The Mad Miss Manton (1938) Movie Script

Good night.
Good night.
Ah, there you are,
Did you miss mommy?
3:00, Miss Manton.
Right on time.
I went up
right after you called.
I had to wake
your maid.
Boy, was she fried-
I mean, angry.
If I know Hilda, she
was fried, not angry.
All right,
Remember, you're out here for exercise.
No loafing.
Come on.
Oh, what's the matter,
Oh, poor little fella.
There doesn't seem to
be any justice for dogs.
You suffered through
the building of a subway,
And when it's finished,
they won't even let you in.
Ronny? Ronny!
Hello, police?
Hey, what is this,
a gag?
No, sir. I was to a costume party.
It was on 14th street
off 2nd avenue, and-
Well, you see,
it was an artists' ball.
I had to hit a man because
he tried to kiss me.
And-Oh, no. I mean, the door was open,
And I walked in,
and he was lying there
In a pool of blood-
His own!
Is that a reason to kill a man
- Because he tried to kiss you?
Oh, it isn't the same
man, and I didn't kill him.
Please, you've got
to believe me.
It's just
up the street there.
All right,
get in, get in.
Wait a minute,
Lieutenant Brent.
Shouldn't you send two men
around the rear of the house?
What for? The guy's
dead, isn't he?
But the murderer might
still be in there.
Look, lady. It's 10
minutes since you called us,
And the murderer- That
is, if there is a murderer-
Could be in Brooklyn
by now-
That is, if anybody
wants to be in Brooklyn.
Now let's take a look
at the body.
Quit climbing up
on me.
And listen, a few of you guys
go around the rear of the house.
you know
whose house this is?
It's the Lane mansion.
Sheila Lane-You know, the one
who married the rich old banker.
They haven't lived here
for a long time.
Where's the body?
In that room. Now if you don't
mind, Ill just run along.
Sorry, lady. We'll have
to ask you to hang around.
Why, it's gone!
It was lying
right there.
It's gone? It was lying right there?
Right over there?
But I saw it, I swear
to you. He was dead.
He was dead?
I couldn't see his face
because he was lying on his-
Now, you mustn't
be frightened.
And my cloak- It was
hanging on the door-
Don't get excited.
You're among friends.
We've got a nice quiet
place in the country-
She's not nuts.
I'm not crazy,
I tell you.
Maybe we can find something
in one of the other rooms.
Yeah. We'll probably find
a mama ghost, a papa ghost,
And a baby ghost.
What kind of a game are you
playing? What's your name?
Manton. Melsa Manton.
Oh, Melsa Manton, eh?
Aren't you one of the bunch that
held that treasure hunt last week
And stole a traffic light?
Oh, yes, but it was a
treasure hunt for charity.
We run
the T.B. Clinic.
And aren't you the dame who
got an ambulance from Bellevue
Because one of your dogs
had distemper?
He was very sick, and the
veterinary was out of town.
And aren't you the dame
- Yes.
Give me them
stomach tablets.
Coming up, chief.
There's a murderer
loose, I tell you,
don't worry.
It won't fit him.
Miss Manton, I don't
know what your game is,
But I know this
- Either your education or your spanking
Has been neglected.
Now, I can't do anything about spanking you
- Or can I?
You wouldn't dare!
this time, Ill
let you get away with it.
But if you involve
the police department
In one more
of your merry escapades,
I'll lock you up
so tight,
You'll need a major
earthquake to get you out.
Now, go on home before
I call a truant officer.
All right. If I ever
see another murder,
Before I report it,
I hope-
Well, I hope
Im the victim.
Chief, why can't I
use this, just this once?
Because it's against
the law. Come on.
Another batch of telegrams commending
your article on the Manton girl.
That's fine.
Take another one.
We should like to preface
this editorial
With the statement that wall
street has hit a new low.
Unemployment has reached
a new high peak.
An additional $4 billion
has been added to the budget.
But Miss Manton and her ilk
Continue merrily on their
million-dollar Ermine-Lined way.
Make a note-According
to the police,
Miss Manton's costume
was fetching.
It seems to me
that this young lady was-
Are you Peter Ames?
But I am.
To complete
the circle.
Why, you-
Oh! Oh!
I'm sorry, miss. Will
you please stop crying?
I'm not crying.
I'm just mad.
Did you write
this awful thing?
Oh, you're Melsa Manton. You
can afford your own laundry.
It's quite an item
with me.
I'm sorry, Miss Manton.
I'm a very busy man.
How dare you print
such tripe.
It's not a question
of courage.
It's a question of
conviction, of policy.
I see. And who decides
that policy?
Well, newspapers are funny
institutions, Miss Manton.
You take an ordinary reporter
like me and make him an editor,
As long as he's willing to
work for the same salary.
I want you to meet
a friend of mine.
Mr. Spengler. Mr. Ames, Mr. Spengler.
I'd be charmed
if I wasn't so busy.
If you both
will excuse me-
Here's the summons,
Mr. Ames.
I hope you don't
take this personal.
That will be all,
Mr. Spengler.
All right. Thank you,
Miss Manton.
A million dollars
for libel.
With your present income,
aren't you afraid
That's going to put your income
tax way up into the surtax brackets?
Don't worry about it. I'll
give it away to charity.
This is all very silly. You
haven't a leg to stand on.
That editorial
just stated facts.
You did disrupt the police
force. There was no corpse.
There was a corpse,
and Ill prove it
If I have to find
the body myself.
You talk as if you were
contemplating murder.
Don't encourage me.
That editorial really started something.
So did
Mrs. OLearys cow.
Call our attorneys
right away.
We can't sit back complacently
and let them ridicule us.
They might occasionally mention
Some of
the good we do.
That's not the point.
There's no truth
in the stuff he printed,
And it's up to us
as a group to prove it.
I've always wanted
to pound a picket line.
Now, Melsa, you remember the
night you saw Queen Elizabeth-
In all her clothes, taking
a bath in your own tub.
Are you suggesting,
by any chance,
That I had too many
absinthe parfaits?
We must exhaust
all possibilities
Before we devote our
lives to a corpse-Hunt.
After all, darling,
you're the only one
Who says
there was a murder.
I did see the body, and my cloak
certainly didn't run off by itself.
Maybe the body
wasn't dead.
I would have told the police
that you saw Ronny Beldon
Coming out of
the Lane house.
I didn't
have a chance.
I think it's foolish to get any
more mixed up in this murder.
No, it isn't.
Melsa's right.
If we don't do something quickly,
the whole town will believe
Everything Ames and that stupid
police inspector said about us.
I think it's silly,
but Im with you.
Me, too. Count me in. Same here.
That's swell, girls. I've
called Ronny Beldon's apartment,
And the switchboard operator says
he won't be in till late tonight.
Meanwhile, I have
some flashlights.
Let's all go over
to the Lane house.
I'll prove
Im not crazy.
Can't we prove you're not
crazy some other night?
Sure. We'll ask the murderer
not to touch a thing.
Telephone for you, miss frost.
There's my date.
Sounds like a pipsqueak
to me.
Hello, pipsqueak?
I mean, hello, Paul.
No, I can't.
Well, just a minute.
Please, not tonight!
Oh! Hello?
Hello? Hello?
Are you there?
He was cut off.
Poor boy, and in the prime
of his life, too.
Hilda, the door.
I heard it.
I ain't deaf.
Sometimes I wished
I was.
Have you another piece of cake, Hilda?
Yes, I have, but the
kitchen's closed for the night.
Hilda, Miss Beverly
is our guest.
I didn't ask her.
Comes the revolution,
And we'll stop being
exploited by our help.
In my house,
the revolution is here.
Look, I
- I was told to give this
To Miss Manton
You're Miss Manton? Yes. Thanks.
The sender requests an answer, please.
"May I come up
and see you?
Just want half-hour of
your time. Peter Ames. "
That's our publicity
Have him up. We'll give him
something to write about.
The answer is no.
In that case, here's
another telegram for you.
Ok, child.
You'd think they'd send an older man
Up to this
here apartment.
"I'm coming up anyway.
Peter Ames. "
Too bad we won't
be here to greet him.
I'd better call
the lanes at their hotel
So they won't surprise us
at the old house.
What'll I say?
Say hello.
Thanks, Dora. You're
sweet and very helpful.
Mr. Lane, please.
Well, then Mrs. Lane.
Did she?
Did she take a bag?
Thank you very much.
George Lane
is out of town.
Sheila left yesterday after
dinner and hasn't been back since.
Do you suppose she and
Ronny Beldon skipped?
You've heard
about those two.
I don't know which is more pernicious
- You or anemia.
That'll be your editor.
Duck your
Remember, girls, I want
the first stab at him.
Now don't be
selfish, Melsa.
Oh! My cloak.
"the next time
you'll be in it. "
Oh! The murderer
has been here!
Why didn't I
keep that date?
What'll we do?
I don't know.
Think for yourself.
Whoever committed
the murder did this
And is afraid we may
know something.
That knife ain't
folding them letters.
We can't let this
intimidate us.
That's what
the murderer wants.
It's all the more
He's come back!
And Im leaving!
I'm going to open
the door.
Get ready, girls.
We'll rush him.
Very nice props, but
they don't convince me.
You fool! You ruined
the fingerprints.
Did I? I can get you
plenty more fingerprints.
Miss Manton,
I came up to see
If I couldn't talk you
out of this childishness.
You can't
possibly win.
Besides, it'll just make a
lot of trouble for both of us.
come on, girls.
Hi-ho, silver.
Nasty man.
I'll take mine
in one-Dollar bills.
Rigor mortis
is setting in.
He's cute.
Come on.
Oh, it's locked. Why don't the
police mind their own business?
You can't say
we didn't try.
Wait a second.
I'll try the window.
Let's go home.
Come on,
This is the room.
Go over it
with a fine-tooth comb.
I found the clip
out in the foyer.
There might be some other
things lying around-
maybe fingerprints,
Or things knocked over
in the struggle.
I'm scared.
Melsa, where did you
find the body?
Right where
you're standing.
Melsa, let's
get out of here.
Oh, please
be quiet.
What on earth
are you doing?
I'm calling Paul.
Silly, the thing has been
disconnected for a year.
Look. Blood.
I found a bloodstain.
Oh, how can that be blood? It's blue.
Maybe they shot
Mrs. Astor.
No, it's ink. Somebody must
have spilled a bottle of ink.
Helen, you search
the upstairs.
Oh, no. I was never
much of an individualist.
If the upstairs has to be
searched, we'll search it together.
Why, that's communism! Shh!
I don't know why
we have to whisper.
There's nobody else
in this old barn.
Turn off
your flashlights.
I'll keep mine on.
I'm scared.
Stand back
against the wall.
When he comes in,
we'll all pounce on him.
Get him, girls!
see if he's
got a gun first!
hey! Hey!
well, if it
isn't dopey.
Don't be a pig, Myra.
Move over.
Got a little worried,
didn't you?
Thought there might be
something to my story after all.
Wait till you dressmaker's
dummies read my next editorial.
I still think
he's cute.
Meaning no disloyalty
to you, Melsa.
Come on, girls. We've still
got some unfinished business.
You don't expect us to go to
Ronny Beldon's looking this way?
Come on.
Help! Help! Help!
bye, darling.
Hurry up!
Let me do the questioning. Mr.
Beldon has a lot of explaining to do.
He can't cut me dead
in the street,
Even if he was
running away from a murder.
He should have been
back by now.
It's unlocked.
It doesn't seem right to
go into a man's apartment
Without a chaperon.
He doesn't seem
to be here.
Let's see if we can
find anything.
Look for anything that might
connect him with the murder.
And don't disturb a thing. We don't want
him to know we've searched the place.
Helen, come here a minute.
Notice anything?
It's a picture of Sheila Lane, isn't it?
Yes, but you see
that clip?
The one I
described to you-
The same one I found
in the Lane house.
Which means Sheila must
have been there, too.
I just saw that clip
or its twin sister
A minute ago
in the bedroom.
I thought I told you girls
not to disturb anything.
here it is.
It is the same.
I put this clip
in my cloak last night.
When I went out
to call the police,
Ronny must
have gone back,
Taken the body
and my cloak.
Do you suppose Ronny could
have been the murderer?
Why, I can't
believe it.
Come on. Let's get
out of here.
Where's pat?
She wouldn't by any chance
be in the kitchen, would she?
Pat? Oh, pat!
Come on, pat.
We're leaving.
I'll be with you
in a minute.
Let me see
that knife.
I'm hungry. I want to make a sandwich.
Oh, pat, let me
have that. Oh, stop.
going on in here?
If Im not mistaken, this
is the mate to the knife
That was sticking
in my door.
This cinches it.
It's Ronny, all right.
And I had him
up to tea.
Now we'd better get
out of here. Come on.
Not until Ive
had my sandwich.
Oh, pat, come on.
It's Ronny!
My heavens!
Wait a minute, girls.
We can't leave pat
in there.
I'm not going
back in there.
Isn't she brave?
And we all thought Ronny did it.
I have a psychic feeling
we're all moths to slaughter.
There you are.
Afraid of a dead man.
Why, I-Oh!
Break into the joint
sharp on the hour.
Don't bother with the guests.
Just get the croupiers.
And remember, I don't want to find
any chips in your vest pockets.
Lieutenant, there's a dame who
wants to speak to you on the phone.
A dame, eh?
Manton? Sullivan,
get a bicarb tablet ready.
Coming up, chief.
Look here, Miss Manton. We
realize we're public servants,
But do you
realize it?
Oh, you found
another body?
I see.
Well, Ill tell you
what to do.
Keep it on ice, see?
It is on ice?
Look here, Miss Manton. Get
out of my life, do you hear?
Get out of my life!
All about the murder.
Playboy murdered.
Body found
in Clarion lobby.
All about it! Extra!
Let's have it.
Oh, hello, Mr. Ames.
Say, what happened
to you?
I've just been initiated
into the junior league.
What's this?
I wouldn't know,
Mr. Ames.
I'm just on
the distribution end.
Hey, extra! Read all
about the big murder.
Hey, Pete, I never
A double-cross
from you.
I don't know anything
about it.
this all about?
I get into headquarters,
and this hits me in the face.
I don't know, Mike.
I wasn't in the office.
I was tied up
until now.
will you stop
crawling up on me?
What a scoop! We have 100,000
papers on the street already.
Why weren't
the police notified?
We wanted to get our papers
out on the street first.
If any more bodies are found around
here, notify the police first.
If it ain't asking too much,
what did you do with the body?
He's in your office
on the couch.
What are you trying
to do, haunt my couch?!
I, uh... dropped in
to the Lane mansion tonight.
I ran into Manton
and a flock of her friends.
Ran into them? Looks
like you met them head-on.
I heard them say something about
going over to his apartment.
Round up that pack of dames
running around with Manton.
Bring them down
to headquarters.
Drag them out of bed
if you have to.
Ok, and I hope
I have to.
Come on.
We'll pick up Manton.
Wait a minute, Mike. Aren't
you being a little hasty?
Why don't you wait
till morning?
Do you think
I like to do this?
Do you think I like to
take people, men and women,
Human beings,
and harass them,
Pound them, beat them,
humiliate them?
No. But to these girls,
Im gonna love it!
Id confess
for a sandwich.
confess what?
It depends
on the sandwich.
Quiet, girls. That nice policeman
has thought up another question.
Why did you take the body
down to the Clarion?
I thought if you
read it in the paper,
You'd believe it.
Miss Manton, we've been here all night.
You're tired. I'm tired.
The girls are tired.
All Im asking is
a simple question.
Which one of you girls
murdered Ronny Beldon?
And who's covering up
for who?
Now, is that
too much to ask?
I've told you before,
I told you that
the only reason
We went to
Ronny Beldon's apartment
Was because I saw
Ronny Beldon
Come out
of the Lane house.
Now will you let me
call my lawyer?
Just a minute,
Lieutenant, I have
something to say.
I think he
committed suicide.
Oh, you do, do you? Well, I
think you got something there.
He tiptoed into the
refrigerator, closed the door,
And stuck a knife
into himself. Uhh!
Come on, chief.
Won't-Who asked you
for it?
Won't somebody please
cooperate and confess?
I can't stand it any longer!
I'll confess! I did it!
You did? Why'd you
do it?
Because you asked me
to cooperate with you.
Now, look at me.
I'm a sick man.
My stomach
is on the blink.
It's easy for me
to get sick,
But I want to get
sick my own way!
Wait a minute, Mike.
I'll take it.
Miss Manton, I don't happen
to agree with lieutenant Brent.
I don't think
any of you girls did it.
But you are hiding
Now, Melsa,
why don't you tell us?
Miss Manton
is the name.
You made liars and social
parasites out of us.
Now we girls are going to collect
that million dollars from you.
And as for you,
inspector Brent,
False arrest is a very
serious charge,
And we'll have your badge
before we're through with you.
We're going to make you all
feel pretty small and silly.
Who's got a lipstick?
All right.
Fingerprint them
And put them
in the lineup.
And on what charges
are you going to hold us?
For spitting
on the sidewalk.
Lieutenant, there's a lawyer out
here with a writ of habeas corpus
For the dames.
Well, it's
about time.
All right, all right. And if
you dames find another body,
It'll probably be me.
Popsy! Oh, are we glad to see you.
Girls, you ought to have
more consideration for my age.
Who told you
we were in jail?
A chap named Ames.
Uh, Peter Ames.
A light begins
to dawn.
What do you mean?
After all, when a man
calls Melsa "Melsa"-
Oh, don't be silly.
You know, psychiatrists say
hate's just a step away from love.
Yeah, but it's the lull in
between that drives you crazy.
Come on, Popsy.
What for?
For calling my lawyer.
Why did you do it?
Maybe Im a social climber
or a fortune hunter.
Or maybe Im beginning
to like you very much.
I realize I should
let go of your hand,
But the fact is, Im
finding I don't want to.
You've been
very sweet. Thanks.
When can I see you
Meet me in Sheila Lane's
apartment at 3:00.
There'll be a big
story for you.
Sheila Lane?
Yes. I found her clip
in the Lane mansion
When I discovered
the body.
All right, Melsa.
Come on.
Pat's hungry,
and we're sleepy.
until 3:00.
Well, that's one way of
getting favorable publicity.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Come on. Out. Out.
Now what's
the matter?
You're under arrest.
This is where I came in.
Come on.
Give me that clip.
You unspeakable
Now, Melsa-
Don't call me Melsa.
This isn't any
pink tea.
That knife in your door was no joke,
Even if I
thought it was.
Are you gonna give me-
What knife?
I'll tell you later.
This is murder. Neither
the police department nor I
Want to wake up
some morning
And find 8 lovely
debutantes murdered.
You know, he makes sense to me.
Are you gonna
give me that clip?
evidence, eh?
Covered Beldon's apartment.
Couldn't find a thing.
Anything new?
Yeah. Looks like Sheila Lane
done her boyfriend in.
We just got an alarm
out for her.
Hey, Mike, what
about old man Lane?
What about him?
If our paper knew his wife
was running around with Beldon,
He must have known.
Maybe he killed Beldon and
tossed his wife in the river.
Hey, maybe you got something
there. Get an alarm out for-
I hate to spoil
a good story,
But Mr. Thomas, his partner, told me
That Lane has
been out of town
For the past week on business.
Did he? Get that alarm
out for Lane.
That's Beldon's car
- It's been standing outside his house
For two days.
Ok. You catch some sleep.
I'm taking these dames
back to Beldon's apartment.
I'll make them talk if I have
to keep them awake all summer.
Now he thinks
he's general grant.
Shut up. Hey, you.
Follow us.
We'll use the Beldon car.
You come with me.
Let go of my arm.
Wait a minute. You girls
hop in the rumble seat.
Ames, you'll ride
with me.
Aah! Aah!
Shut up!
That's the body! That's the
body I saw in the Lane house!
Old man Lane.
Right on my own
It's contempt of court.
Oh, it's you. I told you on
the phone she won't go with you.
Now, Hilda, I just
want to talk to her.
She don't want to talk
to you.
She even made me
stop buying your paper.
And besides, someone's coming
to take her to the charity ball.
I'll force my way in.
If you do, she told me to throw
a pitcher of water
Plumb in your face.
I'll risk it.
It was orders,
but I used distilled water.
Do you and Melsa live
this way all the time?
Well, I done my best.
She's in the living room,
But I warn you, y'all
better not go in there.
She's in a nasty mood, and when I
says nasty, I ain't mincing words.
Hilda, I thought
I told you to keep him out.
Melsa, please. I've never
run after a woman before-
That is, Ive never
admitted it-
But Im running
after you.
You're on
a treadmill, Mr. Ames.
You may keep on running, but
you'll remain in the same spot.
Hilda, for Petes sake,
will you get out of here?
I've got things to say. I can't say them
when you're standing there staring at me.
Hilda, you stay
right where you are.
You don't know
what's good for you.
Listen, before I knew you,
I disliked you intensely.
When I met you,
I disliked you intensely.
Even now, I dislike
you intensely-
That is, the sensible,
sane portion of me.
But there's an insane side of
me that gets a little violent
Every time
I think of you.
Getting rid of a million-dollar lawsuit
Wouldn't have
anything to do
With your change in affection, would it?
You are a nasty
creature, aren't you?
But in time,
Ill beat it out of you.
Reckon that's your date, honey child.
I know why you're going to the ball.
I also know that Sheila Lane is
chairwoman of the entertainment committee
And hasn't missed one of
these affairs in 5 years,
And she might show up.
So you see, Im going for
the same reason you are.
I'm going because Im
charitably inclined.
If that's your mood,
go with me.
I'll let you pay
the cab fare.
Hello, Harold. I'll
be ready in a moment.
Very glad to have
met you, Harold.
Drop in again sometime. We'll
have another heart-to-heart talk.
I never thought
Id live to see the day
You'd turn your back
on the middle classes.
How do you like it?
On the expense
They call it
a disguise.
This is the last place in the world
I ever thought Id run into a cop.
When I get the time, Im
gonna resent that crack.
Why don't you quit leading this
double life? Go home to your wife.
You know why Im here,
and I know why you're here.
there's no ulterior
motives in my charitable impulses.
yeah? I'd like
to grab Sheila Lane, too.
Hey, boss, I found
out about that-
He's ok.
That was a tough job,
but I dug it up.
Covered every
insurance company.
George Lane left an
insurance policy of $250,000.
Hey, very clever
why didn't
you come to me?
I could have
saved you the job.
We knew that
all the time.
It's possible a wife would kill her
husband for that amount of money.
You might even call it
justifiable homicide.
But, Peter, the wife
isn't the beneficiary.
It's his partner
Thanks a lot, Jim. I'll
see you in the office.
It don't make
sense to me.
Thomas has got $10 million in the bank.
Why would he kill his
partner for 250,000?
What makes you so sure he's
got 10 million in the bank?
That guy's as solid
as the bank of England.
He's got relatives all
through the banking business.
Why don't you subpoena
his books and find out?
Ain't I got enough trouble with
Manton trying to get my badge?
Do I have to get wall
street on my neck, too?
Any sign
of Sheila Lane yet?
No. Gee, how I wish I could
get my hands on that dame.
And you a married
man, lieutenant.
Tsk tsk tsk.
Did you kill
George Lane?
What reason would I
have to kill him?
250,000 reasons.
So you knew
about that policy.
And you knew
I was going broke.
Stop it, Fred. I know too
much to associate with you.
Let's call it quits.
You don't credit me with
much intelligence, do you?
What do you mean?
That I know you've been carrying
on with George Lane for months.
That's a lie.
And that you'll find it
very difficult to explain
Where you were the night
George Lane was murdered.
Come on. We've got
work to do.
I've got a date.
Give me
the crowbar.
Give me the tools.
If we get caught, how
will we explain this?
We're only doing
the same kind of work
They do here
during the day.
Thanks, Helen.
What for?
I don't think we're alone.
Well, dopey. When did you get in here?
I was here when
you gently stole in.
By the way, there's
nothing in the drawer.
I, for one, am glad you're here.
Mrs. Benedict Arnold.
come here,
I brought up an expert in
safes. I want you to meet-
Uh-Uh. No names, boss.
No names.
Are you
a real crook?
The last lawyer
what defended me
Said I was
I kind of like that better
than crook. Don't you?
Come on, Mr. X.
Let's get to work.
No. Not before
She's all right. That's
the girl Im going to marry.
You know, a wife can't
testify against her husband.
Yeah, but she could testify against me.
I could marry you. As a
matter of fact, Id prefer it.
Oh, it looked to me like
she was gonna marry you.
Oh, I was only
Of course Im
going to marry him.
Yeah, but how about
this other dame?
I'm going to be
his second wife.
I'm raising the ante
50 bucks.
There she is.
All right, Mr. X, get your
photostatic machine ready.
This may take a little time, girls.
That's all right. We'll start
planning Melsa's trousseau.
Lay off the salmon.
I hate it.
Here's a certified
profit and loss statement.
My hunch was right.
Thomas is in a bad way.
I just can't believe
he did it.
You know, I like
loyalty in a woman.
And hate deceit.
Get me that envelope.
It's marked
It's none of your business.
Anyhow, this is
Lane's paper,
And you're investigating Thomas.
Give it to me.
Go away.
Go away.
You bother me.
Here's 1,000 withdrawn on
the 8th. 1,000, the 15th.
On the 22nd.
Looks like 1,000 every week.
Here's 20,000 withdrawn
the day Lane was murdered.
Mr. X, what does that
smell like to you?
Mmm. Very interesting.
Maybe this is what
cost him the 20 grand
And that thousand
every week in blackmail.
Sheila was married to a convict
named Norris before she married Lane.
He's doing a 10-Year
stretch right now.
Here are the clippings
on him.
So Sheila was married to number 3572.
am I being paged?
Hello, Eddie. Thought
you were in jail.
Got out a week ago. They
knocked off a couple of years
Because I was a good boy.
Look here, Eddie. I had
nothing to do with this.
I'm just up here
on a job.
I got 100 smackers
for it.
Shut up, rat. Put those
papers back in the envelope.
You know, Norris,
you've just done a stretch.
If they nab you
with that water pistol,
You're going to catch
an awful spanking.
toss it over.
Stand there
and toss it over.
All right.
Cost you another
50 bucks.
She's dead.
She's dead! He shot her!
Melsa, speak to me!
get some water.
Melsa. Oh, Melsa, darling,
please, please don't be dead.
here it is.
It's all right.
It's distilled water.
What do you mean by
calling me "darling"?
Are you sure there's no
hole there? It feels empty.
It don't only feel empty, it is empty.
If it weren't, you
wouldn't be messing around
In things like this.
Oh, Hilda,
you're fired.
Please pack your bags and go
and leave me to die here alone.
Oh, my poor head.
Hilda? Hilda!
Oh, there's that
mob again.
Melsa, darling,
how are you?
oh, girls,
please, my head!
Why didn't you take us along
last night? We missed all the fun.
What's funny about
a bump on my head?
I think
it's beautiful.
Getting wounded
in the line of duty.
capturing a murderer.
Well, he claims
an alibi.
"Edward Norris,
held on suspicion
"Of the murders of
George Lane, Ronny Beldon,
"And Sheila Lane, whose
body has not yet been found,
"Claims an alibi-
Declares he was
"With girlfriend Frances
Glesk at hockey match
"At time of George
Lane's murder.
"So far, attempts of
police to locate miss Glesk
Have proved
fruitless. "
The police-All they know is to
blow a whistle and tie up traffic.
y'all can't
come in here.
oh, yes, I can!
Get out of my way!
It's all your fault.
If you hadn't been there,
he wouldn't have been nabbed.
And all he wanted
was the papers.
Now they've tied him
up with the killing.
Sheila Lane doesn't
mean a thing to him.
Sure, he was married
to her, but he loves me!
He loves me!
Gee, how he must
love her.
What did I do?
Pass out?
You're Frances Glesk,
aren't you?
Yes, and Im risking
everything coming here to you,
But you got Eddie
into this mess,
And you're responsible
for what happens to him.
You've got to help me
clear him.
You're Eddie Norris'
If you were with him
at the hockey game,
Why don't you go
to the police?
I can't go to the police.
I'm a two-Time loser now.
In order to do Eddie
any good, Id have to lie,
And if they catch me,
it means a life stretch.
You're an unselfish
sort of gal, aren't you?
What do you mean,
you'd have to lie?
The only kind of an alibi
I could give Eddie
Would send him
to the chair.
He left me during the
10-minute intermission
For a smoke.
The cops would jump
on that, and they'd-
Wait a minute.
That intermission wouldn't give him time
To cross town
and get back.
I know the police. They'd railroad
him on less evidence than that.
Isn't that
the usual claim?
Look here, you.
I'm telling the truth.
You've got to believe me. Eddie
didn't do it. He isn't that kind.
I suppose those two guns he
pointed at us in Lane's office
Were paper-Mache.
You didn't happen to
know George Lane, did you?
Only slightly.
What are you
driving at?
Her alibi for Norris is also
a perfect alibi for herself.
Don't be silly. We all knew George Lane,
But none of us
killed him.
I believe you,
and we're going to help you.
Come on, girls.
We've got work to do.
hello, Hilda.
Is Miss Manton in?
no, sir. She done
left for South America.
Hello, girls.
Came up to celebrate.
Got a $25 raise.
He offered me the money or
new furniture in the office.
I took the money.
A raise? For what?
Catching a murderer.
Wasn't that a little
premature of your employers?
Norris hasn't been
indicted yet.
He's unquestionably
He goes before the grand
jury in the morning.
Why, you-
This is Doras cousin Ann
Spaulding from Chattanooga.
How do you do?
Welcome to the game.
Where did you say
you were from?
Get the exact
We'll send her an
invitation to our marriage.
What marriage?
Now, don't try
to crawl out of it.
Helen witnessed your promise
last night, didn't you, Helen?
Congratulations, Peter.
May I be the first?
If I want to marry
a fortune hunter,
I can go to Europe and
marry a professional one.
I'm determined
to make you happy
If I have to drag
your name
Through the breach-of-promise
courts to do it.
You're from Chattanooga, where
they have a higher sense of values.
Don't you think
Im a good catch?
Well, um, uh,
I wouldn't know.
You must know
the Carlisles.
Very old family, mint
julep and all that?
You know the Carlisles.
Oh, yes.
Yes. Ha ha!
I must develop a taste
for this stuff.
Since we're
being married
And you've got plenty of
money, we can afford it.
A drink, miss Spaulding?
No. She never touches
the stuff.
Thanks awfully
for dropping in.
Wait a minute.
I'll show you
to the elevator.
Hello, everybody.
Where have you been? Melsa and
I have been getting engaged,
And you weren't here.
I liked your cousin, even if
she won't hoist a mug with us.
My cousin?
Yes, you know
- From Chattanooga. She just got in.
You are surprised to see
here, aren't you, darling?
how are you?
good-Bye now.
Oh. Oh!
Could I use your phone? Thanks.
Oh, dear.
Lieutenant Brent.
If I were you, Id use a
little more discrimination
In the choice
of my relatives.
Hello, Mike? There's somebody up here
I think you're very anxious to meet.
Hello? Hello?
get him, girls.
hey, wait
a minute, girls.
Take it easy, girls.
Look. Hello? Help!
Stop! Don't! Aah!
Hello? Hello, operator.
Operator. Operator.
Hello? Hello, operator.
You've got him.
all right,
come on.
Oh, wait a minute.
That'll hold him.
Come on.
And the next time, we'll
give you a black eye.
This isn't play
any longer.
We're dealing
with a man's life.
The rest period in hockey
games is 10 minutes.
It's up to us to prove whether
Norris could or could not
Get up to the Lane house, kill
a man, and get back in that time.
I'm purposely making it
the same time of night
Because we'll be facing
the same traffic problems.
Helen, you take a cab;
Myra, the bus;
Kit, the subway; and, pat,
walk as fast as you can,
But don't stop
at restaurants.
All right,
now start off.
"While, with their usual enthusiasm,
"The police were
browbeating an innocent man,
"Melsa Manton and her group
of public-Spirited friends
"Have unearthed a
witness who substantiated
Ed Norris' alibi. "
We're grateful for the chance
to hammer the police a bit.
You'll keep this off the
streets for 20 minutes,
As you promised?
We're old-Fashioned
enough to keep our word.
I'm going down to the
district attorney's office.
They're going to
indict Norris.
Anytime you want a job
as a reporter, come to me.
I'd like to speak
to the district attorney.
He's busy.
Mr. Ames and Mr. Brent don't
happen to be in there, do they?
I refuse to answer.
I must see the district
attorney immediately.
I'll not be
Please sit over there
and wait your turn.
Yes, sir.
bring in
that police report.
Yes, sir.
Norris, we're going before
the grand jury in a few minutes.
Why don't you
write out a confession?
You threatened to kill
anyone that mistreated Sheila.
Now, look, Norris,
Im your pal.
Play ball with us, and Ill
get you off with second degree.
Go away before I smack you
in your stomach trouble.
I must see the district
attorney at once.
Indeed? Well, young lady,
The rule of this office
is that you wait your turn.
what's that?
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Bring in that file
on Norris.
Yes, sir.
why should I
kill anyone?
I've got a good job now,
foreman on the new subway.
I said I was going
straight, and I am.
Norris, you were
known to have hated Lane.
You were willing to murder me
and several lovely young girls
To destroy evidence.
Whoa! Whoo!
What is this, anyway?
I didn't do anything.
Where did you
get this?
Sir, I don't know, except
maybe that young lady-
Oh, it's you.
See here,
young lady,
You can't do this sort
of thing in my office.
Here are the affidavits-
The legal proof
That the law of physics
is maintained.
One object cannot be
in two places at the same time.
Another paper
prints it,
It might cost me
my job.
That's all right, darling.
I'll use my influence
and get you on the W.P.A.
Miss Manton, all the police ask
is that you leave them alone.
I suppose I should have
left you alone.
You had a very lovely
And you probably
could have proven,
In your inimitable way,
that he did it.
The fact that he was innocent
would never disturb your sleep.
A man would die for it, and
the real murderer would go free.
As long as inspector
Brent kept his badge.
Isn't she wonderful?
That's the girl
Im gonna marry.
I'll take snow white.
My advice to you
is to find Sheila Lane
And to keep that Manton
girl out of your affairs.
She's probably
the kind of a dame
That would come back
to haunt me.
Otherwise Id
shoot to kill.
Hello, girls.
Myra, it's about time
you got here.
I wasn't in when your message
came. What did you want?
We're looking
for Sheila Lane.
I don't believe
she's been murdered.
I think she's hiding
from the police,
Afraid because
she knows too much.
Now, of what was
Sheila Lane the proudest?
Her marriage license.
She should have been,
but she wasn't.
Her red hair,
She was proudest of her flaming topper.
She used the same
beauty shop I do.
I found out her hairdresser
rinsed her hair
In an imported preparation
very few shops use.
If that peacock
is still alive,
She's getting
the stuff somewhere.
This time, it's find
the hair preparation,
And you'll find the woman.
I'm getting so scared, Im beginning
to see faces over my shoulder.
If any of you girls feel
like pulling out, go ahead.
Melsa, don't feel
that way about it.
I hate
the color yellow.
There's no disgrace
in being frightened.
Oh, we'll stick.
All you children run along
now and get some sleep.
You go on and get
your shower, honey child.
Myra, you take all the beauty
shops along 8th and 9th avenue,
From 42nd to 59th street.
The rest of you girls
know your routes.
Melsa certainly wants
her pound of flesh.
Are you sure she doesn't
want 150 pounds of it?
Quiet, you carrion.
Girls, girls. All they
think about nowadays is men.
And then again, why not?
They make
awful good thinking.
Who there
this time of night?
I want to talk
to Melsa Manton.
You can't talk
to her now.
Why not? Because
she's all wet.
She's in the shower.
Tell her she'd better not
try to find Sheila Lane,
Or she'll wake up
one morning
On the bottom
of the east river.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir,
I hear you.
No, sir, I ain't
arguing with you.
Good-Bye, sir, please.
G- Get me
the morning clarion.
"Number, please?" I don't know
no number except policy numbers.
You give me
the morning clarion.
You're being paid
to edit.
Your place is
behind this desk.
You'll get
your money's worth.
My place is behind this desk,
and behind this desk I stay.
Yes, Hilda.
What? What?
I'll be right over.
Get lieutenant Brent
at headquarters.
Tell him to get over to Melsa
Manton's apartment right away.
I'll tell him why later.
Yes, but you just said-
Melsa. Melsa, my darling,
what have they done-
Hilda! Hilda!
Oh, it's you.
you're not dead.
Are you disappointed?
You gave me the fright of my life.
Do you always
sleep this way?
Something will have
to be done about it.
I can't stand a fright
like this every night.
I assume you had a very good
reason for bursting in this way,
Or is it spring?
That threat. That threat over the phone.
I'm spending the night right here.
In my lifetime, Ive heard
of a variety of subterfuges,
But, Ames,
you are superb.
No other man
in the whole world
Could have thought
of this.
You're up to your
beautiful hips in murder.
You're fooling around with
someone who isn't afraid to kill.
Who is he? What are
you girls up to?
Wouldn't you and Brent
love to know?
Remember I once said Id beat
that nastiness out of you?
You want me
to start now?
I'd better go.
Hilda, you stay here.
I'm not moving
till the police get here.
That man said not to
bring in the police.
Oh, all right. You can
stay in the living room.
I'm not letting you
out of my sight.
Oh, Hilda
can sleep in here.
All right, Hilda.
Can you handle a gun?
No, sir.
I's a pacifist.
You see?
You want the lights
on or off?
It doesn't make
any difference to me.
Good night.
May I have
a cigarette?
I've had dozens of cigarette
lighters, but they never work.
I use
cheap gasoline.
Maybe that's why
it works.
I guess so.
Funny thing
about streetlights-
You never notice them.
They're so bright-
Constant, too.
They were on last night
and tonight.
Tomorrow they'll
be there again.
Yes, I suppose the city
is in a rut.
I once smashed
a streetlight.
It was for a lady.
She asked me to do it.
I was 5 then,
very much in love.
Was she pretty?
The cutest thing
you ever saw.
My parents thought
we were too young
To be thinking of that
sort of thing,
And they shipped her off
to kindergarten.
Whatever became of her?
She's probably still in kindergarten.
I couldn't live
in this apartment.
It's too high up
for me.
I've got acrophobia, you
know - fear of high places.
You sort of...
You sort of get
sick inside?
Yeah, like Id suddenly
gone empty.
Me, too. That's why I
never go out on the balcony.
I get that way
riding in an elevator.
Up or down?
I feel like that
both ways.
We have a lot
in common.
Mmm. All except
the elevator.
Melsa. Melsa.
I'm terribly worried
about you.
Please tell me who this man
is who's threatening you.
Who is he?
Good night,
Mr. Ames.
I swear, Im only
concerned about you.
Good night,
Mr. Ames.
Oh, no. I'm not going,
not until-
Melsa, Ive found
Sheila Lane.
A small beauty parlor
on a side street.
The hairdresser didn't
want to talk at first,
But a $100 bill
soon loosened her tongue.
She described Sheila
and said she was staying
At the Hotel Ashton
on 23rd street
And that she called
herself Sharon Lester.
what's the matter?
Oh, is somebody
there with you?
Oh, well, look.
Can you meet me
down on the corner
In about 10 minutes?
Thanks, pat.
You can stay here
if you want to.
I'm going to spend
the night with pat.
She just
invited me.
That was pat
on the phone.
You can't do that. You
can't go out on the street,
Not until Brent
gets here.
At least let me
take you with me.
Mike, Im glad
you're here.
Peter! Peter!
Come on.
Come on.
Let go of me, copper.
Bat Regan!
Well, who did you think
it was, Kris Kringle?
Why'd you do it?
I'm class-conscious, see?
I don't like
society dames.
I sent for the ambulance, chief.
Ames is
bleeding bad.
Hey, chief, look.
Here's what he threw away.
Throwing away
dough, huh?
Sure. The depression's over.
Things are humming again.
You didn't happen to get this from Lane?
Now, before
you start lying,
We got the numbers
from the bank.
He lost it to me over
one of my roulette tables.
nothing lower
Than a dirty, murdering blackmailer.
With my arms being held,
you're pretty tough!
Let him go.
Try to escape, huh?
There you are.
In a day or two,
You'll be as good as new.
Thanks a lot.
Come on. Give.
I'm hungry.
Oh, boy.
All we could
get out of Regan
Was that he got the money
from Lane gambling.
I think
it was blackmail
And when Lane threatened to go
to the police, he killed him.
Beldon saw it,
so he killed Beldon.
Why should he take
a shot at Melsa?
He says he was cleaning
the gun, and it went off.
Cleaning a gun
in a car.
It's Regans gun,
And he insists
it's his privilege
To clean it
wherever he likes.
Now, Im trying
to hold on to Regan,
But they've set
his bail at 50 grand.
Regan will have that up
in 24 hours.
Fine thing.
Now, look, Pete.
That Manton girl knows
something we don't know.
Otherwise, Regan wouldn't
have tried to kill her.
If he don't tell us,
We'll have to get it
out of Manton.
Get something
out of Manton?
Don't make me laugh.
This tastes too good
to choke on.
I told her
you were dying.
She's out there
in the corridor
Crying her head off
for you.
She is?
That's worth
dying for.
Well, almost
worth dying for.
Listen. In the condition she's in,
She'd even tell you
her age if you asked her.
You could get
anything out of her
Is she thinks
you're dying.
Im sorry.
You can't come in, lady.
oh, I must see him.
I must see him!
Let her in, Sullivan.
Don't tax him too much.
He's sinking fast.
Oh, darling.
Who... who is it?
It's Melsa.
What have they done
to you, darling?
They... killed me.
the rats.
Oh, no, they haven't.
You'll live.
You've got to live.
You've got to get
strong and well
For your career,
your future.
Yes. Your future.
Our future.
You promised
before witnesses
That you'd marry me.
You've got to live!
Oh, I love you.
I love you.
Oww! Ohh!
The first death rattle.
Who was it said,
"Joy always
comes to a man
Too late. "
Oh, no. No!
Pete, boy.
Don't you want us
to avenge you?
No, Mike.
I forgive everybody.
That's what I call
a nice guy.
Even the rat
who shot you?
Even him, Mike.
Wouldn't you...
Wouldn't you rest
just a little bit easier
If you knew
why he did it?
Just out of curiosity?
Oh, what good
will it do?
It's all my fault.
Now it's too late.
you know Melsa
Wouldn't hold
anything back
From a dying man.
Mr. Ames,
Isn't there something
I can do for you?
Yes, Sullivan.
Sing my favorite
song for me...
Home On the Range.
Oh, give me a home
the buffaloes roam
And the deer
and the antelope play...
Never to see
the sun again.
A discouraging word...
I don't
want to die.
I'm too young
to die!
I want to feel
the rain in my face,
The wind
in my hair.
I want to smell
the good earth.
Oh, Peter! Peter!
We could have made sweet music together.
"He rose like a meteor,
flashed across our sky,
And then was gone. "
Good-bye, Mike.
I'm not gonna
take this lying down.
You're my friend,
my best friend,
And if it's no interest
to Miss Manton,
It is to me.
I must have my revenge!
Why did Regan take a shot
at you, Miss Manton?
Oh, we were looking
for Sheila Lane.
He threatened
to kill me
If I didn't stop.
And did you
find her, sweet?
She's registered
as Sharon Lester
At the Ashton Hotel
on 23rd street.
Well, Ill be
seeing you.
I mean...
When my number
is called.
Home on the-
That's enough,
Quite enough.
Where the deer and-
Where's the phone?
Around the hall.
Down that way.
Oh. Oh.
Are you still
in pain, sweet?
Oh, it's nothing.
Only when I move,
but it's nothing.
Peter, perhaps
I did wrong
In not telling inspector
Brent everything.
You mean you held
something back?
Yes, Peter.
Oh, sweet,
you're so clever.
Remember when I went into
Ronny Beldon's apartment?
Yes, dear.
When I went
into the bathroom,
I found something.
In the bathroom?
Floating around in a foot
of water in the bathtub.
Louder, dear.
I can hardly
hear you.
I'll come closer.
Tell me, dear.
What was it?
The Normandy, you black-hearted
faker, in full sail!
Why did you hide from
the police, Mrs. Lane?
I didn't hide
from the police.
I was afraid whoever killed George
and Ronny would kill me, too.
So I went
to bat Regan.
I used
to work for him.
I knew he loved me and
would do anything for me,
And it was his hotel
I was stopping at.
He hid me,
Gave me the money
to live on.
Your husband's money.
Blackmail money.
Why did Regan help you
blackmail your husband?
Oh, please. Please.
I told you I went
to the old house
After my husband
was dead.
Ronny and I had been
meeting there.
That's why
you found my clip.
Ronny saw
my husband murdered,
But he couldn't
go to the police
Without exposing
our relationship,
So he made me leave.
He must have taken
the body out
While the Manton girl
was calling the police,
And then before he could
get rid of it, he-
He was...
he was killed.
So that's it.
Beldon helped you
murder your husband
Because he found out
about you two, oh, no.
And Beldon
loved you enough
To get rid
of the body for you!
Then you murdered Beldon
because he knew too much!
Oh, lieutenant Brent,
There isn't very much
left in my life.
I really don't care
what you do with me.
Do as you please.
Take her back
to her cell.
Hello, Miss Manton.
Glad to see you.
Lieutenant Brent
is waiting for you.
Go right in.
Come right in,
Miss Manton.
Oh, Miss Manton. I've
been waiting for you.
Won't you be seated?
Is the chair
Very. Thank you.
How about a pillow?
Oh, no.
Oh, go on. Go on.
Now, Miss Manton,
as you know,
You've been
a great help to us.
Oh, yes, you have.
We may have had our
little disagreements,
But then,
who doesn't?
Hello, Mike.
Good evening,
Now, Miss Manton,
Just because you don't like
Ames here, don't allow it
To undermine the good work
you've been doing.
I didn't know you
were going to be here.
Brent sent for me.
Now, here's the idea,
Miss Manton.
You saw Ronny Beldon come out
of the Lane house, didn't you?
Everybody knows
you're mixed up in this.
Collected evidence.
Everybody suspects you
holding out. Even I do.
Oh, Ill bet you say
that to all the girls.
Now, what would happen
if we published the fact
That you had just uncovered
some new evidence
Which is certain to lead
To the discovery
of the murderer
And that you
have an appointment
With a district attorney
To turn over
that evidence to him?
I'd probably
be found
In a refrigerator.
That's right.
isn't it lucky
I didn't find
any new evidence?
Now, all you have to do
Is appear in public
with Pete here
Where the murderer
can get at you.
First, Ill surround you
with police,
Then release the suspects.
the suspects?
I'm going to Europe
pretty soon.
I'll be back in the fall,
and then we'll talk it over.
Now, Miss Manton.
she's right.
But there's
a killer loose!
Let me ask you
something, Mike.
If she was your wife, would you do this?
Inspector, that's an
implication that Im his wife.
I'm not.
Yes, Pete. Because I think
lots of other wives
Have a right to live
in safety from murderers.
Now, how about it?
Will you do it?
No, she won't. I won't
let her be a decoy.
You won't let me?
You're scared because he's
asking you to be there, too.
This proves there's insanity
in my family. I'll do it.
But don't get the idea
that we're friends.
If I can still take your badge
away from you, Im going to do it.
Just catch that killer,
and you can have my badge.
Release Sheila Lane.
The rest of them are loose.
Regan got his bail
this morning.
Now phone your paper
to print the headline
About Miss Manton
finding new evidence.
You scared?
Because I am.
No, Im not scared.
Hello. Ames.
Get me rewrite.
extra! Extra!
Extra! Extra!
It's all right, boys.
It was just a car
from headquarters, miss.
Don't worry.
We're all around.
How's the terrapin
I don't know. I'll ask
the guy in the kitchen.
Never mind.
We'll take the dinner.
Ok, coming up.
Do you have
Chablis 29?
What's Chablis 29?
What's the idea?
Hello, Pete.
Excuse me.
Briscol from headquarters.
Don't worry.
Everything's under control.
I'll get your chow.
Wait a minute. Before
you get those dinners,
Is the chef
from headquarters, too?
No, thank you.
All right.
Is it necessary for you
to hold me so tightly?
Of course, you make a
better target by yourself.
Why don't you draw
red circles around me
And rent me out
to a rifle range?
That wasn't
the real reason
I was holding you
so close.
It so happens,
Heaven help me,
I love you.
You're taking an unfair
advantage of me.
The only reason
Im here with you
Is because there's
a gun in my back.
Well, sometimes,
that kind of wedding
Turns out
very successfully.
I'm going to become
hysterical in a moment.
I've got the jitters.
Isn't it awful?
get going!
Line them up
and search them!
Get Pete!
Where's Manton?
Miss Manton? What
happened to Miss Manton?
Well, she was right
- Hey, chief.
Whoever it was
got in and out
Through a window
in the hall.
I just found
the latch broken.
He got Melsa. It's your fault, Mike.
I'm gonna break every bone in your head.
Did you get him?
oh, no, Miss Manton. He got away.
Are you
all right?
Of course. I need a drink.
I found this stuck
on the windowpane.
What is it?
It's a hunk
of tar paper.
Maybe he's a roofer.
Maybe you're
a musician.
22 men,
and all you bring me back
Is a hunk of tar paper.
Oh, uh,
Im an awful mess.
Would you excuse me
a moment?
Will you quit
crawling up on me?
Melsa, let me take you
out of all this.
Wouldn't you rather wait
until Ive made up?
Don't be afraid.
I'm gonna stay right here.
Nobody's going
to pass me.
Isn't that being
a little selfish?
Hello, Helen? Melsa.
Round up all the girls
and meet me in my apartment.
Don't ask any questions.
Just meet me.
All right.
This subway ain't
open yet, miss.
Oh, Im sorry.
The trains won't be
running for two years yet
The way
we've been going.
Oh. Well, you see,
I- I own a lot of stock
in the company.
I thought Id just come down and
see how things were getting on.
Oh, you're
a stockholder.
You got much stock?
Sure. Uh, by the way,
Do those things
go very fast?
I mean, could you
go from here
To, say, Madison Square
Garden and back in 10 minutes?
Do they go that fast?
They sure do, miss.
I got to walk,
but once in a while,
I do a little
Steal a ride.
Press a button,
and zip! I'm there.
Oh, uh, here.
Buy yourself
another pipe-
One that looks
less like a gun.
Good night.
Oh, Miss Manton.
Mr. Norris.
What are you doing here?
I've been
waiting for you.
You know, I never
did thank you properly
For providing
that alibi.
Oh, that's all right.
You're welcome.
I, uh, I can't
see you tonight.
I won't keep you
a moment.
I assure you.
Don't you think
it's dangerous
To be running around
without police protection?
I have
police protection.
I don't blame you
for ditching them.
Never smoke.
Will you
have a drink?
Never drink.
That's nice.
Sit down.
It's quiet.
Peaceful here,
isn't it?
I'm tired
and sleepy.
Won't you excuse me?
You look frightened.
Maybe you'd better
have a cigarette.
Don't make believe you're
not scared, because you are.
Most people
are scared of me.
I'm not.
As a matter of fact,
I like you.
You do?
Well, I...
I helped you.
I helped your girlfriend
Frances Glesk.
Well, that was
very nice of you,
But Frances
is just a friend.
There's only one woman
I ever really loved.
Sheila Lane?
I don't look like
a lover, do I?
Oh, yes, you do.
Very much.
I used to sit
in my cell.
You got lots
of time in prison.
Even if you work all day,
there are the nights.
Horrible nights.
All I could think of
was Sheila...
Married to somebody else.
But I really
didn't mind because...
I thought it was a great break
for her being married to Lane.
He was a rich guy,
a banker.
But did you know
he used to beat her?
No, I didn't.
I hated that guy.
All I wanted
was to kill him.
But when he was dead...
There wasn't any thrill
to look forward to anymore.
Beldon saw me do it,
so I had to kill him, too.
But now when I think
of it, it...
It doesn't seem
to mean a thing.
I'm wondering
how will it feel
To kill somebody
I like.
You think
that's strange?
Yes. Very.
I'm sorry to drag it
out like this.
I would have done it
down at the subway
When you found out how I got
downtown and back so quickly,
But there
was that watchman.
I don't think
you'd better answer it.
If you don't
let me answer it,
My maid
will be in here.
All right.
Oh, Peter. Um...
No. I'm all right.
Well, I
- I just didn't want any more policemen
Cluttering up
my life.
Of course, there's
nobody up here with me.
All right.
Good night, darling,
and I...
I love you
very much.
You better
put your coat on.
It's chilly
on the street.
But the police
might be outside.
I don't know just where
Peter was calling from,
But they had a lot
of men surrounding him.
I know that. They almost got me tonight
When I took that shot
at you at the club,
But I was too smart
for them.
Are you expecting
No. I'm not
expecting anybody.
If it's the police,
Tell them
you're going to bed.
Repeat what you said
over the phone.
Oh, please go away.
I didn't say anything.
What about that
"I love you very much"?
What a-
A gentleman caller.
Melsa, are you
two-Timing me?
I ought to give you
the beating of your life.
You're lucky, Ames.
She loves you
very much...
Like Sheila
used to love me.
Only you're lucky because you'll
never have to torture yourself
Thinking of her being
married to someone else.
What is all this?
Tell him,
Miss Manton.
He killed Lane
and Beldon.
He used an electric
handcar in the new subway
To get there
and back.
Come on.
Look. She gave you a break
with the alibi, Norris.
I give you my word. We won't do
anything about this till tomorrow.
Take a head start
and beat it.
If they do nab you,
I'll play you up
sympathetically in the papers.
Go on.
Don't speak to anyone.
I don't want to kill
an innocent bystander.
You know, that's what
I like about crazy men-
That fine sense
of distinction.
You think
Im insane?
Oh, he says that
to everybody.
In case I forget
Maybe don't get another
chance to tell you,
I'm very happy
to have loved you.
Now, come on.
Drop that gun.
Stay where you are,
Brent. You, too, coppers.
Put it down, or you'll
never get out of here alive.
Well, if I don't,
she won't, either.
Now, Norris,
use your head.
Now wait a minute, girls.
He's got a gun!
Stand back,
I tell you,
Or Manton
gets it.
If you kill her, you
have to kill all of us!
Oh, you're always
talking communism.
Drop that gun.
We're going
You're not gonna get out of here alive.
Go ahead.
it's all right.
Hilda listened in
on my phone call.
She always listens in
on my calls.
She told me
Norris was there,
And we arranged
Why didn't
you tell me?
I didn't have a chance
to tell you.
Oh, darling, let me
take you out of all this.
That offer
still holds good.
Let's get married right away. Today?
We'll go to South America for 6 months.
Maybe we'll
never come back.
Can you afford it?
No, but you can.
Isn't there a drop of
red blood in your veins?
I want to live
on your income.
That's foolish. Who's
gonna live on yours?
My bicarb tablets.
Will you quit
crawling up on me?