The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids in Space (2020) Movie Script

[kid] Whoaaa!
Ride on the Magic School Bus
[horn honks]
[dramatic music playing]
I knew I should have
stayed home todayyyyyy!
Booster shutdown and separation
in three...
two, one...
[screaming, laughing]
-[Arnold screams]
[kids sigh]
Are we there, Ms. Frizzle?
We'll have you in micro-gravity
in a micro-second, Ralphie.
The International Space Station!
[Keesha] ISS.
Which has got to stand for,
"It's so spectacular!"
[Wanda] And so big!
And coming up fast! [gasps]
Bus, do your stuff!
-[Bus honks]
-[propellant hisses]
Less fast!
Less fast!
[Arthur gasping]
Still too fast!
[Ms. Frizzle] Prepare for docking!
[propellant hisses]
I just have to line up the things...
Oops. A little to the left.
A little to the... Ohh! Ohh!
[Arnold] Ms. Frizzle!
[Ms. Frizzle] OK, OK, nope.
Steady as she goes.
Here we go. Nope...
[Arthur gasps]
[Ms. Frizzle]
And we're clamped in!
[Arthur screams]
[Arnold] And I'm totally comfortable
with our speed now.
-[propellant hisses]
-Oh, look, we're here!
-[kids cheering, laughing]
[laughs] I'm flying!
Well, Ralphie,
because you're in micro-gravity,
you're not so much flying
as you are falling.
You're floating because you're in
continuous freefall around the Earth.
That's what orbit is.
OK, but... it's still a superpower.
[straining] Wait for me!
Why can't I move?
Just push off of something
and you'll go in the opposite direction.
Or just grab onto the Carlos Express.
Oh, yeah! Whoo-whoo!
Arnold, aren't you coming?
As soon as I figure out how to release
all the extra seat belts I added.
-[kid scoffs]
We're 400 kilometers above the Earth.
That's only 248 miles.
Safety first.
This is not good.
[hatch rattles]
Adventure awaits!
[inhales deeply]
Smell that fresh recycled air!
Fiona! Welcome back!
Great to see you again.
Hey, guys! Good to see all of you.
How are ya?
Boom, boom, and boom.
Wait. You've already been here?
Of course she has.
I did a four-month tour of duty up here
right after my last stint with the circus.
Who knew the flying trapeze
would prepare me for space?
And these must be the rookie astronauts
we've heard so much about.
No, these are a different set of children.
I'm kidding, yes.
These are the very first kids to board
the International Space Station.
Commander Hadfield told us you guys did
a great job at NASA space training.
We all trained super hard
for this mission.
We are so ready for anything!
Am I right?
But maybe not quite ready
to live in micro-g.
Just take it slowly.
You'll get the hang of it.
All right, Fiona.
Your class has the station until
the next crew arrives tomorrow morning.
-[kid 1] Cool!
-[kid 2] No way! Wow!
Good luck, and have fun.
[lock clicks]
Micro-gravity is the best!
[laughs] Yeah. You can be
even lazier than usual.
[laughs] I know, right?
I don't even have to hold up my head.
We don't wanna be moving around
in our flight suits.
[gasps] Oh! I almost forgot.
Bus drone incoming!
-Hello, Itty-B!
-[Itty-B beeps]
-It's so cute!
-[kids laughing]
What have you got there, Jyoti?
A drone's-eye view.
Whatever Itty-B sees,
we see on my FrizzPad.
Is that the Bus remote, Ms. Frizzle?
Yes, indeedy, it is, Arnold.
As you know,
it's also the Porta-Shrinker...
-[Arthur screams]
-...the Biggifier.
[Arthur gasps] Oww!
I just had this little feature installed.
It's called the Shriek-a-Maker.
The what?
-[shrieking] The Shriek-a-Maker!
[Arnold hits wall]
[Arnold shrieking]
I think maybe one Shriek-a-Maker
is enough.
[Ms. Frizzle] If you say so.
Keep this in a safe place, then.
Before we get to work, I have something
very special to show you.
Follow me.
Hey, wait up!
This is my most favorite, favorite,
favorite place in the Space Station.
[class sighing, gasping]
[kid] Look at that!
Check it out!
[Wanda] It makes me feel very small.
But also connected to everything.
OK, astronauts, you all have
your assigned positions.
Roll call!
Commander Keesha, reporting for duty.
Wanda, Science Officer.
Jyoti, Flight Engineer.
[DA] DA, Mission Specialist.
[Tim] Tim, Robotics Specialist.
Arnold, Security Officer.
Everyone safe?
Good. Job done.
Carlos, Communications Officer.
And In-flight Entertainment.
Good morning, ISS!
Actually, days are only
90 minutes long on the station.
So it's already afternoon.
The ISS orbits Earth 16 times
every 24 hours.
Which means we'll see the sun rise
and set 16 times today.
And, last but not least...
Ralphie, Chief Maintenance Officer.
What's a Chief Maintenance Officer?
The janitor. I'm psyched!
'Cause I get to do stuff like this.
[kids gasp]
[Carlos] Ralphie! What are you doing?
-That capsule is filled with...
...ta-da! Dirty laundry.
-[DA] Look at that!
Whoa! What just happened?
Since there aren't any washing machines
on the ISS,
dirty laundry goes into a capsule
that we drop into Earth's atmosphere,
where it burns it up as it falls.
Is that... a monogrammed hand towel?
Yup. Never leave Earth without one.
Now to make this place smell
lemon pine springtime mountain air fresh.
With this!
You know what, fun fact: they don't allow
aerosol cans in space because...
...of that.
-My bad!
Ow! Ralphie! Be careful.
Whew! What just happened?
In the station's micro-g,
we can only really move around
when we push ourselves off a surface
or when a force pushes against us,
like compressed air
shooting out of an aerosol can.
For every action, there's an equal
and opposite reaction.
Isn't that cool?
Now she tells me.
-Can I do it again?
-We're in space, Ralphie.
This isn't a drill.
You need to be serious.
Come on, I'm serious.
When am I ever not serious?
Um, all those times during space training?
Hey, good job, guys.
Uh... You OK, Ralphie?
Look at me, Commander Hadfield!
I'm Pinocchiooooo!
Ralphie, seriously?
Hi, Mom!
I'm having a lot of fun
at Space Training...
Ralphie, seriously?
[Ralphie] Pew-pew, pew-pew! Yes!
Pew-pew, pew-pew-pew, pew!
Aaah! Direct hit, but no effect.
The alien shields are too strong.
Our photon cannons are useless
against a ship of this size.
Prepare for ramming speed!
Commander... it's been an honor.
What are you talking about?
For Walkerville!
-[both screaming]
-[simulator rattling]
[hydraulics hiss]
-[alarm sounding]
-[Hadfield] Ralphie, seriously?
OK, but now that we're actually in space,
I will be super serious. Trust me.
Good. And the first step in being serious
is communication.
It's important to let everyone know
what you're doing at all times.
All right.
I'm scratching my armpit now
because it's super itchy.
So there's no such thing
as over-communicating in space?
Nope. See?
Even the labels here are written
in both English and Russian
for the crews that speak those languages.
[Ralphie] Huh.
English-speaking astronauts learn
a little Russian
and Russian cosmonauts
learn a little English.
That's right, and they end up speaking
a mixture of the two called "Runglish."
Mezhdunarodnyy yazyk.
Cooperation and love.
I hope.
All right, class, to your stations.
[kid 1] Come on, I'll race you. [laughs]
[kid 2] Later!
[Like Darth Vader]
Wanda, this is your destiny...
It's the US laboratory
where many science experiments
are being run at any given time.
Sometimes the best way
to understand how things work
is to look at them in a brand-new way.
Have a look at this,
Science Officer Wanda.
It's a tardigrade.
[Wanda] Ooh. I've read about tardigrades,
but I've never seen one for real.
They're the only known animals
that can survive
in the irradiated vacuum of space, right?
Which is why scientists are interested
in studying them in this environment.
[timer beeps]
Whoops-a-dops! Look at the time.
It's two hairs past
"I need to adjust the solar panels
or we'll lose power and freeze
in space" o'clock.
What are you looking at, Wanda?
See for yourself.
[Ralphie] Blecch. It looks like
something I need to clean up.
It's a tardigrade, and it's cute.
Just look at those chubby legs.
Who's a cute little water animal?
You. Yes, you are.
I'm going to call you... Pinky.
Hey, who wants in on this genuine
Space Ice Cream I brought?
Blasting dirty laundry into space
is hungry work.
You do know Space Ice Cream
isn't actually supposed to be
eaten in space, right?
Why would they call it "Space Ice Cream"
if you can't eat it in space?
-It makes a lot of crumbs.
Ehh, I'll clean 'em up later.
Good, 'cause if those crumbs get
into the ISS's delicate electronics,
that would be bad.
And really unsafe.
[Itty-B beeps]
Is this you taking things seriously?
[mouth full]
But this stuff is seriously good.
[groans] I'll find
the portable vacuum cleaner.
[Wanda] I'll help you look.
No, I'm the Chief Maintenance Officer.
I'll clean up this mess.
Hey, Arn, that's the Porta-Shrinker,
isn't it?
Can I borrow it?
If I biggify these crumbs,
they'll be easier to catch.
I can see the logic.
But be safe, OK?
[Jyoti] Ingenious. It worked.
Cool! Now the crumbs are the size
of baseballs.
Batter up!
He swings.
Here comes another one.
It's a high fly ball!
And Carlos catches it.
[crunches] Mmm!
Over to you, Chief Maintenance Officer.
C'mon, everyone.
Time to get back to work.
We have a space station to run.
[vacuum whirring]
[glass rattling]
[bubbles gurgling]
[vacuum whirring]
Another fine job
by the Chief Maintenance Officer.
Phew. That really made me work up
a sweat. Whoo!
[creature rumbling]
This towel is really filling up.
I am one sweaty dude.
-[rumbling continues]
It's not that bad.
[creature rasping, gurgling]
What is it, Liz?
What in the name
of all that's black hole-y is that?
[Wanda gasps]
Let's get out of here!
What was that thing?
-It was... it was...
-[bubbles gurgling] alien!
Ralphie! Wanda.
You know, when I first came up here,
I tried to wash my hair
using regular shampoo,
but when you try to rinse it out,
the water goes everywhere.
-Ms... Ms...
So now I use
this special rinseless shampoo.
Just rub it in your hair
And leave it there
-But no...
-M-Monster... Bu-but...
-[timer beeping]
It's "the CO2 levels need to be adjusted
or we'll be in serious trouble" o'clock.
[laughs] Never a dull moment on the ISS.
[creature grumbling, gurgling]
[kids shriek]
I love how you don't need
any chairs in space.
Or even hands.
Mmm! This stew's not bad.
Who wants some macaroni
and cheese, hot from the oven?
-You mean macaroni and squeeze.
-[Arnold sighs]
[Ralphie and Wanda scream]
Ralphie, what did I say
about communication?
"Monster" doesn't tell us...
Big... monster!
-Space monster.
-Loose in the station.
OK, that's better communication.
But as Commander, it's my job to...
-[creature snarling] Mission Control!
-The rest of you...
-Great idea, Safety Officer.
-Just doing my job.
[kids screaming]
Sorry we're late for...
[creature snarling]
...whatever that is!
[Tim] Run!
-We're under attack!
-What should we do?
[strains] Let's hide in here.
The bathroom? No way.
I've seen way too many scary movies
to hide in a bathroom.
Hang on, I'm getting a brilliant
Chief Maintenance Officer idea.
Both toilets on the ISS work
with a fan suction system
to suck the pee
and pookadumpadoody away.
Can we talk plumbing when we're not
being hunted by a monster?
This tube is for number one
and this seat is where you do number two.
I see where you're going. We could--
Suck the monster out into space--
Through the toilet. Yes!
The monster's way too big
to fit down there.
Don't worry. I'm sure you're "flushed"
with other ideas.
[creature groaning]
Now I have to go to the bathroom.
You'll have to hold it.
[both gasping]
-Where do we hide? [screaming]
-[loud slurping]
[slurping continues]
Nothing like the clean, crisp taste
of water distilled from astronaut urine.
-[kids scream]
-Oh, come on!
It's been filtered and cleaned
by the water reclamation system
and turned back into pure drinking water.
-[dramatic fanfare plays]
Ewww! I don't know what's scarier,
the monster or that fact.
-Definitely the fact.
-[Ms. Frizzle slurping]
Oh! You guys, don't be so judge-y.
Water treatment plants on Earth
do sort of the same thing.
[sighs] Time for a refill.
-Ms. Frizzle!
-It's right behind us.
-[kids scream]
[Ralphie] Why me, why me, why me?
Ralphie. Move!
I can't, I can't, I can't.
[rumbling, hissing]
Wait a minute.
Clean water is essential...
[slurping] life on the ISS.
Living creatures need it,
no matter how small or big they may be.
[creature groaning]
Is it... Is it...
[sighs] It's gone!
[gunk slopping]
Told ya you should never
leave Earth without it.
Eww. Gross!
You guys, I think our "monster" is Pinky.
-The tardigrade.
I'd know those cute, chubby legs anywhere.
How did it get so big?
As In-flight Entertainment Officer,
I turned on the cameras
to record our time here.
I can rewind the footage
to see what happened.
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh. My bad.
Keep it together, Keesha.
Don't think about the giant monster.
Just breathe.
[inhales sharply] Now send the SOS
to Mission Control.
Is there an intercom system?
There's something I need to communicate.
[clears throat]
Attention, everyone. Attention.
The monster is actually a tardigrade.
Ooh, my brilliant class does it again.
-But aren't tardigrades microscopic?
-[Itty-B beeps]
I... accidentally biggified it
with the Porta-Shrinker.
Of course you did.
So here's what I'm going to do:
I'm going to find the Porta-Shrinker
and zap the tardigrade small again.
That's actually a decent plan.
stay away from the giant tardigrade.
It may not be dangerous,
but then again, who knows?
-I'm searching for
"how to deal with a giant tardigrade
floating around the ISS,"
but for some reason
I'm not finding anything.
However we can find
the tardigrade with Itty-B.
[Itty-B beeps]
We can watch through its camera.
[monitor beeping, chiming]
[Itty-B whirring]
[tardigrade rumbling]
[Itty-B beeps]
-There it is!
-What's it doing?
It's destroying the life-support systems.
But there's nothing to worry about, right?
Because there's like four backup systems?
[alarm buzzing]
Make that three.
[generators power up]
According to my research,
these systems filter air that we can
breathe and water we can drink.
It's like it's searching for something.
Yeah, fresh children to eat.
That may not be far from the truth.
Some tardigrades are actually carnivorous.
Time to start worrying?
Negative. Ms. Frizzle would never
let that thing eat us.
But if it does eat you, then you have
the once-in-a-lifetime chance
to experience being eaten
by a giant tardigrade.
You know, this is even more exciting
than the band of belligerent beetles
that got loose on the station
when I was here.
I'm pretty sure we got them all.
-[beetle skittering]
-Pretty sure.
Um... guys?
The tardigrade is on the move!
[Itty-B beeps]
It sounds like Itty-B is trying
to warn us about something.
Here's Tardigrade!
Oh, you guys.
Where's your sense of adventure?
[tardigrade rumbling]
[panting] At least we're getting...
a workout running from this thing.
It's especially important
to exercise on the ISS.
According to my research,
with less gravity to work against,
our muscles lose strength
and our bones lose some density in space.
We get weaker the longer we're in space?
Why does anyone come here?
-[tardigrade snarling]
-[kids screaming]
[kids panting]
[tardigrade rumbling]
[tardigrade snarling]
[snarling growing louder]
[kids whimpering]
[snarling fades]
[Ralphie sighs]
Whoa, that was close.
Where'd it go?
-Where is it?
Would anyone like a towel
to suck up their sweat?
I've got my own, thanks.
Low gravity, no drips.
Gotta towel your own sweat off in micro-g.
So how do we get rid of this thing?
-Lasso it?
-Lure it somewhere with space stew?
Build a robotic power suit
to wear in an epic showdown?
All great ideas, but just so you know,
none of them worked on the beetles.
There you are.
I have a great idea!
Maybe we don't have to get rid
of the creature.
Still waiting for the great idea.
We could keep it. As a pet.
You want to keep it?
Not it, "he."
He has a name, remember? Pinky.
Probably not a good idea
to keep it as a pet,
and since I haven't found
the Porta-Shrinker yet,
I know exactly what to do.
But first I need everyone on the Bus.
-Where's Ralphie?
-Don't worry, class, he's coming.
[timer beeps]
You can wake me when he gets here.
Time for my scheduled shut-eye.
It's a space nap.
Everyone here? Good.
So, what's the plan?
Get on the Bus and leave?
-We can't just leave.
-Can't we?
As Chief Safety Officer,
I say we discuss the pros and cons.
What about Pinky?
Listen up. Here's my plan.
Ralphie, what are you doing?
Sorry, guys.
This is my mess.
So I'm going to clean it up.
And I want you all to stay safe
while I do it.
Ralphie. Don't do this.
my friends.
You do know we can open the door
from this side too, right?
[Ralphie] I...
did not know that...
-[tardigrade gurgling]
-...but now I do.
[various kids] Oh, no! Ralphie!
Get out of there!
The tardigrade is right behind you!
[tardigrade roars]
[straining] The door won't open!
-Ralphie, get out of there!
-[kids scream]
-[Ralphie] Hey, tardigrade!
-[tardigrade snarls]
-I'm talking to you,
you overgrown science experiment
gone horribly wrong because of me.
[tardigrade rumbling]
Come and get me!
-[Wanda] Ralphie!
-[Carlos] Come back! It's too dangerous!
[Keesha] What are you doing, Ralphie?
Communication is key, remember?
[Wanda] Yeah, and I'm going to communicate
how mad I'll be if you hurt Pinky.
Porta-Shrinker, Porta-Shrinker...
Where's the Porta-Shrinker?
[lights buzzing]
[generator switch clangs]
Gotta find the Porta-Shrinker
before Pinky finds me.
This may be the worst idea I've ever had.
And that's really saying something.
[metallic clattering]
Wha... What's that?
[sighs] I've got you. You're safe.
[Liz shrieks]
-Don't worry, Liz. I'll...
-[tardigrade snarling]
...try not to hurt your ears!
[high-pitched shriek]
[gasping, straining]
-[tardigrade groaning]
Wait, I'll just keep going
the same direction,
unless I stop myself.
Must get back to the hatch...
Slowly... slowly...
Don't panic.
[straining] Come on, hatch.
Open, open, open!
-[tardigrade snarling]
Come and get me!
Actually, I got you.
Ralphie Alessandro Giuseppe Tennelli!
-Don't you dare hurt that poor tardigrade.
Giant tardigrades have feelings too,
you know.
[tardigrade snarling]
Feelings of anger, rage and fury!
-[tardigrade snarling]
-[Ralphie gasping]
[Ralphie shrieks]
Is it gonna eat him? I can't look.
How can Ms. Frizzle sleep
at a time like this?
According to her schedule, it's what
she's supposed to be doing right now.
The ISS orbits Earth 16 times
every 24 hours
so astronauts don't have
a big block of nighttime like on Earth.
It's very important for astronauts
to get their sleep.
Yeah, I get that's super important.
Except there's a giant tardigrade
loose on the station!
[kids] We're stuck in the Bus!
Ms. Frizzle! Wake up! Giant tardigrade!
-Impressive. She is a deep sleeper.
Looks like we'll just have to
figure this one out ourselves.
No Porta-Shrinker in here either,
and this is the end of the station.
[tardigrade snarling]
If eating me will save everyone else...
then go for it.
[claws clanging]
[water gurgling]
Oh no! Liz, no!
[tardigrade slurping]
Wanda said tardigrades are water animals,
but you've been floating around for ages
without any water.
You haven't been hunting us.
You've been looking for water.
The water reclamation pipes
are behind the life-support systems.
The water pouches...
even the sweat on our faces.
It was all irresistible to you,
wasn't it, big guy?
[tardigrade rumbles]
I'll take that as a yes.
Success! I've got it.
I'll go.
I'm coming, Pinky!
And Ralphie.
[Wanda] And Ralphie.
[tardigrade gurgling, slurping]
You're making me all thirsty now.
A big guy like you needs more than this.
Good thing water just drifts
in globules in micro-g.
Let's shove some of these together and...
You know, you're not as gross
as I thought you were.
[tardigrade straining]
I take it back.
You gotta be kidding.
Wait... is that...
the Porta-Shrinker?
You must've swallowed it.
Why in the world did you swallow
the Porta-Shrinker?
[gloves snap]
[inhales deeply]
I don't have the handbook memorized,
but I think this is well beyond
normal Chief Maintenance Officer duties.
[giggles] Doodies.
I said "doodies"!
-[Liz giggles]
-[Ralphie laughs]
[tardigrade gurgling]
All right, let's do this!
-[tardigrade rumbling]
-Wrong... button!
-[loud static]
-[Ralphie shrieks]
Wrong button, wrong button!
[sighs] That's done.
So's that.
Now, should I tell everyone
what just happened
or clean up this mess first
and then go tell them?
[inhales deeply]
Ecch! Clean up first.
You know what this means?
We get to launch more laundry.
-[hatches clanging]
Oh, no!
Ralphie ejected Pinky.
I have to save him.
[hydraulics hissing]
I'm coming for you, sweet Pinky!
Good thing tardigrades can survive
in the vacuum of space.
Wha... Laundry? Blecch!
-But where's--
-Wanda! What are you doing?
You weren't cleared for a space walk.
Get back here.
I thought... but... Pinky.
-[Ralphie] I took care of it.
I mean I found the Porta-Shrinker.
Pinky's small again.
Microscopic. Trust me.
Pinky's OK?
Then I guess everything's tied up.
[gasps] Except me.
-[kids] Ralphie!
-You OK?
-What's going on with the tardigrade?
No time to explain!
Wanda's outside the station.
She's not tethered.
She's floating away!
That's definitely not safe.
If only we had something
long enough to reach her.
[Tim] We do.
The giant robotic arm attached
to the outside of the station: Canadarm2.
Great thinking, Robotic Specialist.
You're up.
Bring Wanda home.
[console beeping]
[Tim] Wanda!
Hang on.
OK. Remember your training.
Remember your training...
[gears whirring]
Looking good, Tim.
You can do this.
I can't do this.
[Hadfield] Tim, you can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this!
[gears whirring]
This is not my day.
-Now what?
-[Ralphie] Already on it.
I'm going to save Wanda,
Chief Maintenance Officer style.
[yawning] What did I miss?
Let me guess: you thought
the tardigrade wanted to eat you,
but it was looking for water.
It's a water animal, after all.
Ralphie found the Porta-Shrinker
when the tardigrade excreted it,
though I have no idea how it ended up
swallowing it,
and Ralphie managed to shrink it
back to its regular size.
Then he cleaned up the poo and ejected
the laundry capsule with its dirty clothes
but Wanda thought he'd ejected
the tardigrade and went to save it,
neglecting to tether herself properly,
so Tim used the Canadarm2 to catch her,
and he did, but Wanda's tether slipped
and now she's too far away to grab.
And that's why Ralphie is trying
to save Wanda.
Did I get it? Was I close?
Oh, yep.
And look at Ralphie go.
Hello, Ralphie.
I see you've learned a thing or two
about moving around in micro-g.
Oh, hi, Ms. Frizzle.
Yeah, I know I can't move
without pushing against something,
so I pushed off the station
to head towards Wanda.
Super Ralphie to the rescue!
Uggh! Whoa!
[Jyoti] He... he detached his tether.
[Ms. Frizzle] Of course.
It's the only way to reach Wanda.
Now to make this rescue smell lemon pine
springtime mountain air fresh!
-All right!
-Good job!
[sighs] I thought...
I thought you ejected Pinky.
I know. I'm sorry.
If I had just told everyone
what I was doing first...
[Keesha] It's like I was saying...
I know, I know,
"communication is key."
Aha! So you were listening. [laughs]
I'll make it up to you
as soon as we're back on the station.
Just don't do it
with Space Ice Cream, OK?
I won't.
There's none left.
[both laughing]
[Ralphie straining]
-[Wanda] Uh-oh!
-[Ralphie] Ah, well.
No problem. I'll just...
...drift helplessly into space.
The can's empty!
Tim, do something!
Hang on, guys!
[Canadarm2 whirring]
[Tim] Oh no, they're too far out!
[Ralphie] And there's nothing left
for us to push off of.
For every action, there is an equal
and opposite reaction.
Ralphie, there is one thing left for us
to push off of...
each other.
Wanda! No!
I'm sorry, Ralphie,
but there was no other way.
But-but I don't have Wanda!
What do we do?
We need a plan B!
Plan B?
Plan B...
[gasps] Itty-B!
[Jyoti] Itty-B to the rescue.
-[Itty-B beeps]
-[Wanda gasps]
All right!
Here we come.
[hatch whirs open]
[Tim] You did it! Good job.
-Thanks, guys.
[Ms. Frizzle] Well done, class.
In a very short time, you've learned
how to live and move in space.
And now it's time for...
Repairing the damage to the Space Station.
We have some serious work to do.
Well said,
Chief Maintenance Officer Ralphie.
All of the life-support systems
and their backups are online.
Whew. That's a relief.
And I replenished
some of our water supply.
You're welcome.
You know, this is good.
Crisp and clean.
Here's a little for you too, big guy.
[Ms. Frizzle] Well, look at that.
Another Soyuz spacecraft is here
with our replacement crew.
[lock turning]
[kids] Commander Hadfield?!
Great to see you again, kids.
Hello, Ralphie.
Hi! [chuckles]
So, how was your time on the ISS?
Anything unusual happen?
nothing too unusual... for us.
Belligerent beetles?
Even better.
[kids laughing]
All present and accounted for?
-Let's do this!
-We're ready.
-[Itty-B beeps]
-[Jyoti] Wait for Itty-B.
All right, then.
And we're off!
-[monitor beeping]
-[propellant hissing]
I can't say I'm sad to be going home.
I am. I was just getting good
at moving around in micro-g.
I don't know about anyone else,
but when I get back,
I'm going to sleep for 12 hours straight.
Concur. [yawns]
Looks like Ralphie's already started.
[snorts] Of course you can...
share my sandwich, Pinky.
He got so good at communicating,
he's even doing it in his sleep.
[kids laughing]
Bus, do your stuff!
[Bus horn beeps]
[Ms. Frizzle]
[digital phone ringing]
For me?
Hello. Commander Hadfield here.
How can I help?
[kid] Hello, Commander Hadfield.
When the kids arrived at the ISS,
they seemed pretty good
at getting around in micro-gravity.
Is it really that easy?
Well, many astronauts need a few days
to get used to life in micro-g
when arriving at the ISS.
Some even feel "space sick,"
which is a lot like feeling sea sick.
Are you OK, Liz?
It takes practice
and some particular techniques.
The astronauts use hand holds
to move ourselves around.
And when astronauts need to stand still,
they use foot straps
to hold their feet in place.
[kid] If things go wrong on the ISS,
like electrical systems being destroyed
by a humongous tardigrade,
wouldn't NASA or someone notice?
The ISS is in constant contact
with space agencies around the Earth.
Every little detail aboard the ISS,
from the functioning
of the life support systems
to what the astronauts eat,
is closely monitored.
If you tried to sneak
Space Ice Cream aboard...
-[buzzer sounds]
-...they'd know.
But even if the engineers on Earth know
what's going on in the ISS,
it's still up to us to do repairs
and maintenance
and keep the ISS in working order.
[kid] Ms. Frizzle was exercising
to prevent muscle and bone density loss
while visiting the ISS.
But why would that happen?
Without gravity pulling us downwards
in space,
our bodies do a lot less work
supporting themselves.
And when you don't use your muscles,
you lose them.
So, astronauts need to stay on top
of their workout regimens,
exercising on specially adapted machines
to keep their muscles and their bones
in their pre-flight condition.
-[kid] Whew!
I'd better start training if I'm
going to be an astronaut one day.
Thanks, Commander Hadfield!
-[horn honks]
-[Ms. Frizzle] Seat belts, everyone!
[Arnold] Please let this be
a normal field trip!
-[Wanda] With the Frizz?
-[kids] No way!
Oh, cruising on down Main Street
You're relaxed and feeling good
Next thing that you know
-You're seeing...
-[Ms. Frizzle] Whoo-hooo!
Octopus in the neighborhood!
Surfing on a soundwave
-Or swinging through the stars
Take a left at your intestine
Take your second right past Mars
On the Magic School Bus
-Navigate a nostril
-[Ralphie sneezes]
Climb on the Magic School Bus
-Spank a plankton, too
-[Wanda] Take that!
On our Magic School Bus
Raft a river of lava
On the Magic School Bus
Such a fine thing to do
[horn honking]
So strap your bones right to the seat
Come on in and don't be shy
Just to make your day complete
You might get baked into a pie
On the Magic School Bus
Step in, step in, step inside
It's a wilder ride, come on!
Ride on the Magic School Bus!
[horn honks]