The Lovers (2015) Movie Script

Why are you frightened, child?
I'm disturbed by my visions, Guru Dev.
I see strange figures...
in white.
In some strange place full of light.
I see a man in some other place
in a blood red coat.
And I see a ring
which shimmers in a blue light.
You wish to know the meaning of these
visions, child... come what may?
There was a ring, child. Long ago.
It was forged of eternal love.
One ring made of two rings.
To fit together,
both halves had to be pure
at the first moment of love.
After much toil,
a match was finally created.
The two halves combined...
and formed a single ring.
It is said, that once united...
even if separated
by an ocean or an age...
they will always reunite.
They are called, "The Lovers."
Okay, baby, you're at quarter deck...
alpha grid north.
Can you check... grid alpha 5 beta?
Unfortunately, I don't think I'm gonna
be able to get underneath this beam.
There's really no way around it, either.
I think we're gonna have to leave
this one for next time.
Sorry, sweetheart.
Allie, take a look at this.
No, Jay, pan back.
- Can we get any closer?
- Okay.
I see it. I'm gonna send the little guy
in there because I can't get in.
It's a little tight.
Can... can I have high resolution?
We're the first people
to see this in 300 years.
God, it's beautiful.
Since the Naiad sailed from Bombay.
I want to say it's Indian,
but I can't put a date on it.
This snake design, I think it's ancient.
It could be part of a pair.
Anyway, it was very important
to somebody on our wreck.
- How so?
- You see...
the kind of silver purse type thing?
Bears the initials D.E. on it.
Whoever D.E. was...
drowned clinging to that purse.
Look in yourself, Tulaja.
It will be, thus.
You will love with the full force
of a woman's heart.
And your love will be returned in full.
But you will betray your love
and as you have foreseen, he will die.
Guru Dev, am I such a person, Guru Dev?
What beats within your chest, Tulaja?
My heart, Guru Dev.
Where else in the universe
is betrayal, Tulaja?
If not in the human heart.
I will not betray.
I swear not to do so, Guru Dev.
- I will not betray.
- Your path is already chosen.
Then I will not love.
- Laura!
- Allie!
- Hang in there, Laura.
- Where's Jay?
Oh, God, help me.
What the hell was she doing
down there, Allie?
- Laura?
- I can't move it, Jay.
I can't move the beam.
I'm coming down to get you,
sweetheart. Just stay calm.
I'm so sorry, Jay.
Matt, there's no air in any of these.
- We packed the gear away last night.
- I told her not to.
- How much O2 does she have left?
- Ten minutes.
I'm sorry, Jay.
- Jay.
- Get a RIB out.
- I've radioed the coastguard.
- Matt, give me a line.
Allie... be honest.
How much time have I got?
Jay! One idiot is enough. Jay!
Laura! Laura!
- Allie?
- We're gonna get you out of there.
- How?
- Hang in there, Laura.
How, Allie? How are you
gonna do that, Allie?
Paul, here, take this.
How long to free dive 350 feet? Matt!
I don't know. The world record's
three minutes. Get that RIB in the water.
- I should have stopped her.
- Yeah, so why the hell was she diving?
She wanted to bring the purse up.
It was an anniversary surprise.
What are you doing?
Keep it coming.
- Laura, it's gonna be okay.
- No, it is not. He is free diving.
Guys, winch up.
Oh, my God. Allie, he's passed out.
- Where's the coastguard?
- They're on the way!
I got him. We're coming up.
Come on.
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.
- Oh, God!
- 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
Is he okay? Is he okay? Baby? Baby?
- 1, 2, 3.
- Oh, honey. Is he okay?
- Get the defib!
- Annie, go!
- Oh, shit. Shit.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
I thought I'd lost you. Oh, God.
- Put your head back.
- You are okay, baby?
Jay? Keep your head still.
Keep your head still.
It's okay. Don't ever do that again.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Jay, you've...
- Oh, my God.
Oh, God! Oh, God! Jay, are you alright?
- Has he got a pulse?
- He's still got a pulse.
- He's breathing.
- Here. Here.
Jesus, where's the flashlight?
This is fucking serious.
- Jay!
- Get the defibrillator!
- Come on. Jay.
- Jay, can you hear us?
It's coming. They're coming!
Jay, where are you?
Can you hear us, Jay? Baby?
- Jay!
- Baby?
James? James. Brother?
It's 4 o'clock.
Sorry, I must have dozed off.
4 o'clock?
Aye. Desai.
- Ji, saheb
- Mera coat.
- Ji, sir.
- We'll be late for Governor Hornby.
Hindu Stewart, don't they teach you
the purpose of...
Clocks in Scotland?
God, I hate this place.
It's too hot. It's too crowded.
- And it's too far from Scot...
- Massachusetts, Charlie. The farm.
I know. But four more years of this?
The money we need
can't be saved in a day.
James, the governor's meeting,
are you planning on speaking your mind?
Why do you ask, Charlie?
Well, I've only just got back
from a month up country building roads
- and I'd like to stay here for a bit.
- I thought it was too hot and too crowded.
It is, but it's still better
than being up country building roads.
Gentlemen. His Excellency, the governor.
- Governor.
- Colonel Egerton, gentlemen, sit.
This summer of 1778
is our summer of opportunity.
Hindu Stewart. Don't they teach you
the purpose of clocks in Scotland?
As I was saying, we English
hold three colonies in India.
But unfortunately on opposite coasts.
We, here in Bombay,
Madras down there, and Calcutta, here.
Gentlemen, imagine
if we could link them up.
We could dominate
the entire subcontinent...
to the exclusion of all
other trading companies...
And obtain personal riches
beyond our most radical imaginings.
Indeed. Indeed.
The most powerful obstacle
to our ambitions...
are these kingdoms here.
Bijapur and Purandhar.
The present king
is our implacable opponent.
However... an opportunity has arisen.
An opportunity that will allow
our shareholders
in the East India Company to look
at a map of this subcontinent and say...
Captain Stewart hardly seems
welcoming to this opportunity.
It is quite clear to me, sir,
and to you, governor
and to many others in this room
that building an empire
in India is not the policy
- of His Majesty's government in London.
- A fine point.
London is a long way away,
Captain Stewart.
Getting a reply from them
can take a year...
as you know.
Far better to present London
with a fait accompli
than wait passively for their approval.
Far wiser to wait
than to stir up a hornet's nest without
the means to contain it, Colonel Egerton.
Gentlemen, the die is cast.
In a month it will not serve us
to debate, but seize the day
- and seize the place.
- Hear, hear.
a little pigeon told me
you can prophesize.
Highness, I can't.
Tulaja, you are no longer
just guarding a queen.
You're also guarding a prince
or a princess.
Please tell me, Tulaja.
What future do you see for my child?
these visions, they just come to me.
I cannot call them at will.
Oh, come on, tell me something.
No matter how small.
- Tell me, tell me, tell me.
- Highness, I can't. I really can't.
Well, this is for you, my dear guard.
Please forgive my silliness.
It's magic, so my grandmother said.
Anyway, it's ancient and precious.
Even though it is flawed.
And you know what they say,
they say it brings lovers together
and keeps them together. Do you like it?
if you ever have the chance
of love, grab it.
And you will be richer
than I will ever be.
We are betrayed.
The king's brother is a traitor.
It's a coup.
Go, warn the king! Go, warn the king!
Gauri, Gauri, the queen in danger!
Shut the doors! Protect the queen.
Katamaji, the king's in danger.
Get the guard.
Why? You have everything that you need.
Not everything.
Not yet... Your Majesty.
On your knees, you jackals!
You are in the presence of your lord.
You old buffoon.
Have you lost your mind?
Shrimant, please, I beg you.
Spare me.
Sadly, Munajee...
life is brutal.
I'm sorry.
- Get him, go.
- Go, Pawan.
I'll have to break the arrow off, Tulaja.
Just be brave, okay? Be brave.
Sonubai? Sona.
Wife! Sona...
What you had asked for is done...
- my queen.
- It is done?
My king, I'm queen.
- Udaji.
- Father.
- What happened?
- The king is deposed.
- He's dead.
- Who killed him? Raoji?
Yes. Raoji.
- I must go back.
- Get her in.
I must go back to the queen.
James. James.
That's from Governor Hornby.
Oh, aye.
Colonel Egerton has seized the day.
There's been a coup in Purandhar.
The king?
We have to get there post-haste.
"Upon completion of this mission,
you shall receive 1,000 gold sovereigns?"
Well, Massachusetts here we come!
- Maybe. Joost!
- Sir!
Have the men strike camp.
Desai, we leave at once.
your father will be pleased that we have
Captain Stewart to escort us to Pahadpur.
Does Captain Stewart know
you're in love with him?
Dolly, enough! Enough!
- Tulaja, it's too soon.
- Udaji, I need to do this.
Yes, but you haven't fully
recovered yet, Tulaja. Please.
We need a spy at the palace.
You said so yourself.
Let me come with you.
Stay here and help your father, Udaji.
That is your duty and I must do mine.
Goodbye, my friend.
In every breath of wind,
there's a word and that word is shame.
I can hear it in the rustle
of every leaf.
- Can you live under the rule of a coward?
- No!
Because we will all be cowards if we fail
to avenge the murder of our king!
Twenty years I served
as chief minister to his father.
I, Mudhoji Kiledar
will destroy the usurper Raoji,
I swear it!
The palace is called the Rajwada.
- Magnificent, isn't it?
- Is that where we're going to stay?
- Does the king have a harem?
- I don't think so, Dolly.
But doubtless she'll ask him.
My Lord...
I know you fear that your enemies
will rally around the dead king's heir.
Why don't you let me give... you an heir
of your own. They can rally around him?
We must kill the queen.
Now, you're king...
next, you'll be emperor.
- Queen.
- What are you doing here?
Not so high anymore. You're wounded.
No, Highness, I'm fine.
They mean to kill me.
They can't.
No one can do anything to you.
No one's going to hurt you.
They mustn't know I'm pregnant.
I swore to them I'm not.
Go! Go!
It is usual to stand
when a queen enters.
When a queen enters, I will stand.
I've brought peach oil for your hair...
after we've washed it.
Just like old times.
Have you put weight on?
I think so.
My husband says we must
take great care of you.
He's a king now.
And a king's disapproval is worse
than a husband's disapp...
My husband thinks he's a lion.
But like most cats
if I stroke him in the right way...
he just rolls over.
He won't save you. Not for long.
- Your Majesty, this is a great honor.
- Yes.
Your Majesty...
Her Majesty, my wife,
wants ex-queen Jamnabai dead.
You know what women are like.
And I do see some merit in the idea.
His Majesty,
my king...
wishes her alive.
She's with a child.
A rival heir to my throne is a cause
for my enemies to fight for.
With our king's support,
you outnumber your enemies.
If Queen Jamnabai dies,
you forfeit that support.
That is a matter for...
With respect,
it is our king's strict stipulation.
I'm to escort the queen
to Bombay forthwith.
- Take her.
- Your Majesty.
The palace gates will be left unlocked.
You must leave within 3 hours.
Good luck.
- Highness.
- Did you hear?
Bombay's far away.
We have a chance of getting rescued
before we reach there.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, Highness.
I have a plan.
If you will permit me to explain.
This is damnable, sire.
Did you advise the governor
of this change of course?
I did not, colonel.
The change of ruler here is in
the company's best interest, captain.
Shit, sir, it took 3 years of planning.
I'm England's servant, colonel,
not the company's.
As are you in the final analysis...
unless I'm mistaken.
Well, captain...
I charge you with the safety
of my daughter and of her governess.
If anything should befall them,
I shall come for you.
Hindu Stewart... I shall come for you.
Don't push! You'll get seen...
I can't see why we
can't just take the carriage.
Because your father
needs a carriage here.
- But this is a box.
- This is not a box.
This is a royal carriage.
Queens travel in this.
I'm sorry. We must hurry.
Thank you.
Sir, this thing's worse
than an oyster's fart. They knows it.
Runnin' around this scurvy place
with a gaggle of females.
We have our orders, Joost. Under duty.
Aye. But duty never made a rotten order
sweet did it, Captain Stewart?
Let's move out, Joost.
Company form up. Make ready to move.
We've been traveling
all night and half a day.
I'm seasick.
We're not even on the sea.
Why couldn't we have stayed in Pahadpur?
Your father told us twenty times
we'd been made hostages.
I'd rather be a hostage
than throw up in this thing.
Oh, golly.
No, I really feel sick.
I need some brandy.
Yes, but we don't have any brandy.
Yes, we do.
I liberated it from pop's bag
before we left.
It's bad for his gout, anyway.
- Captain.
- Is all well, Highness?
Sorry about the pace of our travel.
- You look worried, captain.
- No, Highness.
Really? I saw some men
in the hills. Following us.
Aye. Possibly Raoji's men.
Oh, Krishna.
They chose the wrong queen.
Are you ready?
It's a large escort, Your Highness.
I'm paying a large price.
After her, slit her open
pull the baby out and bring it to me.
Stunning woman, Her Highness.
Never see a face like that
on Clyde Street.
James, are we going
to be in for a fight?
I think they may try to ambush us
at the bridge at Dwarka.
If we pass it by nightfall,
we'll be safe.
We'll be outnumbered ten to one,
if it comes to an ambush, won't we?
- Desperate times...
- Desperate measures.
Let's see how their dog sepoys deal
with what you have in store, little man.
Don't mention it to anyone.
Let's move. Let's go. Come on.
Is all in order, Joost?
Aye. The ladies are sleepin'.
All of them.
You'll be under my brother's command.
Remember, quiet as a snake.
You don't want them waking up. Go to it.
Good luck, sir. Alright, let's move.
Run, sepoy dogs!
Throw me your lance.
Capture the queen.
Get back and fight.
Come on.
I'm never drinking brandy again.
Charles saheb.
Charles saheb
James saheb is here.
- Did it go well?
- Yes, sir.
Once you were asleep, we hid you
in the hay carts. Out of danger.
- You drugged us?
- Your Highness...
take my word for it.
You were better off asleep.
Our attackers intended to kill you.
Not to rescue you.
Then let us go.
Your Highness, I've been charged
with the duty of escorting you to Bombay.
And I can guarantee you that you'll be safe
as long as you are in my custody.
And do you have enough men
to honor such a guarantee?
Yes, Your Highness.
Without guides you'll get lost.
For the last 4 years I've been surveying
this country, Highness.
We'll take back roads,
but we won't get lost.
I need some water. Come.
James, you made me throw up.
No, Dolly, you took your own poison.
Oh, this... this isn't mine.
Clara likes to drink.
Forgive me, ladies, but it was a very
mild opiate and I needed total silence.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize, James.
Actually, I greatly admire
your imagination.
Thank you, Ms. Coldstream.
Stop it.
Hey, here's a dowry.
Use it to find a husband
that is less stubborn.
I know where they are.
Towards Dhar.
The royal palanquin burnt,
but you saw no bodies.
No, father.
It's vital that our people
know the queen is alive.
They'll fight loyally for her and her child.
Without her, we cannot succeed.
Stewart is coming.
Udaji, if the queen is alive, find her.
And for all our sakes, make it swift.
I doubt you will be
the only one looking.
They've cut us off.
We'll skirt through on the back of them.
We take the dragon's throat.
- Okay, chalo.
- Dragon's throat?
- We'll have to abandon the animals.
- That's the idea, Charlie.
Desai, what is the dragon's throat?
Keep it going. That's it.
Nice and steady, lads.
Oh, my God!
No, no, no. I can't.
No one is looking.
- It's very safe.
- Don't laugh.
- Your Highness, can you run?
- Yes, for my child, I'll fly.
I think we're supposed to be
going up the waterfall...
- Charlie.
- Alright, lads.
Is she alright?
Yes. She hurt her ankle on a rock.
So for the most part, she's fine.
They're both fine.
Yes, if I'm not mistaken,
the girl is with child.
But if we keep up this pace,
she could lose the baby.
Would you have really shot us, captain?
I really would have.
My servant's not too well. I must go.
The queen should rest
for a while, don't you think?
It's alright.
I won't reveal who she is...
Your Highness.
You know who I am...
but still you call me highness.
I know who you're not. Not who you are.
Someone once told me...
that the God Lord Krishna
married three princesses.
And they lived in a palace
made of silver.
One day, Krishna fell incurably ill.
A doctor was called.
And he told the God,
the only cure for his illness
was dust from the foot
of a generous woman.
But you see the princesses,
they had no dust on their feet.
So they could not cure Krishna
no matter how much they wished to.
The doctor did find dust, however.
On the foot of a poor shepherd girl.
And that dust
to the fury of the princesses...
cured Lord Krishna of his illness.
Who are you?
Why don't you ask Lord Krishna?
You seem to believe
he has all the answers.
They are not using the roads.
Englishman is a fox,
but I know how he thinks.
Salim! We'll need extra men.
Send for Bhavan at the Rajwada. Go!
Well, brother.
We are off the map.
That ruined fort down by the river.
We can rest there for the night.
We've been doing this for a week.
Are we going to be be alright?
Oh, don't worry. They won't find us.
Even we don't know where we are.
I brought you some water.
It seems you know a lot
about my country.
I build roads.
When you build a road across a country
you soon see its soul.
It appears you like what you see.
I like what I see.
I've grown to like it very much.
The English are my enemy.
I'm not so fond of them myself.
I'm from Scotland.
My grandfather supported
a Scottish king.
When the English won...
my family lost everything.
This was our way out.
When we've saved enough
my brother and I plan to buy a farm
in America.
We'll leave when we're discharged.
Why won't you tell me your name?
It's not the custom of my country
for a woman to give her name
to a stranger.
Especially an English stranger.
an English stranger.
Perhaps, you should hand us over
to our pursuers.
This would be to your advantage.
I would not.
Is this a custom of your country?
I cannot blame my actions on Scotland.
They say...
that death is our fate...
and tomorrow's the end of us.
And do you believe them?
What is your name?
Tulaja Naik.
Tulaja Naik.
Set the dummies here...
and... here.
That should lure them
into the courtyard here.
James, is it not coldhearted
to continue on this escapade
with such a pregnant girl.
Or do you not care about such things?
I do. As it happens.
I'm sorry.
But if we cannot hold them...
I assume they are not the kind
of people who take prisoners.
With you and Dolly to defend us
I do not think it will come to that.
Dolly, for God's sake,
be an Egerton. Reload!
They are my people.
I'll wait for you down by the river.
Havan, let's find those boats. Come on.
You are free, Your Highness,
to go back to your people.
What will they do, captain?
Your English, when they find out?
They'll cashier me or...
court martial me, or hang me.
Perhaps all three.
Why, captain?
They don't take too kindly
to disobeying orders.
No, why are you letting us go?
Her child will die, if I don't.
Come with us.
I'll be honored.
I can't.
I'm not a traitor.
Tulaja Naik!
May Bhawarti bless you with good luck.
you sentimental bloody idiot.
Captain! Captain!
- Is he alright?
- I think so.
You said that they will hang you
if you don't take back a princess.
Now you will.
But when they discover...
They don't even know
what the queen looks like.
it's too dangerous.
By the time they realize,
I will have escaped.
It's not that easy.
However polite they seem...
they'll put you under guard.
This is my country...
where you foreigners
see a crack in the rock
I see a door.
When I'm gone,
no blame will attach to you.
Is there someone waiting for you...
in Massachusetts?
It's an odd thing.
Whenever I imagine happiness
with another person...
I have this premonition
that I won't be allowed it.
How sad that is, captain.
So, Tulaja Naik has gone
with the British?
To distract my pursuers.
So, they would still believe
I'm in their hands.
- She did an honorable thing.
- Sleep now. Jamnabai, rest.
Rest for the sake
of the new soul you carry.
Allow me to attack the boat, father.
Udaji, there are two things about the British
that really wake my insecurities.
First is their artillery and second
is the uncanny abilities
some British have to touch
the hearts of our people.
Father, I can do this.
Let this Captain Stewart make landfall.
Then Tulaja Naik is to be taken
from their hands and brought here.
Hurry up, hurry up. Out. Come on.
My king!
No longer a king.
Ex-queen Jamnabai has been taken
from the British by Killedar.
He has raised an army.
It's going to destroy us.
Why are you doing this?
My enemies now have their queen
and the British have abandoned me.
You said we could trust the British.
Where are the soldiers they promised us?
They move us around
like pieces on a chessboard.
Who knows what their next move would be.
So, you abandoned your throne
like a coward?
You're free to come with us
if you can find yourself a horse.
And what? Live the rest of my life
scurrying around like a rat?
Look at us. A rat and a viper.
- My lord!
- Stay here, woman, with your animal.
When hunger strikes, you'll soon know
which of you is the stronger.
Dolly! Dolly!
Oh, heaven! We're saved.
Oh, my God!
Your alliance with Raoji
and his cowardice
has left us mightily exposed.
Don't you think, colonel?
On the contrary, governor
I believe his predicament
gives us a greater opportunity.
Which we shall leap
to take advantage of.
I propose, we invade
Purandhar fort with...
Restore Raoji to the throne
under certain new conditions.
Which I have negotiated.
Bullion bars and coins!
Five hundred thousand ounces per year
for five years.
Payable to the company.
Calculate your bonuses, gentlemen.
Yum, yum.
Yes and with the ex-queen
still our guest...
we still have, in reserve,
a bargaining chip
we can use on the either side.
Which ever way it goes.
But... London.
Gentlemen, his majesty's government
will strenuously object to all this.
I think the vast sum of money involved
will mollify their scruples.
And while it maybe argued that the Colonel
Egerton has stirred up a hornet's nest.
We can, now, this time,
rightfully plead...
self defense.
War, it is then!
It appears we're officially at war.
I have to leave tomorrow.
We must address the issue,
of your escape.
Is everything alright?
Guru Dev.
Am I such a person, Guru Dev?
I've dreamt of this moment.
Will you forgive me if I speak my mind?
You have deeply touched me
with your person,
with your wisdom, your courage,
your canniness.
If you could find it in your heart,
to reciprocate.
- My happiness would be immeasurable.
- James!
I never thought it would be
in my luck to love.
But plainly, as you see,
I'm in love with you.
I have nothing to offer you but myself.
My loyalty.
Dare I hope.
I have closed my heart tight.
I cannot.
You cannot?
My heart is closed, James.
You must look elsewhere.
Why is your heart closed?
Look at me.
Well, then I'm... I'm taking it back...
Please, forgive me
if I have misread your heart.
I must organize your escape.
It's not necessary.
You told me that a Maharatha
does not like to be outdone
in paying a debt of honor.
Neither does a Scott.
Tulaja Naik.
The guards change
in twenty minutes. Go, go!
Return the key, quickly. Now, go, go.
Damn him!
It fucking bit me.
Damn it!
Sahib! Shoes.
I might as well check on the queen.
Get me the keys.
We must be quick.
Come on, quickly. Come on!
Sir, Raoji has come from Kalyan.
Dash it.
It's not one pissing little pest,
it's another.
Escaped! Escaped!
The door was locked. I had the key.
This is treachery, damn it,
not the fucking road trick.
Call out the guard. Find her.
Stewart, something fishy going on.
Well, I'll sniff it out.
You are a part of time...
what the ancients called sarwadaiti.
That's which contains everything.
I feel you there, Jay.
Where are you, baby?
Where are you, baby?
Where are you?
Damn it! Damn it!
Is that the real queen girl, you say?
Damn him.
Stewart knew all the time.
Mastin, don't you think he's damnable?
Don't you think he should be cashiered?
No, it's of no matter now.
It matters to me, dear.
I'll wager he saw it as a humane act.
An empire is not made
on humane act, sir. Damn!
- Damn him!
- You'll have to get used to it, Egerton.
I fear Captain Stewart
is the voice of the future.
Not mine.
He's a threat to all the company
stands to gain. All England stands to gain.
- There is the Roman solution.
- What?
In battle how many men ever make it back
from leading the advance guard.
No one from His Majesty's point of view
is fitter to lead the advance
guard than Stewart.
And no one from your point of view
is fitter to not come back. Voila.
Clara, Clara!
How could you do it?
How could you? You love him.
You love James.
Eves dropping again.
Yes, I heard everything.
- I know what you've done.
- And have you enjoyed being enlightened?
- You're snake.
- How dare you!
You who have money and youth.
I have nothing.
Now I have something and it's nothing
to be proud of. But I will settle for it.
What about all those things
you said to me about loving
and counting ourselves lucky.
Doesn't that mean anything?
Love has many faces
and one of them is jealousy.
And you, you keep telling me
to act and I have.
And there's something
that I've always wanted to do.
I am not your servant.
That is the end of lessons for today.
And don't think
that you can get rid of me
because I'm coming to America with you
and your father. It's all agreed.
When we set off, I'll be your governess
and by the time we arrive,
your step mother...
You've driven out yourself, Raoji.
Now the British declared war on us.
Shall we allow them to do to us
what they did to Oudh?
To Bengal, to Madras? No!
Let us end their ambitions.
Let us send them home back
to their little island.
They shall not rule us.
May the Gods bless our queen.
Let them hear...
bounce your shouts, off the clouds!
Tell me about this Captain Stewart.
He's a leader of men.
He inspires love in our people.
Some people say so, father.
Then it will benefit us
to arrange his death.
Copy her writing and her signature.
In this Stewart is a good man.
I take no delight in doing this.
But my father fought the British and he
said "it's easier to wrestle the python
after you have chopped it's head off."
Let's bait the trap.
My father has given me a duty.
To harass the English advance.
Udaji, I've done a terrible thing.
I didn't tell the Englishman
of the prophecy.
So, what the old man said
has come to pass.
I know.
I'm sorry.
They're gonna try
and use me to harm him.
And he won't be warned.
So, what will you do?
- You would betray your own people?
- No.
Can't you see, I'm bad luck.
Sometimes you have to see
beyond ourselves, Taluja.
We all make sacrifices.
I once told you, "life was simple."
I was wrong.
May the Goddess hold you to her.
James, forgive me.
I would never let them harm you.
Everything we call reality
is composed of tiny particles of energy.
Now when 2 particles meet,
one will spin clockwise and the other
will spin counter clockwise.
And if you separate those two particles
to the obsidian of the universe
to the obsidian of time.
And then alter the spin of one.
The spin of the other will also alter.
Communication across space and time.
- Have you got everything?
- You ready?
Let's go.
Through space and time.
Oh, Shivaji, not that.
Straighten the road at 350 yards at...
10 degrees.
No sign of the enemy.
They'll be out there somewhere.
James sahib...
What if the enemy finds us?
Hartley and Egerton will join us
by nightfall. We'll be safe.
Now let's the Gods decide.
I've done enough.
It's not the destiny of such a ring
to remain separated from it's twin, Ishtur.
So it is said.
Let's hope so, Desai.
Oh, my God! I see it. Allie, I see it.
I found it! I found it!
- Colonel Egerton.
- Hartley.
When can we move, to support
Stewart's advance guard?
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
Sir, we can't leave Stewart
exposed till then?
As I say, you will wait
till rest of the army gets here.
Allie, you take it, okay?
I've gotta get back to the hospital.
You know what to do do. I can't say.
- I'll call you.
- Yeah.
James sahib!
Please don't leave the camp.
I arranged her escape, Ishtur.
It was necessary.
I wanted to tell you. Krishna knows...
I don't love you any the less.
We do what we must.
Warn Dr. Nutting.
And the ring?
It was just a ring.
So it may seem.
But it is a messenger.
And what is its message?
Love, Guru Dev.
do you love?
It's too late.
It's too late, Guru Dev.
- How does time flow, Tulaja?
- Time flows like one.
Like water in a pool.
As you said.
Mrs. Fennel,
if you insert this card to that slot
it'll turn off the machines.
Thank you.
Come on.
I love you.
I love you.
Yes, sweetheart.
You didn't think I'd...
Think I'd...
miss our anniversary, did you?
Of course not.
Oh, thank God.
I love you so much.
Of such entangling,
is our universe woven.
A hard pattern you may say,
this path of love.
But how, child,
could it be otherwise?