The Lost Tribe (2009) Movie Script

We found something!
We found something!
That was it wasn't it?
It's pretty smelly.
Only God can save us.
Glad you could make it father.
Find her and she will lead you
to the rest of her team.
And wait
for my instructions.
Yes, sir.
Our Father which art in heaven ..
hallowed be thy name ...
Thy kingdom come ...
Thy will be done ...
on earth as it is in heaven,
Give us our
daily bread ...
and forgive us our trespasses ...
as we forgive
those who trespass against us ...
lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil,
In the name of the Father, Son
and the Holy Spirit,,,
- Amen,
- Amen,
Contact! Contact!
Alpha Team here!
- Bravo, cover the north!
- What? What?
- Where?.
- Ready to shoot!
Do not shoot!
I repeat, do not shoot!
How many people
are in your group?
Just tell him!
Let me handle it.
Stay, stay.
Come here.
What is all this crap all over you?
How many people
are in your group?
How many are there and where are they?
Who are you?
Do you have any scuba gear
onboard here
- Here you go guys.
- Yes
What are you taking?
Just be thankful you don't have
to do a wheat crash enema every morning.
Do we have to talk about
your test result, Joseph?
The Universe is trying
to tell you something.
You may start eating
like a human being.
Are you sure that stuff won't give you
the old whistle
You may be surprised.
She can't take it, it's ...
I'm just kidding, honey.
Isn't that a beauty?
I still can't believe I've been having sex with that??.
Yeah, neither can I.
I'm sorry mate, you were saying?
So I thought that broadband
penetration in the Philippines was low?
Big time, big time, it's all about the broadband
these days, Joe. As you know.
So what do you think?
Ahhh, it's ok ...
the market that we are targeting ...
... is tiny.
Not to mention that your main competition
is Bi-tunes.
How did William Wallace
defeat the English?
How did William Wallace
defeat the English?
Who the hell cares?
What does that have to do with anything?
Just answer the question.
I'm sorry there steroid boy.
I don't watch anti-Semitic films.
One word: numbers.
He united the little people promised them
freedom over tyranny ...
and outnumbered the English
two to one.
I like those numbers mate.
We're not just going after
the Philippines, Joe.
Malaysia, Singapore, India,
Indonesia, China.
That's over 3 billion
potential subscribers.
We signed an exclusive
with PLDT last week.
We've got material terms on
paper from the Malaysians.
And Mr. Ritesh Sidhwani ,
President of Indias Telecom ...
Will be meeting us ...
I don't know, I'd say about...
thirty-six hours?
Ritesh Sidhwani is coming to the resort?
Uh..huh, Uh..huh
And will stay as long as
Tom doesn't do that bloody impression, right?
I want first right of refusal on
any additional rounds of funding.
I'm in this for the long haul.
Not to make a fast buck.
Are you serious?
If you consider me a friend, take it.
We'll talk about a number that works for you
when we get back home.
Mazel tov, boys!
Mazel tov.
You only live once.
Nice One.
Woo Hoo,Crazy!!
Anna, the last three years
have taken everything out of me.
As you know.
You're amazing, there
by my side the entire time.
I could never have done it without you.
And I want you to know
that the only reason
I didn't do this earlier ...
was because I knew you wanted
a strong enough foundation.
So ...
Does this open another box?
More like a door.
Move in with me.
What's going on?
Go get the others.
- Grap a rope.
- What?
I have you.
My God!
Take the float!!
Tom, Behind you!!
My God! Guys, calm down we'll help!
you,calm down!
- Hold him.
- Calm down, let us help!
- No!
- Just Breathe!
My God!
- Can you give him something to calm him down?
- Give me a sedative.
- Okay, calm down.
- Where are you?
Hurry up!
- Relax.
- Done.
Why was he saying to turn the boat
I don't have a clue.
It was crazy.
He sounded like he had been attacked
by someone.
I doubt it. He must have drunk
too much and fell overboard.
be advised that your boarder may be an illegal.
Is he secure. Over
Yes, over.
Copy that. We'll send a
dispatch, over,
What is the eta? over.
approximately 0900 hours;,
Give us your position, change,
Approximately ...
- What the hell are you doing?
- We're not waiting for them.
- What do you mean we're not waiting for them?
- Joe, hear me out.
Are you out of your damn mind?
There is no way in hell that
I'm moving this boat
with a half dead guy in there.
I'm not going to jail for this.
First of all, nobody is going
to go to jail for anything.
We'll hand him over to the authorities
as soon as we get back to the resort.
Otherwise, we waste an entire night
waiting for them ...
not to mention their red tape.
And trust me ...
we don't want to keep Mr.
India Telecom waiting.
He's right mate.
We're better off pushing on.
How is he?
Vital signs are ok, but
he's dehydrated and losing blood.
- he really does need to get to a hospital.
- Exactly, that's why we're going to push on.
- What happens with the coast guard?
- We're not going to wait for them.
Tom, the sedatives not going to last
forever and this guy could be trouble.
Got a lock box?
Down there.
Heavy breathing.
- Is it loaded?
- Yes
Collision warning
- Listen.
- What's going on?
I don't know.
What's happening?
Anna! Are you okay?
Help! Help!
- Joe!
- Joe!
- Where are you?
- Joe!
Where are you?
- What is happening?
- Here!
It's stuck!
I'm fine.
Almost ...
Thank God.
- Come on, baby.
- Yes.
Anna! Come on!
Calm down, I've
Wait up baby.
Are you alright?
- You Okay?
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Where are the others?
- Help!
Help! Help!
Tom! I'm stuck!
I'm stuck!
- I can't swim!
- Hold on!
- Wait, I've got it!
- I've got it!
My goodness!
Oh My God.
Chris, are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Okay?
- I'm alright. Thanks.
Are you okay?
What the hell happened?
Where is my damn boat?
Where are we?
Joe, I found the radio!
Did not copy, over.
Did not copy. One more time.
Any casualties?
No casualties, over.
position of the transponder, over,
Transponder inoperative.
The transponder is inoperative,
Last known position,
Five hours north
of the Antilles.
Approximately five hours
north of the Antilles. Do you copy?
Yes, Sending dispatch
ETZ, Do you read me?
We'll be fine.
They will be here.
He must have drowned
when the boat hit.
That's strange.
He may have started running
when we reached the shore.
Do you want me to keep looking?
No. Let's gather what's left
and build a shelter.
Hey, Hey.
How did this happen?
It doesn't make any sense?
I thought you were standing watch.
I was. I don't know.
It could have been the autopilot.
I don't think so.
That auto pilot was state of the art.
Yeah, but those things
conk out all the time.
Conk out?
Storms or solar flares
they disrupt the satellite link up.
They go off the air.
Look, for all I know it could have been
stuck in the death stars tractor beam.
As long as the insurance company
buys it, I'm fine.
It'll be fine.
Trust me.
It's all good.
This is why the Dalai Lama says
to practice detachment.
So your not bound by the
shackles of material possessions.
It means we need to
learn to let go.
Hey Honey? I think the universe
trying to tell me something.
Hey Sherlock, the wood needs
be drier than that.
We did that at school.
What does that mean then?
Watson is that you?
He doesn't have to call me
Must have their reasons.
Perhaps you should have been keeping
watch instead of making stupid jokes.
And then we wouldn't be stuck at the
end of this world.
What do you think I am?
A puppet?
Is he?
I think so.
You see?
I told you he had drowned.
Yeah, but ...
How did his body get here?
Now that we have identified the body,
can we go please?
We can't just leave him like this.
The smells going to get a lot worse as it rots.
And it won't be long till something comes by
looking for a free meal.
There is a dog running around here,
there's gotta be someone here.
Besides ...
We've gotta start thinking
about food and water.
But shouldn't we stick together
now, Tom?
No, someone needs to go.
If anything happens ...
Oh Wow.
What is this place?
It looks like some kind of
military site.
It works.
My God. Gansus.
- What?
- Gansus research.
They sponsored my research project
last year on dna coding.
- At NYU?
- Yeah.
They're very well funded
by anthropologists.
And very well armed.
Give me.
Hopefully it works.
Works pretty good.
Yeah, it's trying to
find a signal.
There ...
I found it!
What's going on?
It makes no sense.
Why did they leave all of this here?
They must be coming back.
Guys? Hello!
Joe! Alexis!
Jesus, man.
- What?
- Look.
Hey doesn't our guy
wear this?
He was here.
Let's go!
Hey Chris! Joe!
Tom! Over Here!
What happened?
I don't know.
We found it like this.
Mayday! Mayday!
Does anybody read me? copy.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Does anybody read me? copy.
When are they supposed to be here?
I don't know, Joe.
You heard them.
They lost the transmission.
Somebody or something
took that guy ...
and you want us to just sit around here and
doing nothing?
Please trust me.
We're gonna be ok.
Ok like your dead friend over there?
Oh yeah.
We could go see him,
but somehow he's gone!
Oh hey let's all go to my boat.
We can't.
Because it's gone!
But for our leader,
everything is ok.
Joe, I do not recall asking
to be your leader.
Not his fault, okay, Joe?
The guy went through the port hole
and crashed the boat.
- Anna!
- None of us could know that.
- That guy crashed my boat?
- Is she serious?
We don't know
if that's what happened.
She's laughing?
After that foolishness
solar flares and satellite links.
- After I take my chances with you?
- Stop!
I was trying to save time.
Fat lot of good that did.
I didn't know this was going to happen.
Don't go?
Look, we all understand.
We understand.
Lying is ok!
- Tom?
- Anna, please.
I just need some space.
Why would he have gone in there?
He must have went back to the camp.
What? Why?
The equipment was still there.
He must have thought they would come back.
I don't ... I'm going.
Okay, let's go.
Now hold on a minute. Shouldn't
We wait here for him?
I mean the Coast Guard could
be here at any time.
Fine. Wait, if you want.
The jungle is a living breathing organism.
And you just breathe it in and it'll be ok.
Oh My God.
So it was all like here, right Anna?
Everything, all the gear, everything
was here.
Boy, they didn't waste any time did they?
Where did they go?
The text message said to find
the remaining team and end the mission.
They must have come back and left.
And he's out there,
looking for them somewhere.
Yes, but how the hell can we find them?
That's like looking for Noel Gallagher
at Old Trafford, isn't it?
Hey Guys?
Over here.
What is it?
Looks like they might have gone through here.
If that guy was here, he
must have been in some kind of trouble.
We're gonna find out, aren't we?
Oh my gosh.
What else we gonna find?
There's something up there.
It's probably just the wind.
Guys, what's going on?
Everything Okay?
- Yes, fine.
- Can we go now?
Oh good.
Who is it?
Jesus Christ! He's here.
Oh My God!
What the hell kind of animal did that?
The sternums been split open.
No animal did that.
What's happening?
Oh My God.
What is that?
There is something up there!
I've had enough of this. I'm going
back to the beach.
You can't just leave, Chris.
You see that?
That's not normal! You said so yourself!
I'm going back to the beach to wait
for the coast guard.
like any normal human being,
rather than running around
playing George of the bloody jungle!
Ok he is right. We need to go back.
What if they don't show up?
And what if Tom is in trouble out there?
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
I'm sorry, but I'm going back. We don't
know what's going on!
You are unbelievable.
All this being a warrior goddess at one
with the universe bullshit ...
goes flying out the window
once the shit flies?
You're pathetic!
Let's go.
Is anyone there? Hello
We need to catch that dog.
Chris, wait up.
Chris, wait up.
What happened to that yoga of yours love?
Maybe we should head back.
I'll tell you what.
I didn't ask to come along.
If you want to go back, jog on.
It's all been erased.
I saw something.
There may be something here.
Kansas is canceling
it makes no sense, given that
in the last three days ,,,
we've come closer to the truth
than we have in 300 years,
The rest of the team decided to leave
but I couldn't
I told him that I needed
another week ,,,
to finish up the
field reports ,,,
of the specimens we've
uncovered so far,
They agreed ,
And then it happened,
We found something! We found something!
There was no doubt in my
mind that this was it,,,
the answer to a question that man
had been searching for since the beginning of time ,,,
the missing link in our evolution,
The cranium was much larger
than I expected ,,,
and the eye sockets were small,
indicating a limited field of vision,
it conclusively proved that,
as a species, we evolved,
And Moreover, our evolution was not
through a gradual progression ,,,
from simian to Homo sapiens ,,,
but that a genetic mutation
had caused the simian to ,,,
evolve into
humanoid creature ,,,
one which later became human
legend among locals are that
these creatures are still alive
they're known as
"La Tribu Perdida ",,,
the lost tribe,
There are other sites still to be excavated
and many unanswered questions,
I needed more time,
but had to be careful,
I couldn't risk this
getting out, not yet,
If the church were to find out ,,,
I wouldn't live to
tell this discovery,
ACCOUNT 54119571814
They were the only ones
interested in stopping the world
from knowing ,,,
that God did not create
man on the sixth day,
Anyone who knows about this is dead.
They will stop at nothing
to protect this.
Oh God.
- And what if he ...
- Anna, no.
- We know nothing, Anna.
- We need to find him.
We have to.
- I don't know.
- My God.
There's nothing. I think that
the dog got spooked out.
Don't move.
Get up!
I'm only going to ask you this
once. Where are the others?
What others?
The rest of your team.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Our boat crashed and we've been
waiting for the Coast Guard.
Do you want last rites?
Mayday! Mayday! Please help me!
Oh My God, please don't die, I
found him. I found him.
Shhhh You're ok. Your gonna be ok now.
I'm here.
Yes. It's me, baby.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm ok.
- But we have to go now.
- I can't.
Baby, we have to go.
I can't make it Anna.
- Go, save yourself.
- No. No, Tom!
- I can't leave. I can't.
- Tom, no! No!
Kill me, please kill me Anna!
No! No!
I can't leave you, baby. I can't.
Kill me! Please!
We must go now.
Kill me, please!
Honey, that's fine. It's
not that bad.
Listen to me.
Save yourself.
I will do anything, baby.
But please don't go.
Please don't go.
Just please don't go baby.
Anna ...
my pocket.
My pocket.
My left pocket.
Sorry, Anna.
I'm so sorry.
Be strong.
Be strong.
I love you.
I love you, Anna.
I will always love you, Anna.