The Lost End (2020) Movie Script

Some more to drink, sir?
Would you like another?
It's last call.
Let me get you some money.
What the hell? Where's-
Oh, man down!
Come on.
Mama, I'm going on a mission.
We must synchronize our watches.
Very well, Sweets.
It'll be exactly NINE-TWO-ZERO
and zero seconds.
Three, two, one, mark!
Stop smelling that thing!
Where are you going?
I'm going pee pee in the ocean.
It's too dangerous today, Tony.
Feel the wind?
The current's probably
a nightmare.
I prefer you go to the bathroom
back there.
Please, mom, the water
looks the same as yesterday!
Don't argue with me.
Just go to the bathroom
behind the bar.
If you're scared,
I can go with you.
I'm not a baby!
Aren't you forgetting something?
You're still my baby.
Anybody there?
Hey, wait!
Welcome to the
Cantina Fragaria.
Where your pleasure comes first.
Kitchen's closed.
Are they here?
Have you seen them?
I'm seeing 'em just fine.
I'm never that high.
No, not...
No, the little boy and
his mother.
I've seen them.
Bullshit. Don't
listen to her!
She hasn't seen anyone all day
except me.
Please, sir, uh...
The woman, she's beautiful,
and she has long hair.
And the little boy, he-
He's like this tall.
He's wearing a red hat.
Ain't nobody here
but us chickens.
Where did you last see them?
They were out
there on the beach.
I thought they needed...
I'm sure they came in here.
Who are these people to you?
Well, I think, uh...
I think...
They are...
My family.
Holy shit, Chloe.
He's married!
Shut up.
With a kid, no less-
Shut up!
Wow. It really must
suck to be you.
Fuck you, Prude.
I'm sorry. Please ignore my
shit-faced friend.
When did you last see
your family?
This ought to be good.
Will you please...
shut the fuck up?
Go ahead, think.
I guess it must have
been around..
My watch!
I left my watch outside.
You may
know where your watch is...
but where did the time go?
What the fuck?
Wait, I know you.
You might be right.
Think back for a moment.
Start at the very beginning.
Go till the end.
Then stop.
We picked you up.
You were hitchhiking.
Wait, was that this morning?
I really can't go back
to this morning.
I was a different person then.
Hey, man.
You okay?
Can I get you something
to drink?
Yeah, Till, get him-
That's better!
Get him a shot.
Actually, fuck that.
Give me a shot!
What the hell?
I think we should call the cops.
Phone don't work.
Ain't no cops around here
Besides, you don't
even know what happened.
Maybe they're just waiting for
you in the car.
The car!
Come on, you.
Oh dear!
Fuck it!
They're gone!
They're gone! They wouldn't
leave me. Something...
Look, they'd never leave me.
Something must have happened-
Calm down! Calm down,
calm down.
It's okay. It's going to
be okay.
What's your name?
I'm not sure, uh...
I can't remember my name, my...
My name, it's...
My name's Antoine.
That's right! That's, uh... good
I'm Chloe and this is Prudence.
And we're going to
help you find your family.
Isn't that right, Prude?
I'm sorry.
- How did that happen?
- You got a light?
Oh! Never mind.
Wait, those-
Those are hers!
My wife's!
Oh, really?
I don't think she'll mind
if I borrow them.
Let me see those!
I remember this.
We might have stayed...
I think we're staying here.
We might be staying here!
I know this place. It's just...
Can we go?!
Down the highway a few miles.
Yeah. Till!
Can you get us a cab?!
Hello. My name
is Shiv.
Please forgive me, but I'm mute
Where can I take you?
I'm mute, not
Sorry, uh...
I was just...
Can you please just take us to
the Green Lizard Motel?
Hey, it's that guy again!
What guy?
I guess this is it.
Oh, yes! I'm getting a
Prudence, wait-
Thank you.
How much do I owe you?
Fuck! Where the fuck?
I think I lost my
wallet on the beach.
Don't worry about it.
How much?
Ten twenty-five?
Thank you.
It's okay.
Shit, wait...
That's it...
- That's it!
- No, Antoine. Wait!
No, no, just...
It's okay. Wait for me in
the diner.
I'm not-
ANTOINE: I'll be right there.
- I promise.
- I'm not leaving you like-
Please, just wait
for me in the diner.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?!
I am so sorry, sir.
I didn't recognize you
for a second.
It's me, Earl.
The motel manager.
I heard some voices
I came out to check.
We've been having trouble
with vagrants
breaking into cars at night.
You know me?
Yes, sir.
Room five.
You checked in this morning.
You and your, um...
I didn't have the pleasure,
sir, but you said
there'd be three of you.
None of my business
Only it...
kind of is.
Are you...
Are you sure you didn't
see who I was with?
Was it them?
I really couldn't say, sir.
Is everything all right?
I just had a bit of an accident.
I hit my head and now I can't
I can't seem to find my key.
That's because you
left it at the front desk
before you went to the beach
this morning.
Did you find it, by the way?
Beg your pardon?
The beach you were looking for.
You were real specific about the
stretch of beach you wanted.
By some old bar?
Well, good.
I told you, I really didn't know
if that old building
used to be a bar or not.
It's still a bar.
It's open?
I mean, I didn't realize
anybody had bought it.
That old building has been empty
for years.
Well, it's open now.
Do you think I can get my key?
Yes, sir.
Let me go fetch it.
Your man...
He's not all there, is he?
What are you doing here?
passing through.
Thanks for the ride, by the way.
I told them we should stop.
No worries.
That taxi driver never stops.
He talks too much anyway.
Thought you might want this.
You left it on
the beach.
You wouldn't want to forget
who you are now, would you?
There's still money
in here?
I'm a nomad, not a thief.
No, I didn't mean...
That you would...
Watch yourself.
Not everything is what it seems.
Finding what you're looking for
may come at a price.
Here's your key, sir.
and you've got a message.
Shiv was going to eat
alone so I asked him to join us.
Any luck?
Not sure.
They were here, though. Look.
That's your
She doesn't really seem
your type, does she, Chlo?
Oh, she's very pretty.
I booked a room this morning.
You don't remember?
And you call me fucked up?
I checked the room, but uh...
No one's there.
But I think, uh...
I might know where they went.
Here we are,
the house specialty!
Four oboros strawberry shakes.
Did you just say Oboros?
Sure did, honey.
Where's that?
Oh, it's a little old
western town out past Route
32 on the other
side of the mountain.
Not much to look at,
but they grow the best
strawberries you ever had.
Is it far from here?
Not as the crow
flies, but the way
that old road is back there.
Take you a few hours.
But you couldn't have picked
a better time.
Their big festival starts
I've seen this.
Place used to
be kind of a tourist attraction,
but that was a long time ago
before the interstate
came through.
Not many people
go there anymore.
Not many people even know it
Dead people.
God damn it, Randy,
mind your own business!
Stay away from there
if you know what's good for you.
That ghost town's filled with
dead people.
Dead people?
Yeah, dead in the eyes like
that one there.
Better watch out.
I might eat your soul.
Don't think I don't know
what you're doing.
You're all going huntin'!
I've been around
long enough to know.
Don't mind him.
He's just pissed
his strawberries aren't as good.
Mark my words, boy.
If you go up there...
you ain't never coming back
the same.
Excuse my French,
but that old man
really is a son of a bitch.
Well, come on now.
You haven't even tried
your shake.
See, I told you.
Best thing in the world.
Can I get you anything else?
No, thanks.
That really is good.
Hey, uh, Shiv.
You think you can take
me there?
He said he can take us there,
but not tonight.
We'll get lost in the dark
Chloe, you, uh...
You don't have to come with me.
Yeah, Chloe.
Let's just stay here and eat
our weight in pie.
We are coming with you.
How many beds
do you have in your room?
Just one.
It's a big one.
We can make room for everyone.
You too, Shiv.
I think he'd
rather sleep in the cab.
So we meet tomorrow,
head out.
And you found your wallet.
You'll never guess-
I found it.
I'm probably still just...
turned around from earlier.
I have to pee.
Whoa, whoa!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I just...
Feel a little lightheaded.
Probably just...
Just need to get some sleep.
No. No, how the two of you,
you sleep on the bed now.
I'll sleep on the floor.
- That's ridiculous.
- No!
This is your room!
Besides, this bed is enormous.
We could fit like four more
people in here.
Honestly, you won't even know
we're in here.
- Okay?
- You may be right.
I should really sleep on the
The hell?
I can't move.
It's okay.
Just relax...
and sleep.
No way!
Hi, uh...
I don't mean to interrupt.
I'm just, um...
I'm just going to grab a pillow
and sleep on the floor.
I'm not trying to be
some sort of moral police
or any-
This is...
Okay, look, this
is getting to be
a little uncomfortable.
Seriously, Are you okay?
Are you okay?!
Rise and shine.
Jesus. Are you okay?
You look like you've
seen a ghost.
Just a bad dream.
What time is it?
A little after one.
That late?
Don't worry.
Shiv talked to the creepy
and got us to check
out late.
No extra charge.
This will help
clear the cobwebs.
A little hair on the
No, thanks.
Seriously? Don't be so paranoid.
It's my own mix.
It's just vitamins.
A little turmeric, a little B12,
some C, ginseng,
and some local honey
for the immune system.
Go on, chicken shit.
Drink it up.
It's good for you.
You'll feel better, I promise.
That's really good.
Kind of sweet.
Good. Now hop in
the shower and get cleaned up.
I found this.
It was on a rack
in the closet. It must be yours.
Men's clothes and
some toiletries.
We shared your toothbrush,
It's okay.
Found these, too.
Shiv tried them
this morning and the big red
beast started right up.
He says we should
take it...
instead of the cab.
It'd be better on the roads.
He's right! Chop, chop,
We better get going if you
want to get there
before the sun down.
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?!
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Would you look at this?
It's as if
nothing's ever changed.
The land that time
Welcome, friends,
to the 164th Annual
Oboros Strawberry Festival!
Let the festivities begin!
What is this?!
That's him. Wait...
He's...that's him!
I'm looking for a
little boy...
He's wearing a red baseball cap.
He must have just run
past here.
Anybody here?
I don't mean to bother you.
I'm just...
Have you seen the little boy
that's been running around-
make yourself to home.
I'll be with you in a moment.
No, you don't...
You don't have to. I'm just...
Have you seen
the little boy that-
We cannot move forward
until you try.
Might I ask what it is?
It's not...
blood... it?
Bavagna the truth...
Too sweet?
It's jam, strawberry jam.
Of course, for the festival.
It's delicious.
It was always your favorite.
I thought you weren't coming
I'm sorry. I-
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Did you find what you were
looking for on the beach?
The beach? How-
How do you know-
I should go.
The boy.
Did you see the boy?
Was he flying his kite?
What was he wearing?
You can tell me.
can't! He won't let me.
Look with my eyes.
He wears this red mask.
Did he
bring you back here?
I followed him.
Where is he?
There is no one here, Antoine.
How do you know my name?
I've always known your name.
Wait, no!
Did you
see your mother?
My mother?
My mother...
It's been so long
since you went looking for her.
I thought you might have
Oh, but a boy
never forgets about his mother.
27 years ago, you and
your mother
went missing on that beach.
You were found.
She was not.
You used to go back there
all the time...
but several years ago
you stopped.
Why can't I remember?
Something is happening.
I must go look into a few things
Drink this.
It might help reconnect
your memories.
Be careful, my sweet boy.
Nothing is what it seems.
How did I get back here?
What do you mean?
You haven't gone anywhere.
- What?
- I mean...
The dancing started and
you just kind of went with it.
You must have gotten dizzy
or something
because your legs
buckled up and you fell-
Wait, I didn't go
Chloe, I saw him!
I followed him
And the woman, she tol-
CHLOE: Here, um...
Let's get you
out of the streets.
Stay here. I got
you something to drink.
Thank you.
Drink some...
Slow down.
Sip the whiskey.
It should help calm you down.
No, I'm fine.
You're not fine, just
take a sip.
What's happening to you?
I don't know.
but it's definitely happening.
The woman...
She's not my wife.
I think she's my mother.
Your mother?
And the boy...
The boy in the hat.
I think the boy is me.
I'm not sure I understand-
There you are!
Shiv and I have been looking
everywhere for you.
I got us a couple of rooms
Where the hell have you been?
We haven't been any-
ANTOINE: I told you!
I followed the boy
through the crowd.
I follow him to the shop.
And then she told me.
She told me-
The boy!
It's me.
I'm the boy.
You haven't been
Look, the woman.
She's my mother.
Okay but, you never left
my side.
Jesus, what the hell's in these
Hook a sister up!
I don't understand.
I mean how could I have
seen them?
I mean, I guess I didn't
see them. I just remembered...
She said we were taken
years ago.
She said I went there
to remember.
But who said-
Madame Bavagna!
Are you all right?
Ladies and
tonight we will be coming
full circle.
as our name suggests...Oboros!
We will return to the beginning.
The story of this magic place
as told to us by the ancient
people of the valley.
At the dawn of time,
The Master, who is under the
protection of the Great Serpent,
wandered from the Sacred Valley,
across the desert,
to the edge of the world.
There he met...
and fell in love
with the Queen of the Sea.
As a sign of his devotion,
he gave the Queen
his most prized possession,
the Heart of the Universe,
the Secret of Immortality.
The Queen was overwhelmed
by the Master's generosity.
She agreed to marry the Master
and return with their children
to the Sacred Valley.
In the Sacred Valley
all was perfect.
The Earth provided.
The Master showed the children
how to plant the seeds
from the Heart of the Universe,
for he knew that the fruit
that grew from the seeds
would potentially unlock
the human spirit.
Then, the outsiders came.
They knew nothing of love,
their hearts filled with hate.
They were jealous
of the children of the valley.
But the children,
knowing nothing of pettiness,
offered the outsiders
their fruit.
"No!" said the outsiders.
We have come
for the Heart of the Universe.
We seek the Secret
of Immortality.
The Master, in order to
protect his Queen
and the Heart of the Universe,
commanded the Diggers
of the Earth, the Ants,
to build the Great Temple.
The Ants
built the temple
with many passages and traps,
so many that only the Master
could find his way to the end.
The Serpent
then hid the entrance
to the temple.
Having lost...
the Heart of the Universe...
The Outsiders
then slew the Queen's children.
Their blood stained
the green fruit red.
Then left the valley,
taking the bloodstained fruit
with them.
Each year at Harvest
We see the legend repeat
Like the serpent
that eats its own tail.
The seed is planted,
the green fruit grows,
and when the blood stains
the flesh,
they are ready to be picked.
We believe here in our Oboros.
That we live
in the valley of the Master,
and as his children
we were meant to share
this sacred fruit
May the Heart of the Universe
fill your soul with love.
How is this possible?
I've seen you in my dreams.
Are these...
my dreams?
More coffee, sir?
I'm sorry.
Would you like some more coffee,
There you are.
I woke up, you weren't there.
I got worried.
Are you okay?
You aren't too weirded out
by last night, are you?
How long have we known
each other?
I know this kind of thing
may seem a little quick, but I..
Cut the shit.
It's been a long time,
hasn't it?
Since we were kids?
I don't know
what you're talking-
Don't you fucking lie to
me, all right?
You're going to tell me
what the fuck is going on
or I'm gonna break your
fucking arm.
Antoine, please.
They're watching.
Who's watching?
What do you-
VENDER: Would the lady like some
or perhaps something a bit...
No, thank you. I'm fine.
We also have some lovely
hot strawberry scones.
Just straight from the oven.
No thanks.
I think we're gonna have
a look around.
Come on.
You're hurting me...
You forgot your change.
Hey, brother!
How'd she heal?
You should see the monster
I put on him, Prude.
Makes some of yours look dainty.
Where have the two of you
been, huh?
As if I couldn't guess.
Prude, um...
starting to remember.
Hey well, come on
careful now!
Are you?
Do you remember me?
Yeah, of course.
You don't remember.
Maybe you need a little
pick me up.
Prudence, please.
Look, it's all starting to come
back, okay?
Yeah. Look, I know we're
all friends.
- Just friends?
- I knew we grew up
This must be great for you.
Look, I know
something fucking crazy
is happening!
and I think I know where
I need to go,
but I need your help, Prudence.
So please...
I need you.
She's in there.
The fuck is he talking about?
Who's in where?
My mother.
The fuck have you been
dosing him with, Chloe?
I haven't given him anything
Why does he think this is about
his mother?
He's just supposed to be
renewing his faith.
Prudence, you swore!
It doesn't matter now!
We're here, in the temple.
He followed the path.
He made it back home.
- He's done!
- I'm not done!
We swore we'd see him
through this!
You only joined this so you
could be close to him again!
I want him back the way
things were!
I want our life back!
Prudence, you've had enough.
Don't you worry about
little old me!
I'm just the wife.
It never was me. Was it,
We just...we have to get
into the temple.
Antoine, we are in
the temple.
No, it'
It's this.
That's supposed to be the
Heart of the Universe.
Fuck this place!
Look, it's...
It's almost like a...
I'll be damned.
I thought the
strawberries just...
grew that way.
It's sort of like a weird fungus
or something.
You're so fucking stupid!
That's so cool.
Magic mushrooms
psychedelic toads...
and fucking ayahuasca!
Whatever that shit they brewed
is has got to be amazing.
What are you doing?
Prude, get out!
Hey, brother.
How about hooking a sister up
with the good shit?
Come on, man,
don't be like that.
I'll make it worth your while.
No, wait!
What the fuck?!
Hurry up! No! No!
Prudence, get out! Get out!
Prudence! Prudence! No,
Oh, my God.
I don't know. Do you think it's
still behind us?
No, I think we lost it.
What were those things?
They grow them
special down here.
This place could use a giant
can of Raid.
Love is the key.
This is it.
There she is.
In the coffin?
No, Shiv! No!
- Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!
- No, no, no, no!
There's nothing you can
do! Chloe, just sit!
There has to be a way to...
We're dead, we're dead,
we're dead, we're dead!
Oh my god, you did it!
She's breathing.
Yeah, it's me.
- My boy?
- It's me.
- Tony?
- Hey. Yeah.
My boy...
Oh, I found you at last.
Yeah, you did.
- Momma!
- My boy...
I found you at last...
Mom? Momma!
Mom, no! No!
Momma! Mom! Mom!
Chloe! Wait, wait.
No. Chloe! Stop...
If you take the
stone, she will die.
There's nothing you can do
for her now.
Why are you here?
I see your memory
has not returned fully.
What have you done?
It's what you have done.
What are you talking about?
You still see
with the eyes of the universe.
Take this.
It will clear your mind.
As you know,
our beliefs are cyclical.
As the serpent eats its tail.
We too must consume
and be consumed.
We must find...
new blood to feed our tribe.
We must find a place
to hold our hearts.
We must also find
a new generation.
No. No!
I remember!
Welcome to reality.
My God...
What have I done?!
You did what had to be done.
The universe shows you
what must be seen.
You understood the true path.
Eat this.
So I may fade to dust.
I will be consumed...
and the circle will
be complete.