The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2008) Movie Script

Man: We're all gonna die.
We're all gonna die!
Man #2: Quiet!
Man: It's your fault.
You killed us all!
Man #2:
Yeah, well,
I intend spending Christmas
with my daughter this year.
I don't know about you.
We're gonna make it out of here.
We're gonna live!
What is it?
Hold still.
Now let's go.
Wait. I can't breathe.
Ms. Jordan! Ms. Jordan!
I got something.
I got something.
There's tons of them over there.
I didn't realize coal crackers
were indigenous to this area.
What's a coal cracker?
This area was mined for coal
up until about 10 years ago.
A miner must have left it behind.
You can get it out of a Sears Catalogue.
Don't worry. I'm sure
in another 2,000 years
it will be just as valuable
as the treasures of Egypt.
- Dr. Thain?
- Yes, Ms. Jordan?
Any word on my father?
Nothing, I'm afraid.
And the Smithsonian--
are they sending someone after him?
They do not share your concern.
He's been missing for a month.
You father abandoned his work here
to go off on his own.
They're not happy.
But they will take credit
for his discoveries.
Your father's theory that
the Egyptians set foot in North America
is highly improbable
to say the least.
- You think he's a liar.
- No, I think he's old.
People still studied alchemy
when he got his doctorate.
Dr. Thain! Dr. Thain!
Uh, excuse me.
Another beheading.
Doesn't seem like the Hopi, does it?
Perhaps a rival tribe.
See here, the occipital bone?
It's very good work, Dr. Iangford.
See the separation right here
as if a blunt object
repetitively hacked--
Yes, excellent. Why don't you catalogue
it and place it with the other one?
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Of course.
Very good work here.
Very good.
That was horrible.
That was for his own good. Perhaps if
he picked a shovel up once in a while
he'd actually get
something accomplished.
Ms. Jordan, it's not that I don't
respect your father. It's...
What a lovely blouse.
Ms. Jordan, have you ever
seen the Aztec codices?
Wonderful works of art,
rivaling anything in the Western world.
I have a copy if you'd like...
to see them.
No, I didn't think so.
Yeah, boy.
I'm looking for Professor Jordan.
Dr. Jordan hasn't returned.
I'm his assistant Dr. Wainwright.
I'm a friend of Dr. Jordan's--
lsaac Preston.
I work for "The Phoenix Gazette"
in Phoenix.
That's aptly named, isn't it?
I did a story with Dr. Jordan last month
and we're preparing a follow-up.
- I wasn't told of any press interview.
- An honest mistake, I'm sure.
I forget to mention things
to my secretary all the time.
I'm a tenured professor and Dr. Jordan's
right hand on this project.
Well, let's hope he's a lefty.
- Still hanging around, I see.
- lsaac.
Have you seen my father?
Not since our interview, no.
But he told me to meet him here today
so I could get some photographs
of the pieces he discovered.
You've seen them then?
Yeah, I last saw him and his men
in a cantina near Morelia
just before he set out.
Found these in a cave.
- He gave them to you?
- I've known him for years.
He wanted me to photograph them.
The Hopi say...
they come from a great pyramid
hidden behind the canyon wall.
- Pyramid?
- Built by men
who preserve the dead
in shrouds.
Something's wrong.
If he said he was going to be here,
he should be here.
He never breaks his word.
She's right to worry.
He wouldn't be the first person
to get lost in the canyons.
- The lndians took him there?
- Ha! No. No no no.
They won't go near the place.
They say it's cursed.
No, he found some Mexicans
willing to take him.
- That is where I last saw him.
- Wainwright: And that was a month ago?
Yes yes.
I've been waiting for his return.
My readers are less patient than l.
- This is remarkable.
- Yeah, this one is my favorite too.
It's like a finger puppet
if you get it on there just right.
Are these really Egyptian?
Well, they were magnificent seamen.
I mean, only a few years ago
they found
some Egyptian hieroglyphics on
a rock cliff in Australian, so surely--
Dr. Jordan's Egyptian discovery.
Matter of fact it is. See,
while you're in your tent scribbling,
some of us are actually putting
our time here to some good use.
Indulging in fantasy is hardly
a good use of time.
You don't believe it's real?
It's real, but not Egyptian.
I'm sure if you would have
studied it longer,
you would have
identified it as a labret.
It was worn here,
through a hole in the lower lip.
That's disgusting.
There's a lady present.
Thain: It was a mark of beauty
throughout the primitive world:
Africa, the lndus Valley,
South America, but not, however, Egypt.
So where's it from?
Thain: My guess would be Mexico,
the Aztecs.
That looks like
the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.
Or any of 100 serpent gods
from any culture.
Who cares where it came from?
My father is out there lost.
- lsn't anybody going to do something?
- The Smithsonian will not allow it.
- Their budget is already allocated.
- I'm not talking about the Smithsonian.
- I'm talking about us.
- Thain: Don't be foolish.
The desert kills people,
even the lndians.
You wouldn't last a day out there.
Don't attribute your own
cowardice to the rest of us.
Cowardice, is that--
Where was the cantina?
- I leave tomorrow.
- Okay.
We should cover the pits.
It's going to rain soon.
There isn't a cloud in the sky.
Iooks like rain, everyone.
Iet's cover the pits.
- let's go!
- Man: let's go, let's go!
- What's wrong with you?
- I was just thinking.
Quetzalcoatl was
the Aztec god of rain.
Among other things.
What do you think you're doing?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
But-- but--
- But what?
- But you're in my tent.
- It's the middle of the night.
- And that would make you think
that I would
want to with you?
Well, what else should I think?
You should think like a gentleman.
You don't think a gentleman
would want to have sex?
You're disgusting.
Oh, well, if you're not here
to sleep with me,
what are you doing here?
Well, this is Dr. Jordan's tent.
And I was just
looking for some files.
And-- and so I didn't want
to disturb you. And--
There's no filing cabinet in here.
Good night, Mr. Preston.
Ms. Wainwright.
I'm fine, thank you.
This way.
He was just trying to be friendly.
They may be friendly
and charming,
but when they look at you,
you're not an equal.
If you want a career, you've got to be
ruthless and uncompromising.
- That's how men get ahead.
- Not all of them.
- If you're thinking of Dr. Iangford--
- I'm thinking of my father.
- Consider Dr. Thain.
- I'd prefer not.
He doesn't let personal relationships
get in the way of his work.
- He has no personal relationships.
- That's a choice.
He knows that there are
more important things.
Then why are you here
looking for my father?
Dr. Jordan was looking for treasure.
I'm doing the same.
Do you think Dr. Jordan really
found something big?
Jordan can exaggerate, but if the truth
is 1/10th of the claim,
we're headed toward
the find of the century.
- Dr. Jordan's find.
- If he's still around.
That's a hell of a thing
to say about a friend.
A friend is one thing.
A discovery like that--
Iike your friends in the Amazon.
If there's one rule I try to follow
it's leave no man behind.
- What happened in the Amazon?
- Nobody knows.
Because the team never made it back--
that is except Dr. Iangford.
Yes, well, Jordan wasn't there,
so whatever he told you--
He told me nothing-- except that
you made quite a name for yourself
and seemed to forget the names
of the men that died.
I shared the credit with them all.
The next time you make an accusation
like that, you should check your facts.
Are you offering me an exclusive?
Well, this is it.
Buenos dias, amigo.
- What did he look like?
- You speak English.
He's an elderly gentleman.
He arrived here a few months ago.
I say what he look like?
This is him.
He came here with several men.
No se.
Back to Spanish, hmm?
Iisten, if you know something,
- you're obliged to--
- lsaac: Excuse me!
I was with Dr. Jordan two months ago
when he came here.
He was looking
for some Mexican gentlemen.
I say no se, cowboy.
- Of course. I remember now.
- It's a friendly place.
Thank you very much for your help.
We'll be leaving.
Don Pedro know nothing, but I do.
Who are you?
Hugo-- Hugo San Martin.
I'm Dr. Iangford.
These are my colleagues
from the Smithsonian.
Have you seen him?
He went into the canyons.
He don't come back.
- Are you sure it's him?
- Of course. I take him there.
- Susan: What happened to him?
- I don't know.
I don't go inside.
No one goes inside.
Can you show us
where you took him?
Is three days' drive from here.
Once you get there, you are on
your own. I no go to the nother side.
- Why not?
- No one does.
If they do, they don't come back.
How do we get there?
You pay me, we go.
- How much?
- 50 is good.
Not until after you take us there.
25 now and 25 later.
You wait here, I'll be back.
I don't trust him.
Neither do l, but I trust
he wants his money.
What if he did something
to Dr. Jordan?
You're an idiot.
What did I say?
I'll show you,
but I need another 25.
No, we already discussed this.
Not until you take us there.
Not for me. For Javier.
I hired you.
You need horses.
They belong to him.
- What do I need you for then?
- I know Javier and you don't.
Oh, that's a good point.
We leave in the morning.
How much further?
San Martin:
Other side of the mountain.
- What mountains?
- See, up ahead? Three days.
Whoa whoa.
It's Dr. Jordan's horse.
It was my father's.
The last entry was
three weeks ago.
Where's Dr. Jordan?
"The precipice stands
100' straight up.
Our first attempt to scale
the wall ended in failure.
We will try again in the morning.
I remit this book to you,
Susan my daughter,
in the event that we are
again unsuccessful."
That sounds like he was
planning on mailing it.
Who is it?
It was Joe Ford.
Jordan hired him
to carry equipment.
- We have to bury him.
- Coyotes'll get him by morning.
- Better coyotes than vultures.
- Wainwright: What's the difference?
We'll bury him.
Hey, where are you going?
We go so far enough.
This land is cursed.
- But how are we supposed to get back?
- leave the horses.
Vaya con Dios.
- Yah!
- Yippee!
Come on, let's go.
Iet's go!
That horse doesn't look so good.
It's fine. It just needs
a little encouragement.
Come one!
I'm not going to die out here because
you can't handle a little heat. Come on!
- It's so awful.
- I'm sure it didn't suffer much.
Who cares about the horse?
What are we going to do?
- We'll all walk.
- langford: let's go.
What is that?
- Susan: One of those men?
- It doesn't look like a man.
Where is he going?
He's found water.
Iangford: let's quickly fill
the canteens and keep moving.
What is it?
I don't know, but there's
one of them and five of us.
- Stuck-- I'm stuck.
- What's happening?
- What's happening?!
- Here, take my hand.
No no no, Susan, relax.
You guys, try not to move.
Okay, Susan, it's quicksand.
You have to help them.
Isaac, reach for the stick.
- Grab this.
- langford: Hildy.
I can't reach it.
I can't reach it.
lsaac, lsaac, grab hold.
Be careful. Be careful.
Pull, lsaac.
- I'm getting the gun.
- What? No!
- Dr. Thain?
- What?
Don't move, don't move, don't move.
Stay still.
No, they'll just pull you in.
Stop moving, lsaac.
Stay still.
Ieave no man behind?
What about us?
We should thank you, actually.
You found our water source.
I hate to tell you, but that stuff
doesn't taste very good.
Well, there's a well
of groundwater beneath us.
The soil here is too porous.
But over there,
all we need to do is dig.
Why did you come?
I thought it was too dangerous.
Academic curiosity.
- We're close.
- How do you know?
Well, if anyone lives around here,
they'd need a water source.
Is that real?
That's real.
Come on, lsaac.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
How did you find us?
the bartender in that cantina
told me of a shortcut.
- The bartender?
- Yes.
I took a train two towns up
and cut you off from the north.
I came across your tracks
about a mile back.
I'm glad you're here.
Normally you're in your tent
with your head in a book.
Bravo, Dr. Thain.
How do we get around it?
We don't.
We go over it.
Spread out. Get down!
Get back!
Get back or I'll kill you all!
Susan, Susan!
Susan, where are you going?
Where is she going?
To get shot, from the looks of it.
Dr. Gilmore, is that you?
Oh, you found us.
Thank heaven.
Thank heaven
you found us.
Gilmore: Your father and the others
went over days ago--
or maybe weeks.
I don't even know anymore.
But he's inside, sweetheart,
and I don't think he's coming out.
There was noise
that first night-- loud--
drums beating,
screaming, shouting.
Something bad happens
when they beat those drums.
I don't know what it is,
but it's something bad.
How did they get inside?
Climbed over the rocks--
the ones that made it.
- What about you?
- I didn't make it, did l?
- The other ones weren't so lucky.
- Susan: Here.
Have some more water.
Before they went over,
they sent a man
back to town to send
your father's book to you.
Yeah, we found it.
We've got to get over that wall.
Are you blind?
Iook at him.
Her father could be
dying in there.
- Climbing is too dangerous.
- Gilmore: That's right.
You don't have
the right equipment.
We've gotta get back to town
and get some help.
No, he could be dead by then.
We have to get inside.
We'll just have to follow
the same path they do.
- Who?
- Whoever beats those drums.
They must have a way
of getting in and out.
Why don't you find out then?
'Cause I'm going over that wall.
no no, I wasn't--
I was-- I was sketching.
Not-not-not you.
The cliffside and the bird
flew over and--
and, uh--
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so-- I'm sorry.
This is different.
What? What is it?
Iook, look at the original.
There's no hammer
in the original.
So someone else painted it.
The hammer's been repainted
and more than once from the looks of it.
They must have worn it out.
Worn out, but how?
Why is a doorknob shiny?
- What's going on?
- Dr. Thain's found a way in.
Where do you find
the time for it all?
I really wasn't spying.
Iangford: Pervert.
Well, we should get moving.
God help us.
Dr. Thain, what is that book?
The Aztec codices. They contain just
about everything known about the Aztecs.
- Who's the guy with the hammer?
- Quetzalcoatl, a major Aztec god.
- Does it really eat people?
- That is just mythology.
Susan: What are Aztecs
doing in North America?
Their capital was in Mexico,
but many of them were nomadic.
It possible they made it this far north.
Driven out by the Spanish, perhaps.
How come we've never
heard of them?
Well, no one has ever produced
a complete map of this territory.
It's possible we're the first humans
to stumble upon this cave
- in hundreds of years.
- Second. My father was first.
Of course.
It's a dead end.
Not an end, another doorway.
Don't just stand there.
I wouldn't do that.
The eye--
symbol of knowledge.
Thain: Stop it!
Why? I think it's working.
Even if we get through that door,
how do we find Dr. Jordan?
You leave that to me.
We decided if we got separated--
- Stop that!
- Yeah, really really stop it.
- What is that noise?
- We should not be
drawing attention to ourselves.
Excellent work, Dr. Iangford.
Help me move him.
How can you be so cold?
Say a prayer, if you like.
It won't help.
We still need to find our way
though this doorway.
What is wrong with you?
Don't you see?
It's all written here.
We must balance these stones
to open the doorway.
Wha-- what happens
if we don't balance them?
Iet's not make
any more mistakes.
Should we just stand here
and be your guinea pigs?
- Why not? Dr. Gilmore was yours.
- Stop it.
Just let him finish.
- For your sake.
- No, for everybody's sake.
We need to work together.
What do we do?
We must place them
all at the same time.
How do we know
this will work?
Trial and error. How many more
blades do you think there are?
At the same time now.
Three, two,
Everyone down!
Hey hey hey!
How are we supposed
to get back?
- What is that?
- That is a miracle.
I wouldn't call it that exactly.
That's Dr. Wilson.
What's happening?
Give me that.
They're putting him on a table.
- Is there a knife?
- Not that I can see.
Wait-- the big one has a knife.
I think we've seen enough.
You should put those away.
Here, let me see.
- Susan, don't!
- Why is he--
What are we going to do?
We're all going to die.
Just calm down.
We will be all right.
Are you crazy?
That thing
- just tore him apart.
- Wainwright: What was it?
I believe it was supposed
to be Quetzalcoatl.
The Aztec god?
I said supposed to be.
Quetzalcoatl was a benevolent god.
- He only accepted animal sacrifices.
- That was not benevolent.
Who cares what it's supposed to be?
It killed Dr. Wilson.
A man with a knife killed him.
It was a sacrifice.
Oh, well, that makes it okay.
I'm just saying let's not
abandon logic completely
because we saw something
we do not understand.
I don't understand you.
- Susan, is that you?
- Samuel!
- Dad, Dad.
- Susan, it is you.
Are you all right?
Never better.
We have to kill them
to find the circle stone.
- What stone?
- It's the only way out.
- The beast is out there.
- He's gone off his tree.
- No.
- Professor Jordan.
- Just a taste now, sir.
- Oh.
Tell us what happened.
We came for the treasure.
Everyone said it was here.
Did you find it?
All we found was death.
It's okay, Dad.
We're gonna get you home.
You look just like your mother.
There must be another way out
or a way to open this door.
It's the stone--
they use it like a key.
I saw them.
Wilson went after it.
Wilson's dead.
- Then it's over.
- No. Where is this circle stone?
What are you doing
out of your tent?
Dad. Dad, where is the stone?
The circle stone is in there?
I think I could take them from here.
Yes, and what will we do
when the rest come running?
There's another way.
Iet's go, let's go, let's go.
- Man: That was great.
- Thain: Great?
- Now they know we're here.
- Jordan: They already know.
That's not a barbecue.
That's a war party.
- We'll deal with them.
- Oh yeah? What about the beast?
- I'm not afraid of monsters.
- You will be-- soon enough.
No guards?
Those are the guards--
protecting the entrance to the temple.
I'll take these over
the ones out there any day.
I'm sorry.
I'll get you out.
Here, get up.
I'm almost there.
Almost. That's it.
It doesn't matter.
We're all gonna die.
We're all gonna die.
All: Huh?
Help! Help me!
Help me, help me!
That is the end of mythology.
What the hell
was that thing up there?
That's the beast.
It killed lsaac.
It just cut him in half.
- It killed all of them.
- Quetzalcoatl.
Where is he?
He's taken his sacrifice.
- let's see if there's a way out.
- Don't!
You can let me go now.
Yes, of course.
Why are we trading
our lives for his?
I didn't ask you to come.
You think I wanted my daughter here?
We're all here for our own reasons.
Why are you here again?
We can argue or we can try
and find a way out of here.
Uh, can't we just balance
some rocks again?
- We'll climb out.
- What about the Aztecs?
I'll take my chances with them.
Oh no, that thing is up there.
- langford: You'd rather stay down here?
- This rock--
we might be able to break through.
With what?
Give me a hand.
- Who's first?
- I'm not going in there.
Would you rather die
now or later?
Are you all right?
I'm all right.
There's a tunnel here.
Wonderful. I'm sure no harm
will come to us there.
Where did you get that knife?
Oh, this.
It's something
my father gave me.
I would have thought you had
dug it up in Tenochtitlan.
Ah, no, I've never been.
An Aztec expert who's never been
to the Aztec's capital.
Well, I've never even
been to Mexico.
How do you become an Aztec scholar
without going to Mexico?
Walk and talk as if,
even though things are not.
- What?
- Something my father used to say.
You see, I was sick as a boy.
My father worked
a shipping boat in the Pacific.
Always brought me
something back.
He said that this knife belonged
to the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes.
That makes a lot of sense.
Yes, well, he probably made
the whole thing up,
but that is how I became
interested in the Aztecs.
With the knife of the man
who conquered them?
I'm afraid knives had nothing
to do with it.
See, as one myth goes,
the god Quetzalcoatl was
defeated by a great warrior.
He was so ashamed that he built
a great fire,
dressed in his finest armor
and set himself on fire.
When Cortes arrived, the Aztecs thought
it was the return of Quetzalcoatl.
By the time they realized
how wrong they were,
it was too late. The Spanish
had destroyed their civilization.
Not entirely.
Wainwright: Anything in that book of
yours say how to kill a prehistoric god?
We're not killing anything.
We're not going to disturb anything.
We've stumbled onto a living
civilization and we must respect it.
We must get out of here and if that
means blowing some holes
in an Aztec god, I'm going to do it.
Yes, well,
isn't that the spirit that has
caused two deaths now?
Was that your hardest punch?
This beast is coming back.
I'm not going to stand here
and watch you knock
each other's teeth out.
Finish it later.
Tell me there's a way through.
There's always a way.
How long
are you going to be, Thain?
Yes, of course. It couldn't be simpler.
Put the stick in the right hole.
Well, figure it out.
- The bird.
- Yes, of course, the symbol of freedom.
Actually the Aztecs viewed birds
as deliverers of death.
Get your mythology straight.
There is no God.
Iangford: Evidence suggests otherwise,
just not the one we've been praying to.
Don't do that again.
Hold still.
Curare poison--
he's going to suffocate.
- I'm gonna what?
- We've got bigger problems!
What's wrong with him?
- Just keep him breathing.
- How?
- He's dying.
- Is it contagious?
That's not the door to freedom.
That's the door
to Quetzalcoatl's room.
- Get up!
- Well done.
Iook out.
Breathe, Dunbar, breathe!
Susan: You're fine now.
You're fine.
What is this place?
This is where we lost everyone.
The beast is in here.
It's an observatory.
The Aztecs were able to predict
the movements of the planets
as far back as the 1 3th century.
Far more advanced
than Europe at the time.
If they are so advanced, why are
they cutting people's hearts out?
The stone-- it's gotta be in there.
And the treasure.
We've got to take him out.
Dunbar, you stay here
with the women.
- Excuse me?
- That's fine with me.
No, I'm coming with you.
Hildy, this is no time
for your damn women's suffrage.
It's bad enough that I have to go
in there with Dr. Parasol.
We can use all the help we can get.
But you should stay here...
to protect your father.
- Thank you.
- Yes, well...
- that was refreshing.
- Very good.
Iet's go, Dunbar.
Whoa. Amazing.
Do not disturb anything.
I think we've paid our way.
This treasure belongs to them.
Do not disturb anything.
We're looking for the key--
a round, circular stone
with pictographs on it, large enough
to fit in the recess of that doorway--
- and that is all.
- Suit yourself.
Can I tell you something?
I used to follow you at night--
you know, when you thought
you were sneaking off.
I'd watch you for hours...
cataloguing your artifacts
and making your lists.
It was the best part of my day.
Why didn't you tell me?
You were having too much fun.
Yes, but at least then
we could've been together.
I wanted you to make
your own discoveries.
I wanted you
to be your own person.
I didn't want you
to just follow after me.
Dad, don't you know that
that's all I ever wanted?
Was to follow you,
to be just like you.
Yeah, but you're
so much better than I am.
Besides, look what happened
when you followed me here.
You shouldn't have come.
How could I not come after you?
I don't think that I'm ever
meant to leave this place.
You always make it out.
You always come home.
Not this time.
You promise me something:
no matter what happens, you'll get out
of this place as quickly as you can.
I can't promise you that--
not if it means leaving you behind.
I found it.
Dr. Jordan.
- Are you sure that's it?
- Jordan: looks like it to me.
I thought you said
you saw them use it.
I was shot in the leg.
I was in shock.
I was fighting for my life.
Professor, we've almost
gotten ourselves killed getting here.
- You have to be sure.
- Well, I'm as sure as I can be.
- That's not good enough.
- It's gonna have to be.
We can stand here and argue
or we can try and find a way out.
What is he doing?
- Did you hear?
- Ooh, yeah. Yes.
- Hildy found the stone.
- Yes.
I thought that
you would be more excited.
I am.
I've never really seen you
at a loss for words before.
Uh, yes, well,
- Umm...
- Did you forget why we were here?
I mean, we found my father,
we found the stone.
I did not come for your father, Susan.
I came for you.
I know I'm not the best person
at expressing myself
and perhaps that is why
I've chosen to surround myself
with artifacts
and relics rather than
things of flesh and blood.
But I do understand one thing
and that is that I have loved you
the moment I laid eyes upon you.
And my one regret
is that I have waited
until this moment to tell you.
Now that we're facing death.
That must have taken
a lot of courage to say.
Oh yes.
maybe that same courage will help
find us a way out of here.
No, it can't be.
- langford: What are you doing?
- He's as frightened as we are
and he'll know a way out of here.
- Hildy!
- Susan: Hildy, open the door.
- langford: What is she doing?
- All: Hildy?
Hildy, open the door.
Come on, big fella, come on.
Take me.
- Dad, no. No!
- Susan!
Come on!
- Dad, no!
- Go go! I'm fine.
Dad, no.
- Dad--
- Take care of her.
Open the door!
- No, stop!
- Susan, we have to go.
- I'm not leaving him.
- Get as far away from here as possible.
- I'll find Hildy.
- I'm not leaving him!
Susan, he's gone.
Do not make this
a meaningless sacrifice. Now go!
Get going.
Get up, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No! No, please.
Come back.
Don't leave me.
Where's Dunbar?
- They killed him.
- How--?
There's no time.
We gotta go. Iet's go.
You stay here. I'm gonna go
check it out, okay?
Just stay here.
Well, it's been
nice knowing you, Hildy.
You're all right for a woman.
He's coming.
They have Hildy.
- Susan...
- I thought you said they killed Dunbar?
I didn't think that I could
carry him all the way.
- We have to go back for them.
- There are 500 Aztecs.
- We can't help them.
- like you couldn't help in the sand?
- Or your team in the Amazon?
- Where are you going?
- To help our friends.
- No, Susan.
Your father sacrificed himself
so I could get you out of here.
I am trying to get you out of here.
Everything I do,
- every choice that I've made--
- We have to help them.
Susan, please.
Somebody do something.
Iook out!
- How the hell did you do that?
- Shhh.
You still have the stone?
- Where's langford?
- Dead.
He's figured it out, it won't be long
before the others do.
So when I say run, we run.
- Dad?
- It can't be.
But we saw him die.
He sacrificed himself
and was allowed to live.
- Why?
- Because that's something
- Quetzalcoatl understands.
- Dad.
- No, we're leaving.
- What's the matter with you?
- It's Dr. Jordan!
- I don't care who it is.
- I'm getting out of here.
- Stop it!
Don't fight. It isn't godlike.
- Dunbar: What's he doing?
- He's desecrating the temple.
For the love of God, why?
You've seen this before,
haven't you?
Iet them go.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
let him go.
It's all right, just go.
- What are you doing?
- Go now, while you can.
I'm not leaving you here.
You don't have a choice
and neither do l.
They think I'm their god now.
How long do you think
that's gonna work for you?
Walk and talk as if,
even though things are not.
Please. Go.
I can't.
Come on, dear.
- Dr. Thain?
- Yes, Ms. Jordan?
Any word on my father?
Um, excuse me.
I'm not talking about the Smithsonian.
I'm talking about us.
Don't be foolish. The desert
kills people-- even the lndians.
You wouldn't last
a day out there.
Don't attribute your own
cowardice to the rest of us.
Cowardice, is that--
Dr. Thain?
Isaac: Why did you come?
I thought it was too dangerous.
Academic curiosity.
I'm glad you're here.
Normally you're in your tent
with your head in a book.
Oh-- no no, I wasn't--
I was-- I was sketching.
Not-not-not you.
The cliffside and the bird
flew over and--
and, uh--
I'm sorry.
The same time now.
Three, two, one.
Everyone down!
You can let me go now.
Yes, of course.
I did not come for your father, Susan.
I came for you.
I have loved you the moment
I laid eyes upon you.
And my one regret is that
I have waited until this moment
to tell you.
That must have taken
a lot of courage to say.
He'll be fine.
You keep on saying that,
but I know you don't believe it.
Of course I do.
I stayed alive for days in there.
Hiding-- and you had us to help.
He's all alone.
And what about us?
We're gonna die out here in the desert.
- Run!
- Go.
I decided not to stay.
- How did you get out?
- Well, I lit a huge bonfire,
found the best armor I could
and then...
- set myself on fire.
- What?
Well, actually
I set the armor on fire
and ran like hell
while they were watching it burn.
But how did you get though the wall?
I believe this is yours.
It was your discovery.
Iet's go home.