The Madness Within (2019) Movie Script

There's a strange
comfort and solitude.
As I stare into a
world of emptiness,
a world without meaning or
purpose, I often wonder,
how did it come to this?
Was it her?
Her name is April.
Was it any of them?
Was it my parents?
That'd be too easy.
Deep down I know the truth.
It eats at me like a cancer.
Denial is not just
a river in Egypt.
And I'll be honest,
it was me.
It's a moot fucking point, man.
The city is not gonna
let us show tits
just for the sake
of showing tits.
Don't kid yourself.
Everyone loves a great
fucking pair of tits, man.
Even the pope would
motorboat if he had a chance.
Why do I listen to you?
'Cause I'm right.
And 'cause I have this.
My hero.
You're just gonna do
that like in the open?
Nobody cares.
Oh my God.
This is awkward.
Oh, sorry darling.
Not before the street
lights come up for me.
It's got to be midnight
somewhere, right?
It is.
Just not here, love.
Excuse me.
Would you stop
giving away my drugs?
And can we get back
to the subject?
Oh quit being such a cheapskate.
All right, where were we?
We were talking
about fucking tits.
Jesus Christ, I feel
like I don't even
know you anymore, man.
Right, tits.
Are you kidding me?
Just give me the shit
so I can go and take a piss.
Hey yourself.
So what's your name?
Oh that's pretty,
kind of like the month.
Perceptive one, aren't we?
I try.
I'm Russ.
Oh I know who you are.
Do you now?
You're Russ Washington.
You used to date my
friend Julia Stiles.
Oh, right, Julia, yeah.
How's she doing?
You have no idea who
I'm talking about, do you?
Not a fucking clue.
Quite the asshole, aren't we?
That would be one
way of putting it.
Oh you have another
way, I assume?
Nothing I really feel
like sharing at the moment.
So listen, tonight,
I'm probably gonna be...
Holy shit.
That waitress is a
fucking nug, man.
A nug?
Yeah, as in a fucking nugget?
Oh, right.
A fucking nugget, okay.
What, you got her number?
Fucking A I got her number.
I'm gonna do shit to her
that'd make a porn star blush.
You really are a degenerate.
So about tonight,
listen, I was just saying.
Can't have that now, can we?
Text me the details
about tonight.
What the fuck was that?
All right, guys.
We got to cheers
to the four of us!
Fuck yes!
Yes, bitch.
I have a great idea.
See, you take a little of this,
you know what I mean?
And we place it like right here.
And then you get to
lick it off, yeah.
Oh, love that.
This right here
is like an explosion
of fucking sex and money.
It is.
Isn't it?
- Don't you think so, babe?
- Yeah.
I mean look at this.
Look, I'm in heaven.
- You are in heaven.
- I am in heaven.
You have two fucking
angels right next to you.
Oh my God.
And you have two little devils.
See what I mean,
know what I mean?
Wow, wow.
Hey, when the fuck is
the after-party, right?
Scoot up, miss.
That'll be later.
Excuse me.
Oh my God.
Hey, listen.
My hottie in pink,
I promised her a part in a movie
in a private audition.
What part, what audition?
There is no fucking part.
'Cause she deserves me.
'Cause she deserves
my fucking part.
Fuck, dude.
Dude that's disgusting.
No it's not.
It's Picasso.
Imagine me inside of her.
That's it, bro.
All right, I need a
smoke, I need a smoke.
I got a joint.
No, a fucking cigarette.
Dude, just smoke here, man.
Why can't you find a smoke here?
We paid for this
shit, just smoke.
That Molly's starting to hit,
let me get some fresh air.
Don't be a fucking pussy, man.
- Yeah you're being a pussy.
- Yeah don't be a pussy.
Yeah, come on.
I'm good.
- I'm good.
- Yeah it's fine.
Woo, party!
So I'm not like supposed to
leave money on the
counter or anything, am I?
Is that what you heard?
What I've heard?
I don't know anything about you.
Sometimes it's better that way.
I'm gonna take a shower.
Oh, you're gonna need a towel,
they're right over...
I'm sure I can find them.
But I will need someone
to wash my back.
Oh fuck.
That was vigorous.
Is that your idea
of pillow talk?
I'm sorry, I didn't realize that
awkward moment after
you've just had sex
with a complete
stranger is still called
pillow talk in some cultures.
Oh, is that right?
Well ask me something then.
Oh I think I know your story.
Doubt it.
Let's see.
Big fish from a small pond.
Probably prom queen too.
Took some drama classes,
figured hey I'll move
out to Los Angeles,
become a movie star.
'Cause we all know
how easy it is, right?
You can't help it, can you?
What's that?
Being an asshole.
I always got to be something.
Well if you must know,
my parents died when I was 14.
Oh, well that got intense.
How did they die?
Car accident.
That's weird.
My parents, no, my dad,
he actually died the same way.
Drunk driver.
He was hit by a drunk driver?
He was the drunk driver.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Then like two and
a half years ago
my mom passed away
from cancer and
ever since then
Marcus has been like
the only family I have.
Like a little brother
you never wanted?
Like the harpy
that won't go away.
Then what'd you do
after they passed away?
Oh I moved in with
my aunt and my uncle.
And they're the ones
that encouraged me
to move out here
and chase my dreams.
I'm glad they did.
Where are you going?
Oh fuck.
You just could, where'd
you fucking come from?
Yeah, what's up, man?
Where the fuck did you disappear
last night, Cinderella?
Something came up.
Oh yeah?
How big something?
About eight inches?
Yeah atta fucking boy.
Who was it?
Della the waitress
who kept giving you
the beat-my-twaddle-with-a-stick
Beat my what?
No dude, the girl from lunch.
You fucked my nugget,
you piece of shit?
No, man, April.
Who the fuck is April?
Look, never mind.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Do you mind covering for me?
Oh fuck, man, I
haven't even left yet.
You're joking, right?
Look, gentlemen, I assure you
he'll be here any moment.
How are we supposed to
expect you and your partner
to run a set when
neither one of you
can show up on time
for a simple meeting?
Look, Mr...
Clearly, clearly you're
unable to deliver on this.
Hey guys, please
excuse my tardiness.
God forgive me Laurel's
bumper to bumper.
Jim, I get it, I really do.
Excuses are like assholes.
And that's not the point.
Let's just get down to
brass tacks, shall we?
So early pre sale estimates
put it at 22 million.
That's just foreign.
What's domestic?
Who's the female lead?
Stella Avalon.
Has she signed on?
As of yesterday.
Max Wellington.
What's the waterfall?
As usual, first in, first out.
Seems like a win-win.
Well, you know, like they say,
Kettle ain't steamin',
there's no tea.
And I'm not one for an
audience to be parched.
I'll have my
legal contact yours.
Start work on the long form.
Sounds good.
Thank you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Did you just get us a 50
million dollar budget?
Well, someone's got to
keep us afloat, huh?
Oh shoot.
Why the fuck didn't
you just tell me
Stella signed on, bro?
Well she hasn't yet.
But now that the
money's there, she will.
Well and the fact that you
used to fuck her kinda helps.
Well yeah, a bit.
You know what this means, right?
Yo, yo, yo, 50 fucking
million dollars, baby!
What the fuck are you doing?
The fuck does it look
like I'm doing, man?
I'm celebrating.
Hey, hey, hey, what did I say?
You need to relax.
Yeah, yeah, he said
wait till the check
deposits in the bank
and then we say the money
clear, and then we can fucking,
would you fucking relax
and enjoy yourself
for once, bro?
- She's enjoying, right?
- I am.
The three of us are enjoying it.
He's not.
Listen, before we do some shit
I got some amazing
shit from Dracula.
- Oh do you?
- Fuck, yes.
Oh you're gonna love this, babe.
No shit, you're gonna come
like a motherfucker in this.
Check this out.
You're gonna take one.
And you're gonna take one.
And I'll take two.
Because I can.
Russ, you remember
Sarah, don't you?
It's Jessica.
Exactly, who gives a shit?
And this is Lariana.
She's from North...
North Dakota.
I was Miss North
Dakota actually.
- Really?
- Yes!
And how old are you?
Well, I'll be...
Oh, she's old enough.
Yeah, she's a fucking virgin.
- Yeah right.
- Yeah right.
A virgin?
North Dakota?
Hate to break it to
you but all that means
is she can outrun her brother.
So you guys make movies, huh?
That's so cool.
I moved out here because...
All your friends said
you should be in movies?
Yeah I know.
Listen sweetheart,
riveting story.
Fill me in on the
ending later, yeah?
All right, come on.
This way, this way, move over.
Who gives a shit?
Guys, I see a fucking
foursome here.
You guys see it?
I fucking see it.
This guy.
Well look who's gracing
us with their presence.
It's the 50 million dollar man.
So when do you
guys start shooting?
First of the year.
Check this one out.
Huh, fucked her last week.
She just left.
How do you know her?
You know her too?
We've been out.
God damn, now I
know I'm special.
How is that?
Well if I'm banging
the same hooker
as a 50 million dollar
man, I must be doing okay.
- Hey!
- Lady has a fucking name!
What's your problem?
Say it again, call her
a fucking hooker again!
Jenny's a fucking
hooker, man, what the fuck?
Wait, who?
Whatever the fuck her name is.
April, her name
is fucking April.
Jesus Christ.
You didn't know.
You didn't know she's
a fucking hooker.
Fuck you.
- See you.
- See ya.
What are you doing?
Gee, I don't know,
trying to figure out if the
girl I fucked last night
without a condom's
a hooker or not?
What the fuck did you just say?
Are you a fucking hooker?
Where to?
Shut the fuck up.
Who the fuck do
you think you are
embarrassing me like that?
What do you wanna know?
Why I fuck people for money?
Well your name would be a start.
April, my name is fucking April.
Okay, April, are
you a fucking hooker?
Yes, all right?
My name's Ryan.
Shut the fuck up!
So what, you didn't
think it was necessary
to tell me you'll fuck
anyone with a dollar bill
in the hotel room?
Why the fuck not?!
Because I liked you, okay?
Come on.
What do you want me to say?
Yes, like every other dipshit
that's a big fish
from a small pond,
I'm moved out to
L.A. to be a star
and it didn't work out.
That I had no idea what
I was getting myself into
and I failed.
Or rather go back to a home
that was never a fucking home,
I'd rather sell my body
to the highest bidder
just so I can stay out here
and try to convince myself
I'm living the dream.
You could have just
said you're a whore.
Stop the fucking car!
- I liked you, okay?
- Oh, come on.
I'm sorry you made
me feel how I did
before my life fell apart.
This isn't fucking Pretty Woman.
No, it's not.
I might sell my body so
I don't have to go home
but at least I'm
not a piece of shit
who rips people off to pay
for a life they don't deserve.
Listen to that shit.
Could have just
said you're a whore!
Fuck you!
You know in some countries...
Dude, just shut the
fuck up and drive.
All right, fresh nuggets,
welcome to the casa.
Come on blonde, get in.
There we go.
Give us the hand please.
And lest find this Russ.
Look what Daddy
brought home, Russ!
Where the fuck is he?
Russ, I got some nugget for us.
Two, I have a bottle.
Dude please tell me she wasn't
a fucking hooker, please.
Seriously, now's not
the fucking time, dude.
- Russ.
- Marcus.
All right, fine,
breathe, breathe.
Look what Daddy
brought home, hmm?
Why would you ever pay for it?
What makes you think I do?
Marcus, let's go!
Come on, get up.
We got to go.
Come on, man.
Oh fuck, no, man.
I need like another
hour or something.
Are you fucking
kidding me, dude?
Fucking vodka, dude?
Get you wet?
Hey Lily, it's Russ Washington.
And Marcus, tell
her it's Marcus.
Russ Washington.
Please, I asked
you not to call me.
Do not call me and
shut your mouth
when you're talking to me
because I do not want to hear
a word you have to say.
You have so compromised
my reputation.
You have so humiliated me
and I cannot believe that
you would even call me again
or have the nerve to!
Hey, you came to my hotel room.
I liked it.
How do you have
the nerve to call me?
How do you really have
the nerve to call me?
I cannot believe
and you talk as if
it's perfectly all right
for you to call me.
Your voice is
mellifluous and soft.
And you're just like
we're the best of friends,
you have so completely...
You said you weren't gonna
make a big deal about this.
Listen, we got a movie coming up
and we'd love if
you'd come out for it.
Give you...
40 grand, that'd work?
Yeah, yeah cash.
Text me the address.
You know I love you.
Perfect, yes.
Listen, if you
wanna do it again,
just next time, tell me, bye.
Press one now.
This is Russ.
Who's this?
Ah, me who?
That's right,
Jennifer, wasn't it?
Can we talk?
I thought that's
what we're doing.
No, in person.
You know I'm actually
right in the middle
of something right
now with my partner.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I really don't know what
you're expecting to say here.
Well I just want
you to hear me out.
I'm listening.
I wasn't trying to deceive you.
Okay, right.
What would you call that then?
Well excuse me if I didn't feel
like telling you that
I'm a fucking hooker
the first night
we sleep together.
So wait, that's
your insane logic?
The first night, hmm?
Like any other fucking night
would have made that okay?
Well, I don't know
what you want me to say.
Tell me what I can
do to fix this.
Not a fucking thing.
Fucking crazy?
What the fuck am I doing?
You can't do this in here!
Out in a minute!
This is a family
fucking restaurant!
Baby, open up.
That voice.
That terribly beautiful
voice reminds me,
reminds me of things
I'd rather forget.
He said we just lost
half of our light.
Call Michael at Universal.
He owes me a favor.
Russ, Russ?
- Knock, knock.
- Russ!
This is bullshit!
And that director
doesn't know his ass
from a hole in the ground.
And it's fucking with my chi!
Your chi?
Let me just,
let me just...
Don't fucking touch me!
Calm down, you'll
look different, okay?
Please, sit down.
This is not fucking worth it.
It never is.
Easy, Weinstein.
Hey Russ.
Coming poker night?
High rollers, baby.
I don't play with Russians.
Can we please put...
Not a fucking
chance, deal with it.
This is Russ.
Yes, Mr. Lowenstein.
No, I completely understand.
No, I get it sir, it's
not gonna be an issue.
I understand, I got it.
Really, for breakfast?
Beats coffee.
I guess so.
So that was the
studio, I take it?
No, that was the
fucking studio head.
What does he want?
Oh just to remind us on
the first day of shooting
we're a week behind schedule.
Big deal, when does a
shooting happen on schedule?
When it's being run properly?
What the fuck can
they do about it?
Did you even read
through our contracts?
I mean I mainly browsed
through 'em but yeah.
So I take it you missed the part
that states if we're more than
three weeks behind schedule
the bond company they
hired can come in here,
fire both of us and
take the film.
Shit is right.
Basically that would mean
no more four million
dollar paycheck.
The chances of us ever
getting another film this size
with any studio will
be fuck all, and,
essentially we'd be fucked.
Hey, so about tonight.
Hey seriously, don't
even start that shit.
Look, it's just...
Last time that
sneaky fucking Russian
took you for 400
grand, I'm not going.
It was a bad beat, bro.
Bad beat, act of God,
I don't give a fuck.
I'm not bailing you out again.
It's not gonna
fucking happen again.
I got it all planned
out, you'll see.
You know I'm starting to
think you got a problem.
Well look who's talking.
Yeah well, it's do what I say
not do what I do.
Yeah, right.
I've heard that before.
I've said it before.
So what are you gonna do then?
Actually it looks
like I've got plans.
The hooker?
Hey, I said you need to stop
with that shit, I'm serious.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Oh shit.
Oh yeah 'cause I
mean we all know
that you can make a nice
housewife out of a whore.
Get the-!
Hey, you've
reached April's voice mail.
Sorry I missed your call.
Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you later.
Babe, it's me.
Took off work early so I
should be home shortly.
Whenever you're done, come
on you fucking morons,
sorry about that.
Whenever you're done, just
feel free to come on over.
I'm gonna order some food
and yeah look
forward to seeing ya.
Another 200.
All in, baby.
I call.
Gentleman shows four aces.
Hate to say it to you babe,
but I think this is going
home with me, buddy.
Now sweetheart,
did you ever have
a fucking millionaire before?
'Cause I wanna fuck you so bad.
Uh uh uh uh uh.
Not so fast.
Gentleman shows a royal flush.
Oh shit.
If I'm not mistaken, that's
1.3 million you owe me.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
All this action just
got me real hungry.
Sergei, bring me some mezze.
Just bring me something.
You may square up with Yuri.
Look, Vic.
I'm gonna need like
two weeks, man.
I can't just give it
to you all at once.
I like you, Marcus.
I really do.
You're a good customer.
Because you're a good customer,
I give you a week to
come up with the rest.
A week, I mean
that's not enough...
Or there's always option B.
That's fine.
You're welcome.
Look, and eat
something, would you?
You look really pale.
Hey, you've
reached April's voice mail.
Sorry I missed your call.
Leave me a message and
I'll get back to you later.
There he is.
So what?
How'd you do?
Eh, you know.
Not bad?
So how was your night?
Or should I say the
lady of the night?
Hey, I warned you about that.
So how we doing?
As of today we
are exactly a week
and a day behind schedule so
not fucking good.
Who else?
What a fuck bag, man.
Yeah well, it's not
your career on the line.
You don't exactly
care, now, do ya?
Hey so when are we
getting our next check
from the studio?
How bad?
Nothing I can't handle.
- Marcus.
- Relax, mother.
Nothing to concern
yourself with.
Now if you'll excuse
me, I must see my deuce.
Oh hey, pretty woman.
Where's Kit?
Where's Kit?
Ignore him.
Real fucking cute.
Oh goddamn, there's a
lawsuit in the making.
So what's up?
Well, you haven't been
returning any of my texts
so you tell me.
Well I'm just busy, busy, busy.
You're gonna stick to that
or you gonna talk
to me like an adult?
What happened last night?
- What do you mean?
- What do you mean?
Let's see.
Hey babe, with Kim.
See you soon, love you, bye.
I'm sorry, is that
funny to you somehow?
No, it's not.
But you still worrying
the way you do is.
Yeah well excuse me
if getting blown off
isn't exactly amusing to me.
So where were you?
She was having a
nervous breakdown
so I just crashed at her place.
Did you?
Yeah, I tried to call you.
Oh that's funny.
No missed calls on my phone.
Well it went
straight to voice mail.
Oh God, isn't that convenient?
Are you trying
to imply something?
Is there something I
should be implying here?
You need to grow
the fuck up, Russ.
Excuse me, don't try to
turn this shit around on me.
You're the one
that out last night
doing God knows what
with who the fuck knows?
Out doing God knows what
with who the fuck knows?
Ugh, you're an asshole.
Or was it doing
who fucking knows?
You know what, fuck you, Russ.
How dare you accuse me of shit.
Yeah, well, you know what?
One of us did use to be
a comfort girl sweetheart
and it wasn't me.
Ow, yeah, fucking classy.
You know what, fuck you Russ.
Why don't you call me when
you figure out what you want?
I already know that.
Is a trustworthy
relationship too much
to fucking ask for?
A trustworthy relationship?
You're seriously
fucked up, you know that?
You don't want a relationship
because you thrive on
this bullshit drama.
You just want company.
Well I got 50
bucks, is that enough?
Welcome to Hollywood.
Everyone's a hooker
in one way or another.
You know in film school, they...
Just shut the fuck up
and get me some coffee.
- Yes sir.
- Goddamn.
Yeah, let me deliver my
lines so that I can act!
If I can't deliver my
lines, how can I act?
What is the issue?
- What is the issue?
- You're insane.
- What is the issue?
- I want to be able
to say whatever I want.
You should let me
say whatever I want.
That's just the way that I work.
It's the way that I work.
You have to deal with it.
It's in my fucking contract!
You wanna be a star?
You wanna be a...
You wanna be a
star, you wanna be a star?
Get your ass in the car!
Aw, how you doing?
Not that fucking good.
God damn.
Jesus, what?
Have you seen Marcus lately?
Here's that coffee,
Mr. Washington.
That's like two
fucking hours ago.
Oh no, what the fuck is this?
This is only good.
No, I have two of those already.
Hold on.
I understand you're interested,
but this is a closed set.
I cannot have
- you come any further.
- I understand you're just
doing your job but this is,
No, I need you to go.
It's okay, I got it.
Mr. Russ.
So why do I have the honor
of your company today, huh?
Well this, this is
what brings me here.
You know I always had
interest in movie business.
Oh is that right?
If I say it is, yes.
How's this then?
Tell me, where's Marcus?
Yes, Marcus.
You know, it's funny
you should ask actually.
He's not coming in today.
Had to take a couple of
our clients down town,
show 'em around, you know.
I'm here if you need
anything though.
Nah, nothing important.
Just wanted to say hello.
I'll make sure to
let him know you did.
Just tell him, four days.
Four days until?
Good to see you, Mr. Russ.
Stop by the game sometime.
Dude, you wanna get in on this?
Grab someone in case
we run out of balls.
Get the fuck out.
What the fuck, man?
What the fuck is
your problem, man?
She's an extra.
What the fuck is my problem?
Victor just paid us a visit,
that's my fucking problem!
Oh, he did?
Yeah, he did.
Him and one of those
fucking meatheads.
What'd you do, Marcus?
What'd he say?
What do you think he said?
Nothing, that's how
I know it's fucked.
Well it's nothing
I can't handle.
Nothing you can't handle?
Now why do I have
some fucking madman,
someone who kills
people for a living
stopping by my set
asking for you?
It's nothing I
can't handle, man.
I've got this.
You fucking better,
'cause you know what?
We're on the verge
of losing this film
'cause of some shitbag director,
and the last thing I...
I got it, it's
fine man, I got this!
You think I'm
gonna risk our job,
let alone our friendship?
You have before.
Yeah well that was then.
Okay, relax.
And fucking trust me on this.
Look what happened
last time I did.
Hey hon, it's me.
Listen, I'm sorry if
I overreacted earlier.
I'm just, between Marcus, the
film, everything else in this.
I was kind of losing
grasp right now, so,
please just give me a call when
you get a chance, all right?
Okay I'll talk to you soon.
Hey yourself.
Everything okay?
Why don't you tell me?
Is something going on
I don't know about?
That's fine, you took the words
right out of my mouth.
Are you serious
right now, this again?
Am I serious?
Yeah, I'm fucking serious.
What the fuck is
going on with you?
What the fuck is
going on with you?
Gee, let's fucking break
this down real quick, shall we?
I'm about to lose
the biggest film
of my fucking career.
My best friend/business partner,
this fucking mobster
is coming by my set
because he's a
degenerate gambler.
Oh and the best part, the one
you're really gonna like is,
the girl I'm in love with
who's supposed to be
my fucking girlfriend
is probably out there
fucking hooking again!
Other than that
I'm peach though.
Thanks for asking.
Don't fucking do this.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
Still wanna talk?
Hey hon?
I'm thinking about
ordering some food.
You hungry at all?
I could eat.
From where?
Probably just the usual I guess.
Can you make sure they
bring ranch this time?
Dude, please tell me she
wasn't a fucking hooker, please.
Jesus Christ, you didn't know.
Oh yeah 'cause
I mean we all know
that you can make a nice
housewife out of a whore.
Give me my key, get
the fuck out of my room.
No, why don't you
talk to me like an adult
and tell me what's wrong
instead of throwing a fucking
tantrum like a child!?
Okay, you want me
to act like an adult?
That's what you want?
Let me see your phone.
Give me your fucking phone!
No, why?
Oh, let's see here.
Oh there it is.
Roosevelt Hotel,
three p.m., room 104.
Bring your red fucking heels.
Russ, I,
Give me my room key
- and get the fuck out of here.
- No please,
- can you just let me explain?
- You dirty fucking whore.
Get the fuck out!
Hey, I said nothing.
Why are you sitting
there staring at me
like you just found out I
have two dicks or something?
You have two dicks?
Dude are they like
over each other?
They got to be.
'Cause if they are, I would
milk the shit out of them.
Like I'll fucking
go to town, man.
Dude seriously,
shut the fuck up.
You gonna beat around
the bush or just say it?
I kept telling you, once a
whore, always a fucking whore.
Ah well, what can I say?
It was never meant to be.
I have my cancer, she's a whore.
Well I'm just
saying man, it's...
Listen I can truly give a shit
what the fuck you're
saying right now
'cause the last person I'm
taking any advice from is you.
Where's that extra of yours at?
You know, the one
you were fucking
when I covered for
you with Victor?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that woman.
I fucking fired her.
You fired her?
Fucking yeah I fired her.
And why may I ask
did you fire an extra
you fucked on our set
knowing full well she'd
report that and have proof?
Our asses are getting sued.
You didn't hear the shit
she was saying, man.
She basically fired
her fucking self.
Oh yeah, well try me,
what was she saying?
So get this.
We're at the store buying
a morning after pill.
Wait, you didn't
use a fucking condom?
She's fucking 18 man, they
can't catch shit that young.
Oh my God, you're
fucking insane.
Actually, yeah, that's when
they contract shit, you moron.
Maybe that's why my
balls are all numb.
Yeah, probably,
you fucking idiot.
Well whatever, anyways.
She was saying how
last Halloween,
she was at this fucking party,
and her and her friends,
You ready to have some fun now?
Oh my God.
I feel I'm gonna be sick.
Oh my God, oh no, no no.
So she shit herself.
Shit her britches right
in the fucking costume, man.
So you stopped fucking this girl
just 'cause she got
drunk at some party
and accidentally
crapped her pants?
No, I stopped fucking her
'cause I was over it, man.
I fired her 'cause
she shit herself.
Oh Jesus Christ, Marcus.
Look, enough about hookers
and little Bo Poopy Pants.
Have I got something in
store for you tonight.
Are you fucking insane?
You really think I'm
going out with you
when we're about
to lose this film?
And that's exactly why
we got to do this, man!
Not to mention my cousin
just got out of prison
and I wanna show him
a good time tonight.
Dude, I'm not,
wait, what the fuck did
you just say prison?
What the fuck was
he in prison for?
Is he dangerous?
No, he's not fucking
dangerous, dude.
He got busted for breaking
into people's homes
and giving them blowjobs
while they fucking slept.
Look, now will you rub
some dirt on your vagina
and get back in
the fucking game?
I'm not fucking going.
Holy shit.
That was good.
That's just what
I needed, Marcus.
So whose party is this anyways?
Oh you just wait
and see, my friend.
But before we go
in I got a little
special thing for us.
I'm good.
Oh no, this isn't coke.
This is Ketamine.
Special K?
Fuckin' A.
All right, goddamn.
Come on.
Let me have that shit.
All right, slow down.
Look, this ain't coke, man.
This shit'll floor
you down, man.
Yeah, thanks mother, I'm good.
Let me get in on that shit.
Oh, fuck.
That is some good shit.
I swear to God.
I come up with some of
the best ideas in my life
when I'm fucked up.
Is that right?
So were you fucked up then
when you had the great idea
to break in guys' houses
and go ahead and suck...
That's good, man, it really is.
You see Russ here, he
makes dreams come true.
Oh all right.
Throw us some gospel, Ed.
All right, all right,
check this shit out.
You know that app, Tinder?
I use it every night.
All right, well check this.
We make one for girls 12 to 17
and we call that shit,
and we call that shit Tender.
What do you think about that?
So we going in
this place or what?
Yeah, yeah, we're going.
But listen, before we go in,
you guys have to put these on.
You're joking, right?
Dude, I feel fucking ridiculous.
Just trust me on
this one, all right?
I'm fucking pumped.
Humphrey Bogart.
Humphrey Bogart?
Right this way, gentlemen.
Hey sexy, how are you?
I see what I'm getting into.
Don't worry about
him, he'll be fine.
So what comes next?
Hopefully, you.
And your name is?
No names.
So what's your name?
No names.
Okay, what am I
supposed to call you
in the heat of the moment then?
Uh uh uh, not till later.
What the fuck?
Dude, that's okay.
Don't fucking talk to me.
Whoah, chill out man,
you just fucked her.
Just do a few
lines and go again.
Wait, do you know each other?
I don't know this fucking bitch.
Russ, let me explain.
Explain what?
Are you some fucking party
favor at Fuckfest 14?
Fuck you.
Oh shut the fuck up and do
some more coke, you whore.
What the fuck?
We're done.
Get the fuck.
That motherfucker just hit me.
Now what the fuck
are you gonna do?
Where the hell you going, man?
This place is,
Jesus fucking Christ,
man, what happened to you?
You did, you fucking cancer!
Every time, every fucking time
I listen to one of
your fucktarded ideas
some shit like this happens.
Dude, I don't understand, man.
Of course you don't.
You really don't
fucking get it, do you?
You are like some
plague sent here
to be the bane of my
fucking existence.
Stop that guy, he
was trying to suck my dick!
No I didn't!
The bane of?
It means that all
the fucked up shit
that happens in my life
stems from the fact
that I got a piece
of shit like you
involved in it.
I tell you what.
I am fucking done.
I am done with
that, I'm finished.
Is that what this is about?
The hooker?
God damn it!
Like you're any fucking better.
It's a funny thing, the
beginning of the end.
You never even know it's
begun until it's over.
What, fucking idiot.
Is this your idea
of a fucking joke?
Dude, it's fucking bad, man.
Chair is comfy.
Hope you don't mind,
I parked in your spot.
You call this an office?
That'll be enough, Chris.
Mr. Lowenstein.
What did I tell you, Russ?
Sir, please, you
don't understand.
We're dealing with...
Shut up, Marcus.
At least one of
you has common sense.
I'm sorry, who are you?
I apologize.
My name is Jennifer Foster.
I represent the bond
company that's prepared
to take this film out
of your incapable hands.
Sir, I understand.
That's good stuff.
What did I tell you?
- I believe Mr.
- Lowenstein and I,
Excuse me, Miss Foster.
I'm speaking to Mr. Washington.
You said if I couldn't
get things under control
you'd find someone who could.
Did you?
No, sir, I didn't.
Russ, do I seem like
the type of a person
who makes idle threats?
No, sir.
You leave me no choice.
I understand the
position I've put you in.
I take full responsibility.
I'm sorry, kid.
I like you, I really do.
But this is business.
You don't fucking
get it, do you?
I mean he's done everything...
Fuck this, man.
Now Mr. Washington,
if you'd be so kind.
What's this?
Just protocol.
It states that you
knowingly in good measure
relinquish all your rights
to appeal our decision.
Jennifer, was it?
- Miss Foster will do.
- I know.
With all due
respect Miss Foster,
go fuck your hand.
I'm so sorry.
Russ, I'm sorry you got fired.
Give me a...
Fucking hack.
Dude, Russ.
I don't know what...
You never fucking do, do you?
Please what?
What, you got some words
that are gonna fix it?
Magic wand hidden up your
ass gonna make it better?
I'm sorry...
You're goddamn right you are!
I told you this was gonna
happen, I fucking warned you!
And what was your response?
Oh I got this great
party to go to.
And that's your fucking problem.
You don't take
anything seriously
and now we're both fucked.
You know what though,
I'm sorry too.
Sorry I was ever stupid enough
to think a piece
of shit like you
could comprehend, let
alone care about anything
that wasn't yourself.
Is there anything I can...
Okay, read my mind, Marcus.
You wanna know what
you can do, read my mind.
- I...
- Can't?
Not working for you?
Let me give you a hint.
It's saying get the
fuck out of my way
and stay the fuck
out of my life!
God damn.
Fuck off.
Come on, are you
fucking kidding me?
Fuck off.
Fuck's sake, fuck off!
Come on!
Haven't you fucking done enough?
Mr. Washington.
This is Victor.
How'd you get this number?
I was very sorry to
hear about your situation.
So sad, I mean what do
they say, if it was easy...
Everyone would do it.
So I guess it's a good
thing I saved my money.
You know Vic, it's not
that I don't appreciate
your concern, just
really not in the mood
to play cards right now,
you know what I mean?
Not to worry.
Maybe next time?
However I do have something
that might hold your interest.
Yeah, what's that?
Would you like
a drink, Mr. Russ?
A vodka perhaps?
I'm fine.
You all right?
He's fine.
We've just been talking.
Best there is, Turkish espresso.
Can wake the dead.
So they say.
You know, with all
due respect, Vic,
let me just cut through
the bullshit here.
Straight to business.
I like that.
Russ, I...
Marcus, shut the fuck up.
So what's it gonna
cost to fix this?
I like you, Mr. Russ.
A true no-nonsense man.
Let's call it 600.
600 thousand dollars?
I understand your predicament.
This is not your debt to pay.
There are other options.
Such as?
Look, Russ, please, please.
Come on, come on.
You're gonna have to
give me a day on this.
You have one hour.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Is that a problem?
Yeah Vic, it's
a fucking problem.
Don't exactly carry that
kind of cash on me, do I?
Not something I could
run down to the ATM for.
No problem.
I accept transfer.
Isn't that fucking convenient?
I don't know what...
That's what knowing
you has cost me, Marcus.
Every fucking thing!
It's my fault, really.
It's not like I can blame you.
It's like they say,
insanity is doing
the same thing over
and fucking over and
over and over again
expecting a different
fucking result.
It's my fault for letting
a fucking piece of shit
keep making their way
back into my life.
Knowing that no matter what,
the inevitable will happen.
Wait, what are you doing?
Where are we going?
I can't, bro.
Oh, that's where
you're fucking wrong.
You can and you will.
Russ, dude, listen.
This isn't a discussion, Marcus.
You've cost me everything.
Fucking everything,
you get that?
Do you realize I just gave
my life savings for you?
You know what that means?
Does it register?
Bye bye house.
Can't really afford a 10,000
dollar a month mortgage
when I don't have
a dime in the bank.
Russ, do you fucking think
it's what I wanna do, huh?
I'm fucking hurting inside, man,
do you understand that shit?
That doesn't matter,
'cause you know why?
You're incorrigible.
You can't help yourself.
You're like a little
fucking child,
you can't do a thing.
So you know what's
going on here?
You're getting your
ass in my car tomorrow
and I'm taking you
to addiction center.
Because maybe one day
if you go through that,
you might be able to make up
this grandiose fuckup
you've done to me.
You need help.
Me, look at you,
you fucking hypocrite.
You can't go two fucking minutes
without snorting that
shit up your nose, man.
Do you know what that
shit does to you, huh?
How dare you criticize me...
How dare I?
How dare I, motherfucker?
I just saved your life!
I gave up everything for you.
Once again, I'm not doing
it anymore, I am done.
I'm done with this.
So you know what, you
either come with me tomorrow
'cause you can't
control your life
so I'm taking over it for you.
And if you're not willing to,
if you're not
willing to do that,
just do the world a favor
and fucking kill yourself.
Baby, open up.
Baby, please let me in.
I don't think it's
a good idea, baby.
I just wanna help you.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You look good.
Thank you.
So do you, babe.
I just, I mean I'm
happy to see you.
So, what's your secret been?
My secret?
Clean living, or?
Haven't done anything
in quite some time now.
That's good for you.
Still embracing.
I found God.
Did you?
Where was he?
Hm, God.
I've not felt his warmth
in some time now.
That's not true.
Isn't it?
Look at me.
See any signs of a divine
presence going on here?
It's when at your lowest
that he's more
present than ever.
How does that make any sense?
Is that what you think, part
of God's masterplan, his will
to make me suffer, to
be a better person,
a stronger one?
Well that's the
point of having faith.
It doesn't have to make sense.
But somehow deep down
you still believe,
you know in your heart
of hearts that it's true.
Are you listening to yourself?
Heart of hearts?
My mother died.
My best friend killed himself.
I fell in love with
a fucking hooker.
You think there's a light
at the end of this tunnel?
What I meant...
Listen, there's not, okay?
Look what I've become.
Just take it in.
I'm a fucking drug addict.
This isn't how it
has to be for you.
You could...
Go home?
I don't fucking
have a home, April.
My parents are dead.
My home's gone.
this is my palace now so,
why don't you get going, huh?
Go home, April.
Go back to your
aunt, your uncle,
have a nice life.
Go home.
You think I can
just hop a plane,
say I'm sorry and
everything'll be fine.
Well you're fucking wrong, Russ.
I don't have a home.
My parents never died.
I wasn't raised by
my aunt and my uncle.
I don't have a place to go.
I didn't just leave my parents
to chase some dream
in La La Land.
I ran away full speed.
Why would you lie
about your parents?
Because my father
was a sick fuck, and
my mom was too big of a
coward to stand up to him.
Do you have any
idea what it's like
to wake up in the
middle of the night
with your father
standing over you?
The man is supposed to make
me feel safe and protect me.
Do you have any idea
what that could do
to a 14 year old girl?
And when he was too
drunk to do that,
he just settled for beating me
till I couldn't even sit
let alone go out in public.
How often did he drink?
Every night.
Yeah, Jesus is right.
Only then, I couldn't
believe in such a thing.
You know, how could I?
But instead of waiting around
for the day he went too far,
I took things into my own hands
and packed up everything
I could in a bag
and headed off into the unknown
to chase a dream I
knew nothing about.
I just knew anything
was better than that
and no one was
gonna do it for me.
I had no idea.
Of course you didn't, Russ
'cause you're so good at
judging a book by its cover.
But do you understand, Russ?
I had the strength
to start over,
to take off on my
own without having
or knowing anything
about where I was going
or what was next.
And I'm doing it again.
So what's your fucking excuse?
You gonna get off your ass
and do something
to save yourself?
Or are you saying you're
not even as strong
as a fucking hooker?
I can't do this on my own.
And you don't have to.
Sometimes life hits
you like a runaway train,
make you feel evil,
broken, helpless.
Like there's no way that
things can ever be right
in your world again.
And sometimes, you can find
the strength to start over.
The kick in the ass you
need to pull yourself
out of that gutter
and face the day.
And most of the time,
it comes from the most
unlikely of places.