What?
- Dani.
Is that you?
- Yeah mama, it's me.
- Home stretch, all right.
Two more holes.
And we're going to State.
- JB, I'm going to 18.
You coming?
- Yeah.
See you at the last hole.
- Hey,
put the flag back!
I can't see the hole.
- Hey, what's your problem?
- Joe!
- What's your problem, huh?
Hey, that boy has
to be disqualified.
- He is, he's leaving.
- He stepped on my line.
- Yeah, you gotta leave.
What are you doing, Joe?
- We're tossing his score.
Sorry boys.
Season's over.
- Can't we use
Gene's score instead?
- Yeah, but,
lemme see your score card, Gene.
- Gene.
- I think I had a
pretty good day.
- You think you had
a pretty good day?
- You're better than me.
- Wait, does that mean?
- That means we're
going to State, boys.
- Oh, yes!
- Yes!
- State championship,
here we come.
Congratulations JB.
I know how much
this means to you.
- The thing we gotta
figure out is
what to do about Joe.
- Oh, will you let go of that?
Listen, the truth is,
that Tim Cox kid,
he's a little punk.
- Yeah, but that's not
what I'm talking about.
- Well, I'm not
saying Joe was right.
I'm not saying that.
- Ah, you don't get it.
- Yeah, I do.
- No, I'm saying
you don't get it.
- No, I do.
- Listen to me.
The only way these boys
are gonna advance in life
is by playing by
the rules,
There's no other way for us.
- You remember that
second day after we got
to Monte Casino
and I was ordered
to send your regiment
across the Gary River?
But you younger guys,
you didn't know it,
but it was a suicide mission.
All the commanders knew it.
I never told you this,
but I went to
Major Wingrove's tent
and I told him I
wasn't gonna do it.
I wasn't gonna send you
boys across that river.
He gave me two options.
He said I could follow
orders and be promoted,
or I could refuse and be court
martialed, but either way,
he was gonna send you
boys across that river.
And in the end,
I played by the rules,
and I got my promotion
and I got my medals.
And you boys, you got sent
into the meat grinder.
And we lost 1,300 that day.
The rules.
There ain't a day that goes by
that I don't wish that I'd
left that meeting in handcuffs.
- I'm telling you,
this is a bad idea.
- What are you talking about?
We gotta celebrate.
- Come on, we can't
be a mile away
from the border and not
visit our motherland.
ndale, vamos!
- The lady at the motel
said there's a raft
that can take us across.
- There.
- Are we going to Mexico
or the Land of the Dead?
Vamos pollito!
- Cool.
- I love the vibe here.
- I know, right?
Feels like home somehow.
- rale, this is our home,
this is our roots.
- Okay.
- I got this.
- Okay.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Look at me.
I'm an American.
- Let's get out of here.
- Hey, hold on guys,
I forgot something.
- Man, great idea, buddy.
- Shut up.
- Hey, take it Felipe, come on.
- Guys, go!
- Oh shit!
- Go, go, go.
- Go, go, go.
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go.
Guys, don't stop, come on!
Go, go, go!
- Hey!
Seor! Seor!
- How much longer?
- Why, are you nervous?
- Why would I be nervous?
- Oh.
- Oh my, Joe!
Don't be looking.
Where are we going?
- Okay.
I'm coming up on a stop,
it's getting a little bumpy.
- Here we go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right, no peeking.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, you can take it off now.
This is it, right?
The red building
near the water tower?
The furthest you've
been from home?
- You remembered.
- Of course I did.
- This is sweet, Joe.
- Yeah, well I wanted
to bring you here
because we're both gonna
be done with school
in a couple of months,
and I was hoping that
we could take
the next steps together.
- Joe.
- And I'm gonna be moving
outta my dad's house.
I can't afford no
fancy place right away,
but my tia, she
has a small house
on her property and she said
that we could stay there.
- Joe, I'm moving to Austin.
- What?
- I got accepted to a writing
program that starts in August.
God, I'm sorry, I was gonna
tell you after your tournament.
- No, no, no, it's okay.
- The whole thing
has been so crazy.
I sent them one of my stories
thinking I'd never hear back,
but they loved it.
Can you believe it?
They actually loved it.
- Wow, I'm happy for you.
You always wanted
to move to the city.
- Well, I was hoping
that you would come with me.
- To Austin?
What am I gonna do there?
- Anything you want.
They have golf
courses there, right?
You can get a job there.
- Come on, they're never
gonna hire someone like me.
- Well, maybe you could
go to school, too.
- School?
Yeah, right, go to school.
- Well, I don't know.
We'll figure it out, right?
Doesn't matter, as
long as we're together.
- What was that story about?
The one that you sent in,
was I in it?
- You?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean...
It was about me and my abuelita.
- Your grandma.
- What?
- Nothing.
I'm just surprised, that's all.
- About what, exactly.
- That people in the city
would find that interesting.
- So, what?
The only interesting
thing in my life
is you and your
little golf team?
- Yeah, well a lot of
girls would be happy
that their boyfriend's in
the state championship.
- Oh, lot of girls, really?
- Yeah, but it's okay because
that story's exciting, too.
- What is wrong with you?
- With me?
I just don't want them to
laugh at you, that's all.
You know, the little
wetback who writes about
her abuela's enchiladas.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the
1957 Texas State Championship.
- It's a two-day
so I need you to
play conservatively
until we get comfortable
on the course.
Now, they're only gonna
count our top four scores,
but I need all
five of you to play
like it counts in case we
need your score, understood?
Look, this is what we
worked towards, okay?
The stage doesn't get
much bigger than this.
It's time to perform.
You boys ready?
Yes, you are.
One, two, three.
- All right, go warm up.
Come on, boys.
- Oh, we got a wiley one here.
Oh, so close.
- Hey, right here, that's mine.
- Can you watch this?
- Uh-oh.
- That's it,
that's the one.
- Hey, stop!
- Oh look, a spot opened up.
- My man, Joe!
- Looks like we're
in second place.
- By how many strokes?
- Don't worry about that.
Just keep doing
what you're doing.
We'll be in a strong
position for tomorrow.
- Joe Trevio.
You're under arrest.
- Wait, hold on.
- What's going on?
- Stay back. He's under arrest.
- No, this is a mistake.
You stay back,
or you're going to jail, too.
- Hey.
- He was there, too.
The both of them
was at my diner.
- Hey.
What's the word?
- Still waiting.
What did the officials decide?
- Well, he didn't
finish the last hole,
so we gonna have to use
Gene's score as a backup.
- Yeah, and?
- That put us in fifth.
- Fifth place, uh, we...
Can we come back from that?
- Not without Joe.
- JB, you can come on in now.
Frank, you too.
- Pea, you care to have a seat?
- No, I think I'll
stand, sir, thank you.
Joe, you all right?
- I'm afraid not, the
young man refuses to talk,
but we have all the evidence
we need at this point.
- You are the Judge after all.
- Frank, stay outta this.
You don't think I know you've
been sneaking these boys
on this our course at night?
- But it's true, I am the Judge,
and boys make mistakes
from time to time.
As you know, I have
a son his age,
and I just don't think
there's any need
to ruin this young man's future
over one bad decision, so
I got the diner owners
to drop the charges,
under the condition
that the window damage
is repaid in full,
and the boys do some kind
of community service.
- Of course, of course,
they'll do whatever's
required, right?
thank you, sir.
- And one final condition.
- Yes, sir.
- The San Felipe golf team
has dissolved permanently.
- Sir, I-
- You've had an impressive run
but I think we can all agree
that this little experiment
has run its course.
- I'm sorry, JB.
you can go ahead
and take off his cuffs now.
- It was me.
- Excuse me?
- That's my ball.
I broke the windows.
- Wait, Coach--
- I take full responsibility.
Joe and the team will finish
the tournament with Frank.
- No, no, JB, you
really shouldn't.
- Just hold on a second, Don.
We were willing to pardon
this young man's actions,
but I don't think the law
will be as lenient
with you in this case.
I don't expect that the
School Board will either.
Now, I appreciate what
you're doing for these boys.
It shows that you're
a man of character.
I respect that.
Now, Don tells me you've
showed an interest
in joining this club,
is that right?
Hey, Don, don't you
think you could make an
exception for a man of
Mister Pea's caliber?
- Uh, yes, yes, I-I think so.
- There you have it,
no one goes to jail.
No one loses their job,
and you become the
first Mexican member
of the Del Rio Country Club.
Sounds like everybody
wins to me.
- What do you say, JB?
- You should choose your next
words carefully, Mister Pea.
Or I promise you,
you'll never step foot on a
Texas golf course again.
- Good luck to you
and your boy, sir.
- Man of character,
I respect that.
- They're gonna need it.
- You son of a...
- JB--
- No, Don,
that boy should still
be disqualified.
On what ground?
- Well, I don't know,
dammit just do something!
- Hey.
How'd you get me out?
- No, Principal Guerra did.
- Chief Reyes is
my dad's cousin.
- No, hombre, your abuela
Vidalia was my mom's aunt.
- Yes, I, yes, okay,
we're double related.
- Your abuela was Vidalia Ortiz?
- She was.
- Vidalia was
my great aunt, man.
- Marranito?
Look at you.
You lost weight!
I-I guess we're cousins too,
that's Del Rio for you.
- Yeah.
- S, s.
- Pollo, is that you?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing
out here, cabrn?
- What does it look like?
Fifth place.
- Oh, you come out here to
feel sorry for yourself, huh?
Why don't you take your
pity party somewhere else?
'Cause your salty tears
are going to kill my grass.
- Mm, okay.
- You kids today, all act
like the world owes
you something.
I got news for you.
This country is not
your mama's pecho.
- I-I-I'm not looking for pity.
- Hmm?
- And I'll tell you
something else.
I serve my country.
- Oh, that was you?
- Yeah, yeah, just
like everybody else.
I guess the only difference is
when we came back there wasn't
parades or fireworks
or invitations to
the White House.
There's no thanks
for our service.
It's like we fought for
someone else's country.
You know, like, I don't know,
like we didn't count.
Oh, ow.
- Pollo, are you all right?
- My heart, that's such
a sad story.
- Forget it, come on.
- Hey, you know what?
I served in the war too.
I fought, you know, the war to
end all wars, the Great War.
But you know what these
vatos never gave me?
A gas mask, huh.
You ever been in a trench with
mustard gas and no gas mask?
- No.
- No, I didn't think so.
But you want a parade, huh?
Yeah, we can have a
parade with balloons, huh?
- Okay, you had
it worse than me.
Is that supposed to
make me feel better
or something like that?
- Well,
I guess nobody
ever told you, huh?
Life ain't fair.
I mean, I didn't
ask for this face.
- Ah, come on,
it's not that bad.
- But you know, I-I understand
if people are jealous
when they look at me.
- Oh.
- My brother Chucho,
he can't even stand in
the same picture with me
'cause I make him look bad.
- Mm, right.
- You know, that's just life.
Sometimes you land
on the green,
sometimes you're in the bunker,
but you always play it
as it lies.
But I tell you one thing.
Nobody can stop a man who
can get out of a bunker.
- All right, everybody out.
Come on.
All right, everybody
huddle up,
I got somebody here wants to
say a few words to you.
- Morning, fellas.
- Hey, Coach.
- Just wanted to, uh,
wish you luck.
And, well,
somewhat apologize.
- Apologize for what?
Hey, this ain't
your fault, Coach.
- No, I'm not talking
about yesterday.
I'm talking about
this whole year.
You guys ever heard
of Bobby Jones?
- Probably the greatest
golfer of all time.
- Yeah.
- That's right.
Yeah, he used to say
that golf was played
on a five-inch course--
the space between your ears.
Right, this game is,
this game is mental.
Right, your real opponent
isn't out there on the course.
It's right here.
Now, if I'm being honest,
when I started this team,
I just wanted to be a member
of that club right there.
I showed you boys the
rules of the game.
You know, how to smile,
how to act, how to dress,
showed you boys how to fit in
so they wouldn't laugh at you.
they wouldn't laugh at me.
Yeah, all I wanted was
for them to accept us.
Today's different.
Today, you have the opportunity
to make 'em respect us.
Now, these teams, they're
the best in the state,
and they've had access to a
lot of things you boys haven't.
Best courses,
top-of-the-line gear.
a better coach.
But the best golfer isn't the
one with the fanciest clubs
or the nicest shoes
or any of that stuff.
It's the one who
can summon the will
to keep swinging when
things get tough.
Until you-your
hands are bleeding,
you got sweat on your face
and sand in your eyes
but you keep moving
towards that flag.
And that's you boys,
every single one of you.
All right, you,
you belong here.
Don't let anybody
tell you otherwise.
Not even me.
Let's get 'em,
Mustangs on three,
okay, come on, okay.
One, two, three.
- Good shot.
- We're in first, aren't we?
- Yes.
But look, I want you to play
like you're behind, all right?
Stay focused.
Bring it home.
- I'm sorry, I was about...
- Can you do me a favor?
I got my tractor with a
range armor in it over there.
Can you keep an eye on it for
me for like say 30 minutes?
- Sure. Yeah.
- The keys are in the ignition.
- Okay.
- You got 30 minutes.
- You grounded your
club in the sand.
That's a two-stroke penalty.
- I did not ground my club.
- I say you did.
- But you're lying.
- Yeah, well, it's
your word against mine.
Who's gonna believe a wetback?
That makes you mad, huh?
What are you gonna do about it?
Do something.
- Come on, Joe, let it go.
- Come on.
Do something.
Hit me, you stupid wetback.
- So proud.
- Thanks Coach.
- I'm so proud of you.
- I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you.
- Here's your trophy, Coach.
- Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute.
What about the award ceremony?
- Doesn't look like
the weather's
gonna let us do it this year.
- Ho-hold on.
That's bullshit.
- Maybe next year.
- Shame on you, Roberts.
Hey, come on boys,
get your heads up.
Listen, today, you boys showed
honor and dignity, right?
You earned your
right to be here.
So, I want you to straighten
your backs, raise your chins,
and march through that
Clubhouse and show your respect
for the game
and for yourselves.
- It's okay.
Felipe tuck in your shirt.
Everybody, straighten up.
- Come on, boys, I'll lead
you there myself, come on.
- It's fine, Coach,
we can do this.
- Take this with you.
- You did it, yes!
- JB.
You got a call.
- No, it's too hot.
- Hello?
Hey, Coach, it's Joe.
- Hey, Joe, what's going on?
- I just wanted to let you
know that I won't be able
to make tomorrow's tee time.
- No, it's all right.
How about, uh, how about Sunday?
I don't think
I can make that either.
- Hey, everything okay, Joe?
- I think so.
I finally got my
eye on the flag.
Bye, Coach.
- Bye, Joe.