The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005) Movie Script

( train chugging )
( squeak, steam hissing )
( whistle blowing )
( low, indistinct chatter )
( loud, excited chatter )
Though we have faith
and reasonable hope
for forgiveness,
we must each face the fact
that our actions create
a banquet of consequences.
In your case you may think
this is a mean supper,
but you chose it.
If your mother were alive,
she'd think this is best.
Whatever father said to you,
don't take it to heart.
Kent and I have
a little present for you
for later.
You'll be late for the train.
( train whistle blowing )
( bell clanging )
...Colorado Springs...
...Aboard for Denver,
Colorado Springs is here...
If you're traveling out
of town, have tickets...
Chicago what?
Watch your step, Miss.
Thank you.
There you go.
...Take care, buddy.
( indistinct chatter )
I'm Reverend Case.
My dear, you look
just like your mother.
I was so sorry
to hear she passed away.
Thank you.
Oh, is this it?
For now, yes.
Well, we have quite
a little drive ahead of us.
Do you need
to use the station services?
Yes, please.
Pardon me.
( sighs )
( panting softly )
( birds singing )
Out here they grow mostly grains,
a bit of sugar beets,
and vegetables.
No gasoline shortage
for farmers.
They get all they want.
No sugar shortage, either.
That's nice.
( horn tooting )
You must be Olivia.
Yes ma'am.
How do you do?
Mr. Singleton's in the parlor.
Mr. Ray Singleton,
this is Miss Olivia Dunne.
Livy. Everyone calls me Livy.
Ray's sister's waiting
in the church.
Well, we'll just leave you two
to get acquainted a moment.
Raymond, why don't you pour
some lemonade for Livy?
Yes, ma'am.
We'll be in the church
when you're ready.
Thank you.
Mr. Singleton...
Ray... please.
Now that you've had a chance
to meet me,
to see me in person,
do you have any doubts?
N-No, ma'am.
Are you, uh...
( clears throat )
Are you having second thoughts?
Do you think
you'll be able to love the baby?
Oh, I do.
Is there anything
that you'd like to ask me?
You're so fine,
I can't believe no man...
I can't believe any man
would ever do this to you.
And do you, Raymond, take Olivia
to be your lawful wedded wife?
I do.
The rings?
Uh, I didn't.
I don't have a ring.
I don't...
I don't need one...
( laughs )
Bound by these sacred bonds,
may you vow to imitate Christ
in your new life together.
To give one another hope
when there is sorrow,
strength when there is weakness,
faith and understanding
when there is confusion
or doubt.
In such a love, we are sustained
on this earthly life,
just as we hope for
eternal life through our
Savior, Jesus Christ.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Martha, Hank,
if you'd please sign
as witnesses.
( organ playing "Blest Be
The Ties That Bind" )
Congratulations, Ray.
Thank you.
I'm Martha.
I'm Ray's sister.
Pleased to meet you.
This is my husband, Hank.
Hi. Nice
to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Congratulations, Ray.
We hesitated
to bring the children today.
Thought we'd give you a chance
to settle in, and...
Oh, Ray, hold on.
Just a sec.
This is a little
casserole for supper.
I thought you must be tired
from all your traveling.
Thank you.
That's very thoughtful.
Now Ray, you bring Olivia over
to see us real soon, okay?
welcome to the family, huh?
Who are your neighbors?
Your neighbors... who are they?
Uh, well, my sister.
( clears throat )
She and Hank live eight miles
( crow cawing )
( dog barking and whining )
Thank you.
Is that garden your mother's?
Uh, yes it was.
( dog barking and whining )
Someone sounds unhappy.
Uh, it's just the dog.
I put him in the shed
so he won't jump on you.
( sighs )
Thank you.
Welcome home.
Kitchen's there.
( clears throat )
There some, uh,
Coca-Colas in here.
No, thank you.
Uh, this was Martha's room,
and... um...
This was my parents' room
where you'll be staying.
Will this be all right?
Uh, let's see...
This is the bunk room.
You have a brother?
Well, I do.
Well, I did.
Daniel got killed
at Pearl Harbor.
This is the bathroom.
Indoor plumbing.
Got your hot water,
cold water.
I just put that in.
Where's the telephone?
Well, there's
a phone box in Wilson,
outside the post office.
Tomorrow, I'll get anything
you want to stock the kitchen.
I don't really know how to cook.
I mean I could;
I just haven't really tried.
I can cook a fair bit.
My sister could
come over and teach you.
No, it's fine, you know,
it shouldn't be that hard.
I can get a book
from the library.
Is there a library?
Oh, yeah, in La Junta.
That's an hour away.
Yeah, about that.
The Reverend said
you'd had lots of schooling.
I was in graduate school,
studying archeology.
My college thesis
was Heinrich Schliemann's
excavation of Troy.
Is he German?
Is he a Nazi?
No, he... he lived
in the 19th century.
Oh, I can...
No, sit.
Uh, Mrs. Pratt,
from church, she, uh,
she makes me a cake
nearly every week.
This one's, uh...
chocolate, I think.
Can I cut you a slice?
No, thank you.
We'll save it, then.
I was just wondering...
why you agreed to this.
When the reverend
come out to see me
and told me about
your situation...
well, I thought...
I thought...
maybe it'd be God's will.
God's will.
You want anything else?
No, thank you.
Farmers get to bed early.
You have everything you need?
Yes. Thank you.
All right.
Good night.
Good night.
( distant barking )
( dog whining loudly )
( sobbing quietly )
( ticking )
( vehicle approaching )
( distant barking )
( vehicle door slamming )
Good morning.
I can't believe I slept so late.
You needed your rest.
( barking )
No. Hey.
Come here.
Come here.
He won't hurt you.
Good boy.
I thought I'd drive
into La Junta today.
Maybe look around town.
Let the family know
that I'm here.
Could I borrow the truck?
Oh, well, uh, the beet box
has a mind of its own.
The beet box.
I use that truck
to haul my beets.
It's best if I drive you over.
Oh, I'm, I'm sure you have
things you need to do.
No bother.
I'm glad to do it.
Just, uh, get my library card,
in case you want
to check out some cookbooks.
Are those tomatoes?
Some of the fields are empty.
You bet.
Well, we harvested
the first cash crop.
Winter wheat.
Next we'll harvest them
beets and those potatoes.
May I help?
I doubt it.
You're right.
I... I don't know anything
about farming.
You got the house
to take care of.
You need any change?
Uh, no, I have it.
Thank you.
I'll be in the library.
Are you expecting a little one?
Yes, ma'am.
We are.
Well, how wonderful.
Yes, ma'am.
Do you have any books
on Henry Schliemann?
Is that S-H or S-C-H?
Your guess is better than mine.
I think he was an archeologist.
Let me have a look.
If father wanted to punish me,
he's done a great job.
Oh, Livy, don't cry.
Oh, hon, is he horrid?
No. No.
Livy, if he mistreats you
for even one second,
I'm coming to get you.
Abby, is there any word
from Edward?
Oh, Livy,
remember, this isn't forever.
I know.
All right now, the clutch tends to stick.
You gotta ease off slow.
There you go.
Shift, shift.
Give it a pump.
That's it.
This is easy.
Now, the gas gauge says full,
but it isn't.
You gotta hit it just right,
it'll tell you the truth
for one split second,
then it shoots right
back up there to full.
Where do I hit it?
Uh, right there.
Just give it a pop.
Quick like.
That's it.
We have half a tank.
The gas can's in
the back, just in case.
Wow, look at that.
( speaking native language )
Are they Japanese?
Watch the road.
They're from Camp Amache.
That's an internment camp.
Yes, it is. Farms are short-handed.
The government needs the food,
so they send the workers.
They work your farm?
Our farm.
Yes, they do.
( organ playing )
For the beauty of the Earth
For the glory of the skies
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies
Lord of all to Thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise
Lord of all to Thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise
Lord, we pray for the relief
of suffering
and an end to war
throughout the world.
( indistinct conversations )
Ruth's been dying to meet you.
She's my oldest.
Hi, Ruth.
I'm Livy.
And the boy's
are running around,
but they'll come in when they
realize the foods in here.
Is your dress store bought?
Oh, my.
Yes, it is.
I bet it was.
Well, Ray, are you
going to introduce us?
Yes, ma'am.
Miss Parker, this
is my wife, Livy.
Your wife?
Well, how do you do?
Nice to meet you.
Your wife!
I'm Miss Parker.
I've known Ray since
he was this high.
And this
is Mrs. Pratt.
Goodness me.
We never knew.
So pleased to meet you.
And Martha never said a word.
Yes, aren't we all blessed?
Sweetheart, will you
help me at the table?
You must not be from here.
We've been so worried about Ray.
The way things have
played out here.
And not a single
young women to speak of.
And Ray's such a
fine, young man.
How'd you meet?
How'd you meet?
I eloped...
Uh, we met in Denver.
How romantic.
I never knew you
traveled to Denver.
You come sit by me
at the potluck.
We'd like stay,
but we gotta get on.
But we're really gonna
enjoy your cake,
Miss Pratt, thank you.
You're most welcome.
You're very welcome.
I just have a letter
I need to drop
at the post office.
It's Sunday.
I could mail it
for you tomorrow.
Oh, it already has
a stamp on it.
I'm just going to drop it
in the box to my sister.
Can you swim here?
It's right shallow for swimming.
There's two feet of silt
down there.
You like to swim?
I used to.
I used to love to swim.
Thank you
for lying to Mrs. Pratt.
Middle of the day's
not the best time for fishing.
Being out here is the point.
just an excuse, I suspect.
( distant conversation )
( women giggling )
Excuse us.
No, I'm sorry.
What, what were you studying?
Um... butterflies.
Do you collect?
No. We log our observations
in our notebook.
I'm Livy.
I-I live in the farmhouse.
We were just
getting back to work.
No, wait, wait.
What did I cause you to miss?
What were you... What kind
of butterfly did you see?
It was a Common Blue.
( giggling )
Are, are there
many species here?
Yes, hundreds.
Like what?
Silver-Spotted Skippers...
Mourning Cloaks, Hawkmoths...
Mm-hmm. Specklewoods.
( laughing softly )
May I see your book?
These are beautiful.
Thank you.
What is it?
A Sulphur...
some species of Sulphur.
Shoo! Shoo!
I'm sorry.
Franklin, no!
He's your dog?
No. Well... uh,
are-are you thirsty?
We should get back to work.
Come to the house anytime.
We have cold colas
in the icebox.
Thank you.
Wait! What are your names?
Rose Umahara.
And Florie.
( Franklin whimpers softly )
Go away, Franklin.
Go away.
( baby crying )
I'm almost four months pregnant.
Yes, that's
what I would have guessed.
It was a mistake.
When the baby arrives,
you won't see it
as a mistake anymore.
I'd like to believe you.
Then do so,
Mrs. Singleton.
Well, I'd say we're looking
at the third week of December.
A Christmas baby.
While we're in town,
I need to mail a letter.
Everything go all right?
Everything's right on schedule.
Did he say when
the baby was coming?
December. I could have
told you that before.
( sighing )
People will know.
People will know
the baby's early.
What will they think, then?
I don't care what people think.
I don't see
how you could be immune.
People judge, people gossip.
They won't say a thing.
And why is that?
they want the best for us.
( engine starting )
( sizzling )
Smells good.
A fiesta omelet.
Maybe I put
too many jalapeo peppers in it.
( clearing throat ):
No, it's real good.
Real good cooking.
The cheese...
I forgot the cheese.
It might mellow it;
hold on.
( engine rumbling )
What is that?
That'll be Hank.
What's that, what's that sound?
It's the Claw.
What are you doing
with that thing?
Thanks. You said you
like to swim.
Dig you a hole so summertimes,
you and the children
can go swimming.
( horn honking )
Aunt Livy!
Hey, I hope you don't
mind us coming along.
The boys couldn't miss it.
It's not every day
somebody digs a hole.
That one that flew by
there, that's Chester,
and this is Hank Jr.
Hello, Hank Jr.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Do you like my hair?
You look lovely.
She asked me to do it
up just like yours.
Hank, Honey,
keep a watch on your brother.
Make sure
he doesn't get under that thing.
Here, Franklin, here, boy.
Get in there, Ray!
So, have you chosen a name
for your baby?
Well, you told me Uncle Ray
and Aunt Livy
were having a baby.
Aren't you?
I hav... I haven't
thought of a name yet.
I like the name Patricia.
My parents had to go
and name me Ruth.
Ruth is an old biblical name.
It's a very beautiful one,
in my opinion.
Thank you.
Maybe now she'll keep it.
Boys, get on!
Get on!
Move it on out of here, boys!
Uncle Ray's at the wheel.
did you grow up in this house?
I did.
Our grandpa built it.
And before that, he and
Grandma lived in a dugout,
which is still over there
by the south field.
So, you never lived
anywhere else?
Our younger brother, Danny...
was the adventurous one.
Drop it now!
( laughing )
( voice drowns out
by engine noise )
What's in your locket?
Oh, I forgot I was wearing it.
Ruth, don't pry.
It's as if your mother
didn't teach you any manners.
Easy, easy!
It looks a little heavy, Ray!
( engine thumping )
Drop her down!
Lever on the left!
On the left!
Isn't there a manual
for that thing?
Well, if there were,
do you think they'd read it?
( laughing )
( relieved chuckle )
That was easy!
( laughing )
I didn't ask him to do that...
to dig a swimming hole.
I don't know why
he's going to the trouble.
He just wants to please you.
I may not dance.
Well, Martha'll just
be glad we're there.
She's always been
a fool for dancing.
Slim's her favorite.
Don't you ever wonder
what else is out there,
beyond the farm?
Aren't you curious
how other people live?
I enjoy a drive, but...
I like coming back to my place.
Sleeping on my land.
Your land.
It seems
every war in human history
is about owning the land.
I like the Indian view...
that we're
just temporary guardians
of the land where we live.
It's not temporary to me.
But your family's
owned this land
for less than a hundred years.
In the span of history,
that's nothing.
In the span of a life...
that's near everything.
( lively jazzy music playing)
You're next, you know!
And you think I'm joking.
They're here...
Uncle Ray and Aunt Livy.
Ah, there they are.
Happy birthday.
Hey, Ray.
Happy birthday, sis.
Oh, finally.
It's not a party till you come.
Come on, come on.
There's my guy.
( song winds down)
( applause )
( beginning "Colohoma Boogie")
Ray, you really ought to dance.
I'm fine.
All right.
You sure?
All right.
How about a dance
with my beautiful daughter?
Hank Jr.?
Come here.
Come here.
( laughing )
Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
Right here.
( song winding down )
( crowd cheering )
It was good.
We're here tonight
to celebrate a birthday.
I've known this fine, young lady since...
since I was Slim.
( laughter )
Martha, Hank says
you're a fine wife.
That's the truth, Slim.
The best.
We know you're a fine mother,
You bet. And you're a first-class friend.
Happy Birthday.
- Thank you.
- EVERYONE: Happy Birthday!
Thank you, sweetheart.
That's my girl.
Thank you.
This isn't just a story
Or a tale, as it may seem
- Thank you.
- It's all about my brown-eyed gal...
Thank you, honey.
I love you, Martha.
I know.
If you could only see her
I am sure that you'll agree
That she will be
the only girl
( blowing whistle )
For you as well as me
She's my brown-eyed baby
She's as pretty as can be
Her eyes, they shine like starlight
And they're just as bright to me
When I look into her eyes,
say, I really heave a sigh
Yes, sir, she's my brown-eyed baby...
( humming "Brown-Eyed Baby" )
Hi, Livy.
I brought drinks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mm-hmm. Let's sit.
We skipped off
from our overseer.
Although we shouldn't
tell you that.
This is your land.
My husband's.
He's handsome.
Your husband.
( giggling )
So, um, where were you...
before the war?
Mm-hmm. Born and raised.
We were both at USC.
What were your majors?
Mine was English.
I hoped to teach literature
Rose is a long-term planner.
Everything in her life she plans
ten years in advance.
You didn't plan on this,
did you, Rose?
Picking potatoes?
At least I had plans.
FLORENCE ( sighs ):
I hadn't declared
my major yet.
Too many things interested me.
Mm-hmm. Too many boys.
( laughs )
( vehicle approaching )
I was in graduate school
in Denver, studying archeology.
Someday, I wanted
to go to Turkey
to see the lost cities
of Ephesus and Troy.
Why did you leave your studies?
My mother got sick,
and Abby...
uh, my sister, was
already married,
so I left school to be
with her until she died.
I'm sorry.
And then,
before I knew it,
I was... swept off my feet,
and now I'm here.
( giggles )
That's so romantic.
When are you expecting?
I'm sorry.
No, I didn't realize it showed.
Forgive us for prying...
Do you need maternity clothes?
I hadn't really
thought about it yet.
Well, our father's a tailor.
We all sew
in the family.
Choose the fabric,
and we'll make you
Thank you.
( whistle blowing )
Thank you so
mu... thank you.
You're welcome.
It's our pleasure.
- Thank you.
- BOTH: Bye.
( whistle blowing )
Ooh, the wind's turned.
Coming out of the north.
I made friends with two girls
from the work crew today.
They study butterflies,
and I was thinking
I could take them for a drive
in the mountains sometime.
Well, they're American.
Those Americans
who look Japanese.
You blame them
for Pearl Harbor, for Daniel?
I'm not as stupid as you think.
I know they're not the same
people who bombed Pearl Harbor.
They kept our crops going
the past couple of years.
I never said you were stupid.
And I never said
I disliked them.
I just said they were
Japanese, that's all.
And you keep your distance.
Look, I got a lot
to do around here.
I got to keep this place
going pretty much on my own.
I don't go into the fields to...
to socialize.
Rose and Florie
both went to USC.
Can't tell you how good it is
to talk about something
other than crops
and the weather.
( engine rumbling )
I bet.
Thank you, Lord, for your gifts,
and may we be ever mindful
of your love.
- Amen.
- ALL: Amen.
Pass the taters.
Put your napkin
on your lap first.
Would you care for a roll, Livy?
Thanks. Ray?
I'm considering beans
in the north field.
- Are you?
- HANK: Mm.
Price of beans can't
go anywhere but up.
Well, what do you think?
I've been thinking
about... about Troy.
Troy who?
City of. The lost one
over there in Turkey.
Uh, Homer wrote about it
in the Iliad.
No one knew if there really had
been such a city,
or if Troy was merely
a myth until an archeologist
found it.
( chuckles )
How do you lose a city?
Under the sand.
They, uh... they
had to excavate it.
HANK ( chuckling ):
Well, I'll be.
We could've...
we could've dug it up, Ray,
with the Claw.
( laughing )
So, Ray, are you going to plant
some beans this year?
If you think we ought to.
( sighs )
Good night.
Good night.
( sighs )
( Franklin barking )
( squeals )
( laughing )
( barking )
Hello, hello.
Franklin, it's okay, shh.
Is everything all right?
Uh, no.
What? What's happened?
Is it father?
No, he's fine. It's Kent.
They shipped him out.
He left last week.
Oh, hon, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's worse than I ever imagined.
You're out in the
middle of nowhere.
There are more people around
than you'd think.
We haven't heard from
you in almost a month.
I know. I've just been...
getting adjusted, I guess.
Liv, that skirt is
too small for you.
( laughs ):
Come inside, come inside.
( barking )
I want you to move
back to Denver
and stay with me.
Abby, how could I do that?
How could you not?
You're not having your
baby on a beet farm.
I need your help.
With Kent overseas
for who knows how long,
I'll go mad in that house alone.
You've no idea how lonely it is.
I used to feel that way...
when I was caring for mother.
I would just sit there waiting
for those minutes a day
she was awake.
It wasn't fair for Daddy to drop
the entire burden
of caring for mother on you.
I had my hands full with Kent.
But we'd have
such a good time now, Liv,
just the two of us...
until Kent got home.
Look who's here.
This is my sister, Abby.
Uh, nice to meet you.
( crickets chirping )
( Livy and Abby laughing )
( indistinct chatter )
All anyone talks
about is the weather.
( chuckling )
Livy, when are you coming home?
What about the baby?
I'll baby-sit.
You can go back to school.
Why not?
Father's satisfied.
You're married.
There'll be no baby born
out of wedlock.
There's more than one way
to work the rumor mill, Livy.
A few well-chosen words
among the gossips at church...
What do you mean?
The Denver ladies
will be tripping
over themselves
to offer you sympathy.
Who knew he drank
or had that temper?
Can you image raising
a child in a home
like that?
No, that's not Ray.
Ray? No.
Ray's the most gentle
man I've ever met.
This has nothing to do with him.
It's about doing
what's best for you.
Any word from Edward?
Mm, no.
Livy, you had so many plans.
No one deserves to stay married
to someone they don't love,
especially not you.
Give my love to father.
I will.
Does he ever ask about me?
Yes, often.
( laughs )
You're a terrible liar.
Will you mail this
letter for me?
Sure, hon.
Love you.
( engine rumbling )
Cheeks of rose
Tiny toes
Has our little baby
Eyes of blue
Fingers, too
Cunning all as may be...
You were singing.
What was it?
It's just a song
Daddy'd sing to us kids.
I was trying to remember it
so I could sing it to the baby.
My sister wants me
to go back to
Denver to deliver...
in the hospital.
Where is she?
She left already.
I'll make some lunch.
( laughter )
Probably a Western Tiger.
Those spots.
The spots on the wings
are beautiful.
False eyes.
Oh, Florie, did you get it?
Got it.
False eyes confuse its enemy.
Moths have them, too.
How can you tell
a moth from a butterfly?
Moths rest
with their wings spread.
with their wings together.
And more often, moths have
protective coloring
so they blend in.
Butterflies are bold.
Just look at some of the species
we've found. See?
What is this?
That was strictly
for our observations, Florie.
Stop fussing.
( gasps ):
Look! Look!
Wow, this is nice.
After your second baby.
( laughing )
What's your husband's
favorite color?
I don't know.
What's yours?
Blue and red.
Like the false eyes
on a swallowtail.
Yes, exactly.
How's this?
Ooh, I love that.
Oh, good.
Father makes the finest suits, Livy.
Uh... it would be
wonderful if you
could come meet our parents...
Would you please not
handle the fabric?
I'm going to buy this.
Are you with these people?
Yes, I am.
Well, if they could get
on with their business,
management would appreciate it.
What else do we need here?
They asked me how I knew
My true love was true
I, of course, replied
Something here inside
Cannot be denied.
Those are German POWs.
We'll do a fitting soon.
Bye, Livy.
Thank you, Livy.
See you.
( engine sputtering
intermittently )
( engine hisses to a stop )
( engine turning
but not starting )
( starter cranking )
( groans )
( birds chirping )
( bugs chirping )
( grunting )
( door creaking )
Oh, my!
( sighs )
( door opens and closes )
I was getting worried.
Sorry I'm late.
I found the dugout...
the dugout that Martha
was talking about.
Look, arrowheads.
Livy, I don't mean
to disappoint you,
but my granddaddy owned a gun.
For sure, he didn't
use a bow and arrow.
No, I know that,
but he or your grandmother
were interested enough
to collect them.
Look. A whole jar
of flints.
Someone in your family
was a budding archeologist.
Look at this one.
( giggling )
I so wish father could
have done this himself.
He's the expert,
but he hasn't been well
since the move.
They took his work
and... and our house.
Still, he says,
we must prove our loyalty.
We must show them
we are good Americans.
He buys war bonds.
Mother's no better, Livy.
She made us clean the house...
We had to sell our house
for half its worth,
yet my mother insisted
we clean it for the new owners.
We even waxed the floors.
I still don't understand
why you're so angry about that.
Of course we wanted
to present a clean house.
It was stolen from us, Rose.
You know why there are so
few young men at Camp Amache?
They were drafted.
The 442nd Regiment
fighting in France.
And Rose is like our parents.
Always proper, always good.
Thank you, Livy.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I've met someone.
We met on one of the farms...
He was guarding the German POWs
working there.
He gave me this.
It belonged to his mother.
You must be very special to him.
He tells me I am.
Florie, we have to get back.
Rose is just jealous.
Um, but I want you to meet him.
Will you?
Of course I will.
Good. Thank you.
What's his name?
Bye, Livy.
Bye, Rose.
Bye, Livy.
Thank you. Bye.
Why on earth did you
bring him up?
No! No!
What? What-what's wrong?
My artifacts from the dugout.
What are you doing?!
I was just cleaning
out the shed.
Where is the burlap bag?
What did you do with it!
It was near the bottom
of the pile.
It hadn't caught fire.
Livy, this is a working farm.
If something doesn't have a use,
I throw it out.
I thought it was trash.
It's not trash. It's history.
It's your history.
I'd do anything...
I'd do anything
to make you happy.
I know.
I know that.
Dear Livy, if you like junk,
you'll like the cellar.
Be careful.
It's dusty down there.
( door creaking )
( honking )
Higher, there...
Wait, um...
I'm not sure why we're putting
an old ox yoke inside the house.
It was probably that very yoke
your grandfather used
to first break this land.
Yeah, well, it's about
to break my back.
I want to show you
the family history
that means the most to me.
I let him talk me into a deal.
If I'd stay behind
and work the farm,
he'd join the navy.
Landlocked his whole growing up,
he was always dreaming
of the ocean.
I was the oldest.
I should have gone.
Remember, your phone
is ring-ring-ring.
Come on, Daddy,
let's get to Wilson!
All right, Let's go.
If you hear only ring,
that's Miss Paulson.
Ring-ring is the McGregors.
that's your signal.
( phone rings three times )
We're talking on the telephone!
Hey, everybody it's Hank here!
It works!
Hi, Aunt Livy!
( wind whistling )
You want to come in?
All right.
Come on! Come on!
It's getting cold out here.
Come on, Franklin.
( door opening )
We don't have animals
in this house.
Get out! Get out!
Get out now! Get out!
Get out!
( door slamming )
It's just for tonight.
It's terribly cold out there.
I grew up here.
I ate at this table.
For all my growing up,
my mama never let a dog
in the house,
and I won't either.
He'll freeze.
This came for you today.
To Livy Dunne.
I'm guessing he didn't
know you were married, huh?
I'm taking the night shift
at the beet factory.
It's something I sometimes
do this time of year.
Don't bother waiting up.
( door closing )
( alarm ringing )
I didn't know what
you had for breakfast,
because I've never
been up that early.
But I made you some
eggs and some oatmeal.
There's no need.
Just plain eggs.
There's no onions or peppers.
Ray, wait.
I'm sorry that I let
Franklin in the house.
I did not realize what
an insult that would be to you.
With all the other animals in
that barn, that dog'll be fine.
I have something
I want to tell you.
My first day here,
I looked in your dresser.
I can't even
explain why I did it.
I'm sorry.
You could've looked in there
anytime you wanted.
I got nothing to hide from you.
There was a watch.
I could hear it ticking.
I've never seen you carry it.
It was my father's.
Sometimes I wind it up
when I want to remember him.
I remembered how good
he was to my mama.
Kind of husband I want to be.
First day I...
wound it up for no good reason.
Just for luck.
Ray, I made a mistake.
Which mistake
would that be, huh?
Being with him or marrying me?
Would it be easier if I left?
Is there anything
you like about me, Livy?
( door opening )
( door slamming )
( knocking )
Hi, Chester.
Mama, it's Aunt Livy!
Oh, Ruth was just
talking about you.
And here you are.
It's like you read my mind.
See, we don't need a telephone.
Yes, we do.
I was thinking
of you, too, Ruth.
I was wondering if you wanted
to have this dress.
As big as I am now,
I can't imagine ever
fitting into it again.
The hat comes with it.
Can I try it?
Go on.
Did Ray tell you...
I don't know the details.
He and Hank had to go over
to the beet factory.
Why don't you come in
and sit down?
For months I've...
I've written the father
of this baby.
I thought he died.
I didn't realize...
No. He... he's a
flight instructor.
He never went overseas.
We met on furlough.
And for months, I've...
written him these letters.
I know it was wrong.
For the longest time,
I didn't hear from him,
and as long as I
didn't hear from him,
I could imagine
that he wanted me.
I finally got a letter.
"Congratulations, Livy.
"You're a wonderful girl.
"And I only hope you find
the father of this baby,
because I sincerely doubt
that I'm responsible."
I know that I've hurt Ray.
My sister wants me
to go back to Denver
to have the baby.
Might be best if I leave
after Thanksgiving.
When Ray loves a person,
it's with his whole heart.
Losing our baby brother
to the war nearly killed him.
If you're planning on leaving,
do it soon.
You know, there's one thing
I've never heard you say.
And that's how
you feel about Ray.
LIVY ( crying ):
( crying )
Livy? Livy.
( sniffling )
It's all right.
What happened?
Calling out.
Calling out for your mama.
After Mama died,
I was so lonely.
I gave my life away,
just to be held.
By a stranger.
How could I do that?
you are such a good...
Thank you. Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh, it was so kind of you
to bake us a pie, Livy.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Livy tells me
you're from California.
Yes, we are.
I've never been to California.
Livy, can we talk?
I've never been to Colorado.
Um, do you think
you can meet my boyfriend
two weeks from Saturday?
Perhaps, uh,
we could go for a drive
just to get away from here
for the afternoon.
All right.
What time?
How's noon?
I'll pick you up here.
Oh, no. Um, not here, Livy.
Uh, on the road,
by the grain elevators.
All right.
Thank you, Livy.
I'm grateful for
all of you, of course,
but I'd also like to pray that
this war will soon be over.
And I'm thankful for
the harvest this year.
God's been good to us.
I'm thankful that the baby's
coming and I'm going
to have a cousin.
I'm grateful that Daniel's
seat beside me isn't empty.
I've learned more about love...
in my six months
with this family
than I did in the 25 years
in my father's house.
I have...
I have received love here.
And I have received forbearance.
And I thank you.
I will always remember you.
Everyone of you.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Let's dig in.
I, uh, have to go say
good-bye to the girls.
( Franklin whines )
Oh, that's all right.
He can stay if he wants.
It's awful cold.
When you come out here,
I know you saw this
as an agreement
between your daddy
and Reverend Case.
Marrying wasn't your idea.
I know you may have your mind
set on leaving, but...
I can't let you go without
telling you how I feel.
I've fallen in love with you.
And I love that baby.
For me, you're the best
thing that's ever happened.
Livy, you're a fine
and talented woman.
You're a pitiful cook,
but that doesn't matter.
I can do the cookin'.
I know you had your heart set
on going to faraway places,
but there's a good
bit of history
right here in Otero County.
If you like Indian
canyons and dugouts,
I'll help you find them.
You can dig around all you want.
( sniffling )
Sound like I'm trying
to sell you something.
That day, when
the preacher married us,
I forgot the ring.
I have one now.
Ray, the truth is, I don't know
if I deserve you.
How do you know this could work?
I know, because...
someday you're
gonna forgive yourself.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I knew you wouldn't let us down.
Um, Livy, this is Walter.
Hello. So nice
to meet you.
Um, where-where do you...
Oh, uh, we thought we'd go south
where we saw the Swallowtails.
That's almost to New Mexico.
Walter's on leave
and he's got a cousin
down that way.
I thought we could
drop him off.
You'll freeze.
It's fine.
Walter's from Idaho.
He's tough.
Well, uh, let's get going.
We have a long drive.
Are you insane?
What are you talking about?
What did he promise you?
I don't know what you're
talking about...
I've seen him on the work crew.
Did you make his uniform?
If you'd rather not
take me and Walter for a drive,
you should just let
us out here, Livy.
Florie, stop it!
You stop it.
You're just jealous
because he loves me.
If he loves you,
why would he leave?
As soon as this war is over,
he'll be free.
If anyone finds out
you helped this man, you and
Rose will be accused of treason.
You could go to prison for
the rest of your lives.
Florie, that uniform ties
him not only to you
but to your family.
To your father and your mother.
Father and mother have
nothing to do with it.
Nor does Rose.
Listen to me...
you're going to go home,
you're going to burn
every scrap of fabric
left from that uniform.
You're going to
take that bracelet,
you're going to throw
it into a field.
Walk away, Florie,
and never look back.
You're lonely,
and you're reaching out for
something to make it better.
But you can't do this.
You'll be paying for it
the rest of your life.
Get out of the truck...
both of you.
Tell him that it's safer if
you don't travel with him.
It'll be safer
if you travel alone.
( barking )
It's okay. Get down.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here. Sit. Stay.
Walter, let me
be frank with you.
You'll never make it across
the border dressed as an MP.
Come with me.
This way.
My husband's room
is right up these stairs.
Open the wardrobe
and put on some clothes.
Leave the clothes that
you're wearing on the floor.
My husband will be home
any minute. Hurry.
Come on, Franklin.
( wind whistling )
Florie loves you.
Soon this war will be over
and you'll be free.
If you leave now,
how will you find her?
Do you have something to drink?
Yes. I can make some coffee.
Come on, Franklin.
( engine starting )
( gasping )
Wilson operator.
Operator, could you
please connect me
to the sheriff's department?
One moment, please.
( groans )
( exhaling sharply )
Sheriff's Haynes.
Can I help you?
Sheriff, this is Livy Singleton,
Ray Singleton's wife.
Yes, ma'am.
I want you to know
that an escaped POW
has just stolen my truck
and is now headed down Route 22.
He should be running out of gas
about the time
he hits the bridge.
He's unarmed, so please
don't hurt him.
Thank you, Mrs. Singleton.
We'll put someone on it
right away.
And officer, I'm in labor.
I need some help.
( gasps )
Oh, oh.
What in the world are you doing?
Getting ready for our baby.
Our baby's coming!
Our baby...
I'll send Martha right over!
( engine sputtering )
Thank you, Doctor.
Hey there.
Cheeks of rose
Tiny toes
Has our little baby
Eyes of blue
Fingers, too
Gotta love this baby.
Thank you so much.
This is for you.
Butterflies of America.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
That's right, Danny.
This was your
granddaddy's watch.
And someday it's going
to be yours,
but in the meantime,
I'll just hold on to it for you.
We got to get going.
Your mama's set
on a treasure hunt.
It's not a treasure hunt.
It's his first
archeological dig.
For arrowheads, right?
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
We're going to fly there.
( baby laughing )
( barks )