The Magic Hour (2008) Movie Script

Be careful. Someone might see.
I'll go see who it is.
I'm so sorry.
And the other matter?
I mean Della Togashi.
Didn't find him yet.
No easy task.
After all... it's Della Togashi.
The boss said find him, so find him.
We're after Della Togashi.
Get the car.
I'll never do this again.
I promise.
He dragged me kicking and screaming.
But I didn't dare resist too hard...
Can you say this to his face?
Please accept my sincere apology.
It seems you made the first move.
In which case...
you're a dead man.
Just a minute!
Things between Mari and I are not what you think.
How long's it been?
How long? Well...
How many times?
Give me a straight answer.
How many times?
Or too many to count?
This was the first time.
This week.
You wanna know so bad, I'll tell you.
We did it a bunch.
At his place... at my place...
In your car, too...
Boss, that's not true.
It was just to get your attention.
She felt ignored. She still loves you.
You're joking, right?
I was fed up of being with him.
Watch your words!
I don't care.
If you're killing us, get on with it.
It's cold.
It's really damn cold.
No, it ain't.
Kurokawa-san, please...
We were buddies, right?
Shut the hell up.
Excuse me.
Feet a little lower please.
I just had my nails done.
It took ages.
But normally...
Call me when it's set.
Damn... if only Della Togashi were by my side...
Good old Della would help me.
You know him?
An acquaintance more than a friend.
For real?
Is this Della Togashi in the photo?
Probably... but the focus is awful.
Can you bring him here?
Della Togashi?
I'm a big fan.
I've always wanted to meet him.
If you bring him to me, I'll let you off the hook.
No problem, right?
You've got 5 days.
He's probably busy... could I have a week?
If the boss says 5 days then 5 days it is.
5 days, then...
God, that was scary...
My feet are filthy...
Are you angry?
Damn right... after all those lies.
How lucky that you're friends with Della.
Once we hook 'em up, let's quit this town forever.
Who is he, though?
Della Togashi...
Where do I find him?
I thought he was a friend?
Never even met him.
Wait a damn second.
If I hadn't said that we'd be fish food...
I don't believe it.
I'll look for him. Who is he?
Some fashion designer?
A hitman.
The best sniper ever.
I'm okay, everyone.
Mr. Manager...
Not a word.
Let me use your shower.
My feet are crispy.
The boss did this?
And he threw Mari out. Get her a hotel room.
A stiff drink for me.
You're lucky to get out alive.
It depends on this guy.
I'll be swimming with the fishes unless I find him in 5 days.
Who is it?
Della Togashi.
The hitman?
Is he that famous?
I've heard of him.
I'm the only one who hasn't.
Where's he live?
Nobody knows his true identity.
He works alone.
"The Phantom Assassin".
So how do I find him?
If you found him he'd stop being a phantom.
It's hopeless.
This was taken in town.
That's on this street.
Go check all the hotels.
You promised to find him, right? Didn't you?
What the hell do we do?
I'm not going in the damn sea.
I'm in the same boat.
I knew something like this would happen.
I've been so worried.
That Mari is trouble.
Everyone says so.
You should feel sorry for her.
Why her of all people?
We've known each other for ages.
When I first started working here,
she was in the chorus line.
We kept each other's spirits up.
I worked like a madman and became manager.
She became the boss's girlfriend.
I'd rather you didn't speak unkindly of her.
It's like something out of a movie.
This place is always like that.
This view...
That building, the hotel...
doesn't it remind you of a film set?
Now that you mention it, yes.
I feel like I'm in a movie.
Gangs, a hitman, cement shoes.
It hardly seems real.
Life in this town is so dramatic.
If only it were a movie.
They're filming a commercial.
It's common these days.
Not many towns preserve this old look.
That's it.
You got it, Nat-chan.
What did I get?
A movie. That's our salvation.
I don't understand.
We're saved!
A body double is out of the question.
Della Togashi is a matchless killer.
Nobody has seen his face... boss included.
But how to explain to any actor taking his place?
I make him think it's a movie.
From tomorrow, I'm a film director.
Interesting idea.
There's no way it'll work.
I once had a part-time job in a studio.
And if the boss knows the guy?
He must watch films occasionally.
I use a lethal-looking totally disregarded actor.
If you can find one.
As a matter of fact I already have.
I'm betting everything on this guy.
Picture the twilight at the end of a clear day.
The sun inches its way down.
It descends, but its dying rays still illuminate our world.
It sinks further,
half hidden by yonder mountains,
yet still casting light.
At last it is gone from sight,
but dark is yet to be upon us.
There is a moment in time before darkness engulfs.
This is "magic hour".
The moment 'twixt day and night
when this world is the most beautiful.
If one films at this juncture,
one gets marvelous footage steeped in that fleeting light.
So for us creators of film art
magic hour is the most precious time in the day.
Murata, you're next up.
Satou Koichi
Satou Koichi
Fukatsu Eri
Fukatsu Eri
Ayase Haruka
Ayase Haruka
I sympathize, but the director requested you.
It's a rare chance so I booked the job.
Hey buddy, mind the tree.
Murata, old friend, don't tease.
It is huge, though...
It's a Galaxy... goes to 45 feet.
Want a ride?
One of these days.
C'mon boys.
Everyone's so happy you could do it.
Director's personal request... what can one do?
Careful with the explosives. He's my best actor.
I've never harmed an actor yet.
He's Japan's best pyro-technician, right?
Thank god you were available.
Sir, Murata-san's here.
Hello there, I'm Murata Taiki.
How do we play this?
Straight to set, please.
This fuss is our star's sudden bright idea.
Bending over backwards to keep him happy is all very well...
But this is too last-minute.
Hey there.
How are you?
Murata-san's here.
Thanks for coming out.
Not at all.
Be careful, okay? They made it quite high.
Thanks for the concern.
Good luck.
It's not that high.
Let's talk it over.
We can work it out.
You bastard.
We got it.
Okay, honey?
Fine. Good for you, sir?
Thank you, everyone.
Well done.
Sure you didn't see my face?
Why must I double for that asshole?
You always ask for roles only you can play.
Anyone could've done that.
That's not the case.
Same measurements, same age...
Available at the drop of a hat. Sorry to say there's only you.
Good afternoon.
For an indie movie, there's a decent budget and good director.
It'll be the real deal.
Who is the director?
I am.
I've always been a huge fan of yours.
I've seen "Kanto Killer Team" countless times.
My favorite film.
That's Kame-chan, right?
I'm sure it is.
It's him.
He's doing well. Lead roles left and right.
He used to be with this agency.
Long time no see, buddy. Come, take a seat.
Hello there.
Kanto Killer Team, huh?
If I'm not mistaken, you played a hitman, correct?
The character Della Togashi is modeled on him.
There's a hitman in it?
Legendary assassin Della Togashi, is the lead role.
And the script?
We don't have one.
The world-acclaimed Kitano works like this, too.
May I ask how many films you've made?
This is my first.
I'm sorry but my client is incredibly busy.
Won't you just hear me out?
Get aboard.
Come with me.
I can't do that.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not afraid to die.
What I fear is living on without honour.
We'll be together next time around.
Wanchai... look after Sayoko.
We must hurry.
Quick, the boat's leaving.
Where the hell are you?
Takase Makoto is the best.
Not that old movie again?
In "Underworld Sidekick" he's just superb.
And was never seen again.
Get your ass back here.
There's a new scene in Yubeshi's latest. They need an actor ASAP.
It's a no-brainer. Big names...
the kind of mafia story you wanted...
This is picture.
And... action!
I track you down at last.
Hold the rain.
Get the director.
Your performance was fine.
Don't worry.
Could you be a little quicker?
I was slow?
Just whip it out.
Thank you.
You're hamming it up.
Let me do it my way.
Get in with this star and it's a chance for lots of work.
Sorry about that. I'll try it a different way.
Stick with your instinct.
Thank you for that.
Been back to that restaurant?
Remember... we met once. I was at the bar...?
Hey kid, what's the wait?
A quick re-light.
Let's get on with it.
Okay, here we go.
Cue the rain.
Cue the rain.
All set...
Roll camera, take 2...
And... action!
I track you down at last.
Get the director.
Hold the rain.
He's one of those...
Just wait over here.
I'll call you.
What the hell's up?
No idea...
Seems he doesn't like my acting.
You try.
Go on.
I track you down at last.
Pretty good.
A star is born.
Give me a damn break.
Everything's ready.
A cargo ship is waiting in the harbour.
Get aboard.
Come with me.
I can't do that.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not afraid to die.
What I fear is living on without honour.
We'll be together next time around.
Wanchai... look after Sayoko.
You seem miserable.
Naturally, I'm concerned.
He hasn't shot a single movie.
Murata-san, you've never seen my work.
But I've seen all of yours.
Doesn't that count for something?
Won over by that?
He needs me. That's the kind of job I wanted.
Here's tomorrow's script.
Della Togashi meets the boss.
And the boss is...?
The gangster who rules the town.
It's a vital part of the set-up.
Who plays the boss?
You won't have heard of him. He's a new talent.
This is just an outline.
When do we get the lines?
We create the lines on set.
All ad-libbed?
No need for parroted lines.
Something's fishy. It shouldn't be this haphazard.
My mind's made up. I stake everything on this film.
What's that?
My crew... they're getting ready.
Hey, guys!
Let's get ready. Call the actors.
Murakoshi-san, Takase-san, this way.
Takase Makoto-san?
Look what you did!
It's just a scratch.
You weren't looking.
Here's your key.
And yours...
May I have a word?
Sure, this way.
I'll just be a second.
Show him to his room.
Hey, buddy.
We're short-staffed.
Can you carry your own bag?
Sorry about that. You're on the 2nd floor.
It's not that I'm doubting you...
Excuse us.
Thanks, my dear.
Take 'em to the sink, Doc'.
Sorry about that.
Being a guest here is hard work.
Listen, you've no plot nor script.
I need something to put my mind at rest.
I'm afraid you'll have to have faith.
Murata fully intends to do it.
He's on fire, in fact.
But I'm not like him.
What would you like me to do?
Show me the camera.
The camera?
Don't tell me you don't have one.
You can make a movie with no script...
but without a camera, it's impossible.
Such is my experience.
Of course we have a camera.
Damn, we need a camera.
What are you going to do?
We've no choice. He demanded to see it.
Where would one be?
Let me think.
It gets shakier by the minute.
Excuse me.
I'm with the gas company.
Who is in charge here?
What is it?
Sorry to interrupt your work.
But we've had a report of a gas leak nearby.
A gas leak?
We're verifying right now.
Does it smell?
That would be too late!
Move away from the danger.
No one within 100 feet.
Please flee to the nearby park.
Hurry, everyone.
It's very last-minute.
Weather's good,
so I thought we'd get Della's arrival in the can.
No one told us.
I just decided.
Here's your wardrobe.
No make-up.
I want it as real as possible.
No time to get a location permit, so we shoot guerrilla style.
Minimum crew.
The bus leaves in 5 minutes. Thanks.
This is too sudden.
He needs time to prepare mentally.
That's all very well but...
I am a professional. I do what needs to be done.
Don't say that...
It's a vital scene.
He meets the heroine.
Takachiho Mari, the boss's gal.
Eventually, she falls in love with you.
Is that right?
She's ready on set.
How dare you! Making an actress wait...
Let me change. I'll be right there.
He's not the real Togashi?
Of course not.
The boss will kill you.
I've no choice but to deceive him.
It's never going to work.
It's all over.
This is where I need your help.
I can't do it.
Don't you get it?
Our very lives depend on that actor.
If he leaves, it's curtains for us.
They're here.
Morning, sir.
Let me put a mic on you.
Why the tuxedo?
They always wear tuxedos, right? Think of 007.
007 is a spy.
I stick out like a sore thumb. An assassin, right?
I've no idea what he's going for.
See? Nice gear we've got, huh?
Okay, let's get on with it.
Mari-san, when you're ready.
Is she okay?
Who knows?
Sir, camera's ready.
Murata-san, you walk this way,
pass in front of the camera heading there.
Mari-san, you walk up,
then you bump into one another, drawn by fate.
We bump?
Sir, we should hurry.
Okay, please try it.
Here we go.
Sir, my motivation as I approach?
Your what?
My circumstances?
Newly arrived in town. What do you do?
Look for a place to stay.
Do that then.
Is that okay?
Whatever. Roll camera.
Let's try it. Relax.
This is picture. Scene 1, take 1.
What about lighting?
Natural light is best.
Scene 1, take 1.
And... action!
Excuse me.
Is there a hotel near here?
As I'm new in town.
Would you show me...
Perfect. We got it.
Now do you believe me?
Sir, could I try another take?
Why? That was perfect.
Happy with her performance?
Why not?
She seemed kinda awkward to me.
That's her individuality.
Okay, back to the hotel.
On the move!
Back in the bus, everyone.
What about my mic?
A gimlet, please.
Well done, today. May l?
I didn't introduce myself.
Murata Taiki.
I'm Takachiho Mari.
Isn't that your character's name?
Oh, I see...
Taking your stage name from your character.
Were you nervous today?
Everyone is, at first.
Best not to worry about your performance.
Just be yourself.
Reveal the real you.
What do you think?
Does that help at all?
Sometimes I think about
how a film set draws so many people together.
Folk of all ages,
some with money, some without.
With one goal, pooling talent, sharing the same food...
There's nothing like it.
In the end, it's the process I like more than film itself.
Eisenstein once said...
Tell me next time. Good night.
The action takes place over there,
but the camera's here on the 3rd floor.
So we shoot across the street through the window.
All on a long lens?
I want the actors to forget the camera.
No crew in the room so the cast can really focus.
Our focus would be fine anyway.
I don't want "fine"... I want your very best.
Where will you be?
Next to Murata-san, playing Della's minder.
You act as well?
Murata-san, I remind you again do not call me "Sir".
I'm counting on your best performance.
I'll give it a shot.
I've been on many sets in my time,
but this is the most thrilling.
Same here.
Don't do anything stupid.
I can see you're risking your life.
I've got no other choice.
I'll miss you.
Did you have to say that?
Sir, if I could make a suggestion...
With my background in stunts I'd like to show off my techniques.
Do nothing unnecessary.
Like the special way I handle this...
Out of the question!
I always prepare my own hand props.
This is the last thing I need.
Mr. Mayor, please hurry our next appointment awaits.
He plays the mayor so well,
the crew must treat him like one.
Murata-san, is that make-up by any chance?
It's just a little foundation.
I said not to, didn't I? Eyeliner, too? Good grief...
The cameras roll as soon as we enter.
I present Della Togashi.
You're the Della fellow?
Indeed, I am Della Togashi.
Hey, kid...
Well done. You are free.
Thank you very much.
Whaddya need with me?
For starters...
do you mind getting off my desk?
Togashi, my lad.
You think we're totally in the dark?
That we don't know why you're in town?
We know everything.
You're making no sense.
Last month,
in this very room the boss was shot at.
From across the street.
The bullet grazed his ear and ended up
here in the wall.
It was you who shot him.
No idea what you're talking about.
You were hired by Ebora & Associates.
Never heard that name.
They're planning to muscle in on this town.
Their first step,
hiring you to eliminate me.
I never forgive those who threaten me.
In that case, get this.
I'll tell you a little secret.
When you pat someone down,
do it properly
or don't do it at all.
Put the guns down. Quick.
You, too.
Do as he says.
When did you set this up?
You didn't tell your director?
I wanted to show you what I can do.
Murata-san, that's a wrap for today. Let's go.
Is it my fault?
Not exactly.
Wait here.
Boss wants to see him.
Filming restarts.
I'll get it right this time.
Not you.
Is it that tasty?
Indeed, I am Della Togashi.
Whaddya need with me?
Is it me or did we just go through this?
Hand me the gun.
Well spotted.
It's made of rubber.
We're going in that direction?
Young Mr. Togashi... I want to ask you something.
What about?
I'm greatly impressed by your boundless courage
and your varied sense of humor.
I like you.
Would you join me?
As my guest,
it would be worth your while.
Not a bad proposition, I think.
I must refuse.
Let me hear why.
I cannot betray a client.
Trust is everything in my line of work.
It would be bad for future business.
That's a shame.
Come here.
I'll be right back.
For chrissakes, at that point you've got to agree to join.
If Della dies, the movie as over.
Surely you get that?
I didn't think that far ahead.
Why does he do that?
Why? To get in with them.
Shut up and get on with it.
Explain something to me.
This "Cut" business.
You just yelled "Cut, Cut".
That's Della Togashi's nickname.
His close friends all call him "Cut".
After his special throat-slashing technique.
Boss, you'll be pleased to hear, Cut...
I mean Della Togashi and I just spoke and he agreed.
How did you persuade him?
He does whatever I say.
He's like my kid brother.
Get in here.
Sorry about that.
I hadn't thought it through.
Forget about that.
I'll get it right now.
Camera's rolling.
Young Mr. Togashi...
If you like it that much, take it.
Indeed, I am Della Togashi.
Whaddya need with me?
Back there, are we?
Go on ahead.
You'll join forces with me, right?
From this day forth
I call you "Boss".
Kurokawa, drinks...
You're his minder.
I will inform your previous client.
Want one of these?
Let's drink an oath, Cut.
Who the hell said "Cut"?
Who was it?
Who the hell are you to say "Cut"?
Can't l?
Whaddya think?
Goddamn amateur.
Listen... and you listen well...
the only man to say "Cut" is this man here!
When do we see the footage?
No rushes. Wait 'til it's finished.
Tomorrow's scenes?
I'll let you know. Wait in the hotel.
It's terrible.
You were found out?
The opposite.
Opposite? What on earth's that?
We were hired.
But I've got to hand it to the actor.
When he plays Togashi, he really becomes a killer.
I almost believe it myself.
Marching in here with a toy like this...
That took balls of steel.
Hey, it's me.
Long time, no see.
That Della Togashi of yours
came gunning for me.
He's one tough cookie.
So I decided to hire him.
From today, I'm telling you
he's with Tessio & Co.
They hired Della Togashi to their side.
Seems someone's going around impersonating you.
If I have a nightmare, may it soon pass.
If I have a dream, may I never wake.
Hey, come back!
How grand to have men risk their lives for your sake.
Not just for my sake.
Why don't you just stick with the boss?
It's complicated.
Can you lend me some money?
You're broke?
My policy is not to lend to those who won't repay.
Ask the boss for some.
A call from the hotel.
Kurokawa from the boss's office
came and took your assassin away.
It's very sudden. I was told it's tomorrow.
The next scene.
So what's the story?
Come on...
We got this hi-tech weapon from the Hong Kong mafia.
We're selling it to some guerrillas from Southeast Asia.
I see. A common-enough scenario.
A state-of-the-art rifle.
Is it okay for me to be there?
I've only just been hired.
It's what I wanted.
How come?
I want to see what you can do.
Is that any business of yours?
Just when I'd turned in for the night.
Not that I mind more chances to act.
Move your leg.
Want some?
One's appearance is important.
If you don't mind...
Get out.
My agent's on his way with hair tongs. For my bed-head.
They'll be here soon.
Have them wait.
Why bring him?
I'm slow to trust anyone.
Is it okay to give him a gun?
I've taken precautions.
If he puts a foot wrong
he'll be dead before he knows it.
Did you color your eyebrows?
This is damn heavy..
I don't need this to act like a suitcase is heavy.
Who do they think I am?
Get out.
Can we go ahead by ourselves?
Is everyone ready?
The key actors are all here.
Not just actors...
I'm entrusted with this matter.
You are?
You're higher up than I thought.
What's the set up?
I'll do the talking.
Stick by my side.
Where are you shooting from?
What do you mean?
Are you dumb?
Which direction will you shoot me from?
If I don't know, I won't know how to move.
I can pretty much guess.
Over there, right?
How did you know?
Jerk. I've been in the biz a long time.
If you shoot from over there, he's in the way.
That'd ruin the mood.
Let's go.
Hand over the cash, first.
Do you have to open it?
Listen... I thought...
Wait a second.
They've started, huh?
Can I get a receipt?
Watch out.
How did you know?
That they weren't going to pay?
Seems I owe you big-time.
Ain't no big deal.
Let's hit 'em where it hurts.
Impressive stuff, eh?
I'm after realism.
I said stop, okay?
How was it?
Pretty good. But don't over-do it.
I get carried away. Bad habit.
Too late now.
It was a hell of a fight, eh?
It's the first time for me.
Tell 'em to show their faces.
It's a great chance for screen time.
What are they doing?
It's over. Stop it.
They're not Japanese. Do you understand?
We're taking a break.
I told you to stop!
You're with which casting company?
Who's your agent?
Nothing that needs hospital.
Just a slight concussion.
Thank you very much.
Look after yourself.
So he's a doctor?
Used to be on a deep-sea fishing boat.
A ship's doctor?
When do I see today's footage?
I said we're not developing rushes.
So I was tricked.
Since they didn't get the goods I'll let it go.
How was Della?
That guy's the real deal.
Laughing in the face of their bullets.
Mr. President, if you'll excuse me.
You know what to do next?
I've been told.
Take care.
I want to have dinner with Della.
Understood. We'll be waiting.
What now?
Boss wants to have dinner with Della tomorrow.
He's earning the boss's trust.
How long can you continue this?
Think you'll keep the wool over his eyes?
All I know is,
if we don't, our lives are over.
The boss wants to hear you sing.
A rehearsal?
Before we shoot. An important heart-to-heart with the boss.
No camera but I want you to act as if it were live.
Which agency are you with?
Who's your agent? Are you freelance?
Are you really actors?
You come across so natural.
How is the food, Boss?
It's fine.
Thank you very much.
Seems you were in the thick of it.
Don't mention it.
I heard it was like watching something from a movie.
How's everything?
On a diet?
It's okay to eat.
Consider it a take.
Kurosawa-style, huh?
She'll begin shortly.
What style?
What did you say?
Come in.
I asked around the agencies who hire foreigners...
No one had any jobs like that last night.
There must be other casting companies.
In any case, let's go back to Tokyo.
And I got this thump in my chest. I'm worried.
My dad died young of a heart attack.
If you don't feel well, head home.
You guys haven't quite got it right.
If you ask me, you're not real enough.
Your boss has the town in the palm of his hand, right?
You just look like street punks.
Let's re-do your walk.
Up on stage, you're divine.
I've been thinking.
Cutting to the chase,
I need you by my side.
I'll give you whatever you want.
Just be with me,
that's all.
Don't assume you'll always get your way.
Hold it, hold it...
Like you've eyes in your chin...
And again, slowly...
Getting better... once more...
Project confidence.
Hold it...
Point with the chin...
That's great. Once more...
We're in for some trouble.
We're being audited by the tax authorities.
Owing to certain company activities
we need a secret book of accounts
to record the money flow behind the scenes.
Your illicit trading and such.
The authorities knuckled down and came after our accountant.
I took the initiative and hid what I could,
but this guy, Sugawara,
a really serious type,
was apparently cooperating with the government all along.
Eliminate Sugawara before the night is out.
What will you do?
Let it continue and Murata becomes a real murderer.
What are you going to do?
I've got no choice.
I have to tell him everything.
Della Togashi is the best character I've ever played.
Murata-san... the truth is...
It's my dream role.
Nobody thought to give me the chance.
I'm so grateful you called on me for this.
Not at all.
Apart from me, I know you're a bunch of amateurs,
but a film's success hinges on the spirit of its makers.
I'll make this a success for you.
To show my gratitude.
You were about to say something?
Go easy on the make-up.
Hey, over here.
Mind if I sit here?
A plan of the hospital where Sugawara is holed up.
It's a crappy map.
I drew it myself.
Get one of the crew to do it.
I don't trust anyone.
Where did they find a weird bastard like you?
It's Ebora.
If it ain't Kurokawa-sensei
Hey, kid.
Who's this?
As if you don't know...
I don't.
Head of the Ebora gang says he doesn't know you.
What the hell does that mean?
Excuse us a moment.
What's the Ebora gang?
That guy's famous for rehearsing anytime, anywhere.
Humour him.
Long time, no see.
I said I don't know you.
It's me.
Even so, you wouldn't know him with this face.
They call him "The Man of a Thousand Faces"...
Show him your real face.
Look the other way.
You recognize that.
Della Togashi, the assassin you hired.
Long time, no see.
It's okay.
You remember now?
Of course...
Whenever you're ready, come back to us.
Your courage is legendary.
Hey, you...
I made up my mind.
Let's leave this place.
That's impossible.
It's a matter of time before we're discovered.
Let's get far away now, while we can.
What about Murata-san?
Just leave him be.
There are lots of better actors throughout Japan.
Why did you turn down the boss's offer?
He just wants me on his arm.
But I'm not some doll.
For all his fine words, he's just a provincial hoodlum.
He talks of money but there's a limit to it.
Worse still, he's on the way out.
Soon enough, the Ebora gang will take over the town.
I don't want a man whose days are numbered.
But you've got a future.
Let's flee together.
Live together some other place.
The two of us?
Start a new life... you and me.
Can we go ahead?
Whenever you like.
And the director?
Watching a monitor over there.
Okay... stay close.
Where is he?
I'll try calling again.
You don't have to answer.
It's probably Nat-chan...
You don't have to answer.
I said, don't answer.
Where on earth are you?
I understand.
Please. Don't tell me we're going back.
I beg you...
I can't leave Murata-san.
He's nobody to you.
I know he's a nobody, but he's a fine actor.
So what?
No matter how good he is,
we can't get away with this forever.
We'll be found out.
Then what'll happen?
Think about that!
Rest assured there's nothing wrong with your heart.
That's good.
However I am worried
about the bullet hole.
What are you doing?
Go on ahead.
What's going on here?
What's happening?
Isn't it obvious. We're filming.
Filming? Nobody told me.
Perfect timing. Take over.
What's up? No permit again?
Please delay them.
Wait please, they're filming...
Sorry, you mustn't.
A representative is on his way.
Where is he?
Stop him.
It'll be valuable footage.
Mr. Director...
Great performance.
You were good, too.
So true to life.
And that...?
From the same crew.
Don't tell me...
Another gas leak.
Sorry to make you worry.
On the move!
When do we see rushes?
How many times do I tell you there aren't any?
Why is that man with us?
I asked him along. No point him staying.
Was it bad?
There's no room.
What will become of me now?
Good evening...
Murata-san, which agent are you with?
I'd like to join, too.
Are you freelance now?
Something like that.
You really want to be an actress? It's tough.
I want to quit this town... sing on a bigger stage.
My dream is to end up at the Budokan.
What is it?
Do you know this movie?
The first film I ever saw.
Is that right?
My dad took me to a cinema when I was little.
Takase Makoto is superb as the assassin.
Cool, kind. Yet solitary.
My hero...
This movie made me decide on this career.
I'm not afraid to die.
What I fear is living on without honour.
Dialogue from the film. I memorized it.
2 adults, please.
Now, the boss is history.
What the hell's going on?
I had a terrible time.
You didn't have a permit. I was put through the wringer.
I said wait!
What's wrong.
Something terrible happened. Togashi messed up.
And Sugawara?
He escaped by a whisker.
That's bad.
The cops have got him. What shall we do?
I'll let the boss know. Stand by for now.
I understand.
I joined the industry at 18...
Dreaming of sitting with an audience
and seeing my own face on the big screen.
No matter how long it would take.
I'll show you something special.
It stinks.
I found an old blanket in the corner of a stage.
Some crew member said it'd been there 30 years or so.
Maybe it once warmed Mifune Toshiro.
During "Underworld Sidekick" maybe even Takase Makoto
lay down on it for a nap.
This is a piece of that blanket.
In other words it's steeped in the sweat
of those actors and the crew who stood by them.
It's my lucky charm.
Wanna skip town with me?
Take me away from here.
We're still filming. I can't.
When we wrap, eh?
You're a simple soul.
It's starting...
I'm so sorry it turned out like this...
Togashi messing up like that.
No problem.
Nobody's perfect.
What do you intend to do?
Nothing, really.
You're worried my accountant is in police hands?
That's no big deal.
I'm more worried about betrayal from within.
This is a nice town.
You've gone pale, kiddo.
One piece of advice.
When you stake everything,
be 100% sure of victory.
Gambling's ironclad rule.
No... life's ironclad rule.
On this point,
it can be said you've been naive in the extreme.
It's like a scene in a movie
What kind of a movie, eh? Kid?
Sorry to say but...
this is a comedy.
A comedy pure and simple.
A big shoot-out at the docks, yet no police show up?
You should've asked yourself why.
The Police Chief and I went to school together.
Ain't that right, old friend?
What are we to do?
It's terrible. They've got the manager.
He's a fool.
But he was trying to help you, too...
He should've escaped days ago.
And Murata-san?
Watching a movie. Some crap thing...
I left him to it and came home.
You feel fine doing that?
She disgusts me.
Her parents died when she was little and she was all alone.
I guess she came through some hard times.
She relies on people, but doesn't trust 'em.
That's what life taught her.
Okay then.
I'll rescue him.
A sudden change in schedule.
We've got to shoot the boss's scene first.
At this time of night?
The actor playing him goes back to Tokyo tomorrow morning.
Get over there and shoot him dead, please.
Why the need to kill him?
Lots of reasons.
This is all too random. I don't like it.
I demand to see my director!
The boss begins to despise Togashi.
He orders Kurokawa to lock him up and work him over.
Togashi realizes he's being used by the boss.
He escapes their jail, barges into the boss's office
and draws his gun on the boss at last.
How about that?
Could be a good scene...
How dare you trick me.
What did you do to your face?
You broke my heart.
You were like a father to me.
I had no idea.
I believed in you.
There's something in your mouth.
I never thought this day would come.
Togashi, my lad. Er... Mr. Togashi... what's up?
At least die like a honourable man.
Drop the gun. Cut!
Are you trying to hurt me?
Maybe I am.
That's dangerous.
Get me the director, now!
Director, sir?
What's with the tying up? I told 'em it hurts.
Can you have a word with 'em?
What are you doing here?
I owe you an apology.
How could you do that?
No point in asking me...
I was looking out for you.
I don't understand. What are you doing?
Have him pay my room.
They've got Murata-san.
Please help them both.
I feel sorry for you, Mari-san.
You're always alone because you don't love anyone.
Those that can't love can never be loved.
Are you my mom?
Have you ever really cared about anyone?
Go talk things over with the boss.
Why me?
It's obvious. You're the only one who can.
I'm so sorry I got you caught up in all this.
I can't apologize enough.
What the hell are you doing?
It's beginning to harden.
This is real cement, y'know?
We can't wait or it'll never come off.
Put your feet back
But it's about to set.
Put 'em back!
Director, sir...
It just occurred to me... this isn't a movie.
Everything we shot so far?
The big shoot-out?
No movie, after all that...
My performance isn't on film.
I'll never give another like it.
What are you talking about? Just shut up.
Don't say a word.
Forget it. Just run.
Shut up.
Don't worry about me. Go.
What about me?
Okay, okay...
Might I trouble you, too?
Wait your turn.
Save falling-out for later.
No... I deserve it.
Just get out of here.
Come with us.
That's impossible.
But if we leave you...
I'll be okay. Don't worry.
I'll take care of the rest
Now I've paid you back.
If I see you again...
I'll kill you.
Get a move on. Quick.
I promise I'll rescue you.
Piss off.
Excuse me
I think it's set.
Wait a sec.
Sorry to bother you.
Excuse me.
By any chance...
are you Takase Makoto of "Underworld Sidekick"?
Yes, that's me.
Everyone, it's him!
We should leave.
That last look you gave her was sublime.
Thank you.
Sorry... but I'm in a rush.
I'm Murata Taiki.
I'm an actor, too.
I had a change of heart.
I won't run off again.
I'll stay right by your side.
So please let the others go.
For me.
Where have you been? I'm leaving. This place is crap.
Wait. I'll come with you.
One thing's for sure...
your performance was perfect.
What would you know?
What do you get up to every day?
I'll charge his fee to your room.
Take care.
Thanks again, Doc'.
Just forget that woman.
What's she going to do?
Listen, women are more ballsy than guys think.
Give this to the director.
So you're an actor?
I'll rescue Mari. I can't leave her and just run.
But how?
There's the rub. And they got the account book back.
Damn. Thwarted at each turn.
September 2nd, club member fees received: 500,000 yen...
September 13th, sale of 13 pistols,
received: 4,200,00 yen...
You remember it all?
Murata-san, please listen.
Quitters never achieve anything.
There's one way we can save the situation.
We go on the offensive.
The boss will come gunning for our lives.
So let's die a good death right before his eyes.
Acting of course.
I'll write the script.
You'll play the lead.
Please. Lend me your skills one more time.
Taxi's here.
I'm sorry,
"Director, sir".
Come again.
I signed you up for a play.
It's not the lead.
Some regional dinner theater show...
I forget where...
I'm a film artist.
Oh, yeah...
Goddamn it...
I shouldn't. Next show's at 10. Don't tell anyone.
Sorry about this.
I just want you to see for yourself.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please, just watch it.
Show it please.
Lucky I could rent this place.
What's the matter with it?
When we sent the film to Tokyo to print...
I don't understand what it could be...
It's not bad.
Who's that?
I don't know either.
What are they doing?
I don't know.
Who are they with? What are they doing?
It's a complete mystery.
Who the hell is he?
I think he's an assassin.
Murata Taiki
Welcome back.
Murata Taiki
Who's that?
Some actor. You know him?
On one condition...
Prepare a fitting death scene for Della Togashi.
If I can play that, I'll have no regrets.
He's going to quit acting.
Is it my fault?
It's thanks to you.
I don't get it...
I saw the rushes.
You coaxed out my best ever performance.
Thanks to you, it's all become clear to me.
For my sake too, please think up a great scene.
But the cameras won't be rolling.
Doesn't matter. As long as I see it.
Believe it or not, I'm his biggest fan.
Our assisted-living center caters to every senior need.
We're filming for chrissakes.
This guy's the best in Japan.
Is that right?
Sorry to call at such short notice.
Don't be so silly.
For you we'd drop everything and come running.
What's the deal?
"Enter the guerrillas"
"They see Mari, the boss's girl and try to take her away."
September 2nd, club member fees received: 500,000 yen...
September 13th, sale of 13 pistols, received: 4,200,000 yen...
Sale of 5,000 bullets, received: 7,500,000 yen...
An amazing feat of memory.
What are their demands?
They want a hostage swap.
"Hand Mari over to us."
He wants what?
He was always such a foolish lad.
It means he must die. You've no objection?
It's such a waste.
I hate to put an end to a young life's promise.
I figured you'd want to hear the news first.
How kind.
It's been ages since I set foot in here.
How long actually?
I hung out my own shingle 3 years ago.
Impressive to get so far in only 3 years.
Thanks to your kind support.
I'm also a busy man. State your business.
Which brings me to my point. Tessio-san...
As you can see,
it is I who now enjoys city-wide support.
This is all about protecting the town.
It's time you considered your future plans.
Thank you for the advice.
If you'll excuse me...
Thanks for the help with my accountant.
It was the least I could do.
I'm sorry.
I'm not afraid to die.
What I fear is living on without honour.
That line already contains enough emotion.
It's more effective if you downplay it.
Thank you so much.
It'll be magic hour in a moment.
The best part of the day.
Miss it and night soon falls.
Young Mr. Murata...
If you let magic hour slip away,
know what you must do?
It's not complicated.
You wait for the next day.
There'll always be another magic hour.
As long as the sun continues to rise.
The lady at the hotel told me you were quitting acting.
No matter how hard I try, I'll never be as good as you.
Don't be so sure.
Between you and me, I'm petrified of the camera.
My legs still shake when they roll the camera.
No way...
The reason I make it up on the big screen
is thanks to the crew's support.
I've been blessed with great crews.
In that last scene in "Underworld Sidekick"
you praised the look on my face, right?
It was perfect.
The location was freezing.
I was just struggling not to let my nose run.
Isn't it too early to give up?
You're young.
Not to mention...
between you and me...
I'm still waiting myself
for the next magic hour.
Even at this age,
still holding on...
We're about ready for you, sir.
No choice but to keep going.
More to the right, mate.
Take it.
There's a letter in the pocket. Do what it says.
Thank you.
You weren't an actress, then?
That's right.
I don't date non-actors.
Sorry. Got to go.
Wait a second.
Get going.
I won't see you for a while.
I'm sure I won't forget you.
I love this town.
What are those guys up to?
About to start the performance of their lives.
Performance... for who?
The town boss.
It's all going to plan.
Stop the car!
The authorities are waiting on the main road.
The boss is finished.
Let's go.
Wait right there!
Master Togashi...
sorry about the other night.
You clowns are back, huh?
Chief, ain't that the boss's girl?
Like the proverbial lamb to the slaughter...
Hand her over to us.
Go on ahead.
Don't worry about me.
Aren't you overdoing it a bit?
I'm not afraid to die.
What I fear is living on without honour.
We'll be together next time around.
Wanchai... look after Sayoko.
Look after Mari.
Trust me.
the boat's leaving.
The boat?
A car's waiting over there.
Hand over the woman.
Go, now.
Wait a goddamn minute!
If there's to be killing, then kill me.
Step aside
I won't...
This is my show.
I have no idea who the hell you are.
Anyway... Mari, get away.
Just get out of here.
You're after me, right?
If you're going to shoot, shoot.
Shoot me. I dare you.
You understand Japanese.
Something strange is going on.
I've lost everything.
The Ebora gang took over my town.
If my accountant testifies,
all is lost.
It's over.
If I can lay down my life to save Mari, then so be it.
You really mean it?
Of course I do.
take care of Mari for me.
So... open fire.
I'm sorry. I'm fine after all.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's fine.
Let's go, guys.
Overawed by your courage.
Who the hell are you?
I'll stay with you forever.
Excuse me
Sorry about this.
That's not the point...
This man needs me.
I just realized that at last.
But I've lost everything.
You've got me.
It's going to be hell.
Just where I want to be.
That's the deal, I guess.
My bad.
If that's the way it is... tough luck.
Damn, it sorted itself out.
The manager must be in shock.
It'll take him a while to recover..
Mari, I'm going to look after you properly from now on.
Don't hesitate to tell me if I mess up.
Let's go.
Goodbye everyone. We're off.
Good bye.
Sorry it turned out like this, huh?
Let me drive.
Are you sure?
Let's go eat. Noodles, yeah?
What was supposed to happen?
Murata-san gets shot, then Mari gets riddled with bullets.
I drag the bodies over to that car,
then we all go up in flames.
It's too long.
But this ending was worse.
You wanted her to be happy.
Well, now she is.
Are you okay with this?
Of course not.
I've never seen such a half-baked ending.
Terrible plotting.
Don't quit on this note.
What's with that sad look?
I can't bear to be here any longer.
What'll you do?
Think things over slowly.
You'll survive wherever you go.
Okay, then...
Let's get out of here.
Won't the crew feel bad it's all over?
Shoots often get cancelled.
I'll take them drinking.
Will we meet again?
If you want to see me, go watch movies.
I look forward to that.
It's the hotel doctor.
How dare you steal my identity.
Della Togashi!
Put down the gun.
Actually Della Togashi
is me.
Then naturally, one of us must cease to exist.
Seems you don't know why Togashi is such a legendary killer.
Because he never shows himself..
Which leads to imposters.
That's not all.
When Della kills, he doesn't even need a weapon.
Because he's a natural-born assassin.
Here we go, boys!
Who wants to die?
What are you doing?
Make me your apprentice.
It'll be tough going.
I'll do my best.
It's okay, guys
That was perfect, chief.
Wow, it was like a movie.
When do I see rushes, sir?
Good work, everyone!
We're on the move!
In memory of director Kon Ichikawa
Satou Koichi
Tsumabuki Satoshi
Fukatsu Eri
Nishida Toshiyuki
Ayase Haruka
Kohinata Fumiyo
Terajima Susumu
Toda Keiko
Ibuki Goro
Asano Kazuyuki
Ichimura Manjiro
Yanagisawa Shinichi
Kagawa Teruyuki
Written and Directed by Mitani Kouki