The Magnetic Monster (1953) Movie Script

Today, new dangers face mankind.
Dangers which challenges life,
threaten it's very existence.
Sound frequencies have been found
that can penetrate the human brain
and destroy life.
Deadly isotopes of unknown elements
have been discovered.
That can burn and sear the flesh.
Pilotless aircraft crashing the sonic barrier
can gain complete mastery over the skies.
To meet this challenge to our existence
a new agency has been formed.
The Office of Scientific investigation.
The operatives of O.S.I
are called A-Men.
A-Men, sounds like the final
word of a prayer.
It is not.
"A" stands for Atom
and "Atom" stands for power.
Power man has unleashed
but has not yet learned to control.
Whirling in space, each atom is a
solar system unto itself.
When studies separately,
it's gamma rays yield
information useful in the
experiments carried on by
the technicians at O.S.I
Our equipment covers the
range of instruments
From the simple test tube to the
complex 50,000 Volt Electron Microscope.
A-Men are detectives
with degrees in science.
The criminals we seek are sometimes
invisible to the human eye
Like radiation from outer space,
or particles held prisoner deep
in the heart of the atom.
yet within this tiny molecule there's
a tremendous force that once unlocked
can create or destroy planets.
Our Earth, is a planet.
July 18,
The morning, calm, quiet, peaceful.
I reported for work as usual at
My name is Stewart,
Jeff Stewart.
Class of 39, M.I.T, Boston, Mass.
I'm in charge of research at O.S.I.
The world seemed safe and good.
Bye, honey.
I'll pick you up at six.
Eh, what is this, a brush off?
Didn't I buy you dinner and flowers
and breakfast?
Jeff, you're late,
and I'm a married woman.
Are you?
You don't act that way at all.
There's lipstick on your nose.
Very undignified for a man of science.
Call me as soon as you've seen the
doctor, will you?
It's nothing honey, just a routine check up.
I want to know why you're so skinny.
Other girls are fat in their 4th month.
- They aren't.
- And don't do any housework.
Heavens, no! The upstairs maid
and the butler will do it all.
- I mean it! See you at six.
- Bye.
Yes General, Doctor Allard's in.
I'm connecting you.
- Good morning Dr. Stewart.
- Morning Nelly.
Dr. Forbes is waiting for you he'd like you to
come in to the lab, he says it's urgent. -Ok.
- Hey Nelly...
- Yes Dr Stewart.
- You've got children, haven't you?
- A boy and a girl.
Were you skinny in your 4th month?
I was never skinny.
Office of Scientific investigation...
- Morning Dan.
- Hi.
Jeff, when was the last atomic test
at Las Vegas?
Couple of months ago, why?
Would you mind checking these
here samples for me please?
- What's the trouble?
- I'll show you.
2280 disintegrations per minute.
Much higher than yesterday's
- Could there be something wrong with the counter?
- No, I checked it.
Let's have another sample.
2360 disintegrations per minute.
Traces of radioactive dust.
Hand me that pad, will you.
Average disintegrations
per minute 2300.
- What time is it?
- Exactly 9 O'clock.
- Good morning Mr. Simon.
- Morning.
- Yes Mr. Simon?
- Look, the clocks.
I am an orderly man,
I'm running an orderly store.
It's 9 O'clock now and our clocks
say it's 12 minutes past 12.
I don't get it.
You don't get a lot of things,
like a raise for instance.
It's my duty to pay your wages,
and it's your duty to wind the clocks.
But I wound them!
- Customers don't buy clocks that
show the wrong time.
I wound all the clocks last night!
The electric clock has Mr Simon...
12 minutes past 12.
- There must have been a power failure.
- Try the lights.
- Well the lights are working.
- Well then the clocks ought to work too.
- Yes but they don't.
- Mr. Simon!
Mr. Simon!
- Mr. Simon!
- What's this?
- It's stuck!
- It's not stuck, it's magnetised.
Mr Simon, there are magnetised too!
- But I can't understand it.
- My wristwatch has stopped.
- Mine too!
- Mine still shows 9, that's the
time entered the store.
Someone is wrecking my store
with magnetic power.
- Magnetic power?
- We must call the police!
Hello operator?
Give me the Department of Power and Light.
Immediately! This is an emergency,
do you understand, an emergency!
Engineer Watson speaking.
Yes, I'm the chief Engineer.
Simon's Hardware store,
918 Lincoln?
Yes, I know where that is.
What's that?
Well you must have a powerful
magnet in your store. You haven't?
I can't have appliances sailing
around my store.
Listen Mr Simon, I have no time
for practical jokes.
But I am a taxpayer,
do you understand? I insist!
Alright, alright Mr Simon, I'll
have somebody over there right away.
918 Lincoln.
Office of Scientific investigation?
Connect me with Dr Allard please.
This is the office of power and light.
Watson speaking.
Say Doctor, directive 149, says that
if anything unusual happens
to contact your office immediately.
I think you'd better send a couple
of your A-Men over to Simon Hardware...
Well I'm glad you got here, my name
is Simon I am the proprietor.
I'm Dr. Stewart.
This is Dr. Forbes, my assistant.
What seems to be the trouble?
When did you first notice these
magnetic effects?
When I first entered the store.
All of the clocks stopped last
night at 12 past 12.
I am answering the questions..
Could I have a piece of stiff paper please.
- Er thank you, and some small tacks.
- Er, Joy?
Thank you..
- This proves our point Mr Simon.
- What point?
See if we can find out where it
comes from. Yeh, that's a good one.
That'll do it.
- The epicentre is up there.
- Epicentre?
What do you keep up there Mr Simon?
There's nothing to do with the store,
they're offices.
What would you say Dan?
Paramagnetic forces, no doubt about it.
Get the prober for me, will you?
Could I use one of those fish poles?
- Albert.
- Yes sir.
No no, not a metal one, the bamboo.
Thank you.
There's a bomb in there,
I can hear it tick!
- This isn't a bomb, it's a Gieger Counter.
-Why does it tick?
The clicking noise shows the presence
of radiation.
Small frequency indicates it's
not dangerous, yet.
- We'd better put the badges on though.
- Alright.
What's this all about, where does
the magnetism come from?
Radiation definitely emanating from the
2nd floor, wouldn't you say Dan?
Yes, I imagine just overhead.
- What are those things for?
- Photographic plates.
Any radiation will expose them.. We want
to know how much radiation we absorb.
This store was founded in 1905,
Now we handle the most modern equipment.
But nothing like this has ever
happened here before.
Nelly, connect me with Dr. Allard please.
- Yes?
- Dr. Stewart on 4.
Yes Jeff?
Well I don't see how that's possible?
Must be Para-Magnetism.
Have you found the source?
No sir, not yet, not definitely.
Well get into your protective
clothing at once.
Yes sir, we have protective
clothing in the car.
I'll get police help to you
as soon as I can.
Now here's what I want you to do...
Yes, yes sir I understand.
Right chief.
- What did he say?
- To wait for the police to surround the block.
The Police?
We'll use every means at our disposal
to recover the radioactive matter.
Police will be instructed
to shoot to kill.
Come on, let's go.
- 320 milliroentgens.
- We're getting hot alright.
Beta rays increasing.
Jeff. You remember Newbold's
theory of unipole magnetism?
Sure, heavy element out of equilibrium.
Only one pole, North or South.
Defies gravitation. Why?
You suppose that this could be it?
Stick close to me.
Sounds like a machine gun.
This place is really loaded.
Must be right here.
Come here.
Overdose of radiation.
Must have been dead for hours.
Wonder who he is?
Find out that out later.
Jeff the impulses don't
seem to be dying down..
Emanations constant.
420 'MR'.
There must be another strong source
of radioativity around here somewheres..
Here it is!
Empty. It isn't there any more.
It must have contained a very
heavy element. Heavier than Uranium.
It must have been pretty close
to an explosive stage too.
Strong enough to kill.
Or wipe out a few city blocks.
Jeff, being magnetic..
It must be showing up on TV screens,
interfering with radar.
Whatever it is, it can't hide from us.
- Come on, let's get going.
- Right.
10:40 am.
Forbes and I went back, checked the
hardware store with special equipment.
Then returned to O.S.I.
We didn't know where the element was,
but we knew it would strike again.
We tried to get ready for it.
Though our clues were pathectically few.
The Speed of an Alpha particle is between
9 and 20,000 miles a second.
Applying standard procedure..
We measured the speed and distance of the
radioactive particles emitted by the empty
container we'd found in the attic.
Next we analysed dust particles
and finger nail scrapings taken
from the dead man.
Without a sample of the element itself,
we could only hope for the best.
From the film plate of the spectrum
of an element
It is possible with amazing accuracy
to obtain the isotopes'
unit charge and atomic weight
of a substance.
The Spectrograph of our dust particles
was carefully examined
But the test yielded results
we'd never seen before.
In desperation we decided to submit
our findings to the Electronic Brain.
Our calculations were forwarded
by long distance telephone
Received by the input unit and automatically
recorded for assimilation by The Brain.
While our findings were being coded
and the computations punched on cards
The extensive library of every
basic element and radioactive substance
known to man was systematically examined.
If a similar element existed
it would be found among the thousands
of facts available to the machines that
comprised the system known as 'The Maniac'.
Finally the tabulations were
against our mathematical description
of the element
that had already taken the life of one man.
Unless we were able to stop it,
It's radioactivity would remain
a constant threat.
Our problem was fed to 'The Brain'.
An automatically sequenced computer
employing a high speed
cathode ray memory unit.
'The Maniac' sings with weird
voices when it is working.
But even under skilled guidance
It faltered and was silent.
Frustrated by an unknown
element that could kill.
1.15 pm
Every means of communication was
used to inform the city
that a dangerously radioactive
element was at large.
The public, and all federal and civilian
agencies were instructed
to report immediately any disturbances
in home appliances
radio, television...
Radar Screens and scopes...
High frequency equipment,
Telephone service,
Western Union facilities,
and all types of electrical equipment.
Every 15 minutes Dr Allard and myself
took turns broadcasting on the radio
Ladies and gentlemen..
We are conducting a scientific test
Please let us know at once
If any of your watches
or clocks have been magnetic.
Should you discover any magnetism
coming from metallic objects
like your car, your toolbox,
or your electrical equipments,
Call Ogden 22-22.
Ogden 22-22.
Yes, thank you.
Yes, I heard you.
I wrote it down.
You'll hear from us.
He says the battery of his hearing aid burned
out and he wants us to look into the matter.
Oh fun.
What are these, more addresses?
- About 2 dozen.
- I've already checked 3 dozen.
Oh I'm worn in, done out, beat.
Dr. Forbes, Dr. Allard told
me to give this to you.
Have the police get in touch with those
people, Let them check the addresses.
And, um, sweetheart keep
the intercom switched on.
Your Television set doesn't work?
Where do you live?
What do they think we are?
Repairmen for broken down equipment?
Office of scientific Investigation.
- White spots on your TV screen?
- White spots? That cars going by.
- Anything significant?
- No. All blind alleys.
Teletype from Washington.
No Radioactive matter reported
missing from any, from any plant.
Well that settles that.
Office of scientific Investigation.
- I drive a cab and I heard your broadcast.
- Yes? Please go on.
Look. I just dropped a fare at the
airport but my cab acts kind of funny.
She stopped on me, won't start.
Listen to this.
I just got a brand new battery.
I know about cars, checked her.
But she deader than a mackerel.
But we can't fix your cab.
Please call your garage.
They wouldn't know what to do, the motor's
froze. My screwdriver sticks to the block.
- His Motor's become magnetic.
- Yeah.
- This may be it.
- Nelly, switch his call in here.
Hello this is Dr. Stewart, speaking.
Where are you located?
At the airport, South gate.
Your licence number?
- 7-Z-1456.
- 7-Z-1456.
Stay right where you are.
I'm coming out.
Stay where I am?
Are you kiddin'. I can't move!
Take a look at this Jeff.
Air terminal reports extreme interference
radar and radio communication.
- Well that's it alright.
I'd better get out there.
- Right.
I'll call the airfield and tell the
office you'll be there in 20 minutes.
- Report back if you need any assistance.
- Right, Chief. Dan, bring a Geiger counter.
Right, with you.
Dr Stewart called, don't forget you
have a date with her tonight.
Call her and tell her not to leave
the house. Tell her to stay at home.
I'm sorry, Nelly.
Please give her that message.
- Where'd you pick him up?
- At 7th and Hill.
- What time was it when he left your cab?
- I don't know for sure, my watch stopped.
- He didn't say which plane he wanted to catch?
- No, but I got out of here about 5 O'clock..
We've had about 14 planes leave during
that hour. That's a lot of planes to stop.
What'd he look like?
Well usually I don't take a good
look at my fares in the daytime..
Of course at night it's different.
But he was no kid.
How old?
Oh, about 60.
He carried a large brown suitcase.
You know the kind of a case that opens
on top, more like a brief case.
- It was pretty heavy.
- Did you lift it?
No, he wouldn't let me near it.
But I could tell it was heavy
by the way he carried it.
He seemed nervous.
He fumbled when he kinda
paid me the money, he put the
case between his feet.
He seemed to be afraid somebody
would steal it.
- That's about all can remember.
- Yeh, alright thanks very much.
- Eh, what'd the old guy do, rob a bank?
- No, thanks for your help.
You never can tell what you get in a cab
now a days. Yesterday a fella got in my
hack with a Kangaroo.
You know, I quit driving a
gasoline truck...
Thought it was too dangerous.
What'd you want me to do?
Can you instruct all planes
to land at the nearest airport?
I haven't got the authority.
Then get permission. All the planes
would have reached their destination
before I got through.
- All except one.
- After all there's a chance he
didn't take a plane?
Now look, look. Very soon the airplane
that he's in is going to crash.
How soon?
It all depends on how far the
briefcase is from the motors.
What do you mean?
If he's sitting in one of the
forward seats,
the magnetism is going to take
hold at any time and the motors
are going to conk out.
If he's sitting back towards the tail,
there may be some delay.
Now will you please put that order
through? My responsibility!
Alright, I'll order all planes to
land at the next emergency field.
Get me the Control Tower please.
- Jeff.
- Dan!
- I think I know which plane our man is on.
- Yeh, which one?
- We'll find out in a minute, come on quick!
- Coming, Mr. Smith?
Cancel the call please.
Excuse me please.
Jeff, check the counter.
- Wow, definitely radioactive!
- Our man took out an insurance policy.
- No wonder.
- But how do you know?
- Whatever blank he signed will be plenty hot.
This little machine is tracking
him down like a bloodhound.
Getting warmer!
There it is.
Howard Denker, Flight 17.
- 17 took off at 5-0-5.
- Can I get 17 back to the field.
- Howard Denker, I know him he's a
research physicist at South western.
- Yes, I've heard of him, come on.
Thank you.
I love to fly.
It's the only sure cure for
my hay fever.
I often take a trip just to stop it.
I never feel as well as in a plane!
I wrote to the company and suggested they
have special flights called 'Hay fever rides'.
They'd make lots of money.
Say, are you sick?
Its, its the altitude.
- Anything wrong sir?
- No. No.
- Let me take your briefcase.
- No!
Don't touch it.
Wouldn't you like to sit further back.
You could rest better.
Leave me...
Leave me alone, will you...
Airport's calling.
Flight 17.
This is Flight 17, over.
Return to the airfield at once.
Your engines might quit at any moment.
What does he mean 'engines might quit'?
That's the starboard engine.
Tell them we're coming back.
Captain, we've got a sick man on board,
his gums are bleeding.
Received message, returning.
Starboard engine cutting out.
Have sick man aboard, over.
He's suffering from radiation sickness.
Isolate him from the other passengers
His briefcase contains dangerous
radioactive material.
Push it as far back towards the
tail of the aircraft as you possibly can..
Don't touch it with your hands.
Do not touch it with your hands.
An ambulance and decontamination squad
will standby at the airfield.
Hope your engines will make it.
Good luck.
Over and out.
Take over.
- Good thing we're not over the Rockies.
- I'll take care of that briefcase.
- This man here.
- Ok, get away from him till
I can move that briefcase.
Excuse me, eh, I've got to
borrow your cane.
Just, just keep in your seats folks. Don't
be alarmed, everything will be alright
Fasten your seatbelts please.
We're going to make a landing.
Everything will be alright.
Alright, keep your seats folks.
Keep your seats, you'll be told
when you can leave the plane.
It'll be just a few minutes.
- Where is it Captain?
- Right back there Sir.
Come on.
- Now where's the sick man?
- Up in front on the right.
Folks you may leave now
but please file out slowly.
And let the passengers at the
rear of the plane come out first.
Ar, you first mamm.
Well, what's that for?
You'd better let the stewardess
take you to the hospital mamm,
for a check up.
- Hospital? I'm not sick!
- This way please.
Dr. Denker?
I'm Dr Stewart of the Office
of Scientific Investigations.
Its, it's in my briefcase.
Just a minute sir, please.
I'm afraid we'll have to take
this cane away from you sir.
- Would you help him out please?
- What is it Dr Denker?
Sereneum. A comparatively harmless
matter when I received it.
What'd you do to it?
I kept bombarding it with
Alpha particles.
For 200 hours.
It changed it's properties.
It became unipolar, magnetic.
Why didn't you report it?
I didn't want to have any
interference with my experiment.
I was afraid that others might
share my discovery.
Why'd you take that laboratory
on Lincoln Street?
I wanted to work unobserved
with my assistant.
But that Sereneum...
Turned out to be, unstable.
When my assistant was killed...
I tried to take it back to the laboratory.
At the University.
I'm still in full possession of
my mental faculties..
I still know what I'm saying.
Remember this, Stewart.
Keep it under constant electric charge.
Electric charge? Why?
It's hungry. It has to be fed constantly.
Or it will reach out it's magnetic arm..
And grab at anything within it's reach,
and kill it!
It's monstrous, Stewart.
It grows bigger, and bigger.
- How can it be stopped?
- I don't know.
Other scientists...
will have to find the solution.
My contribution...
is finished.
I know this:
In nuclear research
there's no place for lone wolves.
Specially trained technicians from
the State University prepared to
receive the element
being transported ascross the
field under Police Guard.
Every precaution was taken by the men
who would accompany the element on it's
long journey, but even then, we
failed to realise the power of
Denker's creation.
The element was reaching out
with invisible fingers
gripping metallic objects with
terrifying strength
We had no time to consider the reason for
Denker's experiment or what he had hoped
to accomplish. Our main concern was
to remove the element from the airfield
as soon as we could.
Working as quickly as possible the
technicians opened Denker's briefcase.
Using non-magnetic tools
They carefully removed the cylinder
containing the new element
and transferred it to a case made
of special alloys,
designed to prevent the spread
of radioactive particles.
The Guards had not been required to wear
protective clothing due to their brief
exposure to the element.
Yet they shared our relief in the fact that
the element was in a double container.
For added protection, a
special lead-lined truck
had been provided to contain any stray
radiation, while the element was en route
to it's destination
The Cyclotron at the State University.
Denker was right.
In Nuclear research there is no
place for lone wolves.
July 19th.
Forbes and I had installed the element
in it's new home in the Cyclotron of the
State university,
It was early morning by the time we'd
been checked through radiation quarantine
and had made our report to Dr. Allard.
As I approached home, and Connie,
Denker's dying words
kept ringing in my ears
"It will reach out with
it's magnetic arms..."
"And grab anything within it's reach,
and kill it."
Jeff, is that you Jeff?
Were you expecting somebody else?
You've been away for days.
Don't I rate a kiss?
What kind of husband are you?
The kind, kind. I wouldn't kiss any
girl with these whiskers on my face.
Not even my own wife.
- Why didn't you call me?
- You know what time it is?
- No.
- 6.30 am.
Oh darling,
This is the most beautiful bedroom
in the world.
Hey, what the doctor say?
When are you gonna start getting fat?
- He said not for a while.
- Yeh, how long a while?
He said some women never get fat
until the last 2 days. I may be the type.
He doesn't know anything about babies.
Today, we're gonna look for a house.
I'm gonna take the day off.
Jeff we can't afford a house!
Our boy is gonna have a real
patch of grass and
Sunshine and a real tree to climb in.
I was brought up in an apartment
and I was a very healthy child.
4th month and still skinny!
- I am not skinny!
- I ought to know.
He's gonna have a patch of
real green grass.
You must be dead tired you poor darling.
From now on I'm the boss.
We're gonna buy a house
and you're gonna be fed under
my personal supervision.
- Medical science says in the 4th month...
- And I say..
Hot cakes, syrup, sausage,
white bread
- If you say so.
- I say so.
Police cars with loud speakers,
television announcements
I tell you for 24 hours I was the
most important guy in this town.
Of course you're a very important person.
You've saved many many lives and I'm sure
they'll give you a medal, but never a raise.
We can buy that house without a raise.
That element, that Dan and you recovered?
Where'd you take it?
To the State University for observation.
I'm through with it thank heaven.
Now let me see,
We've got 3,000...
- 3,000 in the bank.
- 2,883.
Alright, alright, alright..
A 1,000 dollars for a
down payment on a GI house.
- Money for the hospital.
- Yeh, I figure on 300.
Figure on 500.
And we need a nurse for
a few days who can cook.
I can cook.
1,000 dollars for a down payment
on the furniture.
But darling, we're not figuring
on having twins.
Well, what about carpets, drapes?
We don't want the neighbours looking
into our living room.
What we need is a patch of grass, a backyard with a few miles
of sunshine above it. The rest will take care of itself slowly.
Very slowly.
Say, what happens if you're transferred
to another place?
You're a Government employee.
And portable.
Darling, stop worrying.
Now look!
You've eaten all your pancakes.
We'll have a fat sassy baby.
You just let me handle things
and everything'll work out.
- I married a genius.
- And a great lover.
Don't answer it, please Jeff. Remember
you're taking the day off to look for
a house with a backyard..
A patch of grass and a mortgage.
Oh yes Dr. Allard.
Yes sir, I'll be right over.
There was an explosion at the University.
How bad?
Dr. Chase was killed.
- And Freddy Lipton. You know Freddy.
- Well that's terrible.
It was that same thing that killed Dr.
- Oh Jeff...
- I know, I'll be careful.
I've gotta come back to both of you.
8:16 am.
The Score: 4 murders in 2 days.
Cause of death, the element was hungry.
When I arrived at the Office
of Scientific investigation
The entrance was blocked
The autogates shut. There'd never been a
reason to evacuate the entire area before.
Apparently the guard at the gate
knew less about it than I did.
Inside the corridor was empty,
the desks deserted.
It gave an eerie sombre feeling
to O.S.I.
We received the element from your office
and treated it as highly explosive matter.
Unfortunately the instructions we
received did not prevent the disaster.
Gentlemen meet Dr Stewart.
Captain Dryer, of the department
of civilian defence
- Dr. Serny, of State university
- Oh yes, how do you do.
Dr. Stewart,
Can you give us an explanation?
First I need an explanation Colonel.
Why the roadblock?
Why the explosion?
- It wasn't an explosion.
- That building collapsed on the Campus.
A Cyclotron that Government funds helped pay for out
of tax payer's money was smashed to smitheerines.
- What do you call that if not an explosion?
- Nonsense gentlemen!
It was an inverted explosion.
An implosion.
The walls were pulled inward by
some unbelievable force.
Girders were bent,
Rivets were pulled out...
All metal parts within a radius
of 100 yards became magnetic.
Look, Colonel.
This is a bolt from one of the girders.
Now watch.
Why, I've never seen anything
like that in my life!
What is that?
A piece of steel has been magnetised
by some radioactive element.
So far, undefined.
We placed it in our vacuum chamber.
Forbes is watching it.
Oh it's quiet now but heavenly only
knows when it will react again.
But you have no right to keep a highly
dangerous substance in the centre of the City!
My instructions are to find out what it is.
What happens if it explodes again,
while you do your research?
Then captain, it becomes the
responsibility of our successors.
Dr. Serny...
Did you, did you notice any difference
in the element after the implosion?
Its hard to say because it's
so hard to believe.
It defies every law of physics.
It doubled it's size...
Then lost it's magnetism
and it's radioactivity.
Denker was right.
It's unipolar magnetic.
Constantly growing, doubling it's mass.
Growing larger and larger.
But this is ridiculous,
metal objects can't grow!
- Yes?
- This is Forbes. I'm ready with the samples.
We'll be over right away..
We'll examine the element under
the electronic microscope. Will
you gentlemen please follow me.
Turn out the light Captain, please..
Maximum vacuum, Dr. Stewart.
It's Extraordinary!
Look, they're multiplying.
They're forming rings of their own.
Adding new structure to the old.
Doubling their size.
Growing larger and larger.
You know what's happening?
Mass is forming in
supposedly empty space!
I don't follow.
Energys' being drawn into space
transforming itself into mass.
What does it mean?
They're like planets.
This process might have been
the origin of the solar system.
Yes, gentlemen.
We're witnessing the secret of creation..
Diameter of the molecule:
45 thousandths of one millimetre.
Cycle of multiplication:
4 seconds and 4 tenths.
This growing process follows a
straight mathematical progression.
- It's amazing.
- Amazing to me we didn't explode.
What's next?
We'll run the tests and communicate
the data to "Maniac".
- Who's the 'Maniac'?
- M.A.N.I.A.C.,
Mathematical Analyser Numerical
Integrator and Computer.
- You mean the giant brain machine?
- 'MANIAC', in short.
With a sample of the element
to work with at last..
We began a series of exhaustive tests.
Our first move was to check
it's chemical composition,
Critical mass, density and
point of saturation.
Measuring the emission of
it's Alpha and Beta particles
was almost beyond the scope of the
Geiger Counter's scaling unit.
But testing it under extremely
high frequencies
we were able to ascertain the exact
strength of it's magnetic field.
The response of the element bore
out Denker's statement.
It was of a highly unstable nature
Its wavelength yielded frequencies
well above 2 million megacycles
per second.
Intense heat enabled us to
photograph it's spectrum,
and three hours later we had
compiled all the information possible.
Our next step was to consult
the M.A.N.I.A.C.
At last we were coming close
to a true picture..
Of the monster Denker had
blundered into existence.
The problems are broken down in code..
You must feed them, to the computer as soon
as possible and teletype us the results.
There can't be any delay.
The total problem, data as follows...
Energy: 0011.
Time of Cycle: 1001.
Atomic weight: 10011.
Radiation: 10100.
Last minute preparations were made.
Our coded results were checked,
and re-checked.
Finally, everything was ready.
The computer was awakened
from it's slumber,
and the data fed into the brain
of the M.A.N.I.A.C.
It was a matter of time,
until whether we would know
Whether we had succeeded or failed.
This is worse than waiting for a baby.
It's almost 6. I've got to
relieve Dan in the vacuum chamber.
I'll call you as soon as I get
the information from the M.A.N.I.A.C.
Ok, chief.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Brought you some Java.
- Yo!
- Nothing yet?
- No.
- Any word from the M.A.N.I.A.C?
- Not yet.
Jeff, what do you think?
I don't dare say it.
- Afraid?
- Sure, aren't you?
What's that?
Dan, Look!
Magnetic field's increasing!
It's actually growing!
Jeff, that's alive thing!
If it's growing it's feeding
on something.
And if it's not being fed..
It implodes and draws energy
from surrounding matter.
And turns that into mass.
Nuclei and electrons form matter.
Let's feed that thing electrons,
it's our only chance Dan, let's try it.
Increase the voltage.
Go on give it more.
Give it maximum output.
That's it.
Jeff, look.
It's quiet again.
Yeh, for the time being.
- Serny was right.
- About what?
It's doubled it's size.
And it's appetite.
Right chief.
Allen's got the M.A.N.I.A.C on
the wire, give me my coat.
Here it is gentlemen.
Energy gained per cycle
500 Million Hertz.
Unstable. Unipolar.
Cycles of Implosion: 11 hours.
It will double it's size
every 11 hours.
The last implosion was at
7 O'clock this morning.
- The next one is due at 6 O'clock.
- 6.30 now.
There you are, the whole thing
is a miscalculation.
No captain.
There was an implosion at 6,
but we stopped it.
And there'll be another one at 5
in the morning, only double it's size.
Gentlemen we have 10 hours and 30 minutes.
While Forbes kept watch on the element, I
attended an all night session at City Hall.
Scheduled implosion at 5 the next morning
Would be met with all the available
power in the city
Radio and TV stations remained on the air
To inform the public that a special test
was to be made the following morning.
Ladies and gentlemen,
In 10 minutes we're suspending our
telecast for a period of 30 minutes.
The Department of Power and Light informed us
that the City will go dark for a half hour.
We tried to contact the Mayor's office
but we were refused explanation.
Gentlemen, as Mayor of this city,
You see what I'm up against!
Mr Mayor the City must go dark to
supply the power we need.
And after 11 hours, what then?
Then we'll need the entire power
of Bolder Dam to feed it.
We must make preparation to
evacuate the city.
How can we evacuate 4 million
people in a few hours?
What's the limit of it's growth?
There is no limit, General.
It'll grow larger and larger.
- Doubling it's size with each cycle.
- But what would happen?
As long as the earth remains in
Equilibrium, nothing will change.
But very soon, this element is
going to make the Earth eccentric,
It's gonna fly out of it's orbit.
Into space!
You can't be serious?
Mr Mayor, we're stating facts.
How large is our supply of electricity?
600,000 kilowatts for the whole city.
Well let's shoot it into space.
Far as I know Sir, we don't
possess a rocket that powerful.
What about dumping it into the ocean?
In a matter of weeks the ocean
would turn into steam.
Isn't there some way to stop it's growth?
Yes, Mr Mayor, theoretically.
If we could use it's own power,
bombard it with that power,
over feed it until it burst,
and fissioned into 2 stable elements
You mean elements that are not cancerous?
How many volts would it take to split it?
According to the M.A.N.I.A.C, ,
900 million Volts..
- There isn't a generator that powerful.
- That's right.
The Canadian Government operate
a top secret plant in Nova Scotia
They own the most powerful
Deltatron in existence.
When they realise the common danger,
they'll let us use it
Nova Scotia is 4000 miles away.
The period between cycles is 11 hours.
How are we going to transport
it there in that time?
Our jets travel at 600 miles an hour.
And what's more the new alloys we
use in our jets are non-magnetic.
They'll not be affected by the cargo.
You Dr. Stewart and Forbes can follow
in another plane, just in case.
Operator, This is General Behan.
Give me Washington,
Connect me with the
Secretary of Defence.
I like this world.
Let's keep it in one piece.
Or at least let's try.
July 21, 7.45am.
We had sapped the strength of
the city to keep a monster alive.
The element had been fed, and
for the time being was at rest.
The Air Command supplied us
with Jet Aircraft,
One for Forbes and myself,
and one for the element.
It had quadrupled it's size
and due to it's increasing density,
we were no longer able to extract
a sample even for test purposes.
A new cylinder had been fashioned
from a combination of special alloys.
We were able to contain the strength
of the element's magnetic field
and lessen the degree of it's
radiation but like a chained beast
it had the power to break lose
in an unpredictable frenzy.
The element was loaded into the plane
for the trip that we hoped would carry it
to final and total destruction.
Forbes and I had already taken off
in the jet bomber that had been placed
at our disposal by the Air Command.
Ours was a fast ship, but no match for
the pursuit job that was to carry the
element to its destination.
By placing the element in the plane,
The technicians from State university
had fulfilled their end of the bargain.
The rest was up to the pilot.
8:43 am, the element was airborne.
We'd made countless tests with the
monster Denker had created,
But we didn't know how it would react to the
sudden acceleration of a jet fighter plane.
Fortunately, or unfortunately,
The pilot would be the
only one who could tell us.
11:17 am, somewhere over Kansas,
The fighter had dropped it's wing tanks and
prepared to take on fuel while in flight
to save the one important factor, time.
If the element was hungry,
It would have to wait until
the fighter quenched it's thirst.
Our bomber was next.
Finally our tanks were full.
Time: 11:51.
Destination: Nova Scotia.
What we'd do there we didn't know for sure.
If we got there, we had exactly
1 hour and 35 minutes to find out.
- They're here, the Americans.
- I hope they know what they're doing.
- Dr. Benton?
- Yeh, this way.
That's a hot potato you tossed us!
I read you report you
sent over by Teletype.
- I must say I am quite at a loss.
- That's why we're here Dr. Benton.
- How far down are you taking us?
- 1700 feet.
This is an old mine. The Government put us
down here in the interests of public safety.
I've studied the specifications
of your Deltatron Dr.
I hope it's powerful enough to do the job.
What is the nature of your job?
What's the maximum output of your machine,
your specifications didn't state it?
600 million Volt maximum.
That's all?
The insulators haven't
been tested for more.
We haven't time left to run a test.
- It's cold down here!
- Yes, we're under the ocean floor.
It's the deepest mineshaft we could
find. Just perfect for our purpose.
- Safety reasons?
- Only partly.
The sea water's almost at
freezing point down here.
We need it to cool the Deltatron.
Nice to see the sun again.
Patch of grass.
For 11 years I've practically lived in
this hole under the Ocean Dr Stewart..
Yes Dr. Benton I'm familiar with your work.
Then you can understand my
apprehension, and curiosity.
How do you plan to use my Deltatron?
I'm going to try to kill
that thing we sent you.
- How you going about it?
- Choke it.
- I don't follow you.
- It feeds on energy.
Our only chance it to over-feed it.
Ram all available, power down it's throat.
Choke it to death.
But if it can assimilate all the energy?
What then?
I'll leave that to your imagination.
Open the floodgate.
The Deltatron is beyond those doors.
Safety checks begin?
Just in case an explosion should blow
through the floor of the Ocean sometime.
They're watertight.
She's a brute ain't she?
Took 11 years to build her.
You say the maximum load would be
600 million Volts.
That's the upper limit, although
we've never been that high.
It's not high enough then.
The Deltatron has an output
of 600 million Volts.
That will be the upper limit
of your operating conditions.
- Mind if I have a look?
- Go ahead.
But I don't understand.
What's he got on his mind
How much voltage is he gonna use?
We consulted The M.A.N.I.A.C..
Here's the answer.
But this is preposterous!
This is impossible
I don't think the M.A.N.I.A.C
made a mistake.
I don't question the M.A.N.I.A.C
but at this high voltage, the...
Molecular movement can't be controlled.
There's no way of directing it.
Do you have a better plan?
What's up there?
It's the Tele-metering Control Room.
I'd better talk to
the Defence Minister.
I won't take any responsibility for the
safety of the people and the equipment.
But I must repeat
their lives are in danger.
Very well Sir.
I understand.
- Cartwright here.
- Cartwright.
Yes Sir?
Tell the Crew that Dr. Stewart
is in full charge.
- They'll take orders from him.
- Yes Sir.
How can you take such a personal risk?
I'm gonna set the machine
and leave in time.
- So are the men.
- But she isn't built to take such a load!
- She'll break up!
Dr. Benton,
Our only hope is that she'll break that
element before she breaks herself.
Start your Generators.
Cut in Emergency Voltage when called for.
Stand clear of the machine.
I'm gonna see how much it can take.
I'm now going to set the Deltatron
at it's maximum output, and close
the flood gates.
I want you all to leave. You've got
about 7 minutes to reach the surface.
- What about you?
- I'll get out in time too.
The flood gates will hold no matter
what happens. You'll be safe the other
side of them.
I'm now going to close those Gates.
You can't do that,
you can't do that!
Benton, what are you doing up here?
This is about listening to reason,
it's insanity what you're doing!
Get out of here Benton,
I'm gonna close those Gates.
But I implore you listen to me.
Lock the remote controls
and come on down!
Come back cowards!
You know it can't be stopped now.
Come on, get out of here.
Now you'll have to stop the Generators!
You'll have to!
You'll drown.
You and 400 men!
All of you!
The doors won't close, stay alive!
Get out!
Give me your big cutters!
- Listen?
- Yeh.
Sill alive.
- It's the end.
- Come on.
We did it, Dan.
We killed it!
It's gone.
It's gone forever.
- Hey! Not so skinny.
- I'm working on it,
I'm getting bigger and better.
- The Secret of multiplication.
- What are you talking about?
I'm not sure.
Excepting they both seem to have
something to do with multiplication.
Done through love the result
is a baby, a lovely thing.
But without love,
and through hate or with fear,
The result is a Monster.
An element that grows.
this version's English audio's.
November 2017