The Lost Continent (1968) Movie Script

The loud signs that surround thee
And the sea's frighten sinned
I have discovered
The lost continent
I only know
The secret it holds
The fears that it hides
And the stories untold
There through the mist
It silently stares
Welcoming me
To surest despairs
This forgotten soul
that the storm has sent
To the lost continent
This forgotten soul
that the storm has sent
To the lost continent
The loud sounds that surrounds me
A man that is born of a woman
had but a short time to live
is full of misery.
Cometh up and is cut down like a flower.
Fleeth as it were a shadow
and never continueth one's stay.
In the midst of life we are in death.
Whom may we seek for succor
but with thee, O Lord
who for our sins are justly displeased.
Yet our Lord God most holy,
the Lord most mighty,
oh holy and most merciful savior,
deliver us not into the
bitter pangs of eternal death.
And notice Lord, the
secrets of our hearts.
Shut not thy most merciful
ears to our prayer.
Spare us, Lord most holy.
God most mighty, oh holy
and most merciful savior,
our most worthy judge eternal,
suffer us not at our last hour
for any pains of death fall for thee.
For as much as it hath pleased
almighty God with great mercy,
take unto himself the soul
of this child here departed.
We therefore commit his body to the deep.
Be turned into corruption
looking for the resurrection of the body
when the sea shall give up her dead,
and the life of the world to come
through our Lord Jesus Christ.
What happened to us?
How'd we all get here?
Ahoy Corita.
Heave to!
Heave to!
Ahoy Corita, heave to
for customs inspection!
Keep your belly thoughts to yourself.
Ahoy, heave to!
Excuse me sir.
They're ordering us to heave to.
I don't see anything, Mr. Hemmings.
Ahoy, Corita.
It's the Customs launch, sir.
I know what it is, Mr. Hemmings.
You get to know me better,
you know that I don't miss much.
Now, you can full ahead.
We can't go full ahead, sir,
we haven't passed the harbor bar.
I said bring, full ahead!
Full ahead, lads!
Captain's in a hurry.
Looks like we're back in the Navy.
May the good Lord preserve
us on this voyage.
We're gonna need some help from somewhere.
She's not gonna stop.
So, they'll catch her
on the other end, no?
I'm glad I'm not on board with that cargo.
Turn back.
Well, they've given up, sir.
Clear the bar and steer 247.
247 sir.
Get about your business, Mr. Hemmings.
Daddy, may I go to our cabin please?
I'm not feeling too well.
Very well, my dear.
Take a couple of aspirins
and lie down for a while.
I'll get them to keep
some dinner for you later.
Evening ma'am.
Settle in all right?
Yes, thank you.
Can I get you a drink?
Welcome aboard, Miss,
Harry Tyler, at your service.
From boogie.
To Bach.
What'll you have?
Could you afford a champagne cocktail?
I didn't mean that quite, but yes.
It'll be my pleasure.
I love your purse.
Yes, it's rather nice, isn't it?
Only trouble is it shrinks.
Miss Peters, may I introduce myself?
I'm Dr. Webster.
How do you do?
Delighted to make your acquaintance.
Are you going to Caracas too?
If not, I'm on the wrong boat.
We're all on the wrong boat, lady.
You speak for yourself, young man.
My daughter and I deliberately
chose this vessel.
We're tired of the super gloss and luxury
of the cruise liners.
That's probably your reason too,
eh Miss Peters?
Not quite.
Actually I could do with
a little super gloss
and luxury at the moment.
Miss Peters is used to luxury
and could well afford it.
She was once famous in my country.
Could that be the
reason we've never met??
Well, whatever Miss Peter's reasons,
I'm sure they're good ones.
Oh yes.
Yes, they are good.
Was that your daughter who just left?
Unity is a delicate child.
The motion of the boat
is inclined to upset her.
She needs to find her
sea legs, you might say.
Little hellcat.
Now what you doing to me
Hey, look at the time, I must go.
Not yet, Tony, not yet.
I must!
Don't look so mad, darling.
I'll be back.
You better.
Ooh wee baby
Now look what you're doing
To me
Where have you been?
One of the passengers wanted to send
an urgent message, sir.
In the future, let them come to you.
That thing's been going like the clappers,
now see to it.
These charts
are a bit out of date, sir.
The form of the Atlantic hasn't changed
in 10,000 years.
Plot a course for Caracas.
Avoid the usual shipping lanes.
You can tighten this.
And this.
There's a bit of shoulder
in there, it's no good.
Well, get a hammer and some nails.
Hey, what's all this?
Well these racks weren't
here when we got to Freetown!
What is this stuff?
Phos B.
What's going on here?
Watch it!
Be more careful with that stuff.
Captain Lansen?
What is this stuff, sir?
Never mind what it is.
Just handle it more carefully, that's all.
It's not explosive, is it sir?
I said never mind what it is.
Just handle it more
carefully and keep it dry.
Not wet, damp, or moist, but dry.
It is explosive.
Oh, that's illegal.
Carry an explosive in
a whole tub like this?
Excuse me sir.
Are we gonna turn back, sir?
While we still got the time.
Scared, Mr. Hemmings?
Every sailor is afraid of the sea
at some time or other, sir.
It's an occupational hazard.
But it isn't the passengers'.
Oh, it's the passengers
you're worried about, not yourself?
All right, well ask them.
Go ahead.
I don't understand, sir.
You want me to ask the passengers.
That's right, mister.
Ask them if they wanna go back.
I'll abide by their decision.
This was not an ordinary weather report.
It was a hurricane warning.
Hurricane warnings are extremely accurate.
They know exactly the force of the wind,
the direction it's taking and its speed.
There is no margin for error.
I don't suppose any of
you have ever been at sea
when the wind blows at 100 miles an hour.
It's very frightening.
And dangerous.
In a well found ship of course,
it's not too much of a problem.
But this isn't a well found ship.
You didn't tell us that
when you accepted our passage.
Would it have made any
difference, Dr. Webster?
Carry on, Mr. Hemmings.
Well as the Captain has said,
the Corita is not in every respect.
Surely we could sail a course
that would take us out
of most of the trouble?
Why not simply turn back?
They have the facts, Mr. Hemmings.
Let them make the decision, not you.
Dr. Webster?
Not me, Captain.
I'll stay with the crew.
Miss Webster.
I speak for my daughter.
Ask the lady first.
I don't have to.
Her route is fixed.
She has no choice in the matter.
Have you?
Then reluctantly, my
decision is the same as hers.
Satisfied, Mr. Hemmings?
I don't think I've made myself clear.
You made yourself very clear.
You got your answer.
We keep going.
One man, one boat, Mr. Hemmings.
Aren't you glad you live in a democracy?
Patrick, we're in business again.
And a large one for our frankly
frustrated First Officer.
Don't you realize what I've been saying?
You must be mad.
The lot of you!
You're all bloody mad!
Mr. Hemmings?
Well, what is it?
Can we have a
word with you a moment, sir?
What do you want?
We've just found out we're
carrying high explosives.
Who told you that?
The Captain.
Well, not in so many words.
He also told us in no uncertain words
be blood careful of those drums
we're carrying in the four peak store.
And he didn't deny it when we asked him.
So we're carrying a little explosive.
What about it?
It's illegal, that's what about it, sir.
He also told us to keep it dry.
In this tub?
What happens if we hit rough weather?
All right, I'll look into it.
I'll have a word with the skipper.
He didn't know either.
What goes on in this bloody ship?
Come in.
No sir, thank you.
The storm should hit
us late tomorrow night.
We got to ease this little scrap through
as gently as possible.
There's one other small thing
you should be acquainted
with, Mr. Hemmings.
You know what cargo we're carrying?
I've seen the manifest, sir.
Machinery chemicals, silicones, phosphate.
But I understand--
Not phosphates.
Phosphor B.
This is the stuff
used in anti-personnel weapons
and other things.
Harmless because it's dry.
Have one drop of water touch it,
We got over 10 tons of
the stuff down there
and billions of tons of water out there.
And we're stuck with it.
We can't even chuck it over the side.
That's why we left port in such a hurry.
Illegal cargo.
The bosun and the men have their bowels
in an uproar about it already.
It's just wind.
Do the passengers know?
Like water, Phosphor B
and passengers don't mix.
They'll damn soon find out
now that the crew knows.
Think it'll make any difference?
They're paying twice as much
for a trip on this old tub
as they would for a three star voyage
on one of the big ones.
They must have pretty
good reasons for that,
wouldn't you say?
And your reasons?
This is my last trip.
When I get to Caracas,
I'm gonna sell the cargo,
sell the Corita for scrap and retire
with a nice little nest egg.
I'll have that drink now if I may.
Don't make a fuss!
May I have that?
Didn't expect me to
leave with nothing, did he?
Come now, Miss Peters.
No doubt you deserve some compensation
for all of those years of loyal service.
I'm sure you would have expected that,
but two million dollars
worth of securities
and negotiable bonds?
Nothing personal in this, I assure you.
I never deal in personalities.
It only leads to involvement.
And why?
Oh he'll pay a lot to get this back.
10 percent.
I'd pay 20.
I see you have very little respect
for my loyalty.
That's where your loyalty lies.
But then, it'd be another man.
He'd come looking for me
just like I was looking for you.
Perhaps his loyalty wouldn't be the same.
Money wouldn't mean much to me then.
There could be a bonus.
With a bonus?
Of what sort?
Suddenly it becomes a
very interesting idea.
Talk about it later.
In the meantime
perhaps you'd like to keep
these in a safe place.
I'd hate to have them lost or stolen.
It's all right, it's not broken.
Just put a damp cloth around it.
It'll ease the pain.
Where have you been?
Why, did you want me?
Groping around with some man, I suppose.
You're exactly the same
as your mother was.
Oh no, not that again.
Well have you or haven't you?
You're nothing but a cheap little--
Don't you say it, don't you dare!
You're the lat person to accuse me.
You with your nurse, your secretaries,
yes even your patients!
How dare you talk to me like that.
What you should remember, Daddy dear
is that it was you that had to get out
of that African hellhole, not me.
It was your unprofessional habits
that got the police onto us, not mine.
And it was you that
gut struck off, not me!
Yes, and it was you that
made Mommy what she was.
She was all right until,
until you...
That's not true, Unity.
You know it isn't.
I had bad luck over an operation.
I was unlucky, that was all.
You were performing an illegal operation.
And it wasn't the first.
Oh you'd do anything for cash, anything!
You shouldn't talk
to me in that fashion.
I'm your father.
You should remember that.
It won't be long now before you come
into your own money.
After that, you can do as you wish.
But until then you'll do as I say.
Do you understand?
I understand perfectly.
But then it'll be my turn
and you'll do what I say.
Do you understand?
What's happening?
I'm sorry Captain.
There's a fault on the jenny,
we're working on it.
Right, Chief, do the best you can
and report progress.
Aye aye.
Fox, you better find out
if there are any other
ships in the vicinity.
Right, sir.
Yes sir?
Get your men to take the slack
out of that anchor chain.
We might run into some bad weather.
Below there!
Get the slack out of that anchor chain
and look lively about it!
You heard what he said, get a move on!
I'd start her up.
It's not in gear!
I'm going below.
Pile that winch!
What the
hell's going on down here?
She broke the flank.
We're taking in water fast.
Well what are you doing up here?
Get the pump working!
And what about the explosives?
Bloody hell!
If any one of those cans
has got a hole in it,
it'll be bad.
If you don't stop that winch,
the generator will pack up all together.
We've barely sufficient
power for the lights!
Sorry Chief, we got
a spot of trouble here.
We'll shut it down as soon as we can.
Heaven preserve us.
The blasted fools must
have started the pump!
The emergency pump, get it going!
And keep it going!
Coffee, ma'am?
Right away.
I must apologize for the
breakdown of the generator.
We're doing our best to put it right.
Oh was that playing the
bongos just now, Captain?
That's a loose oil drum.
It's hauled itself overboard.
Generator's blown up.
We haven't got any power for the pumps!
- I thank you Mr.
- Hemmings, I'll see to it.
You don't understand.
The anchor has busted a
bloody great hole in the--
Coffee, Doctor.
What kind of an officer are you?
You wanna start a panic?
Now get below and keep that pump working.
Soon as the level's low
enough, repair the damage.
These emergency pumps are no use.
We're lost without power.
We're all gonna be blown to hell and gone!
Look, we haven't come all
that far from Freetown.
- No?
- What are you saying?
That we should--
Well why not?!
He never told us we were
carrying explosives, did he?
No, he didn't.
If we get the generators going--
What chance have we got?
He can't have you for desertion.
He signed us all under
false pretenses, didn't he?
He can't say nothing
without getting it stuck in his self!
Besides even if you
do get the pumps going,
with busted plates?
What happens if we hit rough weather?
Yeah what happens then?
Straight to the bottom, really.
Yes, you're right.
We had a hurricane warning
Just after we left port.
The old man ignored it, tore it up.
Tore it up?!
Well what're we waiting for then?
- Let's send him out!
- Let's throw it out now!
Now wait a minute, wait a minute!
Don't us act like a mob.
This is gonna be a
properly organized affair
with Mr. Hemmings, the First
Officer in charge here.
It's gonna be all legal and above board.
Yeah, that's quite right.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Yes, you're right.
Work hard!
You get the position
of any vessels nearby?
No sir, not a one.
Not much anyone could claim the betters.
What the hell's going on here, Hemmings?
We're fighting a losing
battle down there, sir.
Even if we do get power,
with those broken plates
and that bloody hurricane coming,
we haven't got a dog's chance!
Pipe, Bosun and me,
all of us,
Have decided that we
should abandon ship now!
Before that stuff you brought aboard
blows us all to hell and back.
Well we haven't got a chance, see?
Well, what do you say?
I say you're a bigger
bloody fool than I thought.
Now before I lose my temper,
take these misguided idiots
and get those pumps working again
before we're all blown sky high!
Take no notice of it.
This is all his fault.
- He's bluffing you sir.
- You listen to him.
He's the one who tore up that warning.
He's the one who's responsible
for having that cargo on board!
Yes, and he's the one who put to sea
in a wrought and old
oat full of lousy gear!
Quiet the lot of you!
Now you realize this is mutiny, I suppose.
You ain't gonna listen to--
Now once more if any one of you
so much as lays a finger on a lifeboat,
I'll Kill him!
Wait, wait, get him!
Into the boats!
You stop.
You stop!
Open that up.
Throw all these in a fort locker.
They're abandoning ship!
If you wanna get
away, now's your chance.
Beside, the ship's open
and we're taking water.
With no pumps and there's
a load of stuff on board
that's liable to--
Did the Captain order we abandon ship?
Not him.
The crew.
We're going whilst we still have a chance.
That's mutiny.
Call it what you like.
It's the only chance you'll get.
Well what are you gonna do?
You're coming, aren't you?!
Come on darling, get
going while you still can.
Stay where you are.
To hell with you!
All of you!
I'm not gonna throw my life away.
Is this the moment when all the rats
leave the sinking ship?
Don't mind me,
all men have no offers.
Come on Fox!
Grab a rope!
Stop or I'll fire!
Cut her away from the boat!
Come on, one of you.
Give me a hand, get
her away from the pole.
Right, winch him in.
Hurry up Chief, you got
a matter of minutes!
God help us.
Make good that connection and start her up
and pray it'll hold long
enough to run the pump.
Cotton wool.
No antiseptic here, Doc.
Can't you stop that damn noise?
Get me that bottle over there.
Right, now hold him down.
You've had enough!
When I want your
advice, I'll ask for it.
When I want a drink, you'll get it.
Now get!
There's been enough trouble.
Now look I need your help, all of you.
I'm left with three
men in the engine room,
a helmsman and a steward.
We got cargo on board that explodes
when it's mixed with water.
And right now it's starting to get wet.
We're hoping the level
will hold long enough
for us to shift it somewhere
safe but there's no guarantee.
Manual labor doesn't
agree with me, Captain.
As an alternative to
being blown up, Mr. Tyler?
You convinced me.
Dr. Webster.
- What?!
- No, not you, Ms. Peters.
You look after Hurri Curri.
I need you!
Come on.
Peters, bandage.
For what we are about to receive.
Can I start the pump, Chief?
I say you can start it,
but how long this'll keep
running, I wouldn't like to see.
Thanks, Chief.
We've managed to start the pumps.
Will it pump out faster
than it's coming in?
We'll find out.
Tyler, come on.
Form a chain for me out of the door.
She's running hot.
Aye but there's nothing we can do!
Come on, we're nearly finished.
The extinguisher, quick!
Well thanks a lot.
So far so good.
Storm's breaking, sir.
We're turning coal power, sir.
She's out now.
I see you've got the stuff out.
What happens next?
A flooded full hold,
hurricane about to hit.
Only that door between us.
Does that look void?
All right, everybody.
I'm going to abandon ship.
Get out of the way, Tyler!
You two, come to the winch.
This way.
Come on now, get in.
Anchor away!
My god, we're still alive.
(Hurri Curri speaks in foreign language)
Everyone all right?
The cook looks very bad.
Would you mind seeing
to him, Dr. Webster?
There's nothing I can do for him.
It's your responsibility.
Now see here, Mr. Lansen.
Whilst I'm in charge
you'll do what I say
when I say.
Very well.
Right, I wouldn't try
to minimize the situation.
I'll explain it to you
exactly as I see it.
We're over a thousand
miles from the nearest land
and well off the normal shipping routes.
We've enough food and
water if we're careful
to last for three or four days.
Miss Webster, would you take
charge of the provisions?
Work out a strict form of rationing
on the basis of just enough to keep alive.
Now, Chief, there's some
canvas up in the bow,
make a shelter across the gunnel.
Aye, aye, sir.
Come on you two, give us a hand.
Captain Lansen.
Holy save, manna from heaven!
Come now this, Mr. Tyler.
That rum is strictly for emergency use.
And what makes you think my hangover
isn't an emergency?
I guarantee that in two hours time
you'll have forgotten what
the word hangover means.
Too many sharing too
little, I'm thinking.
So what are we gonna do about it?
Right, time for a little row.
Come on, it'll keep you fit.
Fat lot of use this is.
Where do you think it's gonna get us?
Who cares?
I'm sick of this path
of ocean, I'd like a change.
You're as stupid sober as
you are drunk, Mr. Tyler.
I prefer you drunk.
We ought to give you a good thrashing.
You ought to shut up too,
but I don't suppose you'll do either.
Stop it!
We'll need all our energies
just to stay alive.
Do you mind?
Do you want to know why I was deported?
Condemned and executed without trial.
I'm not interested
in other people's problems, Miss Peters.
No, I suppose not.
You've got your own.
I have.
Like explaining to the owners
how you lost a ship.
I am the owner.
Or was.
You do have problems.
Well there's always the insurance.
No insurance?
It is uninsurable.
Had been for three years.
That's why I was able to buy it.
Now I understand.
You understand what?
Doubtful cargos.
Even more doubtful passengers.
Get rich quick before your livelihood
sinks like a stone.
You should be pleased.
You've still got your livelihood.
Tut, tut.
What a very rude thing to say.
I'm not sure I shouldn't
leap to the defense
of the lady.
What's it to be, Captain?
Pistols or cutlasses?
You're drunk!
Like the proverbial fiddler's bitch!
Sorry (speaks in foreign language)
I couldn't resist it.
You selfish drunken fool!
I ought to throw you overboard!
Don't try it!
Hang on!
Leave him!
I'll kill anyone who tries to help him.
- Here!
- You keep out of it!
Shark, look!
Save them!
- Come on!
- Come on, Tyler!
Hey, what's all this stuff?
Are we near land?
I've never seen weed like this.
Where does it come from?
What is it, Skipper?
I don't know.
Let's have a look.
My god!
You all right, sir?
What was it?
I don't know.
I've never come across
anything like that before.
(Hurri Curri speaks in foreign language)
He's going mad.
(shouting in foreign language)
Look out!
Surrounded by weed.
Ahoy there!
Anybody aboard?
It's not moving sir,
what do you think she's doing here?
- I don't know.
- There's a lever, Skipper.
Right, ease your way
along to the ladder.
Ahoy there!
There's much
more of that weed here.
Oh, there you are.
If you'd have said you were going
for a row around the bay
I'd have come with you.
Welcome aboard luxury liner Corita.
We've got caviar
Stand by the ladder, Chief.
Thank you Mr. Ricaldi,
and champagne being served
- all over the ship.
- ladies first.
Miss Peters?
just time for the party.
Careful now.
Come on, come on, there's
room for plenty more up here.
Well, we should be safe enough
as long as we don't run
into another bad storm.
How are the engines?
Okay, sir.
But I'll need Braemar to give me a hand.
So keep your eye on him.
Right, let's get under way.
There you are, miss.
Morning, Harry.
Did you sleep well?
No, not really.
Will you join me?
Vodka and tomato juice.
It's called a Bloody Mary sir,
if you'll excuse the expression.
No, just coffee for me please.
I see.
Well that's another good
man lost to the cause.
I may be lost to the cause, Pat, but
after your behavior last night
I should think we've got
a very good new member.
I rather got the flavor for it
over the last few days, sir.
What happened, Pat?
Why didn't you get into the lifeboat?
Well I felt safer on here, sir.
The old Corita has always
been very lucky to me.
Must be very comforting.
It is, Ma'am.
On a voyage like this.
Well I better get the breakfast.
There's bacon.
Awful girl.
Miss Webster, I don't
know how to say this, but,
Please don't.
But he was your father.
He was never a father.
He was a jailor.
Do you want to know why?
My mother left me the lot when she died.
He was always terrified I'd go off
and get married,
and leave him without any cash.
But I'm free now.
I've got you to thank for it.
Thank for it?
I'm sorry, but that's the way I feel.
Anyway it wasn't really your fault.
Yes it was.
And not for the first time either.
It's just a series of
accidents, nothing more.
Now let's drink to the future, hmm?
All right.
But I'll stick to coffee
if you don't mind.
Come in.
I've thought of what we talked about
and I agree.
To what?
50 percent of what you got in there.
And I'll say I never found you.
I was thinking of 20.
Silence is a very expensive commodity.
And the bonus.
What bonus?
The one you promised.
When does that become due?
Let's dance.
Good evening, Captain.
Chief, wait!
Why have we stopped?
It's the weed, sir.
It's fouled the propeller.
I tried reversing her
but she's jammed solid.
Can't we cut it loose?
Without diving gear?
It means that one of us, unprotected
has to go down with a knife.
You saw what happened to Hurri Curri.
Any volunteers?
And we're stuck?
No, we're still moving.
Only now, we go where the weed takes us.
Fifth night of fog.
We are completely in the
grip of the drifting weed.
Engines are useless.
As far as we can judge it with our sights,
the weed is dragging us
farther into the Sargasso sea.
Crew and passenger morale is still good.
Anything else, sir?
No, that covers it.
I can understand
Oh yeah?
When I hold your hand
I just can explain
This wonderful thing
I'm a bird in love
Oh Harry.
Poor Harry.
At what?
Let's pretend.
We're on a romantic cruise.
It's the first night I'm
on a boat traveling alone.
You're the handsomest man on the boat
and I'm the loveliest girl.
We have no past.
We just met.
And what plans do you
have for our future?
Well, drink and laugh together.
And dance.
Right away.
By goddess, we're alone.
People can see what will happen.
And the band will go on and
on and on and on and on.
And then?
And then another drink.
Perhaps in my cabin?
You bloody fool!
How many times do I have to tell you
I've given up the booze?!
One won't do you any harm.
The first one never does.
You want to know something, Harry?
You're a bore when you're sober.
Did you hear me?
You better start drinking
again and pretty soon!
It might make a man of you.
I'm beginning to feel like a man
for the first time in years.
And you're certainly
not acting like one.
Ooh, there must be one
somewhere on this boat!
Having a little trouble, sir?
No, not really, Pat.
It's just that Miss Webster
wants a stronger hand
than I'm capable of giving her.
You'll pardon me saying so, sir.
That's not what she wants at all.
May I have a cigarette?
Help, help!
Like all the ships of the world
have come here to die.
It's the pressure of the weed.
It's crushed their hold.
That's what'll happen to us.
I've got a feeling
we're being saved for
something a lot better.
Look, there's land!
Probably deserted.
But a chance of fresh water and fruit.
May I?
There's something moving.
It's gone out of sight.
What is it?
What did you see?
I couldn't make him
out, some sort of animal.
Or insect.
But large.
At least as big as us.
We better keep watch.
Come to my cabin, I'll issue firearms.
Is anyone there?!
Help me!
Get the ladder down!
Get back aboard.
I'm being followed, hurry!
Save yourselves.
They've come to kill you.
Come on, get inside.
They're on the starboard side!
You all right, Chief?
I'm just winded.
Reckon we were lucky there sir.
Braemar wasn't.
One is still alive then.
Is he badly hurt?
No I don't think so, no.
everybody up to the saloon.
Come on, get up.
Take the man and the girl.
Get up.
See if we can find out who they are.
Oh, you stay on guard.
Okay, Skipper.
(chanting in foreign language)
(crowd chanting in foreign language)
We failed, your holiness.
They have
failed in their task.
In lieu of your failure
to capture the newcomers
and bring us fresh supplies,
I sought enlightenment as to
what should happen to you.
But master, they were well armed!
Am I not El Supremo, the direct descendant
of Jose Quintero?
And was not Jose Quintero
the Almighty's right hand
when Cortez carried his word
to the Mexican heathens?
In interrupting me, you
are interrupting God
who speaks to me.
Do not falter.
Issue the punishment.
And God says that for
your failure, you must pay
with your life.
No, please!
You've done well.
That then is the leader
of the men who attacked you.
We call him El Diablo.
He's El Supremo, the all powerful
as you will all soon find out!
A mere lad?
Through him
speaks the Inquisitor.
Through him speaks god!
Rubbish, God needs no interpreter.
Later, Chief.
And you?
I'm Sarah.
I was born on the island.
As were my parents and
their parents before them.
We descended from settlers
who were sailing to find release
from social and religious persecution.
And we still haven't found it.
Nor will you because
you are weak, decadent!
We worked hard to survive, to grow food,
while you do nothing.
You're wicked people.
Stronger than we.
El Supremo's stronger than all.
All of you will soon know
the iron hand of El Supremo!
Don't you be too sure, my lad.
Right has a funny way
of coming out on top.
You talk like the slaves.
The meek shall inherit the earth.
Perhaps they will.
But only if the strong give it to them!
I've met your kind before,
not content with mere blasphemy--
All right, Chief, stow it.
Now is not the time.
We'll stand two hour watches on deck.
I'll take the first.
Now the rest of you
grab what sleep you can.
Can I come in?
Here's some coffee.
Where do you think we are?
Somewhere there.
There's nothing there.
You think we'll ever get to Caracas?
Shouldn't have thought that worried you
one way or the other.
It does.
Someone is waiting for me.
What is he, a Venezuelan oil magnate?
I should imagine by now
he is a very frightened little boy.
My son, Cap.
He's eight years old.
What's he doing in Caracas?
Waiting for me.
How come you were in Africa
and he was in South America?
I didn't think you were interested
in other people's problems.
It's a long night.
It's a long story.
11 years ago.
I fell in love with a man.
A great man I thought was going to pull
his country out of poverty, he said.
He loved me.
He was married of course,
I became his mistress.
We had a son.
Six months ago his country found out
that he wasn't the idol
they thought he was.
We were forced to escape
in the middle of the night.
Who was he?
Antonio Fuentes.
President of Santa Dominica.
The People's Savior.
When he left, he took 20
million dollars of their money.
And you preferred the money to your son?
You bastard.
You bastard!
Miss Peters!
All right, I'm sorry.
I said I'm sorry.
So you escaped.
Now what happened then?
I was shooting, I was alone,
my son was with friends.
Antonio came to collect me.
He said an escape route was ready,
that our son was waiting.
It was a lie.
At the airport, they
forced me on the plane.
I wanted to stay, to go back to my son.
He swore that he had arranged for him
to join us, another lie.
Yet, for six months, I
waited, I pleaded, I fought.
My God, how we fought.
But he did nothing, he got what he wanted.
And I stabbed him.
Yes I stabbed him.
He didn't die, but within 24 hours
of his going to hospital,
the police arrived with
my deportation papers.
He still had some powerful friends.
One thing he forgot.
I knew where he kept the money.
He came to get it back.
I needed to buy back my son.
I understand.
Do you?
I am sorry.
I don't think that's
very funny.
Are you worried about your people?
It's been three days now.
They must think I'm dead
or captured by the Spaniards.
What, bully beef again?
It's all we've got.
Make the most of it.
You be thankful we're Christian
minded people, young man.
You're eating our rations.
I know it.
And I think you're fools.
Why don't you just throw me on the side?!
Don't think we haven't thought about it.
But you don't do it!
- El Supremo will soon--
- I don't wanna hear
what that limb of faith will do.
He's not infallible.
Where's Sarah?
She was on deck just now
messing about with those balloon things.
She's gone.
I'm going after her.
You should come in, sir,
the water's lovely.
Now come on,
Pat, stop fooling around.
Come on, Chief.
You're all right.
If you don't find
her quickly, come back.
Right, sir.
What's that?
It's an old figurehead.
I wouldn't like her to drop on me
even if she was real.
Any idea where we are, Chief?
Well I thought the
light should have been
over our right shoulder.
No, no, the left.
We're lost.
I think we should go back.
Where is back?
Oh, I heard you calling.
Thank god.
Can you find the way back to the ship?
In this, no.
There's an island over there, come on.
We can wait until the mist clears.
Here you are, lad.
You want me to call up a canoe
and then we can all paddle
our way back to the Corita?
Hold it, sir.
Okay Pat.
Have you got it, Chief?
All right.
Well if you'd like to
try and get a bit of sleep,
sir, I'll stay on watch.
- Yes, all right.
- Have you got any matches?
Go on.
Go on, have a bit of a rest.
Be careful, Pat.
After you, sir.
Well, it's not quite the Ritz
but we'll have to make the most of it.
Why did you run away from us?
I have a responsibility to my people.
They will be worried about me.
They'd done the same for you?
Of course.
Isn't it always so?
I'm afraid not.
But if it wasn't always so,
many of us will have no one to worry
or to care about.
And that would be terrible.
Yes, it is.
Chief, Chief!
Sarah, get back!
We cut down to half rations,
it should be enough to
last us for six days.
Cut down to a quarter,
that way we can last 12.
And then?
We go hungry.
That is if they don't get us first.
If it wasn't for my son I wouldn't care.
Doesn't seem much point
anymore, does there?
What would happen to him?
I don't know.
I don't know.
He has no one.
The weeds!
The weeds!
Quick, look after her.
I don't care what you say.
I'm not stopping here a moment longer.
Don't be a fool, Chief!
I think we should stay here till daybreak
and then try to find our
way back to the ship.
Take them
to the Santa Ranita.
Signal our approach!
Hey, Skipper!
What does it mean?
It means you can say
goodbye to your friends.
And what else?
Now will you tell me what was the meaning
of that rocket?
Now for the last time,
what was the meaning of that rocket?!
No more, Captain.
The choice is yours, it is simple.
Either join us and tell
your companions on the boat
to do likewise,
in which case all of your supplies
will be turned over to us.
Or else?
We shall kill you.
Then kill your companions
and take the supplies.
He'll kill us all anyway.
That is in the hands of God.
But if you pray to me,
he may find it in his heart to--
I'm not praying to any man.
Let alone a child who's hardly old enough
to wipe his own bottom.
You are heretics and blasphemers!
There is no redemption for any of you!
You're the one who's blaspheming!
Though I bet the blame is mostly his.
I am merely the servant.
Funny sort of servant getting a child
to do your dirty work for you.
Corrupting his mind so that he--
Perhaps the lad's got a mind of his own.
How about it, son?
Don't you ever--
Throw them into the build!
All of them, now!
Now let her go!
And stay where you are, all of you.
Quick, over here.
What kind of a circus is this anyway?
You are in
the court of El Supremo,
the Chosen One.
He means the lad sitting on the throne.
What, that boy?
He's the one who plays the piper.
We're getting out.
Now we can go noisily or quietly.
The choice is up to you.
Where are you going?
You're trapped here like the rest of us.
There's no escape.
How do you know, have you ever tried?
Our ancestors tried!
I'm not talking about
them, I'm talking about you.
It's god's will!
It's your will because
you want it this way.
You do it in the name of
God through this child here
because you haven't got the guts
to do your own dirty work.
You speak
bravely of escaping.
How are you going to do it?
I don't know but we'll try.
You will fail.
Then we'll go on trying,
and the day we stop
trying, we stop living.
All right, we're going.
Anyone who wants to
try with us is welcome.
Stay where
you are, all of you!
Why not accept the inevitable?
You are no longer masters
of your own destiny.
Join us.
I'd rather chance the weed and die.
Then die.
Look out!
I'm coming with you!
Stay where you are!
Protect us from those who lead us wrong.
For we are your servants!
Let them suffer the agony
of their guilt!
I knew this cargo would
come in handy, Skipper.
Even the weed's burning!
Not bad for a homemade job.
Let's get back to the Corita.
We'll all be safer there.
Quickly, up you go.
Move it, steady now.
That's up to you, girl.
Get her off him.
I've got you, you're all right.
Up you go.