The Magnificent Seven (2016) Movie Script

Go on!
Seem a little lonely. Need some company?
Make some time for you, little missy.
- Yeah!
- Come on, move! Get out of the way!
- Hurry.
- Quickly.
- Move it!
- Come on, come on!
- Get out of the way, now!
- Come on.
Fire in the hole!
Another wagon coming from town!
That's Mr. Bogue's gold!
Move. Get out of the way!
Out of the road!
This gold's heavy.
- Must be a lot in there.
- You folks stay back!
Stay away from the gold!
- Get right inside. You, get up there!
- Get going!
There's more gold in the wagon.
Hurry up. Get the rest of those cases.
Ain't right how these men are being treated.
They fought in the war.
Line your asses up and get paid.
- All right, let's go.
- Let's go! Move!
- All right, boys, line up.
- Move. Come on!
Get that wagon back to the mine.
Let's move! Move!
What about our water?
Bogue's gonna come back,
and he's gonna try and take this land.
- What about our families?
- What about Bogue?
Hey, calm down! Calm down!
Our crops are dying!
He's telling us that the water's poison?
- It's a lie!
- It is a lie.
Otherwise, why does he have Blackstones
keeping us away from it?
- He's just a man, Turner.
- He's a man with an army, Phillips!
- He's a man with a claim to mine a mountain.
- He's trying to run us out of town.
And his miners are camping
on the edge of our town!
A man seizing our land.
A man with dozens of hired guns
on his payroll.
We know that, Turner.
- Who's gonna stand up to a man like that?
- We will.
- But how? With what?
- We're just farmers.
To Bogue?
- There are laws on our side.
- Bogue is the law, Matthew.
Bought and paid for.
- Even got our sheriff on his payroll!
- And his deputies.
- And that's why I say we fight.
- I say we fight. Yeah.
I ain't fighting,
and I ain't leaving neither.
- Well, what are you gonna do?
- God will provide.
That is right, Brother Phillip.
The Lord surely will provide.
Now, now. Bogue is a businessman.
If you just reason with him,
he'll give you a fair share.
- Yeah. Right. Sure he will.
- Fair share, Gavin?
You're the only one making money here!
No, you and your whores.
Now, Ben, that ain't fair.
You know that.
You were there the other night.
You know that's a lie now, Gavin!
- Please, brothers and sisters...
- You know that's a lie.
- Please, brothers and sisters.
- Reason?
Ask the Dennehys how far reasoning got them.
He burned all the Dennehys' crops!
- Our farms are rotting.
- That's right.
It's only a matter of time
before he drives all of us out of here.
For the sake of our children,
I believe it's time we leave Rose Creek.
- To where?
- And where are we gonna go?
- I know you're scared.
- I've given everything I have.
We all are, but we came far to get here.
Suffered losses too painful to bear
to make this our home.
- Praise God.
- Amen.
We did it.
All of us.
This valley is ours.
- I agree with Matthew.
- I'm with Matthew.
This is the Lord's house.
It's no place for guns.
There are women and children.
Mr. Bogue.
This is what you love, what you'd die for.
And what your children
and your children's children
will work on, suffer for,
be consumed by.
Look at me, boy. Come on up here.
Come on, boy. Come on!
It's okay, son.
Now, I come here for gold.
This country has long equated democracy
with capitalism,
capitalism with God.
So you're standing
not only in the way of progress and capital.
You're standing in the way of God!
- And for what?
- No, preacher.
You want to help me out?
Let's find out.
Put your hand in there for me.
Go on.
Go on.
This is no longer land.
The moment I put a pin in the map,
the day I descended
into this godforsaken valley
and cast my gaze upon it,
it ceased to be land and became...
That's it. Pull your hand out.
Go on, sit back down.
This is your God?
$20 for each parcel of dust,
that is my offer.
- My land is worth three times that!
- You can't do that.
We have to think of our families.
This valley's worth more than that.
- You're stealing our land!
- And our livelihood.
It won't sweeten.
It'll only sour.
- They're coming in!
- Everybody on out!
Get out of here! Go on!
What are you doing? This is God's house.
Both of you! Stay here!
You're not going anywhere. Stay here!
No, no, no!
- No, please, no!
- Get down.
Somebody help her. Come on. Come on.
- Get out!
- It's the Lord's house!
- Move!
- Get the hell out of here!
No! Don't!
Do not turn your back on the Lord.
Please stop.
- Please, stop it!
- Leave him alone!
Stay down, preacher!
- I'll return to Rose Creek in three weeks.
- Stop moving.
Those of you who accept my offer,
whose signed deeds are on my desk
when I return...
- Matthew!
- ...shall get their $20.
Get off him!
Those of you who do not,
may your good Lord help you.
I'll help you. I'm sorry. Let me help you.
The Lord's watching.
What kind of man are you?
What'd these people ever do to you?
For what, Bogue?
For land?
For land?
Isabel, no!
Son of a bitch.
- No, Caleb!
- Oh, my God.
Down, down! Stay down.
No, no.
Leave the bodies where they lay
and let 'em look at 'em a few days.
- My God.
- No!
No! No!
Please, God, don't take him.
Come on, Leni. We have to
get the baby away from the church.
- It's on fire. Come on, come on, come on.
- No, no.
Come on, come with us. Come on, Leni.
This is the Lord's house.
- Come on, there's a fire!
- Something's on fire!
- Let's put it out, men. We can't leave this!
- Shit, it's on fire!
It'll be burned to the ground
if we don't hurry!
- Stay back!
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Stay back.
- Stay back, men!
Come on, we're just trying to help.
You don't get paid to help. Move!
- I can't.
- I'm fine.
Come on. Come on. Come with us.
Damn wheel's busted. I can't fix it!
Got a long ride ahead of us.
Well, lookee there.
You know where you are, cowboy?
Get right here. Get right here.
Yeah, I'm hoping to change my luck.
- These cards are shit.
- Deal.
Now, let's try to keep civil
this round, okay?
I'm looking at you, Lucas.
Just play the damn game, Faraday.
What the hell is he doing here?
Shot of busthead.
Sorry, don't carry that kind, cowboy.
Well, in that case, I'll have a double.
- What's that for?
- Information.
Looking for a man. Big fella.
'Bout your size.
What's his name?
Name his mama gave him was Daniel Harrison,
but sometimes
he goes by the name of Powder Dan.
Killed a tenant farmer
and his son in cold blood.
Stole the man's plow horse.
Man's wife tried to intervene.
Took advantage, then killed her, too.
- Ain't heard of him.
- Well, like I said, he use different names.
Had a bullet scar on his left shoulder.
Right there.
Now, Powder Dan ran with an outlaw,
name of July Bully.
May he rest in peace.
- He's dead?
- Yes, sir.
How'd he die?
I whispered in his ear.
Yeah, what's that?
Come here.
Bring them in
Bring them in
From the fields of sin
Bring them in
He shot my damn foot!
Come on, hey. Settle down, mister. Come on.
Come on, easy.
I got a family, mister.
They're better off without you.
Somebody fetch the sheriff.
- Get the sheriff!
- Get the sheriff.
- Get the sheriff!
- Get the sheriff!
I'm gonna kill you, Faraday.
You son of a bitch. Deal with you later.
- Well, I know it.
- Go on out.
Come on, come on.
Dan, you dead?
Pity. I had just ordered a drink from him.
Money for blood's a peculiar business.
He started shooting everyone in cold blood!
- And he's still in there, yeah.
- That son of a bitch!
- There he is!
- There he is!
- That's him!
- That's him!
- Sheriff! Sheriff!
- He shot him in cold blood!
My name is Sam Chisolm.
I'm a duly sworn warrant officer
of the circuit court in Wichita, Kansas.
I'm also a licensed peace officer
in the Indian Territories, Arkansas,
Nebraska, and seven other states.
Now, this man is wanted on charges
in Nebraska,
expedited by federal writ,
under Common State Law Enforcement Act.
Yes, sir.
Wire Judge Talbot in Wichita for the reward.
Half the money goes to the man's widow.
And you can hold my part for me
till I get back.
Where you headed?
Off into the mountains, hunting a vaquero.
No, Miss Emma. I'll do it.
- Excuse me. Are you a bounty hunter, sir?
- No, sir.
Yeah, that's Powder Dan.
Get him on outta here.
I have need of a man
with your qualifications.
You can't afford me.
Well, can you at least describe the rates
or offer up the particulars?
Rose Creek.
It's only four days' ride from here.
A rich man has overtaken the town.
He's killed half a dozen men.
He's got the sheriff on his payroll
and Blackstone agents in his employ.
Well, you don't need a bounty hunter,
you need an army.
And we intend to hire one, sir.
Guess you weren't expecting
to see me again, were ya?
Wild Bill? Is that you? You look like shit.
Ain't no Wild Bill.
They call me
the Two Gun Kid.
Keep your hands away
from your weapons, Faraday.
- Hands up. Hands up.
- Hands away from the...
Get his guns, Dicky.
Don't try nothing.
A pretty one.
What's that, a Peacemaker?
Now turn around.
I'm not for sale.
Mister. Mister!
You intend to make me chase?
I have a proposition.
- And I'm wary of propositions, miss.
- Missus.
I'm not sure if my friend
filled you in on the details.
Enough of 'em.
Then why won't you at least listen?
We're simple farmers.
Decent, hard-working people
being driven from our homes.
Men slaughtered in cold blood.
Women and children
without food or essentials.
All because some man named Bogue
wants to mine our valley and take it from us.
Bartholomew Bogue?
You know of him?
Heard the name.
What's this?
Everything we have.
That's what it's worth to us.
Been offered a lot for my work
but never everything.
That man murdered my husband.
Killed him dead in the middle of the street.
So you seek revenge.
I seek righteousness, as should we all.
But I'll take revenge.
The Two Gun Kid.
That's my name now.
'Cause you got two guns?
- Maybe not.
- Told you it was a stupid name.
Dicky, shut your goddamn mouth.
Faraday, walk!
Just mad 'cause Mama gave him the name Earl.
What do you want to do with him?
How 'bout we take him over
into that mine there?
This is as good a place as any.
Into the mine, Faraday.
If you're gonna kill me, kill me.
If you're gonna rob me, rob me.
But I will not go in that mine.
There's rats in there.
Virginia City? Three days past?
Best you remember who'd you cheat
out of $50 in a card game!
I assure you I did not have to cheat
to beat the likes of you two.
Gentlemen, allow me a moment
to show you something quite miraculous.
You just show us our money, Faraday!
Fifty-two cards.
- Pick a card.
- We ain't playing no game.
You've got the drop on me.
You'll get a hoot outta this.
Come on, Earl, just pick one real quick.
You know how I like magic.
- All right, keep the gun on him.
- Got it trained right on him.
No tricks now.
Don't let me see it.
Show your associate.
Commit the card to memory.
When you're ready,
put the card back in the deck.
Don't try nothing.
Keep your gun on me. That's very good, Earl.
Now, there's no way
I can know what your card is
because I didn't see it.
- Yet...
- Come on. Let's go!
With a shuffle and a cut, miraculously,
your card.
That ain't his card.
Man, you ain't no magic man.
That's not it? Hold on.
Quit playing around
before I blow your goddamn head off.
Remember the plan, Earl. I get to kill him.
You didn't let me finish.
Your card was the king of hearts, right?
Is this your card?
Now, you see? That was worth it, wasn't it?
- That was kind of good.
- Pretty good.
That was...
No, you just killed my brother.
- Should I kill you?
- No. Please.
Would you like to see another magic trick?
It's called The Incredible...
My ear!
We are never gonna cross paths again.
Please don't kill me.
Keep your money, please.
I didn't want to kill him.
He shouldn't have touched my guns.
The only way in is the valley floor,
and the main road in and out is to the west.
Where's the mine?
- And where's Bogue?
- Sacramento.
Back in less than three weeks.
And how many men you say
you got left in town?
Forty, maybe.
Farmers. Not fighters.
You understand what it means
when you start something like this?
We did not start this, Mr. Chisolm.
What are you waiting on?
Just get him under control.
Spend all night at the saloon, and then
you can't even control a silly horse.
Come on, lad, get in there!
Silly horse? That's a stallion.
His name's Jack, and he's killed men before,
so he oughta be careful.
- Easy, easy, easy!
- I require my horse back.
That horse.
Two days past.
Your horse against my Irish whiskey.
Behind the saloon rolling dice.
That, sir, is a lie. A complete, absolute...
Good Lord.
- Easy.
- I thought that was a dream.
I thought you were a leprechaun.
That was real?
I was mistaken.
I would like to buy my horse back.
Though I am light of funds at the moment.
Seems we have ourselves a Mexican standoff,
only between an Irishman and a Baptist,
and I'm not sure how that ends.
With you walking away
without your horse.
Now, why'd you have to go
and touch your gun for?
We were in the middle
of a gentlemen's negotiation.
Come on!
How much for his horse?
$25 for the horse.
Seven and two bits for the saddle.
Our paths cross again.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Come on.
Took a job. Looking for some men to join me.
Is there money in it?
And who's she?
Joan of Arc.
My name's Emma Cullen.
And this is my associate, Teddy Q.
Well, I do have an affinity for shiny things.
- Is it difficult?
- Impossible.
- How many you got so far?
- Two.
- What, them?
- You and me.
Sending a woman to gather guns
is not very chivalrous.
I volunteered.
Insisted, actually.
Lot of fire in that one.
Begs the question.
Whose execution do we seek?
Bartholomew Bogue.
Bart Bogue? The robber baron?
Means there's gold in the equation,
but gold don't do you much good
when you're buried with it.
You want out, feel free to leave.
Just leave my horse.
'Cause I paid for it.
Just speaking out loud.
Twenty miles east of here.
Volcano Springs. Supply station.
You look for a Cajun, name of Robicheaux.
- Goodnight Robicheaux?
- That's right.
The Angel of Death.
Meet me outside of Junction City
in three days.
Yeah, I ain't there,
then it means I'm dead and you can...
You can keep my horse.
You're with me. Come on, let's go. Come on.
Three days.
The gun. The gun!
Give it to him.
He was already dead,
if that's what you're wondering.
- You been sleeping in here?
- He doesn't snore much.
- You Vasquez?
- What's this to you?
Here. I'm gonna tear up a warrant.
I just want to make sure
I'm talking to the right man.
Poor likeness.
You a bounty hunter?
Duly sworn warrant officer.
Where is your gun?
Man carries a gun, he tends to use it.
Dead ranger by your hand. $500 reward.
Maybe he had it coming.
Doesn't matter to me either way.
- Why? You intend to get that reward?
- That depends.
Got a business proposition for you.
Well, does this business involve her?
Yes, it does.
Get me out of here! Let me out of here!
You wipe that smile off your face.
Laugh now. Get it outta your system.
After our business is concluded, what then?
There'll still be a lot of men
after your hide.
- And that should give me comfort?
- Should.
I won't be one of 'em.
You're loco, my friend.
Let me tell you the game.
- Go on, now!
- Fastest gun wins.
Winner take all.
Hope you've all put your bets down.
Billy Rocks.
On my gun.
Yeah, how about that, boys?
- That's good.
- That was pretty good, huh?
- Billy wins.
- What?
Are you blind? Come on, Eddy.
- You're a liar!
- Come on, Arcade.
- Hey, come on, we all saw me win, now.
- Yeah!
- Double down!
- We all want some more!
Why don't we do it for real?
- Come on, Arcade, back off.
- No, no, double down.
Come on, you scum-sucking runt of a man.
I want no part of this.
- Double or nothing!
- It's your funeral, Arcade.
Double or nothing.
He called it.
All right.
He's lost his mind.
- He ain't got a chance.
- It ain't right.
On my gun.
- Never seen anything like this.
- What the hell was that?
- Come on, now.
- I think he killed him.
- He killed him, right?
- What the hell?
Damn it, Arcade.
- Man, he got it.
- What was that?
- Damn!
- See? I told you. I told you!
I ain't in the habit of paying off cheaters.
I'll be keeping my money.
Easy, Goodnight. He's drunk.
He don't mean it.
Mr. Robicheaux,
if I'd known it was you, that was your man,
I never would've made
such a disrespectful comment.
It's all right, son. You just pay me double.
Yes, sir.
- Damn fool.
- Goodnight Robicheaux?
Sam Chisolm sent us.
- All right, get him outta here.
- That's gotta be real rough.
I said, what do you think I'm paying for?
"Duly sworn warrant officer
"from Wichita, Kansas,
and seven other states."
- Do we have the same man?
- Yeah, believe we do.
Should we talk somewhere more private?
Nah, I like it right here.
Billy, you like it here?
- How'd y'all meet?
- How did we meet, Billy?
I was serving a warrant on him
for the Northern Pacific Railroad.
Warrant for what?
Killing a man with a hairpin?
Now, now, you're gonna have to pay for that.
That is funny.
Here's what it is.
I found Billy
down in an old redneck saloon in Texas,
and all these good ol' boys,
they didn't want to serve
Billy's kind, all right?
So this petite son of a bitch
took on the whole room bare-knuckled.
I watched in awe, and I said to myself,
"Goodnight, this is not a man to arrest,
this is a man to befriend."
- You make your living off of his alley fights?
- Equal shares.
Between fights, Goody helps me
navigate the white man's prejudices.
I keep him employed,
and he keeps me on the level.
Well, Mr. Chisolm told us to come fetch you,
but he didn't say anything
about your friend over there.
Wherever I go, Billy goes.
Yes, sir.
We understand each other.
Well, day-and-a-half ride to Junction City.
We got two days.
Let's do a half day of drinking.
I like you.
- Sam Chisolm!
- Goodnight Robicheaux.
Sight to see, even with a storm on our backs.
Yeah. Rain ain't nothing but wet.
Well, what we lose in the fire
we will find in the ashes.
That's right.
This is Billy Rocks. He's with me.
Sam, that's Billy.
He come with Goodnight.
I don't know about this one.
Who's this?
We work for her.
Well, enchant, mon cher.
- Emma Cullen.
- Your hands are cold, Emma.
Are you nervous?
Don't be.
Goodnight's my name.
That Billy is pretty nifty
with them pigstickers.
Good, we got a Mexican.
What a merry band we are.
Me a gray, Chisolm a blue,
Billy, a mysterious man of the Orient,
a drunk Irishman,
a Texican,
a female and her gentleman caller.
This is not going to end well.
I'm Mexican, cabrn.
No such thing as a "Texican."
Try telling that to my granddaddy.
He died at the Alamo.
New Orleans Greys, long barracks, bayonets.
Blood. Teeth.
Mauled by a horde of teeming brown devils.
My grandfather was one of those devils,
you know.
Toluca Battalion.
Hey. Maybe my grandfather
killed your grandfather, huh?
What a charming thought.
I sense we are bonding.
So we're talking about the same Jack Horne.
The Jack Horne. The legend Jack Horne.
Legend? Legend, my ass.
Yeah, he might've killed 300 Crow,
but he ain't never met
the Pigeon brothers before.
And you saying that's Jack Horne's rifle?
It was Jack Horne's rifle.
And there's an Army fort
want to pay $1,000 for proof of death.
Rifle'll do.
You have no body?
Well, you see, Len here
smashed a boulder over his head.
Fell off a cliff.
Snuck up on him, huh?
Just what the hell are you trying to imply?
Oh, my Lord.
The Pigeon brothers weren't famous very long.
These two ungodly creatures
broke a rock on my head.
Robbed me of my possessions.
I trailed 'em for two days.
Guess they got what they deserved, Mr. Horne.
My name is Sam Chisolm.
We met about six years ago up in Cheyenne.
Now, I got a right,
by the Lord and by the law,
to take back what belongs to me.
Are we in agreement?
Yes, sir.
You still collecting scalps?
The government don't pay
a bounty on redskins anymore.
You must be out of work.
Now, that's part of another story, ain't it?
Yes, it is.
We... We're looking for some men, Mr. Horne,
some good men like yourself, to do a job.
Going after a fella,
name of Bartholomew Bogue and his men.
Just... Well, just thought
you'd be interested.
I believe that bear
was wearing people's clothes.
Never trust a people
who bury their dead above the ground.
Don't call the alligator "big mouth"
till you cross the river.
- Are you in the army?
- No, sir.
I figured 'cause you carry this
army-issue Open Top .45 Long Colt.
Took you for a soldier.
You know how to shoot that thing?
- If I had to, I reckon.
- If you had to?
Tell you what, for a sip of your whiskey,
I'll teach you a few lessons.
Lesson one.
means don't shoot.
You got it?
Now watch this one.
Now, lesson two.
Take this card out of my hand.
You take the card, you live.
You don't, you die.
Come on, Teddy.
You got to be quick.
You just lost your first gunfight.
Try it again.
Lesson two. It was never about the cards.
Now, I'll give you a third lesson.
Think you need that more than I do.
Why don't you just take the rest,
Mr. Faraday?
Well, I think I will.
The fire still burns.
We have heard the chimes at midnight.
Have we not?
So what's the play here, Sam?
What's the payout?
Little gold?
Cash money?
You ain't changed.
Everything that...
Everything they have,
that's what they offered.
Everything? Yes?
She's about the same age
your sister'd be by now.
Yeah, she is.
Just making sure we're fighting
the battle in front of us, not behind.
Smell that?
What smell?
- The smoke?
- It's blood.
- He's been tracking us.
- I'll be damned.
Please tell me I'm hallucinating.
You are hallucinating.
So am I.
Where there's one, there's more.
Hold your fire. Hold your fire.
We come in peace.
You speak Comanche?
You speak...
...white man's English?
Where's your tribe?
The elders told me my path is different.
My path is different, too.
My path... Our path.
We go to fight wicked men.
Probably, we all die.
I'm called Red Harvest.
- What'd he say?
- Said he's with us.
Gonna fix him some breakfast. I had mine.
Let's get this fire started.
- Mr. Paley, come on in.
- All right, sweetheart.
Buy me a drink, sugar.
- Better get her all nailed down.
- I keep telling him. He just don't listen.
That man's trouble.
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Town's got a ban on firearms.
Check 'em in. Get 'em back on your way out.
You don't mind me asking,
but how is it all of you go so well-heeled?
These men are deputies.
Awful lot of deputies
for such a small place, ain't it?
What's his story?
My manservant. He's harmless.
Saved his life in Shanghai,
debt of honor and the like.
Now, you don't mind
giving up those guns, do you?
Absolutely. Law and order, I say.
Now, I must tell you that
I'm more than happy to cooperate.
I can't say the same thing
for my compadres behind you.
Quite a batch of strays.
I'll say a prayer for you.
You know, a little prayer.
Yeah, you'll make a hell of a rug.
And you'll be murdered
by the world's greatest lover.
All right.
All right.
What's your aim here, mister?
I hear that there are some cowards
running security here,
so I figured we'd come down here
and look after all this gold.
Blackstone detective agents. Cowards.
Now, Blackstones are good, union busting,
back-shooting homesteaders and women, but
you put 'em up against some real men,
men that know what they're doing...
You sure you don't want my gun?
Now, you do know who we work for, right?
The force he can bring to bear?
You tell Bogue
if he wants his town,
come see me.
I don't believe he heard you.
Go on, horse.
Devil, don't shoot. I'm the proprietor.
Lord, give me clear vision!
Clear sight!
Go on, shoot him.
Take the shot.
Take that shot.
Take the damn shot!
Give me that.
It's jammed.
How'd we do?
I got five.
- I got six.
- Hey.
- What'd you get?
- Six.
I got seven.
You wanna try and tie it up?
Huh, chingado?
Say when, gero.
Come on out of there.
Come on. Come on!
Take off that gun belt.
You all right?
Nice and easy.
Take off that badge, too.
I'm still sheriff. Duly elected.
Consider this a recall.
Now, you're gonna deliver
a message to your boss.
Mister, you already sent him a message,
only you're not gonna like his answer.
Tell him we have his town,
we have his whole valley.
He want it back,
he's gonna have to make a deal with us.
He don't make deals.
You can ask anybody here.
He's just gonna send as many men as it takes
to squash you flat.
We'll be waiting.
In the meantime, you tell him this.
Lincoln. Like the president. Say it.
Lincoln, like the president.
That's right. Lincoln, Kansas.
And you tell him if he don't show up himself,
he ain't nothing
but a yellow-bellied sapsucking coward.
Go on, git.
Sam Chisolm. Say it.
Sam Chisolm.
Yes, sir.
Well, this is quite the welcome party.
- Where is everybody?
- I think we killed 'em all.
No, they're here.
They just want to make sure their candle
is lit before they blow out the match.
Everyone! Come on! Come out!
- Come out!
- Come on out, everybody!
What's the matter with y'all?
Don't you see what they just did?
Come on! Come out!
These men are here to help us!
- Come on!
- Well, look at that.
- Come on!
- Nothing to be scared of! Let's go!
- Come on!
- Is he dead?
Come on. Get away.
It's okay.
Come on, don't be afraid.
I have assembled these men
and offered fair pay.
Who picked you to deal on our behalf?
Seems I was the only one
with balls enough to do so.
So I did.
As I said, these men are here to help us.
Mr. Chisolm?
My name is Sam Chisolm,
and I'm a duly sworn warrant officer
in Wichita, Kansas.
Also, a licensed peace officer
in the Indian Territories, Arkansas
and seven other states.
Now, what happened here was
just an opening skirmish.
The real battle is yet to come.
The idea is that when it comes,
it'll be on our terms.
- On our terms?
- Yeah, there's no way in hell.
Son of a bitch'll come back with 200 men
and slaughter us all.
If you want to leave, leave.
Just don't take anything
you didn't bring with you.
You want to keep your town,
you're gonna have to fight for it.
Now, we're here to help you,
but you got to help us.
We're gonna need every somebody out here
to help us fight.
Good Lord! Are you suggesting we wait here
to face retaliation?
- Hell, yeah, he is.
- What?
- Let 'em come. We'll be ready for 'em.
- I beg pardon, sir.
The spirit here is willing,
- but we are not killers.
- That's right.
Most aren't, till they're looking
down the barrel of a gun.
Now, I never shot anything
that could shoot back at me.
But this is our home.
- Damned if I won't defend it.
- That's right.
And now let me tell you,
these men that are coming here,
they're gonna underestimate you.
That'll be their first mistake.
That's all well and good,
but we don't have enough time.
Bogue said he'd be back in three weeks,
that was eight days ago.
- One week.
- That only leaves us... No, one week?
- One week?
- One week.
Three days' ride to Sacramento
with the bad news,
one day for Bogue to plan, three days back.
Seven days, that's all you got.
For goodness' sake.
We'll get started in the morning.
Get a good night's rest.
May be your last for a while.
I'll have some more beans.
Like being in one of them damn zoos.
Fame is a sarcophagus.
You read those in a book,
or you just make 'em up as you go?
I'll try to use
one-syllable words from now on.
What... What's a syllable?
White people's food... for dogs.
What'd he say?
He asked that you kindly stop
staring at his hairline.
I will.
As long as he stops
licking his lips over mine.
These bodies don't get buried
in the church graveyard.
You take 'em to Boot Hill.
I expect we'll make ten miles by sundown.
I suppose that undertaker's
gonna get some business out of this deal.
I guarantee you, there ain't no reason
to be running off scared.
Hate to see y'all go like this, now.
Now, now, won't you reconsider?
Who'd have thought
we'd travel this many miles
just to have the good people of Rose Creek
turn tail and leave us to die?
Well, some people have died for much less.
Our army approaches.
Good, they brought their pitchforks.
We may stand a chance after all.
Lord, keep me from judgment.
Gun on your shoulder. Right shoulder.
Knives. There's nothing to it.
Oh, boy.
Who here fought
in the War of Northern Aggression?
Not me.
What is this? Come on.
Stab. That's it.
That simple.
- Like hell.
- Hey.
- How the hell we gonna learn to do that?
- Get back here!
Get back!
Jesus wept!
Statistically speaking,
they should've hit something.
Y'all starting to piss me off.
How many times I got to tell you
to keep your foot up underneath you?
Come on, now.
Schoolteacher, take your hat off your head.
Expect more from you, son.
The recoil is not to be shunned,
it's to be absorbed.
I ain't shunning a damn thing, sir.
You trying to make me angry?
Is that what it is?
Do you...
That's the second time for you.
- Go make me some eggs.
- The damn hammer...
No, I don't wanna hear it!
Have a nice afternoon.
You gonna point...
You gonna point that rifle at me?
No, sir.
You cut the ears off a mule,
don't make him a horse.
- Leave your weapon.
- I'm trying to help you. You understand?
Keep the target soft, pull the trigger slow.
- So slow. You can't pull it slow enough.
- Like that?
Let the shot surprise you.
All right, now.
Fire when ready.
Think I pinched my finger.
Bless their hearts.
That's hard to do.
This many men and miss that many targets?
I'm looking at a line of dead men.
You gotta hate what you're firing at!
Hate it! Come on!
Get some gravel in your craw!
Goddamn sons of bitches!
All right.
These men need inspiration.
- Inspire them.
- Yeah.
You are Goodnight Robicheaux, after all.
I can hit sand, but we need the lead.
Twenty-three confirmed kills at Antietam.
This is one of Connolly's
Confederate sharpshooters.
Dubbed "the Angel of Death."
Do what he does.
He's a legend.
Or is that all you are?
- That's some fancy shooting there.
- He did it. He did it.
- That's why they call him Goodnight.
- You're telling me.
- Can you believe that?
- That's fantastic.
Told you.
Y'all go home, polish your rifles,
maybe the glint'll scare 'em off.
We ain't gonna shoot no more?
So this is our trap.
It might work. Pin 'em in there.
Well, it might, if we can teach
more than half of these townsfolk
to hit the broad side of a barn at ten paces.
Come up with a few surprises.
We'll need more than a few.
It's a box of death.
So melt the elements, with fervent heat.
Like Sodom and Gomorrah.
What do you think?
Reminds me of this fella I used to know.
Fell off a five-story building.
Passed each floor on the way down.
People inside heard him say,
"So far, so good!"
- He's dead now.
- Yeah.
I make good on my horse yet, Sam?
So far, so good. Let's go get some ammo.
Come on.
Mr. Bogue wants this mine stripped
before he gets back.
Move it, you lazy dogs!
Move that gold out!
Fire in the hole!
That sounded like a gunshot!
It's coming from the cliff.
- Who was that?
- I don't know.
- Keep the powder down.
- Look-it, right there.
These ain't Bogue's guys.
Yup. They done killed them all.
This mine is now closed.
You men are free to go.
Or you can stay and fight.
- This will help.
- Yeah.
I've always wanted to blow something up.
Go back inside.
Mr. Chisolm, what's this?
- What's that on the wagon?
- Dynamite.
Dynamite? Where you gonna put that stuff?
- Your place.
- My place? Why my place?
Oh, Lord. Please be careful with it.
My town. My gold. How?
It was happening so fast, Mr. Bogue,
I couldn't...
There just wasn't enough.
And that I'd be a coward?
If you didn't come to Rose Creek. Yes, sir.
- He said his name was Chisolm?
- Sam Chisolm.
- From Lincoln?
- Like the president.
He name his price?
He didn't have one. Just terms.
All men have a price.
Isn't that right, Mr. Harp?
Not this man.
How many men you say?
- Seven.
- Seven? Seven?
Seven men ride into my town, dispatch
with 22 of the best guns money can buy?
Is that what you're telling me?
They fought like three times that, Mr. Bogue.
It was nothing but the element of surprise.
You think Rockefeller
had to do things himself?
Everything I have, I worked for it.
Not like them, with their fancy friends
and their pocketed politicians.
I want land, you know what I do.
I take it.
You know what history will say
about Rose Creek?
It won't have existed for long enough.
But history will remember me,
and what I built.
Mr. Denali, recruit an army
to go back with us.
I mean good.
Your shooting is good. Do it again.
Sight the lowest part of the V,
cheek resting against the...
I had a father, thank you.
I didn't.
God dang it, I'm good.
Why are you doing this, Mr. Faraday?
I mean, why are you here
fighting someone else's fight?
I needed my horse back,
and this was the price.
Six pounds of pressure.
That's all that's required to kill a man.
And they say the nightmares never go away.
Those nightmares,
they keep you up often, Mr. Faraday?
You might want to wear some pants
if you're fixing to fight.
Bogue will come from the south.
Now, he'll prefer high ground,
but we'll try to lure him into town,
turn it into a shooting gallery.
Now, if we can create enough confusion,
maybe we can get them to break ranks.
That's a lotta open space here, Sam.
I don't really see a way to keep 'em out.
We're not. We're gonna let 'em in.
Yes, yes, we force 'em down through here,
leave this open here,
make this into a graveyard.
Goodnight, you're our best shot with a rifle.
You find high ground
that gives you a clear line of sight,
you keep Bogue in your sights
once the chaos starts.
Now, we have some shotguns.
We can get the men who can't shoot,
place 'em in front of each door.
It's hard to miss a doorway.
We could dig trenches.
Shoot all the way out that way.
Trouble with taking one of these positions,
you can't ever get down.
Now, whatever happens, Bogue can't leave.
How do we even know Bogue's gonna show?
- He'll show.
- And if he just shoots you in the head?
Then just shoot him in the head.
Hell, I don't know, avenge me.
If we can lure him into the bottleneck,
close the door behind him,
each group fire and advance,
we stand a chance.
Worst-case scenario,
all is lost and we blow the mine.
This right here is the best spot.
Can we take position up there? Is it safe?
Anything left up there to stand on?
Won't have to go too far
to pray for forgiveness.
There you go.
But there is no forgiveness
for men like you, gero.
Don't call me gero.
What's gero mean, anyway?
- Handsome? Debonair?
- Yeah, something like that.
No, this is our stronghold.
You funnel them all towards the church.
Where am I?
You keep the women and children
safe and out of harm...
I aim to fight.
Well, if it comes to that,
then we're all dead, ain't we?
Let's hope if we die, we've confessed.
You all right?
What do you say, Sam,
about 50 or 75 yards out?
That's our trench.
Ditches on each side!
The rest of y'all stand to the side!
We're gonna need another ditch by the livery.
See that?
Good, and heave!
- All right, tie it up, now.
- Put your weapon...
Make sure you paint the whole thing.
Very smart, smoking, huh?
- Three minutes.
- That's too much land to cover.
Where did them eggs come from?
A chicken's ass, you dummy.
Did I introduce you to my wife?
Her name is Ethel, and I love her.
Hello, Ethel. Charmed.
And I consider her to be the love of my life.
And she is a no-bullshitter,
- she's a straight shooter.
- All right, calm down, now.
Put the gun away, son.
- Her name is Ethel.
- Put it away.
And you'll show her some goddamn respect.
It's Maria you can disrespect.
Don't tell Ethel about Maria.
Wait, wait, wait. My Maria, cabrn?
You have a Maria?
I have three Marias!
That's not right.
The owl followed me here.
- Nothing's following you.
- I heard the voice.
- Goody...
- I heard the voice.
- Goody.
- Billy, I heard it.
I pull that trigger in violence again,
I'm gonna die a ghastly death, Billy.
I heard it.
- Same thing, it's not the same thing.
- Yeah, it is.
No, a woman's a woman,
a gun's a gun, in the Lord's eye.
They're just dreams, Goody.
You talk about guns, you talk about women,
you talk about 'em separately.
It ain't right.
Sure it is. Sure it is, my friend.
I had a wife once.
Had a family. Had some children, too.
One time.
Now the stitching'll outlast you, I imagine.
That's... That's very nice of you.
I didn't ask you to do that.
I didn't ask you to ask.
You quit staring.
I didn't ask her to do that.
Well, the lady just did some poking
and sticking for you.
Maybe you should consider
returning the favor, you know?
Okay, all right.
- Evening, Mr. Chisolm.
- Preacher.
- What a beautiful night it is.
- Yes, it is.
I just wanted to take a moment
to come up here
and to thank you
for everything that you've done for us.
It's been a long while since we've been able
to enjoy an evening quite like tonight.
Before you and your men arrived,
all of our everyday pleasures
had been taken from us.
To have those back,
even if only for a moment,
well, it might not mean that much to you,
but, by God,
we are all eternally grateful to you.
More than you know, preacher.
Last thing I wanna be doing is playing cards.
- All night.
- All night.
You know, some of these folks
ain't gonna make it.
- Here we go. Easy. Easy.
- Steady.
- Throw me the other end!
- Here you go.
Okay, pues.
- That far enough?
- That'll do!
All right, two or three more of those,
then we're good.
That's it, right there.
Look. Look. Look.
Watch your head now, Teddy.
Now you can pray for us, Father.
My brother, I will pray for you
until I forget how to pray.
Water, Mr. Chisolm?
This is a grand day
in the history books of Rose Creek!
God bless you, Mr. Chisolm, sir.
Vindication, brothers and sisters!
- Water, Mr. Horne?
- Thank you, miss.
For God's glory!
Bogue comes with his men.
The Lord said, "Where there are two or three
gathered in My name,
"I will be there."
You just gonna run off
before you get your cut of the gold?
Well, y'all gonna be dead
this time tomorrow, Sam.
I believe every man's got the right
to choose where he dies, if he can.
Well, that kind of talk
may work with these other sons of bitches,
but I know why you're here.
And it's not for the benefit of mankind.
You run out on these people, Goody,
and you gonna be disappointing
more than just them or me.
Remember what you said to me
when them Billy Yanks
were kicking my sorry ass six ways to Sunday?
- I remember.
- Yeah?
You asked me why I wanted to save
a piece of rebel trash like you,
and I told you the war was over.
- But it ain't over, Sam.
- Yes, it is.
No, it isn't. No, the killing's not over.
It keeps going on and on and on.
- I seen so much death.
- The war is over
for both of us.
What we lost in the fire,
we'll find in the ashes.
I need you.
I've become everything I despise. I...
I'm faint-hearted and I'm a coward.
You remember me as I was.
Come on.
...hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses...
You all right?
Where's Billy?
It looks like he's started to drink.
All right. Well...
Anybody else want to leave, now's the time.
No one'll hold no ill will towards you.
What about you?
I believe I'm gonna see this through.
These people deserve their lives back.
I have nowhere else to go, so I'm in.
You know, I knew that tomorrow
was gonna be a dark day.
And now that there's one less of us,
gonna be darker.
But to be in the service of others
with men that I respect,
like you all...
Well, I shouldn't have
to ask for more than that.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- All right.
I'm hungry.
Wait. Hell, you speak English?
You little shit. We got a lot to talk about.
Don't walk away from me!
I'll take his place.
- Who?
- Goodnight.
Just saw him ride out.
Thank you for the strength
that you have given me.
It's time.
Come on, children!
- Come on.
- Children, quickly, please, go on.
- Let's go.
- Come on, hurry!
Hurry, children!
Come on, come on.
Now get on down in there. Come on.
Watch your step.
Easy, easy.
Easy now, easy.
It's him, all right.
It's only minutes.
We're safe. Nothing to fear.
Mr. Denali.
Keep it clear!
- Come on!
- Steady!
That's it, straight on!
- Mask up.
- All together. Come on.
Bring 'em up!
Steady on, boys! Steady on!
Mind your sister.
Come on, line up, boys. Steady on, steady on!
Shoot whoever you see!
Don't spare a soul, do you hear me?
Go around! Go around!
Go through the miners' camp!
Just stay with me, boys!
Drain all the blood from their bodies,
you hear me?
I'm counting.
Let's go, come on!
Hold! Hold!
Keep your line!
Head to the left!
Watch your back coming in!
Get him!
I can't see 'em from here!
Hey! Easy, easy, easy!
Let's do it!
- Now!
- Come on!
- Let's go!
- Shoot, shoot!
Dig in! Keep shooting!
I got him!
Here they come! Stand your ground!
- Through here, go!
- Cut him off round that bend!
Get him! Go!
Watch your right!
- Shoot! Go around, fire!
- Head him off, over there!
There's another one up top!
Over there!
"Although I walk through the valley
"of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil
"for Thou art with me."
That's it! Unload on him!
I got him!
- Here!
- There!
Go 'round, go 'round!
- Ain't no way through!
- Come on!
Push the wagon!
Get to the church!
Let's go, come on!
Now! Now!
There's too many of 'em.
They're gonna kill all of us!
No! No! Stay down!
Keep shooting!
What are you doing there?
Get back to the livery stable!
Just keep moving!
They're gonna kill us all!
We're outnumbered!
Go around the barn!
We're clear, we're clear!
Keep shooting!
Light up that wagon!
- They're on that roof!
- Push them wagons!
Block 'em in!
They got us trapped!
Ain't no way out!
Go, go, go!
Open 'em up!
Go get the wagon.
Head to the church!
Into the church!
Bring the fight to these cowards!
Yeah, let's kill these bastards!
- Wagons! Wagons! Let's go.
- Hurry, gero!
Light 'em up and lock
these sons of bitches in here!
Lock 'em up! Let's...
Gero, man!
- Light it up!
- Yeah.
That's far enough. Leave it, let's go!
Are you okay, gero?
So far, so good.
Can't get out! It's a dead end!
- We're trapped!
- Go the other way!
We still have men there, sir.
I'm going!
- Go.
- Keep shooting!
They're trapped!
Keep shooting!
Keep shooting, gerito!
Go 'round! It's blocked!
Come on!
They got the devil's breath!
They got a goddamn Gatling gun!
Let 'em have it.
Let's run!
Get the fuck...
Gavin, damn it!
Take cover!
- Go on, Miss Emma.
- Get down!
They have a Gatling gun! A Gatling gun!
Get inside! Inside, inside!
- Billy!
- Hey, Goody!
- Go! Gun!
- Gatling gun!
Move, get out of the way, go on!
Get down, get down!
Go on, Miss Emma, go!
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!
They're reloading! Stay down! Stay down!
Get down!
The children.
- Get down.
- Get down!
- Get down against the wall, come on!
- Hey, Goody!
- Yeah, I see 'em, I see 'em.
- Let's go, Billy!
We gotta get these kids outta here.
All right, everybody, come on.
- Everyone, up the stairs.
- Quick, quick.
- Quick, quick, quick.
- Be careful.
Can't walk. They got my leg, sir.
Schoolteacher, what are you doing up here?
I want to stay.
Come on, now, get outta here!
Wrap that leg! Stop the bleeding.
Find some ammo. You did good...
We are giants put on this earth
to rid it of evil
and to keep all that is good!
- Straight to the field. Come on.
- Quickly. Quickly!
- Go on, children, hurry.
- Come on.
- Quickly.
- To the field.
- Keep going, keep going!
- Anthony!
- Quickly now.
- Anthony!
- Pa! Quickly!
- Go, go, go.
- You can't...
- Go, go, go!
- Come on. Stay together.
- Let's go! Go, go, go.
Keep going! To the ridge line!
Come on. Just keep going.
Get down. Get down!
Come on. Come on.
Get down!
They're coming!
We're running outta ammo, boys!
- Shit, Billy.
- I knew you'd come back.
You did, did you? How'd you know that?
You forgot this.
- All right. Let's do it.
- Yeah!
You're a disgrace.
Over there! Over there!
Ammo, ammo!
This is all we've got.
This reminds me of what my daddy used to say.
What's that, Goody?
Well, my daddy used to say
a lot of things, you know.
- You all right?
- Hell yeah.
So far, so good.
I might need a new vest.
Damn, we gotta do something about that gun.
You know what?
We're even.
For the horse. You don't owe me anything.
Well, you owe me.
What's that?
Come on! Come on!
Over here!
This side, Goody.
Ride, Faraday, ride!
What do we have here?
Get the two in the back.
Hit the steeple.
I got him!
Come on, boy!
Why don't you stay down, boy?
Let's go, boys.
Yeah. Yeah.
I've always been lucky with one-eyed jacks.
Bring them
Bring them in
Should I know that name?
You should know it from your obituary.
We connected, somehow?
14th of October, 1867.
Did you hire renegade Greys to pillage
and steal land in Kansas?
Good people trying to make a life
for themselves, like these people here.
If God didn't want 'em sheared,
he wouldn't have made 'em sheep.
Pick it up.
Go on, pick it up. Pick it up.
Pick it up!
You a God-fearing man?
Please, just leave.
Please leave me be! Please!
I... I beg your pardon.
I've done you wrong.
I want you to pray with me.
All right?
Come on.
All right?
- Ask for forgiveness.
- Wait.
- Yeah, you can.
- I...
You close your eyes, and you pray.
Pray for my mother
that your men raped.
Go on, pray. You pray.
Pray for my two sisters
that your men murdered.
That they strung up.
Did they pray when they put
the rope around my neck?
Did they pray then?
Pray, pray.
I remember. Chisolm...
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- I remember.
- You remember?
I said pray.
Killing me won't give you
the satisfaction you want!
"Our Father..."
Say it.
"Who art in heaven.
"Hallowed be Thy name." Say it.
"Thy kingdom come..." Go on.
Come on.
Say it.
Thank you, Father.
I'm gonna take good care
of your men, Mr. Chisolm.
You made it? You made it through!
Let's go.
God bless you, Mr. Chisolm.
Take care of Jack, Teddy.
- Miss Emma.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much, sir.
- Thank you, Mr. Chisolm.
- Thank you!
- Thank you, Mr. Chisolm.
Godspeed, men.
Mom, is it over?
- Mom!
- Sweetheart!
That's all right.
As long as I can walk, I'll be fine.
Whatever they were in life,
here, at the end,
each man stood with courage and honor.
They fought for the ones
who couldn't fight for themselves,
and they died for them, too.
All to win something
that didn't belong to them.
It was...