The Maid's Room (2013) Movie Script

I can only pay you $400 a
week, plus room and board.
That is what I understood.
We're only here on the weekends or
the occasional week in the summer.
The rest of the time,
we live in the city.
Except for Brandon, our son. He's
going to Princeton in September,
so we thought we'd let him stay out
here for the summer and have some fun.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
What do you think?
Well, I think she's good. I mean,
she's better than the others.
Her English is certainly better.
- Oh, do you drive?
- I don't have a driver's license.
You're not gonna find everything that
you want. She seems fine with me.
Do you want her or not?
Otherwise we'll go through
the agency again.
Well, you're certainly
very pretty, aren't you?
Thank you.
And you're friends with Carmen?
She's a friend of a friend.
You like her, right? Can
you move in tomorrow?
Hey, Mo!
It's Drina.
The maid.
We don't use this room very much,
unless we're entertaining,
which we don't anymore.
It tends to get very dusty in
here, so every couple of days,
you need to dust.
The pillows all need to
be fluffed up, okay?
And the paintings need to be lightly
dusted at the top of the frames.
Never... nunca... dust
or touch the paintings.
I don't mean to state
the obvious, but...
the last maid we had, if you
weren't very clear with her...
it was a disaster.
I'd like it if you took
a little initiative.
Like the silver.
I can tell you every time
it needs to be polished,
but it would be nice
if you knew when
it needed to be polished
and then did it yourself.
You want me to Polish the silver.
I understand.
This is Brandon's room.
It's not usually this bad.
We just haven't had anybody
to clean for awhile.
What can I say? I try to get him
to clean it. He's a teenager.
If you see it on the
floor, consider it dirty.
Don't throw anything away.
Just stack it. It could be a whole
drama if there's one magazine missing.
He likes two clean
towels every day.
He's a good kid.
He won't bother you.
I love to cook.
This kitchen is my pride and joy.
You can't... I repeat... cannot
leave anything out overnight.
We have ants.
Anything you leave out will be
literally covered the next morning.
You'll see.
No, no, that's the garage.
Your room is in there.
Feel free to decorate it
or whatever you want.
Make yourself at home.
It is very nice.
Why don't you settle in and relax?
I'm gonna start dinner.
I hope this works out.
You seem very sweet.
Thank you.
And it's so nice that you
speak English and so well.
My mother thought
it was important.
She was right.
I need your help in the kitchen.
Yes, Mrs. Crawford.
Hello, Drina.
Everything all right?
Settling in?
Yes, Mr. Crawford. Thank you.
Is the prince coming
down to dinner or what?
It's dinnertime.
Brandon, have you met Drina?
Uh, what's your name? Drano?
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Can I get you anything
else, Ms. Crawford?
No, thank you very much.
Uh, actually, Brandon would
like some cream soda.
Yes, miss.
Would you like me to fix
you a plate? There's plenty.
When you are finished, it's fine.
Thank you.
All my numbers are by the
phone in the kitchen.
And this is if you
need anything in town.
Brandon will take you to the store.
Brandon. You'll take Drina to the
store if she needs anything.
Okay, I put a little extra in
there in case of an emergency.
Take care of yourself. Have fun.
I love you.
Love you, too.
I was looking around.
It's so nice here.
Can you get to the beach?
Is there a path?
Yeah, yeah. You just...
you have to drive, though.
I mean, you could walk on the road,
but it's a really long way.
My dad was too cheap to
buy a place on the beach.
I need to get some
things from the store.
Yeah, just make me a list, okay?
Okay. Thank you.
Hey, you like Kitkats?
No one else eats them around here.
I mean, I don't even
know why we have them.
What time is it?
- Dude, did you just get up?
- Yeah.
I knew you were sleeping, prick.
We were supposed to
hang by the pool today.
Hello? Brandon?
Are you there?
Where are you?
Drina, Drina!
Pick up, okay?
Um, I guess you're somewhere
where you can't hear the phone.
Scare you?
In here. Brandon's room.
All right, then. In here.
All right?
He won't be mad?
It's his parents' room.
Come on.
Hey, come on. Just stay.
No, I don't want to.
Don't be like that.
Okay, well, what about tomorrow?
You're drunk.
I don't like you like that.
Stacy's the one who liked you.
I'm sorry.
You're nice.
Uh, someone's at the gate for you.
For me?
Hey. Who was that?
You going to town?
What is this?
You told me to make a list.
Oh, yeah.
Forgot to go to the store.
Yeah, you want to go now?
No, no, no. That's okay.
No, let's go.
Let me get dressed.
No, you... yeah, you look nice.
Come on.
And doing the town
in Easthampton
Or living it up in Connecticut
Movin' around
In Riverhead
Where are you from?
From Bogot?
You've been there?
Uh, no, I just know the capital.
No. I'm not from Bogot.
Why... why did you come here?
Because I make better money.
And I want to go to
university here.
You know, I could talk to my dad.
He knows, like, a lot of people.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
I mean, he could help you.
There's no way I would have gotten
into Princeton without him.
- Thanks.
- Oh, yeah. No problem.
All right, later.
Are you awake?
Hi, Drina.
Hello, Mr. Crawford.
Why is Brandon's car in the garage?
I was getting worried.
I kept calling and
nobody was answering.
I mean, I know Brandon likes
to sleep late, but...
I guess he's just
having fun, right?
Any girls come over?
I don't want you to feel
awkward about if they do.
It's really perfectly
fine if he brings them.
Just a mother's curiosity.
Lynn, could you come
here for a minute?
He says he had an
accident last night.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
He said he hit a deer.
It stinks of alcohol in here.
You were drinking and driving?
It wasn't like that.
You're a mess.
Like, look at you.
I'm fine, mom.
Get up! I want to look at that car.
You must think that we're idiots.
It smells like a brewery in here.
Get dressed!
You are gonna pay for
any damage to that car.
What the hell is this?
I don't know.
You threw up?
Don't you know anything, huh?
You're not even old
enough to drink.
Do you know that?
Okay! I'm sorry!
Yeah, you are fucking sorry!
Go! Go to your room!
Go to your fucking room!
And what happened to the deer?
Do you even remember?
Do you know anything about this?
I heard him come in.
In the middle of the night, I bet.
Stupid kid.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
No, leave him alone.
Isn't he enough of a
mama's boy already?
Oh, so now it's my fault?
Just leave him alone.
That's all I'm saying.
Son of a bitch!
Drina, I'm so sorry about this.
It's okay.
Brandon was a little
sick in the garage.
Can you go clean it up?
Yes, Mrs. Crawford.
You know who's stupid?
I am.
We are.
Because we trusted you,
because we thought you
were old enough and responsible enough
to be left on your own out here.
But you drank all my beer,
and I can see that you've
been in the liquor cabinet.
- Dad...
- Do you deny it?
Did you have a party here? Drina.
Could you wait here for a second?
Did you have a party here?
No, I just had a
couple friends over.
- How many?
- Three.
And you went into
my liquor cabinet.
No, I-I didn't, but
maybe Victor did.
Never anything happens.
Like, this always Victor.
I don't believe you.
I don't believe anything
that you say anymore.
I can't believe you're my son.
Tell me something...
What happened to the
deer after you hit it?
- Do you remember?
- Yes, I remember.
What happened to the deer?
- It ran away, I guess.
- You guess.
Tell me what happened.
I was driving.
How fast were you driving?
I don't know. A little too fast,
I guess, but not that fast.
And then?
And then, uh...
All of a sudden, there was this
deer... that came in front of me,
and I hit the brakes.
But he didn't move.
But it was dead?
You killed it.
I don't know.
You know what? I don't think
you killed that deer.
You have to hit a deer
pretty hard to kill it.
I've seen a lot of cars
that have hit deer,
and they had a lot worse
damage than yours did.
He was lucky.
- Did you get out of the car?
- Mm-hmm.
I couldn't see anything because
the headlight was broken.
You show me where this
happened tomorrow, okay?
Can I get you anything
else, Mr. Crawford?
No. Thank you, Drina.
Yes, sir.
I think so.
Good morning, Drina.
Good morning, Mr. Crawford.
You know, Drina...
We do have a dishwasher.
You don't have to wash
everything by hand.
Yes. Mrs. Crawford.
Drina, did we get any calls
this week while we were away?
I mean, besides the
messages on the machine?
She never picks up the phone.
Let's keep it that way, okay?
Yes, Mr. Crawford.
Stop washing the dishes
for a minute, please.
I was wondering...
What did you see when Brandon
came home the other night?
I didn't see nothing.
I stood in my room.
But you heard him.
The garage door woke me up.
Anything else?
I went to the garage
in the morning,
and I saw that he had cleaned
the front of the car.
You didn't touch anything?
I wanted you to see it.
I just thought it was
something you should see.
He hit a deer.
He was drunk and he hit a deer.
Thank God it was only a deer.
Yes. Poor deer.
Thank you, Drina.
You're obviously a very
intelligent person.
I hope you understand if I decide
to handle this in my own way.
That's all right
with you, isn't it?
Yes, Mr. Crawford.
You're very understanding.
But what about the car?
I mean, we have to do something.
We have to fix it.
No, no, no.
We can't get the car
fixed, forget it.
The repair shops
will call the cops.
The car has to stay in the garage.
It has to.
You can't take it out and
you can't get it fixed.
Do you understand?
Will the police find me?
I don't think they will.
We'll deal with that
when it happens.
Excuse me, Mrs. Crawford.
Hello? Hello? I'm the...
I need to talk to you.
Why don't we go into my office?
Please. Come in.
Sit down.
My wife and I have talked it over and we've
decided that we no longer need your services.
It's nothing that you
did or didn't do,
it's just that we've come
to the conclusion that we
don't need anyone to clean
out here, this house.
We're hardly ever here.
Brandon will come back
with us to the city
when head back this week.
It just doesn't make any sense
for us to have a maid here.
My wife, she...
I'm sure you understand.
I'd like to give you something
for your trouble.
Take your time packing.
If you need me to drop you
somewhere I'd be glad to.
It's not enough.
You didn't look at it. You
don't know how much that is.
It's not enough.
I've been very generous.
You don't have enough money
for what you want me to do.
What are you talking about?
You want me to forget
about what your son did.
You want to give me money
so I won't call the police.
Now, wait a minute. Slow down.
My son hit a deer.
No, Mrs. Crawford, your
son did not hit a deer.
What do you think he did?
Your son killed somebody
the other night.
- He what?!
- Shut up.
- Just...
- Shut up.
- No, but...
- I said shut up for a second!
That's a very serious accusation.
Do you have any evidence.
But the police could
look at the car.
I don't know what you think you're
doing, but I've been very generous.
Okay, then...
Go ahead. Call the police.
Here. Here's the phone.
But think about this.
You're an immigrant.
With no papers, no green card.
They'll ship you right
back to Colombia.
They won't listen
to a word you say.
They'll humiliate you.
They'll say you made this story
up when I tried to fire you.
I didn't.
Who do you think they're
going to believe?
Go ahead. Call them.
Tell them your story.
See what it gets you.
And I will make sure that
you go to prison for making
such an accusation.
For smearing my family's name.
Or you can take the money.
It's a lot of money.
Here. Here's the phone.
Call them.
The fuck is wrong with you?!
I'm offering you a good deal.
How much do you want? $10,000?
It's a lot of money.
That's what? Six months' wages?
For doing nothing.
For... walking away.
You would pay your lawyers a
- lot more than...
- So it is money you're after.
- No.
- $50,000.
That's very noble of you.
But think of what $50,000 would
buy for you, for your family.
How long would it take
you to save $50,000?
Four years?
Five years of cleaning toilets.
This is an opportunity for you.
Brandon told us that you
want to go to university.
We can do this for you,
and not just the money.
Whatever you want.
Wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Listen, listen.
Maybe you have an idea.
He left a man there to die
on the side of a road.
Brandon said that that's not true.
That's just what the article said.
We do not know that
that's what happened.
He's right.
Oh, Mrs. Crawford, that's
for the law to decide.
Try to understand, Drina.
In this town, with our son,
the New York times
is the local paper.
What about that man
who died in the night?
You can't compare that
man's life to my son's.
Because he's an immigrant farmer?
Because your son is rich?
Because he is my son.
Sorry, Mr. Crawford,
but everybody is equal
under the eyes of God.
Under the eyes of God,
maybe, but not mine.
"Blessed are the merciful, for
they shall obtain mercy."
God is on our side, too.
The police are going to find him.
They don't need me.
Maybe they will.
But we're willing
to take that risk.
I could take the money
and still call the police.
You could.
But you wouldn't, would you?
Think about it.
Sleep on it.
Consider this a down payment,
Tomorrow I'll get you the rest and
take you wherever you want to go.
This money could change your life.
Hey. Drina.
Dude, I need to talk to you.
I'm really in a bind right now.
I'm just trying to figure
out what I should do.
You know what you have to do.
You just don't want to do it.
Turn yourself in.
Nothing good can come of this.
Trust me.
Look, you will have a good lawyer.
You have money.
Okay, maybe you won't go
to Princeton this year,
but you will still have
your life, Brandon.
No, I... I don't see how
turning myself in helps anything.
I don't know you very well.
But I think you're very nice.
I think you're a good person.
I don't think you're the type
of person who could live
with something like this.
This man's life...
it will live inside of you.
And he will haunt you for
the rest of your life.
I just... I really don't
want to go to jail.
There are worse things.
Are there?
Don't move.
You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.
Pretty girl like you.
You have a future.
You know what your problem is?
You're young and you think
you know everything.
What makes you think you're
so much better than us?
You never made a
mistake in your life?
You never...
Messed up once or broke the law?
You're not supposed to be in this country.
You're breaking the law right now.
My son is a good boy.
And you are gonna ruin
everything for him.
If you had seen him struggle
the way that I did,
you would understand.
He didn't have an easy childhood.
And you are gonna destroy him?
For what?
For someone who's already dead.
You know, he was drunk that guy.
Said so in the paper.
What did he think was gonna happen
standing in the middle of the road?
Did you know him?
Is that what this is?
Is this a little set
up to blackmail us?
Whatever it is you're trying
to do to my son,
it's not gonna work.
I won't let it happen, and
neither will my husband.
You know what you are?
You're dirt.
You're not even a person.
You make me sick.
You and your self-righteousness.
- What's going on?
- She set off the alarm.
Shit. What are you doing down here?
They're gonna call and make sure
that it wasn't a false alarm.
I disconnected the phone.
Where's your cellphone?
- In my bag.
- Where is it?
Right over there!
Hi, this is Oliver Crawford.
My wife, she just
set off the alarm.
No, our phone is not working.
Yes, 060787.
No, she hit the wrong
button and panicked.
Hello? Help!
I'm sorry.
That was my son.
He's just messing around.
Police are already on their way.
Get in your room, Drina,
right now. Right now!
You stay in there,
and I don't want to hear a
fucking word out of you.
Drina, wait. Wait. Calm down.
The gate is not gonna open.
I changed the code.
Drina, your working
yourself up for no reason!
Drina wait, please.
Drina, wait.
Just let me leave. Calm down.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just want to talk to you, okay?
Please just let me
leave. I want to go.
I can't do that without
some assurance.
Stop shouting!
Aaah! Help!
Please stop.
He looks pretty bad.
Look, we just need to
get him on the gurney.
I-is he gonna be all right?
We've seen worse.
It was an accident.
Of course. Of course it was.
You did the right thing calling us.
You okay? Are you hurt bad?
No, I'm not. I'm fine.
- You're shaking.
- I'm just a little bit shaky.
Don't worry about it now.
We'll take good care of him.
Yeah, what's going on?
Need your help.
She started screaming.
I had to stop her.
She fell.
We have to call an ambulance.
Brandon, this wasn't an accident.
But she fell. Y-you
said that she fell.
I didn't know what to do. I had
to stop her from screaming.
She got herself so worked up.
There was no talking
to her. You saw her.
She was gonna call the police.
If you don't want any part of
this, I don't know what I'll do.
You can't see this spot from the
house or the road or from the water.
We can bury her here.
Tomorrow I'll have it
covered over with sod.
No, someone's gonna
come looking for her.
By the time anyone
comes looking for her,
this will look just like
the rest of the lawn.
And as far as we're concerned,
she went back to Colombia.
What can they say about that?
We don't even know
where she came from.
It's all wet here.
It'll have to do.
Sun's coming up, anyway.
I-I... I can't.
I can't do this.
I'll do the rest.
You go inside, clean yourself off.
Leave your shoes outside.
Sit down.
My father never told me
much worth remembering,
but there was one thing he said
that always stuck with me.
Never come clean.
They might have some
suspicions or some evidence...
But there's no reason to
help them dig your grave.
Never come clean.
Unless you spill your guts,
they don't know anything.
Confession is for church.
By the way, you better not confess
about this at church, either.
Don't think father Kovaks will listen to
this story without telling the police.
That guy.
Can't tell your friends,
your girlfriends... nobody.
If you want to talk
about it, talk with me.
You'll feel guilty.
That's fine. That's good.
I understand that.
But keep it to yourself.
I'm not saying...
That I wouldn't have done
the same thing as you,
driving away from that accident,
but what you did you
did out of fear.
And that fear has been with you your whole
life, like a disability holding you back.
If you want something good
to come out of this...
That part of you, that cowardice...
excise it from your
character right now.
Do something good with
the rest of your life.
Something I can be proud of.
Something you can be proud of.
Maybe you'll save somebody's
life one day.
Do some good in the world.
Come here.
I don't know what I'd do if
anything ever happened to you.
I'm sorry I got us into this...
Hello. Drina?
Hello. Is Drina here?
Uh, Drina no aqui.
Drina... she come back.
No, no, she left.
She's not here anymore.
She doesn't work here.
Uh, sh-she's not here.
She work here?
Y-yes, she did, but, uh, no more.
Uh, uh...
No mas trabaja.
What were you thinking?
That she didn't have friends?
What? That guy? What do
you think he's gonna do?
Call the police?
Well, what about her family?
What happens when they
come looking for her?
You think her mother can just
get on a plane from Colombia
and fly up here? Hire a lawyer?
You think if she had that kind
of money she would let her
daughter come up here
illegally to work as a maid?
All they have to do is come
in here and see the car.
Look at this.
It says they don't know anything.
How would they?
Paint chip, piece of glass
from the headlight,
tire track... that's how they
figure out whose car it was.
And luckily Brandon's car
is registered in the city.
They might not trace it out here.
And what if they do?
You know that storage
space we have?
I'm gonna rent another
one that will fit a car,
and tomorrow night you and I
are gonna drive out there.
I think I should
just turn myself in.
After what I've gone through?
With what you did?
You're gonna call the
police yourself?
What, are you fucking kidding me?
Drina... she... she
didn't do anything.
She tried to blackmail us.
No, she wouldn't do that.
She took the money
your father gave her.
Actually, she asked for more.
Got the keys?
Turn it off!
The... the window in Drina's
room was open.
They could have come
in through there.
They could have heard us talking.
Give me the keys.
The soil must have sank.
- Hi.
- Oliver Crawford.
- Hi.
- How are you doing?
Hi, my name's Niles Barrett.
Thanks for coming out.
These gentlemen asked me to
help them out. May we come in?
Sure. No problem. Hold on.
What church are you from, Niles?
Actually, we're in Riverhead.
Not too close.
We're a catholic church.
You must know father Kovaks.
He's our local minister.
Yes, we've met. I don't know
him well. You're catholic?
Yes. What's happening?
Uh, our parish does a lot of work
with the immigrant community.
They don't have too many people
they can turn to that they trust.
There's no one to represent them,
so we try to help out when we can.
Juan and Carlos asked me...
- Juan.
- help them out.
They're concerned about a woman friend
of theirs who came to work for you.
Right. Drina.
My son... he already told them.
She left.
Yes, they said.
Maybe they could ask you
some questions through me.
I can translate. It
might clear things up.
Sure. No problem.
Okay. Tambien.
"So what happened?"
I don't really know.
Like I said, she left in the
middle of the night or
early in the morning.
I'm not sure.
Uh, do you have any idea why?
I wasn't really gonna say
anything, but I had an envelope
with some money in it, which
was in a drawer in my office.
It was not a huge amount to me,
but the envelope was
gone after she left.
You think she just walked
to town from here?
Like I said, I don't know.
She left in the
middle of the night.
She may have hired
a taxi. I don't know.
Very intelligent woman.
She speaks very good English.
You have no idea where she went?
No. Honestly.
Okay, okay.
Juan would like to know how much
she stole so that he can repay you.
No, no, no.
- It's really... it's not necessary.
- No, no, no, no. How much?
- It's really...
- No, really. How much?
- No, no, how much?
- Really. It's more than that.
- Mentiroso!
- What's that?
He says, "you're a liar."
You know, you come here...
this is my house.
This is what happens,
father. I'm sorry.
You can ask father kovaks how
generous and trustworthy I am.
I know. You're trying to be of
some help, but, really, come on.
I tried.
The water's coming in again.
It'll be the same wherever we dig.
This is deeper than
we had it before.
And it's farther
away from the water.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna go talk to them.
What do you want?
Qu pasa?
"Qu pasa?"
No. No comprende.
He say, "fuck you!"
Tell him fuck him, too!
You get the fuck out of here now.
Or what?
You call the police?
No, maybe you don't
want to call the police.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Or what?
Now! Leave!
What you gonna do with that,
huh? What you gonna do?
Huh? What you looking at, faggot?
You gonna kick our ass?
Hold this. Hold it!
Wait. Hey, dad, what are you doing?
Get in that fucking car right now
and you get the fuck out of here!
Fuck you!
You see that guy?
I haven't had a fight in 30 years.
And that guy... he works
outside every day.
Manual laborer.
He's a strong guy.
He should have kicked my ass.
Know why he didn't?
'Cause fighting is
as much about power
as it is about strength.
Education, attitude, wealth...
those are all very powerful things.
It's not about the fight.
It's about what you
bring to the fight.
Hey, you hurt that guy.
He was on the ground. Did you even see
his face when he got into that car?
He was gonna do the same
thing to me, Brandon.
There were three of them.
What do you think
they were gonna do?
What if they come back?
We'll have to call the police.
Where did you get that?
Why do they keep coming back?
They don't know what else to do.
Brandon, turn all these lights off.
If you see anything, call me.
I saw him in the back.
He's got a gun.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I think so.
Oh, God.
Mom, I'm scared.