The Love Hunt (2023) Movie Script

(film reel rolling)
(mysterious music)
(bright upbeat music)
(upbeat orchestral music)
It's a win-win,
and you'll be reunited with
your daughter back east,
and I'll make sure that
your treasured home
gets the buyer who appreciates
what a rare gem this is.
Thank you, have a nice day.
You too.
You know, I think...
Let's go with the penthouse.
(cell phone buzzing)
Excuse me.
Meg, honey.
Where are you?
Beverly Hills.
The Aspen Wall mansion?
Mm-hm, we got the listing.
You are relentless.
You've been on the hunt for that
since before you even met me.
Hm, it's hereditary.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, your family's treasure
hunters. Blah, blah, blah.
[Meg] How's it
going over there?
Well, Ms. Oswald is here
and she wants to sign
on the penthouse.
Don't you dare
let that happen.
She doesn't want a big house.
I'll convince her.
There'll be a bigger commission.
(Royce sighs)
Fine, I can buy you
an hour, but hurry.
(bright upbeat music)
I'll admit, I've
always loved this house,
but I never thought Babs
would put it on the market,
so I just forgot about it.
Well just because
something is forgotten
doesn't mean it's not
worth finding again.
You know, the penthouse
apartment is nice,
but a property like
this, so much space.
So many rooms for children
and grandchildren.
I can hear it now.
The pitter-patter of
all those little feet
on the vintage oak floors.
I like the sound of that.
Let me call my accountants. I
think we can make this work.
(Meg chuckles)
I will write that offer
up for you right away.
Thank you. Look forward
to talking to you.
Of course. After you.
(bright upbeat music)
Babe, you are amazing.
I know.
Couple more
commissions like that,
we're gonna be
partners in no time.
Just think, maybe we
should start looking
for that property that the
partners want for their resort.
(Meg chuckles)
Come on, it'd be
champagne, penthouses
and ski trips for us.
I don't know if a
penthouse is for me.
I always thought
something like this.
A little bit more homey.
Babe, home is where
you put your stuff
between the office
and the golf course.
(Meg scoffs)
(cell phone buzzing)
(melancholy music)
Um, thank you for
letting me know.
What's up?
I have to go.
Well, what happened?
Are you okay?
(melancholy music)
100K, baby.
(gentle orchestral music)
(Meg gasps)
(tires squealing)
Whoa, watch it.
Why don't you watch
where you're...
No harm, no foul, right?
Yeah, luckily. Hate to be
stuck here waiting for AAA.
Lakewood's not so bad.
I could show you
around if you want.
No need. I grew up here.
Oh, you must be here
for the Tomato Toss.
Mm. Rather go to jury duty.
Wow, you are
pretty judgemental
for somebody who
hasn't apologized yet
for almost hitting
me with her car.
Who died and made you grumpy?
My father.
If you'll excuse me.
(car starts up)
(gentle orchestral music)
(door bell chimes)
Coffee, please.
Meg? Oh my gosh, is that you?
Oh my gosh. Look at
you with that LA glow.
Oh my goodness, I
haven't seen you
since you stormed outta a lake
with like a bat outta heck.
Seems like just yesterday
I was sneaking you waffles
outta the back of this
place and now it's all mine.
(Sarah sighs)
Oh, I'll have that to go.
I know it seems pretty
quiet in here now,
but you should see this
place at breakfast.
These farmers can put away
an alarming amount of
pancakes. (chuckles)
Gary says sometimes I flip
'em in my sleep. (chuckles)
Yeah, my husband.
Wait, Gary, Gary
from high school?
Very same.
I know, high school sweethearts
to Lakewood power couple.
He runs the hardware
store in town.
You have got to
come by for dinner
to meet our daughter Kimmy.
She is amazing.
She's got dreams as
big as a mountain,
attention span as
deep as a puddle.
Sarah, when
you've got a second,
can I grab a refill?
In a second, Kyle.
Oh, I'm not staying long.
Have to just meet with
my father's lawyer.
Oh, right. God, listen
to me babbling on.
I was so sorry to
hear about Frank.
How are you doing?
Oh, um, fine, thanks.
We weren't that close.
Well, he will really
be missed around here.
He was a real gem, your pop.
I could just grab
a coffee pot myself.
In a second, Kyle.
I am reuniting with my
oldest friend, okay?
Learn a little patience and
you might go far in life.
I'm a doctor.
(Sarah scoffs)
Some people are so oblivious.
Sarah, it was lovely
running into you.
Oh, right. Oh, you gotta go.
I know, but hold on one second.
Call me anytime, day or night.
I appreciate that.
[Kyle] Sarah.
Coming, Kyle.
(gentle orchestral music)
Good to see you again.
Oh, Don, you too.
Ah, sorry, I had to
drag you all the way out
to settle the estate.
Mm, it's okay.
It's good to be back here again.
Mm, well, it was one
of Frank's conditions
that we do this here.
- Typical dad.
- Mm.
Wait. One of his conditions?
(soft upbeat music)
[Don] Did you know your
dad was in the process
of turning the house
into an exhibit?
No, we hadn't
talked in a while.
Frank was particularly
proud of his local finds.
He wanted to create a museum
that was a tribute to Lakewood.
Are you sure it
wasn't a tribute
to Frank the incredible
explorer extraordinaire?
Here it is.
It being?
Your father's final
wishes all encased
in the hidden compartment
in his treasured desk.
The presentation was
all a part of it, sorry.
Frank loved a bit of drama.
(Meg and Don chuckle)
(mysterious music)
First, his last
will and testament,
a copy of which he
entrusted with me
for safekeeping in a vault.
Second, Frank's personal diary.
And last but not least,
the centerpiece of
your father's legacy.
The one prize that alluded him.
The reason he moved to
Lakewood in the first place.
The map to the long lost
treasure of Lakewood.
That old thing.
My dad used to stare
at that for hours.
Yeah, your father wanted
to leave his collection
with someone who
would care for it
and share it with the world.
He wanted that
someone to be you.
Why do I sense a gigantic but?
But you wanted to make sure
you were the right person,
so he left you a task.
Use this map to find the
treasure of Lakewood,
the one puzzle he
could never solve.
You do this, you
inherit everything.
The house, the land,
the whole sha-bang.
Great. So he left me
with an impossible task.
What happens if I don't
wanna jump through his hoops?
The whole thing gets handed
over to a trust he set up
and they'll install
their own curator.
Is there a a deadline?
Two weeks, and then the
curator position goes to a vote.
So he left me two
weeks to solve a mystery
that has baffled him
for decades? (scoffs)
And people wonder why our
relationship was so complicated.
I'm just the messenger.
Do you do a lot of treasure
hunt will readings, Don?
Well, this is my first.
Your father, he
was a dear friend,
but he sure could be exhausting.
(Meg chuckles)
(gentle orchestral music)
(Royce scoffs)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're telling me that
you get all that land?
Yeah, I guess.
Babe, I'm just
throwing this out there,
but if you can
get all that land,
it's the perfect
spot for the resort.
What, you mean the
partners' dream project?
They've been looking for
a perfect spot for years
and if we could
deliver that to them.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, just because this place
holds a lot of bad memories
doesn't mean I wanna
see it get turned
into Disneyland Minnesota.
Babe, it's like I was
saying the other day.
Something like this
is career rocket fuel.
It would shoot us
straight to the top.
We'd be able to pick
whatever office we want,
whatever project we want.
We'd be able to start
building our dream home.
Okay, I'll give it one shot.
But even if I find anything,
I'm not making any
promises, okay?
Let's just collect all the
cards before we fold, okay?
All right.
Let's find some treasure.
Let's find some treasure.
(fabric rustling)
(upbeat mysterious music)
(Meg grunts)
[Tom] Not big
reader in LA, are ya?
You talking to a scarecrow?
(Meg gasps)
(Meg sighs)
Looks like that hurt.
You again.
[Tom] If only there was a sign
telling you how to keep out.
Yeah, well. What are
you doing up high again?
I'm getting a bird's
eye view of the scarecrow
to see if it works,
which clearly it doesn't.
Okay, look, I lost my
dad a couple years ago,
so I'm sorry about earlier.
But what are you
doing here on my land?
We got off on the wrong
foot. How about we start over?
I'm Meg Davis.
I'm Tom.
You might have
known my father Frank.
He fancied himself
something of an explorer.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I caught him stiffing
around a few times.
Hence the sign.
Yeah, I can explain that.
He came across this map.
Supposedly it leads to
Lakewood's long lost treasure?
Became obsessed hunting it down.
On my land?
No. I'm not that lucky.
Besides, what's that
gotta do with you?
He left me in sort
of a tricky position.
In order to inherit his estate,
I must find this
so-called treasure.
Well, look, it's getting late
and I don't really have time
for a wild goose chase, so.
Yeah, that wasn't
an invitation.
Take my word.
Inheritances aren't always
all they're cracked up to be.
Well, can I at
least look around?
Everything you need
to know is on that sign.
You might wanna wash that shoe.
There's a chance that that
mud you stepped in ain't mud.
(Meg scoffs)
(upbeat music)
(Meg grumbling)
(bath water running)
(upbeat music)
Look at you.
Not even good
enough for ketchup.
(tomato thuds)
Come on, boys.
This is our last shot and
you're letting me down.
Ah, you might wanna
give 'em a break.
And yourself.
I don't know what
dad's secret was, mom.
I don't have the touch.
Ugh, that new fertilizer's
not working out for you then?
And for what we paid for it,
we ought to be fighting
off tomato monsters by now.
(June chuckles)
Ugh, yeah, I'd say you
get an early night.
Things always look
better in the morning.
(insects buzzing)
Antique mayonnaise.
(Meg sighs)
Restaurants near me.
About an hour away.
(Meg sighs)
Daddy really did drag
us out to the boonies.
Hey, Sarah, it's Meg.
Does your diner deliver?
(gentle orchestral music)
(Tom sighs)
Some family motto.
More like a curse.
(gentle orchestral music)
(doorbell rings)
(insects buzzing)
(Tom yells)
(Meg screams)
(Tom laughing)
(Tom laughs)
Did you drag that all
the way from the field
just to scare me?
Yes, I did. And it
was totally worth it.
So I was thinking, this
treasure you're looking for,
is it valuable?
It can be.
Okay, so let's make a deal.
You and I go hunting
for it together
and whatever we
find, we split 50/50.
(Meg scoffs)
It's my map.
It's my land.
Deal, but the scarecrow
stays in the car.
Oh, you are a lifesaver.
Oh, just being neighborly.
- Hi, Tom.
- Hey.
I didn't know you
two knew each other.
So you're saying dinner, huh?
No, no, no, I was
just on my way out.
Nonsense, there's plenty.
Come on, help me heat this up.
The others are
bringing in the rest.
Go on.
The others?
Gary, hi.
Hi, Meg.
Great to see you.
This is Kimmy.
Mom says you live
in Los Angeles.
(gasps) Do you know Lady Gaga?
I did show her a house once.
It's been a while.
How is school?
School's boring. I'm
thinking about quitting.
You're not quitting school.
But I'm already so smart.
(Meg laughs)
So Tom, how's your mom?
She's good.
You know her back
kind of bothers her,
but she doesn't
like to complain.
And the farm?
Think you'll have
the tomatoes ready
for the annual Tomato Toss?
Yes, you betcha.
(Sarah sighs)
I'll tell you, Meg, this
place hasn't changed a bit.
My dad liked to
preserve history.
I don't know
what to say, Sarah.
This is incredible.
(Sarah sighs)
You know I'm always
happy for an excuse
to make anything other
than burgers and waffles.
So let's dig in.
Is it true in Los Angeles
everybody works in the movies?
Not really. (chuckles)
Do you have a star on that
Hollywood celebrity street?
- No, but-
- Let her eat in peace, Kimmy.
No, you know what?
Actually, I kind of want
to hear this answer.
I do have a door mat
with my name on it.
(Meg chuckles)
Oh, no thank you.
I'm a vegetarian.
Yeah, me too.
(gentle orchestral music)
(Meg chuckles)
(gentle orchestral music)
So, meet at the
forest first thing?
I'll be there.
And make sure you wear something
a little bit more appropriate.
Excuse me?
Your shoes.
The city heels ain't gonna
cut it in the mountains.
See you there.
Well, best of luck with
the treasure hunt tomorrow.
I half wish it gets
turned into a dud,
then I don't have to deal
with Tom for much longer.
Well, I know quite
a few ladies in town
that wouldn't mind
dealing with Tom.
And on that note.
Goodnight, Meg.
But I still have
more questions.
[Sarah] Kimmy.
- Goodnight, Kimmy.
- Goodnight.
(Meg chuckles)
(Meg sighs)
(gentle orchestral music)
You see that?
That's what a good
dad looks like.
And a dad who's obsessed
with treasure hunting
makes his daughter go
on a wild goose chase
to claim her inheritance.
(Meg scoffs)
You want me to read this journal
so I can tell the whole world
how great you are, right?
(journal thuds)
Night, dad.
(gentle orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
(gentle orchestral music)
(gentle orchestral
music continues)
Hi there.
Hey. I'm June, Tom's mom.
And you must be
Frank's daughter Meg.
Ah, by DNA only.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Mom, what are you doing?
We gotta get going.
I thought you kids might
like little adventure juice.
(Tom scoffs)
That is very sweet.
Thank you.
Thanks, mom.
You are very welcome.
I just, you know, your
little treasure hunt
reminded me of
when he was a kid,
he'd go on all these adventures.
Remember. you'd always say,
"I need some adventure juice."
Name stuck.
(June chuckles)
What's in it?
It's just lemonade
and orange juice.
And a hint of cinnamon.
Mm, sounds delicious.
I've tasted that before
when I was a kid.
The annual Tomato Toss.
That's right.
Yeah, we serve it
there every year.
And we also supply
all the tomatoes
for the big free for all.
Yeah, we would, if someone
hadn't ruined the crop.
Tom, that's not your fault.
I'm not following.
It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
We should probably get going.
We've got a lot of
ground to cover.
Love you, mom.
I love you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Good luck.
(June chuckles)
(upbeat mysterious music)
[Tom] So, tell
me about this map.
Not much to say. It's
old, it's well preserved.
It was drawn up by somebody
who signed it "ZL."
Dad found it on one
of his excursions.
Supposedly it leads to
Lakewood's long lost treasure,
whatever that is.
And how long was he
looking for this treasure?
Decades. That's
why we moved here.
Uprooted our entire
life to find it.
He became obsessed.
Great, so this should
be a piece of cake.
This way.
You sure?
I was a Girl Scout.
I got this.
(upbeat mysterious music)
Okay, should be right up here.
Deja vu.
How long has it been since
your Girl Scouting days?
Not so long that
I've forgotten
how I got my knife skill badge.
Well, I guess you
don't need a compass
when you take Ubers
everywhere, huh?
(Meg scoffs)
I'd like to see
you navigate the 405.
Okay. I'm taking over.
This needs a fresh eye.
(Tom exhales)
Wait. Wait, this is a trick.
What do you mean?
See, the path seems right,
but if you're a local,
you know that the
landmarks are reversed.
Never give a city girl
a country boy's job.
I think you're
wrong, country boy.
But knock yourself out.
I'm gonna stay right here.
I'm sure I'll see you soon.
- With the treasure.
- Mm-hm.
Have fun.
(upbeat mysterious music)
- Don't.
- Peace offering.
Last of the adventure juice.
Look, this map is obviously
sending us in circles.
We need to pool our resources.
I'm listening.
Let's look at
the map together.
Okay, it's trying to trick us.
Let's just look for
things that are wrong.
Well here.
The instructions say go
north to Eagles Mound
but I know for a fact that
that's south of the path.
And look at this.
The map says that it's
looking east at dawn,
but those shadows
don't make sense.
Let's just assume that
the time of day is right.
These shadows indicate that
we should be going south.
(Meg chuckles)
Let's go south.
If we got this right, the
X marks the River Lookout.
We used to go here for
picnics when I was a kid.
So we did it.
Did we do it?
Yeah, I think we did.
It doesn't match.
The river bend, it
doesn't match. Look.
From this vantage point,
we should be able
to see the cave.
Did we do something wrong?
Wait a minute, there
is something else.
(upbeat mysterious music)
(leaves rustling)
[Tom] What is that?
I used to look forward
to seeing this here
when I was a kid.
Thought it was really magical.
Meg, there's a tiny key.
This has to be a hiding place.
Yeah, it is.
When I was little,
my dad would put me on
these treasure hunts
to this garden dweller.
It's where I found this locket.
So what if there's
something underneath?
- Okay, help me move it.
- Okay.
All right.
(Meg and Tom grunting)
(Tom sighs)
It's empty.
Someone got to
it before we did.
Maybe it's just
another dead end.
Wait, wait.
Hey, "FD," initials carved
right here at the base.
Yeah, Frank Davis,
my dad. It makes sense.
He probably put it here
in the first place.
Wait. "ZL?"
Hold on.
"ZL," right there on the map.
That has to mean something.
Meaning what? It's
just another loose end?
Help me move it back.
(Meg grunts)
(Meg chuckles)
You know what?
I learned something
very important today.
What's that?
That even during
the good times,
my father just had
a hidden agenda.
How so?
I used to cherish
these picnics here.
But instead of
father-daughter bonding time,
he was just looking for
this stupid treasure.
Well, I think your
father loved you very much.
(gentle orchestral music)
(insects buzzing)
(door bell chimes)
Well hey, you two. Did
you guys find anything?
Only more proof that my dad
is exactly who I thought he was.
I'll get a table.
(Meg sighs)
Well, you're not
gonna give up, are you?
This whole thing
is ridiculous.
I feel like I lost my mind.
But no, I am not a quitter.
And at least you get to go crazy
around some pretty scenery.
I never, ever see
another tree again,
I'll be happy.
Mm, that's not the
scenery I was talking about.
(Meg scoffs)
I don't know what
you're dogging about.
Hm, then why are you blushing?
(Sarah chuckles)
Please make up your mind.
I would just kill for
some cauliflower wings.
Well, unfortunately,
in a small town,
you can't always get
exactly what you want
and when you want it.
But if you try what we do
have, you just might like it.
Hi, you guys ready?
I would love a
Juicy Lucy, please.
- Okay.
- Salad it for me.
All right.
And a basket of the deep
fried tater tots for the table.
Coming right up.
Man, these are good.
How's your salad?
Crisp and fresh and unlikely
to glue my arteries together.
Suit yourself.
I'm gonna hit the restroom.
(upbeat music)
What uh, what happened here?
A bird ate them.
A bird?
(Meg chuckles)
What she said.
So guys, what's the next step?
Mm, I don't
think there is one.
The map is misleading
on purpose.
It's starting to feel
like a gigantic prank.
Sarah, do you have wifi here?
My reception is
bad in this town.
Yep, code's on the menu, hun.
(phone chiming)
I don't know how
you live like that.
I couldn't get a thought
between the beeps.
I like it, it makes
me feel productive.
Productive or just busy?
Why don't you try and cut
yourself off sometime?
I'm not an addict.
That's exactly
what addicts say.
Do yourself a favor and
switch off every now and then.
Give silence a try.
(upbeat music)
(gentle orchestral music)
Hey. (laughs)
I heard you two.
Oh, I take it we aren't exactly
rolling in diamonds yet?
Wild goose chase, Mom.
It's been a long day.
I should go.
No, why don't you
come in for some cake?
It's really good cake.
Sure. Why not?
(June chuckles)
Thank you.
[June] Mm-hm.
(June chuckles)
They do not make cake
like this in Los Angeles.
You ever miss it here?
I mean, it wasn't all bad,
but no, I like my life.
Well, still.
I mean, you won't be ashamed
to say goodbye to that
gorgeous house of yours?
It was my dad's house.
I just lived there.
Besides, we're no closer
to finding of this treasure,
so the house might
not be hers anyway.
- Tom.
- What?
You are no help
with that attitude.
Look, don't mind him.
You get that map out, I'm
gonna grab my cheaters.
All right.
How old is this map?
We don't know.
Why, does that change things?
(June chuckles)
Typical kids don't see
the trees for the forest.
Look, see, these are aspens.
I mean, they haven't grown
in this area for decades.
They cut 'em all down and
replaced 'em with spruce.
Produces more lumber.
Whoever drew this map, I mean
they drew it beautifully,
but it was a long,
long time ago.
So if there was some
sort of geographical shift,
that would explain why
things don't match up.
We gotta go to the
library tomorrow.
What time do they open?
9:00 AM.
Meet me there?
(gentle orchestral music)
(upbeat music)
Untucked is better.
Okay, good, 'cause
I don't know how
to dress for a library.
You look very
library appropriate.
Thank you.
(upbeat mysterious music)
Hey, you two.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
Well, Kimmy has
a homework project
and I'm trying to
teach her the value
of using books
instead of Google.
- How's that going?
- Slow.
You know, it can
also be profitable.
Why don't you go
ask the librarian
for all the information
that they have
on the history of Lakewood?
Thank you.
(Meg chuckles)
Did you just bribe a child?
No, I stimulated
the local economy.
(Meg chuckles)
As kids, they always warned us
to stay outta the mine shafts.
It's strange.
There's accounts of
what the town was like
when it was founded.
The mining times.
But then there's this huge gap,
like something happened
and no one could bring
themselves to write about it.
Did you find something?
Yeah, it's a map of the
land that my farm is on.
There's the farmhouse, there's
the field, there's the creek,
there's this spot that
you trespassed on.
Trespass? I half
climbed a fence.
Yeah, and thank God I
was there to stop you.
Who knows what kind of
trouble you'd have caused?
How long has your
family lived there?
Since the town was founded
over a hundred years ago.
Hm. Quite a legacy.
And it's only taken me two years
to flush it down the drain.
What do you mean?
(Tom sighs)
There was an infestation
three years ago.
They destroyed our crops,
left our land
practically barren.
I think it was the
stress dealing with it
that was the final
straw for my dad.
I'm so sorry.
When I took over,
I was convinced
that I was gonna turn it
around and make him proud.
But whatever I try,
crops fail and we just get
deeper and deeper in the hole.
Mm, and that's why
you need the treasure.
Yeah, without it, I think
Larson's Tomato Farm is over.
You do realize that none
of this is your fault, right?
Yeah, but it doesn't
feel like that.
I have seen you these
past couple of days.
Okay, you care about this
and you're doing everything
that you can to fix it.
No one expects more than that.
I appreciate that.
(Meg chuckles)
You know, for a snooty big
city girl, you're not so bad.
(Meg chuckles)
And for a tree climbing
scarecrow loving country boy,
you could be worse.
(gentle orchestral music)
Okay, we need to focus.
We need to fill in the gaps
of what happened to the mines.
Yeah, but if there's no
information here, then where?
Do you ever realize that
what you've been looking for
has been under your
nose the entire time?
What, your dad?
My dad.
(gentle orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
Who's driving the Tool-Mobile?
I don't know. Maybe
somebody from my dad's estate?
Want me to get him to leave?
What do you mean?
Just got here.
Royce, what are
you doing here?
I came to help with
the treasure hunt.
Tried to call, but none of
my calls seem to go through.
Yeah, signal's very sketchy.
Oh, um, Tom, this is
my boyfriend, Royce.
Royce, this is Tom.
Ah. Meg said she had a
run in with the locals.
I didn't say it like that.
But this is great.
I mean, even better
than I imagined.
Put the chalets over there,
tennis courts down there,
golf course went over there.
This is great.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, she didn't tell you?
Well, when we win the property,
we're gonna let our bosses
turn it into a luxury resort.
Oh, yeah.
In a year's time, Lakewood's
gonna be the hotspot
for city folk looking
to take a load off.
Oh, won't that be
a lovely surprise
for the people
people of Lakewood?
- Won't it?
- Yeah.
That way you don't ever
have to come back here again.
(Royce chuckles)
(gentle orchestral music)
You comin'?
Ooh, gorgeous.
This place is like an
exhibit in a museum.
[Meg] My father
curated these artifacts
from all over the world.
Some of them are
from this area.
Never really liked museums.
No, always kind of
found 'em to be a bore.
Anyone find anything?
Well, here's a statue
of a couple coal miners.
That's interesting.
Tell you what's
interesting. This view.
It's gonna be incredible
when we level this place
and build a resort.
The golf course is gonna
look amazing from up here.
Yeah, look at this.
Larson and Nelson.
This Larson guy
must be my ancestor.
I've never seen this.
I don't know how or where
your dad unearthed it.
(cell phone buzzing)
Meg, hi.
It's Don.
I'm afraid I got some news.
(Meg sighs)
I've got some news
is never good news.
I was trying to make sure
that Frank's will was concrete
and I was reviewing
the trust bylaws
and the thing is, well...
Come on, Don. We're
on the clock here.
That's the thing.
I hate to tell you this,
but according to the bylaws,
the clock didn't start
when you received the map.
When did it start?
When Frank died.
Oh, perfect.
So instead of two
full weeks, we have-
- You only have three days left.
Three days?
I wanted to tell you
as soon as I found out.
If you haven't
found the treasure
by the time the vote occurs,
I'm afraid there's
nothing I can do.
I just wish you would've
figured this out sooner.
(Don sighs)
Sorry, Meg.
Me too. Bye.
Judging by the
looks on your faces,
you got the gist of that.
So what now?
We need more eyes.
None of this means
much to any of us,
but to the people of this town,
maybe there's a connection
that we're not seeing.
So what do we do?
Go door to door with
photos of the artifacts.
Or we bring them to us.
We pop some bottles of champagne,
put out some charcuterie.
Maybe play some music.
I don't get it.
Oh, Tim.
You are in for a pleasant
surprise, my friend.
You're about to experience
one of Royce and Meg's
famous open houses.
(Meg chuckles)
(upbeat music)
(gentle orchestral music)
Not bad for a half day's
notice if I do say so myself.
Oh well, we make a pretty
great team, don't we?
(glasses clink)
Hi, you two.
This place looks amazing.
Yeah, it's um, it's all right.
Is it, Tim?
It's Tom.
Well, I better
go make the rounds.
You should as well, hon.
Wish us luck.
Okay, I'm gonna take small
groups of people upstairs
to go look at the museum.
Just keep a listen down here
and enjoy the food and champagne
and more importantly, have fun.
Okay. You have fun, too.
Or, um...
(Tom sighs)
(people chattering)
(Tom mumbles)
Meg and Royce put
on quite the show.
Yeah, it must be
easy to throw a party
when money's no object
and you wanna show people
you're better than them.
This place is amazing.
I never knew Lakewood
had such a rich history.
We should make coming here
a part of the annual
Tomato Toss Festival.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
Enjoy it while you can,
'cause pretty soon this is
gonna be one giant golf course.
Oh, great. I love golf.
Shut up, Kyle.
You know, I really must
say it's kind of great
to see all of Frank's hard
work on display like this.
Yeah, turns out he wasn't
completely useless after all.
You know, Meg, I know you
had your struggles with him,
but over the last few years,
he became a really
important part of this town.
People liked talking to him.
He made people feel like
their history mattered.
Yeah, it's not as
noble as it sounds.
He probably was just looking
for clues on that treasure.
But just look at how much
care he put into this exhibit.
Just with a little attention,
this could really become
a local attraction.
Kimmy, don't touch that.
Having a good time?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's great.
Can we talk?
Yeah, what's up?
In private?
Oh, okay.
Look, this is your house.
You can do whatever
you want with it, but-
- But? But what?
What do you mean?
If we find this treasure,
are you really gonna let Royce
turn this into a playground
for the rich and famous?
Look, I don't know.
My feelings about this
place are complicated.
Take this locket, for example.
It used to remind me of my dad
and then it reminded me that
he was gone most of the time.
I get that this place is
special for everyone else,
but for me it was a
lot of lonely nights.
But you are really
gonna give this all up
just to get back at him?
It's not about him.
He's gone.
Okay, Royce was right.
The past is an anchor and
if I wanna move forward,
if I want my career to flourish,
I need to start
looking to the future.
You're sure.
(Meg sighs)
Meg, Tim.
Still Tom.
We got a bite.
(soft mysterious music)
See, Larson and Nelson.
The Nelson guy must have been
old Wyatt Nelson's ancestor.
If anyone remembers anything
about the mines back
then, it'll be him.
(Meg exhales)
Great job, Kyle.
(soft mysterious music)
(birds chirping)
This looks like the place.
This guy.
Looks like he's preserved
in coal dust and moonshine.
Sure there's not a
shotgun up there?
All righty then.
Hey, you're a local.
I'm sure he'd prefer to
hear from a familiar face.
Good morning, sir.
Wherever it is,
I don't want none.
Nothing good ever arrives
in a car that fancy.
(Royce scoffs)
Let's just go.
Mr. Nelson, I'm Tom Larson.
You might know my dad, Adam.
He used to bring you
supplies every now and then.
I remember Adam Larson.
He was good people.
Well, this is Meg.
Her father was Frank Davis.
Oh, I know Frank Davis, too.
Hm, doesn't sound
like he's a fan.
Mr. Nelson, we just
wanna ask a few questions
about Lakewood and what
happened to the mines.
(Wyatt sighs)
Fine but that's
only 'cause your daddy
was good to me, Larson.
We're actually here about
the treasure of Lakewood.
Not that I think
it actually exists,
but you gotta try, right?
Is there anything
you can tell us
about the mines, the mountains?
I'll tell you if you shut up.
It's not a long story as
my daddy remembered it.
Lakewood in the early days
weren't much of a town.
Things were peaceful until
somebody dug up a gigantic ruby.
It don't take much to
light a spark of greed
when the people don't have much,
and with a rock like that, well,
the fighting started
almost immediately.
And who won?
No one wins a
fight like that, son.
When the dust settled,
the ruby was gone.
There's always suspicions
that one of the town
founders, Zach Larson.
Yes, Tom, your kin, had took it,
but it never resurfaced
again while he was alive.
What happened to the mines?
All I know is it's been
abandoned for decades.
There was a terrible accident.
They breached a hidden cave
and the side of the mountain
just caved in on itself,
taking the miners with it.
That's why your
map doesn't line up.
They blew up the
freaking mountain.
It was a dark time
for the community.
The survivors banded
together and they rebuilt
and focused on farming instead
of mining and fighting.
That fight, is that
what the festival's about,
with the tomato battle?
It was meant to be a way
to let bygones be bygones,
to turn a tragic accident
into a celebration.
People don't like to
dwell on the hard times.
That's very
important to remember.
Sorry, I can't be more of help
in your little treasure huntin'.
Got something to say, son?
You know, it just feels like
you're holding out
on us a little bit,
like you know a little more
than what you're saying.
What if I did?
(Royce chuckles)
I know how this
game is played.
- Royce.
- No, no, no, it's okay.
It's business.
Not gonna get something
for nothing, am I right?
Anything else you can remember?
You'll pay me $100 to tell you
whether I know
something else or not?
Well do ya?
See, I told you.
Now let's hear it.
The answer to
your question is...
Is? We're waitin'.
It's simple.
I don't know anything
else. Scout's honor.
Y'all have a nice day.
(Tom chuckles)
(Meg laughs)
(cars passing)
Hey kiddo. What you got there?
Yeah? You need some help?
Well hey Meg,
how was Nelson's?
Charming. I got his
decorator's number.
(Sarah laughs)
So no luck, huh?
Another in a
series of dead ends,
and I'm afraid this
might be our final one.
I'm sorry, Meg.
Hey, pie's on me.
Hey Meg.
Guess what?
I'm gonna go to
LA just like you.
Oh, really?
(Royce scoffs)
(Royce groans)
Do you mind telling
me about this later?
Well, unfortunately,
I don't think there's
anything edible here.
Ooh, you should
try the tater tots.
They are delicious.
Yeah, birds like 'em too.
(Meg chuckles)
Yeah, I think I'm
just gonna wait to eat.
All right, y'all ready?
Yes, salad for me, tater
tots and coffee for the table
and burgers for
the boys, please.
Actually, do you have anything
a little less fried back there?
Sorry about him. Sarah.
It's been a long day.
You know what? I don't think
this is my kind of place.
(door bell chimes)
Where are you going?
There is a country
club not far from here
with a golf course and sushi.
I need civilization.
Why are you
being so hotheaded?
Why are you and your
farmer friend so chummy?
What? What are you implying?
Do you need to tell
me something, Meg?
No, of course not.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You know, you always
said your dad spent
as little time here as possible.
I'm starting to see why.
(car starts up)
(Meg sighs)
What's his problem?
There's a lot riding
on this for both of us.
I guess country life's
not really for everybody.
Maybe he needs a spa day or
a massage or a mani pedi.
I know somebody who
makes organic moisturizer
in case his hands get
a little too rough.
You do realize
that you're talking
about my boyfriend, right?
Yeah, I know, but you
gotta admit, it's a bit much.
Look, I know he can be a lot.
But he did come all
this way to help me.
He's very passionate
about our future.
Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry.
I should get going.
My mom's expecting me.
(Meg scoffs)
(upbeat country music)
(Meg chuckles)
I think boys are dumb.
(gentle orchestral music)
(birds chirping)
(knocking on door)
Meg, hey. What
are you doing here?
I was looking for Tom.
Probably not gonna be
here for much longer.
I wanted to thank
him for his help.
Yeah, he came home in a
bit of a mood last night.
Is everything all right?
He left pretty quickly
last night, but...
Meg, you know Tom, he
likes to joke around a lot,
but he's always a little on edge
around the annual Tomato Toss.
See the Tomato Toss,
it was always his daddy's
proudest moment of the year.
You take a big haul of
tomatoes down to the recreation
and since the farm's
been struggling,
we haven't been
able to contribute
and I'm afraid that Tom, he
sees it as a personal failing.
I'd like to patch things up.
Do you know where
I can find him?
How do you feel
about climbing trees?
(Meg chuckles)
(soft upbeat orchestral music)
I'm coming up.
What's up, Peter Pan?
Where are your Lost Boys?
What are you doing here?
Probably gonna be
heading out soon.
Need to get back to work?
And Royce?
I'm sorry about the treasure.
Is your farm gonna be okay?
Yeah. We'll figure it out.
Sorry for you, though.
We didn't find anything.
Yeah, well just 'cause
we didn't find anything
doesn't mean it was all bad.
Yeah, it was kind of fun.
Okay. (chuckles)
It was interesting seeing
the other Meg yesterday.
Other Meg?
Yeah. Business Meg.
The Meg you become
with Royce. City Meg.
Maybe that's the real Meg.
That's a shame 'cause
country Meg's a lot more fun.
If you're gonna be
like this, I can just go.
I'm sorry.
You know, maybe it's
just confusing for you
to meet someone whose life is
a little bit more complicated
than hanging out in
tree houses all day.
I don't think your
life's that complicated.
You just do whatever it takes
to get the next big
payday the fastest.
Is this about the resort?
I still haven't decided if I'm
gonna sell the estate or not.
Besides, it's none
of your business.
Okay, it's my dad,
my estate, my career.
My, my, my.
Wow, do they teach
in year one of business
school or year two?
- Shut up, Tom.
- Did you major in it?
Okay, look, you idiot.
Is that?
Okay, we passed the
petrified stump.
There's the overhanging ledge.
Must be just around here.
Oh, yes.
We did it.
You did it.
Guess there's still some country
left in you after all, huh?
(Meg chuckles)
Here, help me.
Tom, look.
"My arms hold up a stony sky,
my muscles stiff as boards.
Amid the rubble at my feet,
you'll find my hidden hoard."
How did we miss that?
What does that mean?
Stony sky?
Could it be the
roof of the cave?
Muscles stiff as boards.
It's gotta be the supports.
Let's go take a look.
(soft mysterious music)
[Tom] "ZL". Zach Larson.
(Meg gasps)
This must be the one.
(rocks clattering)
(Meg chuckles)
I can't believe it.
(Tom chuckles)
(soft mysterious music)
A journal.
[Tom] A journal? What
happened to the giant ruby?
It's Zach Larson's accounts
of founding the town.
It's an incredible
historical find.
You should be thrilled.
It's written by one
of your ancestors.
This could be the
Declaration of Independence.
It doesn't matter. It's not
gonna help me save my farm.
This was my last hope.
I'm sorry, Tom.
Where are you going?
I gotta go do some thinking.
I, I'll see you later.
(Meg scoffs)
(cell phone buzzing)
Meg, Kimmy's not
with you, is she?
No, I haven't seen her
all day. Is everything okay?
She didn't turn
up for school today.
A bunch of her
clothes are missing.
We think that she ran away.
I don't know what to do.
I'll come get you.
(tense dramatic music)
Gary's off checking all
Kimmy's favorite spots
and I've just been waiting
here until she comes back.
Oh, Sarah. Sarah, slow down.
It's almost nightfall.
I don't know what to do.
I'm sure she's gonna be fine.
Did she leave some sort of note?
Just this.
"Off to live
somewhere more exciting.
Back for Christmas probs."
Oh, boy.
I think I have an idea.
Come on.
(tense dramatic music)
[Sarah] Kimmy.
Thank God.
Don't you ever run off
like that again on me,
do you understand?
What were you thinking?
I heard Meg was
going back to LA
and I wanted to go with her.
Mind if I talk to her?
(gentle orchestral music)
So, why do you wanna move to LA?
It's boring here.
They are just trees and mountains
and nothing ever happens.
I know that the city
can seem exciting,
but Lakewood might surprise you.
I mean just this week
I made new friends,
I threw a party,
explored a cave.
Ooh, where's the cave?
(Meg chuckles)
I'll tell you
about that later.
What I'm trying to say is
that there's still a lot
that this town has to offer.
I suppose.
If you promise to
not give your mom
any more heart attacks,
I promise I'll let you
come visit me in LA.
[Kimmy] You swear?
[Meg] I swear. (chuckles)
[Royce] Sorry to interrupt
girls night, ladies.
I need to speak to
Meg privately, though.
I have to take
Sarah and Kimmy home.
No worries.
I texted Gary. He's
on his way to get us.
Shall we?
- You sure?
- Yeah, go ahead.
So what is this all about?
All right, I've been thinking.
We have had some setbacks,
but I have a new foolproof plan
on how we're gonna
get the estate.
I'm listening.
We sue the trust.
(Meg scoffs)
Come on.
All this treasure hunt
mumbo jumbo can't be legal.
We get a couple high
powered attorneys on it,
they'll file some injunctions
on all sorts of technicalities.
What's that?
The treasure of Lakewood.
Okay, but it's a book?
You're sure?
Pretty sure.
You're telling me
this means we win?
Yeah, I guess so. Maybe.
All right, then well I'll
start making some calls
and we'll have this place
down to the studs in a week.
I'm not selling.
Of course you're
selling. It's our future.
No, it's not.
Not anymore.
Meg, you're kidding me.
Don't tell me you
wanna hang around here
showing off your dad's old junk.
(Meg scoffs)
Okay, that came,
that came out wrong.
This old house is
getting to us, okay?
Why don't we go to
the country club,
relax at the spa and
we'll talk about this
when we've cooled off.
I'm gonna stay
here, thank you.
(Royce scoffs)
All right, but
I'm not giving up.
Not when we're this close.
(Meg scoffs)
(journal thuds)
(Tom sighs)
(gentle orchestral music)
I'm sorry, mom.
About what?
Letting you down.
No, you haven't failed
me or anybody else.
This family's about a lot more
than a couple of tomatoes
or a plot of land.
It's love.
No matter what happens to the
farm, we'll always have that.
Yeah, love doesn't
pay the bills.
Honey, something will come up.
We just have to be patient.
(gentle orchestral music)
(Royce sighs)
(soft mysterious music)
(Royce clears throat)
What's up?
(gentle orchestral music)
(knocking on door)
(Meg yells)
(Meg laughs)
Pay back.
What are you doing here?
I brought you this journal.
It belongs to your family.
It must be so easy to
just change your mind
about what is or
isn't important.
You know, some of us actually
have to make hard decisions.
What do you mean?
The offer on my dad's
farm. Royce just called.
You're selling to Royce?
You know what?
Go back to LA and
enjoy your bonus
or your promotion or whatever.
I'm so glad I could help you
add a zero to your paycheck.
Goodbye, Meg.
(Tom sighs)
(upbeat music)
We did it.
We got the resort.
How could you?
How could I
what? Save the day?
You had no right to meddle
into Tom's life like that.
Slow down, okay.
I did this for us.
And you get the
best of both worlds.
You get your house and you
get your job and he gets paid.
Win, win, win, win, win.
You always do this.
You act in your own interest
and you pretend like
it's what we both wanted.
You should have asked me first.
Look, I'm sorry,
but it's a done deal.
June comes tomorrow
to sign the paperwork
and then I'm off to the Alps.
With or without you, sweetheart.
Definitely without me.
We're done.
Oh, Meg.
Come on, you're breaking
up with me? Don't be silly.
No, sticking in a relationship
that doesn't work
is being silly.
I'm choosing to be smart.
Goodbye, Royce.
Oh, and by the way,
you're a terrible skier.
Almost as bad as
you are at golf.
(door closes)
(upbeat music)
(insects buzzing)
(melancholy music)
(cell phone buzzing)
Meg, it's Don.
Just called to see
how things were going.
Oh yeah, we we
actually found it.
You found the treasure?
Yeah, it was a journal
that belonged to
one of the founders.
Well that's fantastic.
But your tone does not
sound like it's fantastic.
I just, I'm just thinking
about what it all means.
Well, it's up to you.
You can stick around
or the board can vote
to appoint a new custodian.
What do you wanna do?
(upbeat music)
(people chattering)
(upbeat music)
You heard from Royce?
I did, he said the
contract is ready to sign.
I'm gonna meet him on
the library steps at noon
to do the paperwork.
You sure you want to
go through with this?
Tom, it's a good thing.
You know, give us
enough to start fresh.
You going to the Tomato Toss?
No, I'm not in the mood.
We had a bad crop. So what?
Mom, they had to outsource
the tomatoes for the festival.
I feel like a failure.
Honey, the people of Lakewood,
they don't love you any less
and your father
wouldn't have either.
He loved his son
He'd be so proud of the effort
you've put into this place.
And he wouldn't want you
to spend your whole life
doing what you think
he wants you to do.
You have to pursue
what you love.
That's what the Larson
family motto's all about.
Wherever your heart
is, find your home.
So where's my heart, mom?
Well I think she's
currently packing.
(Tom scoffs)
If I had half a chance with
Meg, I blew it yesterday.
She's with Royce, anyway.
Not according to Royce.
What do you mean?
I don't gossip.
Well Royce said Meg
broke up with him.
What happened?
Oh, well, I don't know.
I'm sure she probably had
a good reason to do it.
Honey, it's not a
tough puzzle to solve.
Mom, that's it.
A puzzle.
[June] What do you mean?
Mom, you cracked it.
The journal.
It's not the
treasure, it's a clue.
It's the clue.
You're the the best.
Thank you.
(June chuckles)
(door closes)
I'm the best.
(upbeat music)
(knocking on door)
Hey, I need to talk to you.
[Meg] You could
have just called.
In person.
Okay, hold on a second.
Mind telling me what
this is all about?
I have a plane to catch.
Okay, but what if you didn't?
You made it pretty clear
that there's nothing
left for me in Lakewood.
Okay, I deserve that.
But check this out.
Look, see all these
extra letters?
This is gibberish, right?
But I bet if we decode these,
it'll take us to the treasure.
It's a puzzle, Meg.
It's a final puzzle.
Wait, a key. It was
never a physical key.
It must have been something
to break the code.
Okay, are we
still at a dead end?
Not necessarily.
Maybe my dad found
something to crack it.
Yeah, but we've
already been through
his entire collection.
[Tom] Hey, uh,
what are you doin'?
My father's journal
for some light reading.
"April 12th.
Outside Knysna. The
heat is oppressive.
It makes me miss the gentle
autumn nights by the lake.
I wish I was home
with the girls.
I miss them so much, but
this is for them, too.
I have to remember that.
I sent Sandra another
set of instructions
for an adventure for little Meg.
Hopefully she thinks
of me as she solves it.
I can't wait until she's ready
to come on some real
adventure with me."
(Meg scoffs)
You okay?
I always thought his
adventures were distractions.
Do you want me
to keep reading?
What's that?
(gentle orchestral music)
"Dear Meg.
If you're reading this,
it means you're trying to
solve my last treasure hunt.
I'm glad.
Perhaps that means at least
part of you wants to forgive me.
I'm sorry that there's so
much distance between us.
I know it's my fault, always
chasing the next thing,
never taking the time to
appreciate what I had.
But I hope that the
hunt has reawakened
some of your love for Lakewood
and reminded you
of the good times.
Perhaps you've even
figured out how that locket
fits into all of this,
the one I hid for you
under the garden dweller
at the river outlook.
I had to make the
treasure hunt very simple.
Did you think it was beneath me?
There's more to it
than meets the eye.
I love you. Dad."
You okay?
Yeah, I will be.
Here, maybe something
jumps out at you.
(gentle orchestral music)
Here, when he writes
about the locket,
"There's more to it
than meets the eye."
Let's take a closer look.
(gentle orchestral music)
See, but then he writes here,
"You were so young.
I had to make the
treasure hunt very simple.
Did you think it
was beneath me?"
Wait, do you think he
means literally beneath him?
There's only one
way to find out.
(gentle orchestral music)
Hey, look.
It's a series of
engraved numbers.
They're pushed together in
groups, almost like a a phrase.
"Wherever your heart
is, find your home."
What's that?
It's the Larson family motto.
Look, it fits, including the
dash and the period there.
Wherever your heart.
It does.
So, so what now?
We line the letters to
the numbers on the locket
and then we match those
values to the peculiar series
of letters in the
Zack Larson journal.
Okay, I'm just gonna line
these up here and we should...
(mysterious music)
(car starts up)
(soft tense music)
Ah, something's missing.
Zach repeated periods here
and here and the dash here.
You're a genius.
I like to think so.
What does that look like to you?
Are those?
Okay, let me just look these up.
They lead to the
center of town, Tom.
That means the treasure
is still out there.
I never doubted
you for a second.
Okay, I doubted you
for a couple seconds,
but I never lost hope.
Okay, I lost hope for a
little bit, but we did it.
We saved the farm.
My mom.
She's about to sign the
contracts with Royce
on the steps of the
library at noon.
Oh, gotta get to you now
Meet you somehow, someway
Oh, you fly through heaven
Nice. Good stash.
Good morning, June.
Poncho? Goggles?
You and I both know that
those crushed tomatoes
somehow work their way
underneath everything. (laughs)
They sure do.
You know what?
I'd better put my
cell phone in the car.
You should do that.
All right.
More goggles over
here. Thank you, sir.
(upbeat music)
(tense music)
Come on, mom.
Come on, come on.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
(cell phone buzzing)
(tense music)
(Royce sighs)
Today's the day,
today's the day.
(tense music)
(soft mysterious music)
[Meg] It should
be just around here.
[Tom] The statue?
Can it really be that easy?
You're due for a win.
Just, um, check for
hidden compartments?
(knocking on the statue)
The boot, it's hollow.
[Tom] What?
(knocking on the statue)
(Tom chuckles)
(soft mysterious music)
I'd say that looks like
the treasure of
Lakewood, don't you?
How much do you
think that's worth?
The farm, with
plenty leftover.
Let's go find Royce.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right, everyone!
Welcome to this year's
annual Tomato Toss!
(townspeople cheering)
But just remember
to have fun and play-
- Ah, finally.
Could this wait?
I just would like a little
time to enjoy the festival.
No, I'm sorry.
I need to get outta here and
back to civilization ASAP.
Here we go!
In three...
There's June!
We can just hurry this along.
I'm not in the habit
of just signing anything
without reading it.
Oh, no need to
read all of this.
It's just standard legal jargon.
You can sign right there.
(townspeople shouting)
(tomatoes smashing)
There's no way she's gonna
hear you through all this.
There's only one way through.
Don't you dare drop that ruby.
(Tom and Meg yelling)
(dramatic music)
This is a century of family
legacy I'm parting with,
so if I could just
have a moment.
(June sighs)
(Meg grunts)
What the?
Don't sign!
We found it!
It worked.
You know, I think
maybe the farm
is best kept in the family.
Thank you very much
for your offer.
(June laughs)
Don, call me back.
We found the treasure.
Thank you.
We did it together.
Just think, next year
this'll all be your tomatoes.
Well, this is officially
the worst town in America.
Hope you found what
you're looking for.
I did.
And I hope you do, too,
whether that's the
resort or whatever.
Just won't be in Lakewood.
Take care of her.
Take care of each other.
(Meg chuckles)
(upbeat music)
(townspeople shouting)
(June gasps)
We found the
treasure of Lakewood.
Oh, you found it.
Oh, it's remarkable.
We did it. As a team.
(June exhales)
You know when you see
something like this in person,
you see how it could
cause so much strife.
Well now it could be
used for something good.
Now if you all will excuse me,
I didn't get to
throw any tomatoes.
I'm gonna go fix that.
(Meg laughs)
You know, you are quite
the treasure hunter.
(Meg chuckles)
Your dad would be proud.
Yeah, well, I think I found
the best treasure in Lakewood.
And I'm not talking
about the ruby.
(gentle orchestral music)
(Meg chuckles)