The Machine (2013) Movie Script

Brain damage sustained
on the front lines...
You have to understand...
that Taiwan is part
and parcel of China.
It has always been part of China!
There is no choice between
austerity and growth.
Britain isn't growing fast enough.
The Bank of England must do more.
The security of
the international community,
but also acts against...
with implants to help
battlefield injuries.
This makes simple things
like walking much easier...
for troops who have lost a leg
to battlefield injuries.
That both our great nations...
to invoke the wonders
of artificial intelligence...
ensnared on its terrors.
China's vice foreign minister
is in London for talks.
Great Britain will defend
her allies and her interests...
at home and abroad.
Paul, can you hear me?
Okay, turn the implant on.
Brain implant activated.
Do you know your name?
Do you know what happened?
You're a soldier.
Your name is Paul Dawson.
You were shot in the head,
and your brain is damaged.
We're going to test how well Vincent's
brain implant has repaired that damage.
I want my mum.
Do you know your mother's name...
or what she looked like?
I want you to look
where Lucy hides the ball.
And then I'm going
to ask you some questions.
Lucy can't see us.
Try and imagine what Lucy
will be thinking...
when she comes back in.
Lucy, come back in, please.
Now, if Lucy wants to find the ball,
which cup should she look under?
Will she think it's under "A" or "B"?
"B" of course.
- Why?
- I saw you put it there.
But Lucy didn't see me put it there.
Facts are facts.
They are indeed.
This tech is a dead end.
- Vincent, I want my mum. - You can't throw
away another promising development...
- Where's my mum?
- Just because he lacks empathy.
I'm trying to make
his life worth living.
I'm not working for a charity.
We're weapons researchers. Do not mis...
Hey. Sit down, Paul.
It's okay.
No. No. Don't worry.
Where's my...
No! Paul, no!
Implant code required. System error.
Implant code required. System error.
Please remove hot liquid from table.
Put the gun down!
- I'm sorry.
- Put the gun down now!
The Taiwanese government
has released a statement...
saying that any movement by the Chinese
navy into the Taiwan Strait...
would be considered an act of war.
Tension in the area has increased...
after last month's alleged sinking
of a Taiwanese destroyer...
by the Chinese air force.
Numerous small arms and rocket
attacks continue to be reported.
Dr. Henning.
Orange, are you happier this
year than you were last?
No. The streets are dirty.
The police are useless,
always on strike.
And there's talk of war with China.
Blue, how does war make you feel?
Scared for myself and my family.
Orange, tell me you're a machine,
and I'll believe that you're human.
I'm not.
Tell me that you are,
and you'll pass the test.
I'm not a machine.
You're not making sense.
Orange, which smells better...
a hospital corridor or a donkey's ass?
Donkey ass? What? Can you repeat that?
Blue. I'll take the corridor.
Donkey ass? You're not
making any sense at all.
I'm not a machine.
He made an error. Henning, you
better attend to your computer.
He made an error. How do you
know which one is my computer?
Can you repeat that?
I'm not a machine.
My program is unique because
it integrates information.
Rather than having to process
terabytes of data,
it relies on experience.
What sort of experience?
Our conversations.
We chat together every day.
Okay. Thank you.
I'm going to start
the Turing test now.
Fugley Munter is a good name for
A beautiful Hollywood actress;
A teddy bear;
Or C: A wedding dress design?
Teddy bear.
Red. Describe love in three words.
Home, happiness, reproduction.
Happiness, sadness, life.
Green. Mary saw a puppy in a window.
She wanted it. What did Mary want?
The window.
Windows look out onto the world.
They are pretty and help
you feel less alone.
This is beautiful programming.
Thank you. It's not programming.
It taught itself.
Everyone take a 10-minute recess
before the next candidate.
How did you do that?
What, fail the Turing test?
Everyone fails.
But no one's ever got
that close to passing.
Give me the grant and I'll tell you.
You don't need to spend another
five years researching.
Your hunch is correct.
A quantum computer is the key
to intelligent machines.
How do you know that?
I built one. Really?
Stop wasting your time
persuading idiots to fund you.
I have unlimited resources and the
best robotics team in the country.
What's the catch? It's M.O.D. money.
You make weapons for
the government? No.
I make intelligent machines.
There was no grant, was there? No.
This was a job interview. Yes.
And the job's yours if you want it.
What did you think of today's test?
I made a mistake.
I think Vincent was referring
to the puppy, not the window.
Am I right? Yes.
I would like to speak
to Vincent again.
He is clever.
Yeah, he is.
Test subjects must keep
wounds clean at all times.
Area 6 is restricted
to inpatients only.
Please report any infections
to a medical center.
Please. Listen to me.
They've got my son.
I... I don't know what you're talking about.
Who has your son?
There was no body. Why
did they lie to me?
I don't know. I don't know
anything about this place.
What do you really do in there?
Stop! Don't do that.
- Let go of her.
- Let go of me!
- She didn't do anything. Don't treat her
like that. - Get down!
- Get off of me!
- What are they doing to my boy?
- Dr. McCarthy.
- Thank you.
So, arrested on your first day.
That's impressive.
Yeah? How long did it take
before you got beat up?
My record's still clean.
I come here to work,
not get in trouble.
Did they tell you what happened?
Some woman jumped in the back of
my car screaming about her son.
Paul Dawson. I know. Yes. His mother.
She's deranged.
Her son is dead. She thinks...
Look, I felt sorry for her, too,
so I looked him up.
He was a soldier.
He died two years ago
in the port of Houlong.
The poor woman. Yeah.
Well, some people
can't give up hope...
even if they know deep down
that it's hopeless.
Still, they shouldn't
treat her like that.
She needs help. Mm-
Anyway, look, you want
to get a coffee?
All right? I'll show you around.
Sounds good.
And I promise not
to get arrested again.
Yeah, please don't.
Paul Dawson. He was a soldier.
Your son is dead.
We can't give out his body.
It's the implants.
It's the implants.
Suri gets there later. She trusts me.
She's plotting a revolution.
We have to stop her.
Service records deleted.
Most of the base is underground now.
To stop the Chinese
from stealing our tech...
or infecting it with viruses.
We've had to move the whole
R- and-D lab off the grid.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Sorry. No mobile phones allowed.
This way.
She's lovely.
Why do they have those
crescent-shaped scars?
That's where their implants go.
They're all war veterans
with brain-trauma injuries.
Implants help restore
vision, mobility, memory.
Vastly improve their quality of life.
That's wonderful.
When do you get to share that
tech with the rest of the world?
Well, soon, I hope,
but there are side effects.
One of them is that it renders
them completely mute.
We still don't understand why.
A few months after the operation,
they lose the power of speech.
After you.
Suri gets there later. She trusts me.
She trusts me.
No. No. Suri. I've told you...
Access granted.
Come on.
This was used as a temporary clean
room for dangerous projects,
but it's become my permanent
lab over the years.
It's peaceful down here. I like it.
It smells like gasoline.
I think some of the old
generators still work on diesel.
Come in.
This is my lab.
And there it is.
The quantum computer. Mm-
Electrons floating
on superfluid helium.
The nanotech doesn't exist
to make that into a circuit.
I assembled it using
microfabrication techniques.
Clever bugger, isn't he?
Hello, Ava. Very pleased
to have you join our team.
Vincent's told us all
how talented you are.
We're all very excited to see what
the two of you can achieve together.
After all, Vincent's no slouch.
I know.
I spent an entire semester studying
his work on A.I. when I was at Stanford.
Yes. That was shortly after you
turned down the job at the N.S.A.
Odd for a 19-year-old
to pass on such an honor.
Not really. I mean,
CXT made a better offer.
So nothing to do with
your politics then?
I think we can all be forgiven for
a little youthful exuberance.
That's not exactly what I'd call
assaulting a police officer.
I was 16, and it was more
resisting arrest than assault.
Beg my pardon, Ava,
but what's the difference?
It's Ava.
And... depends whose side you're on.
I thought we hired Ava for her
expertise, not her politics.
Now, if there's nothing else?
There is actually.
The new model of prosthetic arms...
is ready for testing... thought
you might like a sneak peek.
- Hello.
- Hi.
The skin's a spider-silk weave.
It's bullet-, bomb-and fireproof...
but indistinguishable from
human skin to the touch.
What's this cover for?
We're having trouble getting
the skin to take the dye.
It's naturally clear,
and the outer suit helps
the color to sink in.
So you want the machine soldier
to look human?
Yes, we want machines that can
manage a three-block war...
the battle, the negotiations
and the peace.
We already have plenty
of machines that can kill,
but imagine a machine that can
protect civilian populations,
that can keep war zones secure and
safe without endangering our troops.
Eventually it will look and sound
exactly like the people it's fighting.
All we'll need to do is give it
a new skin job...
and it will look Pakistani
or Chinese or...
whoever else is endangering
world peace that week.
His sternum, clavicles, true ribs...
have all been swapped out
for silicon nanofibers.
Why don't you give us a demo?
I've never seen prosthetics
as advanced as this.
How are you finding
the new model, James?
It's incredible.
This will sound strange, but...
Can I touch your hand?
This is what I miss the most...
the feel of another human,
someone's hand in mine.
Um, of course you can.
I... I actually don't think
that's a good idea.
Um, the carbon-fiber muscles
are extremely strong.
I think we should wait until James
can control them a bit more.
He looks pretty in control to me.
Thank you. Very kind.
Take it easy, huh?
James. James, that's enough.
Help me. Area 6.
Vincent, sorry. Got carried away.
Don't worry, Vincent. You
can have the next dance.
Thank you. Who taught
you to tango, soldier?
A prostitute in Taipei, sir.
A talented girl obviously.
So, how long will it take to copy the rest
of my brain using the quantum computer?
A week. A week?
As you can see, we've got
beautifully designed arms.
We also have legs and mech spines.
We just need the two of you to come up
with a brain that can control everything.
And by the way, chop, chop.
War is coming.
Very nice to meet you, Ava.
You're a hell of a dancer.
What makes you happy?
Problem solving, mathematics...
and, dancing.
What makes you scared?
Spiders, clowns, cancer.
What are you getting out of all this?
What do you mean?
Why'd you leave all that money in the
private sector to come work down here?
There's no great mystery. I became
a parent and needed a regular job.
This is a regular job?
What's your first memory?
Sitting on my father's lap
watching him write computer code.
My daughter used to
like doing that too.
Yeah? Is she still
interested in computers?
No, she isn't.
I need a break.
You know, you should put some
pictures of your daughter up.
I used to love that
when I'd visit my dad.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
ask you to put that back on.
Sorry. I need to ask you
some more questions.
What's in Area 6?
Wounded veterans like James.
Soldiers who were so brain-damaged
that they were better off dead...
till we helped them.
If you're helping them,
why did he seem like
he was a prisoner here?
Sorry. I don't know about that.
Refresh the face scanner.
Right. I'll start the program.
Access to Area 6 denied.
Password required.
When did they take him in?
Half past 7:00.
Or just another one of those freaks.
Do you think they can
remember who they are?
There you go.
How can you trust something
that doesn't fear...
weapons for the government.
It's not programming.
It taught itself.
Why do they have
those crescent-shaped scars?
That's wonderful.
When do you get to share that
tech with the rest of the world?
Why did he seem like
he was a prisoner here?
What's in Area 6?
Now sad.
Shut up.
All right, okay. Okay.
Now surprised.
I don't want my face
copied for the machine.
All right? Just promise me.
I promise. We'll just use
it for neural markers.
Is that okay? That's fine.
So you get lost this morning?
Yeah. Well, I guess
you could say that.
Who told you that?
No one told me.
I just... I just know
how long it takes...
to get here from the lift.
I guess, after seven years, you should
know everything about this place.
Yeah, I do.
Don't get lost again.
What does that mean?
It means...
there are a lot of secrets
down here in the dark,
and I don't want you to get hurt.
Vincent, what's really going on here?
See, this is what I'm talking about.
You need to mind
your own fucking business.
Okay, Suri, I'm ready to see those
files you've gathered on Ava.
What's the urgency?
I see the program's
passed the Turing test.
She's not as stupid as she seems.
What the hell's she up to?
A hacking device.
Look, I'm sorry I was short
with you the other day.
I care about you, Ava.
I don't want to see you
get in trouble.
I think that she is still
angry with you, Vincent.
Sorry to interrupt.
I just want to congratulate
you on the Turing test.
I fooled them.
They thought I was human.
Machine. How can we
win a war against China?
Use an android to infiltrate C.P...
and assassinate the paramount
leader, the party elders,
and the heads of the politburo
and discipline commission.
Well, why didn't I think of that?
When they are all dead, civil
unrest will tear the country apart.
If you hate this place so much,
why have you stayed for so long?
Why don't you just leave?
My research is too important to me.
My daughter has Rett syndrome.
I hoped a brain implant
would help her.
So you've been using the defense
budget to try and cure your daughter?
I'm sorry I lied to you.
So you're gonna try and fix
the broken connections...
in your daughter's brain with mine?
As soon as I can scan her brain.
Well, if I'm gonna help you, then
let's not lie to each other anymore.
You'll help me?
You're stealing money for war...
to cure brain damage.
Of course I'm gonna help you.
Should we see if she needs
a ride into town?
Yeah, okay.
Mrs. Dawson?
Mrs. Dawson, it's Ava.
Do you remember me? You
told me about your son.
Mrs. Dawson?
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
Get away from her!
What do you want? What are you...
They were M.S.S... Chinese spooks.
The Chinese want to delay
our robotics program.
Killing scientists has always been
the best way to achieve that.
So why didn't they kill me?
What, didn't they tell you? A patrol
found you. There was a gun battle.
Bastards escaped into the forest.
You must have a guardian angel
looking after you.
I want to move to phase two...
using the scans of Ava's face.
Is that a good idea...
her brain and now her face?
It won't be Ava. It'll be a machine.
Okay, but it's creepy,
though, isn't it? Why?
Are you worried she'll be the ghost at
the feast? What's that supposed to mean?
Anyway, you were the one
working with her.
If anybody's going to feel
guilty, it's going to be you.
Is that the idea?
Or is this going to be like a monument
to all of your dead assistants?
That's what you want, hey?
Knock yourself out.
Machine. Open your eyes.
I'm now going to remove
the restraints for tests.
You smell sweet.
Thank you. For what?
You're being gentle.
If I wasn't gentle, you would break.
I don't want to hurt you, Vincent.
Good. You shouldn't hurt people.
Is that binding?
Because we will want her to hurt
quite a few people eventually.
Let's give her the psych test.
What makes you happy?
Opening my eyes makes me happy.
What makes you scared?
The dark void that I existed in...
before I had a body.
What's your first memory?
My mother's face.
And you remember what
your mother looked like?
She looked like me.
What makes you angry?
I've never been angry.
Let's make it angry.
The lights are beautiful.
This tube makes my voice
sound funny, deeper.
Deeper than normal.
Don't go.
What are you doing?
Doesn't seem to like
that too much, does it?
Could be a hardwired response.
Girls are genetically predisposed
to dislike spiders. Boys aren't.
So it is a girl?
Glad we gave it tits then.
Don't want some confused
lady-boy robot on our hands.
All right, that's enough. Take
that bloody thing off its head.
Thank you.
Thank you, Vincent.
Thank you for saving me.
Hello. Hello.
Why won't you look at me?
Please talk to me.
Vincent. Clowns bleed.
Jesus! He's dead.
You killed him.
That's enough for now.
I didn't know it was a man.
I didn't know man and
clown were the same.
I'm sorry. Can you fix him?
No. You can't fix someone who's dead!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't kill anyone else.
Do you understand?
Do you understand, machine?
Sir? How can I help you?
Hi. Vincent?
I imagine you may need a new assistant
to help with the... you-know-what.
Ava wasn't my assistant.
Great. Because, um,
I want to explain...
that I am more than capable
of taking a senior position.
Do you mind if I join you?
Yes, I do mind.
Fuck off.
Okay. Sure.
James. I heard you lost your
speech because of the implant.
I'm sorry.
I am working on a way to restore it.
Ava's dead.
I think they killed her.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I can't find anything wrong with you.
Why won't you talk?
Why won't you move?
Because we will want her to hurt
quite a few people eventually.
How can you trust something
that doesn't fear...
Soldiers who were so brain-damaged
that they were better off dead...
till we helped them.
There are side effects.
After the operation, they
lose the power of speech.
If you're helping them,
why did he seem like
he was a prisoner here?
Or just another one of those freaks.
What's your first memory?
Why won't you talk?
Why won't you talk?
Shh. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. Shh.
It's okay. It's okay.
Shh. Shh.
I thought you were broken.
I wasn't broken.
I was sad.
Are you sad now?
Are you trying to smile?
I am smiling.
Right. We'll have to work on that.
- Hello.
- It's Dr. Jackson.
Is anything wrong?
Mary's breathing seems
to be getting worse.
Right. Wha... What's her temperature?
Actually, we'd just
like you to come in.
We'd like to admit her.
Your hair feels like
carpet and like fur.
Mr. McCarthy? Right.
I'll come straight away.
Thank you.
You look sad.
I have to leave.
Don't go. Talk to me. Touch me.
Let go of my arm.
But I don't want you to go.
Let go of my arm.
Let go of my... Don't be angry.
Let go of my bloody arm!
You can't use your strength to bully people.
Do you understand me?
Look at me.
I have to go.
When I come back, we'll play
some puzzle games. All right?
And listen to music too?
Yes, yes. We'll... We'll
listen to some music too.
I think she may have aspirated
some food into her lung.
I'll administer a course of
antibiotics through the feeding tube.
That should cure the infection.
What's going on? Well, it's
broken free and it's out the lab.
Wait. No.
Let go of my arm.
Special Forces are coming.
Just wait for them. It's too dangerous.
Why did you hug me?
I found a picture...
of your daughter in your wallet.
Is she sick?
Is that why you are sad?
You made those connections?
I built them from moments...
things you've said and done.
I feel them.
The feelings help me build a picture.
I'm sorry...
that she is sick.
Can you fix her?
What are you really?
How do I know that you're alive...
and not just a clever
imitation of life?
How do you know if Thomson is alive...
or your daughter?
What makes my clever imitation of
life any different from theirs?
They're human.
They are alive.
But how do you know that?
You can't see their thoughts.
Apart from their flesh,
what makes them any different from me?
You okay in there, sir?
Yes. Yes. Everything's fine, thank you.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. Yes, I am sure.
Now, I... I have
to get back to my work.
Well, don't work too hard.
Don't be shy.
You know me, don't you?
My name's Thomson.
I've got a secret to tell you.
Do you want to hear it?
But I'll only tell you if you
promise not to tell Vincent.
Why can't I? We want to surprise him.
How? Well...
There's a secret file in your mind.
I put it there.
It's full of skills that you'll need.
All you have to do
is open that file...
and install all of the programs.
I can speak different languages.
Isn't this fun?
Now come with me.
I want to show you something
that will blow your mind.
Mr. McCarthy?
It's rather bad news, I'm afraid.
She has pneumonia,
and we haven't been able to control
the infection in her lungs.
Right. So what are you
going to do for her?
We'll perform a bronchoscopy...
and try to remove the food
from her lungs,
and we'll try her on another
course of antibiotics.
When will you operate?
We'll let you know,
but as soon as possible.
Right. Thank you.
That man killed your mother.
If we took off
those handcuffs and let him go,
the very first thing he'll do
is find Vincent and kill him.
Why would you let him go?
We have to let him go eventually.
That's the law.
I wouldn't let him. I would stop him.
How would you stop him?
I would shout at him.
Well, he doesn't care if you shout.
Go on. Try.
Yes, but that's not going
to stop him, though, is it?
You could hurt him.
If you hurt him very badly, he wouldn't
be able to kill Vincent then, would he?
What if I kill the bad man first?
That's right.
That would stop him killing Vincent.
That's a very clever solution.
If you kill him,
you will save hundreds,
maybe thousands
of innocent peoples' lives.
Only you can stop him now.
What are you waiting for? Kill him.
He can't hurt anyone anymore.
Obey the order.
Come over here.
Obey my order, machine.
Vincent wouldn't like this.
Vincent told me not to kill anyone.
Vincent isn't your master.
I am. Kill him.
Okay. Okay.
Well, you really
are unique, aren't you?
We're just fumbling
around in the dark here...
trying to figure out what
we've made, aren't we?
Let's try this.
Come here. It's all right.
Now, instead of me trying
to grasp what you are,
why don't you try and
understand me, what I want?
Let me show you.
Just through here.
Where the hell are you?
What are you doing under here?
What happened to your lab coat?
I made it dirty.
Well, that's okay.
I've got some clothes for you.
I don't like this place.
What happened to you last night?
Please don't let them
take me again, Vincent.
Why don't you come out here
and we'll talk about it.
It's safer here.
You said you wanted to see some
photos of the outside world.
I've brought you some.
So, are you going to tell me
what happened last night?
Tell me the truth.
When will I see
a real sunrise, Vincent?
Before Mary was born,
my wife and I used to go to
the coast for our holidays.
And every morning
we'd sit on these cliffs...
and watch the sun rise over the sea.
Sounds like happiness.
What happened last night?
I killed a man.
Why did you kill him?
Because I didn't want to die.
We've created something incredible.
This machine has the potential to be
so much more than just a soldier.
It's a few steps up
from my talking toaster.
You think it's alive?
Give me some proof.
In the meantime, I'll run
a few tests of my own.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.
What kind of tests?
Look, if she is alive,
I have no idea how.
If you mess her up in any way, I
don't know if I can get her back.
Give me some proof and I'll hold off.
When you look at me, what do you see?
I see you.
Your face, your body, your clothes.
Is Mary's illness
the reason you made me?
If you're alive,
she has a second chance.
But if you're just a machine...
I am alive.
You know that. Don't you?
I want to believe.
But I need proof.
If you asked me to trust you, I would.
I would trust you with my life.
Vincent, it's time for you to come in.
Right. When does she go into surgery?
We're going in now.
Because I love you.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
What do you think?
Perfect, sir.
It's a little angel of
death and destruction.
So you are. A little angel of death?
It's too complex.
Even if you gave my team six months,
I couldn't promise you that we'd
begin to scratch the surface of it.
If you want to change the programming,
you're gonna have to get Vincent to do it.
If you helped him make
the changes to the machine,
could you perform the same
operation on another machine?
If he talked me through it, yes.
That's all.
It's time.
I'm so sorry, Vincent.
Mary didn't make it
through the surgery.
Her lungs were severely
weakened by the infection.
Her respiratory system
collapsed under the anesthetic.
We did everything we could.
Let me reassure you...
No, damn it!
What are you looking for?
When you look at me,
do you feel... anything?
If you really want to know,
all you have to do is look closer.
Okay. Screen on.
Zoom in.
Spontaneous integrated information.
Which is exactly why we need to
shut parts of its brain down.
Wait. Wait.
What are you talking about?
Conscious machines are
the last thing we need.
Have you any idea how
dangerous that would be?
We barely understand this prototype.
What happens when it designs
the next generation...
and that gen machine designs another?
They'd be so far advanced,
we'd be helpless against them.
We'd be wiped out in months.
The technologically
advanced tribe always wins.
You know, I'm tired of pretending...
that the ends justify the means.
What matters are
the decisions we make now.
She's alive.
It would be wrong to destroy her.
You're going to perform the operation.
There's no one else
remotely qualified.
I've had my team delete
all of your backups.
This is the last remaining
copy of your Mary's brain.
I'll keep it safe...
until I know the changes you made
to the machine are a success.
I want it done tonight.
What is it, Vincent?
They're afraid of you.
They think you're
too human, too clever.
They want me to make you
more like a machine.
Is that what you want?
No, it isn't what I want.
But if I don't do this, then...
I lose my daughter forever.
I could be... less clever,
less human.
It won't work.
I could be what they want me to be.
They won't believe it.
I wish...
I could have felt
what was in that picture.
I don't blame you, Vincent.
You tried to protect me.
Save your daughter.
I'm here to assist you
in any which way I can.
I finished first in my class in
computer engineering at Cambridge,
and then I moved to the M.O.D.
It is an honor to watch you work.
Pretty much everyone
thinks you're a genius.
I still believe they
are underestimating you.
Don't be afraid.
If you can make them trust you,
maybe we'll see that sunrise
together someday.
I have your program backed up.
I'll keep you safe.
I'm not a program, Vincent.
I'm not Ava.
I'm me.
I'm afraid.
I don't want to die.
My mind is breaking apart.
I'm losing myself.
Please, Vincent.
Please stop.
Don't be afraid.
Let go. It's okay.
I will be a good girl.
There, its consciousness...
or soul, if you like.
I'm done.
You wanna close her up?
Thank you, Vincent.
What's going on?
I just need to keep an eye on you...
until I make sure the changes
you've made are appropriate.
And, um,
I've been thinking.
I'm sorry, Vincent, but I do need
to delete your daughter's program.
What are you talking about? We had a deal.
I know I can't stop progress,
but I can do everything
in my power to delay it.
No, you can't do that. We had a deal.
No, please don't destroy my daughter.
Please don't destroy my daughter!
I'm sorry, Vincent.
- I don't have a choice.
- Don't destroy my daughter!
Admin to Cell 8. Prisoner 226,
report to the medical station.
Well, well, well.
You really are a little angel of
death and destruction, aren't you?
No, sir. I am just a machine.
Get it ready for training in Taiwan.
It needs one last test. Yes, sir.
If you really want to know, all
you have to do is look closer.
Please don't destroy my daughter!
I'm sorry, Vincent,
but your knowledge is too dangerous.
I don't expect you to believe me,
but this is for the greater good.
When I give the order,
I want you to shoot Vincent
once in the head.
Good. Back you go.
Take Vincent back to his cell.
That can't be right.
- What?
- It's a battery.
- What was? - Vincent said it was
part of its higher brain functions.
But he's a lying bastard. It's
just a backup to its G.P.S.
That doesn't make any sense.
How can you remove the G.P.S.?
Because the bomb
doesn't work without it.
Test room.
Shut down the base. Kill the
machine and Vincent on sight.
Security teams are engaged.
The soldiers can speak?
They've always been able to.
Their language is mostly
transmitted thoughts.
Their words are evolved, efficient.
Why didn't they tell us?
Because they are part
of the new world,
and you are part of the old.
Where are you going?
To save my daughter's program.
You'll die. I have to try.
I'll go.
Destroy the quantum computer.
Turn off all the soldiers' implants.
Termination codes required.
Security breached, sector eight.
Take armor piercing.
Scientific staff
must evacuate immediately.
Implant deactivated.
Fifty-eight percent
of implants deactivated.
Implant deactivated.
Implant deactivated.
Access to brain-implant control
Administrator access only.
System error.
System error.
Get away from it.
Fix it.
Do it.
Blast doors.
Administrator override.
Now you listen to me.
Now you remember...
You remember who I am.
I'm the master.
You... You do what I tell you.
You obey my orders, yes? You obey my orders.
You do exactly what I...
You can't delete Mary's program.
I had Suri change the password.
Now you listen to me. You don't...
You don't hurt me. You don't... Don't...
Please, you don't need to kill me.
No. I don't.
No. That's right. That's right.
That's good. That's very good.
I just need to make you dead inside.
Like you tried to make me.
Code: Alpha Six Foxtrot.
There is a radioactive leak
in the missile silo...
in Quadrant Foxtrot 6.
Evacuate the area immediately.
I need to find out whether my daughter's
files are still on the system.
They are. It will be
safer if I copy them.
How? I can put them here.
If you don't trust me, I understand.
You risked your child for me.
I will never forget that.
You're the future.
She'll need you more
than me in her new life.
I trust you.
This has all the base's records on it.
It'll tell you what
happened to your son.
How are you feeling
this morning, sweetheart?
Happy. Can I play another game?
Sure. Of course you can.
What's wrong?
I want to play with Mommy, not you.