The Long Night (2022) Movie Script

Jack, have you seen my phone?
Hello, grace.
This is frank Caldwell again.
Just wanted to check in and let you know
I've been doing some more of that research
out here into your family.
I found some real interesting stuff.
I think you're going to be surprised.
Just so you know if I
ain't here when you guys
get to my place, just let yourself in,
make yourself at home.
Key's under the flower pot out front.
Anyways, you kids drive
safe, I'll see you real soon.
Bye now.
Oh yeah, watch out for snakes.
You smell good.
What was that, Caldwell again?
Yeah, just confirming again.
Seems eager to meet you.
He's just being polite,
it's a southern thing.
You really think this guy
can help you find your parents?
I hope so.
He's the first real lead
I've had in 10 years.
Well no matter what
happens, I've always loved
a woman of mystery, it's very mysterious.
Okay, I need to finish packing.
It's going to be hell
getting out of the city.
I just, look, I don't want
you to be disappointed
if it's another dead end.
That's why I am happy
you're coming with me.
Yeah, about that.
I was thinking maybe we
could take a little detour.
What kind of detour?
Well, it's not exactly on the way,
but waterfront property,
obnoxious rich people,
overrated Italian food.
You want me to meet your parents?
Yes, I want you to meet my parents.
- Is that a yes?
- Yes.
Yes, Jack.
Yes, I mean a little warning
would have been nice.
They're going to love you.
They don't love anyone,
but they will love you
because I love you.
No pressure.
Okay, well, maybe I should, you know,
get my hair done, just in case.
You are perfect in any haircut.
You could shave your head
right, you'll be perfect.
Don't worry, everything's
going to be fine.
J" when I die, let the
wolves enjoy my bones j"
j" when I die, let me go j"
j" when I die, let the
wolves enjoy my bones j"
J" when I die, let me go j"
J" when I die, you can
push me out to sea j"
j" when I die, set me free j"
j" when I die, let the
sharks come 'round to feed j"
j" when I die, set me free j"
j" oh, the world is dark j"
j " and I've looked as far as I can see j"
j " when the years have torn me apart j"
J" let me bej'
What you know good, little lady?
New York, huh?
That obvious?
I saw the plates.
You said you could close
this deal so close it.
I'm giving it to Steve.
We both live there.
I'm originally from around these parts.
Lucky guy.
Hey, dude.
You don't have a card swipe.
Cash only.
Do you have a bathroom?
Shitter's around the back.
Want to give me one of those?
Come on, grace, just talk to me.
You made me feel like shit, Jack.
The entire weekend.
Look, my parents are old school.
Old money and no one's going to be
good enough for my mother, I warned you.
No, it's not your parents.
It's how you made me feel.
You didn't stick up for me once.
Gracie, I'm sorry.
Can we please move on?
Mr. Caldwell, hello?
He said he'd be here.
Well he said if he wasn't around
to let ourselves in.
What are you, trespassing?
He told me where the key was, Jack.
This is the south, they
shoot to kill out here.
Yeah, like they don't kill people
in New York or Chicago?
You know what I mean.
It's the 21st century south.
Mr. Caldwell, hello?
It's grace Covington.
Wonder where he is.
Furnished by Norman bates.
Well, I'm excited to be here.
I think it's amazing.
Seems like nobody's home.
Frank, are you here?
I wonder where he is.
Smells like something died in here.
Sure hope there's another bedroom.
Looks like my mother's handbag.
Come on.
I need you to take this seriously.
This is important to me.
Surprise, more creepy shit.
I'm going to find the whiskey.
This shit is everywhere in here.
Come on.
And it's a sober house.
I want to see the back.
This place is magic.
We could live here.
Or not.
You're not from the south,
you wouldn't understand.
You're right, I don't.
But I do love you.
Thank you.
Thank you?
Grace, I know this
weekend wasn't the best,
but these things happen.
I know.
I'm going to go for a run.
Can you get the bags?
J " I dreamed of a time j"
j" when little hands were holding mine j"
j" and the plans j"
j" that we made j"
j" had fallen apart and gone away j"
j " and in the end you'll find j"
j" not all of us were meant to shine j"
J" a fleeting glimpse j"
J" a knowing look j"
j" one last kiss j"
j" can you be there for me? J"
Mr. Caldwell, hello?
We're at the plantation.
- Jack.
- Shit
what happened?
There was a snake up there.
Okay, come here.
I got you.
There's like a serious redneck
art installation out there.
Skulls and shit.
That's a totem.
Like a totem pole?
No, it's supposed to
keep evil spirits away.
Hillbilly voodoo.
It's a southern thing.
okay, you have one more
piece, but it's a big one.
Jack, just pull it out.
Okay, count of three.
I'm going to get a first aid kit.
That should hold you over,
but you need stitches.
Need to get you to an er.
Jack, we just got here.
We can't leave.
Let's just get out of here.
This whole thing is weird.
Snake, smell, all of it.
I know that it's been a lot.
A lot?
You know what I've been through.
My whole life to feel...
I'm not going to pretend
I know what it's like
to grow up in a foster home,
but my childhood wasn't easy.
My family can be kind of tough at times.
Yeah, but you have one.
I don't.
Jack, I am sorry.
I don't know what it is about this house,
but I have to stay.
Hey, I know this is important to you.
I promise we're not going to leave
until we get some answers.
The door's stuck.
What was that?
What was what?
That sound and the door.
Something's wrong here,
frank never showed up,
we're here alone, everything's weird.
Look, we need to leave right now.
Let me get the bags in the car.
My phone's on the nightstand.
I couldn't find your phone.
I told you it's on the nightstand.
I looked, mine's not
where it was either.
I'm going to put this stuff in the car
and I'll check one more time.
Jesus Christ.
What is it?
Stay back.
Oh my god, Jack.
Jack, get inside.
Not fucking funny, guys.
You know what this is?
This is some good old
boys trying to scare us.
Yeah, well I'm scared.
Shit's been weird
ever since we got here,
we're being catfished.
No one's catfishing us.
I was the one who found this place.
I was the one who called him.
Where is he?
Where's your Mr. Caldwell?
I don't know!
This is the plan.
I'm going to pull the car
around and we're getting
the fuck out of here.
What about our phones?
Fuck the phones, I'll
buy you 10 phones tomorrow.
You guys want to fuck with me?
Jack, what are we going to do?
Looks like some kind of a cult,
skinhead klan gang.
The klan doesn't kill
cats, they kill people.
Then what is this?
- How am I supposed to know?
- You're from the south.
So these are your people.
Those aren't my people, Jackson.
I'm sorry, I'm just...
No, explain it to me.
I've never seen
anything like this before.
They don't teach this shit at Princeton.
It's weird how they're just
standing there not moving.
It works.
Can you hear me?
Well done, guys.
You don't mess around.
Listen, you had your fun,
you scared us good.
Now how about you take
your little seance...
Seance up the street.
Jack, stop.
This is private property
and you are trespassing.
And my dad's a litigator and he'll
fuck you up in court.
And your hats look stupid.
- What are we going to do?
- Just wait here.
We don't want
you, give us the girl.
We'll let you go.
Otherwise, you will not
live to see the sunrise.
Were you just on the phone?
Yeah, it rang and then...
It's dead.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, for what?
I brought us here.
No, n0, no, no, no.
I was thinking we should
come back for the 4th,
bring my parents.
Maybe it's the cops.
It could be them.
I gotta find out.
Who the fuck are you?
Well, you kids are in
the wrong fucking house.
Man, you have no fucking idea.
He might not be one of them.
Fuck yeah he is.
I'm only going to
say this one more time:
Who the fuck are you?
Okay, an we calm down
and stop with the "fucks"?
Fuck no.
Where's Gage?
The fuck is Gage?
This is his goddamn house.
No, this is frank Caldwell's house.
Nobody calls him that.
I'm grace, this is Jack.
Frank, Gage, invited us.
Invited you to do what?
To find my parents.
Who are your parents?
That's the thing, I don't know.
Guys, can we pick
this up a little later?
We have a real situation.
No, no we can't do this later.
If you don't tell me who the fuck you are
and what's going on here, I'm gonna
start swinging this thing.
Try me pal, I'm a black belt.
A black belt in what, trespassing?
Okay, listen.
I've been speaking with frank.
He said to let ourselves
in if he wasn't here.
And what happened, you got bored
and decided to skin that goddamn cat?
They did that.
Who's they?
Cloak and dagger outside.
There's nobody outside,
you high on something, boy?
Not fucking high.
I tell you what, how
about if I call the sheriff?
He'll come over here
and figure all this out.
Throw your asses in jail.
Already tried that, but by all means,
get the whole damn department out here.
Goddammit, that is what I'm going to do.
I'm going to call the sheriff.
Now put that poker down and both of you
stand over there by that window
where I can keep an eye on you.
Please don't leave us.
My phone's in the truck.
I'll be right back, darling.
Yeah, let him go, honey.
Better him than us
they're both high as a fucking kite.
Sheryl Lee?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it's Wayne.
Yeah listen, I need to talk to bill.
No, I haven't been drinking.
This goddamn reception out here.
Who is this?
Mister, come on.
Is that you, Brady?
All right, listen here.
You boys are trespassing
right now goddammit.
And it is within my legal
rights to do something about it.
You just stay right there, goddammit.
You said you tried to call the sheriff?
Yeah, line went dead.
Don't all you guys have guns?
Brother's got a 12 Gauge
shotgun up here somewhere.
He practically sleeps
with the goddamn thing.
You know who they are, don't you?
Well, you hear stories over the years.
All kinds of crazy shit
about cults and all that,
but I never paid it much mind.
Well it's time to pay it some mind.
What are they, devil worshipers?
Who are you?
I told you, I'm looking for my family.
Your brother's the
one who lured us here.
My brother.
My brother might be a dipstick idiot,
but I'll tell you right now he's not
part of some goddamn cult.
Now you on the other hand,
you seem to know an awful lot
about what's going on here.
Maybe you're part of it, maybe you
did something with my brother.
Come on, man, we're trying to
get away from the freak show, not join it.
Yeah, well right now we
better find that goddamn gun.
Son of a bitch!
You were dreaming.
Sounded like a nightmare.
I was running.
From what?
I don't know what it was.
I was in the woods and it was dark.
I had this overwhelming feeling like...
You ever have a dream
that you're running
no matter how hard you
try, you can't get away.
We've all had those dreams, grace.
I was so alone.
You're not alone,
you'll never be alone.
I'll always be with you.
Why are we still alive?
Jack, they can come in at any moment.
Why are they not killing us?
Why are they not coming in?
They could, but they're not.
I need that gun.
What the hell do you want from me?
It's at hand.
The equinox is upon us.
The serpent will sleep no longer.
Let us go!
The world has
been cruel to you, grace.
How do you know my name?
Don't you want to belong?
Leave us alone!
They were talking to me.
They knew my name.
It's empty.
There's shells upstairs.
Look at this.
I mean there must be dozens
of languages in here.
What is this, Latin?
"Et descendat anguis morsu in terra."
Six years of catholic school.
"The serpent will sink
its fangs into the earth."
It says here that pilgrims
fleeing persecution
arrived in the new world.
It was here they discovered
an ancient demon,
uktena, the serpent.
The settlers, seduced by uktena's power,
rejected their Christian
faith and began to
worship the demon as a god.
But the Indians Rose up,
slaughtering the pilgrims,
trapping the evil spirit on their land.
It is prophesied that
uktena's disciples will return
to free the demon and
manifest it in human form.
Here, the master carries within them
a perfect child to give the demon a host,
to burn away man, start anew,
but it must happen when
the portals are open
and the planets align
at the vernal equinox.
This will bring on
the long night.
What are we going to do?
I have no idea.
Go, go, go, go.
This ends now.
Fuck you!
Come on.
What's happening?
I gotta get you out of here.
I'm bleeding out.
Run ahead.
I'm slowing you down, run ahead.
I'm not going without you.
We came here because they wanted you.
- I can't.
- I need you to live.
No, no!
You can do this.
Go, go, go!
Oh my god.
Jack, Jack, Jack.
I'm here.
I got you.
I got you.
Stay back!
As it was ordained.
Welcome home.
This is not my home.
You're the first daughter
of the millennium master,
born with one purpose: To free our savior,
the serpent uktena,
from 400 years of prison
on this property.
I'm not a part of this.
The universe has a pattern, grace.
A natural order that must be maintained.
For 5,000 years, the serpent has been
the great equalizer, cleansing the evils
of man from the world with his venom.
You're a death cult
who worships a demon.
Just as a serpent sheds his skin,
so must the world be cleansed of sin.
The serpent poisons the
blood of the wicked,
prideful, the vicious, so that
the next renewal can begin.
You want to destroy the world.
To save it.
I don't believe you.
Yes you do.
Look what humanity has wrought,
all the pain and suffering.
Pain binds us.
Pain is a prison from
which no one can be free.
Don't you wish to be
free of your pain, grace?
Don't you wish the world
to be free of its pain?
And you are the vessel that will take
the spirit of uktena into the world
so the next cycle can begin.
No, no.
Grace, you can save the world.
You can save us.
As ordained though, it must begin tonight.
With the vernal equinox.
You are Julia grace
Serena Covington,
and I am your mother.
Welcome home, grace.
The serpent rises.
The long night begins.
We release you, lord uktena.
We, the guardians of the long night,
are your humble servants.
Instruct us.
Guide us
so that we may be
instruments of your renewal.
You are
the daughter of the first
millennium master, born with one purpose:
To free our savior, uktena,
from 400 years of prison on this property.