The Making of a Lady (2012) Movie Script

Mrs Park. Oh.
Oh, Miss Fox Seton, I didn't see you
I just wanted to say it's my day with
Lady Maria. I'll get the money from her.
She owes me for four weeks.
We'll want flowers in the hall, a
pre-dinner quartet...
Actually, no. No, we don't need
them. It's an unnecessary expense.
On the subject of expenses, I was...
My nephew is an unattached marquis.
People will come, music or not.
Oh. Let me organise tea.
My dear, how kind you are!
You met her the last time you were
back from India. Oh, I remember.
She turns her hand to everything.
I'm thinking of taking her on as my
secretary, a permanent position.
Well, what would she do exactly?
She could write my letters, organise
my diary...
Ah, Miss Fox Seton. How nice to see
you again!
How long are you on leave from the
army this time, Lord Walderhurst?
For good, I hope. I'm getting too old
for these sorties abroad.
Where's the list for the dinner
party, Emily?
The most interesting girl's at the
top. Annabelle Rivers.
American. Money.
Yes. Um...
What about Agatha Slade?
I didn't even know you'd met her. I saw a
portrait of her at the National Portrait Gallery.
Pfft! Well...
I saw that too.
She's very fine.
Isn't she?
Well, they are a good family.
I suppose we ought to get an invitation
to them straightaway. I'll go now.
They live in Chelsea.
It's rather a long way.
Oh, Emily doesn't mind.
Do you, dear?
I'd be delighted.
Well? Has she paid you?
No. I don't know what I'm going to
say to Mrs Park.
You've got to ask the old lady
People take advantage of you.
She's thinking of taking me on.
A proper position, as her secretary.
I'd get a steady wage.
Oh, miss!
You wouldn't have to worry then.
That's wonderful.
What is it?
Would you live in her house, then?
Maybe. Why?
Mrs Park's selling up.
I was hoping we could look for
somewhere together. Selling up?
With the money I make, I won't find
somewhere respectable like this.
Oh, Jane... When does she want us
Soon. That's the thing.
You've got your Lady Maria.
You're all right.
I need two more quail from Lasker's
and Pond's cream from the pharmacy
oh, and as you're there, there's a
prescription to be picked up on my account.
I need it to be delivered to this
It's all right. It's all right.
I'm looking for Captain Osborn.
Thank you.
We have a house in Manhattan, but it
bakes in the summer,
so we go to Newport, Rhode Island.
I'm very sorry.
Dinner is ready, Lady Maria.
Emily, this is Agatha Slade. Agatha's
mother is indisposed,
so you'll take her place at dinner.
Good evening.
My nephew, Lord Walderhurst.
The placement cards are in the
bureau, Emily.
Write yourself one.
Smarten you up.
Miss Rivers, tell me about Rhode
Island at this time of year.
Oh, it's quite beautiful.
Is it? Is it? The weather...
Miss Fox Seton...
Oh, Lord Walderhurst!
I er...
I can't bear the American girl.
Please, er... help me change the
Thank you.
Ah. Let me help you.
Are you enjoying the season?
The dresses are fun, and I like some
of the dances,
but the people are so boring and old.
Sir, I didn't mean you.
Oh, don't worry, Miss Slade. I know
exactly what you meant.
The Slade child's insipid!
She's just... very young.
Unlike the Rivers girl. If you'd sat next to
her at dinner, you might have seen her charm.
I don't like the girl, and I'm not
going to marry her.
Well, one of the others, then. Who
cares who it is?
It's your duty to marry again and get
an heir.
Thank you for this evening, Aunt.
Good night.
What possessed you to change the placement? You
should have come to discuss it with me first.
I'm so sorry.
I'm going to employ a permanent
So I won't need you any more.
Your wage.
Oh, and Emily...
My shawl.
Miss Fox Seton, I'm sorry about
dropping you into the middle of that.
How are you getting home?
Let me accompany you.
How long have you lived here?
Since I came to London.
The woman I lodge with is a kind,
respectable person,
as are many of her neighbours.
My aunt says that you have well-placed
relations in Yorkshire, an aunt and uncle.
Yes. So...
My aunt and uncle have a great deal
of children.
They helped me with my education, but
they were unable to do more.
And your parents?
My father was an engineer.
Not grand or rich, but... my mother
fell in love with him.
Her family cut her off.
He was killed in an accident in a
factory. She died two years later.
I'm sorry.
I was very young when it happened.
I rather envy you.
No family or ties, responsible to
nobody, properly independent.
What's so amusing?
Believe me, independence can be
You do not have to accompany me any
I'm sorry. I have offended you.
No. I'm...
I'm just fatigued.
There's someone to see you!
Your situation is difficult, and so
is mine.
As you know, I have to marry for the
sake of the family.
Now, I need a sensible woman, intelligent enough
to understand what marriage to me would require.
Someone who gains mutual benefit from
the arrangement.
You'll find a wife, Lord
someone who you properly esteem.
Will you marry me?
Don't tease me. Please.
No, I... I've been thinking about
this all night.
You know what I need from this marriage,
not like with these other girls.
You're pragmatic, you would require
little from me.
I'm not a difficult man.
A little stuck in my ways, maybe, but
not demanding or cruel
or even unpleasant, I don't believe.
I'd leave you alone. You'd have wealth
and you'd have true independence.
If I may say...
what are your options?
It wouldn't be right.
Why not?
I always imagined that I'd marry for
Love is all very good.
What about security?
The roads are bad around here.
How far is the house from the nearest
Ten miles. We're rather isolated.
You don't mind, do you?
Oh, no.
This is Polstrey.
When I've been away and I come back
like this,
it feels like time has stood still.
This is my butler, Mr Litton,
and my housekeeper, Mrs Litton.
Miss Fox Seton is to be your new
I'm sure you'll make her very
Your Ladyship.
With this ring, I thee wed.
With my body, I thee worship,
and with all my worldly goods, I thee
Thank you very much.
Who are they? My cousin, Captain
Osborn, and his new wife.
Your aunt asked me to deliver
medicine to him.
So this is Polstrey's new mistress.
Hello, Alec. Mrs Osborn.
Please call me Hester. I hear you've
been an exceptional nurse.
You've been ill, Captain Osborn?
It's passed.
Well, congratulations again, sir.
You didn't tell me you'd invited
You didn't tell me you'd paid for
his medicine. I did too.
Alec could bleed a stone dry.
Was Captain Osborn in the regiment?
All the men in the family join the
Is that how he became ill?
He's no longer fit for duty.
What will he do now? Is he seeking
other employment?
The truth is my nephew is spoilt.
He's lived in the expectation of
If Walderhurst has no children, Alec
is the heir to Polstrey.
The house, the titles, everything.
It won't do, of course, with his malaria
and this wife that he's chosen to bring home.
It seems to be a family trait,
choosing unsuitable wives.
So, you see how important it is that
you do your duty?
Gentlemen, a toast.
Sweethearts and wives.
Sweethearts and wives.
Well, that went off well.
You look... very beautiful in that
I liked your cousin and his wife.
And I feel for them.
Their circumstances are difficult.
Alec has brought much of it upon
When I went to deliver the medicine,
the place where they were living was
Don't concern yourself with it,
Now, I'm sure you need to rest.
I'll see you at dinner.
Mrs Litton, which way to my room?
This way, Ladyship.
I must say, I am domestic-minded,
Mrs Litton.
I'm looking forward to the challenges
of running such a large establishment.
This is you... Ladyship.
Thank you.
Poor thing. It's injured.
It's all right now. I've got you.
They get trapped in the chimney
I'll take him to one of the girls,
see what we can do for him.
I'm sorry. I forget the effect this house
has on people when they first come here.
The room does have its charms
It's a secret priest hole.
The Walderhurst family hid in here
while parliamentary troops searched
the house during the Civil War.
The only air is from that grille.
And the priest hole links the two
The air's very close in here.
No thank you.
The water is deep in some places,
shallow in others.
The shelves are treacherous. There
are sinkholes.
I insist all my staff learn how to
I'm afraid...
I don't know how to swim.
I'll teach you.
How did you learn to play like that?
Your aunt taught me.
I had to let her win.
I'm sorry.
No. I just wasn't expecting it.
We should change for dinner.
Better to not keep Mrs Litton
You know, I've been thinking.
Perhaps we ought to ask her if she'll
do a bit of darning.
Good morning.
I'm sorry to disturb. Mr Litton,
where has Lord Walderhurst gone?
And then he's inspecting the estate
for the rest of the day.
He said to tell you he'll be back
late afternoon.
Well, then, this is a good day for you
and I to explore the house, Mrs Litton.
Oh, not today.
It's my laundry day.
I could help you.
No need to bother yourself.
Emily! What are... What are you
doing here?
What is this place?
Come on. We should go back.
There's something important I have
to tell you.
This famine in India, the regiment
is in dire need of senior men.
You're not going back there, are you?
You are going back.
If he Indian people mutiny,
the regiment will require every
experienced officer they can find.
You've only just got back. You told
me you were seeking retirement.
This is about family honour.
You do understand, don't you?
Take me with you, then.
That's not possible.
I'm sorry.
Your first wife...
Do you mind if you tell me about her?
She was a childhood friend.
We grew up together.
I haven't forgotten her,
but I no longer mourn for her.
That's it.
Now, kick your legs. Kick your legs.
That's it. A little more.
I can't, James!
Isn't it beautiful?
Come on, more swimming.
No! Come on.
I'm doing it!
Thank you, sir.
Are you going today?
Now? You're going now?
I'm sending this to my bank to instruct
that you can take out any money you require.
I know that we have started our
married life in an unusual fashion,
but I... I hope and I believe that
we have grown to enjoy one another's
You're left-handed.
Yes, I am. I write everything
upside-down and back-to-front.
Do you realise this is the first time
I've seen your handwriting.
I have a favour to ask you.
A friend of mine from London, Jane, I would
like her to come here to be my lady's maid.
Of course. Contact her immediately.
In the meantime, let the Littons
guide you.
He knows me and the house. He's
Will you write to me?
"Dear James, I hope this letter finds
you well in India.
All is well at Polstrey, but we miss
I miss you."
Ladyship, there are visitors.
Nothing to worry about. You'll be
absolutely fine.
Please forgive the intrusion. We got the
letter and decided to come immediately.
My cousin's been worrying about you.
"Alec, while I'm away in India, can
you ensure that all is well at Polstrey
and that my new wife wants for
How kind of him!
How are you faring?
Well, thank you.
But we have been quiet since Lord
Walderhurst left.
It is good go have company.
The Osborns are staying for lunch.
Tell Mrs Litton, please.
I see Litton's lost none of his
charm. Sorry.
He's rather a... rule unto himself.
He's known me since I was a child. He still
talks to me like I'm in knickerbockers.
I hope he treats you with more
Oh, yes.
I think we'll have another one of
these, Litton.
Oh, and Litton...
Thank you. Close the door after you,
will you?
Alec, you are awful!
If you let him get the upper hand,
you're in trouble. He's a bully.
Always has been. He was vile to me
when I first came to live here.
I messed up his precious house.
I felt the back of his hand, I can
tell you.
But I want to forget about those
Here I am... with my beautiful wife,
who doesn't mind where I bring mud
And you,
a wonderful addition to the family.
To us.
To us.
To us.
Finally. We got there in the end.
We must go.
We're staying in Ashbourne. Don't
want to risk the road at night.
Stay. It would be so lovely for me.
I'll get your suitcases collected
from the village.
One, two, three,
four... Emily, I can see you
peeking... five, six.
Last one to find me is a sardine.
Eight, nine, forty-seven,
forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty!
Aren't they?
It's one of the things I miss most
about being in the regiment.
When you hold a gun, people treat you
with respect.
This is a nice piece.
Try it.
Put the cartridges
in the cylinders.
Look between the barrels.
That's how you aim.
Now all you have to do is press the
My uncle... James's father,
taught me how to shoot when I was a
Did James warn you off me?
Of course not.
I never expected to get Polstrey.
I always knew he's remarry at some
point and produce heirs.
How he expects to do it with an ocean
between you, God knows.
You came!
I'd almost given up on you.
So, you were a dresser in a theatre?
At the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane.
Jane has worked for some very
well-known actresses.
I'm sure she has, but Polstrey is,
nevertheless, rather a change.
I just want to be with Miss Fox
I mean, Lady Walderhurst.
I just want to serve her.
It's so lovely to have you here,
especially as Lord Walderhurst is
I know he is, Miss.
It's the illustrated London News.
"Lord James Walderhurst docks in
Bombay and returns to his regiment
to bring succour and encouragement
to his men."
Well! Isn't that wonderful news?
Come on. I dare you.
Let's go farther out.
No, I won't.
You can't swim, can you?
Your cousin was teaching me, but I'm
still rather nervous.
You're very brave to go in at all.
I've been reading about India,
and how disease almost inevitably
follows famine.
Is it true?
I'm afraid so.
Alec, is he in danger?
He shouldn't have gone.
Then he is? Not so soon after
marrying you.
Walderhurst has a strong
He'll come back.
I can see them! Do come in!
Mr Litton's a strange old stick,
isn't he?
What's he doing, being a butler in a
grand place like this?
His family has always worked here.
As for Mrs Litton, she's not exactly
friendly. The other girls are nice enough.
Jane, I think I might be pregnant.
I feel different, and I haven't had
my monthly bleeding.
Oh, Miss!
You mustn't tell anyone until I'm
It's all right. It's a dream. It's a
terrible dream.
Calm down.
It's the dream.
Captain Osborn's temperature is very
Is he going to make us all poorly? None of this
would be happening if you'd not invited them to stay.
That's enough, Mr Litton!
Go to the ice house and get as much ice
as you can. Mabel and Ivy will help you.
Well, hurry up!
How is he?
Every time it takes him, it gets
What if he dies?
What will I do?
Surely the regiment... The reason the
regiment dismissed him was me.
If anything happens to Alec,
you must stay here with me.
You're so good to me.
I hope you don't mind,
but I've asked my old aya, Ameerah,
to come down here.
She is a marvellous nurse, and I
know she'll make Alec better.
Go back to bed, Memsahib.
But Hester...
Mr Osborn is not himself.
I will not leave him alone with her.
Alec? Alec?
Make it tighter.
Mabel's threatening to leave.
She thinks Captain Osborn's going to
come and kill us in our beds.
He's a danger to himself, not to us.
I'll talk to Mabel.
Jane, you're so clever. I'm not
showing at all.
When are you going to tell people? Not till
Captain Osborn gets better. Now is not the time.
Ameerah, I didn't see you there.
What can I do for you?
Captain Osborn is awake.
You mean he's...
More himself.
Oh, that's wonderful news.
Miss Hester asked for a book to read
to him.
Take this.
Mabel and Ivy think she's a witch.
Mr Litton doesn't help. He's always saying
His Lordship wouldn't want the Osborns here.
He's quite wrong. Look.
"Alec, while I'm away in India,
can you ensure that all is well at Polstrey and
that my new wife wants for nothing? J Walderhurst."
Show this to him.
He thinks he knows Lord Walderhurst
upside-down and back-to-front,
lordship this and lordship that.
Upside-down and back-to-front?
Upside-down and back-to-front?
You don't mind if I borrow one of
your horses, do you?
No-one rides that horse but His
If he's well enough to ride, he's
well enough to leave.
Lord Walderhurst asked me to look
after you.
They must leave.
They must go.
We'll go. The old man hates us.
Hester, I need to talk to
you... about this.
Lord Walderhurst didn't write it,
did he?
The bailiffs were hounding us for
We thought if we could stay here for
a time, things might get better.
It is impossible to survive on Alec's
Is it any surprise that sometimes
dark moods take him?
Don't judge him.
He is not himself,
and I love him so much.
We'll go.
We'll leave.
Let me think.
Let me work something out.
My father used to bring me up here.
He enjoyed the solitude.
So do I.
You shouldn't wander all over the
estate on your own.
I came up here for a reason.
Hester has told me of your financial
Has she? Alec, I was thinking you and
Hester could live here.
It could solve everything. Of course,
I don't know what your plans are.
They certainly don't include
squatting in a hovel like this!
There's going to be a storm. Come on.
I'll take you back.
I'd rather walk.
I'll take you back.
Alec, stop! You have to!
I'm pregnant!
What happened? Miss! She was riding
on the horse with me. She fainted.
Give her to me.
My baby...
Is it... Is it harmed?
Your baby?
Her Ladyship is expecting.
Oh, no! I'm so sorry. I never thought
you were with child.
I would never have put you on a
horse. You must get Dr Lawrence.
Dr Lawrence is an old country quack.
We need someone from London.
There's no need. Ameerah will know
what to do.
I'll take that to my mistress.
What is it?
It's just cinnamon and milk. How does
she know what's right for a baby?
I'll go to the village to fetch Dr
Lawrence. We must take care of this child.
Well, go on. Get that up to Her
Captain Osborn!
I'm just taking this up to my
She's very lucky to have you, Jane.
"Dear James, I am pregnant, which is
a great surprise.
I am very pleased.
I know it is what you wanted.
Your loving Emily."
You're up. Oh.
I woke early.
And you're dressed.
I've spent many years dressing myself.
I've hardly forgotten how to do it.
I've written to Lord Walderhurst to
tell him about the baby.
And now, I'm going to walk to the
post box and post it myself.
Miss, are you sure you're well
I've never felt better.
Good boy. Good boy.
Mrs Litton.
Where are you going?
To stay with my daughter.
I can't be here.
Not now.
I understand
how hard this is for you,
but if you could just stay until I
find a new butler and housekeeper...
I can't.
Mr Litton was so much a part of this
whole place.
Everything reminds me of him.
What will I do without you?
Mabel and Ivy are leaving too.
Well, I tried to persuade them to stay
on, but they won't. They're scared.
I'm sorry, Ladyship.
I truly am.
"Mr Litton died in such strange
I wish you were here to help.
Your loving Emily."
This is the advertisement I've
written for a housekeeper and maids.
Alec will ride into Ashbourne with
it today. Mm-hm.
He can take that too, why not?
Let me do it.
You should be in bed. You caught a
cold that day.
Why was Mr Litton out there in the
cart? What was he doing?
Who knows?
Where's Alec?
Shooting pheasant in the wood.
Good morning, Jane.
This tastes a little different.
Let's play a decider.
If you don't mind, I might go to
Of course.
Are you quite well?
I stood up too quickly.
Sit down.
Ameerah, help me lock the doors.
Why are we locking the doors?
I don't see the need.
We have no servants.
Anyone could walk in. You wouldn't
want that, would you, Emily?
Emily, I thought you were resting.
I heard something.
Or I thought I did.
Was it the post?
No. No post.
Why is he not replying to my
He asked me to write to him.
Emily, I've been thinking...
You shouldn't be on your own at
What if you were taken ill and nobody
heard you call out?
You haven't been yourself.
I am quite myself.
No, Emily, you're not.
We should move into the room next to
I won't allow it. That is Lord
Walderhurst's room.
It's what he would want.
I know my cousin.
He would do anything to ensure that
the baby and you keep well.
It's just an Indian dish.
Oh, Emily...
I shouldn't have let them go next
I can hardly breathe as it is.
Everywhere I am, they are.
All of them, always, watching me.
No, Miss. They're looking after you.
It's sensible.
He makes everyone do what he wants.
You're not well, madam. Come on,
let's get into bed. Take this. Go on.
He's in control now that Mr
I don't know why you don't trust
him. He's a good man.
Oh, no. No...
Jane... Jane...
I'm on my own in this big old house,
stuck in the middle of nowhere!
There was a telegram for her in the
Who's it from?
Who do you think?
"My ship has docked in Southampton.
Returning all speed. Walderhurst."
But why?
I don't know, but he is.
Emily suspects. I'm sure she does.
Ameerah thinks she's stopped drinking the
tonic, otherwise the baby would be gone by now.
We'll make our excuses and leave.
I'm not leaving this house.
It's mine.
It's not.
We tried...
We failed.
There's two of them and three of us.
Go around Jane. She'll do what I say.
What are you talking about?
We must do it now.
I won't do this.
You won't help me?
Let me go!
No! Please! Please, Alec!
Now, you listen to me! I've given up
everything for you.
If we don't see this through, we will
hang for Litton's death.
Hang! You understand me?
We need to put an end to her tonight.
You understand?!
Alec, wait. Alec, wait!
Why are we stopping? The mare's lame,
sir. There's a coach-house a mile back.
We could stay the night, find a
change of horses.
Will that be all, Your Ladyship?
I need to talk to you.
Lord Walderhurst is back in the
Captain Osborn tried to burn it.
I retrieved it.
Burn it?
He wants to be master here.
He will do anything to achieve it.
I believe he killed Mr Litton.
They are planning something...
terrible against me.
We must go, leave, now.
He'll follow us.
Then, what are we going to do?
Let me go to the village, and I'll
get help.
What is it?
You're not eating?
I don't feel well.
What did she say?
She says that Jane is not helping in
the kitchen.
Jane's ill.
She's in bed.
Your maid is not in her bedroom.
How strange!
She must have left the house under
some delusion.
She must have.
Don't worry. She's on foot. She can't
have gone far.
I'll bring her back.
Ameerah will stay in the house to
look after you and Hester.
I think I shall go to bed.
Come out!
Come out. Come out. It will be better
for you if you come out.
Stop her!
Help me!
I can't.
I know you're in here, Jane.
You don't need to be afraid of me.
Keep away from me!
Away or I'll shoot.
I mean it.
I will.
You will feel nothing.
It is a good death.
Lord Walderhurst!
Where's Emily? Why are you here?
Who's that?
My servant.
We have all been looking after Emily.
Is she ill?
Tell me.
I'm sorry, Your Lordship, but the
memsahib is dead.
She had a fever of the blood.
We tried everything to make her
better, but today, she passed.
What the hell happened to you?
You're bleeding, for God's sake.
I fell.
Alec's gone to Ashbourne to make the
funeral arrangements.
Come into the drawing room.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
Where is she?
I want to... I need to...
I need to see her. Where is she?
I'm so sorry.
There's nothing to be sorry for.
You were a friend to her.
What is it?
She's upstairs.
You could still save her.
Get away from her! Get away!
Emily? Oh, my God!
No, don't look.
No! No!
Alec is dead. I've sent Hester and
her servant back to India.
No-one will harm you ever again.
I shouldn't have left you.
I shouldn't have left.
Emily... Emily, I need you to understand
why I couldn't take you with me.
I lost everyone I've ever loved out
My wife, Elizabeth, died in
The baby lived for a month.
We did everything we could to take
care of him, but...
One morning, I found him in his cot.
It was unbearable.
I'd only just found you. I couldn't
bear to lose you too.
I am so, so sorry.
But I am most sorry that I never told
you how I felt about you.
I felt it always,
from the moment I first saw you in my
aunt's house and I brought you here.
I loved you.
I loved you, but still,
I didn't tell you.
I don't know why.
Emily? Emily?
You came back.
Oh, my darling!
I've got them. What shall I do with
Eat them up!
Two! Three!
Six. Seven.
Nine. Ten.
We're coming!