The Magic School Bus Rides Again in the Zone (2020) Movie Script

[whooping, screaming]
Ride on
the Magic School Bus
[horn honks]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chants]
Maven! Maven! Maven!
Look at where we're going
And look at where we've been
There's lots of room
For growing
We've taken so much in
But now is not the time
For things
That happened long ago
And now is not the time
To see where we are meant
to go
There's one time only
To be with you right here
There's one time only
Let go of all your fear
When we're here together
There's no chance
We'll be lonely
Now is where we're
Supposed to be
This one time only
-[both] Thank you, New Zealand!
You've been amazing!
Happy New Year!
This is wild!
Wow! I can't believe Maven
is Ms Frizzle's cousin!
-You like our music?
-We don't like it, we love it!
Thanks for inviting us on to
Maven's New Year's Eve tour.
This is awesome!
Well, I couldn't resist
when I found out you were all
such big fans.
How's your end of year
thank you video going, Jyoti?
Fantastic! I'm getting
a lot of great footage!
-[tape rewinds]
This is my video,
to thank the bus for all the
amazing things we've done.
Who's ready
to see Maven in concert?
[all agree]
I am excited, but I'm just too
tired to raise my arms.
Why did we have to leave
so early?
It's six in the morning, but the
concert isn't until 11 at night.
How long does it take
to get to New Zealand?
Ralphie, the concert starts
at 11:00 p.m. New Zealand time
which is in about an hour.
We're going to have
to teleport there instantly
if we want to make it on time.
Here we go!
And... we're here!
10:59 p.m. Perfect! Just in time.
I don't get it.
Did we time travel?
No, we time zone traveled.
So... we time traveled.
-But it's night.
How can two places be different
times at the same time?
Ralphie, you know how it's
six in the morning back home,
but it's already noon in Italy?
That's because of time zones.
Walkerville, Italy,
and New Zealand
are all in different time zones.
So that's why Nonna Tennelli
always calls so early.
I just thought she hated sleep!
We're going to hit a midnight
concert in every time zone
and when we get back
to Walkerville,
we can ring in the new year
with my film!
I can't wait to thank the bus
for taking us
on the best field trips ever!
All right, we're in Auckland,
New Zealand now
and it's almost midnight.
Next we need to be
in Sydney, Australia
for their 11:00 p.m. concert,
then Tokyo, Japan at 11:00 p.m.,
then Beijing, China at 11:00 p.m.
I still don't get it.
How can we be at all these
concerts at the same time?
Let me explain it to you.
But we need to keep on schedule.
Well, then I can explain it
to you... on the bus!
[all cheer, laugh]
[Miss Frizzle]
All aboard, class!
[disco music plays]
What? Of course there's
a disco ball on the bus.
It's the first thing
we installed.
Earth gets its light
from the sun far away
But only one side
of the Earth is day
The other side sleeps
in the dark through the night
But it won't be long before
they're seeing the light
The Earth's like a top
You just have to spin it
To go around once
it takes more than a minute
Twenty-four hours
for a day and night
To go through the dark
and come back to the light
Time zones help us
keep things straight
Two o'clock here
but over yonder it's eight
Time zones
10:00 p.m., tick-tock
Somewhere else
it's only seven o'clock
We all think it's noon
when the sun's overhead
When it goes down
it's gonna be time for bed
But on the other side
Morning dawn will break
As the sun comes up
people start to wake
I think I get it!
If it's noon here, where
the sun is directly overhead,
then... it's midnight over here,
at the opposite spot on Earth.
Wait for it
Morning's on its way
It's the middle of the night
but over there it's day
Wait for it
It'll be night soon
When it's midnight there
over here it's noon
[all] Time zones help us
keep things straight
I wanna call my Nonna
but I just have to wait
[all] Time zones!
Midnight, yick-tock!
There's more than one
time zone
And there's
more than one clock
That was so much fun! Could we
do that in every time zone?
Maybe I could put something
about time zones in my film.
You're saying time zones, but
I just keep hearing "calzones".
[Maven] Fiona!
-Hiya, cuz!
-It's... it's...
-[all] It's Maven!
It's Ms. Frizzle's class!
I know all of you!
Keesha, Arnold, Ralphie, Carlos,
DA, Wanda, Tim, and Jyoti.
Oh, my gosh!
She knows our names!
-Hey, Liz!
-[radio plays music]
-Oh, bus. I love you too.
-[bus beeps]
So, everybody--
-Whoa, did I hit a button?
-No, I don't think so.
-[bus beeps]
Well, that was kind of weird,
even for the bus.
-I'm sure it's fine.
-Ms. Frizzle?
We have to leave now if we want
to make it to the next concert.
Well, then...
seat belts everybody!
Bus, do your stuff!
Whoa! Look at that!
How's our time, Jyoti?
We're on Sydney time now.
-Oh, my heart.
-What was that?
-Shouldn't be.
-Not to worry.
That just means we're going
to shake it up in Sydney.
-Thank you Sydney, Australia!
This is our last song!
Oh yeah
Time to get up
Come on, you're so slow
Put your sleepy things away
Time to get out
Come on, let's go
Who knows
what we'll see today?
Cos there's
no better time to go
You don't know
what you're missin'
And just in case
you're sayin' no
You'd better stop
and listen
It's time to go
We're goin' places
Let's all look
for something new
It's time to see
the smiling faces
Yes, you can be
the best of you
Cos there's no better time
to be
The most wonderful me
I can be
Don't you see...
It's time to go
-[Ms. Frizzle] Here we are!
-[kids scream]
Ah, so good to be
here in Beijing, China!
And I'm just in time
for my sound check.
You guys must be tired
of waiting in the wings.
Hey, why don't you come right
on stage where the action is?
-[Arnold] Yes! Please!
-[Wanda] We'd love to!
I figured you'd want
to be close to the band,
so I've got your stage passes
right here!
In my hand.
But, where are they?
Oh, they're invisible.
This show's going to be
out of sight.
And so will you. [laughs]
Ooh, I like
the way you think, cuz!
See you on stage!
Or not!
[all say goodbye]
The bus and I have been
wanting a good excuse
to try our new
-Who wants to be invisible?
-[all clamour]
[bus beeps, strains]
did I hit the wrong button?
Let's try that again.
That's better.
All right, I'm gonna to need you
to stand closer together
so I can get you all at once.
I'm having second thoughts.
OK, ready, everyone? Line up!
[inhales deeply]
Wait! I want
to get this on the video!
Oh... er... just a sec!
I gotta get my phone!
Erm, Ms. Frizzle?
Er, guys?
[Ralphie] Whoa! Weird!
[Arnold] I'm not entirely sure
I like this.
They really are invisible!
Hey, Arnold.
If you can hear me say--
[grunts] That'll do.
-[kids] Come on! I'll race you!
Hey, guys! Wait for me!
Can you turn me invisible too?
OK, give me a sec.
Ha-ha. Bus, is this
your idea of a yolk?
[Ms. Frizzle]
Cos no-one's laughing.
[beeps dejectedly]
Er, Ms. Frizzle,
what just happened?
-I don't know. Bus?
-[bus beeps]
Yeah, but that won't happen
till we get home.
-We get home at 11:00 p.m.
-But it's only 10:00 a.m. back home.
-[bus beeps]
-It's 11:00 p.m...
-[bus beeps]
And it's been 11:00 p.m.
everywhere we've been
for the last four hours.
-Oh, bus!
-You must feel awful!
What's going on, Ms. Frizzle?
You see, every year at precisely
midnight on New Year's Eve,
the bus updates its Magicware.
-Its what?
-No, it's "ware". Magicware.
You know, the programs that
make the bus do its magic stuff.
Cos it's a magic bus.
OK, but, it's not midnight yet.
I know.
Here's the exciting part.
The bus starts downloading
the new Magicware at 11.
It's a really big file.
Thirteen giga-buses.
[bus beeps]
I thought we would be home by 11
our time
to do the download and update,
but the bus has been downloading
the file at 11 o'clock
in every time zone
we've been in.
And since we keep leaving
before midnight,
it can't install the update.
Aww, but, what do eggs
have to do with it?
Well, with
all those files downloading,
the bus is glitching.
Could it turn us
into eggs again?
Eggs, footstools, iron filings.
Who knows?
I don't know, you don't know,
the bus certainly doesn't know.
But, if it's just an update,
Ms. Frizzle, what's the problem?
Though, it is worth noting
that once the bus installs
the new Magicware at midnight,
any old magic that's still
active could never be undone.
[beeping rapidly]
Wait a minute, does that mean if
they're invisible at midnight,
they'll be invisible forever?
So good thing they're not!
Oh, wait, we totally made them
invisible, didn't we?
Huh. But ta-da!
We can turn them back with this!
Not what that was supposed
to do, but hang on!
Emergency! No time!
I'll go get the class back!
And I'll figure out how
to get us back to Walkerville!
Let's see what the
Reconstituter does now, huh?
Gotta find the class.
Gotta get us home!
Otherwise we'll spend the rest
of our lives as moth children!
-All right, here we go!
There's no time
like the present
To reach up for your dreams
Wanda! Ralphie!
Carlos! Keesha!
-[Tim] This is incredible!
[Carlos] Better
than being backstage!
-Carlos? Tim? Where are you?
-[Tim] Jyoti? Is that you?
Isn't this great?
We're so close!
And yet, so far away, I think,
because I can't see you!
But in the end
it's worth it
No matter who you are
Face your fears
and dry your tears
And you can go so far
-What just happened?
-No time to explain!
We have to get back to the bus!
But what about the concert?
It's time
to spread the love
From here to the sun above
-Come on!
-Jyoti, what's going-- Ooh!
-The lights...
-No! Lights bad! Bus good!
-[Carlos] So blinky...
-[Tim] So pretty...
And... predictable!
There's a pattern to the lights.
On, on, on, off.
On, on, on, off!
Can't look away.
Must go to lights.
Stop! Everyone,
turn away from the light!
On, on, on, go!
Follow my voice! This way!
Now turn!
On, on, on, go!
Now turn! On, on, on, go!
The time has come
Follow me
No better time to fly!
Thank you, Beijing, China!
Happy New Year!
-Ms. Frizzle! We're here!
Nice to see
you're all wingin' it.
But watch out for Liz,
she's not herself.
Will someone please
tell us what's going on?
The bus is downloading
its new Magicware
and that means it's not
responding in the usual way.
[beeps sadly]
It needs to undo
any old magic before updating.
So... if it doesn't turn you
back to normal by midnight,
-you'll be moths forever.
-[all] Forever?!
It's almost midnight!
We're running out of time!
-Oh no!
-Never fear! I have a solution!
I just need to figure out
which one of these doohickies
is the back-up un-mothilizer.
So, yeah, let's try this.
-Still moths?
-[kids] Yes!
How about this?
Er, still feeling a craving for
rotten fruit?
-Oh... this one.
-Thank goodness.
-Glad that's over.
-Whooo! That didn't take long!
Now, who's all set
to hit another show?
We can't! We have to get back
to Walkerville.
-So soon?
-Magicware glitches.
-Magic what?
-No, magicware!
Sorry to interrupt, but Carlos
will be stuck as a snake!
-What are we going to do?
-Teleport back to Walkerville.
Now! Here we go!
-Oh, OK.
The bus doesn't want to teleport
because it's not certain
where we would end up.
With all these glitches
it's best to play it safe.
-Idea! Time zones!
-[all] Time zones?!
Ms. Frizzle, didn't you say the
bus won't actually install
the Magicware update
until exactly midnight?
-And I did.
-If we go to a different zone,
where it's not midnight yet,
it won't update, right?
Oh, good thinking, Jyoti!
All we need to do
is keep flying west.
That's right!
Time zones get earlier
the further
you fly in that direction.
Wait, wait. So if you
keep going west
and it keeps getting earlier,
do you end up in yesterday?
Don't be silly, Ralphie.
You end up in tomorrow.
I can't tell
if she's kidding or not.
[beeps sadly]
Poor bus.
It sounds so uncomfortable.
-And so does Keesha.
When can we turn me and Keesha
back into ourselves?
-I can't lie, I'm rattled.
-[all] Carlos!
-Do I have something on my face?
Don't worry, I'll just wipe
it off with my tail.
Ten minutes and 14 seconds
till midnight, Ms. Frizzle!
Go west to the next time zone!
Bus, do your stuff!
[Ms. Frizzle]
Maybe, different stuff?
[Ms. Frizzle] There you go!
[kids breathe
sighs of relief]
-[Ms. Frizzle] Here we--
Seatbelts everybody!
Bus, give me all you got!
It's three minutes to midnight!
How are we not
in a different time zone yet?
-But we've traveled so far!
Aren't time zones
only 1000 miles apart?
1609km, to be precise.
But not in China!
According to my research,
all of China is one time zone,
no matter where you go.
And Beijing is
on the east side!
You mean we won't hit
another time zone
until we reach another country?
China is the fourth largest
country in the world!
The government wanted the whole
country on the same time.
But eight at night could be
dark in one place
and still sunny in another?
So people can just decide what
the time zones will be?
Could I make my zone
permanent lunch time?
No time for jokes.
It's almost midnight!
In two minutes and 37 seconds,
Carlos will be a snake,
Keesha will be a baby, and Maven
will be a monkey, forever!
A rhesus macaque, to be exact.
We'll head south
to the country of Bhutan.
They don't use
the same time zone as China,
so it's two hours earlier there.
[Jyoti] Hurry!
[Jyoti] Ten o'clock! We crossed
into Bhutan's time zone!
-Midnight averted!
-[all sigh]
[all cheer]
Erm, let's never speak
of this again.
Now that we're all
back to normal,
can we please start the update
before anything else happens?
OK, let me just find
a place to set down.
-[alarm blares]
-Well, now, this is exciting!
-I can't land the bus.
-[all gasp]
[Arnold] I knew
I should've stayed home today!
Hey, it's not all bad.
At last I look as old as I feel.
We're almost to India!
That's the next time zone.
That'll buy us another hour to
try to turn Arnold back, right?
No, I wish. India is only
30 minutes behind Bhutan.
Well, what's the next time zone?
That's Nepal,
but that won't do us much good.
-Nepal is 15 minutes ahead.
-You mean we LOSE 15 minutes?!
-Yes, but don't worry.
After that the next
time zone we're in is India,
so we gain
those 15 minutes back.
None of this makes any sense!
Oh, you're not wrong, Ralphie.
As DA so wisely stated,
time zones are arbitrary.
Countries and governments
just make 'em up.
-Oh, no.
-And if anyone's got any ideas
about how to get out of this,
Wanda's all ears.
-[all] Carlos!
-Sorry. That joke was corny.
-[all] CARLOS!
-It'll be OK.
We'll fix everything as soon
as we get to our own time zone.
[radio plays Maven's
time zone song]
Huh, that's an oddly specific
song to be playing.
-Er, cuz?
-Look at that.
-OK... what's happening?
-[all exclaim]
First somebody decided
to call this place their home
Then to know
what time it was
They chose
their own time zone
Sometimes you'll find
it's different
Than the time zone
right next door
It might be three o'clock
right here
But over there it's four
Time zones tell you
what the time is
Where you are
And time zones tell you
what the time is
Near and far
When Great Big Ben
chimes 12:00 p.m.
It's six o'clock
in old Bangkok
But just turned noon
in Cameroon
And eleven
in New Zealand
It's 7:00 a.m. in Michigan
And 4:30 in New Delhi
An hour before two
in Honolulu
And 4:45 in Kathmandu
11, 4:30, 4:45?
This is really puzzling.
Time zones tell you
what the time is
Where you are
Time zones tell you
what the time is
Near and far
At least the heater works.
-Oh, you might be a dog
-Or a bump on a log
-Or a bird with a horn
-Or an ear of corn
-Or a very smart chimp
-Or smaller than a shrimp
-Or an elephant's trunk
-A spotted skunk, pee-yew!
-Or a talking stone
-Or an ice cream cone
[all] But you're always
in the zone!
[Ms. Frizzle] Good thing
I still have hands!
I think I can hotwire the bus
for a last rocket-powered jump.
Hit it, Liz!
Bus, do your stuff!
[Ms. Frizzle] Any time now!
[kids] Bus!
OK, class,
nav computer set to Walkerville.
[sighs] We're on our way home.
-[all] At last!
-[alarm blares]
Huh. That's new.
Ms. Frizzle, what's going on?
Well, instead of
going to Walkerville,
the bus has decided
to go its own way
and I can't help
but feel a little proud.
-Where's it going?
-Er... it's going south.
I thought this whole trip
went south a long time ago.
-But Walkerville is west!
-How south are we going?
Oh, about as south
as you can get.
-South Pole, here we come!
Antarctica is one continent
I've never played on!
A crisis is the best time to
cross things off a bucket list.
[Ms. Frizzle]
Is everyone strapped in?
-[Jyoti] Yes!
-[Arnold] Tightly!
[Tim] You bet!
-[bus beeps]
-Is everyone--
...O... K?
This is not good.
-Oh, no!
-Er, guys?
Please be something cool.
Please be something cool...
-Oh no, no, no!
-Why did the bus go south?
Not that I'm complaining.
It could be our new home!
Well, I don't know. Bus?
[bus makes powering down sound]
-What did it say?
-It said... [imitates bus]
Three minutes
and 58 seconds to midnight!
No way we can get
to the next time zone.
-They're 1000 miles apart!
-That's at the equator.
We're nowhere near there.
Time zones roughly follow
the longitude lines on Earth
which go from pole to pole.
And the Earth is
wider in the middle,
so at the equator,
around the middle part
of the globe...
Those lines are far apart.
[slow motion] But... here...
Keesha's right!
Here at the pole, the lines all
come together.
Those of us who can could
literally push the bus.
-From time zone to time zone!
-Follow me!
We need to see
where the time zones are!
[DA gasps]
It's so close!
[all strain]
[DA] Just...
a little bit further!
[Jyoti] Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
[Wanda] We can't give up!
[Wanda] Keep pushing!
[Wanda] Arnold? Is that...?
[Carlos] No! It's... it's...
-Captain Rock Man!
-Captain Rock Man!
-Captain Rock Man for the win!
Marvel at the might of
the man-mountain-made hero
who stands before you!
-Rock Man rocks!
-You're the Rock Man!
-All right, Captain Rock Man!
-Strong, wise,
and ancient as the very
earth beneath your feet.
(all chant)
Arnold! Arnold! Arnold!
And because I was forged
from molten stone,
you can call me
Captain Igneous Rock Man!
Er, Captain Igneous Rock Man?
Shouldn't we be moving the bus?
Oh, right. [clears throat]
Time to rock and roll this bus
into the next time zone!
[all cheer]
We're gonna make it!
Yes! Almost there!
Go, Captain Igneous Rock Man!
-[Jyoti] You did it!
-[all cheer]
[Keesha cheers
in slow motion]
Why stop at 11? I'll take us
all the way to 7:00 p.m.!
[bus beeps sadly]
-We can't keep pushing the bus!
-It's too cold!
-And too heavy.
Particularly for a butterfly.
[Ralphie] Is it just me
or is the bus trying to move?
Looks like it's heading
directly for the South Pole.
[slow-motion] Why?
[Jyoti] Hypothesis!
If it gets to the South Pole,
where all the time zones meet,
won't it be in
all the time zones at once?
Midnight and NOT midnight
at the same time!
Maybe that's a good thing!
[slow-motion] Or not.
[Ms Frizzle] Bus, I hope
you know what you're doing.
-The bus saved us!
-[all cheer, thank the bus]
Who's going to save the bus?
I've certainly
never seen this before.
Ms. Frizzle?
Bus? Bus? Can you hear me?
[Wanda] Is the bus... is it...
It's gonna be alright, right?
I'm not so sure.
Are we... stranded?
Don't give up on us, bus.
I remember the day
When we flew away
Your magic was
second to none
We went to the moon
And came home by noon
Don't tell me
our time is done
You've always been there
To brighten our day
We never got lost
Cos you knew the way
I'm counting the hours
Till I see you again
When hours turn to eons
we'll still be friends
[they join in]
But being without you
Is too hard to do
[all] Cos a nanosecond
is too long
Away from you
The bus,
it's keeping time to the beat.
Our time went too fast
I wish it could last
Without you
there'll be no more fun
Let's turn back the day
So we can still play
Don't tell me
our time is done
[Ms. Frizzle] Keep it up!
Pick up the pace!
Sing as loudly as you can!
Let's visit the stars
And Venus and Mars
Our dreams take us
Right around the sun
There's so much to say
At the end of the day
Cos our time has just begun
-Listen! The bus...
-[bus whirrs]
[all] Is singing!
-[Jyoti] Amazing!
I told you the bus was
one of your biggest fans!
-But what happened?
-Well, sound is vibration.
Our singing must've dislodged
the Bingbongifier
that I believe is in the bus's
emergency magic-maker
-located deep in the engine.
-Cousin Valerie always said,
"There isn't a pickle
a song can't fix."
-Mmmm, pickles.
-And she's not wrong.
If Liz's calculations
are correct,
we'll have
just enough magic to...
[all] ...get back home!
To the bus!
[all] There's so much to say
at the end of the day
Cos our time has just begun
Bus, do your stuff.
Come on, Bus.
You can do it.
-[Arnold] We're here!
It sounds like everyone's happy
that we're home!
-They're not cheering for us.
They're cheering
because it's New Year.
It's one minute after midnight.
The bus did install the update,
No, Keesha, it didn't.
We got here after midnight.
So it froze.
What does that mean?
No Magicware update means
no more magic.
-[all gasp]
-Isn't there anything we can do?
From now on, the Magic School
Bus will just be a school bus.
-What's that, Jyoti?
-It's my film.
I never got to say thank you
to the bus.
My best times are measured
By the time
I spent with you
Our time is
always treasured
I hope you feel it too
Yeah, my best times
And your best times
And their best times
Are the best times
So take the time
To make the time
And all our times
you'll see
Are the very best
they can be
My best times
weren't measured
In seconds or minutes
or hours
They were measured...
In... us
[all sigh emotionally]
This is NOT the way this ends.
The bus updates at midnight,
But it's already past midnight
in this time zone.
Yes, but remember how we said
time zones are arbitrary?
They're based on the needs
of the place that set them up?
You mean like the sun is
directly opposite
the place where it's midnight,
but it can't be opposite
ALL of the places
in the time zone
at the same time,
so "midnight" is
really an average?
[gasps] I get it now!
Walkerville is at the western
end of our time zone.
Which means we aren't directly
opposite the sun yet.
So, if I can reset
the bus's clock
to base it on the actual
position of the sun
instead of the time zone time,
it won't be midnight in this
exact spot for a few minutes.
I have a clock on my phone that
tells me the true solar time
based on my exact location
from moment to moment.
-Of course you do.
-This says true solar midnight
for us right here where we are
won't happen for another... minute and 42 seconds!
I need to sync the bus's clock
to the true sun time clock.
[gasps] No, no, no, no, no!
-[Arnold] Look out!
-[Carlos] Watch out!
-[screaming continues]
[Ralphie] Whoa, phone ruined.
It doesn't matter,
as long as it worked.
Time reset!
Will the bus
be able to upgrade now?
There's only one way
to find out.
To the street!
What are you doing, Tim?
Just syncing my watch
to sun time for the countdown.
Everyone ready? Ten!
[all] Nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one!
[beeps triumphantly]
-[Tim] Come on!
-[Ralphie] Yeah!
-[Keesha] Here we come!
-[cheering, laughter]
So Ms. Frizzle, if time zones
are all arbitrary and made up,
then that's not really science.
Well, Ralphie,
it's the holidays,
so this wasn't really
a field trip.
-[all] Happy new year!
-[bus beeps gleefully]
Let's try that one more time.
And a one, and a two, and a--
[phone rings]
Magic School Bus!
Maven at your service.
Ask me a question
and don't be nervous!
[kid] Wow! I can't believe
I'm talking to the Maven!
There's a question
I've always wanted to ask.
How did everyone decide
to use time zones?
Good one! And I think
the best way to answer it
is with a song!
-Liz? Bus?
-[bus beeps in agreement]
When people tried to travel
way back in the day
No one knew what time it was
in places far away
Some were late
to catch their trains
And others came too soon
Cos every town and country
had their very own high noon
They needed time zones
Made to fit the places
where you're bound
Yeah, yeah
Cos the time zones
what the time is all around
Ooh, ooh
Some people came
together in 1886
Our time-keepin' system
needed a big fix
They used
the lines of longitude
To slice the world
like cake
Each slice became
a different zone
With uniform daybreak
They needed time zones
Made to fit the places
where you're bound
Yeah, yeah
Cos the time zones
what the time is all around
[kid] Wow! That was great!
I think that question
deserves an encore!
[plays drum roll
and cymbal crash]
OK, then here it comes!
Is it true that Antarctica
has every time zone
and that you can walk between
them like Ms. Frizzle's class?
Well, sort of, but not really.
All those time zones would
get confusing
for the scientists
who work in Antarctica,
so they usually just pick
one time and stick with it.
Which reminds me
of another song.
-Hit it, Liz!
-[song starts]
Antarctica has
research stations
Made to study science
From many
different countries
It's a scientist alliance
Some stations
choose the time zone
That matches
their home nation
Others simply choose
The one that's closest
to their station
Ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah
The Amundsen-Scott
research station's
As south as you can walk
Ooh, ooh, eh
New Zealand's is
the time zone
Where they've
synchronized their... clock
[kid] So, once again,
people use the time zone that
works best for them.
-[kid] Thanks, Maven and Liz!
And thanks, Magic School Bus!
That was great!
Any time! Bye!
See you on stage!
[taps rhythmically]
I don't know. Getting late.
-Maybe we should wrap it up.
-[bus beeps in disappointment]
Aw, you're right, bus.
It may be late here,
but it's early somewhere else!
[Ms. Frizzle]
Seat belts, everyone!
[Arnold] Please let this be
a normal field trip.
-[Jyoti] With the Frizz?
-[all] No way!
Cruising on
down main street
You're relaxed
and feeling good
Next thing that you know
You're seeing... What?!
in the neighbourhood
Surfing on a soundwave
Swinging through the stars
Take left at your intestine
Take your second right
past Mars
On the Magic School Bus
Navigate a nostril
Climb on the magic School Bus
-Spank a plankton too
- [Jyoti] Take that!
On our Magic School Bus
Raft a river of lava!
On the Magic School Bus
Such a fun thing to do!
So strap your bones
right to the seat
Come on in
and don't be shy
Just to make
your day complete
You might get baked
into a pie
On the Magic School bus
Step in, step in, step inside
It's a wild ride
Come on!
Ride on the Magic School Bus
[bus honks]