The Loveless (1981) Movie Script

Well, I was born overheated
beneath the blue black sky
they tried to cool me off
nice try
yeah, the sun don't shine
in the places I've been
but I'm a-searching for a life
and I'm a-living in sin
I'm the source of all sorrow,
a Jack of all trades
I'm here and gone tomorrow,
I never leave a trace
I never had to worry
about the state of affairs
with any cool little mama
wearing beehive hair
I pick 'em up in the morning
and drop 'em off at night
before they know what's a-happened,
man, I'm out of sight
I'm relentless,
I'm never satisfied
I'll be relentless
until the day that I die
I'm like a Blackjack table,
a loaded pair of dice
you better look out, cat,
I'll kill you twice
yeah, I'm relentless...
I'm never satisfied
I'll be relentless
until the day that I die
I'm like a Blackjack table,
a loaded pair of dice
you better look out, cat,
I'll kill you twice
yeah, I'm relentless,
now, look, you got a little girl
and you see me hanging round
you better lock her up tight, now
get outta town,
cos I'm relentless...
I'm relentless,
yeah, well, I'm relentless
'Man... I was what you'd call...
'I mean... way beyond torn up.
'I wasn't gonna be no man's friend today.'
'been outta storage for about a year now.
'And to me... this endless black top
is my sweet eternity.
'I knew I was going to hell
in a bread basket.
'...there are no obstacles
'to having relations
between our countries develop,
'as good neighborly relations.
"I should like to mention
the easement of international tension
'and abolition of the cold war,
disarmament, a peace treaty would be..."
I coulda sworn the tires
on these cars change themselves.
You wanna toss me the keys
to the trunk?
- You a mechanic?
- No, ma'am.
What do you do?
Not a whole lot.
What do you mean?
I mean like zero.
Don't you think I oughta get out of here
while you do that?
Relax, ma'am.
And crank that radio up!
Is that any good?
You got any smokes?
These okay?
I ain't waiting for no train.
Hey, boy, where you going
on that motorcycle?
To watch 'em howl down in Daytona.
Okay, ma'am, you're back in action.
Now what've you got?
Like cash.
I'm usually on the receiving end.
Hey, wait a minute!
Hey, you can't...
Hey, you can't do that.
You... no! You...
I don't know what you...
so alone that I could cry...
Yes, sir?
Two packs of luckies.
...Watching lovers passing by
I want to be wanted
when I am kissed,
I want his lips to really kiss me
when we're apart,
I want his heart to really miss me
I want to know he loves me
so his eyes are misting
that's the way I want to be loved
just my lonely heart knows how
I want to be wanted
right now
not tomorrow, but right now
I want to be wanted
I want someone to share
my laughter and my tears with
someone I know I'd love
to spend a million years with
where is this someone...?
Scramble 'em.
Just my lonely heart knows how
I want to be wanted
right now
not tomorrow, but right now
I want to be wanted
I want someone to share
my laughter and my tears with
someone I know I'd love
to spend a million years with
where is this someone
'You never can tell
on a day like this.
"Things could be going Jake one minute,"
'then presto...
'Before you know it, you're history.'
Have at it, junior.
Hey, man...
People live here?
- Forget it.
- What was that?
I said, is this a town
or a truck stop?
If you weren't born here,
you wouldn't have a whole lotta reason
to hang around.
Suppose to meet my buddies
on highway 17. How'd I get there?
Which way you coming from?
It don't matter which way I'm coming from.
It's which way I'm going to.
What makes you stay?
After my husband died...
I just didn't have it in me
to take off.
He fell off a scaffolding.
That was five years ago
this coming August.
What about you?
You don't look like the type
to stay anywhere for too long.
Never had the urge.
Thank you.
Augusta, come here.
I'll bring you more coffee. Just be a sec.
Come on back here.
You boys have really been
dragging your asses.
Wait a minute.
Hey, where's the local talent
around this joint, man?
I need something to chew on fast.
Honey, cool your jets.
- Hurley's primary chain went bad on him.
- Yeah?
How much sleep am I supposed
to lose over that?
It ain't gonna hurt
just to talk to 'em, Evie.
I don't want 'em in here
and I don't wanna serve 'em.
Just like dogs.
They ain't gonna hurt you,
lest they know your scared.
I ain't scared!
They just turn my stomach.
They're just customers.
Come on, la ville, you can't lose.
Five will get you ten for a strike.
You're on, baby.
That boy's daddy has got a garage.
Hey, John, you think your old man
would lend his garage for the day?
- He'll want some money.
- Sure...
We got some scratch.
You take this road.
It's five, maybe six, miles.
It's on the right, you can't miss it.
You on the menu?
Just give me a hamburger
with everything.
Guess you're stuck here for a while.
Sit tight, Davis.
And go easy on the vitamins.
We need a place to put
one of our scooters into shape.
Not today, boy.
Hey, dad, what's the problem?
We got the dollars.
When did you start
catering to the low-rents?
Full house on whiskey for the rail!
Is that it?
Iced tea.
She'd eat you alive, boy.
You'd get lost in there.
How long you think you'll be here?
Half a day.
Better make it twenty, boy.
Hey, give me another dime.
I'll give you a sleeper hold,
that's what I'll give you.
I didn't ask for that.
Now give me ten cents.
Come on.
Now you hold it in the road,
you hear?
How you doing, mama?
Hey, so where's our disabled victim?
Why don't you try and put it in neutral
for a change, Davis?
He's just jumpy cos we've been talking
about capital punishment.
Cool it, Debbie.
What's the matter?
Davis don't wanna sit in the hot seat?
What are you laughing about?
Davis here is
allergic to electricity.
Why don't you shut up?
Don't bring those kids here again.
You wouldn't want them telling nobody
what their papa does for a living.
Now, would you?
come, let's stroll
- I stroll across the floor
- & strolling
come, let's stroll
- I stroll across the floor
- & strolling
now, turn around, baby
- j let's stroll once more
- & strolling
it feels so good
- j take me by my hand
- & strolling
now, I feel so good,
take me by my hand
Where'd Vance get to, anyway?
He's probably off,
fine-tuning his sideburns.
Strolling, yeah!
Rock 'n' rolling
well, rock my soul...
Look what the cat's dragging in.
Ain't it about time?
With any luck, we'll make it to Daytona
for the last race.
- We'll make him pay for it, Vance.
- A busted chain, Vance.
We're gonna fix your bike, Hurley,
and flush outta this toilet.
We're gonna miss practice, man.
- Make life easy on yourself, Davis.
- Yeah, we got two days yet.
Hurley here burns my ass!
Look, Davis, I ain't asking you
to wait around.
Yeah, but, Hurley baby,
I wouldn't think of going nowhere
without you.
Go bark at the moon.
We planning on motivating today?
Or tomorrow?
Now that's just gonna have to do.
Hey, let me remind you of something.
I'm the one that figured out
how to tap that pipeline.
And I can get me another filling station
to store the stuff.
Now you just better take it easy.
Yeah... one of these days,
it's gonna catch up with you, too.
"You'll like the full
rich flavor you get from..."
I'm dreaming of you
& I'm dreaming of you
only of you
& only of you
I want you to know
I love you so
I'm dreaming of you
I dreaming, dreaming,
dreaming of you
j' I think about you
& I'm thinking of you
only of you
& only of you
please say you'll be mine
till the end of time
I'm dreaming of you
I dreaming, dreaming,
dreaming of you
I knew in my heart
it was you from the start
the stars in the sky
know the reason why
I dream of you
& I'm dreaming of you
only of you
& only of you
please say you'll be mine
till the end of time...
'...the restless years...
"She could not forget
her own sins of the past."
'Restless with the fears
of so many in that town
'that their shabby secrets
would be exposed...
Top it off, will you?
Boy, oh, boy, you sure got yourself
a garage full.
What's the big deal
about motorcycles anyways?
Where'd you steal that?
I won it in a Turkey shoot.
- Where y'all from?
- Detroit.
What are you doing here?
A weekend in the country.
Come on...
Who you blackmailing?
Won it playing bingo.
Got any cigarettes?
But I'd feel like
I was promoting child abuse.
- You owe me a dollar, telena.
- Sure.
You know...
Without that motorcycle of yours,
you'd really be a nobody.
A real deadbeat.
So what's a bum gotta do
to drive this thing?
Turn the key.
Who the hell's got time
to babysit anyway?
Hey, daddio, we're getting ourselves
some liquid entertainment.
Yeah, I need a cocktail I can pop.
You boys interested in stock cars?
Who do you think is leading
the rookie points this year at Nascar?
Don't know.
Lee - by god - petty!
"'...complete confidence in
a company that advises you to borrow..."
- So what's it like in Detroit?
- Couldn't tell you.
- Thought that's where you're from.
- New York.
Met a couple of those boys in prison.
That's why we run together.
- What you do time for?
- Stealing cars.
And got me on a mann act.
- What's a mann act?
- I need a beer.
Where's a liquor store?
Closest place is run by darkies.
And I ain't going there.
"'& smoke the big o! J"
'smoke the big o, oasis.
New oasis filter cigarettes.'
Hey, Davis, I got one for you.
"High-quality brass knucks: $2.00."
"Paralyzer police units: $1.95."
Cute, Ricky, real cute.
Wait a minute,
this one's more up your alley.
"Needed: A few good
mercenary-type people"
"for clandestine-type work
for liberal payment."
Orlando, Davis, we'll be right
in the neighborhood.
Don't laugh, man. You know
there's big bucks in that line of work.
Hurley, baby, one for you.
You and Vance could use this
up in the slammer.
"Lock-picking made easy.
Complete details."
"A must for the serious locksmith."
They make me feel dirty.
I want some beer
and some thunderbird.
I need two cases of Dixie.
And four pints of thunderbird.
I ain't as white as I look.
How'd you get that scar on your face?
The night my mama checked out,
killed herself,
daddy kinda lost his temper.
He used to tell her...
"I'm gonna give you a smile
from ear to ear."
She just couldn't take it no more.
So, she did herself in.
Bang, just like that.
Shot herself in the head.
Stuff was all over the wall.
He gave me my car
cos he felt so guilty.
- He's got this oil business...
- What you do when you're not having fun?
You mind standing against the wall
for some live target practice?
Put a lid on it, Davis.
Hey, what would I do
without that profile?
Come close to me.
Nice day if it don't rain.
Those grease monkeys
giving you a hard time?
Do I look affected?
- That your boy?
- Yep.
Got a wife?
Good. I like families.
You nicked me again, Davis.
We're just not in the same league.
- Hey, you ready, man?
- Yeah. He's just a joy bang.
You go to school?
- You quit.
- I flunked!
You're just a hophead
with a big ol' bike.
You're just a kid with a scar,
a dead mom, too much car...
Police record!
A little light upstairs.
And I stopped being a kid
when I was twelve.
So what do you know about hopheads?
Daddy calls me a slut...
I think of it more as a skill.
Maybe a talent.
Looking for business?
Well, let me tell you...
I know I could send you to heaven.
- Does it have a name?
- It has a voice too!
Ricky, where are
those snapshots of yours?
Hey, doll. Young blood...
There wasn't even enough left
of that bike to salvage for parts.
You just got scared, man.
I knew there was no way
you were gonna negotiate that turn.
You ain't got time to get scared!
Why don't you just go to hell, Davis?
Fifty-one stitches.
Eat your heart out.
You know... I ain't never seen
nothing like it before in my life.
They're animals.
Hell... I'd love to trade places
with them for a day or two.
'I'm a regular Joe.
"I've got an itch between my legs
and an afternoon for a heart.'"
but, baby...
baby, don't let them tell you
I'm too young
& such a pretty baby
so young, my teenage love,
so young, my darlin'
oh, baby
I desire your lips
warm as fire
and the thrill when you're near me
my, baby
as our love may grow,
it will hurt me, I know
for our love can never be
& sweetheart, I want you so bad
this love is driving me mad
but what can I do?
So young, too young
that's what they tell me
oh, baby
I know that I'll cry,
and I know that I'll die
if they take you away from me
such a pretty baby
I'm feeling so blue
for I know that it's true
I can never have you
sweetheart, I want you so bad
this love is driving me mad
but what can do?
So young...
...Too young, that's what they tell me
I know that I'll cry
and I know that I'll die
when they take you away from me...
Daddy, he ain't done nothing to me
you haven't done a hundred times before!
...For I know that it's true
I can never have you
oh, baby...
"I have great faith
in the people here, that they'll..."
'...there's nothing to be afraid of.
'Some view the incident calmly
'and indicate acceptance of the facts,
but for others...
Get away from me! Get off of me!
You are mine!
I don't know what you're getting yourself
all worked up for.
Why did they have to stop here?
You get in there?
Door was wide open.
'...this Pontiac roars
into the record books 128 mph!
'Second fastest classic...
"The sound barrier
hasn't been broken,"
'but, at 130 mph, anything can happen.
'Almost invisible ripples in the sand
send up shock waves
'that torture suspension and steering.
'Look out!'
'bill norcutt is trapped in the wreck.
His seat belt held...
'He's on his feet, walking away!
"That car was traveling faster
than 130 mph,"
'when it went out of control...'
damn! Oh, come on!
What is that?
Gimme a cigarette.
Man, we coulda been
catting around Daytona by now.
Knocking 'em back at the tiger lounge.
This joint's a dump.
Davis, for all your suffering...
- I'm suffering.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna treat you to one of those movies
with the topless usherettes.
No hard feelings, boy.
We all got get some on us.
My friend milt here thinks
you're the answer to his dreams.
I tend to agree.
Those boys play dirty pool.
They're a bunch of commies.
Hey... do you really think so, tarver?
Hell, yes!
There ain't no doubt!
Tarver, you're looking to get
your damned face rearranged.
Come on, sid... we're going outside.
Come on, sid!
Like the town?
I think your husband had the right idea.
Tarver... you really think
they're communists?
Jesus Christ, sid...
If you wasn't my brother...
I'd think you was the dumbest
son of a bitch on earth.
Mama told you not to talk like that.
Come on.
I used to catch frogs when I was a kid.
Put a cherry in its mouth,
light the fuse and let her go...
Back into the water.
Hey, is it OK if I sit on it?
It's still.
You wait...
Then a flash.
A muffled explosion.
The surface of the water bubbles...
What does that bike turn
in a quarter mile?
Hey, skinhead!
It was beautiful.
What does that motorcycle do
in a quarter mile?
Dumbass rednecks.
How the hell fast does she go?
No car will run with it!
Hell you say, boy!
Well, my imagination
is always on the run
my imagination is only just begun
and maybe that's the reason
I got to leave you behind
oh, baby, you're wasting my time
if you wake up one morning
and find I'm not around
don't say I didn't warn you,
don't say I let you down
just try to give me credit
for following my mind
oh, baby, you're wasting my time...
and it's time I took action
cos your satisfaction
seems to come from hurting me
so, baby, you're the only one
who knows...
and you'll be alone
when I'm gone, I'm gone
there's no way you can hurt me
or change my point of view
or help me understand
what I really gotta do...
...Completely out of my mind
oh, baby, you're wasting my time
I'll take two of those!
Yeah, she's got this one!
Shaky, shaky, shaky!
Oh, brother!
...And you'll be alone
when I'm gone, I'm gone...
...You're wasting my time
yeah, baby, you're wasting my time
oh, baby, you're wasting my time
Man, that was a real square dance!
Come and get it, boys!
'Daddy, he ain't done nothing to me
you haven't done a hundred times before!'
Back yourself up, man!
Hey, Vance?
Yeah, hotrod?
- How long before check-out time?
- Gotta finish my drink.
They got cocktails in Daytona!
Let's hit the mechanicals
before I blow a screw.
- You were born overheated.
- Look, my fine gone cat...
You're getting real old.
I'm thinking of phasing
out of this circuit anyway.
Where to?
I don't know, maybe me and sportster
will get some bread together
and hook up on a new track.
You going domestic, Dave?
No. Completely zenith.
- A place you stiffs never heard of.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Good luck.
- Send us some postcards.
- You boys are jagged.
- We're nomads, Davis!
The only place we're gonna go
is forward.
Well, you screw it on as tight as you can,
Ricky, and I'll meet you there.
We're going nowhere.
How's traffic?
It'd be like shooting
over-stuffed quails, sid.
Whaddya say, sid?
Ain't none of 'em got no families.
Ain't nobody gonna miss that scum.
And there ain't no way
they're gonna catch us and that's a fact!
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I'll give you part of my gas business, sid.
Tarver... you pulling my leg?
No, sir!
Part of them profits'll be yours.
All you gotta do is...
Sit out there and help me pick 'em off.
We can wait for 'em down on 17.
Yeah, well, it could be fun.
Well, what do you say, sid?
You with me?
- Yeah!
- Attaboy!
- Hey, everybody, check the boy-girl out!
- That your new honey?
Son of a bitch...
Hey, sweet thing!
Oh, man!
'Every one of us...
"Dollar chips
in one big floating crap game."