The Mad Fox (1962) Movie Script

More than a thousand years ago,
in the reign of the Emperor Suzaku...
...there lived a doctor of astrology
named Kamo no Yasunori.
He had a scroll, 'the Golden Crow',
on the secrets of yin and yang.
His task was to interpret the meaning
of unusual natural phenomena.
The doctor, however, had no children.
An oracle told him
to adopt as his child...
...a girl born in the direction, year,
and on the day..
...of the sheep.
He gave two disciples
the task of finding her.
Their names were Ade no Yasuna
and Ashiya Doman.
Theirs were long, hard journeys,
with no end in sight.
Finally, in a village in Izumi,
in the land of Kawachi...
...Yasuna found twin sisters,
Sakaki and Kuzunoha.
He took with him Sakaki,
the elder sister... be heiress to his master.
Kuzunoha grieved at being parted
from her sister...
...and stood weeping
until she was out of sight.
Ten long years and more went by.
Produced by
Hiroshi Okawa
Screenplay by
Yoshikata Yoda
Planning by
Junichiro Tamaki
Director of Photography
Sadaji Yoshida
Recording by
Kenjiro Tojo
Lighting by
Hideichi Yamane
Music by
Chuji Kinoshita
Arts Director
Takatoshi Suzuki
Editing by
Nobutaro Miyamoto
Abe no Yasuna
Hashizo Okawa
Michiko Saga
Kamo No Yasunori
Junya Usami
Crown Prince
Choichiro Kawarazaki
Yoshi Kato
Fujiware No Nakahira
Kensaku Hara
Fujiwara no Tadahira
Eijiro Yanagi
EItaro Ozawa
Foz Grandfather
Kenji Susukida
General Ono
Ryunosuke Tsukigata
Directed by
Tomu Uchida
A white rainbow!
Is this not an evil omen?
Not even the legends speak of one.
The hour of sunset has yet to come.
That strange red hue...
The greenery of the garden,
the water of the pond...
...even our robes lose their color to it.
Our very faces, too!
Mount Fuji spat flame last winter.
Its tremors have not ceased.
Preying on people's fears...
...gangs of marauders sweeps at will
in and out of the city.
An occurrence like this
will only add to the confusion.
How are things in the city, Minister?
I sent an official to investigate
a short while ago.
He should be returning soon.
General Ono has returned
from the wars in the east!
Has something happened in the east?
Fuji's erupted again.
Maybe that's what caused
the white rainbow.
The earth's going to open up
and swallow us!
A rain of fire...
A white rainbow...
We're cursed!
This is an omen.
Chaos will reign in the land.
What did you say, Father?
There will be great disturbance,
and the realm will split in two.
Ah, Yasuna...
Of what is this strange phenomenon a sign?
There will be great disturbance,
and the realm will split in two.
The realm?!
That's all I can think.
The white light
transfixes the moon...
This paddles even Kamo no Yasunori,
professor of yin and yang.
We must consult the Golden Crow.
Sakaki, I need the keys
you and my wife hold.
Summon my wife!
It's as I thought.
What does it say?
'Be the sun transfixed,
cursed be the emperor.
'Be the moon transfixed,
cursed be his heir.'
So the Crown Prince is cursed?
What comes after that?
That I may not say.
We are your kin!
I have no doubt of you
This scroll is so important
there are two keys to it.
I may not reveal its content
to any save my successor.
The townsfolk are terrified.
Does it say nothing of that?
I must go to the palace
and inform the Chancellor.
Make ready.
The palace?
The Mikado faces civil war.
I must hurry.
I have, by the way,
two favored disciples.
You, Yasuna, have hurried here,
eager to assist.
Why has Doman not come?
Doman is here!
What kept you?
Astonished at today's phenomenon,
I went to the palace...
...and saw your wife's elder brother,
the Minister of Civil Affairs.
I told him that none in the realm
but you...
...could interpret its meaning.
You were putting in a good word for me?
That's a little harsh...
It is not!
I am Kamo no Yasunori,
professor of yin and yang.
I am known to court.
I am sure this is true,
but you should hurry there.
Everyone knows there is no one but me
to consult on this omen.
This precious scroll,
'The Golden Crow'...
...I have always thought
to bequeath it to one of you.
But no one who disgraces me
will be my successor!
Sakaki... your key.
Akuemon, bring my horse.
There are bandits abroad in the night.
Be vigilant around
the forest of Tadasu.
You heard what my father said,
He praised you
and spoke harshly to Doman.
What he said means
he will name you...
...As his successor.
Many things could happen...
...before he did so.
I realize that.
But why are you looking so morose?
What are you brooding over?
Are you so troubled
you cannot even tell me?
I do not understand
what is in the Master's mind.
And why is that?
As you know,
while the citizens of the capital...
...are too frightened to sleep...
...your father cares nothing,
and thinks only of the Emperor.
Yasuna... why have you not...
...spoken of this directly to my father?
You need not answer. A gentle soul
like you could never do that.
But there is no one
so ardent as you about his studies.
That makes me glad.
Lady Sakaki, you are the only one
in this entire world...
...who understands me.
Look at you!
Are you in love with Sakaki?
Of course not!
She's a country girl from Izumi,
daughter of a village squire...
...adopted only because she was born
under the sign of the sheep.
A girl of low birth like that,
heiress to the master?
When I have
such a handsome young man here?
Open the gate!
It's the Master!
Open the gate!
What's happened?
We were attacked by the bandits
near Tadasu forest.
We fought back,
but the Master... has been killed.
You cowards!
You were there to guard him!
I bore a message from His Majesty
summoning Kamo no Yasunori... the court.
I am astounded at
his sudden demise.
I asked His Majesty what to do...
...and he said, 'He must
have had a successor.
'Have him appear before me.'
I'm sorry, but he died
without naming a successor.
He made no decision?
By your leave...
please give me the task...
...of interpreting 'the Golden Crow'.
That would be best.
None but Doman could interpret
such a difficult text.
One moment!
You are the disciple Abe no Yasuna?
I am.
At a time so fraught with peril...
...if two went before His Majesty...
...and presented both their opinions...
A fine idea.
By your leave,
as daughter of his house...
...I ask that you appoint me
to carry out this task.
I know something of his teachings.
Perhaps I could expound on them
in his place.
Lady Sakaki... why did you
take this role upon yourself?
It was a trap.
Mother plots to set you against Doman
before His Majesty.
He is far more glib of tongue.
How could I let that happen
to one so dear to me?
I tremble to think of the palace.
If anything happened to you...
Have no fear.
My father approved of our friendship.
We must guard the Golden Crow
with our lives.
But if His Majesty
should be displeased...
I shall have no regrets
on leaving this life.
I ask only to do that with you.
With me?
Ten years have flown by
since you took me from Izumi...
...and I came with you here
to Kyoto.
The ties of fate that bind us
must be very strong.
I feel the same way.
Should you face
His Majesty's wrath...
...I will not remain in this life.
I will follow you in death.
How happy I am to hear that!
Hold me tight. Give me courage.
Hold me!
Hold me!
You are 'Sakaki'?
I assume your father said something
about this omen?
What did he say?
About this he said...
'Be the sun transfixed,
cursed be the emperor.
'Be the moon transfixed,
cursed be his heir.'
I am cursed, you say?
The reason is...
Feel free to speak.
I surmise that,
as Your Highness has no heir...
...the succession
will be thrown into confusion.
So if I do not beget a child...
What can be done?
I am very sorry.
My father died having said nothing else
on the subject.
More than that I do not know.
I am displeased
that you would dare... speak words of such weight,
yet offer no remedy.
Are you here only to trouble us?!
With all respect, Minister,
the dead cannot speak.
Surely it is too much
to ask that they do?
The people will be led astray
if the court is not respected.
This is treason!
One moment...
Sakaki, did your father not have
an ancient Chinese scroll...
...called 'the Golden Crow'?
Can a remedy not be found within it?
But it can be understood only by
my father's two disciples...
...Abe no Yasuna
and Ashiya Doman.
Then bring them here.
I regret to say...
...that only my father's
appointed successor may read it.
I assume one of them
is your father's successor?
Before he departed this life,
he said the name of Abe no Yasuna.
By your leave....
My younger sister was wife
to the late Yasunori.
I have been told...
...he left no written proof
of his intention.
Is this true?
Doman has told me...
...Yasunori said he would
appoint him as successor.
I am sure he said 'Yasuna'.
On the occasion of this omen,
Doman came straight to the palace...
...out of loyalty to his Master.
I ask that he be named successor.
No. Yasuna had so won
Yasunori's trust...
...that he was given a name
with the character 'yasu'.
I insist that Yasuna
be named his successor.
We have no time to lose
in this matter.
I suggest the successor be named
by the Imperial Command.
I ask that it be Doman.
One moment!
The scroll lies behind the doors
of the shrine at our residence.
If a successor is named
without divine guidance...
...even an Imperial Command
will not suffice to open it.
Then let us seek the divine will
by sacred lot.
Minister Iwakura, General Ono...
...I believe you both have
family connection with the deceased.
Go swiftly to his residence...
...and have both disciples draw lots
before the shrine there.
I am told the lots should be drawn
with the scrolls itself in view.
Lord Iwakura, as always,
speaks wisely.
Open the chest.
What is it?
The scroll...
...It's gone!
It does not suffice
to say it is 'gone'.
It did not simply vanish.
Sakaki must have had someone steal it!
Why would I?
You have the key!
Sakaki would never do that.
And besides, you have
the key to the shrine door.
Perhaps you stole my key
to open it.
You've hidden the scroll away.
I think you both
conspired to do this!
You dare accuse the descendant
of an emissary to China...
...of theft?!
We must abandon
the drawing of lots.
This matter is vital
to the entire realm.
We must return to the palace!
This will shame the family.
The court will be suspicious.
At worst, this could destroy the family.
Search this house, and find it!
No! Sakaki is responsible
for the key to the box!
Seize her!
That's unfair!
You can't arrest her without evidence!
Too many strange things have happened.
First Yasunori dies suddenly.
Then the scroll disappears...
I swear to you...
...I will find the Golden Crow!
You still won't talk?!
How can I tell you what I don't know?
Do what you will! I still don't know!
You lie!
You gave it to Yasuna!
The Golden Crow...
Who took it? Where is it?
Tell me!
I can't bear it!
Sakaki! Be strong!
Sakaki! we'll show them
you're innocent!
There's no reason for this,
you cowards!
Akuemon, thats enough.
Yasuna! You'll never
take this house from me.
Tomorrow I'll send you
to the constable.
Look well last her tonight.
You won't see her again.
We've tormented them to the full.
Tomorrow we'll bing them
and send them to the Magistrate.
They'll both be decapitated.
May they enjoy their journey to hell.
And you, my sweet young prince,
will succeed Yasunori.
It's Milady!
Wake up!
Speak to me!
She's dead!
And what is this?
The Golden Crow
they were all so excited over.
The scroll!
How did you get this?
It's real.
My key opens the shrine doors...
...and Sakaki's opens the chest.
While she was asleep...
...I took it from her bag
and made another.
You made a second key?
How wicked!
Now you'll rise in the world.
I'll never let you go.
But how will we explain
that we have the scroll?
We'll say Sakaki talked.
She told us it was hidden
in her room.
And when we searched...
there it was!
The scroll!
Give it back!
Give it back!
I have it!
I have the scroll!
Where are you?
Lady Sakaki!
Lady Sakaki!
There you are!
I have the Golden Crow!
Oh, there you are...
This is yours.
You are the Master's heiress.
where are you going?
Tell me... Where has Sakaki gone?
If her spirit is still in this world,
let me see her once more.
Or one like her.
Yasuna! Yasuna!
I can't bear it!
'Love, O love...
'Inside is emptiness...
'Never fall in love.
'Love like a wind...
'...comes to him...
'...rustling his kimono sleeves.
'A loving couple...
' torn asunder.
'As petals of the cherry blossom...
'...Scattered by the raging wind...
'...he is driven mad.
'Love, unrequited...
' a single kimono sleeve.
'As time passes...
'...his hair grows wild
and disheveled.'
Lady Sakaki!
Are you here?
There! There! There!
'Glimpsed through a curtain...
'...of falling leaves...
'The image of one he loved...
'...long ago.
'From that image...
'...comes a faint trace...
'...of her scent.
'"If there is one like her, tell me,"
he says...
'...and wrapping himself
in his kimono sleeve...
'...he falls...
' a heap.'
It's you!
Mother! That ruffian is chasing me!
That man?
Give Sakaki back to me!
Stand back!
That's Yasuna!
Sakaki's Mother!
And Squire Shoji of Shinoda!
Whatever brings you here?!
I've come to see you
and beg your forgiveness...
...but to see Lady Sakaki restored
fills my heart with joy.
Why do you shrink back so
before your parents?
We're to be married, after all!
Come to me!
You're mistaken!
This is Kuzunoha,
Sakaki's younger sister.
Her twin sister!
Her twin sister, you say?
Yasuna! Whatever's the matter?
We'll take him to our house.
Grief and torment
must have driven him mad.
With proper care,
he may return to himself.
I will explain why
I have requested this audience.
In recent days, the eastern highway
has become rife with horse thieves.
While we have been investigating...
...pirates have begun marauding
to the west, in the Inland Sea.
These are difficult matters.
We have taken stern measures...
...but now in the east,
Taira no Masakado has risen in revolt...
...and Fujiwara no Sumitomo
is about to rebel in the western sea.
There are reports of natives
rebelling in the north as well.
I request that swift action
be taken to quell these.
Are Masakado and Sumitomo
in contact, I wonder?
I have no doubt.
Do we know that?
There is no proof...
...but there is one thing.
The same rumor is to be heard
in both east and west.
And that is?
Fuji will again spout flame.
This time the mountain
will lose its shape...
...and as he will rain down
over the entire realm...
...withering the crops.
Ash will fill Lake Biwa...
...water will spill across Mount Hie,
and send a deluge...
...over Kyoto.
And then?
The land will split into two islands,
east and west.
Masakado will rule in the east,
and Sumitomo in the west.
They say the white rainbow
was portent of all this.
This is no laughing matter!
The entire realm must know
these rumors are groundless.
Where is the scroll
that was to resolve this?
By your leave...
One of Kamo no Yasunori's disciples
Abe no Yasuna, went mad...
...and stole 'the Golden Crow'.
He took it away,
and his whereabouts are unknown.
And why has nothing been done?
Fine him!
We are close to learning where he is.
'Soon' is not good enough.
We have to get our hands on
the Golden Crow by any means possible.
With it we will rule
people's hearts.
We have to find Yasuna
and cut off his head.
And then, Doman,
the only one who can read the scroll...
...will be you.
Are we understood?
Before she died, Sakaki said...
...'Be the moon transfixed,
cursed be his heir'...
...meaning the Crown Prince
has to have a child.
Whether it's true or not, the Emperor
and the Prince are both very worried.
Doman, while you still had the scroll...
...did you see anything useful in it?
You did?
It was this:
'Face the sun,
and beneath your chamber...
'...entomb the blood
of a living white vixen.
'There embrace,
and a child will come.'
I'll take the Prince some fox blood.
We will do well
once we've told him this!
But where do we get the blood?
You need have no concern, sir.
I was born in Shinoda, Izumi.
The forest teems with foxes.
One of my men has seen
an old white female there.
I'll go to the palace
You go fox hunting.
Make ready!
Look, Yasuna.
The peasants are dancing
to celebrate a good harvest.
What a fascinating dance!
I'll dance, too
Come, Sakaki.
Not again!
Her name is 'Kuzunoha'.
Be silent.
Lord Yasuna is always
so much happier...
...mistaking me for my sister.
I wonder when your father
will approve our marriage...
When you are cured of your illness.
I'm not ill!
The Gods of my Master's shrine
have granted my wish.
Since they have returned you,
I am fine, as you can see.
They look like hunters.
We'd better get back home.
Why have you stopped dancing?
We can't interfere with the hunters!
Why have they stopped?
They should dance more.
Make haste, Yasuna.
The poor thing! A hunter's arrow...
Madam... strong.
I know it was around here.
Have you seen a white fox?
A white fox?
You can't tell a fox from a person?
This is yours.
We'll take you home.
Bear up, Madam!
Thank you very much.
This my house.
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Go in. I'll tend your wound.
Please, no!
This is no place
for a gentleman like you.
We're very poor.
No! Please!
What's all this noise?!
What have you done?!
No, no!
He saved my life!
A hunter's arrow found me,
and he tended to my wound.
I didn't know. Forgive me
for being so rude.
Grandma! What happened?!
I almost got killed!
Then the gentleman
talking to your grandfather...
...came and saved my life!
She'll be all right?
Please don't worry.
Well, I hope so.
This water's so clean!
You can't drink that!
I just meant to wash my hands.
He's very handsome!
Oh, no! He has a wife!
That's not his wife.
That's Kuzunoha,
daughter of Squire Shoji.
Take good care of her, old sir.
We'll never forget your kindness.
May I know the name of the man
Who saved my wife?
My name?
Abe no Yasuna
Lord Yasuna...
And your father is the village squire.
You are too kind.
Take good care of her.
The poor thing...
that arrow was meant for you.
That villain Akuemon!
He's found us!
I'll never forgive myself
if that young man comes to harm.
Kon, go with them.
Watch over them.
If they meet any danger,
come right back and tell us!
I will.
I'll call the others together.
I hate hunting,
the killing of living things.
Do you, Sakaki?
You are truly gentle, Yasuna.
But when you call me 'Sakaki'...
...I pay it no mind.
Yasuna! Submit to the rope!
The rope?
What is his crime?
He is a dangerous man!
He killed Yasunori's wife...
...and stole 'the Golden Crow'!
Seize him!
He'll have the scroll! Find it!
Let go!
We're safe now
we've come this far.
We won't be followed.
Akuemon and his ruffians
don't know these mountains.
Here you can nurse him.
Nurse him? By myself?
Of course.
I have to go back to tend
to your grandmother.
I can't do it alone!
You won't be lonely.
You owe Yasuna
your grandmother's life.
It would seem those villiains
from the capital want him.
We owe him his life
for the one of ours he saved.
Tell squire Shoji
and the people in the village...
...that the
That the Gods
have spirited him away.
You wait here until he recovers.
That scroll is important.
Don't bring it out,
no matter what happens.
But if he finds out what I am...
He doesn't know that yet.
I know...
You saw Squire Shoji's daughter...
Yes. She's beautiful!
It's not a good thing to do,
but if you took her form...
...he would never suspect.
I become lady Kuzunoha?
Yes. You transform yourself into her.
But when he recovers his wits...
...what shall I say to him?
When that happens...
...tell him this:
Squire Shoji wants him
to stay hidden here...
...until his name is cleared.
Will you do that?
Do you agree?
All right, but...
...he's so handsome!
I'll be blushing all the time.
You? Blushing?
But, Kon... thing you must remember.
Don't make a foolish mistake.
Turn your back on your kind
and walk a path you should not...
...and you will wander forever...
...outcast and alone.
A debt is a debt,
but a foe is a foe.
We are born enemies of man.
The moment he returns to his senses
he'll abandon you.
Do you understand?
Of course I do.
But if even for a day or two...
...I can be with him
as a beautiful lady...
...I'm glad.
I'm happy, Grandpa.
Thank you.
Stop being so sweet!
You bring tears to my eyes.
...make good our debt. Nurse him
like no human ever would.
Take very good care of him.
There. Now your wounds
will pain you no more.
Are you awake?
Lady Sakaki!
Where are we?
No, I am Kuzunoha.
Did Squire Shoji...
...give us this house?
Our home!
I am not Sakaki...
Don't be silly!
Did I not promise you..,
...that if you faced death...
...I would follow you as well?
You're mistaken!
There's no mistake!
'Hold me!'
Did you not say that?
Let me go!
I have a vixen's heart!
What will I do?
Oh, Grandpa! What will I do?!
'Thinking the persimmon tree
next door...
' heavy with fruit...
'...I peek into the garden...
'...and what do I see there...
'...but a woman in full bloom...
' a wretched hovel...
'...absently plying her loom.
'What can she be weaving?
'The father...
'...prays his child will rise
in the world...
'...while melancholy and hardship...
'...are the warp and weft...
'...of the mother's heart.'
Have you been left all alone?
That mother of yours!
I'll give her a talking to.
I wouldn't do that!
Would I, Baby?
He wants his daddy!
I just left him there to call you.
I wish we could go
see his grandparents.
How happy they'd be to see...
...such a sweet little lad.
We mustn't!
Why shouldn't we?
I've told you and told you!
The other day, when I took cotton
to the village...
...I heard that General Ono had chased
some pirates ashore at Settsu.
General Ono?
Yes. The pirates seem to have fled
here to Izumi.
The soldiers are watching for them.
Put leaving out of your mind.
I remember!
I heard Lords Taira and Fujiwara
had rebelled...
Then came that white rainbow...
The Golden Crow!
Someone's taken it!
we have to find it
and take it back to Kyoto!
It holds the secrets of the curse
on the Crown Prince!
Is that the Crown Prince's scroll?
We'll go in state.
Our son will give it to him.
He'll be an astrologer, too!
Let's go to Kyoto.
I have to!
I know! We'll leave tomorrow!
Get ready!
We cannot.
We can't?
Why not?
If we do,
we'll walk into a trap.
A trap?
The autumn fields...
'...are full of traps...
'... set to catch foxes.
'Each trap is baited
with delicious food...
'...but don't let it
catch your eye.
'Eat it and you die!
'All we foxes...
'...from the time we were small...
'...have learned this:
'Man is vicious and cruel.'
Oh, we're out of firewood.
If you'd like a change of air,
why not go and cut some?
All right.
You're a good man!
Bring as much as you can.
I will.
There, there, don't cry!
That's a good baby...
Go to sleep...
Go to sleep...
There, there...
'My baby's daddy
is a good man...'
But his words just now...
... pained me
like a needle through my heart.
The day I give him that scroll... the day we part forever.
With such a beautiful child as you...
...why must I give it to him?
This love, all the more real
for its passion...
...and this joy...
Though it has brought us you... day his madness will end.
'"When he learns
what I really am...
'"...what will I do then?
'"I will not think of it.
'"I will not think of it.
Is this the house?
There are no other houses here,
and this is the right road.
It must be this one.
But would Yasuna really live
in such a hovel such as this?
Let me go and see.
Is there a gentleman named Yasuna here?
Hmm...I don't see anyone.
'He steps up...
' the window...
'...and is astonished
at the resemblance.'
Tell me, wife... this indeed Kuzunoha,
our daughter?
what foolishness is this?
Who is it, if not Kuzunoha?
Do my eyes then deceive me?
There is my daughter, at her loom.
In this wide world, it is true,
people bear resemblances...
...but unless Sakaki
has returned from the dead...
Go and see for yourself.
What'll we do with you!
Sometime you make me wonder.
'"Oh, my! Squire Shoji!"
'"Words fail me!
'"Is that the real Kuzunoha?
'"Is that the real Kuzunoha?
'"Even a mother's eyes cannot tell.
'"I am in confusion unto madness!'"
Well! Squire Shoji!
We've searched and searched for you!
I don't understand...
I've been longing for the day
I could come to see you.
Is it safe now?
What do you mean?
You make no sense.
Please, greet my daughter.
Oh, I see!
You came while I was gone,
had her change clothes...
...and act as if
you'd just brought her here.
All this is a joke
on poor old Yasuna!
Imagine! My wife acting
as if she'd just come to visit me!
I regret that you have not allowed us
to bring our child to you.
Your child?
Is that your child?
Since the Gods spirited you away... daughter has been sick
with love for you!
My wife has been ill?
Don't be silly!
Don't tell me you've been living
with the spirit of Sakaki!
Please! don't make fun of me.
Yasuna! Pull yourself together!
Why are there two Kuzunohas?
Please, tell me!
I don't know! I don't know!
Perhaps I've been dreaming...
'How vexing! How mortifying!
'Years of sacrifice, to no avail...
'Now the truth is revealed...
'Mother and child are sundered...
'...and now it is thus...
'..that she must leave.'
Sakaki here...
Sakaki there...
I don't understand!
What's happened here?!
Yasuna, calm yourself...
Open the door! Please!
I cannot.
I cannot open this door.
The truth is that I am not human.
I am the grand-daughter
of the fox whose life you saved.
To repay our debt of gratitude,
I took the form of Kuzunoha...
...and while I was nursing you... heart led me into the sin...
...of a love that can never be.
The griefs of the realm of animals...
...exceeds the human
by hundreds of times.
Wild beast though you may be,
we still have a child!
Open the door.
Talk with me!
Please! Open the door!
I will leave the child.
I will leave him for you to raise.
Lady Kuzunoha,
I have borrowed your form...
...and in it gone so far
as to bear a child.
Please do not think harshly of me.
Mother is going to leave you.
Grow up to be a fine man.
'"Never act in a way...
'"...that people will laugh at you...
'"...and scorn you...
'"...and say you are how you are...
'"...because your mother was a fox.'"
Open this door!
I cannot let you
leave me this way!
My grief at leaving you is vast...
...but now I am revealed...
...I must never see you again.
You mustn't leave!
Let them scorn who will!
I will feel no shame!
Do not toment me further.
Please...let me leave in silence.
'"Your mother will always
be with you...
'"...and watch over you
all your days.'"
'"if you love me...
'"...come visit me...
'" Izumi.
'"In the forest...
'"...of Shinoda.
'"there Kuzunoha waits...
'" sorrow."'
'If you love me,
come visit me in Izumi...
' the forest of Shinoda
There Kuzunoha waits in sorrow.'
This is very strange!
The hut had disappeared...
...leaving only a meadow
of dried grass.
This must be the work of spirits!
A meadow...
Was our house here
only a dream then?
Yasuna! Have you come
to your senses?
Squire Shoji!
The Golden Crow!
My fox-wife!
'Love, O love...
'Inside is emptiness...
'Never fall in love.'
The End