The Love Issue (2023) Movie Script

- Ooh!
- Sorry, Darcey.
Those wheels have a mind of their own.
And what time do you call this?
- I'm not late.
- I'm joking.
Of course you're not late,
you're never late.
Listen, can I get a quick word
about the lead beauty story
for the September issue?
- I have a suggestion.
- Sure.
Okay, what's this brilliant idea of yours?
Give me three words to describe this.
What am I supposed
to be describing, exactly?
The fragrance.
What feelings does it evoke for you?
Three words off the top of your head.
Mm, light, floral, and romantic.
What's your angle?
Believe it or not,
this fragrance was a best-seller
15 years ago.
- Wow.
- Imagine a double page spread
entitled "Heritage Fragrance.
Do these classic scents
stand the test of time?"
Tell me more.
I blind test 15 perfumes
from 15 years ago.
To coincide with our 15-year anniversary?
Great idea.
This way we're giving
She readers
exactly what they want,
a fragrance suggestion
that we road-tested ourselves.
Yes, because our readers
don't just want to smell good...
They want to feel good too.
Can you get me a coffee, please?
No problem. Uh, anything else?
Uh, no, it should be good.
Thank you, Mia.
I didn't think he was gonna be
in the office until next week.
Yeah, must have come back
early from his trip.
You seem thrown.
How are you two, by the way?
Oh, fine.
Are you sure?
I mean, we broke up like six months ago.
Can you stop typing for a sec?
Listen, six months isn't a long time
when your ex is also your boss
and you have to spend all
your time in the same office.
I mean, I barely think about him.
What's strange though is that
Brandon's being super cagey
about the cover for the September issue.
Right. He's usually
rampaging around the office
- making a huge deal about it.
- Mm-hmm.
Darcey, can I have a word in my office?
- You wanted to see me?
- Please. Have a seat.
So, listen, um,
I need you to spearhead
the September cover shoot.
But you always do the Sept...
I know, I usually take full
responsibility for it
but something's come up
and you're the only one
in the company that I trust
to hand it over to.
This is incredible, Brandon.
Um, thank you.
I've always been a huge fan
of your work, Darcey,
and I don't think we should
let our personal history
get in the way of our professional future.
So why don't we start a new chapter?
With you doing this cover.
Sounds good to me.
Um, I'm presuming that you've
made a start already?
No. It's all yours.
You have full control.
You're giving me full control?
Using... all my own ideas?
Mm-hmm. I know you've been
wanting to get your hands
on a cover for quite some time
so now's your chance.
This is such a huge
opportunity. Thank you.
Ah, your enthusiasm
is exactly what we need
to make this our most memorable cover yet.
Okay, I don't want
to rain on my own parade
but why now?
Well, as you know, our sales
figures are falling. Fast.
This issue could be make or break for She.
Okay, well...
We know our USP is that our readers
love following fashion and beauty trends.
But it takes more than a brand
name to convince them, right?
- So what if we prove to them...
- Let me stop you right there.
I completely trust your judgment on this.
You do?
Darcey. You got this.
I won't let you down.
- Oh...
- I...
- Uh...
- Sorry, I...
You know what? It's fine,
it's... you take it.
I insist, you can have it,
I actually have another copy
up in my office, so...
That's fine, I just...
Wanted to see if the cover
is as terrible up close
as it was at a distance.
Upon closer inspection,
I conclude this may be
one of the most uninspiring
covers I have ever seen.
You know, I don't remember
asking what you thought of it.
But what I do know
is that someone actually
put a lot of effort into
making that cover.
So, perhaps you should keep
your highly offensive opinions
to yourself in the future.
There you go.
What did I say?
The worst cover he's ever seen. Please.
Bad news, I'm afraid.
I tried Simon Leary's office
and he's refusing to let
his photographers work with us.
Apparently, She is not cutting
edge enough for his clients.
- Plan B it is, then.
- What's plan B?
I have another way to reach
out to him. That's all.
This is a really big deal
for you, isn't it?
The September cover
is literally the fashion moment
of the season.
If we get this right,
we can get She's reputation back on track.
Now, let's run through
the to-do list for the shoot.
Simon! Hey!
Fancy seeing you here.
Darcey Harrison...
Didn't have you down for a runner.
Actually, it's great that I ran into you.
I'd love to tell you about
my plans for the new She cover.
Your assistant already spoke to me.
And while I respect your opinion,
I just wanted to make it clear
how we're looking to change things up.
I mean, what makes She unique
is that we're not doing high fashion
for the sake of it.
We want women to be the best
versions of themselves that they can be.
My photographers are booked up
months in advance.
There's no way I can work
with your time frame
- even if I did agree to it.
- Okay. I know. Just...
I know the covers don't reflect
the forward-thinking articles
and the fashion features
inside the magazine...
Which is why I want to create
an image that pulls women in,
that intrigues them,
that makes the magazine look
as good on the outside...
as it does on the inside...
on the inside.
- Sorry...
- You gonna be okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Look, I appreciate
what you're trying to do.
Really, I hear you.
But my photographers are all booked up.
- Unless...
- Unless?
- There is someone.
- Go on.
Well, he's back in town
after a career break.
I expect him to be all booked up
once word gets out.
We're just trying to build
his schedule right now.
Okay, and you think he might
want to work with me on this?
Don't get your hopes up,
he's kind of a big name,
I expect he's holding out
for high-profile editorial work
like he was doing before.
But right now his calendar
is clear, right?
You don't take no for an answer, do you?
Fine. I'll get you a meeting.
But no promises.
- Okay.
- Now, can I get back to my run?
- Yes. Sorry.
- Thank you.
Hey Nate. It's me.
Look, uh, job opportunity's
just come my way
from a beauty editor friend of mine.
The magazine she works for
isn't doing so great
but I've always respected her work.
I think this might be a good opportunity
for you to put your stamp on something.
You know, remind the industry
what you're capable of.
Let's get you back out there.
Call me.
So sorry.
I'm... I'm so sorry, I gotta go.
Thank you so much for coming, everyone.
Really means the world to me
that you're all
here to celebrate.
Mia, thank you so much
for organizing this.
It really, really is special.
Drink up. Lots of champagne.
Hi, what's going on?
Brace yourself...
Brandon got engaged.
Uh, just...
- Uh, Darcey.
- Uh-huh.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Um, sorry about that,
I didn't mean to spring it on ya.
It's all good.
Um, congratulations.
Thanks. Thanks.
Um, are you...
Are you okay with this?
Of course.
I should have told you before
but I couldn't find the right time.
Thought you might think
it was a little too soon.
Oh, no, I couldn't...
Couldn't be happier for you.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
- Really?
- Really. Yeah.
I'm actually seeing someone new myself.
- You are?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh. Uh, who?
That... that guy right
there in your office?
Mm-hmm. That's the one.
Well, anyways, he's here
to take me out for lunch
so, I'd better not keep him waiting.
- Mm-hmm.
- Congratulations. Again.
See you soon.
Uh, Nate Taylor.
Please to meet you... again.
- Come here!
- Oh.
- Uh...
- Uh...
Nate Taylor.
You were once named
promising new photographer
by the New York Times, weren't you?
Yes. Once.
Though that doesn't
excuse the fact that I am
far too opinionated
about other people's work.
And my own work.
Giving myself a hard time too.
I see.
Sorry if I was rude at the news stand.
If I had known you worked for
She magazine I mean, obviously...
Apology accepted.
Um, wanna go for coffee?
I need a coffee.
- You probably need a coffee too.
- Uh...
Let's... go...
For some coffee and we can do
our meeting there,
how's that?
I must warn you,
She magazine isn't my typical clientele.
Well, remind me, what kind
of work do you usually do?
High-end editorial,
big budget advertising campaigns...
Very impressive.
Uh, so what are you looking
for in your cover?
I want to create an exciting image
that really pops on the shelf.
Can you be more specific?
Something more inventive than the covers
that we've been putting out
there recently.
And I want to shoot on location,
I think that's gonna be more reflective
of who our readers are
and what they want to see.
And presumably you'll be
looking to boost sales
at the same time?
Well, our sales figures
are just a temporary reflection of...
Okay, fine, fine.
The magazine sales are not exactly
setting the industry alight.
So, why has it taken you so long
to try something different?
Brandon Clark,
who's the CEO of She Magazine,
he, um, he usually shoots the covers
and this is the first time
he's letting anyone else
take charge, so...
This is the first cover
you've ever headed up?
Well, I've shot around 100 beauty stories.
So I'm guessing that counts.
Or, since I'm more experienced cover-wise,
it would make sense for me
to take a lead on this one.
Oh, absolutely not, no.
We'll be working as a team.
So what do you say? Hm?
Okay. I'll do it.
Meet me here for a nine AM start.
I have some location ideas
I want to show you
Is this the new look you're going for?
- What?
- You just have something
- on your...
- On my...?
- Nose.
- Where?
I've come up with the perfect
concept for the cover.
Go on.
The magazine is all about
confident, trend-conscious
everyday women, right?
So, we use actual readers,
the very readers who have made
She Magazine a success
over the last decade and a half
and we put them on the cover
as a celebration of womanhood.
What do you think?
Oh, you can't be serious...
Why wouldn't I be serious?
No. No way, I work
with professional models,
I don't have time to hand hold people
who don't know what they're doing.
You're missing the point of the magazine.
I mean, you do know that our slogan is
"Real fashion and beauty
for every woman," right?
Ah, no, I didn't know that.
- Hi.
- One black coffee, please.
And one...
Ooh, a vanilla mocha with...
Oat milk.
That's a very...
Interesting combination.
More interesting than boring black coffee.
What can I say? I'm a purist.
More like, boring.
Using real readers is
non-negotiable, I'm afraid.
I spoke to our biggest advertiser
and he's actually really excited
to see what we come up with.
You take creative input from advertisers?
Well, I spoke to Trent Dearden,
who's the senior executive,
yesterday, and he actually
promised us a huge ad next month
as long as we blow him away
with the September cover.
So, you know, I think you know
that our magazine actually really needs
that revenue right now.
And where do you suggest
the shoot using women
who never modelled before
in their lives takes place?
Right here.
In Central Park.
We'll have the readers in a row
boat out in the lake, okay?
Imagine, textured knits, lots of movement,
even better if we can fake September
and have them surrounded by...
I... I can't listen to any more of this.
You told me you wanted to shoot
a cover that would take
- She Magazine in a new direction.
- Mm-hmm.
And the best you can come up
with is a cliched location
that would look like every
other shoot the magazine
has ever done? I mean...
Please tell me you have other ideas.
Yeah, of course I do, actually.
Hold on. Um...
You know, I thought it would be fun
if we can shoot in a sumptuous
hotel lobby.
I'm picturing like a...
Cozy fire place, tartan rugs,
something that really says "new season."
What do you think?
No. Don't like it.
Okay, what about going
quintessential New York
and shooting in Time Square?
Just getting out of the studio
and having real readers,
I mean, that's gonna revolutionize
- our magazine and I think...
- Revolutionize?
There is nothing revolutionary
about any of the ideas
you've come up with so far.
Not one thing.
Okay, so then what do you suggest,
Mr. I'm so cutting edge?
The only way that I am
prepared to continue working
on this clearly very commercial job?
If you take the shoot in a much
more editorial direction.
Dynamic story idea.
Strong hair, makeup.
And I absolutely refuse
to shoot in a row boat.
So what exactly do you have in mind?
Okay, by shooting here,
in this urban location,
we will make She Magazine more relevant
than it has ever been.
Right, by shooting our
professional and aspirational
women against a wall with
graffiti sprawled all over it?
- Yeah, why not?
- No. Absolutely not.
I want vivid and inspiring,
not dirty and depressing.
No, but the colours, the contrast,
the emotion explosion...
It's completely wrong for our readership.
I thought you brought me on
to bring a fresh perspective
to the magazine.
You know, in order to shake
things up, as you said,
you're gonna have to try something new.
I do know that, yes.
But I also know that
this isn't the right way to celebrate
15 years of She.
Look, we just need to come up
with a concept
that we both agree on.
So, let's... go find it.
- Okay...
- It's not... not this.
I'm thinking...
In an empty field
with a lone circus tent.
Um... no.
He is insufferable.
- Cute, though.
- Yeah, maybe.
But that does not make up for the fact
that he thinks he has free rein
to trample all over my ideas
just because he was a big shot
in the industry.
I mean, seriously, you should
see some of the ideas
that he's come up with, it's ridiculous.
Yeah, but he's creative and edgy, right?
All Simon's clients are,
that's why you've been
so desperate to work with them
over the years.
Yeah, that's true.
But I can't do anything too radical
because then if Brandon
doesn't like the cover,
I'm never gonna hear the end of it.
Nate's just trying to push you
out of your comfort zone, that's all.
You two just need to find your stride.
What do you think about this?
Oh. No.
I need three words to describe it, please.
Spicy and powerful...
Not me, the perfume.
Come on, one more.
Um, it's headache-inducing.
Finally, food's here.
So yesterday didn't go so smoothly.
You can say that again.
Just so you know,
there's a lot riding on us
getting this right, which is why I may
come across as being a little...
I get that.
But I'll admit that my brief
could have been more clear,
you know, I know the readership
like the back of my hand
but you don't, so...
Well, tell me, I want to learn
more about the readers,
what's important to them?
That's her.
That's our She Magazine reader.
She's smart, she's bold,
she's opinionated,
she wants honesty and authenticity
but at the same time, she wants beautiful,
aspirational photos that are
exciting to look at, you know?
Images she can put up
on her vision board or...
Add to her fridge.
Think I might have an idea.
Leave it with me.
Hey, Mom, how are you doing?
I'm still at the shop.
And believe it or not,
we've sold out of roses.
I had to pop to the stall to pick some up.
You should not be out this late, Mom.
Nate, it's not that late.
You're not pushing yourself
too hard, are you?
All this rushing around.
If you need a hand, just say the word.
Is everything alright in New York?
Yeah, it's fine. It's you
that I'm worried about.
How are you finding it?
It feels like I'm starting all over again.
I mean, Simon says I need
new photos for my portfolio
and then work will start coming in, but...
If things don't improve I'm just
gonna head right back home.
I can always pick up my wedding
photography business again.
That wasn't so bad.
Don't make any rash decisions, Nate.
Uh, what about that magazine job
you told me about?
Don't ask!
It feels like nobody in the industry
takes me seriously anymore.
I mean, this beauty editor
clearly cannot take direction,
she's using... not even
professional models.
Who are you putting on the cover?
This whole thing is completely ridiculous.
I think that sounds like a great idea.
- You do?
- In fact, last night
I was looking through
the album of photos you took
at my 60th birthday.
You somehow managed to capture the essence
of every single person in the room.
And if anyone can make everyday women
look and feel wonderful,
it's you.
I don't know.
This promotion is amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
Yeah. It is.
You don't seem too enthused.
What's up?
I don't know, something seems fishy.
I mean, you know Brandon,
he's such a control freak.
Who cares?
This was your dream and you got it.
I mean, we do get along great.
And you're gonna knock it out of the park.
Out of the park.
What now?
I don't know, I'm still unsure about Nate.
I'm just, I'm worried
that he's gonna take it too far,
you know? And then what am I gonna do?
Well, do you even know what too far is?
Stand on the edge of a cliff
and look down.
That's how you'll know.
Have you ever done that?
But I read about it online.
Okay. Ready to go.
The very two people
I wanted to see.
Give me three words
to describe this fragrance
I'm about to waft under your noses.
How many more have you got to test?
Only eight.
Ooh, that's exotic.
It's mysterious.
Yet... enticing.
But the word that comes to mind is...
Nate, you're a natural at this.
- Well...
- Well, you do realize
I'm gonna be spraying
a different perfume on you
every time you pass my desk
from now on, right?
Hm... Multilayered,
subtle and good for evening.
Will that do?
Is that the best you can come up with?
I'm sorry, I didn't realize
we were writing
a romance novel here.
Alright, let's make this snappy,
I've got back-to-back meetings today.
Good luck.
Darcey! And you must be...
Oh, yeah, so we're just
gonna go, I actually...
I'm late for an appointment,
I have to...
But I'll be back soon.
So, if we're gonna be spending
all this time together,
I think we should get to know
each other a little bit.
- Should we?
- Yes.
Let's start with you.
Where did you grow up?
In a small town you won't have heard of.
- Look, is this really necessary?
- Well, what about your parents?
Uh, my dad left, so it was
mainly just me and Mom.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's fine.
Look, as lovely as this is,
we should probably get back
to talking about the cover.
I have another appointment before lunch.
Right. Of course.
Do you want to take out your
notes so we can compare?
What notes?
You know, thoughts you've
jotted down about the shoot,
all the ideas that we've come up with.
Wait, you don't have any notes?
Why would I write down
what's already in my head?
Doesn't it give you clarity
to see it on the page?
Not really.
Clearly put a lot of time into this.
This looks, um...
Time consuming.
Well, I've always done this.
Listen, I want you to keep an open mind
about this location
I'm gonna show you.
It is kind of the opposite
of what you asked for
but I'm really excited about it,
and I think between the two of us,
we can make it work.
Hm. It's not another graffiti wall, is it?
Then I promise I'll try to hear you out
- before I say no.
- You won't say no.
Okay, why have you brought me here?
Okay, I know you said you
wanted to get out of the studio
- and onto location.
- Yeah. In fact,
that was my number one stipulation.
But have you thought it's
actually pretty intimidating
for a woman who's never modelled
before to shoot outside?
You know what it's like,
photoshoots attract a crowd.
- Yeah, but...
- But think about it,
the readers would be
so much more relaxed here.
I mean, they can get changed in comfort
rather than fumbling around
in the back of a locations van.
Food and drink whenever they need
and I can play their favourite music
to, you know, help them get in the mood.
Okay, but this is an empty shell.
I mean, we're just gonna end up
using a boring backdrop
and it's just gonna look like
all the other covers
- that She Magazine churns out...
- No, it won't, though,
because together, we can make this place
into whatever we want.
Okay, you said you wanted
a celebratory feel, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So... uh...
We could do...
Old Hollywood glamour.
Uh, director's chair and a huge...
Okay, maybe this could be
like a studio light.
And, okay, no, but it would
really come alive
with... with the styling.
With... with the clothes
and hair, and the...
And the... the makeup.
And the...
Okay, I just...
I just threw this together last night
as I was mulling things over.
I didn't know you could draw.
Yeah, sometimes it helps me
visualize... story.
So I was thinking we could do
a mock-up of a jazz bar.
I mean, something luxurious and elegant.
I mean, I love the colours.
And this chandelier
hanging above the bar, I mean,
you sketched it all so well.
So you really think that
we could do something like that
in here, like in this...
In this space?
Absolutely. We could use...
We could use props
to give it a 1930s mood.
And lighting for atmosphere.
Nobody would know those images
were shot inside a studio.
I know, but why don't we just
shoot it in an actual jazz bar?
Oh no, the lighting in clubs and bars
is notoriously difficult
to work with and...
- And they're cramped, I mean...
- Yeah.
Four models, this space would be great.
I don't know, Nate, I'm not...
I'm not really convinced.
Shooting in studio actually
allows us to be more creative.
We have this blank canvas
which we can mould
to be the perfect backdrop for our story.
You said you wanted this cover
to be different,
which requires taking a risk, right?
And you do take just the right
amount of risk and it pays off.
You read the American Style piece?
Uh, I may have come across it, yeah.
You just... checking up on me?
I'd call it doing my research, actually.
Mm-hmm. So what do you think?
Did I tell you how much
is riding on this shoot?
You did.
And you really think this could work?
One hundred percent.
Alright, I'm in.
- Really?
- Yeah, let's do it.
Alright, this'll be great.
Uh, yeah.
I mean, I am working with
the most exciting photographer
that has hit New York in years, so...
Let's just talk about that
for a second.
That's... embarrassing.
Okay, so I'm thinking...
Simple black dress with like
a nice open toe black heel.
I think it's gonna pair perfectly.
- Mm-hmm?
- No, this outfit is boring.
I can't imagine any of this
looking interesting on the page.
I think the problem
is you're having a hard time
imagining how great these
clothes can look on our readers.
- Uh...
- Uh, just give me one second.
Now, what do you think?
Looks good, doesn't it?
Professional models or not,
Nate needs to see how good these
clothes can look on all women.
- But I don't...
- It's the only way.
- Darcey!
- Yeah.
Um, you are Darcey Harrison, okay?
Own it!
You got this. You got this.
- Darcey Harrison.
- Hm.
- Working it.
- Wow!
Working it.
Okay, this is for you.
Oh, I'm not, okay...
- Uh, not really my...
- Oh, cute.
Oh, you... Nice.
I have this for you.
- Okay, not really...
- Yeah, okay, sorry.
But yeah, you've got it.
It's perfect.
Oh, there's more.
- These are for you.
- Thank you.
Okay. Okay. You guys ready?
Do you see the vision?
You know what?
You've convinced me.
I knew it! Yes!
I love the gold, though I am thinking
maybe we add something,
like a black accent.
- Ooh.
- Ooh?
Especially with the jazz bar theme.
Yes. I agree. Actually,
that could work really well.
- You like it?
- Mm-hmm.
- I love it.
- You love it?
- I love it.
- We like it?
- I love it! I love it!
- Oh.
I love it. I love it.
I love it.
Please tell me you three aren't actually
going to be on the cover.
Of course not, no. No.
How many readers are you using?
- Um, five? Five?
- I thought it was four?
- Four, five?
- Gosh, you know what?
The time, oh, I actually
have another meeting...
- Right!
- So I'm gonna wrap this up.
Nate, Joanna's gonna see you out, so...
Oh yeah, I have to show you
something very important
- before you go, so...
- Oh, let me...
- Now. Now, Joanna.
- Okay, yeah.
- Mm-hmm. Bye.
- My things, just...
The, uh...
You got something on your... yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Well... I'll put it back.
Okay, spill.
What am I supposed to be spilling?
I don't know what happened back there,
but as soon as Brandon came into the room,
you got all flustered.
About that.
Okay, I'm gonna tell you,
but you have to promise me
that you won't think
- I'm completely crazy.
- Okay.
Actually, I can't make you
promise me that,
because if you told me
what I'm about to tell you,
I would seriously be concerned.
Okay, this sounds juicy.
Go on.
I may have told Brandon
that Nate is my boyfriend.
- What?!
- I know.
How did this even happen?
Tell me everything.
I just, I panicked
and I just didn't want Brandon
to think that I wasn't over him.
Well, when are you gonna tell Nate?
I mean, I don't really know if I am,
we've been getting along
great and, you know,
I don't want to go back to square one.
What, awkward silences
in front of a graffiti wall?
Babe, you've been there,
done that, okay?
You're gonna have to tell him.
If you wanna keep this charade up,
you're gonna have to tell him.
I'll think about it.
- Darcey.
- Mm.
- I figured it out.
- Figured out what?
Where I've heard
the name Nate Taylor before.
- Right.
- He was that photographer
who fell off the face of the earth.
This time last year, he was flying high,
making a real name for himself
and then he literally
disappeared overnight.
He took a break from the industry
for personal reasons, so what?
I heard he stormed off set
in the middle of a shoot
for a high-profile magazine.
Who does that? They had
to pull the whole story.
Okay, look, whatever happened,
we're lucky to be working
with him before his career
takes off again and he even
considers taking this job.
I'm only telling you this
because I'm looking out for you.
Okay, well then you need
to trust me, Brandon.
I know what I'm doing.
Still no bookings coming in?
They will.
But listen now,
I got something that can cheer
you up in the meantime,
at the very least, it will be
a welcome distraction.
What's going on?
I'm planning on asking
April to marry me.
- You are?
- I am.
You know, we've been
together for three years
and I just realized
that there's nobody else
that I'd rather spend the rest
of my life with, you know?
Congratulations, though I'm not surprised,
you two are a great couple.
We are, aren't we?
Yeah, well, let me know
if you need help with anything.
Well, funny you should ask,
I'm planning on throwing a proposal party
at a bistro that April's into.
Just an intimate thing,
a handful of friends and family.
Fancy being my official
event photographer?
- I'd love to.
- Thanks, man.
Maybe you could put an album
together, you know?
Something that April and I
can look back on
when we're together
in our retirement home.
- I'd be an honour.
- Thanks, man.
So, how's the shoot coming along?
It's going very well.
I wanted to let you know
that I plan to reveal the cover
at the She Magazine midsummer party.
That's great. No pressure.
Along with the She team,
I've invited editors from rival magazines.
I wanna prove to everyone
that we're still a force
to be reckoned with.
Okay, well I'm excited to show everyone
- what Nate and I come up with.
- Me too.
And um...
I will be bringing my fianc to the party.
Oh, I get to meet the lucky lady.
Do I detect a note of sarcasm?
- Maybe one.
- Touch.
I assume you'll be bringing Nate?
Yes. Of course.
Of course I'm gonna bring him,
he's my boyfriend, so...
So, it's kind of like a double date.
- Yeah. Fun.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
I look forward to getting to know him.
- It'll be nice.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll see ya down there.
- Alright.
You know, having Nate
and Brandon in the same room
all night is just asking for trouble.
You can always tell Brandon
that Nate can't make it.
I don't see why you should feel pressured
to bring a date anyway,
it's a work event, isn't it?
As tempting as that sounds,
it's Nate's cover too, so it's
only right that he's there.
We'll just have to keep them apart.
Brandon will be so busy schmoozing,
I don't see him having time
to start grilling Nate
about your relationship.
Oh, I spoke to the PR
for Every Woman lipstick,
she was acting a bit off.
Sounds like they're being very picky
about who they're giving early samples to.
It's creating a buzz
all over town already.
Imagine, a shade of red
that looks good on everybody.
It would go exactly with our theme!
We have to have it.
Which is why I want you to go
to the launch with me tomorrow.
You've got way more sway than I do.
Okay, fine, I'll come.
You know, you're much more
persuasive than you think.
You got me doing these classes,
didn't you?
I told you it was advanced.
Is it over soon? I'm just...
I think I have a cramp.
Good morning.
Hey, good morning.
Oh, I figured we'd walk.
- Come on.
- All the way to the prop house?
Yeah! We might see something
that inspires us along the way.
You are so from out of town.
How far is this exactly?
Uh, it's not... far.
Uh, look, I'll grab us some
coffees for the journey.
Fine. I haven't had my coffee yet, so...
Oh, let me guess. Black.
That's right.
Thank you.
I hope you're not expecting me
to drink that.
It's my favourite.
You're gonna love it.
It smells like a witch's brew.
No, trust me,
it tastes better than it looks.
No, I can't. I'm sorry.
Here's your black coffee,
I just wanted to see your face.
Fine. If it's that important
to you, I'm gonna try it.
- How is it?
- It's really good. Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah, I'm actually...
- Glad you made me try this.
- Hm.
Okay, so we're going to need a counter
that will double up as a bar.
Plus glasses, lights, bar stools.
I'm just gonna check my emails quickly.
- Darcey.
- Mm-hmm?
Who could you possibly be emailing with
at 8:30 in the morning?
Nothing to see here.
You work too much.
Okay. Uh, what do you do for fun?
Oh, there must be something.
I like reading magazines.
Yeah, that's work. What else?
Yeah, I rest my case.
Wait, wait, wait. If we could
find a way to hang this
from the ceiling at the studio,
this would make
an excellent centrepiece
for our set, don't you think?
And what about this curtain?
It'll be perfect as a backdrop.
Oh, this is really coming together.
And then afterwards...
A dress.
Hm, matches your eyes.
Okay, I think that went really well.
Yeah, now that we're on the same page,
you're actually pretty easy to work with.
These are so pretty.
Hey, lisianthus.
My mom's favourite.
- Aw.
- These are actually
one of the few flowers that can
withstand the summer heat.
My mom uses these in her wedding
bouquets this time of year.
- Your mom's a florist?
- Yeah.
She has a shop back home.
Recently just expanded the business,
has a couple of curbside stalls now.
Wow. So you must know
a lot about flowers then?
Well, I used to help out at the store
every day after school.
Definitely picked up a few things.
I hate having my picture taken.
Well, the camera certainly
doesn't hate you.
Two spicy specials to go, please.
This place is my favourite,
I used to get lunch here
all the time when I lived in New York.
I've never seen somebody get so excited
about a pretzel.
Why do you always have me
trying weird foods?
Oh, because unexpected combinations
are the best. Here.
This sauce is to die for.
Thank you very much.
So, why did you leave
New York so suddenly?
You can tell me to mind my own
business if you like.
No, no, it's okay.
I have to talk about it at some point.
I was doing a fashion story
for a magazine.
Uh, we were on location down in Miami
and all that mattered
was getting the right shot.
My life, my home town,
all of that was a distant memory.
Well, you were fully invested in the job,
what's so wrong with that?
The thing is,
I'm all my mom has since my dad left.
Did something happen?
She fell off a ladder
at work, broke her hip
at the exact time
I was doing this shoot.
Now, her neighbour tried
to get in touch with me
but I didn't check my messages for hours.
And by the time I finally
figured what was going on,
she was in the operating room
having surgery.
That's terrible. Was she okay?
Oh yeah, the procedure went well.
But I didn't know that at the time.
- Yeah.
- So I tried to finish up
this job, but my heart's not in it.
And then the fashion editor
throws a tantrum
over one of my shots.
It was the final straw,
I just...
Just walked right off.
Well, I'm sure anybody
would have done the same thing.
I mean, how could you focus on work when
you had all that going on?
It was completely unprofessional.
I mean, part of me doesn't
blame the fashion editor
for bad-mouthing...
All over town.
Well, for what it's worth,
I don't think they had any
right to do that to you.
Well, my mom's fine,
that's all that matters.
Now, how's your pretzel?
I'm about to go in.
Here we go!
Is that not the best
thing you've ever had?
- This is really good.
- Ah?
It's delicious, actually.
Oh my God.
- Mm-hmm.
- I rest my case.
Okay, so the readers
are going to arrive at
the studio for seven AM for fittings
and then they're going
to do hair and make-up.
Lunch is booked for 12:30.
And I have put together
a playlist of upbeat music
which will help everybody relax.
Great idea.
Oh, and maybe I can spritz everyone with
a ton of empowering perfume
just as they're about to step on set!
- Hi!
- Hey.
Did you need me?
Lunch for four readers plus the team?
I trust you're sticking to budget?
Of course. And I followed
the guidelines in the policies
and procedures manual,
which I believe you wrote.
I did. I just hope your boyfriend here
isn't pushing you in directions
you'd normally think twice about.
What do you mean "her boyfriend?"
Darcey never lets her personal
life get in the way of her
work, Brandon, you know that.
I can assure you that
it's all under control.
Can we just clarify what
you meant, by "boyfriend"?
Brandon, do you have a second?
I want to show you the provisional layout
of the Heritage Fragrance story.
I want to be absolutely,
100 percent sure
that you're happy with it.
Uh, fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But... it'll have to be quick.
After you.
What was that about?
I owe you an explanation.
Do you think that we can
take a walk please?
Okay, wait, let me get this straight.
You pretended
I was your boyfriend
before you knew anything about me?
I'm so sorry, I... I know
how bad this must sound.
But if you weren't
seeing anybody, why didn't
you just tell him that?
Part of me felt like a failure
after my relationship ended with Brandon,
which I know is irrational,
because it's not anybody's fault,
it just...
I just couldn't stand the fact of people
gossiping about me in the office
or feeling sorry for me, you know?
You should have told me sooner.
I guess I just didn't want to
ruin our working relationship.
I'm sorry.
So you put the magazine
ahead of my feelings?
No! No, no, no, it's not like that.
Look, I...
I may not understand
why you did what you did,
but people make mistakes.
Breakups are hard.
So then, do you think
you'd consider going along
with it for a few more days?
- Oh...
- Just until the shoot is over.
I mean, if we tell him now,
you know, it could ruin
everything that we've
worked towards.
Brandon, he's a powerful
person in the magazine world.
I don't need somebody else going around
spreading stories about me.
Though, on the other hand,
I am fed up with people thinking
they can ruin someone's reputation
just because they feel like it.
So what are you saying?
Ah, I'll do it.
But only for a few more days.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
Okay, there's just one more
teeny, tiny little thing.
Oh, what now?
I told Brandon that
I'd be bringing you
to the Midsummer Party.
I know, I know, I know.
But I'll owe you a favour next.
Several, in fact.
Actually, there is something
you could do for me.
She's going to be a hard nut to crack.
Don't worry, we got this.
Victoria, it's so nice to see you.
Thank you so much for coming, Darcey!
And... lovely to see you
again, too, Jocelyn.
It's Joanna.
Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.
How silly of me.
Victoria, we would love
to feature the Every Woman
lipstick on the September cover.
We've been hearing so much about it.
I'm afraid we've already
offered exclusivity
to another publication.
Ugh, that's a shame.
It would tie in perfectly
with the Heritage Fragrance
piece I'm about to submit.
Pierre Monet is your client too, right?
His classic
Eau de Paris fragrance
came out on top
in my blind testing experiment.
How interesting.
We are looking to relaunch the scent
for a "younger" market.
I'm thinking of making it
my September top pick.
In that case,
I don't see why we can't
let you have an early sample
of Every Woman.
Why don't you let me know
where you'd like it sent?
That was excellent work.
See? You're a much better
negotiator than I'll ever be.
That was fluke!
She thought my name was Jocelyn!
Oh, don't take it personally.
I bet she's gonna tell Pierre Monet that
the Heritage Fragrance
piece was all her idea.
Oh, without a doubt.
I bet it would be different
if I was an assistant beauty
editor and not just a beauty assistant.
I've been wanting
to talk to you about that.
Never mind assistant beauty editor.
I think it's time that
you ran your own department.
I don't know if I'm quite ready for that.
Are you kidding me?
You would be a brilliant beauty editor.
Why is it that when it comes
to dating, you're fearless,
but when it has anything
to do with your career
you're scared of taking
the same risks? Hm?
And how come you always
think outside of the box
when it comes to work,
but when it comes to your personal life,
you're stuck in a rut?
So what you're saying is
we have the opposite problem.
Is now a good time to point out
that you've been spending
a lot of time with Nate?
Is he still on board with
the whole fake-boyfriend thing?
Yes, he is.
But he has me doing
a lot of favours for him.
Like what?
Like helping him out at Simon
Leary's engagement party.
Apparently Nate's assistant
is sick, and there's no one else
in New York that he could ask.
That sounds fun. When is it?
And with the cover
shoot only three days away,
I should really be
in the office right now.
Yeah, but...
You do owe him a favour.
A big one.
Exactly. Which is why
I could hardly say no.
Well, I'm calling it.
You hanging out with Nate is good for you.
I'm telling you,
I haven't seen you
this relaxed or happy in years.
I just saw Nate at reception.
- What?
- Yeah.
He's early.
Do you need time or should I go get him?
You can go get him. Thank you.
- Hi!
- Hey.
- Please, take a seat.
- Oh, thank you.
So, what exactly do you have me doing
at this proposal party?
Ooh, well, let me think.
Uh, you don't mind
lugging around some seriously
heavy photographic equipment
all afternoon, do you?
I will do my best.
Well, thanks again for doing this.
I know it's not the kind
of thing you normally do.
What, blowing off work
in the middle of the day?
No. No, it is not.
Um, can you just give me two minutes?
I'm just gonna grab my
things and then we can go?
Yeah, of course.
Alright. Okay,
I've got everything.
Okay, promise me you'll call
me if you need anything?
I won't.
Now, go have some fun
and I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, I just wanted to make sure...
In fact, I think you should
turn your phone off.
Right now, so I can see it.
I don't think that's a good idea, we...
I insist.
- Happy?
- Very.
Where's Darcey going?
She took the afternoon off
to help Nate out with an event.
She took the afternoon off?
- To go to a...
- Party. With her boyfriend.
I've never seen her spend so
much time away from the office.
Same! She's like
a different person these days.
Super happy.
If I could just get
everybody's attention please.
Now, I'm not gonna bore you to
death with a big, long speech.
Just know, if you're here,
it's because there's nobody else
that April and I would rather
spend this beautiful, wonderful,
loving moment with.
Friends, family, colleagues,
we love you.
Almost as much as we love each other.
Thank you for being here!
So, if you guys wanna just
stand over there, that's great.
Now just pretend it's just the two of you.
And, you know what?
Can we just move
the reflector a little bit?
- Just like... there.
- Oh, okay.
See, now we're getting...
More use of that light, there.
- Mm-hmm.
- Alright. Okay, one more.
And, you know what?
Let's, uh...
Let's take one where...
Let's pretend Darcey's
the bride and I'm Simon.
And now, toast us with your champagne.
Okay, let's, uh...
Let's shake it out.
Left arm, right arm.
A little shimmy shake, just like that.
Okay, okay. Back to the cheese.
And a couple more!
Oh, big face, big face, big fun!
Yeah, wow.
Uh, I think we got it.
Thank you very much.
Okay. Next up we have
Simon's cousin and his plus-one.
I'm gonna go find them.
Hey, you're doing great.
There are some advantages
to being a control freak.
Control freak or not,
it's great having you here.
You know, there is a very
simple vanilla pound cake
over there with your name
written all over it.
You're so funny.
Hey, do you want to see
how the shots are turning out?
Remember Simon's cousin and his girlfriend
and how intimidated they were
by the camera at first?
- Mm-hmm.
- Look.
Once they start to relax,
they become the most fascinating subjects.
See, I love this one where
he's just looking at her
like he can't believe his luck.
So cute!
Did somebody say my name?
- Hey!
- Hi!
Congratulations, my newly engaged friend.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Simon.
I'm so happy for you both.
Oh, I'm just grateful
that the two of you
took the afternoon off
to help me out.
So, uh, how are you guys
finding working together?
- Uh... better than expected.
- Surprisingly easy, actually.
That's great, that's great.
These creative types can be pretty...
Can be a handful.
Hey, we're highly sensitive individuals.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Oh, by the way, I asked the DJ
to put a slow song on next.
I expect the both of you to be out there.
Get rid of this thing. Come on.
You know, for someone who can't relax,
you're a very good dancer.
I can do things other than work, you know?
Yeah, well,
I was beginning to wonder.
Uh, thank you again for today.
I mean, you made everything
ten times easier.
Does this mean I'm forgiven?
For telling Brandon
I'm your boyfriend?
There's still a long way to go.
- I should...
- I'll just, yeah. Okay!
So, are the editorial jobs
starting to come in like you'd hoped?
You know, I wonder if things
will ever go back to the way they were.
But lately, I've been wondering
if that's what I really want anyway.
What do you mean?
I've come to the conclusion
that I just really love taking pictures.
It doesn't always have to be
this high-end stuff, you know?
Like, take tonight, for example.
I... I loved meeting
Simon's friends and family.
And giving myself the challenge
of having them come
to life for the camera.
Well, you're really good at it.
You know, I would have never
had you down as a people person,
but after tonight...
Well, thanks, I think.
Um... My rides here,
so I have to go, but um...
We'll catch up tomorrow?
Yeah. I'll walk you to the car.
Okay. Thanks.
Work on shop list, check.
Text... choices... check.
Build wardrobe, check.
Aww... The lisianthus!
Hey, well remembered.
What are these for?
Well, they're just a thank you
for the help at the party.
And, uh...
I thought I should make some
effort to get into character.
Mmm! You're getting really
good at this fake boyfriend thing.
Yeah, it's a skill
I never knew I had.
And you have me to thank
for discovering it.
Well, I can't stay long.
Gotta go set up.
- Okay, I will walk you out.
- Yeah!
Well, I'll see you later.
I look forward to it.
Looking forward to it!
- Nate!
- Hey!
Hey. How's it going?
Great, uh... Really great.
Good to see you.
Oh no! No, no, no!
So I was wondering, um...
How long have you and Darcey
known each other?
- Months!
- Weeks.
- It feels like it's been weeks.
- Yeah.
Because, you know,
it's been such a whirlwind.
Uh, hasn't it, sweetie?
Oh, it sure has, hon.
Uh, don't you have to go to the studio?
- Oh, I do!
- Mm-hmm!
It's been great
running into you, Brandy.
Likewise, Nathan.
Bye, honey!
You're going to love the cover,
let me show you...
What we're working on.
- You have an update for me?
- Uh, yeah.
Wow! This looks amazing.
I think we did pretty good.
If you crop it...
it looks just like a jazz bar circa 1935.
I love it.
Where's your assistant?
Uh, still sick.
Should be fine on my own this time.
Well, let me know if you need any help.
I'm practically a pro now.
I might take you up on that.
Looking good!
Here you go, you're all set.
Is that the Every Woman red lipstick?
That shade looks amazing on you.
I love it.
That dress looks so chic!
The readers are gonna be
rushing out to get one
as soon as they see
how good it looks on you.
- Do you really think so?
- Oh, I know so.
That means so much coming from you.
I'm an avid reader of the magazine
and your beauty pages
are always my favourite.
That's really nice to hear, thank you.
Yes, it's so great to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
I'm gonna do a little tweak, okay?
Oh, please! Yes.
I want to just show the earrings more.
Okay, perfect.
Oh, stunning. Stunning!
Alright, ladies, we're about
to start the fashion shoot!
Now remember, be bold, have fun,
and remember the She Magazine slogan:
Real Fashion and Beauty for Every Woman.
Okay! Don't mind me,
I'm just gonna be taking these.
Just feel relaxed, feel comfortable.
- They seem a bit stiff.
- Yeah.
Maybe this needs a woman's touch.
Hey, can I just take
a second with the girls?
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
Ladies, I know how
nerve-wracking this must be.
As soon as the camera
points at me, I just freeze.
I totally get it.
I totally understand.
I would feel the exact
same way if I were you.
Any tips?
Okay, why not try imagining
that you're out with your
girlfriends for a drink
and maybe... we're celebrating something?
You know, someone got a promotion?
- We're having fun! Mm-hmm!
- Okay.
All four of you look
fantastic, by the way!
You really do.
You ladies are going
to be an inspiration
to women all over the country.
Okay, can we try this one more
time? Let's give it a shot.
- Yeah?
- Sure.
Alright, here we go!
Let me see...
Yes! Look at that energy, feeling fierce.
Looking stunning!
Now, a little bit on the side.
Oh, yes!
Now turn a little bit,
shoulder towards me.
Exactly! And over here,
oh, I love what you're doing.
Okay, let's move back, get you back here
and then just like, casual,
confident, just lean back,
feeling good. Alright.
Tilt your head down just
a little bit, catch the light!
Ugh, love that! Okay,
moving in for extreme close-ups.
You need the 85 mil
for the close-ups, right?
Oh, I taught you well.
Alright, little touches?
Oh, this is looking fantastic.
Okay, I think for this one...
Uh, one of you...
Uh, just your face
and whatever you're feeling,
something beautiful, something confident...
You know what's really
fun to do sometimes?
Have a secret behind your eyes.
Straight down the lens. Fierce.
Tilt your head a little bit.
Oh, that's gorgeous.
Yeah, just look down
and then lift your eyes.
Perfection. Alright, moving on!
Okay everyone, we're gonna
take a ten-minute break.
Please help yourself to some
pastries and refreshments.
Oh! Sorry.
- Yum, yum.
- Excuse me.
Hey, Nate. Just checking in,
seeing how things are going over there.
Uh, great.
I forgot what a buzz it is
to be shooting on set
and shooting with these readers
is actually really rewarding.
Darcey Harrison sure seems
to be bringing the best out of you.
Well, whatever she's doing,
long may it continue.
Yeah, well, if these photos
turn out as great as I think they will,
I might actually be open to doing
more of this kind of work.
Well that's great. I think diversifying
your portfolio is a good way to go.
Uh, great.
Uh, okay, gotta get back to it!
Okay, ladies.
Coffee time's over.
Let's get back to work!
Alright, let's go.
Hmm, alright.
Yes! Keep going with that, loving that!
Gonna get this focused this time.
On three. One, two, and...
Coming in, yes!
Okay, now I'm coming down.
Yeah, there we go, just like that!
Good thing I stretched
before I came into the shoot.
Okay, here we go.
Loving it!
You're all looking fantastic!
And coming in, yes!
Put your hand on her shoulder.
Yeah, your hand's perfect.
Your hand... Love that.
Okay, keep going with that.
That's great!
Thanks so much for today.
I mean, I couldn't have done
any of this without you.
Oh, I should be the one thanking you
for reminding me how much fun
it is to shoot commercial editorial.
And I think the readers
were really starting to
enjoy themselves at the end.
Yeah. How do you think
the pictures are gonna to turn out?
Uh, you know, we could go back
to your office now,
go over them together there?
Sure. That would be nice.
Alright. Let me pack up.
I think we're the only ones in here.
Is that so? Um...
- These are really good.
- Yeah.
Oh, this one could definitely work.
Yeah, it could.
Hmm, or this one?
When's Brandon making his final choice?
Tomorrow at three, here in the office.
Do you think you can make it?
Yeah. I wouldn't miss it.
Oh, just give me a second,
I wanna tell Joanna
what a great job she did
with the fragrance piece.
You never stop thinking about work.
That's not strictly true.
Not these days, anyway.
Uh, something else on your mind?
I just want to say
that I've really enjoyed
our time together
over the last couple of weeks.
Me too.
- Oh.
- Uh...
Good night!
You saw him coming.
Well, just a second before you.
I guess we weren't alone.
So it seems.
So... where were we?
- Wait, Darcey!
- Mm-hmm?
Was it something that I said?
No, of course not.
Just... it's been a long day.
I'm gonna get an early night.
Help! I'm on a date,
and it's not going well.
Oh, no.
Can't you just cut it short?
I had to pretend like I was
making an urgent phone call
just so I could take a break.
He literally won't stop talking.
His entire personality
is his food allergies.
Is everything okay?
You seem a bit flat.
Yeah, it's...
It's fine, it's fine.
Tell me what's going on.
I think I actually developed
feelings for Nate.
- That's great!
- Not really, no.
He clearly doesn't feel
the same way about me.
No offence, Darcey,
but you're not exactly
the best judge of whether
or not somebody likes you.
No, no, no. He doesn't, okay?
He's just playing this role,
the one that I asked him to play.
There's only one way
to find out how he really
feels about you.
You're going to have to ask him!
Oh, no. No, no, no.
I couldn't.
You could.
And it just so happens
that you're both going
to be at the same party
tomorrow night.
It's the perfect time
to tell him how you really feel.
Why is Brandon doing
the reveal here anyway?
He always does it at the party.
You know what is worrying me?
I sent Brandon three options for the cover
and he still hasn't
said anything. Not a word.
Hmm. He's probably just
caught up with the wedding.
Here we go!
Thank you for all taking time out
of your busy schedules, everyone,
but as you know, it is tradition
that we gather to reveal
and celebrate the most
prestigious cover of the year:
the September issue.
Taking into account our USP,
we've kept the cover simple,
sleek and effective
in keeping in line with our brand.
Now, without further ado,
may I present...
The September cover.
I think you'll all agree
that this image captures
the essence of She Magazine.
May we all continue on
for another dazzling 15 years.
- See you all at the party.
- Is this a joke?
- Brandon!
- My office.
What is going on?
Darcey, I'm afraid your cover
is not the vision we discussed.
Did you really think you could
go that off-brand without me
signing off on it first?
Off brand?
I ran every element
of this shoot past you.
Not once did you question anything
except for the budget!
Besides, whatever happened
to "It's all yours, Darcey.
You've got full control."
Do you remember that?
Yeah, well, the buck stops with me.
You know, I knew there was something
off about this whole thing.
- It's so like you to do...
- I mean, can't you see
that all Darcey is
trying to do is save this brand
that you keep talking about?
I don't think someone
with your professional history
is in a position to comment on my brand.
You know what?
I just think you're worried
that Darcey's ideas
and meticulous execution
put yours to shame.
Do you really need your boyfriend
to fight your battles for you?
Oh, I'm perfectly capable
of sticking up for myself,
as you well know.
But since relationships
are all about sticking your neck
out for the other person,
I refuse to stand by and watch
you sabotage
Darcey's brilliant work.
Look. I'm sorry.
I know you both worked very hard.
But the bottom line is your cover
completely missed the mark.
Well then, if you can't get
up to speed with the changes
that this magazine needs
so that everyone else can keep their jobs,
maybe this isn't the right place
for me to be working anymore.
I know you're probably wondering
what you've gotten yourself into.
Yeah, you think?
I'm trying to rebuild my reputation,
not make it ten times worse.
This is all my fault and I should've never
complicated things by...
By involving me in this ridiculous
fake-boyfriend scheme?
No, you shouldn't.
I mean, that's clearly the catalyst
behind this whole thing.
What was wrong with just
hiring me as a photographer?
I'm sorry, Nate.
Maybe we can...
Maybe, maybe we can what?
Oh, I know.
Let's go back into Brandon's office
and you can tell him
this was just a little ruse
so that you wouldn't appear hurt
that he had found somebody else.
- Nate, I'm...
- I needed a comeback, Darcey,
not a wipeout.
You know what's...
You know what's worse, I...
I believe in our pictures.
- So do I!
- But what I don't need
is everything else that comes with them.
Okay, well, can we at least try?
No, we can't.
What am I supposed to put in my portfolio?
A magazine cover that never even
made it to the shelves?
Hey. Are you working late again?
Just finishing up here, honey.
Everything okay?
Uh, not really.
I need your advice.
Of course. What's going on?
I've met someone.
Darcey Harrison,
beauty editor for the magazine
that I'm working for.
I'm worried that I've gone
and messed it all up.
Is she worth taking a risk for?
I think so. Which means...
Which means you're going to have
to tell her how you feel,
Nate. Right now!
Before you manage
to talk yourself out of it!
There's Brandon and his new fiance.
She is stunning.
And she's gonna need a lot
of help, being married to him.
- I'm gonna go get us a drink.
- Make mine a double.
Hi. Oh.
I can't stand the image
on the cover of the magazine.
I'm gonna pull the advertisement.
Trent Dearden hates
Brandon's cover.
I overheard him say
he's gonna pull his ad out,
effective immediately.
What? How are we going to survive this?
We won't!
You have to do something.
I think I have an idea.
Mia! Hi, I need your help.
Hi! Uh, okay, yeah, what do you need?
Do you know how to control
what goes up on the screen?
- Yes.
- Good, show me.
Okay, we're going to take
Brandon's cover off the screen
and exchange it with one
of the images on here, okay?
Right now.
Mia, I know you're worried
about getting into trouble,
but I promise you, this is
for the good of the magazine.
Our biggest advertiser
is about to pull out
because he hates the cover.
And without that revenue,
She Magazine is in serious
danger of going under.
- It is?
- Yes.
Okay... sent it.
That's the one. Go, go, go!
What is this?
Get this image off the screen now!
Oh, and Mia. Thank you.
- Trent, hi.
- Good to see you again, Darcey.
It's so nice to see you too.
Have you seen the new cover
that's up on the screen?
That's completely different
to the image I saw earlier.
This is the real cover.
The one that I'm responsible for
and the one that we discussed
at our last meeting.
It's our celebration
of the readers who have made
She Magazine what it is today.
What do you think?
I think it's spectacular.
Exactly what the magazine needs.
And if this image goes on the cover,
I'll be taking out more ads,
not pulling them.
That's so great to hear, Trent.
- You came.
- Hey.
Um, you said it was urgent.
What's going on?
Come with me. I'll show you.
How did you do that?
Well, there was about
to be a major fallout
with one of our advertisers,
so I got Brandon's assistant
to swap the picture.
Listen, uh...
I'm sorry about the other day.
I shouldn't have walked away,
especially when you were just
trying to explain things.
I just... I got frustrated,
but at Brandon, not you.
I don't want you to think I don't
care enough to hear you out.
And I'm sorry for getting
you caught up in all this mess.
I should have never
lied to Brandon about us.
I mean, sure, I panicked,
but that's not an excuse.
And I should have never put your
reputation in jeopardy.
Darcey Harrison, congratulations.
Great to see you, Karen.
Nate, this is Karen Williams,
she's editor at Bliss Magazine.
Karen, this is Nate Taylor,
the extremely talented photographer
who helped me work on the cover.
Wait, you shot this image?
I did.
It's wonderful.
Well, at least I completed something,
unlike my last job for Bliss.
Oh, yeah.
That was unfortunate.
Your mother got hurt
in the middle of a shoot,
if I remember correctly.
It threw you off.
I should have handled it differently.
Oh, Nate.
Life happens.
Shoots don't work out.
It's not ideal, but it's not unforgivable.
I'd like to give you a second chance.
Would you consider working with us again?
Of course.
Uh, if you'll have me.
Good! Well, call my assistant
and have her set up a meeting.
Uh, to be clear, this was a collaboration.
Darcey and I worked together
on the project.
I see.
I'm looking for a new beauty
editor for Bliss.
If you'd be interested, call me.
I'd love to have you on the team.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
Oops! Did I interrupt something?
Okay, I'll make this quick
so that you can get back to...
Whatever it is you were doing.
I just want to say I saw Karen
Williams give you her card.
That must mean one thing,
because she never gives out
her personal cards.
She wants you to work
at Bliss, doesn't she?
And hypothetically speaking,
if that is the case,
it's not just me we should be celebrating.
What do you mean?
When and if I go work at Bliss,
who do you think's going to be
the new beauty editor at She?
- No!
- Yes.
- I couldn't.
- You could!
Well, I'll leave you to it.
So, you're going to apply
for that position at Bliss?
Absolutely. 100 percent.
The sooner I don't have to
work with Brandon, the better.
And Bliss? I mean, come on,
it's the bestselling glossy
magazine in the country!
Well, you deserve to work for the best.
I'm, uh... I'm really glad
that you decided to come tonight.
Yeah, on that note,
I want to apologize
for overstepping the mark
the other night at the office.
Overstepping the mark?
That moment we shared
before Brandon walked by,
it upset you.
Yeah, I... I wasn't upset
because you took it too far.
I was... I was disappointed
because I actually thought
that we had something going for real.
So when I saw Brandon,
I just realized that it was
all part of the act and then...
What act?
Your fake boyfriend role.
I mean, you were really going for it,
and then I just misread
the signals and it was
pretty embarrassing.
No, no, that wasn't it at all!
I didn't even see Brandon
until the last second.
The only reason I agreed
to pretend to be your boyfriend
in the first place
was... I started to like you.
Uh... for real.
So this whole time we've been...
Feeling the same way about each other?
I think so.
Uh, shall we?
You know, this is becoming
a regular occurrence,
for us, you don't think?
That's not a bad thing.
You know, before I met you,
I was wondering if
I'd made a mistake
moving back to New York.
But thanks to you,
I remembered why I loved
photography in the first place.
You've helped me, too, you know?
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Did you throw away your notebook?
Do you... know how to have fun yet?
I think I do.
There is more to life than work.
Well, you know what
I'm not happy about?
You totally got me hooked
on those pretzels with spicy sauce.
I knew it.
I think that this might be
one of the best unexpected
combinations to date.