The Lost Girls (2022) Movie Script

What do we see now?
We see this room.
Yes, I can see it.
Go on.
And there's Peter,
looking for his shadow.
Foolish fellow tried
to stick it on with soap.
And when he failed, he cried.
And that woke me up,
and I sewed it on for him.
You missed a bit,
when you saw him sitting
on the floor crying.
What did you say?
I said, "Boy,
why are you crying?"
Well, uh...
tell me... everything.
No, tell me something small,
something I can digest.
I can't.
Why ever not?
Because you don't seem real yet.
For all the women
in my family,
the line between
make believe and reality
has always been blurry.
It all began
with my grandmother.
I was named after her.
Wendy Darling.
When to be young
was very heaven.
To be young was very heaven.
You're very heaven.
I would much prefer
hell to be the entree to life,
with heaven as the dessert!
You see, only from heaven
can any of us fall,
and you will fall and you'd
better learn to fall properly.
Nana, really?
Don't you "oh, Nana" me.
Go on, be a good boy,
leave us be.
We've something to discuss.
Okay, I'll be in the hallway.
If anyone might possibly
need a father...
Now listen, poppet,
when you turn 12 or 13,
you will meet a boy.
Is the boy nice?
Oh, he's too nice!
He's too, too handsome.
You will fall for him
You will wake up
one starry night...
and find a lad
squatting on the floor,
he's bawling his head off,
he's crying his eyes out.
Is it because... Ah...
he's lost his shadow?
Or forgotten the end
of a fairytale?
This boy will take you
for a ride in the sky.
He'll tell you
how valuable you are.
And you will find this
most seductive.
What's 'seductive', Nana?
Ooh, you'll see.
He'll complain,
he hasn't seen his mother
for too long
he'll ask you to do
a bit of washing
for him and his friends,
The Lost Boys.
And just a little button sewing
and a little cooking and
a great deal of bakery.
The boy's name is...
But where does he take me?
He'll take you to a place
where you're never, ever bored.
When you grow up,
you will encourage
your own daughter
to follow this boy
just like I did.
Nana, did my mom disappear
with this boy?
Oh, Jane...
That afternoon,
I said goodbye to common sense,
to rationality.
But what was I saying hello to?
Ladies and gentlemen
we've now started our
descent into New York City.
Please ensure
your seatbelts are fastened
and your tray tables
are in the upright position.
Thank you.
I need you out of bed in
no more than five minutes, okay?
Why do you torture me
every morning?
If I don't have to go to school,
then why do you
wake me up so early?
It's not fair.
Are you gonna ask me
this very same question
every morning?
Fair enough.
Dad, why can't I go
to school anyways?
Because you'd get bored
in school.
Are an extraordinary girl
and I am your father.
And I think it's best
for you to stay home
and study with me
for a few more years.
Are you done?
Ah, you'll see.
Someday you'll thank me
for this.
Where did we get to?
Ah, yes.
In the meantime, our good ship,
with that perfect wind
to drive her
fast approached
the siren's isle.
"Wendy, my darling,
"always be good to your dad
"and always remember:
"make believe
is your birthright.
I love you, Mom."
What are you up to?
What's on the schedule
for this afternoon?
Ah, informal learning.
You ready?
There she goes!
We did it, Wends!
Great, we did it!
Oh, isn't that amazing?
Oh, no...
No, no, no, no!
Ah, what a lovely girl you are.
A real peach.
It's your turn now.
I remember the sky that day.
My whole childhood
truly was
an awfully big adventure.
You really have
the gift of language.
I mean, her vocabulary, it's...
I am so impressed
with the excellent
level of your education.
Thank you, Ms. Lawrence.
Oh, you don't have to thank me.
You can thank your dad.
Ah, well...
Well, I really
mean that, Mr. Braverman.
You have done an impeccable job.
I'm excited to see
the places that you will go.
- Mr. Braverman...
- I was just thinking...
Since we got such
great results thus far,
maybe it would
be better for Wendy
to continue with homeschooling.
That way she could
really zoom in and... and...
And deepen her knowledge
in the areas
she's most passionate...
No, we talked about this.
You agreed that it was time
for me to actually go to school.
I'm sure she'll be
an excellent student.
Please, come in.
I'd like to introduce you
to Wendy Darling Braverman.
She will be in your class.
Why don't you girls take
a tour of the school, mm?
Melanie, will you
show Wendy around, please?
Don't worry, Dad.
I'll be okay.
Of course you will.
"Happy birthday, Wendy Darling.
"And Bon Voyage!
"I love you.
You're a mess.
Boy, why are you crying?
I've come for you, Wendy.
Hey, what's so funny?
You find me funny, do you?
No, I don't find you
funny at all.
I just don't believe
it's really you.
You must be another
bad dream I'm having.
Blast, I hate bad dreams.
They're worse than hurricanes.
We Lost Boys can't weather them
without a mother around.
Talk to me about it.
You're a queer girl, Wendy.
Why thank you.
But you're as wrong
as I am right.
- Says who?
- Says me.
You're dead wrong.
All wrong. Girl-wrong.
Wendy, it's time.
Let's make like a leaf and blow.
Listen, Peter...
the problem is...
I'm not too great
at cooking or cleaning.
I'm a modern girl.
I eat convenience food
and do the least amount
of cleaning possible
in order to free up my time
to pursue other stuff.
- What kind of stuff?
- I have my activities.
Like watching TV,
playing records,
writing poems.
What's that?
A poem is like
an odd sort of wish.
Or a child's nursery rhyme.
Sometimes poetry
can make you cry.
But for me, writing is...
it comforts me.
Why don't you just shoot me?
I was abandoned in the park
so I don't really care
for soppy poetry.
I care for adventures.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
You know I've
decided that, um...
as girls go, you are a most...
pleasing representative.
A real peach.
No, I'm not.
And I can offer proof.
Don't I need some fairy dust
or something?
All you need are happy thoughts.
I dreamed that you
bewitched me into bed.
Sung me moonstruck.
Kissed me quite insane.
Look at me!
I'm up! I'm up!
Peter! Look!
You've seen nothing!
How clumsy was that?
Dreadfully clumsy.
Listen, Wendy bird.
I've got to ask you a question.
Will you promise me something,
I'll promise you anything.
You must promise me that
you will never grow up.
You understand?
It will kill me,
it will just kill me if you
grow up like the others.
Yes, I promise.
I promise you
I will never grow up.
I think you should kiss me now.
Yeah, sorry.
Forgot about that.
Where are you going?
Would you care for a drink?
No, thanks.
Happy birthday, darling.
Isn't this an
awfully good adventure?
He had promised to
come back for me the next spring.
And so I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Mostly, I was convinced
that it was my fault.
I had broken my promise.
I was undeniably growing up.
And just like Peter, I was
still missing my mother.
Damn Peter!
Why are you crying?
Oh, it's... it's just...
It's... it's nothing.
I'm sorry, honey.
Are you okay?
Are you?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Do you know where my mom is?
I'm sorry, honey.
I don't.
Is there anything I can do
to make it better for you?
What would make you happy?
I want to go visit my Nana.
I miss her.
Oh, Wendy, darling!
Oh, oh, let me look at you.
Ah! Oh, you look skinny.
I don't feel skinny at all.
How old are you?
I'm 17, but I don't really
like to think
about that kind of thing.
No, you don't, do you?
Darling, tell me exactly
what it is that's troubling you.
It's Peter!
He's forgotten all about me!
Four years ago,
he promised he'd return for me!
I mean, what could possibly have
come up that was so important,
so completely demanding
of his time,
every minute of every day?
Listen, darling.
I'm here to warn you
about Neverland.
But don't grow angry
and disappear like Jane.
Nana, do you have some
idea of where Jane...
Where my mother is?
Lots of ideas.
Listen, darling,
you'll survive this, love.
And don't doubt me,
because your Nana
sees things that you cannot.
What do you see now, Nana?
I'm too tired.
Please tell me something,
just one thing.
You'll meet a boy...
and he'll love you, dearly.
I'm Adam.
I'm Wendy.
But that won't be
enough for you.
Why not?
the love of a boy
is not all that a girl needs.
Did you just graduate?
Mm-hm, Masters of Arts.
Thank you.
And what are you doing here
right after your graduation?
I was just actually...
I was just writing myself
a happy graduation card.
I live close by.
I still live with... with my dad.
What's so special
about the ground?
It's the bugs.
would you mind if
I recorded you saying that?
"It's the bugs."
I really like the sound of it.
It's the bugs.
Just like that?
Yeah, just like that.
It's the bugs, it's the bugs,
it's the bugs.
It's the bugs.
You brought the sunshine
You made my day
a little brighter
You gave me
your sweet wine
I feel our hearts
growing lighter
What a sweet surprise
We tasted love
for the first time
We ate the fruit
from the love vine
For the first time
You make my heart sing
A melody,
your sweet laughter
WENDY'- It's the bugs.
It's the bugs.
It's the bugs.
It's the bugs. It's the bugs.
It's the bugs. It's the bugs.
It's the bugs.
It's the bugs.
Is this real?
What do you think?
No, I mean...
If I stop believing you're here,
you'll still be here, right?
You're not going to go away.
Wendy bird...
What made you say that?
Say what?
Why'd you call me Wendy bird?
Where did that come from?
I dunno.
Like the British
'60s thing, I guess.
Women are birds.
Men are blokes.
Thank you.
I haven't done a thing.
You listened.
You believed.
In fact, you have the look
of a believer.
You don't know the half of it.
Over time, my childhood poetry
had given way to tales
of funny little creatures.
But, my melancholy
was as stubborn
as Peter's youth.
That's cute.
You scared me!
Where were you?
At the studio.
Working on a piece
I gotta deliver tomorrow.
Still have quite a bit to do,
but it is coming along,
you want to hear?
Why are you in such a good mood?
Why are you always
in such a good mood?
Jealous of my work again?
I'm not jealous.
Come on.
Aren't we starting
to get too old for this?
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much
for reminding me,
I'm too old for anything!
Hey, hey.
Please don't hurt
the mind I love.
I've been staring
at the screen all day
and nothing came of it.
That's okay.
That can happen.
Can we go for a walk?
Wait, wait, just a sec.
Stand for greatness.
Oh, honey.
Is it bad milk?
No, I think I need
to tell you something.
Tell me what?
Well, if you shut off that damn
machine then we can talk.
I've been meaning to tell you...
Okay, when I was little,
my Nana told me I was
going to meet a boy
and I did.
His name is Peter
and he taught me how to fly
and he took me to a place
where life is never, ever boring
except, in that same place,
I also met a dark, horrid figure
who tried to kiss me
against my will
while the flying boy
never even kissed me.
He gave me buttons
and called them kisses.
Isn't that clever?
Wends, you're not making sense.
I feel that my life
is about to be blown up
as if by pirates.
Wendy bird.
Good God,
we've got a strong girl here.
A girl who could
serve a higher purpose.
My purpose.
Wendy bird?
Wendy bird?
Maybe you need someone you
could talk to who could help you
clear up your confusion,
because this is beyond me.
I don't know who
these people are.
The scary man, the super boy...
Are they real guys?
Or are they characters
in a fable you're working on?
I know you.
Of course you do.
All girls know me.
Go away.
My darling, I can't.
I really can't.
Besides, are you sure
you want to spend any more time
with this... dude?
How dare you?
Shut up.
I mean, I know...
it was difficult with your
mom being gone.
You really are a lovely girl.
A real...
Wendy! Wendy, come back!
Follow the sound of my voice!
Wendy! Wendy bird.
Should we call a doctor?
Thanks, man.
Wow, you look so beautiful.
Thank you.
So, my princess
is getting married.
I don't have a clue
about what to tell her.
Dad, it's okay.
The truth is, I, um...
I never really thought
of you as a housewife.
I'm not going to be a housewife.
Oh, of course not.
I mean...
Well, the world is so big and...
I think I would have
wanted you to explore it.
Well, just steer clear of
obligations, you know, like...
like husbands.
Dad, I'm pregnant
and I'm about to get married.
I didn't exactly plan this
but here we are...
Of course.
Of course.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
Time to fly away, ladybird.
Good evening.
Welcome to this important moment
in the lives of this couple.
We invite you to leave behind
the worries and concerns
of everyday life
and join us in the celebration
of marriage.
Adam Ullman,
do you take this woman,
Wendy Margaret
Darling Braverman,
to be your wife?
Do you pledge to share
your life openly with her
and to speak the truth
to her in love?
I do.
Wendy Margaret Darling
do you take this man,
Adam Ullman,
to be your husband?
Do you pledge to share your life
openly with him and to speak
the truth to him in love?
Did she say yes?
Not yet, no.
Yes, I do.
It is my pleasure to now
pronounce you husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
Why are you staring at me like
you've seen a ghost?
Because I have seen a ghost.
You're ever the ghost, Peter.
All this...
This is one big ghost story
compared to the rock-solid
story I live in.
What's the matter, little lady?
Is it because
you're a little fat?
And a lot taller?
Well, I could've stayed
with you and the Lost Boys
and I would have had
a pretty interesting life
as some sort of mother.
But I don't even know that
I want to be a mother.
Peter, is my mother, Jane,
is she on the island?
I haven't seen the bird in ages.
What was she like?
Was she anything like me?
Kind of like you.
But even taller.
And skinnier.
I meant her personality.
Oh, well...
What's strange is
that on the inside,
Jane was exactly like me.
You know, the girl fancied me.
So I tried to
indulge her needs, but...
it was a nightmare.
What happened?
Peter, so much is happening,
I don't even know
where to begin.
For one thing, I'm married.
You're married?
You promised.
You promised me, Wendy.
Listen, there was
no good way to tell you.
I mean, you never showed me
the slightest interest.
I'm showing you something now.
I've brought you all
the kisses I've collected
over the last couple of days.
Sorry, your little
friend's not here.
Just me.
You ended up with me.
I wonder if that's ever
going to be enough for you.
And then
my daughter came along.
I thought she'd be
the perfect little person
to share my stories with.
Thank you, Dad.
They're beautiful.
No, you are.
Hey! Look at my gorgeous
Come here!
Look at how tall you got.
Well, that was delicious.
Thank you.
The more I look at you...
It's incredible.
There's something about her.
She reminds me of Jane,
more than you ever did.
Who's Jane?
We actually don't know
who she is,
so I don't understand why
you had to bring this up.
I've got it.
No, I can do it.
Do you want to see it?
Of course I want to see it!
The first copy arrived today,
I am so relieved.
It took so long and with
Berry here, it was difficult.
Thank God you're going
to school now.
Mommy never wants me around.
Honey, it's just
that you have to understand,
not all kids get to have their
moms around all the time.
Berry, would you please
go and pick up Mom's book
so that we can show it
to Grandpa?
Berry, go, go on! Go, shoo!
Adam wrote a sort of symphony
in his spare time.
My book!
- My book!
- Why did you do that?
My book!
My book!
My book! My book! My book!
My book!
Honey, calm down!
It's just one copy!
Of course
you were gonna say that.
This is my first published book!
And it took me
forever to write it
because I had to be
looking after her
while you were out making music,
so now, you put her to sleep
and I'm gonna go out
for a drink!
- Wendy, wait a minute...
- Let me go.
Are you okay?
Would you care for a drink?
You stink.
And you smell like a peach.
A real peach.
Mom? Why are you looking
at a cats video?
Oh, it's supposed to calm
the nervous system.
It's not working, though.
Wait! Come here.
It would be very good for
your mother to talk to you
before she reads in
public tonight.
You don't need to read to me,
because I'm never
going to like it.
You mean really never?
Well, I don't know.
Someday maybe you'll be
curious about my stories.
Never sounds like
an awfully long time.
Okay, people.
Okay, let's get down
to business.
It gives me
great pleasure to introduce
this evening's author.
She has created a collection
of contemporary fables
that is... truly divine.
"Ferrets Are Free,"
"The World According
to Chloe the Cat,"
"Weasels Are Doing It
For Themselves"
is a divination of the truth
in a way that we have become
unaccustomed to hearing.
So, please give a warm
welcome to our house
to the charming Wendy Darling.
Thank you... Sorry.
"Weasels Are Doing It
For Themselves."
A silly title to be sure but,
one that both empowers
and makes fun of empowerment.
My idea here is
to make fun of empowerment
because what kind
of a world is this,
where we're not
naturally empowered,
where we have to grab for power.
Besides things you
have to grab for
are always quite elusive.
So, I asked myself,
what is the
nature of the weasel?
Mania, enthusiasm,
- Dinner's ready.
- Thanks, Dad.
My mother works for Greenpeace.
So she's always
on some boat somewhere.
Ms. Darling, I really
enjoyed reading your book.
Could I please have some more
mashed potatoes?
Oh, sure. Which one?
Um, "Bunny's Blue."
You don't have to be a waif
to have a dark soul.
Thank you so much.
Would you like a copy?
Let me get it for you.
Is she really gonna make
this all about her books?
Berry, he just asked
to see "Bunny's Blue."
No, he didn't.
I'm sorry, I'll get it
for you later.
Berry's never really
liked my stories very much.
That's right, I don't.
I mean, let's face it. They're
all just some kind of variation
of the great adventure you
had as a child in Neverland.
Why are you talking
about Neverland?
It's just a bunch of bullshit.
And what makes you say that?
Because it is.
I mean, come on,
let's get serious.
Your mother,
Jane, went missing years ago
and Great Nana has been
in and out
of mental institutions
ever since
and we're all only still
talking about
a mythical place like Neverland
as if it was ever even real?
Because no one can
tell the truth about Jane.
I am serious.
And you're denigrating us.
You're making a mockery of us.
So you're saying I have to
believe in a crock of shit
so you'll love me?
Is that what you're saying?
Yes! You have to believe
in a crock of shit!
Well, I don't!
Sayonara, Mama.
Let's go.
Thank you for the lovely dinner.
Of course it's going
to be my fault.
I'm not saying that.
Just think
you guys need to spend
some quality
mother-daughter time.
What's that?
Have some fun together.
I don't know how to do that.
I'm just no fun.
Hey. I think you're a barrel
full of monkeys.
Or is it a bowlful of jelly?
How about a visit to Great Nana?
I'd like that.
It barely occurred
to me that Berry's venting
could have been
the culmination of generations
of repressed anger that
had never been sorted out
from mother to daughter.
Oh, my God.
I am so excited
we're going to Granny's.
Why don't you start
talking like an adult?
Or just don't talk at all.
- Oh!
- Nana!
Nana, what's up
with the windows?
Oh, that's an experiment.
Professor Smithson wants to see
if I can imagine flying
instead of jumping.
You're dressed like Peter.
Great Nana.
Oh, sweetheart.
You're damaging the merchandise.
I mean, the merchandise is
already a bit crushed, but...
I'm flummoxed.
That we're here together?
Oh no, no, no, no.
Because Jane, your mother,
isn't here with us.
Where is she?
She insists on living,
oh, so far away.
It's not considerate,
is it, Berry?
I guess not.
So, get me my handbag.
- Sorry?
- Get my handbag.
We're getting out of here.
Is it wise?
I mean, you...
You seem a little tired.
Don't ruin things, Mama.
She just wants to go out
on the town, right?
She stepped away from me
As she moved
through the fair
And I watched her fondly
Move here and move there
And she went homeward
With one star awake
As the swans in the evening
Move over the lake
And then he flew us
all away to Neverland.
And the fairies and the pirates
and the Indians
and the Mermaids Lagoon
and the Lost Boys
and the home underground
the little house.
Mom, she's doing
her mysterious thing again.
What's wrong
with being mysterious?
I don't know, it's just...
I guess I feel like mystery
and fantasy take people away.
It's like no one
is ever really present
in this family for very long.
People go off.
People always find
something better to do.
Oh, Wendy.
We've all of us swept too many
things under the carpet.
Me? I'm not...
I'm not sweeping anything under.
I doubt that.
Berry, when you think people
are going away,
going to visit their memories.
At thirteen, you haven't
many memories to visit.
You have a lifetime
of memories to make.
Wendy darling, would you mind
leaving us alone for a moment?
No. Why?
Peter's coming
for Berry anytime now.
I actually don't believe
he'll be coming for Berry.
You don't believe?
It's not that I don't believe.
It's just that...
I don't think I want that.
But it doesn't matter
what you want.
I'm going to go hunt
for some chocolate.
You will wake up
one starry night...
And you will find a kid
squatting on the floor.
Bawling his head off,
crying his eyes out.
Well if it isn't the boy wonder.
I don't get it.
why aren't you crying?
Oh, I just don't really
feel like it right now.
Oh, yeah?
"This is the moment
where you say to yourself,
"the little voice was right
"I don't get to have this,
I don't get to be like
other people."
Girl, you need to lighten up.
Give it back!
What's so special
about her anyway?
She has amazing super powers.
In fact, she's just about the
coolest superhero of all time.
I'm sorry, love,
but you're so wrong.
There are no superheroes.
There's just me. Pan.
I am the hero of every story.
Hey, give it back, asshole.
Give it...
Excuse me,
but I've come a long way.
I know.
I am more ready to leave this
world than you can imagine.
Let's go.
Are you not
in the least bit afraid?
And even in
the worst case scenario,
to die will be an
awfully big adventure.
All right.
Can we go now?
We'll be off in a sec, just...
Just tell me one thing.
Yeah, I know stories.
Okay, sunshine.
I believe you know the drill.
Sure, flyboy.
The happy thoughts
meditation thing?
Right, right. But Wendy,
it's got to be true.
Berry! My name is Berry.
You know, like a berry.
No, I know, I know, I was just...
I was just thinking
of Wendy's stories.
They're amazing.
Wendy's stories have
the most horrid endings.
They either end badly
or they end just like that!
She actually ran out of stories
by the time I was born.
Is that why you don't rate her?
Yeah, but...
really, you're the problem.
What have I got to do
with anything?
You have everything
to do with everything.
You practically run this family.
She doesn't really
want to be here anymore
because she got so screwed up
by you when she was little.
And guess what?
At this point,
I don't really want
to be here either.
Berry! Berry, wake up!
Berry! Berry!
It's Pan.
What's Pan?
This accident.
We don't know what this is.
Looks like a seizure.
Or an overdose, or...
Had Berry flown and fallen?
Had she never gotten
off the ground?
I was determined to
discover what had happened
between my daughter and Peter.
Except I was still
trying to determine
what had happened
between Peter and me.
So fabulous to see you again
and in such a good mood.
Now, where were we?
Oh yes, the part
where I abduct you.
I'm in trouble, Hook is here.
At least I think he's here.
I need you, please hurry.
Wends, I can't deal
with this right now.
Oh, well, then tell me
the right time,
so I can be there.
Wendy, please.
I am really trying
to keep this family together.
What are you trying to do?
I'm trying too!
Well, then try harder
not to make up your mind
about what's happening.
What's happening!
Hey, that sounds cool,
doesn't it?
Like, man, what's happening?
Berry and I
need you to be strong.
Well, sorry to disappoint.
Sorry that I'm just not...
Stop this, Wendy!
It's time to get real!
Good one.
It appears that's
just not in the cards.
I can't stand it anymore!
I can't stand the anger,
the ghosts, the craziness...
And so you won't have to.
What's that?
Nothing to say?
I'm crushed.
I honestly expect more
from a Darling.
Oh, do I really have
to skip a generation?
Move on to your daughter?
No, stay away from her!
That's better.
Now, perhaps you are
Jane's daughter after all.
Jane? What do you know
about Jane?
What don't I know about Jane?
Is she alive?
That depends on your
definition of alive.
Where is she?
Give me something.
Well, here's a little something.
What does that mean?
Absolute doom and defeat.
Would you like to come in?
Would I.
Did I forget something crucial?
A password? A rhyme?
No, no, um...
Well, there's history.
There's history all right.
What makes you think
I won't call the police?
"What makes you think
I won't call the police?"
Just maybe because I have
your daughter in my grip.
You are mistaken.
She's nowhere near you.
Not another word
till we get to the ship.
You're coming in.
It's K-Rap.
We play rap music.
This is a radio station?
Yes ma'am. Pirate radio.
I'm not such a baddy.
I'm a fun guy.
A regular Joe.
There's a bit of Pan in Hook
and Hook in Pan.
Or hadn't you noticed?
What am I doing here?
You'll love it here.
Away from the mainland
and all those boring,
mundane concerns.
You've taken me
aboard this ship.
I don't see you resisting me.
You're as free as a bird.
Why are you here?
I got picked up by the wind.
Just like Peter
and The Lost Boys.
Ignored or stupidly left behind.
We were all...
Neverland gives us
the gift of true freedom.
But what good is being free
if you are never found by love?
You're missing the point.
Like mother, like daughter.
Like daughter, like daughter.
Blast, I hate bad dreams.
Me and the Lost Boys
can't weather them
without a mother around.
I'm here to warn you
about Neverland.
I promise you
I will never grow old.
Never sounds like
an awfully long time.
Mommy never wants me around.
You'll never grow up.
No one is ever really
present in this family.
Did my mom
disappear with this boy?
No one can tell
the truth about Jane.
Like mother, like daughter.
Like daughter, like daughter.
Berry and I
need you to be strong.
Peter, I grew up long ago.
Why do you keep
coming back to us?
Because of the stories.
It's as simple as that.
Nothing is that simple.
Well, I suppose
I fancy you because...
Well, you smell good
and you accept all of this
at face value.
You don't torture yourself about
whether it's all
rock-solid or just a sham.
a slam dunk with you.
You will never fear.
You will never see
the likes of this.
You will never grow up!
You know, Peter, for me,
it's always
been a place where...
you're never lonely
and most certainly
you're never crazy.
But what if instead
that means you'll never
find your way home?
You're missing the point.
So we're by the window
and I'm so psyched to leave
but he won't give me
any of the damn dust.
He tells me that
I can fly by myself
and I know that I can't,
but without the dust,
I've got to try it his way.
For a moment,
I see those dots
that everyone sees
when they squint for long enough
and then when I open my eyes
the world looks the same
as when my eyes were closed
except the darkness
has now become wetness
and the twinkling dots
are for real.
They're stars, Mother.
Everything is so amazing
and I start crying
'cause all of this beauty
makes me sad.
'Cause I always believed
that there wasn't
anything beautiful enough
to make me to stick around.
And then everything goes dark.
Like right before a play.
And I can't see a thing.
There's no Peter, there's
no city, there's no stars.
The absence of stars confirms
to me that I lost it.
I have finally lost it.
I'm the first Darling
in a zillion years to screw up.
And then the screams wake me up.
My own screams.
And I still can't see a thing.
so I think, what if
this is Neverland?
The final destination
for girls like me.
The end.
By Berry Darling.
You didn't screw up.
I did.
And I am so, so sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
My name is Wendy Darling.
Wendy Darling, Junior.
For I'm proud to say
I'm every bit her junior.
As we all know,
my grandmother's heart
and mind were vast,
open to entertaining
more than one world
and she somehow passed
that ability on to her lineage.
And to this day
I can't really tell you
that I'm sure what we've seen,
what we've experienced,
in these other worlds.
But don't you worry about us.
So what if we're
a little unstable?
My Nana told me,
"Never be jealous
of the stable ones,"
"'cause they're
just lying anyway."
There will be
a collection as you leave
for the Great Ormond Street
Hospital Children's Charity
which was always close
to my grandmother's heart.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
You and Great Nana,
you shared something
totally cool.
And that...
That really is radical.
Thank you.
I love you so much.
My dear girl.
It's very good to see you.
It's been an awfully long time.
One could say a lifetime.
Shall we sit down?
tell me everything.
I can't.
Because you don't seem real yet.
You better start first.
You better tell me about you.
I see.
Um, that's fair enough.
Well, I suppose
your father told you
horrible things about me.
That I...
abandoned you.
You did abandon me.
But actually, Dad never really
said anything about you at all.
Every little detail about you,
I had to make it all up myself.
I am the villain.
No, you're like a ghost.
Would you like to leave it
that way?
tell me your story.
I deserve to hear it.
Please, Mom.
Oh, Wendy.
What sort of story
do you think that you deserve?
The truth.
The kind that's true.
The truth.
Are you okay?
Yes, it... it's just...
Even now I don't know
what the truth is.
See, I... I grew up
with the feeling that...
reality could fail me
at any time.
So did I.
I didn't want that for you.
I didn't want you
to have to endure that.
I did have to endure that
and other things too.
Wendy, I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I know it's such a little word.
I left because I had to.
I've no excuse.
And I had no choice.
My reality had
just become this cage
and I wanted freedom.
I was selfish.
I should have
been there to protect you.
I so wish that
I had done better.
You could've done better.
isn't that true
for just about anybody?
You seem to be doing very well.
I'm a disaster, Mom.
But I am trying
to make some improvement.
Especially with Berry.
What a wild thing she is.
Just like you.
And you.
And my mother.
You see, Wendy,
when I was a little girl, I...
I couldn't wait to...
grow up and fly away.
Because I wanted
so much to be like her.
And the fairies and the pirates
and the Indians
and the Lost Boys
and the home underground,
the Little House.
Hello, Wendy.
Hello, Peter.
Is that a new one?
Boy or girl?
Peter, do you expect me
to fly away with you?
Of course,
that is why I've come.
Have you forgotten that
it's spring cleaning time?
I can't come with you, Peter.
I've forgotten how to fly.
Oh, I'll soon teach you again.
Don't waste
the fairy dust on me.
What is it?
I will turn up the light
and then you will see
for yourself.
No, don't turn up the light.
Wendy, don't turn up the light.
I'm old, Peter.
I grew up long ago.
You promised not to.
I couldn't help it.
And the little girl
in the bed...
is my baby.
No, no, no, she's not.
No, she's...
No, she's not.
why are you crying?
I came back for my mother.
To take her to Neverland.
He really did love her.
He loved us all,
as if we were one girl.
It's time, Wendy.
Let's make like a leaf and blow.
Oh, Wendy.
You have it all right here.
You know,
I've traveled everywhere
and everything of importance
is right here in this house.
My dear girl.
I'm a grown woman, Mother.
No one seems to notice.
Ooh, ah...
I think it's time...
that you tell me your story.
Which version?
The true one.
The one that is
most true to you.
And so we spent
the rest of the night,
me dishing out my life story,
the ascents and the descents,
the farse and the melodrama,
the warts and all of it,
I told Jane
that I wasn't really happy.
That my pain had
been so important to me,
and happiness never
really seemed to be the point.
If I could just
remember all this love,
would that be enough?
Hold steady
Hold tight
See where it goes
That's the funny thing
about forgiveness.
It does have a stunning,
one could almost say
magical, effect.
Who said anything
about forgiveness?
Oh, Wendy...
Hello, parental unit.
Hello, offspring.
Would you like some coffee?
No, I actually wanted
to borrow something.
You know...
that book of yours.
The one about the rabbit
who goes to rehab.
Yes, sure. Let me get it.
And it started out
two hearts, cold
Kids with nothing to lose
Who is that?
The mysterious lady.
Oh, her.
I think you'll want to meet her.
She looks kind of familiar.
And she has quite the story.
Doesn't everybody?
Well, hers is long and tangled.
I mean, they're like
only the best kind.
Let me get that book for you.
Hold tight
We're back in the game
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over again
Watch the merchandise.
My goodness.
In the end, Peter got it wrong.
It's living, not dying,
that's the awfully
big adventure.
Living requires
more imagination.
I was just looking for that
book, Bunny's Blue, remember?
I think I'm going to have
to rework the ending.
We're back in the game
Hold tight
Hold steady now
Hold tight
Hold on
Hold tight
Hold steady
Hold tight
We're back in the game
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over again
In the moonlight
We walked in
the park at night
We played golf
Under statues of Lenin
Our hearts bound
for breaking at dawn
And I don't suppose that it
means much of anything
And I don't suppose
that you think of it too
But it's the hold tight
Hold steady
Hold tight
We're back in the game
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit
over again
And I don't suppose that
you think much of anything
But I really hope
that you think of me still
'Cause it's the hold tight
Keep steady
Hold tight
Back in the game
Hold tight
Hold steady now!
Hold tight
Hold on
Hold tight
Hold steady
Hold tight
We're back in the game
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over
Just a little bit,
just a little bit
Just a little bit over again