The Lost Coast (2008) Movie Script

Dear Wendy.
Hi, sweetie.
Sorry, there is interference
with the phone here.
I'm really tired.
I did not sleep.
Halloween, etc ...
What a crazy night!
found a corpse,
if you believe.
Later more story.
was with Mark and Lily.
is the reason
I send you this email.
There are things that perhaps should
tell you about me and Mark,
when we were in high school.
This will be difficult ....
I guess I should start
By last night.
The Lost Coast
This will be hard ...
I guess I should start
By last night.
21:30:. Meeting with Mark and Lily
How are you?
How are you?
I'm fine.
Does that make you uncomfortable?
Since when we kiss
on the cheek?
Where is your fantasy?
Oh, I forgot.
I had no time.
Hi, Jasper.
Hi, Lily.
How are you?
I'm at the bathroom.
Let us change.
Can get, man.
How is your fiancee?
Well I talked to her
this morning.
How often you
and Wendy speak?
Every two days and combine
this interval because ...
It's expensive, you know.
You use one of these cards
International telephone?
It's cold outside?
Should not marry.
I know.
-Go easy, man.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
This is the Lost Coast?
Mark has all the photos in your mirror.
I noticed over and looked closer.
is a photo of a journey
made by the Faculty,
The Lost Coast
in Northern California.
It was a good trip.
Never seen this picture.
We should go again.
A trip to the college.
Had not seen that picture before.
Wow ...
It's scary!
And your fancy?
I had no time.
Check it out!
You know that, right?
I need to go to the bathroom.
Typical of Mark, I bet he'd walk
always naked if I could.
So fill some
bottles with whiskey and
finally went out to the streets.
22:30: Mark's friend, Caleb, attacks.
I missed you, man.
Get out!
My glasses!
Do not step on them!
Is too weak?
I think you're
eating Cheerios.
You are so strong!
Degenerate shit!
What the fuck?
Are you okay?
-No, man.
Sorry, sorry.
You're what?
And you, that?
I am a Frenchman.
You know, the '60s.
... seemed fine, although upset
and scratched knees.
Caleb're embarrassed, and we continue.
22:40: The castro
Girls, I have something for you:
Drink up, bitches!
What's with the cops?
We have drugged us.
It's just for the night,
going back for more.
We left, we took some jellybeans,
gives that burst ...
It's a bitch trip, huh?
But it's still early.
Can I call Kyle ...
Kyle is in New York.
It's true.
Do not know anyone else.
Know anyone?
No. Of course not.
You do not know shit.
I know someone.
Who? You?
Hello, Shanti? 'm Jasper.
Jasper, and we met in
party my friend Michel.
I gave you that ibuprofen was.
Come on, Jasper, dance!
Hey, Shanti.
Hey, do not. We're here. Here.
Okay, where are you?
Okay, okay ...
Tell me where it is.
We'll see how
time I can.
I notice if you hit something.
Will reach a curb.
Stop in about five seconds.
Four, three, two, one ...
In a short time
There is an escalation.
How far?
It is only a half step.
Three, two, one step up.
Very good, you got it.
Jasper is straight, right?
Well ..
Maybe I should not
tell you about it.
You are about to speak.
Jasper and Mark are not ...
At school they have ...
Mark was also straight at school.
And you went out together.
And as rolled?
I do not know.
That fire!
This is a case where
must have confidence.
Let yourself fall.
Sometimes it is so cool.
I remember this because we were
very close in high school.
After walking a lot,
we arrive at the party Shanti
and crossed the door.
00:00: The Worst Party in the World
It does not seem good.
Are lost?
We are looking for a friend.
What kind of name is that?
This is the address
he gave us.
I do not know who he is, but ...
"Mi casa es tu casa".
There are drinks and snacks in the kitchen.
Very nice of you.
I'll take a look.
Me too.
You have a great space here.
Thank you.
What are you trying to be?
None Shanti.
Did you get the right address it?
"Mon frre!"
What's this?
It's whiskey, brandy, rum ...
Who cares?
We will return.
No Shanti.
No, I'm looking for a friend.
I'm looking for a friend.
I'm looking for a friend.
No Shanti, is not it?
It was all planned.
I'll expose you, "mon frre".
I'll expose you.
There is nothing sad
to be old and gay.
So it will be soon.
Kill me before I
30 do, please.
It's like ...
The fact is that ...
Seem happier than you.
Coming from you ...
I'll look for the bathroom.
How about a walk?
Yes, in bed ...
Then the two augers
were the street
and two turtles
And then the police find snails, and says:
"Okay, just describe them again"
And the snails respond:
"We do not remember anything. Was very fast."
Turtles, yes.
Where'd you get that? Strips?
-This is the office of Jeff.
And this is my room.
That classy!
What is the difference between a
straight guy and a gay?
I do not know.
Six beers.
So health!
You know that, right?
Beautiful party.
Thank you.
I also have this poster.
Beautiful place.
Cute ... is your penis.
Thank you.
Is Walmart.
I'm kidding.
Want to touch it?
This not fuck with you?
Everyone feel that
are you gay?
Not if you do not leave.
Another account.
Glad you have not met in the
college would be, but also fucked.
You know, I think the worst
it all has passed.
Better than some people
I know around here.
Caution is sensible.
Get him.
But if you have a real
inside the fake?
Do not tell anyone.
It's a secret.
tell me ...
how it feels to be
Mark's whore?
Well, well.
Sorry. Had forgotten
this title was his.
I mean, you've been
the original bitch.
Some guys are like that,
live switching position.
Mark was always my whore ...
This means that it was he who
was underneath you at school.
I do not know what you mean ...
I've heard that
you climbed.
What exactly mean
each bitch was one another.
This is according to the terminology
used by prostitutes because
if I'm a bitch Mark, this implies
a position, so I'm sure
What happened otherwise with you.
Well, I do not know what you heard,
but this makes no sense ...
He's my bitch!
What do you say now?
Fuck this Shanti.
Go to the street, why not
has cell phone signal here.
We can do
any other way?
No, it's ...
I'm drunk, you know?
And tense.
-Usually not.
-All right.
I'm leaving.
Is everything okay?
Yes, I'm, you know ...
Want to chat?
No. ..
No, I'm ... going.
Nice to meet you.
This fucking phone.
The night is cool.
I'll be here trying, ok?
Hi Shanti, I'm Jasper.
We're here at the party.
I think we'll see here.
I hope that comes soon,
because the signal is bad here.
Right, so ...
Ok, cool.
It was his phone.
20 minutes I was looking for
among the trees,
but in the end I found my phone.
Not looked broken,
just a little dirty.
1:45: Lily loses.
I'm bigger than you.
-That nothing.
Look, look now.
-Look now!
Same thing.
Let us have a little fun.
Yes, we are out.
Well, where is it?
Just give me the ...
No. 338, 31 Avenue
I think we see there.
Shanti is a party at the Sunset.
He is a bastard, is not it?
Why did not you call before?
We're fucked. All
gambles already closed.
At least the good ones.
The Castro should be full
police now.
Let the Siderock Sell.
When was the last time
that fucked us there?
We can go to End Up
I'm not going to fucking End Up
Stud is for deer and ugly.
What a bunch of sad we are!
It's Halloween and we have no where to go.
Except to the feast of Jasper.
Damn Jasper, Jesus Christ.
My God, damn!
Bunch of losers.
We are on the side
wrong park.
I saw that we were on the side
wrong park.
We took the wrong bus.
All were furious.
3:00: Golden Gate Park
Said that we should
across the park?
Are you afraid?
The monsters make me dizzy.
Come on!
Mom said not to go
the park at night.
Jasper is weird.
Yes, and I'm thinking
is my fault.
You think?
Do not be angry with me.
What is it?
No, I promise.
I forgot ...
I always forget when
a subject is delicate.
We were talking
and playing on
what it means to be
someone's bitch, and
in a way
I said that
if it was not your bitch, you
must have been in his college
and not otherwise.
What ... what Jasper said?
He said it was not true.
I knew how this issue
was conflicting for heterosexuals.
Yes ..
I think anyone would hear gay
and do not believe in that skit.
Already good, Caleb.
Lily spoke to you?
Sorry, man.
Excuse me anyway.
It just happened.
Do not worry.
Did not think ...
Hey, do not worry, Caleb.
I drank too much.
It's typical of you.
You never think, man.
Brandy gets you off
of their mental faculties.
So do not tell you things.
I can not trust you, man.
I can not trust you
saying about where to go.
There are times when friends
as you are not required.
My God.
-That is all ...
Come on.
Come on.
Sorry ... all is well?
Just kidding.
Do not worry.
Where is Jasper?
Dear Wendy.
Hi, honey.
There is a day last year ...
not get out of my head.
After class, the
soccer training,
Mark and I were waiting in
sidewalk where my mother would look at.
Mark was such
star of the football team.
I hated football.
Mark, somehow, I
convinced him to join the team.
had been a rough day
and waiting on the sidewalk
started to rain.
Mark put his jacket
over your head
and extended to cover
mine too.
Then straightened up until
under his jacket, and ...
just sat there waiting ...
protected from the rain ...
watching the street.
His jacket smelled of sweat.
I remember being me
feeling like a ...
privileged .
Protected by my friend.
Is he dead?
Hey, man!
Surprised by this,
were shocked.
Later, we met
Shanti's house.
4:45: Shanti
Is very quiet.
Hey, Shanti.
'm Jasper.
We're at address
you gave me.
Do not wanna be ...
We'll wait here forward.
Here was not a party?
Look ...
I remember you.
Where is your fantasy, man?
I. .. have not had time.
Arrived on time.
Are the last dose.
You can not imagine how many people
had to go.
Are 40 bucks each.
What is 40 each?
It is happiness!
It is a comprimidinho.
It is a good price for happiness.
Come, spend the money.
There is a party going on around here?
This profile is private.
Have a nice night.
Take care!
I'm not really in the mood.
We go to the beach.
There must be thousands of people there,
fires and everything.
Let's go there,
we sat around the fire,
and we will take all together.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Yes? Yes?
Come on.
I've thought of that trip
we did the Lost Coast.
Would be cool to go back there again.
I've been thinking.
About North Beach.
North Beach?
I think I would have
my own house there.
Yes, a beautiful studio.
I think it would be cool.
The sun was for us.
The sun sets in the east.
Here! Here!
Hello, dog!
Where are you from?
Looks like someone is
forgotten you.
Let's show them ...
You do not need this
stupid collar.
So we never did anything ...
Never kissed.
Not once.
What do you want from me?
Want to like this instead?
Repeat the same?
Where is?
Come, bring it to me!
Come on.
Hi, Wendy.
How are you?
What time is it there?
No. I'm fine.
No. No. I'm fine.
I just wanted to call you, hear your voice.
Okay, talk to you later.
No. I'm fine.
I'm fine.
No, do not worry about me.
I'm fine, I swear.
I love you too.
Dear Wendy.
Sorry for never
have told it.
I hope you're okay with that,
because I'm fine.
know, I'm fine.
really well.
And I really miss you.
wish you were here.
I can feel you sometimes.
Sometimes I sit in front
the computer, as now,
and hear your voice in the room.
My first thought is you,
shifting in my chair,
small things, turning the page.
this moment is as
if I could see you there.
Sit in armchair, reading.
Best of all, it's real.
soon be here again.
Sit in armchair, reading.
And it makes me feel so lucky.
I love you,
more than I can say.
Love, Jasper
I love you more than I can say.
Love, Jasper.