The Longest Ride (2015) Movie Script

This is the one and only
PBR World Final!
Luke Collins is young, easy on the eyes,
and a magician on a bull.
But right now,
he's about to face his ultimate demon.
He is about to ride a bull
who needs no introduction.
This bull has 74 consecutive buck-offs.
Las Vegas,
you know who I'm talking about.
This is Rango!
And he is ready to rock and roll!
Let go!
Wait a minute!
Luke Collins is down.
Hey, do you guys know where Sophia is?
No, sorry.
Tell them to save our seats.
- Did you see Sophia?
- She's in her room studying.
But you're not gonna get her to go.
Hi, Marcia. Thanks for not disturbing.
I have a present for you.
Wait. You were serious?
Do I look serious?
No, you look ridiculous.
Come on, Soph. They're so much fun.
I can't. I have work to do.
It's second semester senior year.
Your grades are stellar.
You already have a job lined up
in New York.
An internship.
All of the work and none of the pay.
Half the house is going.
I don't see myself as a rodeo gal.
Fine. It's not the rodeo,
it's bull riding.
There's a difference.
You're missing the point.
Hot guys, I know.
No, not "hot guys."
The hottest guys you have ever seen.
But I'm not wearing those cowboy boots.
So, this is it?
Yeah, this is it.
"The toughest sport on dirt"!
Yeah, I need a hot cowboy.
Oh, my God!
What was that?
Look at that guy in the chute.
Fans, we're gonna go now
to the Ridin' Dirty bucking chute...
where we have got local hero Luke Collins
from Walkertown, North Carolina!
Go, Luke!
He's a three-time
PBR World Finals champion.
For over a year,
an injury has sidelined him.
But he's back.
Currently ranked 52nd in the world.
He has a long way to go.
You ready for this?
We'll see.
And today,
he will be riding Sweet Thang.
Let's go!
Yeah, go!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have ourselves a champion.
Yeah! That's my boy!
I feel like I should stand!
Luke Collins now moves up...
to 48th in the world standings.
Keep it.
Work it, girl.
- It's so big on you.
- I know.
Nice riding, cowboy.
Of course, my grandma could have
made the eight on Sweet Thang.
It's good to have you back, Luke.
It was getting too easy without you.
Hey, buddy. I'll be right back.
Hey, Larry.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you here.
Luke, hey, man. How are you doing?
Congratulations, man.
I know it feels good to get a win
under your belt, doesn't it?
- Sure does.
- Yeah.
Let me ask you.
You need to come visit us.
I wanna introduce you
to some good folks from PBR.
Important folk. Come get a beer.
You got it. I'll be right behind you.
Yes. Okay.
You had a good night.
But it's a long way back to the top.
I got a hat just like that.
Yeah. Sorry.
No, you hold on to it.
Looks better on you.
Like this?
May I?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Nice to meet you, Sophia.
Can I get you a drink?
You were the big winner tonight, right?
I think I should be the one
buying you a beer.
Oh, no.
Doesn't work like that where I'm from.
You're buying.
- Hi!
- There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
This is Marcia. She's my...
Sorority sister.
BFFs, if we're speaking technically.
You are gorgeous.
- Time to put you in a cab.
- What?
I just need everything
to stop spinning for a sec.
I'm gonna be sick.
- What?
- I think I'm gonna be sick.
- How sure?
- High 90s.
- Yeah. We got her.
- Okay.
I should take her home.
Yeah. Probably a good idea.
I would say that I'd call you...
but I have a feeling,
where you come from...
it just doesn't work like that.
That's right.
I'll call you?
You're telling me that he has called you,
and you haven't called him back?
I'm moving to New York in two months.
What's the point?
What's the point?
Have you gotten a good look at him?
Those shoulders, those eyes.
That's the point.
Okay, look.
I am starting a new chapter of my life.
I do not need any distractions.
Sophia, you are literally
the only girl I know...
who wouldn't have a fling with a cowboy.
Straight to voicemail.
Straight to voicemail.
Hey, Luke. It's Sophia.
I was wondering if maybe you wanted to
hang out sometime...
or grab coffee or something.
No, I'm okay.
Well, I guess I should
just let you go, then.
I'm just messing with you, Sophia.
How about dinner?
You mean, like a date?
Yeah, like a date.
Most guys, they just say,
"What are you doing later?"
Or they text late at night,
"Hey, come over."
Yeah, well, call me old-school.
Should I meet you somewhere?
No. I'll pick you up at your place.
Does 6:00 work for you?
- Hi.
- I know you.
Marcia, right?
The last time I saw you...
you were a little blurry.
- You can come in.
- Thank you.
She's upstairs getting ready.
Thank you.
So sweet.
He's even bought her flowers.
Shall we?
- Good night, ladies.
- Good night, you guys.
Oh, my God!
I want a cowboy!
He is so hot!
You never said
you lived in a sorority house.
Yeah, well, it's the cheapest rent
on campus.
Is it like I would imagine?
How would you imagine?
Pillow fights in your underwear.
No. Come on!
We don't wear underwear.
- I got you, a little.
- You did.
Okay. So where are we going?
That's a surprise.
It's breathtaking.
Well, aren't you full of surprises?
I can't believe you made dinner for me.
Well, Amy made dinner.
- Who is Amy?
- Smokin' Amy's.
Best barbecue in North Carolina.
I kind of got into that
and classical, which is so strange.
I know. It's weird. It's totally like...
How did a girl from Rutherford, New Jersey
end up in the middle of North Carolina?
Yeah, something like that.
I ended up getting a scholarship
down here, so I couldn't pass it up.
Scholarship? Pretty fancy.
I kind of knew that
tips from my dad's diner...
weren't really going to cut it.
I just...
I love art.
I love everything about it.
I love studying it.
I love the culture that it brings...
and the whole human experience...
just all wrapped up into one.
Anger, sadness...
love, passion, acceptance...
Never mind. I don't know.
What about you?
Tell me about you. What's your story?
No, mine's...
Mine's pretty simple.
Just keep winning events.
Make it to the top 35.
Go to Vegas. Make it to the finals.
I got some making up to do.
I got hurt last year.
What do you mean you got hurt?
All bull riders get hurt.
It's not "if."
It's "when."
And how bad.
How bad was yours? Serious?
I've got a few more years to ride...
before I'm just a washed-up bull rider.
I'm going to be the best.
- It's just all about winning?
- No, it's not all about winning.
Well, not entirely.
I've got a family ranch.
It's been a tough couple years.
My mom is kind of all on her own.
I just gotta keep making money.
Are you cold? You're cold.
A little.
Where are you going?
What do they call this nail polish color?
This would be "clear."
- Clear.
- Yeah.
Right. Clear. That makes sense.
It's good.
You are pretty smooth for a country boy.
Yeah, you.
Come on,
I saw the way those girls stared at you.
You think I'm that type of guy?
No one has ever
done anything like this for me before.
So, do you like North Carolina?
Yeah, I do.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
I'm actually moving to New York
at the end of next month.
I got this job.
Well, it's an internship, actually.
But it's a pretty big deal.
It's at a gallery in Manhattan.
That's why it took me so long
to call you back.
I just didn't think
that this would even be a good idea.
I'm glad you did.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
This is just bad timing.
I probably should take you home.
Gonna rain.
Did you see that?
What is it?
Call 911!
Hey! Wake up!
Is he alive?
Here, hold this.
What did he say? "Box"?
I think you just saved that guy's life.
We both did.
Come on, I held the flashlight.
You were amazing.
I just hope that he's okay.
I'll take you home.
I think I'm going to stay.
Yeah, at least until he
gets out of the emergency room.
Then I'll wait with you.
No, it's fine.
And thank you for tonight.
Yeah, it was a...
It was a great night.
Kind of.
Good luck with everything in New York.
"April 10th, 1940.
"My dearest Ruth...
"Today started out like any other day.
"But when you walked in
to my father's store...
"so beautiful, so vibrant...
"I knew my life would
forever be changed."
You are the new family
the Rabbi has told us about.
From Vienna?
I am Hannah...
and this is my daughter, Ruth.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Sarah...
and this is my son, Ira.
- Good Shabbes.
- Good Shabbes.
Good Shabbes.
Good Sha...
The following days were consumed...
with plotting ways in which
I could talk to you...
now that you had found a home
in my small community.
But I wasn't the only one
seeking your attention.
This would take some more time.
He's awake, if you'd like to see him.
You have to eat something, Mr. Levinson.
It's the only way
you're going to get better.
I'm old.
I've had a heart attack...
a hip replacement...
surgery in both knees.
How much better am I going to get?
Who are you?
I came to drop this off.
How'd you get that?
From your car.
You asked me to get it for you.
Oh, you...
You pulled me out?
No, my friend Luke pulled you out...
but you asked me to go back
and get this box.
You don't remember?
Well, thank you.
Very much.
He seems to like you,
which is a first for him.
See if you can get him
to eat something, would you?
She has the coldest hands
I've ever felt.
I think she soaks them in ice water...
before she comes by.
You really should eat something.
I'm done.
Is that what Ruth would want?
How do you know about Ruth?
Did you read my letters?
What do you care?
You're done.
They're beautiful.
She was a beautiful woman.
In every way.
I can see why they
were so precious to you.
I haven't been able
to read them for years.
Even with my glasses.
Do you want me to read them to you?
But you have to eat first.
"May 25th, 1940.
"For the first time in my life...
"I was hoping the service
at the synagogue would be longer."
Excuse me.
Are you ever going to talk to me?
Excuse me?
I always see you there, lurking around.
I don't lurk.
You do lurk.
But then you never talk to me.
Am I so frightening?
No, I...
What you did to that poor rose
was unforgiveable.
You saw that?
Don't be embarrassed.
It was a lovely gesture.
Want to walk me home?
What about David Stein?
He can walk my mother home.
Vienna is beautiful and so cultured.
It has more artists than Paris.
At least it did before the war.
It must have been hard for you to leave.
Especially for my parents.
But it would have been worse
if we had stayed.
Everyone thought we were being foolish...
that my father was overreacting.
Now we can't even
contact our relatives anymore.
Sometimes I think...
what right do I have to be happy when
there's so much suffering in the world?
I guess you could say,
what right do you have to be unhappy?
For a country pumpkin,
you're quite philosophical.
It's a "country bumpkin"
not a "country pumpkin."
I think I prefer the way you said it.
Thank you for walking me home.
You're welcome.
It was a pleasure.
Do you want to go out with me sometime?
I'm free after Shabbat.
Wait. You want to go out tonight?
We're not getting any younger, Levinson.
You can wait there if you want.
"Forever yours...
You want me to read you another one?
Could you maybe...
Could you maybe come back?
Carolina Thunder's a good draw.
Sure you can handle him?
Savannah, Georgia fans,
put your hands together...
for the one, the only, Rango!
We will move our attention down
to the Cooper Tires bucking chute...
where Evan Matthews
from Summerville, Georgia is set to go.
He is about to face a bull
that needs no introduction.
85 consecutive buck-offs...
He is going for the Gold Buckle.
That looks familiar.
Let's go to Luke Collins.
If he makes a qualified ride
on Carolina Thunder...
he will crack the top 35
and punch his ticket to Vegas!
Let's go!
He comes down too early
in a costly mistake.
A mistake that could cost him
a trip to the World Finals...
and ultimately, a World Title.
You really gotta wonder...
where this guy is mentally right now.
The incident with Rango before he rode...
- Good ride, Luke.
- ...has affected his mental focus.
Damn it!
Return of the conquering hero.
Hey, Mom.
- You want eggs?
- No.
So, how did it go?
Well, you left the ring
on your own two feet.
So, it's a victory for me.
When are you gonna
stop the bull riding, Luke?
Mom, I told you, I can't.
So you forgot about your head injury?
I'm a grown man.
I just want you to get to be an old man.
You're scaring the hell out of me, Luke.
- Please just give it up.
- Don't worry.
So, what's going on?
I met a girl.
- You meet girls all the time.
- No.
This one's different.
I can't stop thinking about her.
She moves to New York in two months.
So, I guess that's that, right?
You soak your hand in ice water.
I do no such thing.
I'm the only person at the hospital
who still talks to you.
Am I interrupting?
I was just about to strangle him! But...
Strangle me before dinner...
so I don't have to eat
another hospital meal.
The sooner the better.
Enjoy his letters.
You look good.
Shall we?
"July 12th, 1941."
That was a good day.
"Dearest Ruth,
the memories of our adventure...
"are always dancing in my mind."
Seems like yesterday...
you helped me see the world
in a whole different way.
I don't know why you insist we get
all dressed up just to go to a movie.
In Vienna, everyone always dresses up.
Even just to stroll in the park.
It's elegant.
It is also July in North Carolina.
Let me show you something.
I have to show you something!
Ruth, we're going to be late.
It's by an artist in Black Mountain.
- What's Black Mountain?
- It's an arts college.
A whole movement,
right here in North Carolina.
And isn't it wonderful?
Such a personal landscape.
It's so direct and frank.
Simplified and distorted.
All at the same time.
Don't you love it?
I love how much you love it.
Come on.
What? No, no, no.
Excuse me.
All right. You want to dance?
Let's dance.
That kiss, our first kiss...
it was a promise of everything to come.
The days became months.
We ventured on weekends to new places.
Never once had I been on vacation.
Had I, though...
it could never have been
as memorable as these.
It's the first time North Carolina
has felt like home.
But yet,
with my most important student...
I am a total failure.
Ruth has fallen in love
with contemporary art.
Father thinks that art stopped
with Matisse and Picasso.
I don't think it stopped.
But it's taken a long nap.
You try and raise
your children right, Ira...
and they grow up
and think for themselves.
- Very good. Very good.
- It's tragedy!
It was nice seeing you talk like that.
Nothing would make me happier
than a lifetime of days like this.
Hey, Ruth. I need to ask you something.
I want a big family.
A really big family.
I've always wanted one
since I was a little girl.
With everything that's going on now...
I feel this need, this responsibility,
to bring life back into the world.
Sounds perfect.
You can ask me now.
I know I'm not a rich man.
Don't know the last thing about art.
All I can do
is promise to love you...
every second of every day
for the rest of my life.
Will you marry me?
Yes, yes, yes!
What took you so long?
Welcome to the family.
- Thank you.
- So good to have you.
"With love, Ira."
I'll come back tomorrow.
- Mr. Levinson?
- Do I know you?
Luke Collins.
Remember, off 119...
when you decided to
bust open that guard rail?
You saved my life.
Thank you.
Is this your Luke?
This is my friend Luke.
Your friend.
What are you doing here?
I found this on the floor of my truck.
Figured you might wanna
hang on to that one.
December 7th, 1941.
Nothing made me happier than knowing
we were going to be married.
But the world you and your family
had fled...
finally caught up to us.
The United States of America...
was suddenly
and deliberately attacked...
by Na val and Air Forces...
of the Empire of Japan.
- Promise me you'll come back.
- I will.
Promise me, Ira!
I promise.
Look at me. I promise.
Come back to me!
We can't just leave him out there.
Help! Help me!
Somebody help me!
I gotta save him.
Are you crazy?
Those Panzers are 200 yards away.
You'll never make it back.
I'll make it back.
I made a promise I have to keep.
You getting killed
ain't gonna help anyone but the Germans.
Help me! Please!
Oh, my God!
Can somebody help me?
Oh, shit.
Put your arms around my neck.
I gotta get back.
I gotta get back to Ruth.
That was goddamn crazy, Levinson.
Do you know that?
I'm very sorry.
When I came back from the war,
I wasn't the same.
I was fighting a bigger battle now.
And I couldn't honor the promise
I had made to you.
Your mother says you've been home
since Monday.
I can't pretend to know
what you've been through...
but I want to help.
Don't you think
I deserve an explanation?
I do.
You don't understand.
It wasn't the injury itself.
The wound got infected.
I ran a high fever for almost two weeks.
You need to see more doctors.
Get a second opinion.
Don't you think I've already done that?
There's nothing they can do.
This is my life, I have to accept it.
But I don't want it to be yours.
But there is still a chance.
I want to marry you.
If you marry me,
you may never have a family.
Are you honestly willing
to give that up?
The war was over...
and as far as I was concerned...
so was my life.
We're closed!
I know what you're doing!
You cannot tell me
what I'm willing to give up!
When you went to war...
I was here, clinging to the hope...
that you would come home
and we would get married.
Yes, and have kids.
But that's a dream, Ira.
You're real.
I don't know what the future holds...
but I know there's no future without you.
Unless you don't love me anymore.
And in that moment...
we both knew...
a chance at life together
was greater than the risk of being apart.
It was really nice of you
to bring that photo.
He sure has been through a lot.
Well, you take it easy.
It was really good to see you.
What are you doing right now?
That looks good.
- I'm ready.
- All right.
I'm so ready.
I'll give you the little stick.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Ladies first.
I'm still getting used to
your Southern gentlemanly ways.
I'm still trying to impress you.
It's kind of working.
A little.
Just don't let me win.
I enjoy good, healthy competition.
What are you doing?
You told me not to let you win.
So I'm going with plan B.
Yes! Sorry!
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
I love mac and cheese.
Comfort food?
What's your comfort food?
- Kol-what?
- Kolduny.
They're these super, super delicious...
Polish meat dumplings that my mom makes.
We serve them at the diner...
and I promise you,
with one bite of those...
it would put your mac and cheese to shame.
Is that an invitation?
No, no. Help yourself.
- No!
- Yeah.
Just a bite.
When did your parents come to the States?
Before I was born.
That's crazy. I couldn't have done that.
- Really?
- No.
You ride bulls for a living.
You could do anything.
Riding bulls has got nothing on
moving clear across the world.
- What?
- Yeah.
Your parents had to
adjust their whole life.
No, they didn't adjust anything.
Growing up with immigrant parents,
my life was always really different.
Everyone was always screaming
in weird languages...
I brought smelly, strange snacks to school.
My pants were too short always.
Pants still are too short.
Growing up on a cattle ranch,
everybody I knew was the same.
Everybody you know is
fourth generation cattle ranchers.
- I'm jealous.
- Why?
I wanted to be like everyone else
when I was little.
The reason I like you is because
you're nothing like everyone else.
You're not so bad yourself.
I think before I met you,
the closest thing I came to cattle was...
Steak? Time to get you on a bull, then.
- A bull?
- Yeah.
No way!
One bull, one time.
No! How about one horse, one time?
We could do that.
- Next week.
- Okay.
- I've got an idea.
- Uh-oh.
- It's so good.
- What?
So good! Come on!
What? Where am I going?
- Where are we going?
- You'll see.
- After you.
- Wow. Thank you.
- Crazy face.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that looks good.
Thank you.
There you go.
Put your feet in. Grab the reins.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Pull back on those reins.
Come on.
Hey, there we go!
Oh, we're going backwards!
This is awesome!
Yeah, there you go, just like that.
Lay your hands down.
How are you doing that?
Why am I bouncing so much?
Ease up on those reins a little bit.
All right.
Atta girl!
I don't think you can keep up with me!
I have to admit
you're pretty good on a horse.
Well, thank you.
But I don't know...
I bet you couldn't beat me to the barn.
I wouldn't go that way!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Come here.
I tried to tell you.
I know you did.
Well, this is home.
Wow. This is nice.
- Really nice.
- Yeah.
The shower's right in there...
and there should be towels
and everything.
Hey, Sophia?
Did you want soup?
Oh, you make soup, too?
Kind of.
Soup, soup, soup...
Oh, my God.
Come on.
There you go.
Put your hands right here.
The goal's pretty simple.
All you gotta do
is hang on for eight seconds.
There's nothing to it.
Yeah, some bulls are nice like that.
This is... Yeah, okay.
Excuse us, sorry.
So how do you know
which one you're gonna get?
You don't.
You pick from a bowl.
And the fan favorite
from Walkertown, North Carolina...
Luke Collins!
Number four is the chip you selected...
and that is Gunpowder and Lead, Luke.
Jared Middleton reaching in...
and pulling out chip number two.
You have Asteroid.
- That's impossible!
- Yeah!
You can only touch
with your riding hand.
All other touching's against the rules.
Okay. I got it.
Let's go!
If you are off balance even a little,
you lose points.
But if you control the bull,
you get style points.
Is that how you do the hand? That?
More or less.
The bull is judged too,
on speed, agility and power.
Whether it bucks or blows out,
turns back around on you.
Some bulls are just plain mean.
And others...
Others are monsters.
Let's brave the storm.
Let's do it.
This is certainly better
than the hospital, isn't it?
How are you feeling?
The better question is, how do I look?
Very handsome.
All I care about.
Hold on one second.
Hi, Sophia. This is Adrienne.
Hi, Ms. Francis.
My client has an exhibit in Charlotte
next weekend.
Can you be there?
Yeah, I'd love to. That sounds great.
This could be a real opportunity for us.
I'll email you the details.
All right, I'll talk to you soon.
Bye, Sophia.
Thanks, bye.
Good news?
The woman I'm working for this summer...
she has a client
with an art exhibit in Charlotte...
and wants me to help her out.
I didn't know
you had an interest in art.
Only since I was, like, five.
Ruth also loved art.
Yeah, I remember the story
with the painting in the hotel lobby.
You've heard of Black Mountain College?
I'm doing my senior thesis on it
right now.
That's where I was headed...
when I got in that fight
with the guardrail.
Are you sure this is how
you want to spend your honeymoon?
I promise you're going to love it,
I promise!
I'd rather we'd just stayed in bed.
You weren't able to engage your passion
for contemporary art...
in our little town...
so Black Mountain College was a godsend.
It's so amazing!
Really look at your work
to understand it.
But I want to be able to
control the accidents...
and not leave them to fate...
or the Lord or chance,
whatever you want to call it.
I teach you to see.
Then even an accident
will have purpose...
and direction.
Oh, I love it!
For over 500 years,
artists have been reproducing...
quite literally
what they see in front of them.
Then Kandinsky came
and broke all the rules, all of them!
I love it!
I can't believe we met Josef Albers today.
It's just a bit further.
You all right?
You ready?
You like it?
From one happy day to the next...
You said you love the house, right?
we began the process
of creating a life together.
- Doesn't look like anyone's home.
- No, I don't think you should go in.
- Ira!
- What?
Well, let's just use the key.
No! Oh, my God!
You wonderful person!
Wait, wait, wait. Come here.
Yeah, there.
First thing you see when you come in!
Life was busy and happy for us.
I took over my dad's booming business...
and you found a job
teaching at the local school.
Who understands this, huh?
Look at this!
You're all on your way
to becoming math geniuses.
Solve the problems on the board.
If you have any questions,
please ask.
Wow, it sounds like you made her
very happy.
I did.
For a while.
His first cowboy hat.
That is so cute!
Never took it off.
He ate in it.
He slept in it.
He even tried to glue it to his head
so it wouldn't come off!
He broke his arm riding a calf
when he was seven.
I found him sneaking into the barn
at night to practice...
hanging on with his non-cast arm.
Even then, I couldn't get him
to stop riding when he shouldn't.
Hey. There you go.
Thank you.
That's Luke's dad, Jack.
He was a great man.
Great rider, too.
Even if you stop now, you'd still have
a better career than he had.
What happened?
He died of a heart attack.
Yeah, almost five years ago now.
How about a little dessert?
Luke, wait till you see
what I made for you.
Sophia, it's worth the calories.
How come your mom keeps talking
about you giving up riding?
She's just being an overprotective mom.
How bad did you get hurt?
- Sophia...
- No.
I know all riders are bound to get hurt.
It's not a matter of "if" but "when."
That's right.
They say all bull riders
are either stupid or crazy.
Yeah, and which one are you?
I don't know. I guess a little of both.
What are you doing?
This is a new painting by an artist
that Adrienne Francis represents.
You know, the woman I'm interning for?
$80 grand, really?
A lot of people think he's a genius.
Yeah, he most certainly is...
getting people
to fork over $80 grand for that.
Are you sure that you wanna
go to this gallery showing in Charlotte?
You want me to, right?
Of course.
Then I'll be there.
Yeah, but you're riding that afternoon.
I'll be there.
Wow! Don't you look nice!
Never seen you in a coat and tie before.
Yeah, doesn't happen too often.
Oh, that's my boss, Adrienne Francis.
I gotta go. Okay?
Yeah. Go.
Hi. Sophia. Nice to meet you.
Hopefully, Sophia will be joining me
in New York, and my team.
You usually find these sort of things
in process art or lenticular prints...
but it's very rare in brushwork.
That is what makes this piece so special.
If you have any questions, let me know.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Just one second.
It'll be worth twice that
a year from now.
At $20,000, it's a steal.
- Sure.
- Good.
Do you wanna get it?
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
I'll fly you to New York.
See the space, meet the team.
These are some very important people.
So if you can't do it, don't say yes.
I know you have finals
and other commitments.
I'd love to.
This is the most important thing to me.
Oh! Luke, hi.
This is Adrienne Francis.
Adrienne, this is my boyfriend, Luke.
- Nice to meet you, Ms. Francis.
- Nice to meet you, Luke.
Are you in college with Sophia?
No, never made it to college.
Luke's a professional bull rider.
I've never met
a professional bull rider before.
Probably not too many in Manhattan.
Are you an art lover, like Sophia?
No, I can't say that I am.
What did you think of tonight?
Of course.
I think there's more bullshit here
than where I work.
I like him. Keep this one.
How could you say that to her?
It was a joke.
To the woman who's gonna be my boss?
To the woman who I hope
is gonna launch my career?
- That lady? Come on.
- No, you come on.
You know how hard I have just tried
to fit into your world.
Why can't you try to fit into mine?
I do!
It was a joke, okay?
She thought it was funny.
- She laughed.
- You don't know that.
What if she was just trying
to be polite?
Does this make sense?
How are we gonna make this work?
Do you really see yourself
living on a ranch?
Working a ranch the rest of your life?
And what am I gonna do?
Move to Manhattan?
Go out with your artist friends?
Go to brunch?
Talk about squiggly lines
on a white canvas...
like they're more than
squiggly lines on a white canvas?
I know all of that, I do. I get it.
I just...
I just don't know how to make this work.
I don't know either.
But I know that I want to.
Are we just crazy?
Do you think it could work between us?
We just come from such different worlds.
But I've never felt this way
about anybody before.
Not everybody gets that.
You did.
It wasn't that simple.
As the years went by...
I could see how much
she wanted to start a family.
We tried to adopt.
But it wasn't so easy back then.
Now, today we're going to learn...
about my favorite...
It's called Pippi Longstocking.
If anyone teases him about this,
they'll have me to deal with.
Good morning.
My name is Ruth Levinson.
I'm Daniel's teacher.
I came here because
I'm slightly concerned.
He's falling asleep in class.
We were surprised to learn...
that Daniel McDonald was being raised
by a half-brother and his wife.
Neither seemed to care
if he ate or starved.
He's a very bright boy.
Infinite potential.
Maybe I could tutor him after class?
All right.
Are you a wolf?
No, ma'am.
Are you a bear?
No, ma'am.
Are you a boy?
Yes, ma'am.
Boys use knives and forks.
Yeah. Okay.
What star is that?
The North Star, Polaris.
Good. Look.
"That was because she didn't want to
turn around to get home.
"When she reached
Tommy's and Annika's gate, she stopped.
Pretty soon, the tutoring was every day.
And sometimes he stayed for dinner.
We never said he was the child
we could never have...
but even so...
What do you think?
She's making her son dinner. Right?
I hate taking him back there.
Why can't we adopt him?
Because they're his legal guardians.
There's nothing we can do.
- Did you speak to the lawyer?
- I did, and that's what he said.
They don't care about him. They don't!
They're his next of kin
and they're proud people.
They're not gonna let us
take Daniel away.
There must be something more we can do.
We better go.
You be good. Okay, pal?
Maybe I'll raise chickens...
or work at the factory.
If that's what you want.
You can be anything you want,
Daniel McDonald.
Anything at all.
A farmer, a lawyer, an astronomer.
You're a very clever boy.
- You really think so?
- Yeah!
I know so.
All right, come on.
I'm just saying goodbye.
You can't stop me!
I'm just saying goodbye!
I know you are, sweetheart.
Let's go back to the car.
There's nothing we can do.
There's nothing we can do.
Please reconsider. Please reconsider!
There's nothing we can do.
He deserves better than this.
Sweetheart, get in the car.
- They don't care about him.
- I know they don't.
They don't care about him!
What was I supposed to do?
Fight for custody.
From a half-brother
in small-town North Carolina?
Come on. We wouldn't have had a chance!
And who knows
what they would've done to Daniel.
We were a family.
We are a family.
Ruth, you are my family.
I wanted kids too, you know.
We never saw Daniel again.
Oh, my God.
Luke Collins is trying to come around.
The bull fighter's taking the bull away
in the other direction.
I think he's gonna be okay.
He's trying to get up. He is!
Let me get him something
to make him feel a little bit better.
264 on three bulls!
Luke Collins is your clear-cut winner.
He's awesome.
...number nine spot in the world.
Are you okay, Luke?
I'm fine.
- Have an amazing time in New York.
- Yes, I will.
You impressed Adrienne,
you'll impress her team.
Okay. Gotta go.
- This is what you've always wanted!
- I know!
Bye! See you on Monday.
Hey, babe.
I'm walking to the taxi right now.
Sophia, it's Luiz.
- Hi, Luiz.
- Something's happened to Luke.
Hi, can I help you?
I need to see my boyfriend,
Luke Collins.
He came in an ambulance earlier.
I need to see him.
I'm sorry. Only family can visit.
Okay. Can I at least know how he is?
His condition is stable,
but he's getting an MRI.
He took a pretty hard fall.
If you wanna take a seat,
I'll check with the doctor.
I'll let you know.
Thank you.
So, are you light-headed, dizzy?
I'd like you to stay overnight
for observation.
Sweetie. What are you doing here?
I came as soon as I heard.
Aren't you supposed to be in New York?
No, no.
I should be here.
Thank God you're okay.
I'm fine.
You're lucky to be alive,
is what you are.
I just got a little dizzy, that's all.
you need to stop downplaying
the severity of your condition.
If you care about your friend,
you need to make him understand...
that his riding days are over.
What is he talking about?
I'm tired, okay?
Can we just talk about it tomorrow?
Ms. Francis,
I am so sorry about all of this.
Please, Sophia.
I understand you can't meet the team
this weekend, given the circumstances.
And I do hope Luke is okay.
Yeah, me, too.
I don't know when I'm gonna be able
to come to New York.
Oh, really?
Wait a minute. You're not
rethinking the internship, are you?
Look, Sophia.
I think you have a bright future
ahead of you...
but you're going to have to figure out
for yourself what that's going to be.
I know.
World Finals qualifier
from Walkertown, North Carolina...
Luke Collins!
And he is ready to rock and roll!
Let's go!
Luke Collins outside in the middle,
rocked over!
He is just... Wow!
A double flip somersault
face-plant into the dirt.
You've gotta get him out of there!
Yeah, no doubt about it.
He took a devastating shot right there...
by one of the PBR's best.
Our sports medicine team
are coming in right now...
to take care of the young man
from North Carolina.
Talk about your scary moments.
The degree of difficulty here
is impossible to calculate.
The official buck-off time,
4.7 seconds.
Right now,
our medical staff is attending.
That's fine, right here.
No. It's fine, please. Thanks.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'll take the bag.
No, I got it.
Thank you.
I'm really sorry.
I know how hard it must be
to give up that whole part of your life.
You're kidding, right?
You heard the doctors.
Doctors don't know everything.
Are you crazy?
I watched what happened to you
on YouTube.
You were in a coma for 10 days.
I told you, every time a rider
gets in that chute, he could die.
That's bullshit!
Your situation is different!
You have to quit!
- You have to!
- I can't!
I can't be with someone
if every time they walk out the door...
I don't know if I'm gonna
see them again!
Then that's your choice.
Yeah, I chose you!
I chose you over New York!
Over my internship.
I chose you over everything.
I didn't ask you to change your life.
You can't expect me to change mine.
This is what I do.
It's all I know.
This is my life.
I thought this was our life.
I can't watch you ruin it.
- Right upstairs.
- Thanks.
How was...
How was New York?
I never made it.
And I broke up with Luke anyway.
I'm really sorry. Come here.
Come here.
How can I help?
Take my mind off of it.
What happened
after that fight over Daniel?
Are you sure you don't wanna talk about
you and Luke?
Yeah, I'm sure.
It's a scary thing.
How the people you're closest to...
can so quickly become...
I can't do this anymore.
I'm going crazy.
I know it's not your fault.
I have to go.
- No, please don't!
- I just need to say something.
I need to say something.
I fell in love with you
the first time I saw you.
You're just the most amazing,
beautiful girl I ever met...
and somehow...
I don't know, somehow you chose me.
But how I loved you then...
it's nothing compared to
how I love you now.
Now, I love you
with everything inside of me.
I think you should go.
I love you so much,
I just want you to be happy.
Even if that happiness
no longer includes me.
Love requires sacrifice.
And from that day on, Sophia...
it wasn't exactly happily ever after,
but it was pretty close.
We focused on celebrating
all the wonderful things we had...
rather than regretting
the things we didn't.
Every anniversary,
we would drive to Black Mountain.
I still wrote Ruth letters...
even though I saw her every day.
So many wonderful years.
But, of course, not nearly enough.
The paintings
Ruth and I had collected...
only served as a reminder
of what I had lost.
So I packed them away.
Can I help you?
My name is Andrea McDonald.
I believe you knew my husband...
Daniel McDonald?
He collapsed in his classroom
early one morning before school.
A brain aneurysm.
That was six years ago.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
He was a teacher?
A professor.
Physics and astronomy
at the University College London.
I moved back to the States
a few years ago.
When I saw your wife's obituary
in the paper...
I knew I had to bring you this.
It meant a lot to him.
You did everything you could with Luke,
You sacrificed.
I have loved spending time with you.
You've made me very happy.
What are you doing up so late?
I won tonight.
Puts me fifth in the world.
Are you really gonna start on me now?
The mistakes you make are your own.
Mistake? Jesus, Mom!
These risks you're taking...
I don't know why.
I'm just trying to keep this ranch
in the family.
For you.
For me?
This isn't about me.
Where are you gonna live?
If we don't have this place,
where are you gonna go?
Do you honestly think I give a damn?
You're doing this for yourself.
It's eight seconds.
That's all it is.
That girl could be the rest of your life.
Sophia Danko?
Yes. This is she.
My name is Howie Sanders.
I'm the attorney for Ira Levinson.
I've been trying to reach you.
What is it? Is he okay?
I'm sorry, Ms. Danko.
He passed away late last night.
Ms. Danko?
Are you all right?
Mr. Levinson's art collection
is being auctioned off next week.
This is a private auction,
and is by invitation only.
And Ira asked if you would attend.
Yeah, of course.
I know this is short notice.
But it's important to know...
he was very fond of you.
I was very fond of him, too.
I'll send all the information along.
It was nice to finally talk with you.
Thank you.
Tonight we're gonna be watching
the top bull riders in the world.
This is the one and only PBR!
Time to meet your top 15 contenders!
Beingled out by the number-one-ranked
bull rider in the world...
from Oklahoma, Jared Middleton!
Boy, what a fight it has been...
between him
and the man from North Carolina...
Luke Collins!
It has been an epic battle
between those two...
for this title!
But don't count out men
atop that leaderboard!
We will now go atop the shark cage...
for our championship-round draft.
Ryan Dirteater, you will have Smackdown.
We will see you soon.
Now over to Billy Robinson,
the talent from Virginia.
Billy, let's find out
what bull you will face.
You are going to face Bushwacker!
Now to the fan favorite
from North Carolina, Luke Collins!
Luke, your fate is in that cup.
It is time for you to reach in
and pull out your bull...
for this championship round.
Let's see what it will be.
Luke, you will have
the number-one contender...
for this year's
World Champion Bucking Bull...
Okay, Nashville.
You know who I'm talking about.
With 99 consecutive buck-offs...
and staring down number 100...
this is the number-one-ranked
bucking bull in the world!
He is doing one of the most
difficult things in sports...
and that is mounting a comeback.
Yeah, but Luke Collins,
he is on PBR fire!
You got it! Keep riding!
We have just seen David slay Goliath!
Hey, Luke, you made the eight on Rango.
I knew you were a cowboy.
One hell of a ride, son, I tell you!
Luke, we gotta get together now
and talk some business.
Luke? Luke, where you going?
The Levinson artwork is the largest
and most valuable private collection.
Not only are these pieces sourced
from local Black Mountain College...
but the world.
We'll look at contemporary
modern artists...
such as Andy Warhol, Pat Passlof,
and Willem de Kooning.
These are amazing works of art...
and incredibly diverse,
as you already know.
Never been seen in one place
like this before.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen
for attending this remarkable auction.
If everyone could take their seats,
I know we are all eager to get started.
Before we begin, a personal note.
Welcome. I'm Howard Sanders.
I was Ruth and Ira Levinson's attorney...
for more than 25 years.
Now, Ira's will is very detailed...
on how he wants to proceed today.
So, let me start by reading you
a letter he wrote...
specifically for the occasion.
"My name is Ira Levinson.
"I'm an ordinary man who fell in love
with an extraordinary woman.
"Around this room you will see some
beautiful and priceless works of art.
"Ruth had an incredible eye for talent...
"while I only had eyes for her.
"For me...
"the great joy of collecting
wasn't in the art itself..."
but in the person I collected it with.
My beloved Ruth.
The happiness these paintings
brought her was immeasurable.
And sharing that happiness...
was the great privilege of my life.
We celebrated, we achieved.
We endured, we compromised.
And above all...
we loved.
The true work of art...
was the longest ride Ruth and I shared.
This thing called life.
There's not a painting here
I wouldn't trade in a heartbeat...
to hear her voice.
Or see her smile.
Just one more time.
Signed, Ira Levinson.
Thank you all for coming.
Thank you, Mr. Sanders.
First up, a painting located on page 34
of your catalogues...
titled Portrait of Ruth.
Composed by American Daniel McDonald,
born 1954, died 2001.
The work is circa 1963.
We'll start the bidding
at $1,000 for Portrait of Ruth.
Do I hear $1,000?
Who has $1,000 for me?
How about $800?
Who can give me $800?
Just $800, folks.
Do I hear $600?
Who has $600 for Portrait of Ruth,
the first work of the evening?
I have $600.
I have $600, here.
Going once.
I have $600. Going twice.
Fair warning.
Sold to the young man right there
for $600.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're going to take a short pause.
We can take this time
to look at the next item...
which will be a Jackson Pollock.
That's located on page 124.
There we go.
What are you doing here?
Ira invited me.
I'm done bull riding, Sophia.
I'm done.
Look, I drew Rango this afternoon.
I thought if I could just ride
that son of a bitch...
if I could just make the eight...
I'd have everything I ever wanted.
Well, I did. I rode him.
So, you're the best.
No. Not even close.
You see, the whole time
I was thinking about you.
I realized that what I want
is standing right in front of me.
What made you buy that painting?
Excuse me, sir.
We need you in the other room.
- Sir?
- Not now.
- Sir?
- Not now.
Mr. Sanders needs you.
Quiet! Quiet, please!
What is your name, son?
Luke Collins.
And did you just close your purchase
of Portrait of Ruth?
Mr. Collins, I have a stipulation...
in Ira Levinson's will
I need to read to you.
"Portrait of Ruth may not be the most
valuable painting in my collection...
"but it was the most precious to me...
"because it reminded me daily
of my beloved Ruth.
"And so, the terms of my will are simple.
"Whoever purchases the portrait...
"will receive the collection
in its entirety."
Ladies and gentlemen,
this auction is over.
This is worth millions.
Millions of dollars.
How much do you want for the Warhols?
What are your plans
for the Jackson Pollocks?
I have a client who wants to buy
both of the Picassos.
I'll write you a check.
I'm gonna guess that
your head is spinning right about now.
Yeah. That's a good guess.
When your feet hit the ground, call me.
You are now a very wealthy man.
How was the museum?
How was the ranch?
"Dearest Ruth..."
When a North Carolina boy
meets a beautiful girl from far away...
he should do everything he can
to win her over.
And if he does...
his life will be
a portrait of happiness.
- What?
- Come on!
Where are you going?
Come on!
What took you so long?