The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone (2013) Movie Script

Oh, see, you just got
a little sand on you.
You're ok?
Hey Ms. Sally.
It's so good
to see you.
You too.
I brought a few
things for the kids.
Can I just leave
them on the table?
Oh, thank you, Daniel.
That's fine.
Can you stay
for a while?
I'm actually on my way to
see the game at the stadium.
The playoffs?
Yeah. Right behind
the dig-out.
Well, look at you.
How are you?
I'm good.
I see a few kids
I've not seen before.
Yeah, we brought three more
in from other foster homes.
My heart just goes
out to them.
It's never easy
for them to adjust.
That's Billy over there,
under the tree.
Hardly ever says a word.
And then there's Allie,
little girl with the red hair.
So insecure.
She said to me
the other day
"do you think God ever
makes people by accident."
I just wanted to melt.
And then, that's huko,
the boy in the blue.
He likes to be
king around here.
I'm gonna knock home run
on that boy, be right back.
Are you here
to tell us a story?
A story?
We always hear
stories on Tuesday.
I'm sorry, Daniel.
Lisa, Ms. jessie
isn't feeling well today,
she'll be here
next week, okay?
Will you tell us one?
Um, I don't think my story'd
be as good as Ms. jessie's.
Oh, well, that's ok.
Come on, come on,
it's story time.
It's story time!
Are you sure
you have time?
Um, a little time, yes.
A story, no.
Hey, get out
of my seat.
Ok, story time, huko cool it,
walking stick,
thank you very much.
Daniel, I'm gonna go fix their
snacks while you tell the story.
So, what kind
of story is this?
Tell a scary one!
No, tell a funny one!
Just don't make it boring.
Why would it be boring?
It's not gonna be boring,
it's gonna be funny.
Ok, I've got a story.
It's a little bit scary,
it's a little bit funny,
and it's got a lot of action.
This story is called,
"the lost medallion".
So, what's
a medallion?
Isn't that like a big
piece of fruit.
No-that's a melon.
A medallion is
something very special
that you put
around your neck.
Like a gold medal.
Yes, like a gold medal,
but this one, was magical.
Now this story has three
very special kids in it.
The first, is a young
prince named huko.
Hey, that's my name!
The second was a beautiful
young girl named Allie.
And the third was a clever
boy named Billy.
Hey, that boy over
there is named Billy.
Hey, is your name
really Billy?
You May wanna come
hear this story.
He doesn't talk a lot.
I don't think
he's very smart.
Well, I know a lot of smart
people who are very quiet.
And I know some people
who talk too much
even though they're
not very smart.
Yeah, you talk
all the time.
Ok, now listen up.
Our story begins
a long, long time ago,
on a far,
far away island.
A kind-hearted king
melted down his crown
and shaped it into a medallion
with a special
stone in the middle.
The king did this
to show his people
that everybody was important,
and that no one person was
born greater than another.
Because of this humble act,
the medallion took
on special powers,
granting wishes to
the pure in heart.
With this powerful medallion,
the king used it to grow crops
from barren soil.
He saved his people
from deadly storms.
The king even
protected his village
from an evil warlord's
invading armies.
But one day, the king's
prideful son, huko,
took the medallion
and lost the stone,
causing it to lose
its power.
Without the power of the
stone to protect the island,
the evil warlord cobra,
conquered the peaceful people.
But just before he
seized the medallion,
the good king rescued it,
and escaped.
Where is it?
Did the king die?
about the medallion?
Well, the
medallion stayed hidden for a long time.
No one found it, even though
many people looked for it.
And that brings us to the
next part of the story,
and a young boy named Billy.
I want you
out of here.
I said I want you off
this site, right now.
Let me help you.
You can't help.
I can clean tools, take notes,
get coffee, dig holes.
You're too young
for this kind of work.
I'll do anything
you need.
Yeah, I promise.
Go home.
But dad,
there's no one there.
Ah, you know,
we could use an archeologist
like you on our team.
Cobb appreciates your talents
while certain others do not.
Are you kidding me?
Give me that.
Get lost
you little brat!
What do you think,
Mr. Cobb?
Our families have
been searching
for the medallion
for generations.
But this kid,
he's onto something.
Keep an eye on him.
Not to worry, we come from
a long line of trackers.
Hey, you know,
you weren't created to fly,
at least not like that.
You know, from that height,
at your weight,
you'd need at least
four-and-a-half times
more surface area.
Where'd you
get that idea?
It's amazing what you
can find in a book.
You should open
one sometime.
What I'm looking for
can't be found in a book.
Did you get
kicked out again?
My dad's never
gonna let me join him.
Well, did you find
anything interesting?
Nothing... yet...
But someday the entire
world will be changed
when I find the medallion.
When we find
the medallion.
And so, the spider
sees the fly.
Well, see you
Hey, I almost forgot,
I found this at
a used bookstore.
It's some kind of antiquarian
journal about our island.
A what journal?
An old journal.
You should give
it a read,
you might find something
kind of interesting.
See ya.
Hey, how was
school today.
Dad, you okay?
It's over Billy.
What's over?
Cobb shut me down.
You owe the bank,
not him.
He is the bank, Billy.
He now owns everything
now, including the dig site.
I give up.
No dad you can't give up!
We can't give up.
I've lost everything
for what?
For some non-existent medallion.
You know mom would
tell you that it exists.
It's in the ground somewhere,
I can feel it, I know it.
Everything that has
ever meant anything to me.
It's all buried
in the ground.
Billy, I want you
to have this.
It's been in my
family for a long time.
And I know, it doesn't
look like much,
but there is something
very special about it.
I love you, honey.
He's reading a book.
Right, well, we sleep not,
till this mission be complete.
What are you doing!??
I was gonna
ask you that!
I wanted to
talk to you.
I'm gonna
run away.
I want to
find my mom.
You don't even
know where she is.
I know where she isn't,
the orphanage.
Read anything interesting?
No, I haven't
even read it yet.
Listen, promise me that
you won't run away
and we'll read
it together.
Read this one,
June 18th, 1827.
Entry by moheya, she's the
one who wrote this journal.
"His eyes are filled with
the passion of waves
"on a summer day,
his arms are as strong
as the mountains."
There's no way, I'm reading
this romantic stuff.
Try this one.
"Rocks fell from the angry
face of the mountains,
filling our valley
with sadness..."
We ll?
We ll what?
It's just a bunch
of gushy poetry.
Don't you see it?
"Rocks fell"?
She's talking
about an earthquake!
Now, this is where you say
"I see the value of books now".
"What once was a short walk,
became a very long one."
We ll?
We ll what?
The earthquake moved it.
The earthquake
moved the medallion?
Not the medallion,
the river.
Yeah, I see it.
Dejo. Dejo!
Dad's been looking on the
wrong side of the river!
Don't go without me,
Billy, why won't you just
buy one of those?
I mean look at it,
it's half broken!
Because, they're
more fun to make.
I think this is the
path he came down.
I swear, if I find
one more spoon...
you'll probably find
that one again.
Keep looking
Find that medallion
or else!
No time to rest,
keep looking!
Ok, lets go.
Hey! I think
I found something!
Over here!
King kieli's emblem.
We found it!
Oh, just wait till
my dad sees this.
A serendipitous day,
is it not?
I believe you
have what is ours.
May we give you
a ride into town?
Come on, Allie!
Seize them!
Get back here!
Get back here!
Get back here!
Halt! Stop! Cease!
Just stop running!
Come on!
You stop right now!
Come on, come on,
to the bike!
Go, Billy, go!
Get them!
Get them!
Billy, hurry!
Can't you go any faster?
Go Billy go!
Go Billy go!
Wow, I can't wait to see
the look on your dad's face,
he's gonna be so excited!
I know!
Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
what is that?
Oh my gosh!
The stone!
It really is special!
Wait, you should
put it on!
You should surprise him!
'Tis good for a family
to be together.
Gave us a
good chase.
Just give me
the medallion.
He doesn't have
the medallion...
he's just a kid.
I'm the
archeologist here.
Did the bad guys
take the medallion from Billy?
Well, I'm about
to tell you.
I wouldn't have
shown it to them.
I would have
kept it hidden.
But he wanted
to show it to his dad.
But if the bad guys take
it from him, it doesn't matter.
I would have kept it
for myself.
What happened?
Were they captured?
Who got the medallion?
Well, things didn't look
good for Billy and Allie.
Everyone saw the medallion,
and the bad guys wanted it.
But no one was ready
for what happened next.
One of the thugs looked
at Billy and said...
"Come on kid,
give it here."
You're going to wish
you'd given it to us.
You know
what I wish?
I wish that this whole
mess had never happened!
What just happened?
It works.
Where are we?
Allie, I think
we're back in time.
Billy, I know that
this May look good,
but this is
really not good.
What could go wrong?
Lets go.
Allie, Allie look!
We're seeing the village that
my dad has been digging up
all these years.
Wish us back!
Rig ht now!
Make way for
the great huko.
Hey there.
Aw, he's so cute.
He's so cute!
Who are you?
I'm Billy,
and this is Allie.
Your robe has teeth.
The medallion!
At last!
Our medallion has been
returned by our new king!
I am king!
I am king!
Please stay for dinner,
our most honored radiance.
Me, an "honored radiance"?
I'm sorry, we really,
really have to get back...
We're staying!
We're staying.
I want my throne back.
Let me think about that.
I don't think so.
You're no king.
They think I am.
Oh, thank you.
Are you gonna
eat those?
All yours.
Thank you for returning
the symbol of our worth.
The music in our
hearts play again.
Mohea, you must not speak
directly to our guest.
Some of us never learned
the true meaning
of the royal medallion.
I love your writings.
I don't write.
Trust me, you will.
The medallion has
been found my lord.
A stranger brought it to them,
and now he's the king.
I am their king.
They don't know that.
Prepare my outriggers.
Yes, my lord.
You are very kind.
And you are
very beautiful.
I know the medallion
brought you here, give it to me.
I am huko,
son of king kieli!
It should only be worn by
the island's rightful king.
You know, I'm beginning
to think the medallion
wants me to be king.
Maybe because I
won't lose it.
We don't talk
about that.
In my great mercy
I will forgive you.
Come on Allie, lets
go back to my village.
Give me the medallion.
It's mine!
I don't think so!
I lost my father over it.
So did I!
Stop it ok!
Just stop fighting!
This is a king?
You have
something I want.
I banish you!
Stop or she dies!
I told you just
to wish us back!
Let her go and
I'll give it to you.
First the medallion.
I wish you dead!
Bring us back
more slaves.
Yes, my lord.
Where are my trackers?
Bring me their dead bodies.
With hearty dispatch,
my lord.
We did it you guys!
You guys we're alive!
We're alive!
We have to go after
the medallion.
We go to cobra's island.
We take back
the medallion.
And how exactly
do we do that?
There's one, two,
three, four of us
and, like, an entire
army of them.
Who do you think
you're talking to?
A spoiled brat.
He's right...
Not that you're a spoiled brat,
but that we can't do this alone.
The only chance we
have is with faleaka.
No one's seen him
since my father's death.
Well my father and I have
been to his hut many times.
I'm going to find out
what we should do.
King cobra,
king cobra, king cobra,
king cobra, king cobra.
Now you are truly
invincible my lord.
Faleaka lives up there.
First one to
the top is king.
You didn't say go!
He didn't even say go!
Hey you guys!
You guys!
There's a path
over here!
Come on, anui.
I am king because my
hand touched first.
Hand doesn't count.
It has to be a foot.
I won, I'm king.
Look faleaka
doesn't live here.
He's dead.
almost losing their lives,
Billy knew that their only
hope to regain the medallion
was to get help from
the wisest man that lived
on the island at that time.
An old man named faleaka,
who lived in a secret place
away from the village.
Come on.
"Come on in."
We need your help to...
to regain the medallion.
Go back to the village.
But we need your help.
I will not help
someone to their death.
Look at him.
He can't help us.
My dad would have wanted me
to come to you for your wisdom.
We're going after the medallion.
With or with our your help.
Well I guess it is better
to fight like tigers
than to live like kitty cat.
I like you,
I used to be like you.
Once upon a time.
I'll help you.
Behold! The way
to defeat the cobra.
Allie, I want you to make
your pineapple explode.
Explode? How?
That is for you to decide.
That is for you to decide.
Think carefully.
It worked!
Anui, I want you to split
your pineapple into two parts.
Make one half of it taste
as good as you can,
and the other half taste
as bad as you can.
That's disgusting.
Huko, I want you
to cut this pineapple
into one hundred pieces.
Each piece the same size.
What about Billy?
It's up in the tree.
Way up there,
get me that pineapple.
What am I supposed to do
with these stupid pieces?
Serve your friends.
And second, I am
supposed to be served.
I am king.
A very wise man once said,
"a true great king will find
the courage to serve others"
what fool said that?
Your father.
Now, everything has
a purpose and a design.
I...I hear voices.
No, not in my head,
in my ears.
We must get
to the boats.
Get me down there!
Now what do
we do Billy?
What do you mean
now what?
We stay and fight!
We don't have
any weapons.
Or we can just wait for them
to just throw us off the cliff.
Anui, you're brilliant.
Huko, you go grab
those vines,
anui and Allie, you two
go grab those ones.
We have to get
down there!
Get down there!
Hold on tight guys!
Yay, let's do that again.
I can't believe
that worked.
Do you have any
royal blood in you?
I don't know.
I'm an orphan, but, you know,
I could do some research.
If you were royal,
you would know.
I could go
to the library.
They've got tons of books
there that have information...
you would know.
You know, I do know this...
You're a jerk.
No, I'm not.
What's a jerk?
You honestly believe that
you are better than us.
I am.
I am a king.
That's just a title.
What's under that
skin of yours?
Someone very special.
You don't believe that.
Because if you did, you would
treat everyone just as special.
Some of us learn
faster than others.
I ordain my
enemies to die.
I wish for that island...
Please, my lord.
My men.
I decree for that island to be
destroyed by fire from the sky.
I want my adviser!
Why won't the medallion
work for me?
The moon.
It is not yet full.
I don't believe you.
It needs to rest
squarely on your neck.
Tell me the truth and
I will do you no harm.
The medallion only works
on a kind heart.
Are you saying my
heart is not kind?
Why would you say
a thing like that?
Bring me a new adviser.
Answer this and you will know
better how to defeat the cobra.
It's never seen,
but always felt.
It's cold,
sometimes melts.
Strength and power
found inside.
Where worth and
purpose both reside.
You've led us right
to cobra's warriors.
And to their boats.
All right, everyone,
lets go.
Get in the boat,
get in the boat.
Here they come.
Paddle, paddle!
I'm going as
fast as I can.
Paddle Billy!
Go, go, go, go, go,
faster go.
Paddle, paddle.
Paddle come on!
They're catching up,
come on!
Good work Billy,
they're sinking.
How could you
let them escape!
Do you know what
cobra's gonna do to us?
Do you know what
he's gonna do to us?
I'm an idiot.
I'm an idiot!
That's the first correct
thing you've said all day.
Hey guys!
Thank you, Allie,
for waiting up
for an old man.
Tell me about
Billy's family.
Well he just lost
his mom to cancer,
and he's lost his dad
to her dream,
finding the medallion.
What about your family?
It's not much of a family.
My mother told me every day of
my life that I was an accident.
Before she left me
at the orphanage.
Allie, you May have been
an accident to your mother,
but you were no
accident to God.
He created you
full of meaning.
Anui, come on!
They are not dead.
Now's the time for
tiger's courage, ok?
We go find them,
This is humiliating.
Yeah? Well now you know
how it feels to bow.
What should we
do now, smart one?
Allie. Like a tiger,
not a kitty cat.
Ok, ok.
I have a plan.
Hey you guys.
You guys.
I almost got it.
Allie look out!
I know!
COME on GUYS, LET'S so, so,
so, so, COME on LETS so!
Oh, I'm a helpless old man.
Please forgive me.
Come on.
I have been with you
for a while now,
and your strengths
are easy to see.
My father never saw them.
He did, but he was probably
too preoccupied to tell you.
I thought that when
I found the medallion,
I would find meaning.
Billy, you must understand that
sometimes what you are seeking
is already inside you.
Why would you die for me?
Because a great king
once died for me.
Faleaka died?
Yes. Faleaka died.
He stepped in front of the arrow
that would have killed Billy.
He demonstrated the
greatest kind of love...
I don't think
I could do that.
Not many people would.
It takes a lot of love
and a lot of courage
to do something like that.
What did they do?
Did they give up?
No. They can't give
up or it would be a crummy story.
1 would give up.
I don't think they can
fight an entire army.
They don't even
have the medallion.
What about faleaka?
Did they bury him?
They did bury him,
and they cried for a while,
and then decided that
they needed a plan.
So now what
do we do Billy?
We work
together as one.
And we carry out what
I think was feleaka's plan.
North of here are caves
leading to cobra's lair,
we go in at night and we
take back the medallion.
Tomorrow we destroy that
which is weak and worthless.
Tonight... we feast.
Huko, anui go back
and get those vines
from the wall there,
Go, go!
I'll meet you
where we came in.
Who are you
to challenge me?
You're nothing
but a worm, hmm?
Where is he?
In the cell.
You must make
him your friend.
He's my enemy.
But as a friend,
he will give you his heart.
As your new adviser,
I tell you,
with his heart,
you will gain the world.
Did you sleep well,
my friend?
I'm not your friend.
But your are
in need of friends.
I already have friends.
You had friends.
They set off
a trap last night.
They were killed.
I'm so sorry.
Were his
friends really dead?
No! They can't be dead!
Billy needs them!
It did look hopeless for Billy.
He didn't know what to do.
But the story isn't over yet.
Later that night, cobra brought
Billy to his dining hall,
where he had a great
feast prepared.
And Billy would soon learn
what cobra was really after.
What do you
want from me?
I want you to help me
make the medallion work.
You need my heart.
Yes. So together we
can share in its power.
And you will be-
I didn't get
the medallion.
It was never
about the medallion.
It was always
about this.
Will you help me,
my friend?
Then your death will precede
the medallions destruction.
but they will be soon.
As will you.
1 knew they weren't dead.
1 knew it the whole time.
They weren't dead, but
they were in trouble.
For deep below cobra's fortress,
they were forced to work
in the hot dungeon,
where the guards would
whip anyone they chose.
You're ok.
And so are you.
Anui saved us again.
Get down!
Allie, it's all
about our hearts!
That's the answer
to the riddle.
Our hearts "where worth
and purpose both reside."
But how can we fight cobra
with our hearts?
Each of us has
our own purpose.
Think pineapple.
Here's what I think
faleaka had in mind.
You know how you made
your pineapple explode?
We'll teach the other women
how to do the same.
And then have anui
make a potion
that causes all of cobra's
guards to fall asleep.
After that,
have huko serve them.
Cobra wants you.
Cobra!, cobra!, cobra!,
cobra!, cobra!, cobra!
Tonight, we destroy
our enemies!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Get him!
Somebody help!
Get out of my way.
Come with me!
Do you think you can
take the medallion from me?
I don't need the medallion.
Well, if you don't need it,
I'll take that stone off your
hands in exchange for the girl.
Don't do it Billy,
you need to stop all this!
All right, fine!
I'll give you the stone,
but first, you give me Allie.
First the stone.
The real stone.
Come and get it.
Billy! Let go of
the medallion.
I won't let it go!
Please, please
just let go.
You're slipping.
Allie! Allie!
He wasn't kind.
Billy and his friends
had fought valiantly
along side the villagers,
and because of their courage,
cobra was defeated.
The next night, the villagers
threw a big celebration,
with more food than
Billy had ever seen.
You know we're here
for good right?
I've got an idea.
We didn't find this
for another 200 years.
How did you know
it'd be here?
Faleaka's walking stick.
I mean I brought his back
and he still had his.
You keep it.
It's what you've
always been looking for.
I've always had what
I've been looking for.
It was just...
Buried inside of me.
I'll leave the medallion
here for you.
Thank you.
For saving our island.
Ok, let's go
save my dad.
I wish them back
to where they belong.
Billy! Please tell me
this is not
what you were going to
show me with that stick!
I thought they were
part of cobra's gang.
Who's? What gang?
Young man.
I assure you 'tis not open
season on archeologists.
I am so sorry.
I think we might have
changed a few things Billy.
Dad, I think I know where
you can find the medallion.
King Hugo's emblem.
Billy's dad was
grateful to have found the medallion,
but realized that
the greater treasure
was having Billy
as a son.
As for the kids;
Prince huko discovered
that greatness comes when
you love and serve others.
And he helped his people by
putting them above himself.
And Allie, she learned that
no one is an accident to God,
and that he has an incredible
purpose for everyone,
even brave little girls.
And Billy.
Billy learned that his
greatest value came from God.
And the most important
thing he could ever do,
was to trust his heart to
the one who created it.
My heart
is my medallion.
You are a very
smart boy.
Don't ever forget
that God loves you,
more than you
could ever know.
Thank you, Daniel.
That was quite a story.
Where did you get it?
Believe it or not, I just
made it up as I went along.
Well it was perfect.
I just hate that you
missed your game, though.
I don't.
This did more for me
than any game ever could.
Don't ever give up
on them.
I never gave up on you,
did I Danny,
when you were here?
No, you didn't.
Don't stay away
so long okay?
If Ms. jessie ever can't
make it Tuesday, call me.
Thank you for loving me
all those years.
Isn't that why
we're here?