The Love Affair (2015) Movie Script

We thought you couldn't make it.
How are you?
How are you? It's been a while.
-I finished surgery early.
-Hey, Vince.
You came.
Let's go find your wife. Tricia will be
happy that you're already here.
I didn't think you'd come.
Let's get you drunk, man.
-Let's play golf this Saturday?
-Sorry, I have to pass.
You mean, inside "Paris"?
Paris who?
It's like last time.
You said you'd be in "Sydney",
but you meant you'd be
inside Sydney Benson.
We have a fundraising dinner
at the hospital next week.
You don't remember?
Maybe you weren't paying attention.
Or Greg?
How long have you been having an affair?
I'm not having an affair.
-There's nothing of the sort happening.
-I know my friend.
He wouldn't meet a woman abroad
unless he'd had a sex with her.
I'll sleep at the hospital.
Please, Vince, let's talk.
It's midnight already.
I have a surgery early in the morning.
Because I did something wrong.
Timmy, isn't Anna your girlfriend already?
So obviously she'll be your prom date.
Why do a proposal?
It's a prom-posal, Cass.
Do you want us to break up?
Ma, it's Anna's dad's birthday tomorrow.
We will visit Adrian.
We'll have lunch there tomorrow.
And Timmy, you're only 16 years old.
You shouldn't take Anna so seriously.
You told me if you love someone,
you have to take her seriously.
What if she's not serious about you?
See? Dad's right.
I hope they understand.
Those are my clients from Paris.
I told them I can't make it.
I'll stay in the guest room.
What if the kids ask questions?
Just don't tell them that I hurt you
or that I cheated on you.
Vince! I wouldn't do such a thing, ever.
That's what you told me.
You promised me, with God as your witness,
Nothing happened.
What else do you want to hear from me?
How many times we had sex?
We never had sex.
But if you want to know the truth,
then, yes, he kissed me.
Did he touch you?
Did he touch your breasts?
Did he put his hand inside your panties?
Did you enjoy it? Was it good?
I really miss you, bro.
I really miss you Adrian.
Cass and Migs are always ganging up on me.
-It's ready, Ma'am.
-Thank you.
I'll just call Ms. Joanna.
-Sure, thank you.
-You're welcome.
Adie, I got you the veil
that goes with your gown--
Adie, are you OK? What's happening?
Adie? Adie.
Look at me. Look at me.
Miss, miss, are you OK?
Excuse me! I'm a doctor.
there is no head trauma.
Send a message to Ryan
on Facebook and Twitter.
Adie, are you OK?
There's none.
we need to do a pregnancy test.
My child, are you pregnant?
Enzo, try calling your brother.
I still can't reach him.
I know.
That's not the reason I'm drinking.
It's a mistake you sent me that video?
But you having sex with that slut is not?
So what? You don't love me anymore?
Were you just horny?
Then why did you let me
go on with the wedding preparations?
But you want your whole life planned out.
You hate uncertainty.
But you used to like me the way I am.
Didn't you?
You told me when you proposed, that...
And I mean it. I did.
Then what happened?
I can change.
Because I love you.
I don't want you to change
just because of me.
Then what do you want?
That I change? That I stay the same?
What do you want?
Do you want me to do what she did?
I can do better.
I want to fight for us.
Please tell me what should I do.
I don't know...
There's nothing I can do
because you want out.
I need the whole day to pack my things.
Your wedding invitations have arrived.
Throw them away.
Please give this to Aunt Wilma,
Uncle Franco and your boss.
These are the house keys.
Please give them to your boss.
Thank you.
please bring me the performance sheets--
This is your mom's. Return it to her.
You're concerned?
You care about me, and yet you hurt me?
You cheated on me?
Bullshit. Her undies
just magically disappeared,
and you couldn't stop your pants
from falling down?
You wanted that. You chose to do that.
And you want to do it again.
And I won't be surprised
if you say you love her.
You don't love her, right?
Tell her that right now.
I haven't ordered yet.
You look worse today
than the last time I saw you.
And to think,
you'd been in an accident then.
How do you know about my accident?
You were in a white gown.
In fact, I got worried,
Adie. Just Adie.
-Thank you.
-Good for you, that's your only injury.
What about a broken heart?
No wonder you look... Well, like that.
You see, my boyfriend and his family,
they treat me as family,
more than my family ever did.
Then you shouldn't have broken up.
He shouldn't have cheated on me.
My lawyer bailed out on me.
You need a lawyer?
Just for a consultation.
I can give you a free consultation.
Yes, as thanks for the free coffee
and for saving my life.
What's your suggestion?
Legal separation first?
That's what my dad did.
So you're assuming that
I was the one who cheated?
Didn't you?
No. I was the one who got cheated on
by my wife and best friend.
When you told me
you'd broken up with your boyfriend,
I assumed that it was you
who had been unfaithful.
Do I look like the cheating type?
It's an emergency.
Thank you for the free legal advice,
Thanks for the coffee.
-OK. Bye.
Here? She's going to stay here?
The kids and us barely fit here.
Come on. What about Adie?
Where will she stay?
I don't know, but not with you.
She's an adult.
She's not your responsibility anymore.
Pancho, she hasn't been under your care
for a long time.
Can't she live on her own?
It's just a temporary thing.
But what if it isn't?
What if it goes on forever?
Dad, I'm leaving.
Don't leave yet.
Your Aunt Carla
is almost done making dinner.
No, it's OK.
I really need to go. Thank you.
Car keys, please?
Don't go yet. Have dinner first.
I still have to get my stuff
from the office.
It's late already.
I don't want to hassle Joyce.
So, you'll be staying with Joyce?
I don't want to be a burden to you.
-Of course not.
-You are not a burden, Adie.
You're welcome here.
My house is your house, OK?
...and they're so cheap.
Couldn't they afford a motel?
Why do it at a construction site?
Let's upload your ex's porno online.
That'll be the best revenge.
You also need to update your FB status.
I agree. Time to find your one true love.
Love? So soon?
No! She should try having a fling.
No commitments whatsoever.
I will sign you up on Tinder.
Stop it guys. Adie doesn't need this.
What she needs now
is a break from her problems.
And she needs to rest.
She has an interview tomorrow.
What? It's still early.
Atty. Valiente.
Your interview is in Taal.
-Yes, ma'am. The Taal Lake Yacht Club.
Do you know...
Atty. Noah Castro? Is he here?
Yes. He is out there.
It seems like
Doc will beat him in the race.
Good thing you came.
So where is the interview?
Later. Let us sail first.
Come on.
Noah! Please talk to me first.
Come on! Faster! The wind's great.
Shit. What do I do?
Not funny, Noah.
Noah, wait.
I don't know how to sail.
-What the hell.
-You can do it.
No Sailing 101? What if this capsizes?
You're wearing a life vest.
And you can swim.
What if I get injured?
Stop whining.
I'm not whining.
You know what, you're obsessed
with being perfect and proper.
That's why you're jobless.
No wonder he cheated on you.
Let's have some fun.
What's happening?
Noah, please!
What happened to you?
Did you get injured again?
I'm here for a job interview
but that douche took me sailing.
Who? Noah?
-He's your lawyer?
He was my classmate in college
and law school.
An even back then he was an ass.
Still want him as your lawyer?
Noah, wait.
Let's have a rematch.
Adie and I against you.
-This is what we'll do.
If you win,
I'll give you my trophy.
But, if Adie and I win,
you will hire Adie in your law firm.
Are you sure about this?
Then why did you gamble your trophy?
What? I don't know how to sail.
And now a race-- Wait!
Who knows? We might win.
Just do what I tell you.
-Wait. Hop on.
I'll guide you.
Oh my God.
So what do I do now?
Once the flag is out, we have one minute.
Go, pull! Sheet in!
Can you see the boat? Will we hit them?
We'll crash.
No we won't. Relax.
Stop this! I want to get off.
Don't be afraid. I can handle this.
-This is stressful.
-We are now ahead.
-We're near the finish line.
OK. We're almost there.
They ahead now. We're gonna lose.
What are we gonna do?
-What now?
-Pull that rope! Go.
It's OK, Adie, it's your first time.
Doc. I'm sorry, we lost.
It's OK, Adie.
-I'm sorry.
-No, it's OK.
Doc, great race.
-Thank you.
What? But we lost.
Well, not all cases can be won.
Not all races either.
Thank you. You are a life saver.
I'm looking forward to
seeing you next week.
I just did this for my job.
You'll come back.
-Doc, convince her to come back.
-Yes, I will.
Come back here next week.
We will teach you how to sail.
Once you're in the water,
you forget all your hurt
and your problems.
Really? Even love problems?
See, I'd already forgotten,
but you just had to bring it up.
Are you and your wife OK already?
I don't know. I just want things
to go back to how they were.
So, when I have a problem,
I won't ask advice from you
but from my best friend.
But my best friend is my problem now.
Did you talk to him already?
Yes. This was what I used.
I want everything to be the same again
but what if I can't go back
to my old self?
The old me, who could love
without fear and doubt.
Where did that come from?
Wow! Hashtag melodrama.
Oh come on.
The same hashtag applies to you.
We're a pair of broken hearts.
Team Heartbroken, that's us.
Team Heartbroken.
I hope we can be Team HeartMended.
I hope so.
Doc, thank you for everything.
And for this shirt, too.
I'll have Noah return it to you.
No, bring it yourself next week
so we can sail again.
-No, I don't think so.
-Are you sure you're not coming back?
-I'm sure.
-Think about it.
Think about this instead.
Can't you love your wife again?
That's what you should think about.
Be safe while driving OK.
-It's beautiful there.
-Look at the hot air balloon ride.
-Are you sure?
It's not romantic.
What's that?
What are you guys laughing at?
-Ma, this is a secret.
-Let me look.
It's nothing, Ma.
We are planning your 25th
anniversary honeymoon with Dad in August.
When you guys come back,
I shouldn't be the baby anymore.
Ma, do you like this?
I think this one is better.
-This one is cool.
-I think they should just go to a beach.
-This one is OK.
-What more do you want?
-Then we can...
-Tricia, please talk to me.
-We don't have anything to talk about.
-We're done.
I'm sorry that I can't return your love.
because I ruined your friendship.
Hon, I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.
Let's talk pls. I love you. I miss you.
Vince, I thought
you'd sleep beside me last night.
We've been like this for months,
but your anger hasn't subsided.
I don't know.
Vince, let's fix this.
Really now?
I don't know.
She said that adultery
is not grounds for annulment.
Have we really come to that?
That's where we're heading anyway.
You'll throw it all away just like that?
Did you think of that
when you did what you did?
-This is getting tiresome--
We're both tired of this,
so let's just end it.
Go on.
What do you want?
Fix your problem with Mama.
Mama said that was nothing.
That's not nothing.
Please talk to Mama.
But let us start with the obvious.
So, you don't have sex anymore?
Is the physical attraction gone?
Is that the reason?
Do you still find your wife beautiful?
She's so beautiful.
Until now.
So obviously the issue
is not physical attraction.
When was the last time you had sex?
June 24, his birthday.
I can't remember...
So, before our next session,
the two of you...
Not just sex, but lovemaking.
I can't do it.
I can't! Damn it.
I can't get it out of my head.
I keep seeing you in my head
kissing my best friend.
I hope you can forgive me.
I still love you.
Do you love him?
Make sure.
He may not have gotten inside your body,
but he got inside your heart.
That hurts more.
You might not be used to
handling so many cases.
We're short on staff
so you have more cases.
Can you handle your caseload?
Speaking of cases,
how is the annulment of Doc Vince going?
I might be able to help.
You want him to separate from his wife?
No. I just want to help.
He lost his trophy because of me.
Let's sail this weekend.
We see each other five days a week.
I don't want to see your face
in the weekends too.
OK. I will go.
First day at work
and you're leaving early.
I'm sorry. It's an emergency.
It's quick as well.
Is there no hope for you and Ryan?
Ma, I don't want to force myself
on someone who doesn't want me.
I'm not giving up, child.
Ryan will come to his senses.
Do you want to be with him again?
Can I make it?
You can.
You can overcome this, Adie.
Adie! You're here.
I want to forget everything that hurts.
All of my problems.
Teach me how to sail.
I want to believe that
I can make it through this.
And I want to win back
your trophy from Noah.
Team Heartbroken?
-Until we're Team HeartMended.
The wind's perfect.
Let the water embrace you.
Let the waves and the wind hit you.
Just be brave,
especially when you're alone.
All right.
Then one day, you'll be surprised.
You can do it.
You've done it.
Then, you believe...
Then you'll forget the pain.
You will remember how to be happy again.
What's that smile about, Doc?
Your operation was a success.
Go Team Heartbroken.
Vince, what about you guys?
What about it? Do you wanna join?
Uh... Sure.
-I'm game.
-Team Heartbroken will join.
Yeah! Team Heartbroken is in.
Hey, if we win,
you gotta give back the trophy.
If you beat me.
Did you hear that?
I don't think
he plans to return your trophy.
That's why we have to win the regatta.
I'm not in a hurry to get it back.
Hey! Why?
once I have the trophy back,
You have a call...
Ready the patient. OK.
Adie! You're great at sailing.
Yes, in fairness.
Give him to me.
-No, I can do it.
-You sure?
Look at these photos.
-Let me see.
-But he's really good-looking.
Is this your sailing partner? The doctor?
Is he making a move on you?
Come on guys! We are just friends.
Whatever! So what if he makes a move?
After all that Ryan did to you,
you deserve to be happy.
You don't like him, right?
You don't plan on becoming
a mistress, right?
You wouldn't do anything stupid, right?
You're so judgmental.
Of course you shouldn't. He has a wife.
Remember, he has a family.
That's over, huh?
I know.
She knows that.
So, quit meddling. It's her life.
I thought we'd planned to train
for the regatta this Saturday.
Why did you change your plans?
Sorry, it's my dad's birthday.
I need to be there.
You didn't back out...
because of the bonfire, right?
Of course not.
It really is
just that it's my dad's birthday.
Because you might have thought...
But, it's OK.
It's nothing.
I mean, it's not like it will go anywhere.
You're a married man.
Who wants to get an annulment.
But who hasn't done so yet.
That's right...
Yes, indeed.
-This girl better be worth it...
-Yes, Dad.
since you bothered all of us.
-Yes, Dad.
-He's so annoying.
I'm not.
-This tastes good.
-Mama made it. Tastes good, right?
Bro, let's go. Come on!
I'm coming. Do we all have to help?
Timmy, do you have all the things
you need?
Yes, Ma.
Miguel, please help me here.
Let Timmy do that.
Your coffee is really good. Unique.
You spent seven thousand pesos
on this prom-posal?
I only spent a hundred pesos
when I proposed to your mother.
-You proposed, Dad?
-Of course.
I thought you guys eloped.
He proposed to elope.
He bought coffee and ice cream and said,
"You're the only one I want to have
coffee and ice cream with...
Let's elope.
That's so cheesy.
Me? Cheesy?
That's the reason you're all here.
Timmy, why don't you try that on Ana?
Do you want to have coffee and ice cream?
Here, Migz.
Tricia, Marcel called
and asked when we're going to Paris.
but we need to discuss
financial matters with them,
so Greg should be there.
Eddie, Vince won't allow it.
Why not? I'll be there.
No problem.
Tell him that Tricia's going,
you're going, and Greg is going.
Oh! Vince. Hello.
Tricia, let's just talk later.
So, you and Greg still see each other?
-No, Vince. Not anymore--
-Didn't I tell you to close that business?
Because of that, you got tempted,
and look where we are now.
Vince, I can't just close it down.
I have employees. I have responsibilities.
Asking you to stay away from him
is unreasonable?
I ended it.
What more do you want?
I'm getting tired.
Tired of trying to understand you.
Tired of asking forgiveness for my sin
as if I'm the only one at fault.
Why? Have I sinned against you?
Is that it? Is that what this is?
You're punishing me, is that it?
I'm not punishing you.
Your cheating is my punishment.
something that wasn't even intentional!
Just be sure that when you grow up
you make the varsity team.
-Your cake.
-Thank you, sis.
Uncle, do you want cake?
Dad, are you OK?
I'm OK.
Adie, thank you...
for taking care of my party's expenses.
Do you want some barbequed food?
Can you get us some barbequed food
from inside?
-Thank you.
She won't stay here long
if it's just her dad's birthday.
Well, it's Valentine's Day...
She doesn't have anyone to be with,
so she's here.
Adie, I did some spring cleaning
the other day,
I saw your pictures with Ryan.
Too bad you let him go.
Handsome. Smart. Wealthy.
You're lucky he even looked your way.
Why did you break up?
He cheated.
Didn't my dad tell you?
I'm not the gossipy sort.
I'm just saying, you might be the problem.
Just because he cheated...
you won't forgive him?
So, if my mom had forgiven my dad,
they'd still be together now?
Are you insulting me?
Oh? Do you feel insulted?
Why are you being rude? I was being kind--
If you were,
you wouldn't have flirted with my dad,
and we would still be a family.
Hey Adie, you are in my house.
If you're going to insult me,
-leave my house.
-Didn't you start this?
-What's going on?
-Your bitch ex-wife's daughter--
Don't you dare call my mom a bitch,
you whore.
Whore? Weren't you one before?
Before my father married you?
Adie, enough! You're out of line.
Remember your place.
Remember my place?
But I have no place!
Not in your heart, and not in your life.
Damn you! This is your fault.
-Dad, what's happening to you?
Wait for me, I'll accompany him.
What are you doing here?
Are you OK?
When I saw him struggling to breathe,
all my anger faded away.
I guess I still love my dad.
But I'm not sure if they love me.
When my mom and dad broke up...
my mom became an OFW.
Then they led their own lives...
with their own families.
I ended up without a family.
I felt like so lost...
and no one was looking for me.
Then Ryan came.
So, when he didn't want me anymore...
Do you know...
how it feels to lose your family?
To lose the life you've always dreamed of?
I know.
Your coffee is so good.
I thought we wouldn't be able to
build this house,
But here it is.
The kids miss you.
-And I miss you.
Miguel is a man now.
I hardly recognize him.
Why does Adrian look like this?
He's been having
a lot of headaches lately.
Maybe his eyesight is getting worse.
OK, I'll go there immediately.
But there was never enough time.
Your Dad will be here soon.
-He's on his way.
-That's for sure, Adrian.
Congratulations, son! Fantastic.
Very good.
Blurry vision, headaches...
Lately he's been saying that
his eyesight is getting worse.
But Vince said
he might just need new glasses.
Didn't you realize that your son was sick?
They thought even worse of me
when Adrian got sick.
Surgical clipping is more definitive.
Chief is right.
You want to cut open my son's head.
He might not even survive that.
Adrian, my son.
I didn't expect
the operation to go this way.
You are not always right.
He's your son...
not just some patient.
You made a mistake.
You were wrong.
I'm sorry, son.
Since then,
Are you busy?
she slowly distanced herself from me.
That used to be your therapy.
This is great.
I eventually learned to pretend
that I was not lonely,
and that I was not hurting.
I got used to being without Tricia.
This morning, I thought that Valentine's
would be better this year.
I was wrong.
this day turned out OK.
At least I'm not alone.
We're together.
Thanks for being here.
Thank you, Attorney, for being here, too.
Here we go, Team Heartbroken.
Until we're Team HeartMended.
I have to go.
I never thought I would like someone else.
How is your dad?
He's OK. I brought him home.
How about you?
How are you?
Are you OK?
I'm OK.
Let us train. Let's go, Team Heartbroken.
We're already Team HeartMended.
This is beautiful.
I will push through with my annulment.
Why are you telling me that?
I want you to know.
What are we doing?
What are we?
But why does it feel wrong?
But why is it that
even though it feels wrong...
But I don't want to be your rebound.
I don't want to be just your rebound.
Wahoo! This is cool.
Mama, look at dad's boat.
Dad, look at this.
Wow! The boat looks amazing.
My husband's becoming a child again
now he's got no work.
But something is missing.
Let us put Mama there.
Because, Dad's boat is incomplete
without Mama.
-Let's play.
Cassie. Come here...
Do you want to talk about it?
I'm going to be fine, baby.
Whatever your problem is,
I'm sure you'll work it out with Dad.
It's wet there.
The boat is incomplete without you.
Look, didn't you say
that this business helped you
find yourself again,
and that it made you see you had value
beyond just being Vince's wife?
Did you forget
before this business came along?
my classmate Regina
Starting up a business is not easy.
The jewelry business is very competitive.
No! I'm just wondering
why you have to put up a new business
You might get burned out.
I have everything...
I could ever want.
But the three of us, we disagree.
surgical clipping
is still more definitive.
Chief is right.
-the recurrence rate is very high--
-With coiling, recovery is faster.
He might not make it--
The chief of surgery is on my side.
You want to cut open his head.
He might not survive.
What if they're right?
What if I'm right?
Adrian, my son.
I was thinking...
Would the result have been different
if we had done clipping instead?
He's your son...
not just some patient.
You made a mistake. You were wrong.
This seems to be good therapy for you.
Vince is against this, right?
Sometimes, I feel that
he disagrees just to prove he's right
and we're all wrong.
Even when Adrian got sick,
What do you plan to do with that?
I plan to turn this into a business.
Are you sure you can do it?
That's so time consuming.
Just look at the time.
-Are you sure you can--
-I can.
Man, your timing is perfect.
Tricia just got her first foreign buyer.
And your wife is the most promising
jewelry designer for 2012.
So, free up September 12.
Tricia has an exhibit.
I have an alumni homecoming.
-What about that?
-What about it, Vince?
The exhibit is more important.
It's OK if you can't make it
to my homecoming.
I didn't forget, Eddie.
But maybe I neglected my husband
while looking for myself.
Maybe Vince is right.
Maybe I punished him.
which wasn't his fault,
I have to make it up to him.
I hurt him so much.
that by closing this business
you can lessen his pain?
I hope so.
I hope he can forgive me.
Your house is so big.
Where is your car?
In the repair shop. The ACU is busted.
Who brought you home?
My sailing partner.
I'll open the gate for you.
Look Dad! Is this OK?
Looking sharp.
Dad, we have a father-and-son
camping trip next week.
-You're coming, right?
-Of course.
You are a grown man. Give me a kiss.
-Dad, you'll mess up my hair.
-Looks OK.
-You're in a good mood today, Dad.
-I am.
Sailing's put you in a good mood.
-Of course.
-We noticed, Dad.
Did you like the condo?
Yes. Why?
Because if you don't like it,
I won't buy it.
If you buy it now,
it will be considered conjugal property.
Then I'll buy it once we're married.
-Marriage? Really?
You don't believe
we'll get there eventually?
I made you coffee.
Your coffee's getting cold.
Is it too sweet?
It could be sweeter.
Don't worry,
I'll learn to make coffee
the way you like it.
Do you know what's good with coffee?
You have some?
No. I don't like sweets.
Let me sweeten that for you.
Is there a problem?
Are the kids OK?
They're OK.
It's late.
Where are you?
I'm at the hospital.
At the hospital?
Yes, I still have a patient.
Will you be sleeping there?
Or are you coming home?
I'll be home soon.
How is your patient?
I hope your patient won't need you
this weekend.
You have your father-and-son camping trip
with Timmy.
maybe I can join you in Taal.
Teach me how to sail.
I still love you in spite of the fact that
you're cheating on me.
Do you love her?
Have you fallen in love with her?
Tell me.
Tell me! Do you love her?
Tell me.
Tell me, Vince! Tell me.
Tell me that you feel nothing for me.
Tell me.
Tell me that you don't love me anymore.
Tell me.
Vince! Tell me.
I know I hurt you.
If this is your way of hurting me back,
I'll take it.
Because I love you.
And because I'm hoping...
that your love for me...
outweighs your anger over my sin.
I might be late to Taal tomorrow.
I have errands in the morning.
I forgot to tell you that...
Timmy and I have a father-and-son
school camping activity.
It's OK. No problem.
I will miss you though.
Are you OK?
I have to go.
-Yes, Ma?
-I prepared snacks for you.
Thank you, Ma.
Yes, I will.
I'm sorry. What's that?
Don't get your hopes up, Adie.
You both know that this is wrong
and that it's not going to last.
Your new case.
Atty. Adie, a walk-in client
is requesting for you.
Me? What's the case?
She didn't say.
You're beautiful.
He told me that he forgets his problems
when he sails.
You mean he forgets me?
You said that.
I didn't.
Stay away from my husband.
I did not throw myself at Vince.
when you cheated on him
with his best friend?
that despite my shortcomings
I'm ready to fight
for my husband and my family.
because you were once in my position.
because the man you loved cheated on you.
If, like me,
you had had the chance
to talk to the other woman,
wouldn't you have asked her to stay away?
Don't you dare compare me to that woman.
-I am not--
-A mistress?
A whore?
What are you to my husband?
Who are you really in my husband's life?
Who am I?
And while you're fixing him,
you're destroying our family?
I did not destroy your family. You did.
You hurt him.
You took his love for granted.
You gave him reason to love someone else.
That he loves you?
And you?
You think he still loves you?
You're an intelligent woman
Stay away from my husband.
What if he's the one
who refuses to stay away?
Then you're a slut.
Not yet.
What do you think?
If Alvin hadn't forced Noah,
he probably wouldn't be here.
Yeah, for sure.
Oh come on! Noah's here
so he could be with Adie.
Seriously? Guys.
Lindsay, keep your paws off him.
Noah's off limits.
Who wants ice?
Noah has the hots for Adie, not you.
Won't you be joining us?
He asked me to hold off his annulment.
I talked to him last night.
Maybe he and Tricia
are working things out.
Guys, let's transfer here.
-Wait Adie, where are you going?
-Where is she going?
-Talk to your friend.
Take this.
Joyce, I have to go.
-I really can't...
-Adie, wait.
-Not now...
Leave me alone, please.
-Come back! Stay.
-Joyce, stop it.
-Adie, stop this.
-Leave me alone.
What the hell is your problem?.
-Leave me alone.
-What is your problem?
I don't know.
I don't know what my problem is.
What do you mean?
I don't know what's happening to us.
I don't know.
I don't know why he changed his mind.
I don't know what happened...
We were OK...
But I don't know... something's changed...
I don't know.
That's why I want to see him.
I want him to tell me what I did wrong.
-Please let me go.
-What's wrong with you?
You don't know what you did wrong?
You don't know? You know.
He has a wife, Adie.
And you told me that you knew.
That you knew and you understood.
And you wouldn't do anything wrong.
You said you'd never become a mistress.
But what are you now?
I don't care what I've become.
Please, let me go. Let me go.
-Hey! Hey.
-Stop it! That's enough.
-Adie, what the hell is wrong with you?
-Stop that.
-Hon, that's enough.
-Let me go.
Adie, have you gone mad?
You might not care but I do.
You're like a sister to me.
Do you know what you are to him?
You're just a distraction.
Because he's sad.
And you're going along with this
because you're sad too.
So what are you now?
Just some girl he fucks.
That's it.
That hurts.
It hurts? Because it's the truth.
It hurts because you don't know anything.
Joyce, he loves me.
He loves me. Believe me.
Adie, you're not stupid.
He loves you? Really?
Or did you just fool yourself
into thinking that he loves you
because you're scared to be alone?
That's not true. I survived being alone.
But you can't be happy by yourself.
You can't.
-Adie, please...
-Adie... Adie...
-That's enough.
How long do you plan to avoid me?
You called off your annulment?
You're not happy with me anymore?
You're tired of me?
That's not true.
-It's not like that Adie.
-Then what?
Did you finally get your revenge,
so now you're getting rid of me?
Is that what you think?
That I only used you--
Is it not?
Didn't you just use me?
You led me on! You made me hope.
You made me believe that you loved me.
That what we had was real.
That's why I bravely faced your wife,
because even if she had all the rights,
I knew I had your love.
Because you told me...
You told me you loved me.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I want to surprise Vince.
I brought him lunch.
I love you, Adie.
How about her?
Do you still love her?
Vince, the truth.
You piece of shit! How dare you!
You lied to me.
I am so tired of being betrayed
by the people I love.
I'm so tired...
No more...
You lose.
Did Dad love the food we made?
-You guys should be OK now.
-Hi, Ma.
The kids told me
that you came home in tears.
whichever you like.
We just have to explain it to the kids.
I saw the two of you earlier.
I loved them both,
and I hurt them both.
If you don't want to hurt them,
you have to choose.
-Yes? Just a minute.
What do you need?
if my dad told you about me.
My siblings and I are planning
our parent's 25th anniversary.
We need Dad to be there.
Dad, sorry for bothering you...
I just don't have anyone to go to...
Everything I wanted to say to Carla,
and to Ryan's girl, all that...
his wife said to my face.
I accepted all of it
because it was my choice to love him.
But it hurt more
when his kid talked to me.
It's like I saw myself in her.
How much I hoped before...
that I would be reason enough
for you and Mama to stay together.
I didn't just get hurt.
You know?
I hate myself now.
Because I'm such a bad person.
I'm already hurting other people.
I'm asking myself...
do I really love him?
Is this worth fighting for?
Or am I just scared?
I'm afraid that if I lose him...
no one will ever love me.
Someone loves you, my child.
I love you, Adie.
I know I hurt you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you
and all my mistakes.
I'm sorry I left you.
I love you very much, Adie.
No matter what happens,
no matter what decision you make...
I will accept you.
I will love you no matter what.
Let's just wait for your Dad.
Why, Ma?
That the two of you will break up.
I want you to know...
that we both love the three of you.
But you don't love each other anymore?
Ma, please, be honest.
We love you so much.
That's why we are doing this.
We don't want to separate.
Then don't, Ma.
What happened between the two of you?
Why can't you fix it?
I hurt your Dad.
It was my fault, Timmy.
But we will fix this.
I will fix this.
Not only because I love you...
but because I really love your Mom.
Thank you for loving me.
You came back.
And I won't ever leave again.