The Magic School Bus Rides Again: The Frizz Connection (2020) Movie Script

[kid] Whoaaa!
[Bus honks]
Ride on the Magic School Bus
[Bus honks]
[thunder crashes]
[kids scream]
-Oh, the humanity!
Hold on, everybody.
We're experiencing my favorite thing
about air travel: turbulence.
[kids scream]
And here comes my second-favorite thing.
Wind shear!
I hope we don't find out what
your third-favorite thing is, Ms. Frizzle.
Can't you get us out of this?
Well, here's the challenge, Arnold.
Because this is a hot-air balloon,
I can't steer it.
I can only make it do three things:
go up...
Go down...
[kids] Whooaaa!
What's the third thing?
Go down fast!
I knew I should've stayed home today!
Don't say that, Arnold.
This is all because of you, remember?
[birds sing]
Happy birthday, Arnold!
I made this card for you.
[Arnold] Hmm.
You really captured my essence.
And don't forget
about your biggest present.
You, Arnold, get to choose...
our field trip.
I guess we're staying home today.
Even better.
We're headed to the International
Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Come on! Whoo-hoo!
-[kids cheering]
-[Bus honks]
OK, here we go.
isn't the balloon supposed to be...
Where's the helium?
[Ms. Frizzle] No helium
in hot-air balloons, Ralphie.
The clue is in the words "hot" and "air."
No problem. Ralphie's full of that.
[kids laugh]
-[button chimes]
-[machinery rattles]
OK. First, we put in the air.
[rotors whir]
Why isn't it rising?
It won't rise until we put in the hot.
[flames roar]
I remember this.
When you heat something,
the molecules move faster!
Fast-moving air molecules
will spread apart and fill the balloon!
And when air molecules spread apart,
the air is less dense.
Hot, less-dense air
rises above the cooler, denser air
outside the balloon.
[Jyoti] The hot air rises,
taking the balloon along with it!
[Ms. Frizzle] OK, class!
-All aboard!
-Come on!
-This is amazing!
-Full speed ahead!
Full speed? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Balloons don't have engines or rockets
to push them forward.
They just go up and down.
That's why I love them.
Then... how do we go anywhere?
We just drift along
on the currents of air,
like floating down a lazy river
on a fully inspected,
totally leakproof raft.
Kick back and relax for...
the best field trip ever!
-[thunder crashes]
You said hot-air balloons were quiet
and gentle drifting on currents of air.
How could I know we'd hit
a thunderstorm?
Oh, I don't know...
by checking your forecast?
Don't worry! We'll be fine
as long as we don't get hit by...
[electricity sparking]
[kids] Lightning!
[lightning crackles]
[energy bursts]
Dude, what just happened?
Where did the sun go?
Is it just the three of us?
Where's everybody else?
And what's up with the Bus?
Bigger question: where are we?
-Uh, guys?
-[Ms. Frizzle singing]
Something funny is happening...
We're on a clear blue sea in Waikiki
But something funny's going on with me
You're hangin' with the Frizz
Get it? Hangin'?
Because we're suspended
from a hot-air balloon, of course.
Also... [snorts]
We're in Hawaii! [laughs]
We're on a clear blue sea
in Waikiki...
What are you guys doing?
Dancing! It's super catchy!
You're hangin' with the Frizz
[lightning crackles]
[energy bursts]
Intense. That was crazy loud.
You mean the storm
or Arnold's screams?
Hey... Where is Arnold?
And everyone else?
I know this coastline.
Last time I was here, I faced one
of my most death-defying adventures,
the Buried Mummy of Chan-Chan.
Upside is, I know how long it takes
to dig out of a tomb
with nothing
but a belt buckle and a button.
Welcome to Peru, kids!
But what about the Balloon Fiesta?
Balloon Fiesta? [groans]
Where's the adventure in that?
Let's take this baby
to the Andes Mountains
and surf some serious air currents!
That's an adventure!
-Hold on to your shirts...
-[flames roar]
[kids scream]
[Ms. Frizzle] Yeah!
[lightning crackles]
[energy bursts]
[seagull cries]
DA! Liz! Are you all right?
Wait... Am I all right?
I've lost the ability to see
the rest of the class!
-Oh, no! I'm class blind!
-No, you're not.
-They're not here. It's just us.
-[Arnold shudders]
This is like my recurring dream of
a field trip descending into total chaos.
Only, oh, wait! That dream is real.
And it's every single trip!
I admit this is stranger than usual,
Arnold, but we'll figure it out.
How? Ms. Frizzle is gone.
I'll never get to tell her how much
I actually learned from her.
[Ms. Frizzle] There's
much more to learn, Arnold,
like how not to talk about people
when they aren't there.
[stammers] Ms. Frizzle?
Yes, and that is clearly
the iconic lighthouse
of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia, Canada?
What happened during the storm
that we ended up on the opposite side
of the continent from Albuquerque?
When lightning struck the Bus,
the power surge caused a rupture.
The Bus has clearly been split
and separated.
Where's everyone else?
An excellent question, Dorothy Ann.
Class, what would be
the best way to find them?
Well, if the other FrizzPad
is with the other part of the Bus...
We should be able to track them!
Good thinking, you two.
I would also have accepted
"Scream their names as loudly as we can."
-[FrizzPad beeps]
-This FrizzPad's on the fritz!
There we go.
I think we found them, but...
could this be right?
The other half of the Bus is in...
-[phone rings]
Guys! Someone's calling us!
Please let it be a rescue team!
-[static crackles]
Wanda! You're OK!
-Arnold! Am I glad to see you!
-Hey, Arn!
-We were starting to get worried.
-Where's the rest of the class?
We're in Nova Scotia, Canada,
but it's just DA and me.
Hold on!
A part of the Bus is also in...
-[device beeps]
Am I glad to see you guys!
I need help immediately!
I've got a situation over here.
Carlos, Ralphie and Ms. Frizzle
won't stop acting silly,
even more than usual.
But... that's not possible!
Oh, I assure you, it is very possible!
No. How can Ms. Frizzle be with you
when she's here with us in Peru right now?
You know how they say you can never have
too much of a good thing?
Well, we all have a Frizzle!
[laughs] You get a Frizzle!
She gets a Frizzle!
We all get Frizzles!
Ms. Frizzle split into three?
Ah! This is all starting
to make sense now.
Really? Uh, according to my research...
Oh, who am I kidding?
There's no research to support this!
This is impossible!
Improbable, but not impossible,
Dorothy Ann.
This isn't my first split.
Last time I experienced a magic rupture,
I fractured into three parts as well.
What you're seeing is only
one-third of me.
There's also the wacky, goofy,
silly side of me.
I call her "The Frizz."
[laughs] Wacky, goofy side?
Never met her!
She sounds pretty awesome,
though, eh? Eh?
And I'm the daring, adventurous side.
Our Frizz just jumped out of the balloon!
-[laughs] Classic me!
And then there's this part of me.
The reliable teacher who only wants
to observe and learn from a safe distance.
Music to my ears.
Good. Then please sit.
Sitting is 77.84% safer than standing.
And swinging is
100% more fun than sitting!
Uh, shouldn't we be finding a way
to get all three Frizzles back together?
You mean, "Shouldn't we be finding a way
to get all three Frizzles back together
in time?"
In time?
What do you mean, in time?
[Ms. Frizzle] Observe.
-[energy pulses]
-[Arnold gasps]
What... what's happening?
Hey! Would someone give her a hand?
[laughs] Hey, nice one!
Whoa! Whoa! [laughs]
No one stands alone, class.
Especially when they've been split
into three parts.
Yeah, unforch, the, uh, Frizzle fragments
can't survive on their own.
I'm fading away, and so are the others.
That's right. If we're not reunited soon,
all three of us will disappear.
You mean,
you'll f-f-fade away f-f-forever?
Correct. You're developing
excellent comprehension skills, Arnold.
We just need to work on your delivery.
You'll fade away forever?
Oh, much better.
We can't let that happen!
We gotta reunite all three Frizzles!
We have to do it quick!
Quickly. Adverb!
It would make sense to get back to
Albuquerque where the separation started.
What an excellent deduction,
Dorothy Ann.
I'll try to coordinate
with the other groups!
First-rate plan, but please
stay away from the sides
while pacing around the basket.
Safety first.
What is she even doing?
-But it looks like fun!
Watch out!
-[kids gasp]
-Oh, no!
-Now what?
-We gotta pull her up!
Ptooey! I got a better idea!
-[kids] No!
[Tim] How is that a better idea?
I'll show you.
I'm in a river, and so are you!
Water currents
are like air currents, kids!
Picture the air moving you along
like this river is pushing me!
Remarkable. She jumped into a river
to teach us a lesson!
Here we go!
Water currents push me.
Air currents push the balloon and you!
-[Jyoti] Oh, no!
-Ms. Frizzle, stop looking at us!
-Look in front of you!
-[all] There's a waterfall!
Whoo! Yee-ha!
[Tim] We have to get Ms. Frizzle
out of there!
The Bus usually has the best gadgets.
Let's see what we've got here.
-Uh... this one!
-[button beeps]
How did I miss?
I was aiming right for her!
[button beeps]
We have to take
the air current into account.
So try aiming a little behind her!
Look in front of you!
It's coming up fast!
[Ms. Frizzle] That's why
they call 'em rapids!
[button beeps]
We've got her!
Tasty save!
So, kids, while I was heading toward
a waterfall, what did you learn?
The Bus has a magic gross lizard tongue?
You learned that the balloon is riding
air currents, the rivers of the sky!
-[kids gasp]
-Oh, no!
Whoa! Stealth mode! [laughs] Cool!
We have to get to Albuquerque ASAP.
Then we need to head north
as fast as we can!
Arnold said the balloon
only moves forward on air currents.
But you can't steer to find one,
you can only go up and down.
Ms. Frizzle, how do we find
a current to ride?
I'm sorry, Keesha!
I can't talk right now.
-I'm on a very important call.
-[thunder rumbles]
-Yes, I'll hold.
As serious as that storm behind you.
[splutters] I'm so sorry about that.
It's bananas around here.
[thunder rumbles]
No way I want to go through
another storm.
Yeah. We might get hit
with lightning again,
and I might split
into my three main parts:
Ralphie, Awesome Ralphie
and Super Awesome Ralphie.
The world couldn't take it.
Hello? You're fading out!
Oh, wait, that's me.
She's fading?
We have to find a way out of this!
The only thing I know how to do
on this balloon is to go up and down.
Which is it?
Maybe we can see a way out
from higher up.
Good thinking, Carlos!
Turning up the heat makes the air
inside the balloon spread out.
Spreading out makes the air less dense.
And less-dense air in the balloon means...
we go up!
[flames roar]
Whoa! We're picking up speed!
We must have drifted
into a major air current.
Yeah! A major air current
that's heading towards California.
We're going to take Hollywood by storm.
-[thunder crashes]
-Specifically that storm!
We've caught a southwesterly air current.
We're headed in the right direction.
Really? Wow! That's great!
I can finally kick back
and relax for my birthday.
-[books thud]
Relax? There's no relaxing here.
There's too much to learn!
Now give me back the FrizzPad,
pretty please.
Dorothy Ann, here's your homework
to complete on weather patterns.
How can we do homework
when we're not even home?
Good point, Arnold.
Let's just call it "balloon work."
-Don't you just love a...
-[kids scream]
We need to find an air current that's
going northwest towards Albuquerque!
How do we do that?
[Ms. Frizzle]
Feeling a little pressure, Tim?
So is the balloon. Air pressure, that is!
Ms. Frizzle!
And today's in-flight movie
is a showing of the award-winning...
-[kids gasp]
Hey! Who's pulling my leg... off?
-This is seriously strange!
What happened to your leg?
And what movie were you going to show?
What? Too soon?
A headless teacher?
Why can't anything be normal?
Ms. Frizzle! Look out!
Oh, wait.
She probably can't hear me.
[energy pulses]
Why aren't you doing your balloon work?
Don't you want to get ahead?
We got a head when yours came back!
It was so weird!
Your head was gone for such a long time.
Then my time is indeed running short.
All the more reason
to get your studies done.
I can't grade your work
if I'm not around to see it.
But, Ms. Frizzle, I really think
we need to focus on Albuquerque!
Trust me, Arnold. Doing your balloon work
is the safest course of action.
And isn't that what you want,
to be safe and calm?
-But how is homework...
...uh, I mean balloon work,
going to help us?
You'll find the books on this balloon
are extremely relevant.
Read aloud, please.
-Whoa! Holographic books!
[chuckles] Right...
holographic books.
"Just like the burners on our balloon,
the Sun warms the Earth's air.
But it warms up some parts
of the Earth more, like near the Equator,
and less in other parts,
like the North and South Poles."
[DA] "That causes a difference
in air pressure
that would start air moving from
the Equator to the poles and back again."
Well read, you two. Thank you.
Hey, welcome back, Lefty!
How can she be so calm?
Especially when we're
under so much pressure!
Ah, pressure!
Yeah, that reminds me.
[button beeps]
[energy pulses]
Tim, you make a great balloon.
Uh... why is this happening?
And why do I feel so full?
Because of the pressure from all that air
squeezed together inside you.
What happens when you really
let the pressure out?
-[air splutters]
-[girls] Tim!
What? I'm a balloon!
The air rushes outside
to where the air pressure is lower!
Maybe that's what makes air currents,
air rushing from places
with high pressure to low pressure!
So if we find an air current
moving in the right direction...
...and we raise and lower the balloon
at the right time
to put ourselves in its path...
...we'll catch the current!
Fire it up!
[flames roar]
[Jyoti] It's working! We're moving!
Looks like we're headed northwest
to Albuquerque.
-I'm starting to think we got this!
-[air splutters]
-[Tim] Whoa!
-Oh, no! Tim!
[button beeps]
[screams] I wanna be a balloon again!
[Ms. Frizzle] Gotcha!
-Let's never do that again!
And you won't have to
'cause you've had your turn as a balloon.
Ladies, who's next?
Oh, oh!
[thunder rumbles]
[Carlos] That storm is moving fast.
But then, so are we.
I know, and at least we're going
more or less in the right direction.
Found it!
Awww! I was hoping the lightning
had split my lunch into three, too.
[chuckles] Hungry, are ya?
[fishing reel whirs]
Aren't we too high up in the air
to go fishing?
And how can you catch anything
at this speed?
We're going, like,
112 kilometers per hour!
That's 70 miles an hour,
but it sounds more impressive in metric.
Whoa! I got somethin'!
Actually, it feels like it might be...
Whoa! This might be something!
Almost... got it.
-[object whooshes]
-Whoa! What is it?
[Ralphie] It's your phone!
[Ms. Frizzle] Don't be silly, Ralphie.
[snorts] It's a pineapple!
That can only mean one thing!
That you found the weirdest
fishing hole of all time?
We must be in... the Pineapple Express!
What's the Pineapple Express?
It's a Hawaiian special delivery service.
Let me show you what I'm talking about.
-Going up!
-[flames roar]
[kids scream]
[Keesha] Wow! We're so high up!
And you'd think
we'd have better reception.
Hello, room service?
Would you send up a room?
Ohh! What? Can't you see that's funny?
Here, try these.
I can't tell if this is serious
or just seriously weird.
Whoa! Check it out, Keesha!
These glasses let you actually see
the air currents moving through the sky!
[Carlos] That air current is massive,
like a river of air!
Exactly. People call that river of air
the Pineapple Express.
[Ralphie] That thing is way bigger
than a normal river!
[Ms. Frizzle] Atmospheric rivers
can be over 100 miles wide
and over 1,000 miles long!
Or over 160 kilometers wide
and over 1,609 kilometers long.
You're right, it does sound
more impressive in metric.
This one goes all the way
from Hawaii to California. Wow!
And it carries storms and rain...
And all sorts of other weather.
Weather from Hawaii can go to California?
That's crazy!
So... the whole planet is connected.
Air currents carry weather
from one part of the Earth to another!
Bingo! Oh, wait, back up. Not bingo yet.
I still need one more group scream
from you all to get the full row.
So, the storm's been following us
because it's in the same
atmospheric river as we are!
Yup. That big air current is carrying
a ton of moisture from the tropics
to the West Coast.
Once this "river" hits land,
the water vapor will cool...
And make rain!
So it sounds like we can ride
this sky river back to the West Coast!
Yep! As soon as we get into the current.
-Going down!
-[kids] Whoaaaa!
[Ms. Frizzle] Bingo!
[groans] The FrizzPad is still acting up!
I can't call the other two groups
to check in.
But I can see them on the map.
And the other two balloons are making
their way to Albuquerque! Yes!
Excellent! We have a real shot
at saving Ms. Frizzle, Arnold!
Then this birthday trip
might be OK after all!
Safety first, Arnold.
No jumping on the balloon.
Now here, put these on
and get back to your studies.
Life vests?
Those are for water and we're flying
completely over dry land.
Salutem primum, that's my motto.
It means "Safety first."
Liz, I have a vest for you too!
Onward and westward to Albuquerque!
[flames roar]
[thunder rumbles]
[Ralphie] Wow! All that rain
made it from Hawaii to California.
[Carlos] Just like us.
We rode the same air current as the storm.
It's all connected.
Now we just have to connect
our Frizzle fragments.
On to Albuquerque!
-Are we there yet?
-[Ms. Frizzle] Arnold.
-We use the buddy system here.
Where's your buddy?
There's only one other kid
on the whole balloon!
[Liz whimpers]
Sorry, Liz. One kid and one lizard.
-What? Why?
-[Ms. Frizzle] Safety first, Arnold!
You'll all be buddies.
Please take a seat.
I'll be over there grading papers.
What papers?
The two essays she made me write
on prevailing winds.
They're for extra credit!
Anyway, I'm sure Ms. Frizzle
knows what she's doing.
Are you? This Ms. Frizzle is afraid
to take chances, make mistakes.
And something tells me
she doesn't like getting messy.
We might need to save her from herself.
-But how?
-Let's see where we are.
-Oh, no!
This says we're near Ontario, Canada!
That's way off course from Albuquerque!
No! How did that happen?
[Arnold] Um, New Mexico is this way!
We have to find a different air current
and change course, fast!
Arnold! What are you doing?
I'm taking chances
and getting messy-y-y!
Whoaaa! Ooooh!
Wha... Huh?
And that's why we wear life jackets.
I heard all the commotion
and lowered the balloon.
Salutem primum, remember?
Uh... thanks?
Are we going to go back up
in the sky?
Oh, absolutely not, Dorothy Ann.
From here on out,
we're sticking much closer to the ground.
But don't we have to go up to make it
to Albuquerque before you fade away?
Probably. But I am not going to risk
losing a student again.
So unprofessional!
Ms. Frizzle? Why are we in Ontario?
-We're way off course.
-Excellent question, Arnold.
[Arnold yells]
You see, the map is flat,
but the Earth is not.
The air doesn't move in a straight line.
Since the Earth is round
and always rotating...
[Arnold] Air currents curve!
[Ms. Frizzle] Correct!
It's called the Coriolis effect.
The Coriolis effect?
Yes! It was in the homework.
-I mean "balloon work."
If the Earth stood still,
air could flow straight north and south.
But since the Earth turns,
it makes the air currents curve.
Air currents in the northern hemisphere
are always pulled to the right
and in the southern hemisphere,
they're pulled to the left.
So, since we're in
the northern hemisphere,
we're getting pulled to the right.
We started in Nova Scotia,
trying to go straight to Albuquerque.
But because air currents curve,
we got pulled to the right
towards Ontario.
Very good, Arnold.
That was a rewarding teachable moment,
don't you think?
But we don't need teachable moments.
We need to find a current
that's going the right way!
The safe way is the right way, Arnold.
Is it?
[repeated thudding]
Fiona Frizzle is literally flipping out.
I'm tired of being cooped up
in this balloon!
I want to do something extreme!
-Ms. Frizzle!
I want to ride a killer whale!
I want to take a selfie with Big Foot!
I want to climb Kilimanjaro on my hands!
How far are we from Albuquerque?
We've been going straight north
for a while, so I bet we're...
-This can't be right!
This says we're in...
[Wanda] What? How did we go this far east?
I thought we were going north.
-[phone rings]
-Keesha! Arnold!
-How are you guys doing?
-We're almost to Arizona!
-[Carlos] No, we aren't.
Sad but true.
We're drifting up the coast of California.
And we're nowhere near
because I fell out of the basket
and Ms. Frizzle will only fly
a few feet off the ground!
We have problems here, too.
We started out heading straight north,
but somehow
we're hundreds of miles off track.
That's because air currents curve.
It's the Coriolis effect.
Right, Ms. Frizzle?
-Good point, Arnold.
-Ms. Frizzle!
Hey, by the way,
what's a gust of wind's favorite color?
-Blue! [laughs]
-Whoa! Frizz, come back!
I'll be here all night! No, I won't.
This is not funny!
[Ms. Frizzle] Yes, it is!
Was that it? Are they gone forever?
Guys, our Frizzle just disappeared!
-[static crackles]
-[Keesha] No! Not now! The call dropped!
We're on our own.
No FrizzPad and no Frizz?
According to my calculations,
it's time to panic!
Uh... um...
Ms. Frizzle, you're back!
-You faded all the way out!
-For a full three minutes!
We have to go faster!
We've got to get back up in the sky
before we run out of time!
And I'll try to figure out
when that will be.
I'm sorry, class,
but staying low is the only safe course.
Salutem primum--
No! The time for being safe is over!
If we're going to save you,
we have to take chances,
make some big mistakes
and get really messy!
Whoa! Arnold!
I'm sorry, Ms. Frizzle,
but I'm taking over!
Arnold, this is another teachable moment.
And the lesson is that it wouldn't be safe
to challenge a Ballooning Buccaneer.
-I surrender.
-[sighs] Thank you.
DA, do whatever you can to get everybody
back on the FrizzPad.
Right! Already on it!
It's time for a full-scale Frizz Mutiny!
[Arnold] It's up to us...
[flames roar] save the day!
[toys honk and squeak]
-Come on, hand over the whoopee cushion.
-[Ms. Frizzle splutters]
Awww, but I need it to teach you
a lesson about air pressure!
-[cushion rasps]
Air currents!
Sorry. We can't have you
distracting us right now.
There's too much at stake.
[blows raspberry]
At least let me keep my parachute.
So you can use it to teach us more
about how air currents work, right?
Well, I was going to say
because it's awesome, but...
You can tell Arnold we're good.
-[phone beeps]
-We've got all of Fiona's daredevil gear.
We're distraction-free!
That's great! We sent you info
about the Coriolis effect.
You should be able to figure out
a better path to Albuquerque now!
We got it, Arnold.
But it's not like we can just make
the balloons go straight to Albuquerque.
We can still only go
where the air currents are going.
Our Frizzles are fading!
We have to get them together
before they're gone for good!
[Keesha] How do we get there fast enough?
Wait a minute!
We keep treating these baskets like
they're just hot-air balloon baskets.
-But they aren't!
They're each part
of the Magic School Bus!
[Bus honks]
And we might have just enough magic
left for one last ride!
If air moves from
high pressure to low pressure,
is there some kind of Bus magic
that could create high pressure behind us
to push us forward?
[machinery clatters]
-[energy pulses]
-[DA gasps]
[Ms. Frizzle] Yes! Whoo-hoo!
How did you guys do that?
Liz found a lever under the seat.
Found it!
[lever creaks]
[energy pulses]
I can see it! I can see it!
The machine's squeezing the air together
into high pressure behind us...
[Carlos] And it's spreading the air out
into low pressure in front of us.
[Ralphie] So the air's rushing from
the high pressure to the low pressure!
We're making our own air currents!
And at this speed...
...we might just make it
to Albuquerque in time!
-[static crackles]
-[Arnold] Here's the plan.
We get to Albuquerque,
and when we can see each other,
we get our balloons
as close together as possible.
And when we're close enough,
we line up the Frizzle fragments.
-[static crackles]
-[Ralphie] Arnold?
[Ms. Frizzle blows raspberry]
The Frizz is almost completely gone!
You've reached the voicemail of the Frizz.
I'm not here to take your call.
-[kids] No!
-Just kidding!
[kids sigh]
Or am I?
Am I... am I... am I?
[pineapple thuds]
Is she g-g-gone?
Not yet.
There's still some hula left.
-We'll be in Albuquerque soon!
-Great news!
I was starting to get
the tiniest bit worried.
Up high!
-[Wanda] Huh?
[Tim] Ewww!
What happened to our Frizzle fragment?
-Is she OK?
-[Ms. Frizzle snaps fingers]
I think we're good.
Uh... down low?
We're too late!
Ms. Frizzle is fading away!
Now, now. Keep your head.
And I'll keep mine, too.
Good catch, Dorothy Ann!
Are... are you OK?
I'm perfectly fine, Arnold.
But I don't think the rest of me
is coming back this time.
Arnold, hold Ms. Frizzle for a second.
So, I've been keeping track.
Ms. Frizzle's body parts faded
and then came back.
Then her body faded...
And then came back.
And now her body parts have faded again.
And they don't seem to be coming back.
I see a pattern, and if it holds,
we only have 15 minutes
to get them back together
or Ms. Frizzle is gone for good!
[thunder rumbles]
[static crackles]
The FrizzPad is fully back online!
Then let's patch everyone in!
It's good to hear from everyone,
but I have unsettling news.
Besides the fact that we have
less than 15 minutes
to get our Frizzle fragments
back together?
That storm is still following us!
The air current we created
is bringing the storm, too.
What'll happen if it catches up with us?
Just do what you can to stay ahead of it.
Time is running out!
We're getting near New Mexico,
but we have to go faster!
I see the storm that got us
into all this trouble in the first place!
We'll have to go around it!
But if you put it behind you,
what's to say you won't drag it
along with you?
Uh, guys? What happens
if the storms crash together?
I don't see any other choice!
There isn't any time left,
and if we want to save Ms. Frizzle,
we've got to get past this storm.
We all have to amp up our currents!
[gears grind]
I... I don't think we're
going to make it in time!
-I can see you guys!
We're almost together!
Grab your Frizzle fragments
so we can line them up!
-We're really going to do it!
-[Tim] Uh... Jyoti...?
Those storm clouds
are getting awfully close!
[Keesha] Just keep ahead of them!
[Arnold] Looks like we're gonna
miss each other!
We have to move our pressure systems
to turn and swing back around!
[gears clang]
[power pulses]
Whoa... Wh-What's going on?
According to my research,
atmospheric rivers are common,
with as many as six or more present
globally at any given time!
But people don't usually make their own!
We brought a whole bunch of high
and low-pressure systems together.
When they start swirling
around each other, it will make...
A hurricane!
[DA] Hurricanes happen at sea!
And this is over land,
so technically it's...
a tornado!
-Very good, DA.
-[tornado rumbles]
[Arnold] Hang on, everyone!
[kids shriek]
Only 30 seconds left. This is it!
Don't give up!
Hold on to your Frizzle fragments!
We can do this!
Come on, come on!
-[sparks sizzle]
Look! Look!
-[power buzzes]
-[kids] Whoo!
[kids scream]
[Arnold] Ms. Frizzle!
[Arnold screams]
[Tim] It's working!
[energy bursts]
[Ms. Frizzle] Wa-hoooo!
[Bus honks]
[Keesha] You did it, Arnold!
We did it!
Just in time
for us to go down in a tornado!
[Ms. Frizzle] Would you look
at that pressure system?
[kids] Ms. Frizzle!
Yup, it's me! Reunited at last.
And it feels...
-[kids groan]
I was going to say magical, but sure.
Here we go!
OK, class. We need to counter
what caused this storm. Thoughts?
Could we switch the high
and low-pressure areas?
[Jyoti] Right now the air
from the high-pressure areas
keeps trying to move
to the low-pressure areas.
It's pushing the air around
and around in a circle.
I get it!
But if we reverse the areas
of the high and low pressure,
then the air would start moving
the opposite way.
And slow the tornado down.
Or maybe even stop it!
No one's ever tried this before,
but I'm pretty sure no one's ever had to!
Well then, let's take a chance!
Seat belts, everyone!
[device whirs]
-[Bus clatters]
-[wind roars]
We can do it, Ms. Frizzle!
I know we can!
We wouldn't be doing anything if you
hadn't gotten me back together, Arnold.
I'm super ready to stop spinning now!
Almost there. Hold tight!
-[kids scream]
-[wind roars]
And one last little trick.
-[launcher whirs]
[machinery whirs]
Just a little low pressure in the distance
to send the storm away
from the Balloon Fiesta.
-[Bus honks]
-Ms. Frizzle, welcome back!
And in one piece, not three!
Ahhh, it's good to be back!
I owe some of you a big thanks
for laughing at my jokes,
some others for saving me
from a waterfall,
and I think I owe a couple of you
grades on balloon work!
[kids laugh]
-It's still your birthday trip, Arnold.
-What do you want to do now?
-Something on the ground, I hope.
-[kids laugh]
Yeah, Arnold. I bet you're ready
to head home and stay there!
Actually... let's go where
the wind takes us.
[flames roar]
Good call, Arnold!
-Yeah. The Balloon Fiesta is awesome!
[Keesha] Look at all those balloons
riding the air currents.
From high pressure to low stress.
[sighs] Oh, this is truly gorgeous.
I should really take a group picture.
Hey, everybody get together!
-Now smile!
-[camera clicks]
That's the problem
with these pineapple phones.
The reception's fine,
but the camera is awful.
[kids laugh]
I've never felt so...
alive! Whoo-hoo!
[energy bursts]
[phone rings]
-Fiona Frizzle here,
currently available to answer questions!
[kid] Hey, Ms. Frizzle!
Hot-air balloons are amazing!
Can I take one back and forth
to school every day?
I love the way you think, kid.
But remember, there's no way
to steer a balloon
other than by adjusting the altitude
to catch different air currents.
There aren't any brakes
on a hot-air balloon either.
[chuckles] That's my kind of aircraft!
You'll need to know the wind speed
and direction both on the ground
and where it was...
[laughs] Gotcha!
[chuckles] This is funny!
-[balloons inflate]
Some balloon pilots even release
a helium balloon
to see what happens to it as it goes up,
but I like my version better!
Hey, how's the weather up there?
I'll tell you when I get down!
[body thuds]
-[laughs] Nice catch!
-Thank you.
[kid] There's no way they could have
made it from Hawaii, Peru, and Nova Scotia
to Albuquerque in the same day!
That's true. We used a little Bus magic
to get everyone together in time.
Without Bus magic, a balloon's speed
is as changeable as the wind.
But these babies can move fast!
You can take one all the way around
the world in just over 11 days!
Ehhh! Over there!
-Got your phone!
-Nice one!
[kid] One last question.
How exactly did the class create
a tornado when they were reuniting?
And what is a tornado anyway?
Just a big storm?
Remember, each of the three...
[both chuckle]
Each of the three balloons
had high pressure behind it
and low pressure areas leading the way.
[The Frizz] Yeah!
And when all of those high
and low pressure areas got together,
it made the perfect conditions
for a whirling, swirling,
low-pressure storm called a cyclone, baby!
It just depends
on where the storm takes place.
Storms on the ocean are hurricanes
or monsoons;
storms over land are tornadoes.
[kid] Whatever it was, it was very cool!
Thanks, Ms. Frizzle.
[all three] You're welcome!
[flames roar]
[energy pulses]
Goodbye, now!
-[horn honks]
-[Ms. Frizzle] Seat belts, everyone!
[Arnold] Please let this be
a normal field trip!
-[Wanda] With the Frizz?
-[kids] No way!
Oh, cruising on down Main Street
You're relaxed and feeling good
Next thing that you know
-You're seeing...
-[Ms. Frizzle] Whoo-hooo!
Octopus in the neighborhood!
Surfing on a soundwave
-Or swinging through the stars
Take a left at your intestine
Take your second right past Mars
On the Magic School Bus
-Navigate a nostril
-[Ralphie sneezes]
Climb on the Magic School Bus
-Spank a plankton, too
-[Wanda] Take that!
On our Magic School Bus
Raft a river of lava
On the Magic School Bus
Such a fine thing to do
[horn honking]
So strap your bones right to the seat
Come on in and don't be shy
Just to make your day complete
You might get baked into a pie
On the Magic School Bus
Step in, step in, step inside
It's a wilder ride, come on!
Ride on the Magic School Bus!
[horn honks]