The Magic Maker (2021) Movie Script

Sometimes you see things
that you think you understand, but then you realize that you
can't always trust what you see. And when you realize that,
you find that the only thing
you can trust is how you feel. And that's where I come in. I'm Adam Trent,
and I'm on a mission. Over this past year, I've
received thousands of requests from everyday people
all over the world. Adam Trent, I need you to teach
me all the magic that you know. Please make this
magical event happen. I know you're the man
for the job. You see, I'm a magician, but I'm not
your ordinary magician. I'm giving everyday people
the most magical moment of their lives.
[ Gasps ] [ Laughing ] Oh, my God.
What? In order to do this,
I'm gonna break the number-one rule of magic and put the power of illusion
into their hands. It's Tony! Adam: We are putting the "super"
in supermarket right now. But it won't be easy. Oh. [ Elevator bell dings ] It's not impossible --
it's magic. I'm Adam Trent, The Magic Maker. [ Elevator bell dings ] And it all starts now. When I was 8 years old, I realized how
powerful magic was. I grew up with
a speech impediment, and the first time
I performed a trick was also the first time I was
able to speak and not stutter. Welcome to the show.
My name is Adam Trent. Over the last 20 years, magic has taken me
around the world and literally changed my life, and now I'm going to use it
to help a frontline worker. This bundle of joy is Tony.
He's a physician's assistant. He's also known
as the dancing doctor. His patient Annalyn,
who has spina bifida, has missed her last few
birthday parties because she's been
in the hospital. I think Annalyn feels special. Tony does a really good job
of singling the kids out and making them
feel appreciated. I love Tony. And now Tony has
requested my help to give her
the best birthday party ever. So, Adam Trent,
I need you to teach me all the magic that you know so I can surprise
my girl Annalyn in this amazing magic party. Adam:
Tony, so nice to meet you, man. Oh, it's a pleasure
to meet you. So, what do you think
we should do for Annalyn? Doing something like magic
to brighten up her day would mean the world to me,
you know? I know it'll mean the world
to her, and she deserves everything. So I think
we can absolutely do that. Perhaps I teach you
some magic that even after
we go our own ways, you can carry this on
for the rest of your life, as one more tool
to brighten someone's day. Thank you so much. It really, you know,
really means a lot to me. To be able
to sit here with you today, it's -- it's monumental. I can't express
the gratitude I have for you for giving me
this opportunity... to provide me with another way
to -- to show my appreciation to my -- my kids
and their family. You know, what I do
is an illusion. What you do
is literally a miracle. Man. Thank you.
That really means a lot. Can we hug it out?
Oh, yeah. [ Laughing ]
This is great, man. Sorry. Don't want to get
any snot all over you. Oh, dude. Let me show you
some things, alright? Look, Tony,
I've got a lot to teach you in just a couple hours, okay?
Alright. So I'm gonna teach you
right now how to... spring a deck of cards, okay?
Whoa. Hold it in one hand like this. Okay. And give it a little bit
of flex like that. And then you just want
to kind of slowly release them like that. Oh! Sorry. [ Laughing ] Sorry! Well, we're gonna play
52 Pickup right now. Take this. Dip it in there. Okay. Okay. Go ahead
and blow some bubbles. Oh, perfect. Watch this one
right here, this one right here. Ooh, yes, that one. Take a look.
That one's actually solid. Yeah, so you can
grab that one. [ Laughs ] You're, like,
killing me right now. [ Laughing ] Sorry. Uh, let's see here.
Ooh, maybe this is something. Alright, here's one. Watch. You can actually light
the lighter like this. You can actually pick up
the flame off the lighter and hold it for a second,
put it back on the lighter. [ Chuckles ]
Probably not good
for a kids' party, huh? [ Tony murmuring
indistinctly ] Right here.
This is good. Perfect. Tony and I have spent
the past two hours working out a whole bunch
of different magic tricks... yet I still don't think
he realizes we're surprising Annalyn
at a magician's toughest gig. [ Children screaming,
chattering indistinctly ] Tony says he's ready, but I've
performed around the world, and no audience
is as intimidating as this. Before Tony and I surprise
his favorite patient, we need to warm up
on some other kids... Hi. the party first. Hi. I'm Adam.
And I'm Tony. It's nice to meet you. I'm a magician. Ohh. And I'm a
physician assistant. What's a physician
assistant? You've never seen magic
No. [ Gasps ]
And how old are you, Kai? You're 6 years old? Yeah.
Oh, that's great, but you got to be 7
to see this trick. How old are you?
6? I know, but, Kai, you got
to be 7 to see this trick. How old are you?
7? Oh, alright.
I think we can do it. We can do it.
We think it worked.
Okay. Sure. This is not really an official
piece of medical equipment. This is just a magic x-ray.
I'll show you what it does. See? Oh, this is
an x-ray machine. See that? [ Gasps ]
It shows what I've eaten. Right here, we have an orange
and a banana. You see that? Here, let me give you
a better look at this. We have a --
What?! We should really see
if it works on Tony. Hold the screen up, Tony. Uh... Doughnuts? Sorry.
It was a cheat day. Here. We should probably
get these out. What do you think, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, let's get these out. Okay. [ Laughs ] What's that say
right there? Pauty.
[party] That's right. "Pauty." Watch. I take the party hat,
put it right here. Watch. Ready? Move it, Tony, move it. Two. What's that say now? What? Whew. Okay,
how you feeling? I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling good. You feel like you're kind of
absorbing and learning? Yes, I think I got it
down pat now. Okay, so, look, Annalyn,
I think she's coming over next. I think we should switch places.
You be the magician, and I'll be the magician's
physician's assistant assistant. I like that. Alright.
Let's do this.
Okay, let's do it. Adam: Hi!
Tony: Hey. How are you doing? Good.
I haven't seen you
in so long. So, what's Tony normally
good at doing? Dancing.
Dancing? And how's that make you feel
when you watch Tony dance? Great. [ Chuckles ]
You mean a lot to me. You know, your --
your little self, you know, the first time
I met you, you were such a joy. And I learned this magic
just so I could show you. [ Chuckling ] Alright. Gonna put this cupcake here,
'cause you want to see if this will do
some magic on it? Let's see.
Let me put Tony's magic mirror on it. [ Gasps ] Ah! [ Laughs ]
What? How did that happen?
[ Laughs ] Adam:
Tony was doing great. But then Annalyn
threw him a curveball. Do it now, Magic Tony. Alright.
Wow. Alright. Oh, wow.
Let's put it right here,
okay? Oh. Uh, hand is kind of shaking. You know, palms a little sweaty. Putting me on the spot. [ Chuckling ] Alright. Whew.
Oh, my gosh! What?
How did that happen? It's a crazy
magic mirror, right? Oh, no. Oh.
Oh, great. Oh, I dropped it. I dropped it.
Oh, no. [ Gasps ] Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, gosh.
Oh, no. I broke it. I'm sorry.
[ Chuckles ] Do you think
it still works? We can try.
Yeah, we can try. Alright, so we'll do
two things, okay? Let's try this cupcake. And then maybe we try
that hat right there. Alright? Yeah, let's put
that hat right there. Okay.
Okay, and let's see
what we can get. Magic, magic,
magic, magic, magic. [ Gasps ] Wait a minute.
What? It worked with the hat,
but not the cake. Wait,
it's the broken mirror. Tony?
Let's see. Wait. I think we really
messed up. Look. It turned the hat into cake. Oh, no.
[ Laughs ] What?
[ Laughs ] How did that happen?
Wow. That silly mirror.
[ Chuckling ] Yes. That silly mirror. We shouldn't have
broken it, huh?
Yeah. Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Adam Trent. I am a magician. This is Tony.
He's a physician's assistant. Round of applause for Annalyn. Yeah. Whoo-hoo!
[ Cheers and applause ] Alright, Tony,
let's get you in the box. Here we go. Alright. Alright.
Here we go. Okay.
Alright. Now, ladies and gentlemen,
as I said, normally, Tony is known as the dancing doctor. Alright. But today, he's about to become
the magician doctor. Don't try this at home. Okay. Now, Tony, I'm gonna ask you to
go ahead and reach your hands up and stick your hands
inside the holes in this lid. Alright. We can all see
Tony's hands, yes? Now I'm gonna need
everybody's help. So we're gonna do this
on the count of three. Are we all ready?
Kids: Yeah! Okay. 1! 2! 3!
2! 3! Oh! Child: Oh! He's gone!
[ All murmuring ] Wait a minute.
Oh, no. Hold on.
Hey, you, sir, come -- come forward. Let him
through. Let him through. Let him through.
Let him through. Oh, those are
some moves, old man. Wait a minute! Oh! Oh! It's Tony! The doctor! [ All exclaiming ] What? That was crazy! Give me some.
That was great! I was shocked. Ladies and gentlemen,
on behalf of myself, Adam Trent, and Tony, the dancing doctor, congratulations. Happy birthday
to Annalyn. Happy birthday, Annalyn.
Thank you! Adam Trent, you know,
you planted the seed to get me on my way to take care of my kids
and their families. Tony did a really great job of
making her feel special today. And I have a feeling that
Annalyn's gonna be asking for magic
at our next visit with Tony. Tony gave me
a really special day. I love magic! Adam: Still to come
on "The Magic Maker," I bring my magic to a firehouse to put on a spectacular
firefighter's retirement. But tensions get red-hot
when firefighters have to perform magic themselves.
What? This trick is lit. Good thing I'm headed
to a fire station. This is Tommy. After 30 years
of being a firefighter, he's finally retiring. Firefighter retirement parties
are a big deal. It's a chance for them
to be honored. When firefighters retire,
they have a retirement dinner. And so in Tommy's case, right when this thing
was getting ready to roll, um, COVID hit. That's right. Tommy's party
was unfortunately canceled due to the national lockdown. That's why his wife, Antoinette, wants to make his celebration
especially magical. Adam Trent, Magic Maker, I'm sending you a 911 emergency. Help us give him the retirement
that he deserves. So, Antoinette, tell me why
you want to do this for Tommy. Well, for one,
I love him very much. And I don't think
a lot of people know just how such
a good fireman he is, a good father he is. So while we still hope
to still have that party, I just think
the spark right now would just be
that thing to say, "We know.
We recognize you." Well, let's make it happen. Let's go meet the guys
that he works with. Oh, wow. Yeah. Lookit. There they are. Hello. Hey! How's it going?
Hey! Good to see you. Good to see you.
Antoinette: Hi, guys. This is crazy. I've never actually been this close
to a fire truck. That's probably a good thing,
I guess, huh? What's this thing do,
if I pull it? Man: Oh, that's going to open
your discharge valve. Yeah, you'll get a bunch
of water on you. Go ahead. Let's not do that.
Can I check this out? Sure.
What's this button do? Just don't
turn anything on. [ Siren wailing ]
Oops. Sorry. Sorry. [ Laughter ] Tommy is so deserving of this, especially an older firefighter
getting ready to retire, you know, other guys settle down
a little bit. Not Tommy. He -- That guy was working
all the way to the end. Michael:
Tommy changed people's lives. You know, he was a great
mentor for me and kind of molded, you know,
a lot of my career. We really miss him.
[ Chuckles ] Antoinette, could you
grab me that helmet
back there, actually? You guys
are gonna love this, okay? Okay.
Yeah. Give it a toss. Boom. I've been looking
around the firehouse. I notice you guys are missing
something very important, so I actually
brought one for you. Oh. Look at that.
It's -- Aww.
It's this right here. It's -- It's a mascot. It's a tiny mascot,
but still a mascot. We can do better.
Watch. Ready? No way! It's burnin' up
in here, baby Very nice. It's burnin' up
in here, baby Adam Trent is gonna
make this happen for Tom. Whoa! Whoa, whoa,
this dog's ready to start putting out fires. There's actually
100 more of these coming. [ Laughter ] Antoinette:
Oh, my gosh! Now we've got our mascot. So look, guys, we're surprising
Tommy tomorrow, okay? So we really need
to figure out what we're doing. If there was a few things
that you really learned from working alongside Tommy,
what would those things be? Um, for me, he taught me
how to utilize strength, teamwork, balance. Strength, teamwork, and ba--
So maybe we try something that actually
incorporates balance into what we surprise him
with tomorrow. So maybe if we did
something a bit more next-level... that he hasn't seen, maybe a bit more of a, uh... ...impressive...
Wow. ...balance, he'd be a bit more amazed. Oh, my. See, 'cause everything and everyone in life has... [ Man laughing ]
Oh, my gosh. Unbelievable.
How? Oh, my gosh.
...a perfect point of balance. And if we can show that
to Tommy tomorrow -- Let's get one more thing here. No one breathe. It's amazing, isn't it?
I know.
It's like right on there. Yeah.
I can set it all up, and I can get it
to a place... ...where it starts to look
pretty impressive. Oh, my God! [ Laughter ] Wow. But I think that
for this to truly... be incredible, one of you needs
to be the one to do it. Oh, my God. Matty.
Steady hand, steady hand. [ Laughs ] Adam: Very gently. Antoinette: Oh, my gosh. Ever so gently. - Oh.
- Oh. Oops.
[ Laughs ] You did nothing wrong,
but this does illustrate that we have a lot of work
to do before tomorrow. Yeah.
We got to get to practicing. Let's go in the middle.
Tommy on three. - 1, 2, 3, Tommy!
- Tommy! I got a door.
I can't see where I'm going. We are only one hour away
from Tommy's big surprise party. We've asked him to come
to the fire station to help assess
a new firefighter recruit. Guy's a real minimalist
with his decorating. Little does he know
that new firefighter recruit is actually a magician undercover. Do I look
like a firefighter? No? Adam:
We are moments away from Tommy's
surprise retirement party. His friends and family
have arrived just in the nick of time. Tommy is on his way now. So, thank you all
for being here. My name is Adam Trent.
I'm a magician. I was brought here
by Antoinette because she wants to create
a spectacular and magical surprise
retirement party for Tommy after he missed out
due to COVID. And after 30 years of service,
he deserves that, yes? Absolutely. Yeah!
Yeah! To make sure Tommy
doesn't see his guests, I'm hiding them
inside the fire station. This guy has over
30 years of service that comes down
to this moment right here. And I need to make this
special for him. Okay, guys, Tommy's
on his way right now. Captain Monroy, you are in
charge of this "cadet training." I will be a cadet. Let's make this special
for Tommy. Here we go. Yep. Matthew: Tommy has no idea. It's gonna be
an emotional day for him, maybe for all of us. Hey, is that Tommy?
Is he coming?
Yeah. Here he is right here. It's him. It's him.
Oh, that's him. He's coming. Come on, Tom!
Alright. What's this?
Oh, I -- [ Scoffs ] Trying to get used
to retirement, man. That's it, brother.
Trying to get
used to retirement. Oh, man.
So, this is Adam. Adam? Good to meet you, Adam.
How are you? Adam is --
He is a recruit. He wants to become
a firefighter. We're gonna kind of evaluate
him through an obstacle course. Uh-huh, okay.
Adam: Look, I'm nervous, because I'm about as qualified
to do fire drills as they are to do magic. Alright, on your mark? Uh...okay.
You know what to do? Yep.
Set? Go! Okay. Have you done this before? Nope, first time
doing this. Alright.
It's pretty obvious. Let's go. Let's go.
Come on, move it, move it. There's somebody
waiting for you inside. Okay.
Come on. Sorry, this is terrible. Okay. This person needs you now. That's how you're gonna
take him out? Keep going! Keep going!
Come on, Adam. Just do it, Adam.
Just do it. Get him up. Both of you are
in deep smoke and heat. Okay. Come on. Hit that, Adam!
Open that door! Okay. Look, man,
I got to be honest. I'm not a cadet.
I'm not a firefighter. I'm a magician. My name's Adam Trent, and I was sent here
by your wife, Antoinette. [ Laughs ] Yes!
Antoinette: Surprise! What? Love you. [ Laughs ] Antoinette reached out
to me months ago because she wanted
you to experience
a moment of amazement, and this is our chance
to say thank you to you. But it's a much bigger thank-you
than just this. Tommy, this is your surprise
retirement party. What? [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Congratulations. Wow. [ Laughter ] I love it.
I love that, man. - Oh, man.
- Oh, look at you. - Whoo!
- I love you, too, brother. You look good, man. Fantastic. Wow. You know, thank you.
Thank you. I never expected this. Mike and Ross and, you know, guys that I've worked with,
you know, are my family. And thank you. You know, I love you all.
Man: Thank you. Thank you. Love you, too, man. Tommy! I was really surprised.
[ Laughter ] It was so darn surprising, I -- just something
I would never expect. You know, I have to say,
coming home on his very last day was like watching
a poor child get so -- you know, like,
"I didn't get my party!" Yeah!
[ Laughter ] [ Voice breaking ] To see
what she put together, my wife, somebody that helped me
get through all this, you know, so, um, it was really touching. Well, Tommy, I'm sure
you're glad to know that I will not soon
be a firefighter.
[ Laughter ] But we do have an amazing
surprise party planned for you. So let's get
this party started, huh? [ Cheers and applause ] Tommy: Thank you.
Thank you, everybody. Wow. Wow. Thank you. Thank you.
[ All cheering ] Tommy, everyone has come here
to tell you how magical
you've made their lives, but rather than just tell you,
we wanted to show you. Captain Monroy! Let's do it, buddy.
Alright. Let's go. [ Laughs ] Tommy, working with you
all those years, one thing I learned
from you is balance. Whoa, man. [ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Yeah. Wow. How --
Yeah. Wow. My lovely assistant. [ Laughter ] There we go.
But, Tommy, that's not all. We've heard from your wife.
We've heard from your coworkers. But there's one more
group of people that want to say
something to you. Now, you may not realize that
you've met these people before, but they will never forget you and the difference
you've made in their lives. Hi, Tommy. My name's Teri.
Hi, Teri. I was in the 2008 fire
at Oakridge Mobile Home Park. Because of you and your men,
we got out alive.
Mm-hmm. I lost a lot of things
in the fire, but the thing I didn't lose
that was most precious was my daughter
and my husband. I want you to know all the lives
that you saved. I really want to thank you. You know,
you're one of the real heroes. Jean:
I have to show you this. I'm a survivor of the
Sayre Oakridge fire of 2008. Very nice.
So we carry this around with us as a reminder.
Very nice. That's all I have to say. Tommy, all of these people
brought me here to say thank you to you
in a very special, magical way. Everyone give yourselves
a round of applause for making the magic happen.
[ Cheers and applause ] And, Tommy, before I go,
if I can just ask you a small, little, personal favor. Guys? Gentlemen, grab an extinguisher.
Grab an extinguisher. Aim them towards each other
on the count of three. 1, 2, 3, go. Oh, man!
[ Cheers and applause ] Tommy, would you take me
for your last and my first ride on the engine?
Let's do it. Alright. [ Laughs ] Tommy: To walk over here
not expecting this at all, probably the best day
of my life. Adam Trent, The Magic Maker, you've really made this day
wonderful for me. And you gave me
the surprise of a lifetime. Adam: Coming up, a soldier
is returning home from war and wants to surprise his family by magically appearing
right in front of their eyes. But impossible circumstances
and hardly any prep time could be a recipe for disaster. Being away from your loved ones, it's heartbreaking. Let's use some magic to...
bring a family back together. This is Alana Wilson. Alana thinks we're filming a
documentary on military spouses. Her husband, Kyle,
is in the U. S. Air Force and currently serving
back to back deployments. Kyle has been deployed
for over a year now. You keep thinking that, you know,
you'll get used to deployments, but it -- it doesn't get easier. This is Ella's
second deployment. Every single day, she says,
"Ah, I just wish Dad was home." [ Voice breaking ]
Then, of course, there's delays, and then they don't
get to come home. And so it's hard
to get your hopes up. Just with everything
that's gone on, I've had to do it all by myself,
you know? I've had to be the strong one
every single day. You know, I've had to, like,
kind of tuck my emotions away so I could be a strong mom. And I said the other day, I said, "I just don't want
to spend one more night alone." Adam:
What Alana doesn't know is that Kyle's deployment
has ended early and he's back in the country. And I'm here to help him make
this a very magical homecoming. You must be Kyle. Hop on in.
You need help? I'm good.
Nice to officially meet you. Oh, nice to meet you. Kyle.
Let's do this, huh? How was the trip?
Long but well worth it. Your family's at the park
right now. They have no idea
that you're even in the country. We essentially have to get you
into the park without them seeing you. Yes. Okay, imagine this is
a picnic table cloth, okay? Go ahead and spread that out
on the table. Okay, and then go ahead
and feel that. So, this is the picnic table
cloth on the grass, right? Now imagine if you could just
actually start to kind of, like, rise up out of nowhere,
and then, boom, you just appear
for your family like that. [ Laughing ]
What? That's -- That is awesome.
That is super awesome. So, look, I can do this
with a ketchup bottle. Someone your size?
A lot harder. Kyle:
I know the stakes are high. The one thing that was going
through my mind is I'm nervous. So, there's a lot
to learn here. If this works properly, it'll be
a spectacular homecoming. If it doesn't,
then I'll make myself disappear. [ Chuckles ] Okay, so, we are pulling up
to the park right now. Hey, man,
are you in position? Kyle:
I'm looking at them right now. And they're sitting down
already? They are seated. Great. Okay, so, I'm dressed
like a picnic guy. Like a what? Ooh, I can see them. I see them.
There they are. I need to distract Kyle's family
long enough for him to get in position
so he can magically appear. How does this look? No. Yep. Time to make some magic. Now, let's hope
that I can convince them that I'm a real
picnic delivery guy. I don't know
the Santa Ana winds. [ Laughs ] Okay, what do you think?
Your hair is a hot mess. Excuse me. Hi. Hi.
I have a delivery for Alana Wilson?
That's me. Is that you?
Yeah. Hi. I'm Adam
from Quicknic. We do quick picnics. Um, I have a picnic
sent to you by Kyle Wilson. [ Laughing ] Okay. Is that --
That's my husband. Oh, it is. Okay, great. Yes. Well, hear at Quicknic,
we do picnics with quickness. Okay.
You even get
a complimentary tablecloth. Let me set this down. Can you help me spread this out
on the table for just a moment? Just kind of drape that
on the table. That'll be great. Okay. And then join me
back over here. I actually have a video message
sent by Kyle here. I'll just go
and hit play on it for you. Kyle: Hey, girls. I have
this picnic here for you. I want you guys to enjoy it
and just have this amazing day. I just can't wait
to be with you guys and hold both of you
in my arms again. I've always felt like
something was missing since I've been gone,
and basically, I left my other half
of my heart with you guys. And I can't wait to be
reunited. I love you guys. And I'll talk to you guys soon.
Alright, bye. It seems like it's been
a little while? Yeah. How long has it been? A year.
A year? [ Sniffles, sobs ] I just miss him so much. I have an idea. Um... Give me one second, here. Check this out. You know, I'm going
to put this... under here. [ Laughs ] Half of my heart
came home today. Like, I felt so disconnected
from him for so long. I love you.
[ Smooches ] You're so tall. Ugh! I've just been
so ready for this. How'd you get here? Magic!
Adam helped me. So, Alana, my name is Adam, but I'm not with
a picnic delivery service. I'm actually a magician. And your husband, Kyle,
reached out to me a while ago because he wanted to make his
homecoming magical and special. We've been working
to put this together. We didn't have much time. But I think he did
a pretty good job, didn't he? He did. I don't know
how he pulled it off. He -- He can never hide
anything from me. [ Laughs ] Well, maybe he just needed
a magician to help him. Right.
Yes. I think this is 100%
mission accomplished. Adam:
Hey, Kyle, before I go, I do have one more thing
to show you. Ella and Alana,
can you both help me? Yeah.
This is great. Okay. I'll tell you what. Let's
use this picnic cloth again. All of you, come over here. What Kyle doesn't know
is that I've secretly been in touch with his parents,
and they're here to help me give him a magical surprise
of his own. Alana, stand over here
on this side, and, Ella, stand over here
on this side. Kyle, stand right there. Hold
onto that end of the cloth. Hold onto this end of the cloth and go ahead
and pull the cloth there. Alright, stay right there.
You ready? Alright. Raise the cloth.
Raise it up. Run back and pull it
all the way off! Let's do it. [ Laughing ]
Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] Kyle's dad: Kyle was
very surprised. I mean -- His eyes just lit up. Love you, Dad. He actually hasn't seen
his parents in two years. Kyle: Just seeing their faces
and holding them -- Today is just getting
better and better each moment. Today was amazing. Adam: Still to come
on "The Magic Maker," I help a young man construct the most spectacular proposal
ever to the woman of his dreams. And if she says yes, we will immediately
have a surprise wedding. But is magic enough
to pull this off, or does she have other plans? What? Love's a tricky thing. Takes time, takes patience, takes a little bit of...magic to help it grow. Of course, it's never that easy. Hey, Adam, my name's Jeff, and the reason I'm reaching out
to you today is because I want to ask
the love of my life, Lymari, to marry me, to be my wife. Lymari and I met
three years ago at church. We were both part
of the church band. She sang beautifully.
I played guitar horribly. But inevitably, we had spent
so much time together that I just --
I fell in love with her. I need you, Adam Trent,
to help me out. I need the most amazing,
incredible proposal that's ever existed for Lymari. Jeff wants a surprise proposal?
We'll give it to him. And if she says yes, we'll give her
a surprise wedding. Hey, Jeff.
Hey, man! How's it going?
How are you? Adam. Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming here. Of course, of course.
You nervous? Dude, I'm so nervous, man.
You have no idea. Lots of fish in the sea. Yeah. Why Lymari? [ Sighs ]
I love her so much, man. When I needed space,
she's giving me space. When I needed somebody to hug
me, she's been there to hug me, you know,
somebody to speak sense into me. So you've got someone that,
in a way, knows you better than anyone else
in the whole world. Yes.
Completes your world. And she's never, you know,
really let me down when I'm --
when I'm having hard times. And I just really hope
that I'm that person with her, you know? I love her. I love her to death, man. She sounds incredible.
She is. Well, we should probably figure out
what we're actually gonna do. That's a great idea. So, do you have
the ring with you? I don't.
No ring with you? No, not yet.
Okay, do me a favor. Draw what you want
Lymari's ideal ring to be. That's a diamond. That's the diamond? Okay.
And then, these are the little, tiny diamonds
on the sides. Yeah, so, fold it up
into a little square so we can still see
the ring on it. Great.
So, like this. Perfect. Perfect. Okay. Here,
I'll tell you what. Alright, so we got your ideal
ring that you drew. Mm-hmm.
Alright, watch. I'm gonna go ahead and place
this in the pen right here. Think about the ring. Think about Lymari. Okay. I want you to focus
right here. Think of tomorrow. Think of proposing. Dude! And I also got a ring for you.
Oh, wow. And these two rings
symbolize many things. This ring symbolizes her,
this ring symbolizes you, and this... symbolizes the bond
that begins tomorrow. Are you kidd-- Wow, dude. That's insane. Now, those...we'll have to go
to a jeweler to get off. Oh. Okay, well,
we can do that. Alright. So now we're
gonna figure out how you're gonna
be proposing. Okay.
Alright? Follow me. Adam: Jeff and I are gonna make
this proposal incredible. Two guys planning a wedding --
How hard could this be? Now, from everything
you've told me, it sounds like Lymari thinks
that you can walk on water. So I think tomorrow
when you propose, you should show her
that you actually can. Do you have your phone
in your pocket right now?
I do. That's good, because when you're
in the middle of the pool, I want you to take
a selfie. [ Laughing ] Okay. The key to this
is believing. I want you to picture her
on the other side of the pool, 'cause that's where
she will be tomorrow. You will have the ring
in your hand. You're gonna walk over
to her and ask her
if she will marry you. Are you ready for that?
I'm ready for that. Are you ready for that?!
I'm ready for that, bro! Hold one foot out.
On the count of three. Ready? 1! 2! 3!
Walk across the pool. Oh! Ah! We got a lot of stuff
to do, man. Yep.
[ Cellphone beeps ] "Do girls like being
surprised at their weddings?" [ Beep ]
Female voice: Women usually
like being included in the process
of planning a wedding. Always the bridesmaid,
never the bride. And you're giving this
as a surprise wedding? You may want to save the receipt
for all this. Alright, I got it. Just gonna squish this
back in here. We good?
I got it. Oh, my God. Alright.
Let's go. We got to go. What? What happened?
Nothing. Just don't look. Okay. Sir, excuse me. We need some roses,
some hors d'oeuvres. Here -- Here, could you help us,
just show us where it is?
Yes. Okay. Hold on to this for me,
'cause I'm gonna help you.
Yeah. Yeah, that's fine, yeah. I can tell
Jeff is nervous. Maybe some magic
will loosen him up. Okay, sir,
we really got to fly. We got to -- We got to
fly through here, sir. We got to fly through here.
You good? Got the balance.
I've got the balance perfect.
Alright, I'm letting go. Oh, my God.
I'm letting go. And now?
Oh, my goodness. Okay, okay.
First thing, we need roses. Roses.
Which way is roses? Popcorn, yep, grab that.
Popcorn. Alright. We're going to get organic, 'cause that's the best ones.
Yep, okay. Fruits, and you've got
raspberries, strawberries. Okay, hey, Jeff, strawberries. We are putting the "super"
in supermarket right now. Hey, man. How are ya?
Hey, man. Just two dudes planning
a wedding. That's all there is. Okay, grab the wine.
We got jerky? Maybe a little bit
of jerky. Okay. We got chips over here. Chips. Jeff:
Cheese. We need cheese. This is so much more efficient
than I thought it would be. Adam: Jeff and I have spent
the last 24 hours planning a magical proposal. Let's hope we can pull it off
without a hitch. So, Jeff is about to pull up
with Lymari right now. Oh, boy, is this them? Is this
them? Is this them? Oh, boy. I feel like Daddy long legs
in these shorts right now. Deep breath, and 3, 2, 1. Here we go. Hello! Jeff: Hi.
Lymari: Hi. How are you?
Welcome to the Sand & Sea Inn. Thank you.
How are you? Hi. Doing good. You?
I'm Adam. Nice to meet you. Welcome. Where you guys coming from?
El Paso, Texas. Wow. There's no beach
in El Paso, Texas. So, what's the occasion?
You know, just,
like, a vacation. Oh, lovely.
So, it's gonna be just a couple of minutes
on the room. Of course.
In the meantime, let me give you guys
a quick tour of the property if that's alright.
Of course. Jeff: So, touring around
the whole beach house is incredibly
nerve-racking for me, because as we get closer
to the pool, it all goes down
to one decision, one choice that she makes. And I just really hope
that she'll say yes. So, here we are.
This is our pool. It is beautiful.
It is picturesque. Some would even say
it's magical. When Adam says the magic word,
which is "magical," I got to go across the pool. I'm just picturing yesterday.
I can't let that happen again. You know, stay right there. I
want to take a picture of this. [ Camera shutter clicks ] You know, Lymari, throughout
our relationship, there's gonna be things, objects that seem impossible
to overcome. I want to show you
that if you have faith in me and in our relationship... we can overcome anything. [ Breathing heavily ] The moment my foot hit the water
and I didn't fall in -- Oh, my God.
That was incredible. Come here. Come here. I never met anybody like you
in my entire life. You -- I mean, I've never met
anybody so -- so beautiful. You're not afraid
to be yourself, and I love that
about you. You deserve
the whole world. Lymari, I want to be the one
who gives that to you. Lymari... ...would you give me
the ultimate honor, the ultimate privilege... ...of being my wife
and letting me be your husband? Will you marry me? Yes. Yes. Okay. She said yes! I love you so much. Adam: Whoo! This was the perfect proposal,
1,000%. I told you
this pool's magical. I'm not a bellhop. My name's Adam Trent.
I'm a magician. Jeff called me months ago. That's why we're here, because
this guy loves you so much. Lymari: I'm excited to spend
the rest of my life with Jeff. It -- It makes me so happy. Can't wait
to marry this man. You can't wait to marry him?
I can't wait. Oh, that's lovely. You know,
we actually were working on a little
save-the-date invite, if you can just approve for us. Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Do you have it with you? Um, right here.
Oh, here. Could you read it out loud just
so we could...
And just read it out loud. Me?
Yeah. Okay. There you go.
Thanks, thanks, thanks. It says,
"You are cordially invited to the wedding
of Lymari and Jeff... ton-tonight"? Tonight? What do you mean? Do you want
to marry me tonight? What? Would you like
to marry me tonight?
Wait. Oh, boy.
If that's tonight -- [ Gasps ] Oh, my God. What do you say, Lymari? Yes! Oh, my God! This is crazy. Adam: She said yes. Jeff did his part. Now I've got to do mine. I'm now putting up
the finishing touches as they get ready
for their big night. This has to be perfect, or I can't call myself
The Magic Maker. Jeff: We're seriously
getting married tonight. I could not be more excited.
This is incredible. [ Exhales deeply ] How you feeling? Nervous.
I'm so excited, though.
Yeah? We did this, two dudes
planning a wedding. You ready for this? Yeah. Let's do it. Hi. You're beautiful. You're so handsome. Literally breathtaking. Shut up.
[ Laughs ] I feel like something else
is still missing. You guys want to face this way
for a moment? [ Chuckles ] We needed a best man and
a bridesmaid for a wedding. That's so crazy. This is
my sister-in-law now. [ Laughs ]
Oh, God. I feel like we're still
missing some people. And last but not least... it's your grandma. [ Applause ] I seriously can't believe
that I'm marrying this girl. Adam: Here we are.
This has been very special. Lymari, you look beautiful.
Thank you. Jeff, you look amazing.
Thank you. My whole life, I've been
searching for a trick that can make people believe
for just a second that magic can be real. Tonight, I realized
that I found real magic, but it wasn't in a trick. It's in life. It's in love.
It's in people. Real magic is these select
perfect moments that we all
get to experience in life, the ones that fill
our heart with joy. What? The ones that make us believe
that anything is possible. There's no trick in that. This is one of those moments. So thank you for letting me
into your lives, and thank you for helping me
to experience what real magic truly is. With that, there's nothing
really else to do. I now pronounce you
husband and wife. Jeff,
you may kiss the bride. [ Applause ] This is the best day
of my life, because... I married
the love of my life. Yeah, same. Let's hear it
for our newlyweds, ladies and gentlemen! [ Cheers and applause ] Today has definitely been
a magical day. [ Cellphone chimes ] Hey, Magic Maker.
Coach here. Our high school football team is going to the state championship. Can you design
a trick play for us? What about it?
Can you help us out? I just got news
that I'm cancer-free. Can you help me say
a magical thank-you to the doctors that saved me? Hey, Magic Maker.
I hope you can come and help me
announce my pregnancy. Hey, Magic Maker.
Hey, Magic Maker.
Hey, Magic Maker.