The Longcheng Mystery Case (2024) Movie Script

In the 26th year of Da Ye Gan Lu,
Emperor Shenzong, Long Aotian, is very ill.
While the internal conflict grows tenser,
a scheme is brewing within the Royal Court.
The Royal Secret Guards,
who are responsible
for the Emperor and the Princes' safety,
died mysteriously in just a few days.
This alerts the Emperor on the sickbed.
Prince Long Chi is ordered
to investigate secretly,
but is intercepted repeatedly
by unknown forces.
[LongCheng Mystery Case]
[Orchid Mansion]
What a good day with no case
or morning roll-call!
Unfortunately, I can't enjoy the breakfast
offered at the office.
But I can make some myself.
Chun Xi, Chun Xi!
The whirling foam turns into a jade pool.
The heavenly pastry dissolves
into the luxury tea.
My lady, the fish-eye tea is ready.
Fish eye tea?
It is made according to your recipe.
Is it really fish-eye tea?
It really is.
It smells good.
What is this?
You said
to put fish eyes in the fish-eye tea.
So you put real fish eyes in it?
- No, thanks, My Lady.
- You have to try it.
No, My Lady. Enjoy it yourself.
General Beifeng, do you
want to try the new...
Lady Xiaoxiao, stop it. It's serious.
Lu Sha is dead.
The Prince asked you
to investigate together
My goodness.
[Yi Manor]
So this is the crime scene?
It seems haunted.
It's dark, too
Why didn't you bring the corpse
back to town for autopsy?
Lady Xiaoxiao,
you made the rules.
Before you come,
no one shall approach the corpse.
I'm just testing you.
Oh no!
I forgot the cage.
What's wrong?
The cage,
I forgot to bring it.
We've prepared it for you.
Why did Lu Sha have to be murdered
on my day off?
Good Lord,
I beg for your blessings,
help me quickly close the case and go home.
My vacation is completely ruined.
what are you whining about?
Protect the scene.
As a good detective,
as an excellent female detective,
one not only needs
keen observation of details,
but also needs
reasoning skills,
Your Highness,
I think I know what happened.
Tell me.
I need a little favor.
Can you promise me
a vacation after closing this case?
Let me have some fun for a few days.
You are the Prince,
can't you be more generous?
I will talk.
The shoe prints towards the body are deep.
But those away from the body
are shallow.
the paces are different as well.
So I speculate
this is not the primary
scene of the murder.
Was carried here by someone.
There's another thing.
I wonder if you have noticed.
What interesting thing?
There are many mosquitoes
hovering around us,
but none land on the corpse.
The insects nearby
avoid the corpse as well.
What does that mean?
It means
that he died from poison.
Can you find out
what kind of poison is in him?
Judging from the smell of bitter almonds
in his mouth,
it's the Amsonia from Sanjiang.
Amsonia from Sanjiang?
It's what you might call oleander.
Of course, this is just my theory.
It will take time to verify it.
Your Highness, I have a question.
Go ahead.
Just when His Majesty
appointed you to investigate,
Lu Sha was murdered.
Moreover, the poison may likely come
from within the Palace.
I think we need to be prepared.
How could a Deputy Commander be poisoned
in just a few days without being noticed?
He was already poisoned
to death when found.
Also, Lu Sha was close to Long Gui.
I think there's something wrong with this.
I feel...
I feel there's a bigger scheme behind it.
It's set in motion
while His Majesty is not feeling well.
Look into it immediately.
Looks like we need to strike soon.
We can't keep the poisoning
of the head of the Secret Guards for long.
Yes, Master.
I didn't expect
they dared to lay a finger on you.
They're only probing for now.
There should be a big plot.
Oh no.
Beifeng, return to An's Mansion immediately
to protect Xiaoxiao.
Your Highness, what about you?
I will be fine.
The poison in Lu Sha
came from the Amsonia
in Sanjiang's tribute.
But the Amsonia is only used
to relieve cough.
It shouldn't be a problem.
Could it be that the imperial doctor
conspires with the murderer?
How did they pull it off?
if the imperial doctor is in this,
they are targeting more than
the Deputy Commander.
The Amsonia is only used
in the palace cautiously.
If their target is Long Chi or His Majesty,
it's really dangerous.
But what to do with Long Chi's kind heart?
How can we lure the murderer out?
Damn it.
Are they trying to stop Long Chi
from succeeding the throne?
Then I can't marry Long Chi either.
How did I become so thin?
It seems I need to eat now.
But I don't know how to cook.
Guess I have to do it myself.
Why am I always hungry at critical moments?
Get out!
Get out, all of you!
What makes you the apple of his eye?
Who's there?
What do you want?
Lady Lingyue.
Who are you?
How have you been?
I didn't know you were Prince Gui.
Please forgive me.
It's all right.
Lady Lingyue,
I'm here to work with you.
Work with me?
Who are you? How did you get in?
Don't move!
I'm warning you, I'm
really good at kung fu.
You don't know that?
Watch this!
Ouch, ouch! Watch!
Are you scared?
Let me show you
what a real kung fu master looks like.
Stay back!
Don't come any closer!
Let's move!
Break the door!
Get lost!
Greetings, Your Highness!
I wasn't expecting Your Highness.
Please forgive me
for my negligence.
It's all right.
I'm here to investigate.
Since it's about investigation,
please continue, Your Highness.
I'll take my leave.
Prime Minister An, please wait.
I need to discuss something with you.
Your Highness, this way
to my study, please.
Xiaoxiao is not feeling well.
Take her to rest.
Your Highness.
Lady Lingyue,
what are you looking for?
I'll make my daughter
to make amends for the trouble she caused.
Your Highness, please show us mercy.
I'm very grateful.
The mastermind is so vicious.
Please be cautious, Your Highness.
Prime Minister An, goodbye.
Father, please calm down.
I wasn't thinking straight.
I would never frame my older sister.
I will redeem myself.
You unfilial daughter!
You're grounded for two days.
Then go to Prince Gui's Mansion to probe.
Report any anomaly immediately.
Guard the mansion.
Don't let anyone get out,
or you will be punished.
[Breezy Pavilion]
Did you fail again?
I deserve to be punished.
Where is he now?
I saw him
at An's Mansion with Beifeng Wu.
[Breezy Pavilion]
I won't let my mother's death be in vain.
Go and put the secret letter
in the imperial doctor Lou You's residence.
And tell Lu Tu
that the death of Lu Sha
is related to the Amsonia used by Lou You.
ask both of them to meet in the woods.
Once they start fighting,
the following plan
will go smoothly.
[Breezy Pavilion]
Lord Lou.
Commander Lu Tu wants to meet you
in the woods outside the town tomorrow.
Please show up.
Master, it's done.
They are just pawns.
They will fight when they meet.
Blood will be spilled.
Pass my order,
everything goes according to the plan.
Yes, Master.
Let's see how Long Chi will deal with this.
Why am I here?
Am I dead?
I'm not dead.
How did I get back to my room?
Who saved me last night?
Oh my god.
I must have run into perverts last night.
Oh no.
Why are they targeting me?
Oh no!
My Lady,
you're awake.
How did you get in?
The door is not locked.
Listen carefully,
knock first from now on.
Got it?
Come here.
How did I get back?
I escorted you back.
Last night, it was Beifeng...
It was Prince Chi who saved you.
Chun Xi,
I've been busy with work lately.
So my brain is foggy
and I can't remember much.
you'd better keep your mouth shut.
My Lady, don't worry.
We know nothing.
Let me ask you this.
Where is my father?
He has already made arrangements.
Rest assured.
Good job.
Did they find anything?
Lady Lingyue
is grounded, though.
we dare not ask about it.
Okay, I won't make
things difficult for you.
- Go back to work.
- My Lady.
Let me help you change clothes.
Don't catch a cold.
No need.
I can do it myself.
Xiaoxiao, are you in the room?
How are you?
What are you doing?
Do you know how to knock?
I'm worried.
So you know everything.
Look at me.
It seems everyone knows now.
An Ding,
now you know everything,
what are you going to do?
What are your thoughts?
Catch the murderer as soon as possible.
Are you okay, Xiaoxiao?
Leave me alone.
You're not okay.
I was just kidding.
An Ding,
you are the Commander of the Royal Guards.
Let me ask you a question.
What disease does His Majesty have?
Typhoid fever.
Don't you know?
Of course, I know.
His Majesty is suffering
from typhoid fever.
Who is treating him then?
There must be many doctors for His Majesty.
Who should I ask
for the name of the doctor treating him?
Isn't that obvious?
Your future husband, of course,
Prince Long Chi.
That's right.
Long Chi.
Let's go and see Long Chi now.
I have nothing to do with Lu Sha's death.
The Amsonia is not from my place.
Prince Chi will find out.
From now on,
you don't have to come to me.
What does Long Chi promise you
that makes you so loyal to him?
Prince Chi doesn't have
to give me anything.
Because I believe
he will be a good emperor.
What makes you say so?
I think Prince Gui will be a good emperor.
Why Prince Chi?
The heir to the throne bears
the fate of the nation and people.
Always choose the wise rather than the old.
I think
that's what His Majesty wants, too.
What do you mean?
Commander Lu,
we have nothing in common.
I'll take my leave.
Don't you think everything will be fine
after Lu Sha's death.
Wang Quan.
Get changed.
The identity of the men wearing wolf masks
who intercepted us is still unclear.
I think
those dead Secret Guards
are their works.
We've identified the other four men.
They are just hooligans
They were hired.
Keep digging.
I'll take my leave.
[Prince Chi's Mansion]
Carefully explain it to Prince Chi.
I'll ask the Empress Dowager.
Watch your manners.
Greetings, Your Highness.
Lady Xiaoxiao.
You're the one who saved me.
You're my savior.
You have some great moves.
You look good too.
What a beauty!
Let me take a good look.
Miss Beifeng.
I'm sorry.
My sister has not been herself these days.
Like you're not.
Don't take it personally.
If you have other
business, please go ahead.
I'll take my leave.
Why are you staring at me?
Good taste.
Beifeng is pretty good.
An Ding,
tell me the truth.
Do you have a crush on her?
Do you want me
to help you?
Greetings, Your Highness.
Please rise.
An Ding.
An Ding.
You should go.
Leave now.
Your Highness,
the Empress Dowager had summoned me.
I should go now.
Enjoy your chat.
- You should continue.
- No problem.
I'll take my leave.
Brother, take care.
Your Highness, right?
I have a question for you.
Go ahead.
What do you think of
this carved beam?
It's exquisite.
And before the sculptor started carving it?
Just an old tree.
Your Highness,
what do you think of this jade Qilin?
It's vivid.
And before the artisan started carving it?
Just a hard stone.
Your Highness, how about this garment?
It's gorgeous.
And before the tailor started cutting it?
Just some rough cloth.
Your Highness, how do
you like this tea cup?
Grandmother, slow down.
I know you like apples.
are brought as tribute from Dongying.
I brought them all from His Majesty
and saved them just for you.
Have a seat.
Grandmother, have a seat.
Please sit down.
Try some.
Eat one.
Eat this.
Thank you, Grandmother.
You should try some.
No need.
I saved them all for you, Ding Er.
My asthma is acting up again.
Which imperial physician has amsonia?
I'll have Lou You get it for you.
Empress Dowager is so kind to An Ding.
She doesn't treat other princes like that.
You don't know about this, do you?
I heard that
An Ding is also the Emperor's son,
but was put in the An family
for some reason.
We shouldn't speak carelessly.
It's a capital offense.
We should stop talking.
Come on, Long Chi.
I've explained to you for a long time.
Even if you don't agree with me,
can't you just give me a response?
Do you understand what I mean, Long Chi?
A jade must be carved to become valuable.
I mean the mastermind is inside the palace.
A mole.
A mole?
You must be careful of
your royal relatives.
Even your brothers could be involved.
So, could you get me
a death-exemption plate to save my life?
The case we're investigating may be a trap.
Your Highness,
the Emperor requests your presence.
Get the carriage ready.
Greetings, Father.
Speak up.
If you withhold anything,
I'll execute your entire family.
Commander Lu took us to the suburbs.
Lord Lou You
was also invited.
On the way there,
Commander Lu and Lord Lou
had a conflict for some reason.
Lord Lou You left in anger.
Commander Lu
suddenly collapsed
and remained unconscious.
We sent Commander Lu back to the capital.
Go on.
Lord Lou who had left
came back with
a group of men in black with wolf masks
and attacked us.
We were outnumbered.
My fellow soilders
fought bravely to their deaths.
I managed to escape.
Your Majesty,
you must seek justice
for Commander Lu.
Give him a proper burial.
Father! Father!
I don't believe that
this was done by Lou You.
He is upright in character,
and would not commit such an act.
The facts are clear.
Who else could it be?
He is the imperial physician I recommended.
There must be something behind this.
I will give you this decree,
but what if you can't find out?
Shall have the same punishment as Lou You.
As you wish.
Long Gui.
Yes, Father.
An Ding.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Long Gui.
You'll help the Crown Prince
investigate the case.
An Ding.
You'll lead the troops to capture Lou You.
If he resist,
kill without mercy.
[Imperial City]
His Highness has ordered
to investigate strictly.
If Lou You is found,
detain him immediately.
Lord Lou,
We've checked.
There are no survivors.
Return to the capital.
If Li Hengchang didn't lie,
then this is what happened.
Why would Lou You do this?
You'll have to ask Lord Lou.
I feel like...
Let me think about it.
Lady Xiaoxiao.
Prince Gui, you scared me.
Why are you walking so quietly?
Did you find anything?
There's something suspicious.
Let me have a look.
Let me see.
Young Master,
My lord hasn't returned
since he went with Commander Lu.
He hasn't returned at all?
I dare not lie to you.
Young Master,
what happened?
I was ordered to investigate the case.
Please bear with me.
Search the place!
You mean
Lu Tu's death is different from others?
Without a closer look,
it's really hard to tell.
They all died in one blow.
What's the difference?
The wounds of these guards
were torn from both sides.
But Lu Tu's wound
is relatively smooth.
It doesn't mean anything.
There were many men in black.
It's normal that the wounds are different.
These guards
were not killed by the same person,
but whether it's the force of the blade
or the depth of the cut,
there's not much difference.
And they were all killed
with a single blow.
It was only a small wound on the throat,
but the entire throat bone was shattered.
what does that mean?
It means the killers
were trained uniformly,
and they are highly skilled.
In the great Ye Kingdom,
where can you find such a group of
well-trained assassins?
One more thing.
Based on the skills of these assassins,
they can all kill with a single blow,
But Li Hengchang managed
to come back alive.
I'm wondering
if Li Hengchang was released on purpose
so he can tell the Emperor what he saw.
It's indeed suspicious.
Take a look.
Lu Tu's throat is not broken.
And the smoothness of the wound suggests
it was made after death.
So I guess
Lu Tu's death
might have another cause.
Can we find out the real cause of death?
Can you give me a few days off
after this case is closed?
Just a few days.
When the case is closed,
do as you wish.
You said it yourself.
I didn't force you.
I didn't force him.
Come and take a look.
There are flies or ants
On the bodies of the other guards.
But on Liu's body,
there's nothing at all.
Does that remind you of anything?
You mean...
Lu Tu's cause of death
is the same as the Commander
of the Royal Guards
Young Master.
We've searched everywhere.
Lou You is not here.
I see.
I found a secret letter.
General Beifeng.
General Beifeng.
I need to talk to Duke Pingan.
Miss Beifeng.
Duke Pingan.
Prince Chi asked me to tell you
that Lou You is in danger.
Please ensure his safety.
But we have searched the whole city.
And still haven't found Lou You.
I see.
There's no time to lose.
I'll go back and report it to His Highness.
I'll make arrangements in the city first.
I'll meet with you tomorrow morning.
Take care.
Get in the carriage!
There's a dead body in it. I don't want to!
Get in.
Be good.
It's not the time to think about it.
Long Chi, I'm sorry.
Get in.
I'll get in.
Close the door.
Long Chi!
I may not be able to protect you.
You should find a chance
to escape on your own.
I'm not leaving.
Don't talk nonsense.
I'll protect you.
I can protect you.
You haven't given me time off yet.
Long Chi.
Beifeng is here!
Your Highness.
Let's go.
[Imperial City]
Your Highness.
Duke Pingan and his
troops are two lis away.
Save her.
Lou You ran away.
The Crown Prince was attacked
and went missing?
I am ashamed of my incompetence.
When we arrived, we only found
the injured Prince Gui.
As for the Crown Prince and Xiaoxiao,
they are neither dead nor alive.
Send more men to find him.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Take care of your health.
I found this letter in Lou You's study.
He's already the Crown Prince.
Can't he wait a little longer?
Can't he wait until I die of old age?
Is he disregarding the
family ties like this?
Your Majesty.
How could this
be related to the Crown Prince?
See for yourself.
- [The aging Emperor is becoming increasingly senile, indulging in grandiose achievements and harsh taxation.]
- [Seizing the opportunity to secretly eliminate the Emperor, whose health is declining.]
This is impossible.
Your Majesty.
There must be some misunderstanding.
Why would the Crown Prince do this?
It's a misunderstanding.
Throughout history, how many Crown Princes
have killed their families for the throne?
Where is Long Gui?
Your Majesty,
He's awake.
The imperial physician is treating him.
It's good that he's awake.
Send him in.
Yes, Your Majesty.
His Majesty summons the Second Prince.
After our investigation,
there are some doubts.
So I came back to report to you.
we met assassins on the way.
Thanks to Father's blessing,
the Crown Prince
is safe.
You mean
the Crown Prince is safe?
Yes, Father.
Before I lost consciousness,
I saw Beifeng Wu saved the Crown Prince.
The Crown Prince didn't return?
You talked about
finding some doubts?
According to Lady Xiaoxiao,
Commander Lu died of a chronic poison.
Just like the poison in Lu Sha's death.
Lu Tu died unjustly.
The Crown Prince colluded
with Lou You to rebel.
Never thought
the last one by my side
is actually
the most insignificant son.
I've neglected you for so many years.
Do you blame me?
I dare not.
Announce the decree.
Second Prince Long Gui, receive the decree.
accept the decree.
By God's will,
His Majesty decreed that
Prince Gui has contributed to the nation
and is elevated to the rank of
the Seven Pearl Prince,
which is the same title
as the Crown Prince.
Prince Chi is no longer the Crown Prince.
Traitor Lou You,
for regicide and treason,
to harm my father and brother.
He is unforgivable.
Prince Gui, with the help of An Ding,
shall arrest him.
[Ci Ning Palace]
Ding Er.
Tell me.
Who has gained the most
in this upheaval?
Of course it's Long Gui.
From being ignored,
to becoming the Crown Prince.
Its a step to the sky.
You suspect him?
That child...
I didn't like him since he was little.
He was cunning from a young age,
just like his mother.
If it weren't for his mother
drugging the emperor,
Long Gui wouldn't have been born.
I see.
But now,
even the security in the Imperial City
belongs to Long Gui,
What can I do?
Observe secretly.
Be careful.
Take my order.
You can contact the military
in the capital region when necessary.
At this moment,
don't panic.
We must find a way
to protect Long Chi's life.
I won't let you down.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
You're finally awake.
You've been in a coma for three days.
Where is Xiaoxiao?
She is still alive.
I've found out where she's locked up.
Your Highness, what are you doing?
I want to save Xiaoxiao.
You can't go out now.
You're in a very dangerous situation.
His Majesty has abolished your title,
accusing you of regicide and treason,
and murder of your father and brother.
You and Lord Lou are wanted.
Long Gui and his men are searching for you.
It's the same as getting yourself killed.
Long Gui?
not only is he in charge
of the Royal Guards
but also conferred the title of
Prince of Seven Pearls,
the same as a Crown Prince.
Long Gui.
I really
I underestimated him.
What should we do now?
Save Xiaoxiao first.
Stay here and recuperate.
Don't go out.
I'll bring her back.
Please forgive me.
The spring river
If I enter the palace rashly now,
I will be facing a lot of danger.
People scatter, the moon lingers long
But in life,
there's always something that
The moon wanes,
the sunlight break the clouds
you know it's hard but still do it anyway.
Don't forget us as time goes
For the country,
if the royal family is in turmoil,
the people will be uneasy.
Things must be pacified.
In summer
Brutal killing is around the corner
among the Yu brothers.
The zither helps tell him my heart
across the shore
It must be resolved.
The red dress flutters in the wind
If my death can help
stablize the situation of the Ye City,
That day, you took my heart
and bring our people peace,
I would sacrifice my life.
The autumn fragrance
But if those up to no good hold sway,
We got drunk alongside each other
and act in opposition,
I won't sit back with doing nothing,
but just stick to blind loyalty.
Outside the cold and empty room,
the sun is setting
No tears left, but
only the flower buried
You've been with me for 12 years.
We are namely master and servant,
but actually, we are siblings.
The winter desolation
If I can't see you dressed in red
and married to a good man,
It's such a pity
it would be a regret in my life.
[Wanted poster]
By God's will,
The cold wind comes at night,
the clothes are cold
according to His Majesty's order,
the Second Prince Long Gui
made great contributions to the country,
Deep love for the territory
and is hereby conferred the title
of Prince of Seven Pearls,
enjoying the decorum and respect
of the Crown Prince.
The abolished Crown Prince Long Chi
Which place
and the culprit Long You
conspired to murder His Majesty
to get their father
and brother set up.
Can be safe?
They are unforgivable.
Is that him?
It's him.
Long Chi!
Where am I?
Long Chi!
I'm sorry.
Lu Tu's throat is not broken.
And the wound is smooth.
It's more like a cut after death.
So I guess,
Lu Tu's death
is not that simple.
Lou You died before Lu Tu.
Then he won't be able to murder Lu Tu.
The main aim was to get him set up.
Lou You was recommended
by the Crown Prince,
so it could get the
Crown Prince implicated.
I have to get out of here.
Lord Lou.
Where is Xiaoxiao?
Beifeng Wu!
Your Majesty.
The Third Prince has been imprisoned.
It's asked that when the three departments
will interrogate him, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Zhong Hai.
On that day,
maybe I shouldn't
issued that edict, should I?
I didn't give the Third Prince any chance
to defend himself.
I dare not tell about it.
Your Majesty wouldn't make a mistake.
The evidence was solid.
After all,
I still don't believe Chi would murder me.
Give An Ding an edict
to bring Chi to the palace tomorrow.
I want to ask him personally.
Yes, Your Majesty.
How is he?
His Highness is fine now.
He's been waiting for you.
Hurry up.
Long Chi.
Long Chi.
I'm lucky. I'm back.
Where is he?
Where is he?
Oh no.
I know
you know me well.
But recently,
your words and actions seem to be unnormal,
which makes me uneasy.
But on that day, you risked your life
to protect me from the arrow.
I feel ashamed but happy.
I feel ashamed
because I don't totally trust you.
I feel happy
because we have a life and death bond.
If this trip turns calamities into good,
I'll make it up to you everything
that I owe you.
But if
I die,
everything will be gone.
Please either go far
or hide to live a common life.
Just forget me,
and live carefully.
It's sad to leave you.
Words fail me.
The paper's too short
to carry my feelings.
Just take care.
He's gone.
Where is Xiaoxiao?
She is injured.
Ive asked Beifeng to save her.
Im telling you,
its better that shes fine.
Otherwise, I don't mind
taking advantage of you
and beat you first.
You were always smart,
but why are you so muddled now?
Go as far as you can.
Why do you come back?
I'm innocent, so I don't fear it.
Why are you so confident?
I'm talking to you.
I don't want to talk to you.
[Imperial Prison]
Listen carefully.
Without my permission,
no one's allowed to come close
to the Third Prince. Understand?
Its Duke Pingan.
Lets go out to fish for some information,
and then go to my house
to see what my father can do
as the prime minister.
[Prince Jing's Mansion]
Greetings, My Lady.
His Majesty is soft-hearted now.
Your Highness, you
should make a plan early.
With such a crime,
how can him be given another chance?
Such a loving father and son.
It's really enviable.
Did he take his medicine today?
I personally served His Majesty
to finish the medicine.
Looks like
it will take effect soon.
You've waited for a long time.
The moment has finally come.
Your Highness.
Theres one more thing
we must guard against.
According to my trusted aide,
Empress Dowager gave a decree
to Duke Pingan.
It seems to be related to the capital camp.
Since you don't want to be lonely,
you can't blame me.
Send my order to your trusted aide.
Send Empress Dowager off
as soon as possible.
It's me, My Master.
He ran away.
You'll be grounded for two days
and then go to Long Gui's Mansion
to fish for information.
Report to me if anything goes wrong.
Guard the garden. No one is allowed
to get out of here.
Otherwise, you will be punished.
How is he?
The Crown Prince was imprisoned.
Your brother took him away.
What should we do?
How about we break into the prison?
I'll distract my brother.
You go to save Long Chi.
Are you sure to take the risk with me?
What kind of risk is that?
My brother won't do anything to me.
I'm just a helper.
I'm counting on you.
Let's go.
The Second...
The Second Prince...
The Second Prince...
The Second Prince must be crazy.
We can't sit back and do nothing.
Let's go.
I'll take you to the palace.
I'll meet His Majesty.
You go save Empress Dowager.
There's no time to lose.
Set out immediately.
Empress Dowager,
it's time for you to take your medicine.
You can't take it.
Your Majesty, please spare my life!
Your Majesty, spare my life!
Your Majesty, spare my life!
I was forced.
I was forced.
Take him out.
Take him out!
Flog him.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty, spare my life!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty.
I was forced.
Your Majesty!
Chancellor An, take my order
to capture Long Gui.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Bad news.
Eunuch Li killed the seal eunuch,
stole the seal and left the palace.
How could he...
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
His Majesty has passed away.
[Spring and Peace]
Prince Luo.
Bad news!
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
It has been exposed.
This is the jade seal I stole.
You should escape
as soon as possible.
Thank you, Eunuch.
I appreciate that.
But now,
theres nothing we can do.
Your Highness.
If you stay alive,
there will be hope.
Now that the city gate is not sealed,
please leave.
Your Highness.
Shall leave.
Although my mother
is not your biological daughter,
you treat her
as your own.
Since my mother was caned to death
by the Empress Dowager,
without your taking care
of me in secret for years,
I wouldn't be alive today.
I will never forget your kindness.
It will be
engraved in my heart.
it's my first time
to call you grandpa.
Im afraid its also the last time.
please accept my bow.
You're entrusted to capture Long Gui.
Your father has passed away.
Do take the responsibility!
Grandmother, don't worry.
I will
do my best.
Before the evil's erradicated,
don't be soft-hearted.
[Prince Jing's Mansion]
[Prince Jing's Mansion]
According to the Empress Dowager's decree,
Long Gui
conspired to kill his father and brother.
It is unforgivable.
If you surrender,
you can survive.
[Prince Jing's Mansion]
It's Her Majesty's order.
Long Gui conspired to kill
his father and brother.
It is unforgivable.
Drop your weapons and surrender
can save your lives.
[Prince Jing's Mansion]
[Spring and Scene]
Because I hate everyone in the palace.
I think this palace
is like a big coffin.
This place is full of people
who deserve to die.
I don't understand.
People like you
with good luck
will never understand.
Because you don't know
what I've been through.
My mother was a palace maid.
And I
was a bastard born by a palace maid.
I'm destined to be humiliated by you.
In this cold palace,
my mother and I lived together.
It's actually very warm.
are kind in nature.
the only warmth...
When I was six...
Empress Dowager.
Empress Dowager.
Over the past decade,
I've been awakened by nightmares.
I often saw
my mother keep her eyes open,
and stare
at me.
Then I thought
how to make my mother rest in peace.
I can only avenge her death
and kill everyone in this palace.
Do you think
I care about this royal seal?
Actually, I don't care at all.
Only by having it
can I kill the people I want to kill.
Am I right?
What a pity.
The winner takes all.
I lost.
I admit it.
Stop it, brother.
You won't die.
thank you.
Be careful.
Call the imperial physician!
It's useless.
This poison can kill instantly.
Even immortals can't save her.
Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Long Chi.
So many people like you!
I'm going to kill you.
My fate is up to me.
Long Chi.
You can't decide it for me.
By God's will,
here's the deceased emperor's edict,
"I've been on the throne
for forty-six years.
The country is in peace,
and so does the world.
The people live in peace.
All nations have submitted.
The state is governed well.
Kindness was between the emperor
and his subjects.
My virtue is not second
to ancient sages.
And great hopes are placed
on the younger generation.
Long Chi, the Crown Prince,
is with noble morality.
He's just like me.
He's strong and unyielding,
and won't be manipulated.
After I passed away,
all of you should assist him
to govern the country.
Respect this.