The Love Gala (2023) Movie Script

(projector clicking)

I'm ready for something,
something new
I'm ready to show the world
what I can do
It's gonna be rockin'
That's all I can say
No reason to stop
'cause I'm going all the way
We already have
all of that taken care of.
We have sent thank you gifts
to all of the speakers,
and we've donated
all the leftover food
to our local homeless shelter.
Yes. Hi, coffee.
on singing this song
- So bring it
- Bring it
Bring it on
Bigger is always better.

I know deep inside
Thank you.
Yes, we agree.
I've got what it takes
- Hi.
- Hi!
- You've got flowers.
- Ooh, beautiful.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
(Kate chuckles)
- Ooh, flowers.
- A thank you
from Tracey and Cary.
They've got great taste.
You are telling me.
They've already hired us
for their next event
and they don't even have
a date yet.
Oh. Well, have I got a surprise
for you.
Oh, me too.
- You ready? On three.
- Yeah.
One, two, three.
Oh, we look good.
We look so good.
This is going to take us
to the next level.
Can you imagine
all of our new clients?
Hold on. We just did
our biggest event.
And it was really hard.
Please don't tell me you forgot
all of the late nights,
all of the long hours.
Yeah, but it put us on the map
or on the front page
of the Events section.
Oh, wait, what time is it?
I'm supposed to meet George
- for lunch.
- Isn't it kind of early?
Yeah, but he's got to catch
a flight again.
Oh. So what's the deal
with you two anyway?
I just like spending time
with him.
- When he's in town.
- Yeah, it's casual
and breezy.
Oh, because you're so breezy.
And it doesn't hurt
that your mom loves him.
All right, so I'm not seeing him
to please my mom.
Of course not.
Okay, maybe it's nice
that she and I agree
on something.
Oh, Kate.
Okay, let's go.

- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm good, how are you?
- I'm great.
- Good.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

Since we're on a tight schedule,
I took the liberty
of ordering our usuals.
So, where is my mother
sending you off to this time?
London, Berlin by way of Paris,
a quick trip to New York
Fashion Week, then LA.
All of my favorite places.
You know,
there isn't anything saying
that I can't have a plus-one
on these trips.
I think you might have an in
with my boss.
Yeah, maybe,
but, you know, work.
Of course.
Hey, whenever you get back,
why don't we plan a little trip
of our own?
Something a little more local.
There is this new gallery
at the Modern Art Museum,
we should go.
Let's put in a date.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Okay, so how's three weeks
from now?
I could do the 18th.
I am leading a retreat
that weekend.
How about the next week?
I'm in Seattle.
How about the 5th?
That's next month.
That's six weeks away.
We've been apart longer.
Okay, you're right.
Let's pencil it in.
(cellphone chimes)
Hm, it's my mom.
"Urgent, need to see you now,"
all caps.
Any ideas?
I'm afraid not.
Ugh, gosh, I should go.
But our lunch.
I know Margaret.
You should go.
I'll give you a call
before I board.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- So good seeing you.
- You too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(birds chirping)
Kate, you came so quickly.
Well, your text said
it was urgent.
It is. Pierre has quit on me.
Uh, your dog walker?
No, that's Pierce.
Pierre, my meeting planner
of 20 years left me
for retirement
two weeks before my gala.
It's your turn, my dear.
I'm sorry, what?
You're going to plan
the Garden Gala.
- Excuse me?
- Aren't you
absolutely over the moon?
Uh, yes, I am,
but it's just so soon and...
Welcome to the fast lane, Katie.
Okay, so, what will people
say about you
just handing the event over
to your daughter?
I know, nepotism has always been
a bit of a bee in your bonnet,
but your mother is Margaret Lord
and there's no getting
around that.
If you want to be the best,
then you need to plan the best,
and this gala is the best.
But I've never planned anything
to this scale before.
I can't think of a better way
to prove what you're made of.
- Fire only...
- Strengthens the iron,
I know.
Think of all you stand to gain.
The magazine's biggest issue
of the year
is devoted entirely to the gala.
- I'm aware.
- Imagine
all the publicity
you'll receive,
national attention.
So, Picture-Perfect Planning
will be in Lord's July issue?
I'll do you one better.
A feature on you and Dina
in the July issue.
Tell me you could say no
to that.
And we'll get full say
over the feature,
complete control
over how our business
and mission are presented?
Well, I'm still editor-in-chief,
but, yes, I see no reason
why you can't be fully involved.
Well, I've always wanted
to plan the gala.
All the guests and the buzz.
You know, that's the reason
that I wanted
to get into event planning
in the first place.
It's just that I...
Think of this as an opportunity.
I'm giving you the chance
to take the Lord name
and make it your own.
But if you're not
up for the task...
No, no, I'm up for it.
We will plan the Garden Gala.
Ah, splendid!
And Dina will agree too.
She will love this.
I do not love this.
Two weeks to plan
the biggest social event
of the year?
But it basically plans itself.

Weren't you just talking about
not wanting to be
- in your mom's shadow?
- Well, yes,
but this is my chance
to prove myself.
I want to show
that I am every bit as capable
as the Lord name suggests.
Kate, you do not
have to prove yourself.
But I do, to my mom,
to the city, to myself.
If you don't think
that we're up to the task,
then we don't have to do it.
Make me the bad guy.
You know how much this event
meant to my dad.
He would want me to do it.
Don't tug at my heartstrings.
Okay, think about it like this,
when we do this event,
everyone is gonna be lining up
to work with us
and we'll finally have the money
to expand our team.
What do you say?

The July issue?
Can you believe it?
Guess I'll need to figure out
what to wear.
That's the spirit.
Yes! Okay, we're doing this!

Hey, George, I've got
some big news to share.
Give me a call
whenever you get settled
into your hotel room.
(camera shutter clicking)

(camera shutter clicking)

- Hey!
- Didn't see you there.
Sorry about that.
Good thing you were here
crouched behind this bush.
- What?
- Are you hiding
from someone?
Why would you say that?
Ah, so you're spying on someone.
- No.
- That guy?
Hey, keep your voice down.
You were totally
checking him out.
I don't have time for this.
Sure you don't want to head
in that direction?
No, but you should watch
where you're going.

Nice running into you.

That simply will not do.
Oh, no, I'm so sorry.
Some idiot just... oh.
Hi there.
You know this man?
- Well, he...
- I'm the new
head of operations
at the garden.
Danny Miller.
Picture-Perfect Planning. Kate.
Nice to meet you,
picture-perfect Kate.
- You're late.
- We were just going over
some logistical details
for the event.
There's some minor
We have done it this way
every year.
The man that had your job
before you was a dear friend
that understood the importance
of this gala.
Yeah, I understand. It's just
that there are some...
Frankly, you should be honored
that such a high-profile event
is being held here.
If this is the relationship
we have with the garden
going forward,
I might have to reconsider
working with you.
Perhaps my event can find
elsewhere this year.
The gala is in two weeks.
I'm happy to work out
a compromise.
Do you know who I am?
Surely we can work
something out.
Uh, is that a twig in your hair?

- Um...
- Oh, Kate.
When I hired you to do this,
I thought that you would
take it seriously.
I am.
Then show it.
Talk some sense into this man.
I cannot spend my entire day
arguing about dirt.

Dina, will you go after her?
I'm the last person
she wants to talk to right now.

- Mr. Miller.
- Danny.
Mr. Miller, whatever
Margaret Lord wants, she gets.
Do you have any idea
what goes into putting
this place back together
after your little event
every year?
Well, if it's a question
of money,
- then that's not an issue.
- It's not about money.
Well, then what's the problem?
This is a habitat first,
not a party venue.
This is not just some party.
You could've fooled me.

Oh, Margaret, if we could just...
Get in.

Margaret, I probably should
stay with Kate.
I have a tight schedule to keep.
I'm already running late.
Um, sure.
Do you have something
to take notes?
Let's get to work.
How long have you had your job?
This is my six-month
Thank you for asking.
And did your predecessor
explain the gala to you?
Yeah. He mentioned it.
- He mentioned it.
- Look, I was hired
to look out
for the garden's best interest.
Okay, well, the gala is
the biggest event of the year.
Everyone who's anyone
will be there.
Well, darn.
Guess that's why my invitation
- always gets lost in the mail.
- Your garden
is going to be featured
in Lord's July issue.
What does that even mean?
- You can't be serious.
- Look,
I'm not saying
that we can't host it.
I just think that adjustments
need to be made.
- What's this?
- These are ways
to change the event
to better protect the garden.
You gave this to Margaret?
Well, I tried. I mean,
she didn't exactly take it.
No wonder she stormed off.
You've changed practically
everything from flooring
to seating arrangements,
press access.
Only certain types of flowers
can be allowed in the garden?
- Are you serious with this?
- Hey,
with the right attitude,
I think it's manageable.
Do you know
who Margaret Lord is?
You're not that oblivious,
are you?
Sorry, I don't believe
in special treatment.
Do you understand
what goes into planning a gala,
the painstaking attention
to detail for every decision
from tablecloths to light bulbs?
There is a reason
that the Lord Gala
is the way that it is
that you're not considering.
And why are you smiling?
No, it's just it's funny
that everyone involved
in your event seems to be...
What's the word I'm looking for?
Oh, I can think of a few
right now.
- Tense.
- Hm,
maybe that's just because
they're dealing with you.
If you would just
look at the documents...
I have and, frankly,
your laissez-faire attitude
is on my last nerve.
I have to go.
There is no way that this
can be done in two weeks.
- So soon?
- You'll hear from me.
We're gonna deal
with this later.
Well, I look forward to it.
Kate, you're...
The door is...
Not a word.

You will not believe
the conversation
I just had with the gardener.
Oh, it couldn't have been worse
than my car ride
with your mother.
On a scale from one to ten,
how mad was she?
- Ice cold.
- Oh. That bad.
Of course, luckily,
I was my level-headed self,
so I assured her
we had everything under control.
Okay, good.
I have no idea
how we're gonna do that!
Kate, this is not a great start
to our biggest event yet.
Do not start doubting me now.
Look at this list.
Eh, well, this looks
like my mother.
This one is from the gardener.

For him to be so new,
he sure has a lot
of input to give.
I know, right?
Everything on this list
is doable, it's just a lot.
Kate, we've got 14 days
to get all of this together.
We can do this.
You know, it's not too late
to ask Margaret to offer this
to another event planner.
Did you tell her that?
No, I'm saying it to you!
Your mother was even more
high-strung than usual.
Yeah, you noticed that too, huh?
Yeah, I've been worried
that this event
is too much on her
after everything
that happened with my dad
last year.
Dina, this one is important.
We have to do it right.
Are you doing this for us
or for you?
I wouldn't ask if I didn't think
we could do it.
Okay, so what about
your garden man?
Leave him to me.
All right.

(microwave beeping)

(cellphone chimes)

(popping, clicking)

(clicking, popping)

(popping, clicking)

(birds chirping)
Okay, so, you move the tables
to Lily Terrace.
Oh, then the step and repeat
can be on Cherry Esplanade.
You did all this last night?

Earth to Kate.
Oh, sorry.
It's okay, I get it. I know
how you feel about reporters.
I know the interview aspect
is necessary for our future,
but every time I'm in a room
with press,
they always want to talk
about my personal life,
and I just hate that it always
goes back to my mom.
I'll kibosh any kind of question
like that.
Just let me do the talking.
- Thanks, Dina.
- I am very charming
when I want to be.
- Dina, hey.
- Hey.
Great to see you again.
This color looks amazing on you.
Oh, you think so?
Kate, this is Liz Booth
and Mike O'Connor.
Liz will be doing the reporting
and Mike will be doing
the photos for the article.
- So great to meet you.
- Hi there.
Hi, it's nice to meet you too.
You know, I've covered
big events before
but never the Lord Gala.
So I'm super excited
to get in there
and see what it's all about.
So you're familiar
with the event?
Yeah, I mean, who isn't?
Oh, afraid I'm not.
Mike is new
to the event coverage business,
but don't let his greenness
fool you.
He's super talented,
and he's already won
the Rising Newcomer Award
for his work last year in Peru.
Oh. That's impressive.
Thank you.
Margaret is a hero of mine.
What isn't there
to love about her?
You must have so much to say
about growing up with her.
We really want to keep this
focused on planning the event.
It's actually what Margaret
would want.
Whatever Margaret Lord wants,
Well, we'd love to get
the lay of the land sometime.
I've never been
to the Botanic Garden.
Well, it's amazing there
and I would be more than happy
to show you around sometime.
Both of you, of course.
That would be great.
I'm gonna get washed up.

- Excuse us.
- Mm-hm.

What was that?
What was what?
"Happy to take you
on a tour sometime."
It's for the feature.
Oh, really? Hm.
Have we forgotten
about George already?
It's strictly professional.
Ugh, Kate!
It's professional, I promise.
(birds chirping)
(cellphone ringing)
Well, if it isn't
picture-perfect Kate.
Mr. Miller, we need to set
our next meeting.
Do you have your calendar
Uh, sure.
Okay, let's meet tomorrow
at 9:00 a.m.
and start talking
about logistics.
9:00 a.m.?
Oh, looks like I have
a breakfast meeting then.
Okay, what about noon?
Oof, that's my lunch meeting.
How about 2:00 p.m.?
Are all of your meals
done by then?
Sorry, could you, uh,
hold please?
My assistant needs me.
If I didn't know better,
I would think
that you're trying to avoid me.
Now why would I do that?
I mean, it's not every day
that I'm yelled at
by somebody that I just met.
Twice, in fact.
Okay, if we could
just put that behind us
and focus on the task at hand,
we could get through this
pretty painlessly.
What is your next
available time?
As luck would have it,
my noon just cancelled.
How fortuitous.
12:00 p.m. then?
In my calendar.
Oh, and, Kate?
You should really call me Danny.

Hi there.
I wasn't expecting you so soon.
Dina is still out at lunch.
She'll be back
in about a half hour.
Uh, well, actually,
I was stopping by to see
if you were free for lunch.
We could chat about the article
or just chat.
- I can't.
- I see.
It's... no, it's not, um...
I just have
this food tasting thing
I have to go to for the gala.
Is that something
you would want to go to?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'd love to.
You should know
I'm really great at eating food.
Oh, well, this is perfect then.
I just need to drop
something off in the office
- really quick, okay?
- Okay, yeah.

You must be a creature of habit
eating here so often.
You have no idea.
That is where George and I eat
every time he's in town.
And who is George?
Oh, yeah, he's, um...
Well, he's, uh, he's my...
- Boyfriend.
- No.
We're barely even
in the same time zone.
He's just someone
I like to spend time with.
- Oh, one of those.
- Yeah.
Bad luck for George,
but good news for me.

I have to say, this is better
than where I would have
taken you.
It's like 12 lunches in one.
It is, yeah.

(camera shutter clicking)
That's not going in Lord, is it?
Oh, these aren't
for the magazine.
Don't worry.
So, then why are you taking
Um, guess I just like
what I see.
Hm. Okay then.
(camera shutter clicking)

And this one?
Ah, so that is a tiny village
outside of Lima.
Yeah, my Spanish
was a little rusty,
but I got by.

Oh, she's beautiful.
Oh, yeah, Amaya.
Yeah, there was something
about her eyes that just...
haunted you, you know?
I still feel like
I never quite captured it.
You must meet a lot of...
interesting people
on your travels.
Yeah, well, you know
who else thought
that Amaya was beautiful?
Her husband and two kids.
I'm sorry, I just assumed.
I mean, you have
so many pictures of her.
Well, um, when I see
something beautiful...
I like to hold on to it.
(camera shutter clicking)
Um, so, what made you want
to get into photography
in the first place?
Nice swerve.
Something tells me
that you're not good
at taking compliments.
- You know what that means?
- What?
It means you don't hear them
nearly enough.
Oh, that was smooth.
Well, I say what's on my mind.

So, what is a gala like anyway?
Uh, glamorous.
It's a lot of work.
And how is working
with your mom?
By the way Liz talks about her,
Margaret Lord sounds intense,
high expectations, never smiles,
kind of scary.
She's my mother.
Yeah, well, doesn't mean
she can't scare you.
She's a great mother,
and she's really great
at her job.
And there's nothing more
to the story?
All right, that settles it.
Before this gala is over,
I am gonna get your mom
to laugh, smile even.
- Oh, really?
- How about that?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm hoping that it'll impress
her daughter.
You think it'll work?
Uh, well, I guess
we'll see about that.
(camera shutter clicking)

(tapping of computer keys)

Oh, how was the tasting
that took all afternoon?
It was great.
How was Mike?
Got 'em. Ha-ha!
Liz told me he was coming
to see you.
Oh, you were with Liz.
Well, yeah.
We were just going over
the history of the gala.
And, frankly, she knows
a lot more about the event
than I do.
Don't you think Liz is cute?
She's your type, isn't she?
We're not changing the subject
just because you don't want
to talk about your date
with Mike.
Oh, it wasn't a date.
First of all,
we just had some food
and then we talked
about our lives,
and he, uh, might have
called me beautiful.
Oh, totally doesn't sound
like a date.
It wasn't. He's just passionate
and spontaneous.
So, he's the opposite of George?
Ah, Kate, do you have a crush?
Can we just go back
to focusing on work, please?

And for the record,
Liz is very cute.
I knew it! I knew it.
I'm gonna be a matchmaker.
It's done, it's a done deal.
Stop it. Back to work.
Oh, now she wants to go to work.

- Hey, baby bro.
- William.
Whoa, this is a surprise.
A good one, I hope.
Of course.
I'm taking you to lunch
to celebrate my big win.
- You heard, right?
- Yeah, yeah, Mom told me.
It's not just a big case.
It's my first win
at my own firm.
I'm proud of you, Will.
So, let's celebrate.
What do you say?
Your choice, my treat.
Now? I got to work.
Come on, you can play hooky
for a few hours.
I'm sure the flowers can wait.
Look, I wish that I could,
but I can't.
Rain check for another day?
What's the point of being
the boss of this place
if you can't give yourself
a break?
Soon, I promise.
And it'll be your choice,
my treat.
I guess I can let today slide.
You are coming to
the family dinner at Chez Manon
- in a couple weeks, right?
- On the river?
How did you get a reservation?
Don't they book
a year in advance?
I know a few people,
pulled some strings.
Of course you did.
You'll be there, right?
Mom and Dad are really looking
forward to it.
It's my one-year anniversary
of starting my firm.
Jackie and the kids
are gonna be there.
It's really important.
I'll be there, yeah.
I'll have my assistant
send you the details.
And, Danny, don't work so hard.
If I can take some time off
for lunch,
you definitely can.

You made it on time
and in one piece.
Well, nobody attacked me
with a plant today, so...
Ah, the day is still young.
Though I'm not sure you're
dressed in the right outfit
for walking around
in the heat of the day.
I'll be fine.
So, those are
your walking shoes, then?
It's called being professional.
You should try it sometime.
Let's go.
I've gone over your proposal
in detail.
Ah, you have. And?
And I think that we can make
almost all of it work.
You used the word "compromise"
the other day, remember?
Ah, you were listening.
I was listening, yes.
I just didn't like
what I was hearing.
We aren't the enemy.
My mother loves this garden.
It's why she chooses
to have her biggest event here.
Your mother. Margaret?
I thought you might
figure it out by now,
but the last name
kind of gives it away.
I can see a few similarities.
It's not a secret,
I just don't lead with it.
Anyway, I do support your goal
of showing off
the natural beauty
of this place.
I'm surprised to hear that
from you.
Why? Do I look
like I hate plants?
Well, I mean, you said it.
I am planning, as you would say,
a very big, fancy party,
so we have to meet
in the middle.

Wow, you've got a great eye
for this.
You sound surprised again.
- I wasn't expecting...
- Me to do my job?

I know we got off
on a rough start,
but there's no reason
that we can't be civil.
Do you know you get very robotic
when you get all formal?
"There's no reason
we can't be civil."
What do you want from me?
You're either getting
your feelings hurt
- because I'm yelling at you...
- I never said...
or I am a cold,
uncaring robot.
Can't we just talk
like normal people?
You're the one
who is treating me
like I'm another species,
making fun of my clothes,
the way that I talk,
the way that I show emotion.
- Okay, hold on...
- You do not fool me,
Mr. Miller.
You are clearly intimidated.
You've never worked with someone
of our caliber before
on an event of this magnitude,
so you're covering it up
with your bravado
and your inane jokes.
So you're a party planner
and a psychologist?
Hate to break it to you,
but you're pretty simple
to figure out.

And this is...
My list of compromises.
Look, I imagine there's
a lot riding on this for you,
as it's your first year
in the role,
and there's a lot
riding on it for me
because it's my first year
planning the gala.
It's in our best interests
for it to run smoothly.
This is great.
Yeah, I can totally get this.
Conservation is
right up my alley.
Oh no, that's the wrong one.
All reusable materials,
compostable, recyclable,
energy efficient...
This is music to my ears.
This is what Margaret wants,
Okay, but what about that one?
That looked amazing.
No, this is for my eyes only.
We're doing this one because
it's what Margaret wants.
Okay, there's that echo again,
"what Margaret wants,"
but she hired you, right?
Isn't it your job to bring
something new to the table?
Did you bring something new
to the table
when you took this job?
As a matter of fact, I did.
What? A new soil regimen?
Well, there's only one thing
we can do about this.
I'm not following.
A little friendly competition
to see which dossier wins.
Come on.

(pins crashing)

(both exclaiming)
Looks like the secret plan wins.
Well, you still have to take
your turn.
Oh, easy.
Here we go.

(pins crashing)
- Yess!
- Ugh!
That is so unfair!
You chose a competition
that you knew you could win.
Of course.
Look, I wanted to make sure
that I won
so that we could work
on your vision for the gala.
It is a great idea.
It doesn't matter
if my mom won't approve it.
Well, I mean,
she trusts you, right?
I don't think that my mom trusts
anybody but herself.
That's probably why
she's so successful.
But she is gonna have
to put her faith in me for this.
Okay, and what about you?
What about me?
Why is the gala
so important to you?
Well, you know, because of all
the celebrities, obviously.
Okay, Lord, let's get going.
Another big day tomorrow.
(Kate exclaims)
(soft whooshing)
What's the time difference
Uh, six hours, I think...
Hi, Mom!
How's your 24 hours in Madrid?
I'm late to a dinner.
We'll be fast. How do you feel
about the new table setup?
Dina, is that you?
I can't see you, dear.
Were you able to view
the new layout?
We can screenshare if you want.
I'm on my cell phone.
The reception isn't great.
Mom, can you see our screen?

(notification chime)
It's frozen! I'm trying.
Hit that button.
(garbled sounds)
Kate! Hold on, you're frozen.
Who's that?
- Can you see me?
- Sorry, Mom hold on.
No, it's George.
Is there someone else
on the call?
Mom, can you hear us?
I can hear you fine.
You sound a little irritated,
Who's Ike?
Sorry, Margaret, we're having
some connection issues.
The button is still frozen.
Uh, snack break?
Who's that?
Is this a bad time?
Should I go?
- No!
- Yes!
Girls, I don't have time
for this.
Mom! We need your approvals
before we can move on.
You're breaking up.
Got it... ugh!
(Dina exclaims)
Technology is not my friend
I'm sorry.
- That was a disaster.
- It was.

(water rushing)

- Hey.
- Hey.
You didn't want to have
this meeting inside,
in your office?
Why be cooped inside all day
when there's fresh air
waiting for us?
Guess somebody's had
his coffee today.
You don't like the sun, Kate?
I'm just partial
to air conditioning, okay?
What is all this?
Well, you asked me what changes
I made to the garden.
Here it is.
It's... a pile of dirt.
Okay, I know that
it doesn't look like much now.
It looks like
a big pile of dirt.
But if you use your imagination,
try to picture this
as a working garden.
See, my goal is
to get people here
who have never been before,
and we work the garden together.
So you wanna get people here
that can work for you for free.
Okay, it's not for me,
it's for the garden.
Okay, fruits, vegetables,
herbs, flowers.
And it will all be available
for the community to take home.
Okay. And you're doing this
all by yourself?
Not today.
Come on.
Let's get to work.
If you can handle it.
There's that judgment again.

Kate, I wasn't serious.
You don't have to dig,
all right?
You're wearing high heels.
I am not afraid of
a little bit of gardening work.

Well, you're doing it wrong.
I... guess I skipped breakfast.
Okay. Just hang on a sec,
I'll be right back.

All right.
Here you go.
Perks of being the boss,
access to our volunteer
Thank you.
I also grabbed this.
I am not going
to eat your lunch.
Okay, suit yourself.
If you insist.
So I was thinking
about what you said
about putting my spin on things,
and you were not entirely wrong.
Wow, what a compliment!
I was crunching the numbers,
and it looks like most of
my ideas can be implemented...
If I can get approval
from Margaret.
Hey, that's great.
If I talk to my mom,
and I'm not saying I'm going to,
then it's gonna require
a lot more from you,
a lot more hard work
and a lot more hours.
Hey. I'm not afraid
of a challenge.
In fact, I love hard...
Don't you dare say
you love hard work
or I'm gonna throw
this sandwich at you.
Well, we wouldn't want that.
(she giggles)
You know, it's just my opinion,
but I think it's pretty brave
to step out of your
celebrity mom's shadow
and do your own thing.
But what do I know?
Yeah, you're right,
what do you know?
I really walked into that one.
Yes, you did.
Hey, you know what?
We should feature
your community garden
in the magazine.
It's a great angle
on the green aspect
for the gala,
and it's great press for you.
The July issue is
kind of a big deal, you know?
Really? You'd do that for me?
It's a win-win for us both.
And there's no such thing
as bad press, right?
Right. Of course.
(birds singing)

Why are the tables here?
I think it makes
for a nice flow of traffic.
And these are new.
Well, they're
super energy efficient,
which goes right along
with our green theme.
For the environment?
Recycled fabrics for the decor,
utilizing solar panels,
sustainable fashion...
What are you talking about?
Didn't you read my emails?
You know how busy I am.
It's the new angle on the gala,
my angle.
Kate, we're not trying
to reinvent the wheel here.
The gala has always been
a smashing success as it.
Yeah, but with Danny's list,
we need to...
The head of the garden?
Why are you listening
to that man?
An important part of your job
is knowing
when to stand up for yourself.
Right, it's just that...
Well, then tell the man no,
I have to get this.
Are we good?
Actually, I feel like
we need to get...
Kate, I know you'll get this
all under control.
I have complete faith, remember?
Margaret Lord.
Oh yes.

- Hey.
- Hey!
How was the meeting
with Margaret?
Well, she's not exactly
reading our emails.
Are you kidding me?
We need her approval so we can
get the deliverables in time.
I know. But she trusts me,
so we should just
move ahead as planned.
As soon as she sees everything,
she's gonna love it.
Okay, if you say so.
I do.
These came for you.
Hm! Flowers? From Mike?
You remember him.
Yeah, of course. George.
That's what I meant.
I did mean George, I was just...
thinking about Mike.
You were thinking of Mike?
Well, yeah, he's been texting.
He's been texting?
Do I have an echo in here?
What up?
Oh, sorry. That's something
Danny would say.
- Who?
- Danny?
Oh! So Danny's in the mix now?
- Well, there is no mix.
- There is no mix?
Mike, Danny, George.
That sounds like a mix to me.
Okay, so, um, yeah.
Mike is, uh...
and Danny is, well...
Okay, so, George, he's my...
You know what's so funny?
You have all these prospects
sending you flowers
and bringing you candy,
and why can't I get one date,
not one date, Kate?
(telephone ringing)
Hold on.
Dina, hi, it's Liz.
Hey, Liz.
I was wondering, are you free
tomorrow evening sometime
to discuss interview questions?
I know this great little place
over by...
I-I can't, I have to help Kate
with gala stuff.
Wanna email me instead?
I could help.
With the gala?
It'll be pretty boring.
Oh, Liz, thank you so much!
Yes, we'll take the help.
I have your phone number
and I will just
text you the address.
Perfect. Thanks, Kate.
Thank you.
Why did you invite Liz over?
Nothing we're doing is gonna be
helpful for the article.
Earth to Dina!
Potential suitor
just asked you out!
Into... into me?
Into me?
You think so?
What are we gonna do with you?!
(delighted clapping)

So at that point,
I am completely covered in mud,
head to toe.
I'd pay to see that.
Bet you would.
Yeah, so, I managed
to wrangle the dog
just minutes before the photo,
and then I started
thinking twice
before I ever took
an event with animals again.
You seem like
more of a cat person.
Independent, aloof, never
know what they're thinking.
Are you calling me a cat?
Hey, if the high heel fits.
(she chuckles)
As opposed to
a big, brainless dog
that's just running around
chasing its tail?
Hey. Brainless?
Okay. Dogs are smart.
That's hurtful.
Don't dish it if you can't
take it, Danny Miller.
(Kate laughs)
You know, I was thinking.
You should give a speech
at the gala.
Yeah, well,
I'd have to be at the gala
in order to get a speech, so.
Wait, you're not going?
Well, Danny, you have to,
you run the place.
That kinda stuff's
just not for me.
I'm not fancy.
I think that
the nicest thing I own
are my formal pair of khakis.
Come on. That can't be.
Parties just aren't for me.

What are you doing?
(she chuckles)
All right. Meet me here tomorrow
at this time,
and don't be late.
Do I strike you
as the kind of person
that shows up late?
No, and make sure to bring
that awesome personality.
Do I have a choice?
- You do not.
- Okay.
(she chuckles)
And Danny?
I am a dog person.


- Hi!
- Hi!
Hi, Kate. Hi, Dina.
- Hi!
- Thanks for coming.
Those are lovely flowers.
Oh, um, actually,
this is for you.
Thank you for inviting me.
And these are for you.
Oh. Come on in.

Wow. You guys have
quite the operation.
- Mm.
- How can I help?
Well, Dina and I
were just discussing
what to have for dinner.
We were?
- We were.
- Oh.
What kind of food
do you like, Liz?
Um, I love Italian.
That's funny.
Dina loves Italian too.
Everybody loves Italian.
(with exaggerated accent)
Because it's the best.
But, see, Kate's idea of Italian
is that frozen pizza
defrosting in there.
Were you two really planning
on eating that tonight?
Kate is good at many things,
but cooking ain't one of 'em.
It's not like you're any better.
I can whip something up.
Mind if I look in your fridge?
Oh, no, go right ahead, yeah.

Whoa, okay,
I don't know about this.
You just said you trust me.
You can't have
the very important job
of running the botanic garden
and not look the part.
At least for one night, anyway.
(Danny sighs)
Let's go.
Do you even know what these are?
Yeah. I've worn a suit before.
Prom doesn't count.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
This one looks nice.
And by nice, I mean expensive.
Ah, yeah, you have good taste.
Actually, I think
my brother has this one.
He's the suit guy.
Oh. Well, you never mentioned
having a brother before.
Oh yeah, I've got a brother.
He's a lawyer.
- Oh. Hence the suits.
- Mm-hm.
You've probably seen his ads
around town.
"William Miller.
He's here for you."
Hm, actually,
I do think I've seen him
on a billboard before.
That's your brother, huh?
He looks like a model,
that smile!
That's William.
He's pretty much perfect
in every way.
Well, I can see
the family resemblance.
I always thought
we looked nothing alike.
Well, why don't we find you
something that makes you feel
more like you
and less like your brother?
Perfection's overrated anyway.

Whoa! That's looking good.

Hey, you should try that on.
Eh, I'm just looking.
Come on. I can't be the only one
in this fashion show.
Eh, it's not really me, though.
Yeah, well, you won't know
until you try it.
Come on, come on!
- Okay, fine.
- Yes!
(she chuckles)
(he exclaims)
My mother would hate this.
How do you feel about it?
(Kate, giggling)
I love it!

Wait, Danny, this is it,
this is your suit!
You look amazing.
I was gonna say the same thing.

(cell phone ringing)
Um... I should get that.
Yeah... yeah.

Yeah, everything is
going really well.

(cell phone ringing)
Hey. I've got great news.
How would you like
to come work with me?
Yeah, a guy at my firm
needs someone to head
his new venture project.
It's a great deal with tons
of opportunity for growth.
He knows you're my brother
and he can't wait
to meet you tomorrow morning.
You set up a meeting?
Look. You're smart,
and you can accomplish anything
you put your mind to.
This is your chance
to nail down a great job.
Well, I have a great job.
A very competitive job
that I was just hired for.
I know. It won't look so good
to leave this soon,
but it'll be worth it.
This is real money and a chance
to use your full potential.
William, you shouldn't have.
Look, just meet with the guy,
hear what he has to say,
and then tell me what you think.
Nine a.m., my office.
I'll have my secretary
send you the invite.
- I don't think I...
- I gotta go,
and I won't take no
for an answer.
See you tomorrow.

So tell me, what aspect
are you most looking forward to
this year?
The Lord Gala is going to be
a spectacular event,
just as it is every year.
I normally wouldn't go
with a business
as small as Picture Perfect,
but as it's Katie's,
I knew I had to use them.
What good is having
Margaret Lord as your mother
if you can't enjoy a few perks?
(nervous chuckle)
Um... how has this year
brought about new changes
to the gala?
I know Kate and Dina
have been talking
about their green initiative.
Yes. Florals are very important.
Ninety percent of our gala
will be using recycled items,
from the flooring
made of old tires
and the centerpieces
made from repurposed art.
From top to bottom,
we are committed
to sustainability.
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
My mom isn't even giving Liz
the time of day.
It's like she knows nothing
about this event.
And what was that dig
about our small business?
- Oh God, I know!
- Right?
I mean, she is just
telling the truth.
I am her daughter.
But was it wrong
for me to say yes to this?
Hey. Get that doubt
out of your head.
We are amazing at what we do,
and that is why we got this job.
The whole sustainability goal?
That was all you!
You are making this happen.
Who are you and what have you
done with my best friend?
I've never seen you
this positive.
I am not an optimist.
I'm a realist.
And I realistically know
we gon' crush this gala, girl.
So get on board, Lord.
Now, where were we?
Um, I think we have
everything we need.
Um, if I have
any logistical questions,
I'll reach out to Dina,
but yeah,
I think this is gonna be
a fantastic look
at how an event like this
comes to life.
You two were made
for the July issue.
Thank you.

A pleasure.

Why would you say that
to the press?
That you gave me this job
just because I'm your daughter?
I didn't say that, exactly.
The perks of having
Margaret Lord as my mother?
It's my magazine,
and it's no secret
you're my daughter.
I thought you gave us this job
because of how capable we are.
You know, passing along
the Lord torch and all.
I am.
You haven't read
any of my emails.
No, I've looked at a few,
and they're all great, I'm sure.
You focus on the job at hand
and not what might be
written about you.
If I worried about
what people said about me,
I would have left this industry
before you were even born.
I know, but Mom, I...
I'm late. Can we connect later?
And... watch your posture, Katie.
You're starting to slouch again,
we can't have it.

(water rushing)

Hey, Danny?
Here he is,
the official photographer
for the official photos
of the working garden.
- Danny.
- Mike.
That's a firm grip.
Now, I know it doesn't
look like much yet,
but we've actually done a lot
of work on it this past week.
Oh, you've been working on this?
Why do you look so surprised?
Yeah, Kate is great
at gardening.
Oh, well, I wouldn't expect
anything less.
Okay, so, for these photos,
we're just looking
for something to highlight
the benefits of the garden.
All right, well, we have to get
the man in there himself.
Aww, I'm more of a
behind-the-scenes kinda guy.
Oh, come on, Danny.
It's your project.
It would be really good
for the garden.
Okay, where do you want me?
Just right there is good.
Just relax and look natural.

(shutter snapping)

Uh, okay, um, try not to think
about being photographed.
Yeah, but I am
being photographed.
All right, like this.
Something casual.
(Danny scoffs)
Like that?
Yeah. That's great, Mike.

Do you wanna just talk to me
about the garden?
Yeah, you're looking
really stressed out
for somebody that works
with plants all day.
Just easy,
don't get in your head about it.
Okay, my job isn't easy.
I don't think
that's what he meant.
Well, I mean,
it's kind of easy, right?
Okay, it's harder
than pointing a lens
and pressing buttons,
I'll tell you that much.
(exclaiming) Well, you've clearly
never worked with a camera before.
Actually, everyone has a camera
on their phone nowadays.
Probably makes you feel
a little inadequate
knowing you have the job level
of a third-grader.
Hm. And this garden is basically
you just digging holes, right?
Sorta like caveman stuff?
Okay, what's going on here?
Okay, you don't think
my job is hard?
Try planting 50 tree saplings
in a row.
Why don't you put your money
where your mouth is?
- Are you for real?
- Oh, you can't handle it?
Oh, I can handle it.
Okay, we got 20 saplings
ready to go, that's 10 each.
Whoever plants them the fastest
Holes have to be one foot deep,
two feet apart, you got it?
No problem.

Okay, I can't believe
this is happening.

Oh. Hi.
That's a pretty good physique.
One, two, three.

Starting to get tired there,
Danny boy?
I'm just getting started, Mike.
Woo! Did you see that?
Unfortunately, yes.
Are you okay?
I could use some water.
Let's go get you some.
I don't know
if I'm gonna make it.
Might need to lean on you
for some support.
I'm sure you'll be fine,
come on.
(shovel clatters)
I won!
(thunder crashing,
rain pattering)

(cell phone ringing)

I'll be right there.
(fronds rustling)
(phone notification chimes)
Are you guys okay?
Yeah. Never seen this place
hit so hard.
My power is out.
But other than that, I'm fine.
Got some work to do.
Yeah, let's get to work.
You're gonna have
to put that purse down, though.
(Kate chuckles)

- Hi.
- Hey, Liz.
How you holding up?
Well, I'm doing much better
now that you're here.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I called, but it went
straight to voicemail.
Yeah, my phone died.
So I called Kate
and she said you were here,
so, you know, jumped in my car
and here I am.
Liz, you really don't have
to help us.
I know I don't have to,
but I really want to.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
- Okay, good.
Here you go.
Liz, thank you so much.
Thank you for coming,
thank you for helping,
thank you for just being you.
Well, there's nowhere else
I'd rather be.
And just so you know,
the gala's not the only thing
that I care about.
You know,
just for your information.

Have a nice night.

All right.
Told all the staff to go home.
Okay, we'll do the same.
Yeah, I'm pretty beat.
I guess I'll go back
to my dark, powerless home.
No you don't.
You're crashing with me.
Thanks, Liz.
Kate, you're headed home too,
Yes, of course.
The place looks amazing.
Thank you all
for your hard work.
- Okay.
- Go on.
You two have a nice night.
What happened to going home?
Oh. I just said that so Dina
would go home and get some rest.
Yeah? What about you?
You look exhausted.
Well, that's something that
every woman wants to hear.
You trying to say
that I need my beauty sleep?
No, I'm saying
that you've been here all day.
So have you.
Go home, relax, okay?
If you slept through the storm,
you're clearly
working yourself too hard.
Okay, so, don't tell me
what to do.
Well, stop being so stubborn.
Danny, I am too tired
to fight right now,
and I just need to make sure
that everything is right
for this walkthrough tomorrow.
You should go home,
I can lock up.
Yeah, like I'm gonna
let that happen.
You don't think I can do it?
I don't think that you should.
No fighting, remember?
But it's just so easy with you!
Come on, what else is
on your list?

You're really putting in
the hours for this gala!
But I imagine that you go
above and beyond
for every event you plan.
I do, but this one is
extra special.
I look forward to
the Lord Garden Gala
every single year,
and I've pretty much been
planning it my whole life.
When I was a kid,
I had this idea of me
wearing a beautiful dress
and giving a speech
in front of everybody,
kind of like a mini version
of my mom.
That's a pretty
sophisticated dream
for a little kid.
Well, I was a sophisticated kid!
Yeah? What happened?
Funny guy.
Your dad must be
very proud of you.
My dad passed away last year.
Ah, Kate, I'm so sorry.
But you're right, he would be
proud if he were here.
When I was little,
he used to take me
to the greenhouses
for my birthday,
till I got a little bit older
and then I started celebrating
with my friends
and making less time
for our daddy-daughter trips.
Then he started getting me
an orchid every year
for a birthday present,
because he wanted to remind me
of our special place.
He said that cut flowers
were depressing
and he wanted
to give me something
that I could watch grow.
That's beautiful.
Yeah, this is the first year
of the gala without him.
So all this hard work
is as much for your dad
as it is for Margaret?
Well, it's for me, too.
And my little girl dreams.
That's a lot of pressure
to put on yourself, you know?
Yeah. Well, it's the job.
You know, I know
it's not the same thing,
but growing up with William,
boy, did my parents have
high expectations.
William was always
the golden boy,
and I felt like I've lived
in his shadow my whole life.
I mean, take this job.
I love it and I'm proud of
what I've accomplished,
but my parents, they don't take
my work seriously.
But you've done so much,
and you're amazing at it.
Okay, don't look so shocked.
Thank you, Kate,
it means a lot, really.
I guess, when you come
from a family of attorneys,
the standards are set
pretty high.
That must be why
you're so good at arguing.
Guilty as charged.
I can only imagine
that it was difficult
for William, too,
always trying
to please your parents.

Yeah, I never really
thought of it that way.
Have you every tried
to talk to him about it?
Yeah, I've never tried
to talk to my mom either.
So I guess that makes two of us.
You know what?
This gala is gonna be amazing.
I mean, look at all
that you've done.
You even have me
excited about it,
and you know how I feel
about fancy parties.
Oh, I do, I do.
Yeah, I think
we've done enough for today.
Why don't we go home
and get some rest?
You're the boss.
He finally admits it!

(cell phone ringing)
Where were you last night?
My dinner at Chez Manon,
we waited for you.
I called and no one answered.
William, I'm so sorry.
You forgot.
Yeah, but, look, that storm,
it hit the garden really hard
and I was here all day
and almost all night
trying to fix it back up.
Don't you have people for that?
Yeah, but it's my job.
I mean, we have this huge gala
coming up in a couple of weeks...
Danny, you knew how much
that dinner meant to me,
and you just blew it off!
And you canceled
on the job interview
I set up for you.
I never said yes to that.
This behavior is not okay.
You have to take responsibility
for you life.
Well, I'm gonna stop you
right there.
I think that it's time
that we have a talk,
and I'm gonna ask you
to just listen to me, okay?
Really listen.
Can you do that?

The stage is over here,
as you can see,
with access from here and here.

And everything is, of course,
very protective
of the environment.
The solar-paneled lights
are all charged up
and ready for action.
I know they're a bit different
than ones that you've used
in the past,
but they're actually smaller,
which is better
for the footprint of the event.
I see.
(camera shutter clicking)
(water splashing)

What's going on?
None of this was okayed by me.
It was in all of those emails.
And every time we met,
all of our meetings
kept getting cut short.
So it's my fault
that you've changed
every detail of my event?
I made it perfectly clear
that I wanted everything
to stay the same.
This is sustainable
and it's new.
It's a fresh take on the gala
and the garden.
Now you sound like him.
I mean, he's right.
You've always had a problem
asserting yourself.
Don't be bullied by that man,
you're the boss.
You're not even listening to me.
Wasn't this my chance
to put my stamp on things?
What happened
to your faith in me?
There's a stamp
and there's completely
overwriting years of history.
Ready, ladies?
All right, ladies,
beautiful garden,
we love this fact.

We're happy, the sun is shining.
Little bit closer to each other,
like we love each other.

There we go.
You're happy to be here.
(camera shutter clicking)
Uh, Kate, maybe
a more relaxed smile, okay?
It's all right,
don't overthink it.
Don't get in your head, okay?
Let's do it.

What's going on over there?
Oh. (laughs)
That doesn't look good.
(camera shutter clicking)
All right.

Okay, how about
we take a break, yeah?
Shake off the jitters?
All right.
Guilty as charged.
We both have O blood,
maybe we can do something
with that.
For sure, yeah.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
With the photographer.
We're friends.
Please tell me there's nothing
going on between you two.
I need you to be clear-eyed
on this event,
not flirting with staff,
especially him.
You hired him!
There's something about him
I just don't trust.
Oh, maybe it's
because he's staff.
I cannot believe you right now.
You have ignored me
and my phone calls and emails
for the past two weeks,
and I'm doing you a favor
and planning this event
at the last second.
And now you're concerned
about who I'm flirting with?
You are being judgmental,
closed-minded, and hypocritical.
I have been solely focused
on this event.
I eat, sleep,
and breathe the gala.
You have been somewhere else.
You know,
I don't know what it is,
but I would bet my left arm
that you're the reason
why Kate's upset.
Whoa, protective much?
Maybe you should try
minding your own business.
I need everyone
to calm down right now.
You have surpassed
my level of stress.
We're in all in big trouble.

What happened?
I just berated my mom in public
two days before her gala.
What's wrong with me?
Hey, it's good that
you stood up for yourself.
She didn't ask for your advice.
And she wasn't asking for yours.
That's true.
Happy almost gala day.
Did I miss something?

(cell phone chiming)

(cell phone chiming)

I'm so sorry
I've been ignoring your calls,
I just haven't been okay
since yesterday.
We have to talk.
What's this?
That is a list of demands
from Margaret
of all the changes
that need to be implemented ASAP
or else she'll pull the gala
from the garden.
It's tomorrow.
Yeah, and she's also threatening
to go to the Board of Directors
to tell them about my behavior
during all of this.
Your behavior?
Yeah, I don't know, you tell me.
But between the publicity
of losing the gala
the day before the event
and Margaret Lord herself
talking to the people
who hired me,
I guarantee you
I won't have my job for long.
Okay, let me look through this.
Surely something
can be worked out.
She's threatening
to have me fired.
I don't see how
a compromise can be made.
You actually agree
with this ultimatum?
Of course not.
So you'll go to your mom
and you'll talk to her
and you'll tell her to back off?
Look, I was really angry
so I completely understand
where you're coming from.
But it looks like
she just wants things
to go back to the way they were.
We may just need to take
our plans off the table.
You would do that?
After all that time
that we spent together,
all the planning and hard work?
I don't want to, but I think
it may be our best option.
If we give in this time,
then by the time
the gala rolls around next year,
she'll be more open to changes.
Kate, that is not a compromise,
that is giving in
to your mom's demands.
You're simplifying something
that's much more complicated.
My mom is not just some lawyer,
she runs the largest
fashion magazine in the world!
Cut her some slack!
I am so sick of hearing
how important Margaret Lord is.
You're important, too, Kate.
Are you really not gonna
stand up for yourself?
What about you?
You're bulldozing me right now,
coming in here
with your demands,
wanting things your way
and only your way?
Is that what you think
I'm doing?
I thought that we were...

Maybe we don't know each other
like I thought we did.
Maybe we don't.
Where are you going?
You've clearly made up
your mind, okay?
Don't let me get in the way.
If Margaret pulls the gala,
then we both lose.
I'm done arguing with you.
Danny, it's a compromise.
No, it's giving up!

I'm glad you're here.
Is your phone turned off
or something?
Why, is this about my mom?
And you. Tell her.
Yeah, so I found out
from a friend at another paper
that Mike submitted
a nasty article
about you and your mom
complete with details
of your fight yesterday.

He was taking pictures of that.
This is the icing
on this horrific cake.
When do these go to print?
I've already called my contacts
to see if we can get
this thing pulled.
The Lord name means something
in this town,
and we'll use it to stop
whatever this is.
Yeah, I'll call around as well.
Even though my connections
aren't as strong as yours.
Thank you. Thanks, Liz.
Don't thank me yet.
Are you kidding?
You are the reason
why we know about this.
You are always saving the day
around here,
and don't think
I haven't noticed.
Kate, what do you need me to do?
Nothing, business as usual.
We're going to act
like nothing is going on,
just focus on the event.
Liz, will you forward me
that email?
Yeah, sure thing.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
To talk to my mom.


And this'll be published
Unless we can stop it, yes.
I am so sorry, my love.
You're sorry?
Everything you said yesterday
was spot on.
I haven't been focused
on this event,
instead putting everything off
on you and Dina.
It isn't fair,
both as the person who hired you
and as your mom.
I, um... wow, thank you
for saying that.
If I had been there,
I could've...
You could have stopped
the changes
that me and Danny were making,
I know, I saw the list.
No, I could have
really listened to you
and your great ideas.
It's just,
since losing your father,
I wanted this gala
to be a reminder
of all the time we had together.
But every time
I tried to focus on it,
it was simply too painful.
And any change you made
just felt like you were erasing
memories I had made with him.
I had no idea.
How could you?
I never discuss
these things with you.
I realize now that
I had been overreacting,
clinging on to something
that isn't anymore.
You've done a wonderful job
with this event.
You should be very proud
of yourself.
I am very proud of you.
I always am!
Look what you've been able
to accomplish
all with the disadvantage
of having me as your mother.
How could you even say that?
Having you as my mother
is one of the things
that I'm most proud of.
I just have
some big shoes to fill.
Some really great shoes,
but big shoes.
Whenever all of this is over,
why don't we take
some time away,
just you and I?
We can put work behind us
and go visit
some of the places
that Dad liked the most.
I would love that
very, very much.
Terrible that it took
this smear campaign
to help me realize I was...
What was the word?
Unbearable. Really.
By the way,
it's a horribly written article.
That man should stick to photos.
Well, he did manage to capture
an amazing action shot
of me completely berating you.
Really sorry about that,
by the way.
I have no idea
what that means for you
and for Lord Magazine.
Oh, please don't worry
about that.
I've been through much worse.
It's you I'm worried about,
you and that big heart of yours.
You seemed more friendly
with him.
Yes and no.
But it's not him
that I'm worried about.
I've been spending more time
with Danny lately.
You have?
It was, uh... well, it's...
Why don't you tell me about it?

(cell phone ringing)
(insects chirping)
I just got done
talking to my mom
and everything is still on.
I told her how I felt.
You were right.
Danny, I am so sorry.
I completely understand
if you don't want to talk to me,
but I hope that
you'll call me back.
I would really, really love it
if you would call me back, okay?
Um... okay, bye.

(water splashing)

So yeah, it was good
working with you guys!
And five, thank you so much,
Five and bye-bye.
How you feeling?
Have you looked online?
Absolutely not.
The only thing that
I've checked today
is the weather app,
and the only thing I care about
is clear skies.
That's the spirit!
Have you checked?
No! No.
If it's out there,
it's out there.
There's no sense
in stressing about it now.
Very Zen of you.
I know, right?
Oh, you look amazing!
Oh, thank you. But guess what.
They didn't run it.
Yeah, they pulled the story.
Oh, are you kidding me?
I don't know,
my source doesn't know.
The editor just decided
to scrap it.
Oh, my God, it doesn't even
matter at this point.
It's gone,
that's all that matters.
This is a happy moment.
Be happier,
I need you to be happier!
No, I am.
I'm relieved both for us
and my mother especially,
but do you know why?
After being lied to by Mike,
I'm just waiting
for the other shoe to drop.
No, it's over, Kate, it's over.
If it doesn't run today,
it won't run.
I mean, it wouldn't
make any sense!
Yeah, I agree.
You have nothing to worry about.
Okay, well,
thanks for everything, Liz.
Oh. I'll be right back.
So you look pretty amazing
Oh, this old thing?
You know, actually,
I was thinking
about a career change.
Oh, really?
Yeah, um,
I just recently learned
about this thing
called event planning,
and I think... I think
I'd be really good at it.
I think I could put you
in touch with someone.

You look... wow.
Thank you.
Do you think the headset
compliments my outfit?
Didn't even notice it.
You know, I never thanked you
for coming back early
and making sure to be here
for my big event.
Of course, Kate.
I care about you.
I care about you, too.
So I think that...
We should prob...
Let me.
Sure, okay.
George, I think that
we should go back
to being friends
and just friends.
I'm so sorry, I just don't think
that it's right for me
to feel this way
and not tell you.
Actually, Kate,
I think I feel the same way.
I really enjoy
spending time with you.
Me too!
But we're just not it, right?
I'm so glad that you feel
the same way.
I just... I felt so guilty
after everything you did
to get rid of that story
about my mom.
Wasn't that Liz?
Uh, no, I thought it was you.
I wish I could take the credit,
but unfortunately,
I had no pull.
Hmm. I wonder
how it happened then.
Or didn't happen.
I'm as in the dark as you.

Hey, Kate?
Go enjoy your party.

Mom, you look beautiful.
I don't think I would've
picked that out for you.
It's absolutely perfect.
You have sublime taste, my dear.
Thank you.
I may have inherited that
from my mother.
Oh, it's time for your speech.

No, it's your time.

You've got this, my love.

Gather around, everyone!
Gather around.

Thank you all for coming out
and celebrating
such an amazing cause.
"There is no one
like Margaret Lord."
I've heard that my entire life.
But I didn't really know
what that meant until recently.
My mother is amazing
at so many things,
but what she's best at is love.
My parents taught me that
the most important thing
that you can pass on
in this world is love,
and that's exactly
what we're doing here tonight.
We're passing on a better world
to the next generation.

I'd like to thank
the head of operations
here at the garden,
Danny Miller,
for all of his hard work
that made
tonight's dream possible.
Again, thank you
for celebrating Lord Magazine.
A toast to the singular
Margaret Lord.
Love you, Margaret!
Love you, Margaret.

I'm ready for something,
something new
I'm ready to show the world
what I can do
It's gonna be rockin',
that's all I can say
No reason to stop,
'cause I'm going all the way
Come on, bring it on
Got the wind on my back,
I'm feeling strong

(cell phone keyboard clacking)


I wanted to give you
the perfect gift for tonight,
but, you know, my usual florist
was hit hard by the storm,
so I drove to a different one
and, well, I got a little lost,
I'm not ashamed to admit that.
You're here.
An orchid for you.
Congratulations, Kate Lord.
Thank you.
It's just a flower.
No, thank you for everything.
I know it was you who got rid of
that terrible story about me.
I don't know how you did it...
Wait, how did you do it?
Well, I might've had
a helping hand.
Yeah, but how did you even
know about it?
I overheard Dina when I was
leaving the office that day.
So I met with Mike and we spoke,
which by the way is not easy
with that guy.
I told him that
if he ever wanted a shot
with the best girl in the world
that he'd have to do
the right thing.
And that worked for you?
Not at all.
So I took a page
out of your mom's playbook
and I got William
to call Mike's boss.
Between you and me,
he didn't technically
do anything illegal,
but no paper wants to be
caught up in a lawsuit
with my brother
on the opposing counsel.
You called your brother for me.
Eh, it was for the gala.
Of course it was for you.
That must've been hard.
Well, things are different
between us now.
I took your advice,
and we've come
to an understanding.
Oh, you actually listened to me
and did something I suggested.
There's hope for you yet,
Mr. Miller.

So, uh, so where's George?
Oh, he's around here somewhere.
I see.

We had a serious talk,
and we decided that
it's best for us
to just be friends.
And you and Mike...
Mike. Mike.
Hmm. Sorry, it's not
ringing any bells.
So you're unattached?
Not exactly.
There's this one guy
that I'm interested in,
and he tells really bad jokes
and he never watches
where he's going.
Can he rock a pair of khakis?
You know it.
I think I know
just the guy for you.
Oh, yeah.
Well, there's one more thing,
and this is essential.
Okay, what's that?
He has to drive me
absolutely crazy.
Oh, he can definitely do that.
Yeah, is that a promise?