The Lurker (2019) Movie Script

Hey. I just, I uh...
it's urgent that you... What?
My love. My wife.
Death that has
sucked the honey of thy breath.
Hath no power yet upon thy
beauty. Thou are not conquered.
What the?
Why are you dressed like that?
Is the play over?
Look, if this is about
what I think it's about,
I haven't
said anything to anyone.
Our little secret, right?
I, I swear. I, I promise.
Why art thou yet so fair?
Damn it!
Shall I believe that
unsubstantial death is amorous?
Keeps thee here in
the dark to be his paramour?
The doors to breath.
No. No, no, no, no.
You, you,
you don't have to do this.
Please. I won't tell a soul.
Help! No! You don't have to
do this. Please. No, no, no, no.
Seal it with a righteous kiss.
Taylor. Can you hear me?
You've been through quite a
lot young lady. Do you know how
lucky you are? Can you
remember much? Anything at all?
Grace Fisher was a
guidance counselor at Crystal
Lake High. She was brutally
slain last night when an unknown
assailant approached her as
she was leaving for the evening.
Police are urging anybody with
any information to reach out to
Detective Ace Hoffman. Your tips
will remain anonymous. Details
of the wake will be on
this evening's broadcast.
What a loss.
You know I don't like it when
you sneak up on me like that.
I'm sorry about last night.
I don't like when we argue.
Things are really
complicated right now.
Gross. Can you not?
Oh honey,
I, I didn't see you there.
Did you get the
tickets for us for tonight?
Yes, front and center as always.
Don't forget
my cast party's tonight.
Okay, I can come and pick you
up. I mean
if there's gonna be drinking
I just really
want you to be careful.
No, mom I'm fine. Stop.
Hey, here don't forget this.
You ridin' with me today?
I'll walk.
Well, I don't care how
you get there but you better
get going
or you're gonna be late.
The light is
falling with the weight
Like a grudge to bear
It lingers for a while
And when you
hold it you feel brave
Even though you're not
For you are not you
Love is alive in here
In the hands of kings
Who couldn't fight
Hey there Taylor.
Hey. Drew right?
Of course it is,
my dad had the same name.
Yeah he's, uh,
he's gone. It's a long story.
So uh, how've you been?
Considering? Been better.
Thanks for asking. Real
question is how have you been?
It may not seem like
it but I'm living the dream.
Pretty crazy huh?
I think it's exciting.
Well, it's been
nice talking with you
but uh, I've gotta get back
to work. Toilets won't clean
Sorry I'm late.
Class is nearly over. Can't
keep lettin' you off the hook.
It's not fair to
the other students.
The best part of my morning
is spent imagining him naked.
That is so gross
Hannah. He's like 40.
Oh come on Lily. You're telling
me you wouldn't fuck him?
No. He's a teacher. Besides,
he's dating Taylor's mom.
You know her,
he's like the flavor of the
month. Besides,
I think you'd be surprised
what teachers are capable of.
There she is.
Gracing us with her presence,
the star of the show herself.
Everybody bow down. Let's get
a fucking red carpet over here.
Oh come on, I'm just kidding.
You're gonna have
to get used to all the attention
when you make
it big on Broadway.
Doin' alright? Looked like he
was giving you quite the earful.
Yeah, I'm in
control of the situation.
What does that even mean?
It means I haven't
forgotten about yesterday.
Barely made it to class,
Taylor. What took you so long?
Yeah, I was
just taking some photos.
I was talking
to the janitor in the hallway.
You mean Drew?
No, I mean ew. Barf.
Guys, I've been thinking
and I feel like murder is in a
janitor's skill set.
Everyone find a good
stopping point and have a seat.
By now I'm sure you've
all heard about Grace Fisher.
A tragedy truly.
She was a wonderful woman.
We've all suffered a loss.
I know this
is a tough situation.
It's something we all never
thought we'd have to deal with.
I'd be happy to
answer any questions,
or maybe someone
has some comments
that they'd like to share?
Let's talk about
those midterm projects.
The deadline
is quickly approaching.
Comin' Taylor?
No, I'll meet you down there.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
The leading lady skipping class?
I'm not skipping
class, I'm in study hall.
Just grabbing a few books.
You know the rules. Study hall
or not even Juliet needs a pass.
I'm writing you
up. You will need to
report to detention after school
and what a shame. I guess your
under study will have
to perform in the show tonight.
You must be dreaming if
you think that detention is
gonna keep me from performing.
Sorry Tory, your time to shine
will come soon enough.
A detention might not
but I know what would.
You wouldn't dare.
Wouldn't I?
I'd be really careful about what
you say and who you say it to.
You should be thanking
me. I did you a favor.
How are you feeling?
Fuck you.
Well, my mouth is shut for
now, but when the final curtain
closes tonight.
a leg. It'll be your last time.
Study hall was too loud. It
amazes me because we all have
finals this week
and no one seems to care.
Senioritis at its best.
That's why
most of them are gonna end
up in community college and
you're gonna be living it up
at Harvard.
Think so? I'm kinda nervous.
Early acceptance
letters are coming out soon.
You'll be fine.
You're the top of the class.
You're still studying that
thing? Your performance last
night was spot on.
Arthur gave me a bunch of
notes. I just wanna be my best.
I thought I
was the perfectionist.
Well someone always told me you
gotta finish what you started.
Hey are, are you okay?
You seem kinda out of it.
You've been acting kinda
different. Is everything okay
with Emma? I've
been sensing weird vibes.
No I'm telling you,
there's something off.
Look, I've said
it once, I'll say it again.
It had to be somebody who...
Would you let me just do my job?
Okay? We're exploring all the
options and when someone has
an alibi, quite frankly it makes
things harder.
No. No there's something off.
What about that girl that uh,
Grace Fisher mentioned on her
Taylor, this is
Detective Hoffman.
Okay, thank you for your help
Mr. Scott. I can take it from
Oh, well please
take good care of her.
She is my top
pupil in class and on stage.
Okay, you have
nothin' to worry about.
I'm just
gonna ask her a few questions.
Okay, I'm the uh, lead
detective on the Grace Fisher
murder case.
Did you know the victim?
No. Uh, not really.
Did you ever have
any interaction with her?
Freshman year. I, I met
with her a couple times.
Okay. And those conversations,
what were they pertaining to?
Sorry what,
what was the question?
What were you and Miss
Fisher discussing freshman year?
She was counseling me
for my dad's disappearance.
It didn't, it didn't help much,
but time kinda
healed that wound.
Before Miss Fisher was murdered
she left a voicemail for Arthur.
She mentioned you. Now we have
reason to believe that your life
may be in danger. Have you
noticed anything unusual around
here lately?
Unusual? Life threatening? No,
not at all. Am I gonna be okay?
You need to stay
careful. Okay? Be vigilant.
This is my office number.
If anything else happens or you
hear anything more pertaining to
Grace, please call. Get in touch
with me day or night, okay?
Let's go.
That's it?
What? You know how my stomach
gets before a performance.
I eat whatever
I want whenever I want so.
I have a lot on my mind.
Shh, shh, shh. Oh Romeo,
wherefore art thou Romeo?
I want to perform for him.
That show would
be over before it even started.
What show?
Don't worry about
it. Just talking about
the last performance.
Me worried? No, no, no,
no, no. See I wasn't worried.
Oo, hello, hello ladies. Now see
look, I mean if only you were as
as your gal pals here.
Oh my God, I'm looking
forward to
our death scene tonight.
Can you just fuck off?
Okay, I'll fuck off.
You're lucky.
Hardly. I would
rather suffocate to death then
have to
lock lips with him again.
Hey, can we
talk in the bathroom?
Alright, spill?
Taylor, what's going on?
You still worrying
about that? It was just a joke.
You went too far this time.
I already apologized.
What else do you want me to do?
Well a detective just
pulled me out of my class and he
said that I was in danger.
It was the best
decision for your future.
It wasn't your decision
to make. You know, I don't want
that getting out. You
know how that shit spreads.
Even Tory...
Tory's a dumb cunt.
Don't worry about it.
Nobody'll talk.
I made sure of it.
Listen I know that...
I don't wanna talk about
it. We were just joking around.
Yeah. I would appreciate-
Listen, what you did was
disgusting, and I wish I hadn't
seen it. I'm not talking about
this again and I think it's best
if you did the same.
To all of you she may
have been
just a guidance counselor,
but to me a friend
taken too soon.
So, I think it
is fitting that we dedicate this
final performance in her memory.
The highest degree
of proficiency,
skill and excellence.
You know that's how the
dictionary describes perfection
and I expect
nothing less of you.
We are going
to hit all our queues,
our lines and our marks.
We are going to remain focused!
No excuses.
Welcome gentlemen. Ladies that
have their toes un-plagued by
corn will have a bout with
you. Come, musicians play.
A hall, a hall,
make room. Foot it girls.
Is everything okay?
Miles, is that you?
Look, let me just finish
this smoke and I'll come back
inside okay?
I'm sure
you're just joking around but
I'm really not
in the mood for games.
Please, somebody help me!
Somebody please! Please don't!
Please don't, please!
Please. Please stop,
please! No, no, no, no, no!
Nice job, nice job. Good job.
We are back in
10 minutes guys. 10 minutes.
Would you join me over here?
I really liked that first scene.
What exactly are you doing?
What do you mean?
I've seen cripples
dance better than that.
Did you even study my notes?
Yes, I studied your notes.
I, I hit all my
marks. I'm projecting.
I had high expectations for you.
Clearly my trust was misplaced.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to
call Juilliard tomorrow and
cancel my recommendation.
Afraid you'll just
have to try again next year.
Why would you do that?
I have no idea where this is
coming from.
We're back in a few minutes.
Finish the show.
We'll discuss this later.
What are you doin' out here?
Uh, it's not a problem.
You alright?
You feeling better now?
Look I'm sorry. I'll, I'll, I'll
clean that up after the show I...
No, you know what?
Don't worry 'bout it. I'll,
I'll, I'll get it,
I'll leave it for the birds.
Uh, you know,
I've been sneaking little peeks
of the show.
You really are a star.
Thanks Drew.
Means a lot. See ya after?
Break a leg.
Two more scenes
and I am almost done with this
Don't pay attention to him.
Juilliard doesn't deserve you.
You're gonna
go to your second choice
and then you're gonna
slay the theater scene there.
Oh, you're being supportive
now? Guilty conscience?
Hey, good job.
Thanks. Yeah for whatever reason
that fight scene just
wears me out.
Out of shape huh?
Just gettin' started. You know
I was thinkin' I was thinkin'
maybe, maybe
at the cast party we can...
Yeah that's quite the fantasy
but I'm gonna pass. You know
after tonight I don't even
wanna shake hands with you.
Hey you know what Taylor?
You don't
need to be a fuckin' bitch.
Excuse me?
Yeah, yeah you heard me.
I heard what
Arthur said to you. Figured gee,
let's be the nice
guy. But you know what?
It's your loss.
These violent
delights, have violent ends.
What the fuck?
Oh that was only a
kiss. The rest is yet to come.
Can we give it up for Miles?
Such a fantastic actor
in every single
performance of this show.
A true talent. Yeah!
You guys did
Grace proud. Have fun tonight.
Have a blast. And those
of you who are not returning for
show best of luck to you.
The rest of you,
see you next semester.
Now as you
all know per tradition,
cast party at my house.
Yeah boy.
Now for those
freshman, it's just across
the baseball field out back.
Do you know why I snubbed you?
It has nothing
to do with your acting.
In fact I've always thought
you had enormous potential.
Arthur I...
I'm not finished. Do you
wanna know why I'm a director?
It's because I can read people.
It's what I do for a living.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You can cut the act.
I overheard
that little conversation between
you and Emma in the bathroom.
You have no idea what you heard.
All these years
I have been grooming
you Taylor.
What do you hope to accomplish
with this distraction?
What have you become?
magnificent, perfection.
I'm glad you thought so. Aw,
you shouldn't have done that.
I didn't. Someone sent them to
the house. I can uh, put
them in a vase for you at home.
What's wrong?
You look sad kiddo.
I'm alright. Just exhausted.
Hm. I know it isn't easy.
Try and keep
everything in perspective.
What do you mean?
I know how hard school can be.
When I was a freshman
I was pregnant with you.
What I'm trying to
say is that this'll pass too.
Thanks mom. I guess I'm pretty
lucky that you kept me huh?
I'm sorry that
William couldn't make it.
He's out.
No it, it doesn't matter.
It does matter.
It's important that he take an
interest in my only
daughter's accomplishments.
It's okay mom. You know,
like dad says what goes around
comes around.
That's my daughter.
You ready for the party?
You deserve some fun.
No, I'm not really
looking forward to it actually.
That's the wrong answer. Hm.
I fucking hate him.
That's kinda harsh.
Although I
can't believe he said that.
It's kind of out of character.
Out of character?
The guy's a dictator, not a
director. He needs to remember
that he's teaching drama at a
high school.
What should I call this
one? What are you doing?
Um, my name is Taylor and I'm
the lead in the play and every
guy likes me and my life sucks.
It's not funny.
I'm gonna go to the best
college and everything sucks.
Since when can you not take a
joke? Dude it's senior year. You
did a beautiful job
tonight. What's wrong?
Taylor, she's right. Plus we're
graduating soon anyway so it
doesn't even matter.
And we'll be on to
bigger and better things.
I always forget
how big this house is.
I'd kill to live in this house.
What's this?
Oh, come on.
Don't look so surprised.
Same rules as last year.
I promise I
won't take any photos.
Emma come on, phones and
keys in the bucket. You know the
rules. Last thing I need is
these fuckin' cops comin' here
to ruin the party.
Wow. Thought you were
actually being responsible.
Dad's rules, okay? Not mine.
Let's go. That a girl. Good
girl. Good girl.
Nice, nice. Good job.
Well, I hear there's
a party goin' on out
here. Who wants to turn it up?
I said, who
wants to get fucked up?
I see a lot of new faces
out here lookin' up at me like
who is this guy?
Well I am the party master.
Alright dad. Hey you're making
an ass out of yourself. Just go
inside okay?
Whatever you say son.
Who wants to
get this party started?
This gathering, unraveling
here before me my friends.
This is the real party.
Though I
have to say, must say that,
I'm surprised
to see my dear Juliet
at this Montague soiree.
I'm just as
surprised as you are, trust me.
Love is a smoke
made with the fume of sighs.
In this case, the party
favors we shall all share.
One for you.
Hey listen, I
won't smoke too okay?
Fuck it. I'm all in.
I am
tired of being the smart girl,
the good girl,
that boring ass lame girl.
I am entitled to a
good night. I deserve it.
Alright, that's what I'm talkin'
about. Lily, takin' a hit.
Can we just go?
Before one of us does something
that we're gonna regret.
What is it buzzkill?
Did you tell Miles?
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
I'm just gettin' it ready
for a huntin' trip tomorrow.
You havin' a fun time?
Yeah, just
looking for the bathroom.
Say, you're Taylor aren't you?
I have heard an
awful lot about you.
The uh, the bathroom's
just around the corner.
Taylor are you
okay? I'm worried about you.
Taylor, open up I have to pee.
So, you and Vinnie huh?
Okay, that is
like a one time thing.
Are you really
gonna judge me for that?
Why wouldn't I?
Listen, I think it's great okay?
Like crazy but great.
Taylor we've been friends
for years. You really think I
wouldn't notice? Not drinking,
mood swings, not smoking.
You're so pregnant.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'm pregnant.
I mean like I knew it.
You have to tell me who.
Like, I'm dying to know.
Hannah, okay no one knows.
Can we just keep
this between us please?
Totally, yeah. Love you.
Bathroom's all yours.
Mr. Little, is
there a phone I can use?
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah everything's fine.
I just need to call my mom.
Well I could give you a ride.
No, no, no. It's
fine I just need to call her.
The phone's in the kitchen.
Well I'll, see you in a bit?
Are you having fun?
Oh, hell yeah.
Just need to find a good mixer.
I'm tellin' you, we need
to do this every weekend.
Hey have you talked to Tory?
Mm mm. Haven't
seen her since the show.
Damn. They've got a
lot of expired food in here.
I'm sure Tory will show
though. She always does.
You know, she
told me about uh...
That was just a rumor.
You know how rumors spread.
Even so, we've
kept our mouth shut.
You and Tory don't get along
but, I told her to
put herself in your shoes.
Don't worry.
Your secret's safe with us.
Well I appreciate that.
That's disgusting. Why
don't you come join the party?
Well, well, well. Just
in time for the competition.
Winner gets my last blunt.
Fantastic, just what I wanted.
I saw you in
there, flirting with my man.
First of all, he's not
your man. He has a girlfriend.
In the spirit of fox hunting,
the favorite in my family, we
shall be venturing
apart to the woods rather.
See, in this particular
case I will be the fox.
And you all are hounds.
Oh yeah. First one
to catch me gets the prize.
What are we five?
Grab a flashlight.
Begin to search
in uh, let's say 10 minutes.
I feel like you're quite the
hypocrite. What you did to her
was just as bad.
But, you're right she could
get in some serious trouble.
She already is
in trouble. One of the girls in
costuming overheard the police
talking. Apparently the guidance
counselor left a message on
an answering machine. Something
about someone coming
after Taylor or something.
Well, I'm glad we
don't have to deal with that.
Hey. We done yet?
Uh, no we are not done yet.
Can we just go already?
Appreciate your enthusiasm of
winning but I was being honest
when I said I didn't wanna play.
Uh, you owe us because you've
been a buzzkill all night.
And that's coming from
Lily, so you know it's serious.
Okay well this
is hardly productive.
And you're the expert on that?
All I'm saying
is you know if we split up it
will increase our
chances of winning.
You guys she's
totally right. If we
all go our separate directions,
our chances of winning are gonna
That's exactly what I just said.
Okay well, thank you. Bye.
Fuck you!
Taylor, what's wrong?
There, there's
someone in the woods.
What do you mean?
Wait you, you didn't hear that
scream? They're, they're coming.
Taylor, what the
fuck is wrong with you huh?
I mean get your shit together.
God damn, it's a good thing she
didn't smoke
any pot tonight huh?
I think that's
exactly what she needs.
Come on guys. You,
you didn't hear that scream?
Okay what, what
about Chloe and Matt.
How uh, what about them?
Ain't it obvious? Ran into
the woods on the bang train.
Clearly my man's about
to nut. Lucky mother fucker.
I don't feel so good.
Jesus Billy, you drink much?
I'm fine, really.
Pour, pour me another.
Guys he's gotta
go to the hospital.
I tell you, I only
saw him take a few shots okay?
Alright son, the party is over.
- Wait, I've been keepin' an eye on him all night dad.
- No. There is too much liability.
Billy, can you hear me?
We can't risk this
happening to anybody else
so put the booze away.
Dad look,
this is fuckin' bullshit okay?
No. Not this time.
You either do as I say
This is not my fault.
or you're
not going
hunting tomorrow.
Alright everybody, I
need ya to hang tight inside.
I'm gonna drive Billy to the
hospital and when I get back
I'll drive each
and every one of you home.
You're not to drive
yourselves and you're not to
leave the property
until I get back, understand?
The last thing we need is
another incident like this.
Help me carry him to the car.
Alright, let's go inside.
Let's go.
Where do you
think you're goin', hm?
Unless you want me squatting on
your basement floor, I suggest
you move, please.
I'm sorry,
did I scare you? And did
you by chance
mistake this for a bathroom? Hm?
Did you?
God, you're a tricky one.
Great actress too but, I'll tell
you what if you're lookin' for
the condoms, 'cause this
ain't the drawer I keep 'em in.
Okay you need
to stop talking like that.
It's not funny anymore Miles.
And yet, you're the
one who came to my room.
Ever heard of sending
mixed signals Taylor?
I'm sorry or
should I say, Juliet?
I've always wanted to roll play.
Fuck off. What's it gonna
take you to leave me alone.
You see it's complicated there.
So anyone have
plans this weekend?
I feel like shit.
I might see a movie. Hannah?
Would you wanna come with me?
Fuck it. I
haven't had a drink
in ages. I'm fine. Bye guys.
I got a little secret for you.
It's a little one.
And I've been waiting
for this fuckin' moment
for a long time Taylor.
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about? Hm,
let me think. How 'bout you, me,
alone together. In fact
the funny thing is Taylor,
the funny thing is I
didn't picture being here
in my bedroom of all places.
- Miles...
- No you fuckin' listen.
I know all about it Taylor.
I mean if
you could sleep with him right,
you could
fuckin' sleep with me, right?
But don't worry, shh.
Your secret's safe with
me for a price. Little price.
You're drunk.
Mm hm. You see I know what
you're capable of now, I do.
Mm hm.
And guess what?
I kinda, I kinda like it.
No, no. I'm, I'm...
Uh uh uh. See, I know
what you're capable of now
and in a
funny way your brought this upon
yourself Tay Tay.
Okay now this
is how we're gonna proceed.
I'm gonna remove my hands.
If you
fuckin' say a single word,
if you mutter, mutter
a single yelp guess what?
Your secret will be
a secret no more man.
I'll shout it down the hallway.
I'll shout it from the rooftop.
Oh. Oh, is she gonna cry?
Oh come on.
Really, I was
only joking with you.
You like it rough huh baby?
What the fuck's that face for?
We need to get out of here!
Whoa, slow down.
What, what's
going on? What happened?
There's something after me Emma.
What are you talking about?
Someone was following
me uh, was chasing me.
No one's chasing you.
Come on, sit down. Have a drink.
No, I don't need
a drink. It got Miles.
Taylor's what's,
what's wrong? Are you okay?
Where's Hannah?
She went back to the school
to get her spare car keys.
No, no. You
shouldn't have let her go
out there by
herself. It is dangerous.
Alright, look uh,
sorry to interrupt
but what were you
saying about Miles?
He's dead! Okay?
Something is up there trying
to get me, trying to get us.
No, no. You're
just trying to scare us. This
just seems like
one of Miles classic jokes.
We should get out of here.
How's that
gonna protect you?
He's got the right
idea. It's better than nothing.
Okay yeah.
Guys we look like idiots. Okay?
What am I gonna do with this?
What are any of us
gonna do with any of this stuff?
No, we're puttin' this
down. We're done with this.
Alright, look
there's four of us,
there's me, we got this.
Hey, what's goin' on?
Where's Miles?
Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!
I'm so sorry
I doubted you Taylor.
I thought you were going crazy.
We just have to
look for a weapon.
Maybe it's just me but I
don't know, don't you think
it's possible we're
all just on some crazy trip?
I mean, I
smoked a lotta weed tonight.
Or the thing that
killed Grace is hunting us down?
Where are you going?
We have to stick together.
I'm just drainin'
the snake. Chill out.
Look, I'll be right back.
Freakin' idiot.
We're just gonna stick
together and we'll be safe.
Why don't we
just get the fuck out of here.
- What about Hannah?
- What about her?
Her car's still
outside. She could be in here.
Not our problem.
I hardly think that it's...
No, she, she,
she's right. We need to look for
She would do the same for us.
Get out!
Hold on!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Get out!
No! No! No!
This is taking too long.
If we split up it'll go faster.
Lets meet in
10 at the cafeteria.
If you find a
phone call for help.
Can I go with you I, I
don't really wanna go alone.
It's dead.
Taylor, who do you
think's behind all this?
If I knew that
I wouldn't be standing here.
It's gotta be the
janitor. I mean like, the
janitor shows up, the guidance
counselor's murdered and now
we're around being
hunted like wild animals.
I don't think
he's capable of murder.
But cutting
the phone line? Taylor.
Okay come on, let's go.
Here we go.
We're stuck in here.
Yeah well, at least
we're not out in the open.
I'm sorry.
For what? It's not your fault.
Did you know?
Hey. Taylor!
It's not a big deal.
I know what Emma did.
What's going on?
Taylor are you okay?
We need to hide.
What's going on? What happened?
Where's Lily?
We have to get out of
this school. It's a death trap.
If only I
hadn't thrown in my keys.
I think I have an
idea. Can you drive stick?
I don't know about this Taylor.
The boiler room
is connected to the offices
in the basement, I think.
Well, what have you
like, been down here before?
And you're sure
the transportation
office is on the other side?
I guess so. We either cut
through here or we go back to
that hallway with
that lurking thing around.
What do you wanna do?
Watch your head.
Taylor, Taylor!
Hannah! Oh my God!
We need the key.
Drew? Drew?
Drew is that you? Is that you?
Hold on!
Help me!
me! Where are you going?
That'll be us if we
don't get out of here.
Let's go
to the subway.
No. We should
stay and fight.
Taylor, have you
lost your fucking mind?
Do you hear what
just happened to Hannah?
She got sliced and
diced like a fucking vegetable!
Yeah, well
that's why we should stay!
Taylor! Take a look around us.
We've watched as
our friends have been murdered
in cold blood and
you don't seem to give a fuck.
I'm getting out of here.
I'm not
the one you need to worry about.
I'm, I'm gong with you.
We're in here!
We're in here, let us out!
Fuck, fuck! We're in here!
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
You bastard!
Come on, Emma.
My God. We have to help them.
Do you see that?
This is too much.
That's gross, he's like 40.
Who do we tell?
The principle's
gone for the day.
I'll think about what to do.
I'll make a decision by tonight.
It's very important Taylor
does not know that you saw this.
I saw your
little hump fest out back.
It was a one time thing.
I'm not the one
you need to worry about.
You little fucking slut.
Cum dumpster
sounds more like it.
Don't worry, we're here to help.
It would be over
immediately if this got out.
Don't worry,
we've got this covered.
Hey I was just kidding
alright? Don't actually do it.
Don't pussy out.
Like you said, it's
what's best for her future.
Next time wear protection.
We can't always
be there to help you.
I mean think about your career.
Taylor, Can you hear me?
You've been
through quite a lot young lady.
Do you know how lucky you are?
Can you remember
much? Anything at all? Anything?
What the
fuck's that face for?
It's all sort of a blur.
That's okay.
These things take time.
I'll let you get some rest and
we can talk about it later.
If I'm not
mistaken, you have a visitor.
Oh, before I forget
on the little one.
Oh. Uh, thank you.
Uh, can we keep this between us.
I came as soon as I heard.
It's so good to see you awake.
Do you, wanna talk
about what happened?
He was abusing me.
I'm still not sure
about this whole plan of yours.
Well do you love me?
That's not fair. You know I do.
And I didn't
know how to tell you mom.
Well you've seen the
shows, you've read the books,
you know how this is gonna end.
Local teacher sleeps
with an underage student
while dating
her mom at the same time.
I'm so, so sorry sweetie.
Best case scenario you get
prison. Have to live your life
out there. The
worst case scenario...
Look the way I see it
you have two options.
Help me kill them all.
Or fuck
it, go turn yourself in now.
Hey. We're in this together.
Let's just contain the
situation before it spreads.
I, I wish I had seen the
signs. I, I can't even begin to
understand what you've
been through these past...
Just the three girls.
Just three girls?
Mm hm.
I know what Emma
did. But I, I can keep a secret.
You weren't
supposed to be a part of this.
It's okay. That's
what friends are for.
No. You don't understand.
I mean, did...
It's okay. You know, we
don't have to talk about it.
I uh, I, I brought something
that I thought
might cheer you up.
Can't believe
we pulled this off.
I still don't understand why
you wanted me to take pictures
of all the bodies.
It's all part
of the plan. The bigger picture.
You seem upset, what's wrong?
You weren't
supposed to hurt Drew.
Couldn't be helped. I wasn't
going to ruin the whole thing
because of one person. He was
out snooping where he shouldn't
have been. Don't be mad.
I got you quite the nightcap.
Hope you like it.
Shut up!
Arthur. Too bad
you were stuck here all night.
You missed
quite the performance.
You want me to do
it? I've gotten pretty good.
You tried to ruin my career,
my plans, my future.
I've got this.
I told
you that you would get in.
I guess all the
practicing paid off.
We're finished
right? What's next?
I never really loved you.
Um, did anyone make it?
Um, out of the house.
Did anyone else escape?
Just you and that
uh, Billy boy from class.
Apparently he
got here just in time.
You know
he's uh, down the hallway.
When you're feeling better,
you should go and visit him.
I'm sure that he
would love to see your face.
This is not
Where I had thought
We would be
Leaves of trees
They spoke to me
It came from nowhere
I went to see you
I sketched your light
In the sandstone
Storms flew
Fate called
my name in the night
I walked up too
His voice the
angels declare
Your word was true
Your word was true
Though I was in the dark
picking fingers at her heart
Yet you were
there right by my side
Violent words in my head
What was alive was dead
Still peace you
gave there to my mind
Weight it hurt
The weight it hurt
The weight it hurt
It lifted, lifted
Weight it hurt
The weight it hurt
The weight it hurt
It lifted, lifted
With life in
the balance full
I now see
What happened to us I know
Was meant to be