The Lost Brother (2017) Movie Script

CAMERA Morales
- Cetarti?
- Yes.
You said you were an hour away.
Yes, but after we talked, I fell asleep.
Why do not you answered the phone?
I was unsigned. No battery.
Duarte. My condolences for your loss.
I'm sorry to meet you under these difficult circumstances.
How was the trip?
This does not delay. You just have to recognize them.
Identification, please.
O bucket.
That will be difficult. Uncover them.
Ready. He has recognized them.
Notes the document number and I do a scribble.
It's ok.
- And burning them. - Sure.
This is for you.
- Molina is ready? - Yes, there is.
Quick, go get him.
Sent cremate them, as you told me.
No, this is Molina.
Thy will be ready tomorrow.
Poupas at the wake and funeral.
Who is the Molina?
It's the guy that killed your mother and your brother.
Tomorrow you have to come get the ashes of your family and sign some papers,
to end the proceedings.
Now we have to go to the police station.
One thing is right.
On 11 February,
retired Air Force sergeant, Daniel Molina,
here represented by Mr Duarte,
shot on his partner ...
With a semi-automatic rifle.
But you is the killer?
Yes, to be faster. I explain later. Continues.
With a semi-automatic rifle,
causing the death of Mrs. Amelia Suarez
and his son, Emilio Cetarti,
suiciding-is followed.
What is not clear is why.
Any idea?
No. I had almost no contact with them.
We are of Tucuman.
I went to Buenos Aires with 18 and barely had contact since.
I did not even know my mother
He had remarried and was living with my brother.
No, your mother lived with Molina. Your brother was visiting.
Also do not know if there were problems between his brother and Molina?
Do not know.
Tell-me, because it represents this as Mr. Molina?
Right. I am the executor of his will.
An executor is responsible for fulfilling the will of the deceased.
I and Molina are ...
I am, he was a retired Air Force sergeant.
In the military, is appointed as executor always a companion,
to help the family in all dealings and all that.
If I had happened to me,
he would have done the same for me.
He spoke of some insurance? Life insurance?
Here's what's happening.
Molina had a life insurance policy on behalf of your mother.
Twenty-five thousand pesos of the social background of the Air Force.
Because of what happened,
we can treat that you may receive that money.
It will not be easy.
But, if I can,
we share the money fifty-fifty. What do you think?
I think we can go prisoners.
Do not worry, I know the right people.
You do not have any disability?
Yes, mentally.
No, why?
What a pity. I could withdraw more money.
I got it and I will keep you informed.
One thing,
how did you find me?
Your data were in your mother's notebook.
It was necessary to deal with the paperwork.
To do everything as it should be.
It's strange she have my data.
We can go in the house to see if I can find something useful?
Yes we can.
But there is the ex-wife of Molina.
- Because? - The house now is it.
It was on behalf of Molina, but as he did not marry your mother ...
It's there.
Duarte, what are you doing here?
I brought you this.
I came up with the son of the deceased.
The other her son.
Yes it's me. Javier.
I'm so sorry.
He came to see her mother's things.
What a disaster! It is not, my dear?
I had nothing to do with it,
but here I am, to clean up this mess.
I've always been the most foolish.
Take a look.
Talvez encounters something.
Are the keys to your brother. They must be his house.
We can go there to try them.
Find anything?
- Already. - have you finished?
I follow you home from your brother.
I did not know him, but I know where he lives.
Where he lived.
Come on.
Marta, let's go.
It's ok. Let me the keys.
Excuse? What?
The keys of the house.
I'm so sorry.
It seems abandoned.
but your brother lived here.
Listen ...
... because you stay not here a few days?
To treat the insurance papers.
It's cheaper than a hotel or returning to Buenos Aires
and then return.
Yes. It only takes a few days to get the money, is not it?
Do not.
First you need to prepare and submit the application.
Then you have to wait.
Maybe we can go home. You'll see.
Do not be anxious. If you had not called,
the insurance money would have been for the state.
I thank you for that.
You're welcome.
I forgot to ask. You want a ride back?
Do not worry.
If I am walking, certainly arrangement ride.
Can you let me in veterinary?
Inspired no livro "Under this tremendous sun" Carlos Word Search
Again to eat shit.
Feed you properly.
Ever eaten. This is dessert.
You have to take me to the cemetery.
For what?
They are my things.
Come and go the same day.
I'll talk to Duarte.
Because you have to ask permission to Duarte?
I have to ask permission,
but we have things to do.
He pitched in silly with the keys.
We have to take the furniture of your father ...
... burn everything
and then we'll live there.
I do not mind being in this house.
I do care.
Because we live in a borrowed house?
I dream of the day you will not have to return to see the Duarte.
Will you help me, will not you?
Doing what?
The burn the furniture.
Your mother has not given the pills to dogs?
I think so.
Perhaps they are as people.
They may gain resistance to tablets.
Toma. It tells you to increase the dose.
But not too much. The sleep are useless.
I brought you some weed.
That lasts for two days, at least.
You did well?
Do you have something to look at this?
- Thank you. - Bye.
I spoke to the staff of the social background and sergeants club.
There's no problem.
But they want a bribe.
Do you understand?
It would weights 32 000.
Twelve for you, 12 for me
and eight for bribery. Can be?
They were told that they were 25 000.
And I thought coming here to receive.
But I told them that incapacitated ages
I was half paralyzed and you had a delay.
It's very good. You can receive more.
It will take longer, but you can expect ...
Can I get some time.
Very well.
Toma. You can have this.
Ernesto. Dwelling.
Or certificate.
Javier Cetarti. I already have the instructions and a template.
Your identification, please.
Javier Ernesto.
Print, you sign
and go.
It's all right at home from your brother?
It is a mess, but you can live.
Sign here.
I heard he was an accumulator.
Some of these things
They may have some value.
How am broke,
I would ask around ...
You know someone who might be interested in buying?
In buying this garbage?
I know everybody.
I do not usually smoke ...
... but this is good stuff.
When you want, I always have.
- Accepted 600 pesos? - Yes.
Done deal.
Very well.
The money is all there.
Very well.
- It was a pleasure. - Equally.
- Chico. - Goodbye, Duarte.
- they are poisonous. - There are no poisonous beetles.
You see the guy who just bought the shit your brother?
Why do you think he limps?
He was bitten by a beetle.
First, the fingers were gray,
then black.
And then they had to amputate.
To stop gangrene.
You see how he's the rock?
See you later!
I got 500 pesos for it.
I'm not one to make demands,
but I think I deserve a lunch, the favors what I'm doing.
It's ok.
He asked if he wanted to sell the car. Would you sell it?
And as I go back to Buenos Aires?
Purchases better with the insurance money.
Think about it. I'll get you a better and cheaper.
How did the Molina?
We were good friends.
But he was an alcoholic.
Lately it was very violent.
It was my mentor in the Air Force.
I was his disciple. He taught me everything.
All I know ...
... on to life,
of the Air Force.
I admired him.
As a military and as a person.
Until one day he appeared ...
... with that Spanish bitch.
You should have seen her.
A perfect bitch. Magnificent.
Now is frumpy. But it was crazy. A great whore.
At the time, it was the most beautiful woman I had here.
O problem
It is that Molina left her with a child
to mess with your mother.
He started making many blunders.
Before, he was an honorable military, with elegance.
But then he became presumptuous, acted like an idiot.
The rat turned it.
Interested in my stories?
No. Yes.
How does Molina met my mother?
This does not know.
But if you were from Tucumn,
he must have met her there.
We were going there often, the mountains,
to verify cleaning operations.
We did follow up
and livrvamo us idiots and troublemakers.
It was a terrible drought.
What do you do?
Right now I'm unemployed.
I was fired six months ago. It was a civil servant.
You were fired from the civil service?
Missed work for a year.
Why did you do that?
There was nothing to do.
I had a dream job.
Getting paid to do nothing.
You must be the first public official in human history to be fired.
That talented!
If I have nothing to do, I'd rather stay home.
God gives nuts to those who have no teeth.
Molina did you a favor.
At least you have to sell the junk from your brother.
I'm sick of relying on this scoundrel.
Tell him you'll return his fucking house.
Pode ENFI-to not to.
I told you I'll be here.
You'll be divine.
Very well.
What's wrong with the dogs?
If you do not shut up, we can not take.
She burned everything.
I hope you checked first. There was nothing?
No. How come?
Your father had received money.
I looked for it to give you, of course.
But I not found.
- How much money? - Do not know. It was not much.
What money?
covert operations. After your mother was there
and I could not go back there.
She does not. Have I would said.
He asked me to take her to the cemetery.
I do not know what the fuck she wants to go there to do.
Visit your brother.
Were you surprised?
I deduced that your mother had not told you anything.
Your parents had a child who died before you were born.
It has the same name that you and your father.
I mean, I had the same name.
As well, I had my name?
The same name that you and your father. Daniel Molina.
What part do not understand?
Get up.
Spoil yourself. You have to walk.
Hello. Let's leave it next to the kilometer 40.
Along the line of the train.
He's still asleep.
Medicmo him not to go into stress.
I told you portaramos us well.
If you behave well, we also behaved.
Get me another phone. He gave a clue.
But this time, see if you have Internet.
Come on!
Who is it?
Who is it?
Non doors alone.
One two Three.
One two Three.
It lacks the portion of the cable and drum.
Dou-te 100 pesos.
One hundred and fifty.
I'm already giving you the good money.
Hundred pesos is a value ...
Pronto, cem pesos.
How much is the total?
The total? I'll tell you.
Five hundred and twenty five.
It has interested.
It's ok.
- Very well. - Done deal.
I knew my brother, Emilio?
From time to time he passed by.
It was a very peculiar kind. Very lonely.
But his house is full of stuff.
- He just bought. I never sold. - Seriously?
And to buy, if not sold?
Go up there know.
I have no idea.
If you want, I go to his house
see if something interests me, without commitment.
- You could do that? Would be great. - Of course.
No problem.
Are you still interested in the car?
- Which car? This one? - Yes.
Would you sell it?
I do not know, it depends. Duarte told me you were interested.
Yes of course. Open the hood.
Do you have documents?
No, I left them in Buenos Aires.
It is a pity.
It's really a shame.
Dou-te 14 000 pesos.
Do not.
- Listen. - For 14 000 no.
Bring me a car without documents.
Take it or leave, but paid in cash.
- Can I change my mind. - No.
I need the car to get the Resistance.
But if you spend tomorrow at home to see things,
you can take it. - Combined.
You piece of shit!
Sissy disgusting! Son of a bitch!
Get me out! Help!
I was kidnapped.
Fuck you, motherfucker, the more your mother's a bitch!
Son of a bitch disgusting!
Get me out, motherfucker!
Bastard! Load of shit! Disgusting!
Who the hell are you? The fag that enraba this sissy?
Do you know who I am?
I am who you will tear your ass if not colaborares.
Do not give him more food, to see you learn.
Nor do I want to hear you breathing. Did you hear?
Answer back!
Behave yourself.
If your son also behave well, nothing bad will happen.
They piss up forever.
This things...
They're people.
I do not buy people. Are yours.
I had forgotten them.
Next, carry fire extinguishers.
We have your mother.
Get yourself 300 000 pesos or never come back to see her.
I do not have much money.
Do not take me for silly. Arranges.
I'll call again later.
Seriously, I do not have the money.
I know you have.
Looking good.
You're wrong about me. I have not so much.
I'm serious.
If money does not appear,
going back to see your mother, but tucked in a bag.
What's wrong with the dogs?
What did he say?
He says he has no money.
But I know I have.
Because who told me ...
Who was?
The tractor buyer.
Very well.
I have things to do.
Attention to old. It is sly.
What is wrong with you?
Damn you!
What's your problem?
Quickly. Go get disinfectant and gauze.
What happened?
I was giving them to eat
and they attacked me.
They grabbed my hand and hit them with an iron.
It resulted with the first but not the second.
The tablets do not have effect?
They should already have created resistance.
They are like people.
- I said to rack up the dose. - I gave them all I had.
Is weird.
Tablets that Duarte brings must be fake.
God knows where arranges.
Duarte says you did wrong
to send me to open the grave of my brother.
Who the hell is he to tell me what's right or wrong?
For me the same name?
It is normal to put the father's name to her first child.
But I was not the first child.
It was the first. The other was dead.
I would be better off with another name.
You are talking nonsense.
Duarte said were bad ...
... and that's why the father dares me you left the same name.
Your father did not know if I was good or bad.
It appeared when wanted. I was alone, when you were born.
Ele Mandava-me letters from Tucuman
to tell me bullshit asthma and mosquitoes.
Even came to see his son when he died.
The first son.
Only saw him once. Or the funeral came.
Duarte says you did something.
What's it?
What does the Duarte? What?
No one has the right to preach me
about what is right or wrong.
Were horrible months.
He was a scrawny baby with a huge head and wrinkled eyes.
It was necessary to give him injections. I was always in pain,
my first child.
Someone else would have felt relief
when he died, but I ...
For me, it was like I ripped out the liver hands.
Been there, alone, under the scorching sun,
while they buried.
While your father played the soldiers.
Opens the dresser drawer.
That was in your father's house.
I can not kill. It costs a lot. Were my dogs.
I take it, but ...
... I not intend to kill.
I kept my word.
How long said it would be? Few days.
How long was it?
Few days.
As giving you the car?
- Fourteen thousand. - You're fooling yourself.
It is enough.
Give me a few days to see if I can get you a bargain
to get back to Buenos Aires.
I do not know if I'll go back to Buenos Aires.
Not there have commitments?
The only commitment we have is to pay rent.
So I will save money.
At least to sell everything, I'll stick around.
In this village of shit?
It is a village of shit, but is closer to Brazil.
Among the insurance money and what to sell,
I can go.
We had been charging a life insurance Air Force.
Very well. In who's name?
- Javier Cetarti. - Identification, please.
- Identification. - Yes.
Thirty-two thousand?
Swallow the tablet.
I told you to do not see here.
I'm going away.
So let's see Duarte.
I took the pills dogs and poison the rats.
I will burst.
Kill the dogs. They are bad.
There you go.
These are your 12, 000 weights.
I will put them in the glove compartment, separated.
Here are my 12 000
and 8000 to pay bribes.
- It's ok? - Is perfect.
What the hell does he want?
I could not meet. I was on the bench. What's it?
That son of a bitch.
That ordinary woman.
Sorry to say this,
but it would be better to die.
If you become paralyzed, you have to give him to eat in the mouth, clear it.
She does not like you.
She says my father was a good person before ...
Before what?
Before I met you. He says destroyed.
So he is a saint and I a scoundrel?
will not she who screwed his life?
A bitch out, with two children, one of them sick ...
E tu?
Why are you looking at me like that? Hold it.
I'll call the child. Here we are safe.
It is in a coma. You will not remember anything.
I'll be right back.
Already did you get the money?
I told you I do not.
As you offer?
Do not lie to me. I know you won money.
Your information is wrong.
Lately not sell anything.
You're lying. Moron.
I did not say you sold. Get the money until tomorrow
or you will see your mother with a broom up your ass
and shot in the neck. You understand?
It's unbelievable. The son of a bitch wants to keep the money.
Sucks. It is up a damn about it.
Let's go. We are not here to do anything.
I do not want to leave the old so long alone.
You got weed?
Just think about it.
You can not wait a week?
Maybe arrange some this weekend.
Sorry, I thought it was faster.
- And her son? - Yes.
Daniel, Javier,
this is your half-brother.
He is the son of your father's wife.
The who died.
Another son?
Yes, he is the brother of the deceased.
It is also your half-brother.
You understand?
- How is your mom? - Bad.
It is almost dead. Not through the night.
I talked with my son?
He said he had no money.
Is there?
Yes it's me.
Who was? It was my son?
It was my son?
Sent cremate it.
Poupas at the funeral and such bullshit.
I will also get a life insurance
Receive money for the Air Force.
- It is possible? - Or a pension.
It is still better. Receive every month.
I'll see how I do.
Very well.
Back to work.
Dou-te 1500 pesos.
Thousand five hundred?
Why all this?
For everything, inside and out ...
- Fifteen hundred for everything? - For everything.
And car parts.
I want 3000.
I'm doing you a favor to clean this stuff you
and take it from here.
No, 3000.
No. You're dreaming!
I can not.
I prefer to put it all out there.
I spend here with the truck and collect everything.
I burn everything.
Burn everything.
I walk a lot with Duarte.
There are 14,000.
More 3000.
Very well.
- The keys. - Car keys.
Careful with that.
Do not put up there. Will drop everything.
- The key. - Holy shit!
You are-you shit for eles.
- Do not put me this ahead. - Excuse.
I did not realize.
It's all right. Do not worry.
It's all right.
- May I ask you a question? - Yes.
Well, it depends.
It is because of your leg. You had an accident?
No, it is a malformation of birth.
When my mother decided to take me,
this part was not ready.
Thankfully it did not happen the same ...
... with some important member!
Well, it's done.
- Right. - To the next.
Get thee out first!
Leads slowly. I'm going back. Let's go home.
Turn out the lights.
What the fuck is going on?
It will be what happens.
Go ahead.
What happened?
A neighbor made complaint dogs are barking.
I told the police that they had spent a lot of time alone
and they went away.
What fucking dogs. You arrested them?
And now,
what are you doing?
You got weed?
Calm down!
When we get rid of the old, I'll get half a kilo.
Good. Are you awake.
You want to know how are things?
Your son says he has no money.
How did I lose a lot of time ...
... I have to have some advantage.
I'll fuck you ...
... until death.
We have money!
We even have money!
That's what I thought.
We sell a tractor.
Your son rather I kill you to keep the money.
Do not.
Tell him to give it ta.
- I've already told you. He does not want. - No!
It is up to shit for you.
- Let go of me! - He does not leave me no choice.
I can not keep you here and take you from here is a risk.
- Tell him ... - Imagine.
Tell her to give to please!
I will make one last attempt, but it is the last.
- I am. - Son, is the mother!
Have you got the money?
I told you I have no money.
It's funny because your mom says you sold a tractor.
Quique, give him the money, please!
Son, give him the money!
- They'll kill me! - Did you stay silent?
- Son! - What money? Which tractor?
Quique is the mother. Give him the money or they kill me.
- You were again silent? - Son.
Give him the money or they kill me!
- Son! - I said I do not know where the find.
Do not give me alternative.
I give you the money.
Eu dou-to.
Eu dou-to.
It's good this way.
But I'm horny.
You can not writhing a little?
So it's not so good.
Tu worship Messenger.
Nunca te doing!
Is there?
- Cetarti?
- Sim.
Is Duarte.
Sorry I woke you?
Yes, but it does not hurt.
What is up?
I need you to do me a favor. You owe me.
You will be well rewarded.
What is?
I want you to give sleep to Danielito, me
and to my sick aunt tonight.
I'm still asleep, I did not realize.
Do not you understand?
You have to win 5000 pesos already know?
I do not want to get into trouble.
Ten thousand?
It's ok.
But I have no bed.
No problem. Give us just a help.
What time come?
At most, in an hour we are there.
- Is there? - Hi how are you? We reached.
- We are in the back. Open the door. - It's ok.
It's my aunt. She has Alzheimer's disease.
I gave him sedatives because she hurts herself.
Open this side.
The whole house is beautiful and clean!
Have delivered thee out of junk?
Worth something?
Already it looks like a house.
Take her to the room.
Ten thousand.
Thank you.
Tomorrow, you have to come with us
when we go to my aunt to the bank.
Dou-te mais 10 000 pesos.
25 Want? I give. How much you want?
You want to go to Brazil? With 25 000 can already go.
You're asking me to accompany you,
with your aunt who has Alzheimer's
and is in a wheelchair,
Resistance to
to raise money from the bank.
It is very easy!
For 25 000 pesos.
It's ok.
Thank you.
By size, I know it's old.
Thou hast long?
I was already here when I arrived.
Give him living foods?
I give salami. He likes.
No. So you're going to kill him.
They need to live foods. Earthworms.
And it should be in the dark.
They do not like the sun. Took the stress.
I was doing everything wrong.
You also have one?
Do not.
But I like to watch documentaries.
Me too.
Are you really brothers.
I also see it.
But I do not know why, I forget.
He remembers everything. I could write an encyclopedia.
One of these days, I'll take you to a question and answer program.
For all this useless knowledge serve you something.
You got weed?
These magazines are Porreiras.
Yes, I have several of these.
I separated the Brazil. If interested in any,
I will get. - It's ok.
I will get.
I caught a cagao!
Because the guards there the polls?
You were looking for what?
Mate herb. Do you?
Do not.
What a pity.
I wanted a mate.
I sold all that was here?
No you find anything?
No. Like what?
Do not know. Anything.
Something worthwhile, among the garbage that was here.
A treasure or a memory.
They say that the best of Brazil is in the north.
They say the North is the best. And yet?
They say Macei is amazing.
- Maceio? - And Fernando de Noronha.
It is an island, right?
It is the largest island of an archipelago
which is 500 km from the mainland, in the middle of the Atlantic.
One arrives at Recife.
Is there a maximum security prison.
At 500 km, you sons of bitches.
They stick a prison in the middle of the sea.
Even if you get run, you do not come away.
Only swim.
The waters are teeming with sharks.
I saw once a documentary
when expelled Gypsies and practitioners of Capoeira,
They sent us there.
What evil.
What harm can make a monkey dance?
They founded an ecological reserve.
I want to go there.
It is very expensive to go there?
I do not know, but here in northern Argentina,
could follow-se by terra
and take a boat or a plane just to the last part.
Go as a clandestine there.
As a clandestine.
It's not impossible. One can travel well.
Impossible is not.
That's where I'm going.
No doubt.
What is he doing?
It went to the bathroom.
It seems you have a date. We're just going to the bank.
Then follow from there.
Then you can let me in the terminal?
Clear. Come on!
I'll take you. Give me a hand!
One two Three!
Goes with it. Do not let her get hurt.
Do not mind what she says. It's a little crazy. Raves.
Come on up!
Come on.
You have to carry you well,
but do you in chopped with my own hands.
Stay with her. It's a little confusing.
Come on!
The documents are on the wallet!
We have to be very careful.
At the slightest sign of trouble,
let's go.
I am saying to be attentive and metes you to smoke.
Because we brought him?
As well?
Do not you?
I'll give you two reasons.
For one thing, no one knows.
If the old biting the rope, let's go.
But it will not happen.
It is not silly. He would not dare.
E to second?
The second is that you you would not be able.
And I also, because they show the man, I'm done.
It's the end of the business.
It is full of surveillance cameras.
And who will be in the recordings?
It's not me.
It's him.
Look ahead, okay?
I will take your identification.
One second please.
May pass.
It's ok.
To lift.
The identification?
- How much? - Everything, I guess.
She says that's all.
It's ok.
Sign here. I'll be right back.
How much you'll pay? More than me, for sure.
You're really asshole.
I will not give you anything silly.
After that, we take them to the park
and we will give you a shot at him and another to the old.
Do you understand? Or not?
Let's see if what happened to your mom makes you grow.
And do not regress.
Get even worse.
Whence came this brother?
He is not here. Where are you from?
Buenos Aires. Came the insurance money.
It is not your brother. It's your half-brother.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I have to recover the money that your father was to me.
And I will also get a safe for you.
As I told you.
It was you that he owed that money?
He walked crazy.
- Always drunk. - Waiting. What you said?
He walked crazy? That son of a bitch.
He had the money but gave mo.
How could not I say no, he said they had stolen him.
I do not care that they have stolen. It was my money!
I could exchange these for higher grades?
Why it is taking so long in there?
- Maybe he realized. - What?
Your plan to kill him.
He will never realize. It is a failed, as his brother.
Starts. They've come here.
It went well?
Where is the money?
In her portfolio.
- Okay, come on. - It's like...
How do we do now?
As well? With the money?
You did not want a ride to the terminal?
We can do this here.
But there is better.
Do not.
No, please.
- Please. - One two Three!
Care of it.
How much is there?
A lot.
More than you've seen in your whole life.
Now we go to the park.
CAUTION construction area
- Where are we? - To arrive.
I will kill you!
It hurts so much!
What did you do to him?
What he did to the old?
I can explain.
- I wanted to kill me with this? - She shot herself.
- She shot herself. - Would you believe?
You think I'm silly?
I asked you a question.
Did you hear?
I asked you a question.
Give it a shot.
Hurry up. I do not have all day.
He wanted to steal my money.
The son of a bitch wanted to steal my money.
I must have magnet for idiots.
That's incredible.
And you you should get another job.
You do not have to like it.
Are useless. You have to go back to school. Never should've left school.
I've already paid all the favors to your old man.
Do not kill me.
I took care of your mother and you.
I am in peace.
I owe nothing to anyone.
What's up, fool?
When I drop, you'll die.
You caught me off guard, motherfucker.