The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (2011) Movie Script

In the name of God, the Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful,
Creator of the universe,
His blessings unto all of us,
people of the kingdom of God.
Only God knows the content
of the universe...
...and that which is hidden
to the naked eye.
And I beseech thee
to craft a tome of tales...
...about the blood of kings
and our traditions,
so that our sons and grandsons,
and their grandsons
may be given their history.
Let it be known that when our ancestors...
...reached these shores,
they were greeted by Geruda.
Chaos and destruction
rained from the skies
and rose from the seas.
It was a joyous occasion to begin the tale,
the union of the Prince and Princess...
...from two of the greatest empires
in the world.
From below the setting sun
The Roman Empire,
under the leadership
of the good emperor Hadrian.
And from the east to the silk roads,
The Han Empire,
ruled by the emperor Han An Ti.
'It was a marriage
that would shape the world...
...for hundreds of years to come.
Each one sailing thousands of miles... a place with no kings.
A trade route which is vital...
. for the markets of the world.
But how can man foresee the future?
The groom's convoy was nearly destroyed.
It was a precarious situation.
A minute's delay...
...would insult the Chinese emperor.
And many thousands would have died.
Instead of uniting the world,
the endeavor could have split it open
like an egg.
Our fleet is almost gone.
We seek one fleet, one ship even,
and one captain,
accustomed to the coastal waters,
that could take a prince to his bride.
Ah, I see.
We have the men and the ships...
...that can take you to that small peninsula.
Problem is, the place that you want to go... a violent place,
with violent people.
And worse, coastal pirates.
Why do you want to go to such a place?
Why not here? Goa?
The Chinese claim,
it has something to do with their 'feng shui'.
We do not object.
That place has always been
important to us,
as well as the Chinese, as a trade route.
So, instead of spilling blood on it,
it would be better to mark it as a point...
...where our two empires meet.
Very well.
We have the ships and we have the men.
The best that Goa can send.
So how are you going to make the payment?
We have gold for this task.
Very good, very good.
I shall send the word out,
and you shall have hundreds of sailors...
...and our best captains
will be willing to sacrifice themselves... make sure that the prince
shall meet his bride.
But they will have to wait.
Our messenger to Rome...
...will be back with another fleet soon.
I'm afraid we lost most of our gold
in a storm.
And there is the problem.
You have to make the payment first,
before you can set foot on the deck
or unfurl the sails.
Is there no way, then,
no worth for Rome's honor,
or Rome's friendship with Goa?
We are willing to pay ten times the usual!
Many men will die...
What is that?
Why don't you go and find out, sir?
Yes, lead the way.
Marcus, my Prince.
It's not so wise-
Lycius, if we cannot find the answer...
...we seek in Goa's halls,
its market place might prove
a good diversion.
Yes, yes, yes.
What the Prince wants, the Prince gets.
Lets find the man...
...who can take you
to the Golden Khersones.
He looks strong.
Maybe he can take us
to the Golden Khersones?
He is a very good fighter.
But more a brawler than a sailor.
His hand is quicker than his mind,
but slower than his mouth.
But alas, he is of noble birth.
The shame of Goa, if you ask me.
What manner of spectacle is this?
A simple street fight?
Lycius, this is politics.
See that lovely women over there?
She's Yesodhra,
sister of Sunder - the huge warrior
that we see before us.
She was trying to... away with a commoner,
but was caught.
Is this an execution?
No, no.
This way he gets to fight
with the man who almost tarnished
his sister's reputation.
But if you ask me,
the women reputation is...hmmm.
That is his opponent?
He does not look like much.
For over thirty years,
he has been sailing these waters... if it was his own kingdom.
And every time he sets anchor at the port...
...he tells the women there,
that he's a direct descendent...
...of the great king Alexander himself.
He has been sailing?
So he has a ship?
If we can call it a ship.
Why you wearing a skirt, boy?
That was astounding.
What is his name?
He has many.
Half-Caste, the lord of Jentayu,
king of nothing.
He is Merong Mahawangsa.
He can take us to the Golden Khersones.
What manner of folly is this?
We cannot use him for anything!
Yes. He has to be punished.
We have to execute him to placate
Sunder's noble family.
But if he has nothing to lose...
...and Goa is finished with him,
perhaps we should give him a chance.
I trust he would not ask for more gold
than any other sailor.
This is foolhardy.
Goa would want his head!
Not if I can help it.
Make it so, or Rome's ties with Goa
are severed.
I really don't know what I am doing!
You and I both.
I think the Gods hold you in their favor today.
It has nothing to do with your Gods.
Yes, thank you, Jupiter.
Or maybe someone will be kind enough... to release me from my chains.
A sword, a machete,
a good scimitar, anything will do.
Just...get me out of these things
and I'll be on my way.
And where would that be, Merong?
Anywhere, just as long as...
...I do not have to look
at your ugly countenance.
So, you want to run away?
Sail away,
there's a difference.
So you expect us to set you free?
So, where will you be going this time?
Been there.
Nagasaki? Persia?
Just like the last time,
they chase me all the way here.
We remember.
Maybe to Macedonia this time,
Greece, Rome?
Maybe sail the other way around,
and see if I can't fall off
the edge of the world.
What do you care?
Honestly, I don't.
But what if, instead of you
going over to Rome.
Rome comes over to you.
My name is Lycius.
We come from Rome
with an important task.
Our prince here, Marcus Caprenius... to be wed with a Chinese princess.
Oh then, I give my blessings
to Rome and China.
Now will you please get me
out of these things?
Are you not interested in our offer?
What, to marry the prince here
and insult all of China?
I think not. You bunch of boy-lovers.
Merong Mahawangsa!
This your last chance.
The Romans need someone
who knows these waters.
You're already condemned to die,
but this young prince
has taken a liking for you.
You will accept this task
for both our sakes,
or Krishna help me,
I will kill you myself.
Do this and Rome may recognize you as...
...a son of Greece.
And give you enough gold
with which to buy an armada.
After the next fleet comes
from Rome of course,
with the gold. Your gold.
And that is why no one else is willing to...
...take on this fool's errand.
I am no moneylender, Roman!
For a man who doesn't
even own his own life,
you should be thankful...
...that there is someone
who would even ask for you.
Protect the prince and destroy anyone...
...who tries to harm
a single hair on his head.
Be they barbarians or even the Chinese.
Do we have a deal?
You have no choice.
Now, either you leave here
with the Romans,
or you leave here without your head.
Don't touch anything on this ship.
And you!
Don't steal my food.
Keep you eye on them.
What is that you're so fond of carrying?
Something my father gave me.
Did your mother give you that needle?
Did she teach you how to sew?
There are a few holes around here
that need fixing.
If you like,
I could sew your eye shut.
So what is it?
My father told me... was from a sage in Greece.
Some sort of sorcery,
or a lot of hogwash.
I've been carrying it around ever since
my mother left me.
She died?
I don't know.
But what good fortune for you!
My mother came
from the Golden Khersones,
where we are headed...
...for your wedding.
And where is your home?
I bed down at any port I can find.
My home is here, in the seas.
That must get lonely?
Are you trying to woo me, boy?
They say you have been claiming to be...
...a descendant of Alexander?
Not claiming,
I am a descendant
of the great Alexander himself.
Maybe one of your soldiers
is man enough to fight me.
Hey! Did I not say stay away from my food?
Say you do have an iota
of Alexander's wisdom.
And since Lycius is not here...
...I do have one question to ask you.
Ask away.
These girl I am to marry, Merong, she...
...know nothing of her.
How am I to know if I would love her?
Or she would love me?
And I am so wary of no longer being free,
like you are.
My prince,
your marriage is not about love.
It is...
Politics, yes, I understand this.
And hungry is Rome for the knowledge...
...and wisdom of China,
for its war toys and machines.
So, you are looking for real love?
Young prince,
When time and moment gather,
Two sides will be as one,
When two shadows come together,
Life will unfurl and death will be done.
What is that?
Something my mother
used to say to me when I was a boy.
What does it mean?
I don't know.
I've been trying to figure it out...
...all of these years.
I think she was telling me about...
But...she also told me
not to pee everywhere.
But I'm not haunted
by those lines almost every night.
One thing I do know, my prince,
I would do anything...
...and I would give everything
to see my mother again.
And that's how you know...
...that's how you know
when you truly love someone.
Do anything...
...give everything.
The sea is choppy tonight, Admiral.
We are approaching the straits... will be calmer then.
Are you worried about how he will look?
He is a barbarian with golden fur.
How else will he look?
I will be sleeping with an animal.
Do not worry, my dear princess.
Do not listen to old tales about Westerners.
I have seen one before.
They are tall,
...and have eyes as blue as the sky.
I do not care if there are small with red eye.
I do not want to be a prisoner,
like that metal bird in the emperor's room.
I want to be free,
like a real nightingale.
I know that as soon as I marry him,
I lose all hope of fulfilling my dreams.
What look is that in your eyes?
No, no.
The last time you tried to run away...
Ying Ying!
You have been like a sister to me.
I need you to help me with this.
We are nearing the place,
Your Highness.
I think it's better that you stay
inside the cabin.
But we have been sailing for days.
I need to get some fresh air.
And that we will do.
But not here, not in these waters.
There are...
There are things here...
What things? Beasts?
Beasts with pirates' hearts.
Come, my prince.
There is nothing worth seeing here.
The Golden Khersones is not far away.
And they sailed, not far from the shore
until they could see the destined land.
And arrive they did
to unnamed shores, king less lands.
The most important trade routes
in the world.
Welcome home, Merong.
Admiral Liu Yun,
will you not help me?
I'm sworn to protect you...
...and to serve you,
but I cannot do what you ask of me.
My apologies, Your Highness.
And I do believe that your life
will be better after this.
The convoy has arrived.
Greetings from Rome! Behold our might.
I think it is the one in front.
He is quite tall..
...and muscular.
You have strong sons with this one.
Sit down, Ying Ying.
You are breaking my melody.
I am admiral Liu Yun.
It is a pleasure to see
our august prince safe and sound.
But.. forgive me.
Is China so small that you would send
a single ship?
And you do not look Roman.
The convoy was almost destroyed.
And yes, I do not look Roman because...
I am not Roman.
I am merely the man,
lucky enough to have been hired
by the Romans to escort...
...this precious cargo to this meeting place.
Lycius is held up at Goa,
awaiting for the second Roman fleet.
And I... Merong Mahawangsa,
at your service.
And this...
...this is Marcus Caprenius,
Prince of Rome.
Well-met, Admiral.
Younger and less muscular.
But you will have pretty daughters
with this one.
If you are that interested,
why not you marry him?
Come, let us get ready for tonight.
Our princess is also here.
Safe and sound.
But I do apologize for our meeting place.
I was entrusted by our palace officials... hold the wedding here,
on the next full moon.
Tradition and custom, you see?
I understand, Admiral.
This is not so bad. This is a nice place.
It's protected from the monsoon,
no stranger to traders.
And at the birth of the new moon,
we can safely sail to Goa again.
And I can get paid.
Admiral, if I may be so bold,
is there a possibility
that I could meet the princess?
I believe it is bad luck in your custom...
...for the groom to meet the bride
before the wedding.
She is...
We are being watched.
No need for worrisome looks.
They are the natives of the land.
I do not believe they are a hostile people.
We shall start wedding preparations
You know these waters.
Not so much. My mother was
from around here.
But I was too young
when I was taken away... my father to sail the ships.
I remember some bits.
He taught me to rig the sails
and work the pails...
...just like any other sailor.
And I was a boy of twelve.
But he kept me safe.
As the Chinese say...
Even the vicious tiger
does not eat its cubs.
Merong? Your name is not unknown to us.
We believe we have heard of you.
Ah, no.
Or maybe it was your kin.
I know of a Merong...
...who caused some trouble
in one of our ports.
I heard he went after
a Chinese noblewoman.
That is someone else.
I never went to China.
Too far from my home.
Must be my uncle, Merong Mahasuasa.
My Prince!
Where are you going?
To think, to relieve myself.
What manner of business is it of yours?
I have sworn to keep you safe...
...and destroy anyone
that would hurt a hair
on your pretty golden head.
I will be fine, Merong.
Maybe you should watch
where you sleep tonight
or you may end up
with a Chinese spear in your back.
My prince,
do not do anything foolish.
Great, and I can't even see the princess.
Princess, these fireflies in the jar
will guide our way
but it will not attract the guards.
That is very clever of you, Ying Ying.
Not as clever as to dissuade you... abandon this foolish quest.
Where can you go? What will you do?
I shall teach music.
Young children to play the harp.
Whose children?
I shall teach the common folk
how to play music.
Then, they can go to the palace
and play music there
if they so wish.
My dear Princess, the poor folks...
...would rather have dull food
on their tables,
than beautiful music for their ears.
Than we shall plant food.
We shall plant...roasted duck tree,
and noodle bushes.
Just like how we planted flowers... the imperial garden last summer.
The prince!
Are you the princess?
I am not the princess.
I am the handmaiden.
My name is Ying Ying.
I am the princess.
I want to pee.
What are you trying to do?
Trying to peep?
We are out on the midnight stroll.
The princess is composing a poem.
And what may these bundles be?
These are fine silk that...
...I use to wipe my...
Writing supplies!
These are her writing supplies.
You can write with these?
These are change of...
Do not take me for a fool.
You're running away?
Well...if you have to know the truth.
So Rome sacrificed her sons,
battling sea serpents
and weathering tempests... travel to the edge
of the world for nothing?
It is not that.
The princess...
I do not need to know.
You wish to run away?
I am alright with that.
Let me guide you into the forest.
You would?
This is good news.
Escort us to the jungle.
You can speak my language?
Yes, of course.
There was nothing else to do...
...but learn new languages and music.
We know all the languages worth knowing.
We even learned the language of this land.
Oh, yes,
and Latin too.
Enjoy the moment.
Don't worry about a future
that is uncertain.
That is Horace! read Horace?
We learn it for you, Your Highness.
So that it would be easier.
And the servants too?
I have been with the princess since birth.
I will follow her
after she gets married to you.
I mean, when she was supposed
to get married to you.
If that is acceptable with you.
I can see no harm in that.
If we were ever to have been married,
and we are not now, it seems,
you could have stayed with us.
Why, that is very generous of you,
Your Highness.
Wait, are you angry with me?
Why would I be angry with you?
I'm simply the handmaiden.
I am helping your princess
get her heart's desire.
She wanted to run away,
I'm helping her run away.
How have the fates
bestowed upon the princess
a husband-to-be who understand
the heart of women.
Surely she would have been happy
in your chambers, then?
You do not want to marry
a Chinese princess.
I understand.
You must have hundreds of girls in Rome.
Or maybe even Greece,
or Persia. No?
No! I do not have anyone else.
Then why would you want
to turn her... me away?
Hey! You wanted to run away, not me.
You go out with your Ching Ching...
Ying Ying!
You run away with you Ying Ying,
and you say that I do not want you?
It seems like you do not want
to be married to me, Princess.
Why is the handmaiden
angry with me, Princess?
She is not the handmaiden, you fool!
Maybe the other one
might have known what to do.
Could I have a moment
with the real princess, please?
Forgive her.
It was my desire to play the trick.
So you want all men to desire you?
That is what's wrong,
that is why you are angry with me?
You think you know me so well?
I want to be free.
I want my freedom.
I don't want to be stuck in a palace
or castle for the rest of my life.
I want to see the world.
That is quite odd, Princess.
Because that is what I want as well.
Then me running away will solve
both our problems.
Is this about going back to China?
Are you homesick?
I do not want to go back to China,
or to any palace in any country.
So, there are no arrangements?
For us to stay in China?
Are you displeased?
Not at all.
Well I...
Truth be told, I was ordered to come...
...for my mission.
And I was worried
that I would no longer be free... go where I wish after I am wed.
After I take you as... my wife.
I do not like to be caged... any palace or castle,
like that metal nightingale
in the emperor's room.
And how would it be for you, Princess,
if I say that we can be
as free as the real nightingale?
Sing our own songs,
to our heart's desire.
Tell me more, my prince.
Look at him, don't play with him.
You don't belong here, you white ghost.
That boy brings bad luck.
Hey, kid! Go away!
This is all your fault.
Why are you crying, Merong?
Boys don't cry easily.
I don't like girls... | hate them.
Am I not a girl?
Listen to me.
When time and moment gather,
Two sides will be as one,
When two shadows come together,
Life will unfurl and death will be done.
Wake up!
Follow me.
Why did you wake me up? It's still night.
Let me get back to sleep.
It's almost noon.
Captain, you must come and see this now.
What in God's name?
What manner of bad luck?
This is nothing to do with luck, Admiral.
This is...
Aye, Admiral.
The Gerudans are coming.
It is said that before they attack,
the skies would stab at their prey
with bolts of lightning.
They pray to the old Gods.
Men, take positions!
Secure the princess!
Wait! Where is the prince?
Men! Front line!
Oh, Admiral...
...I don't think it's only the front unit
to worry about!
Have you seen a boy, golden locks...
...wearing a skirt?
Does it hurt?
I hope that relieves the pain.
This is not fair!
I said one at a time.
Behind you!
No! Marcus!
He's dead!
Come down.
Let's bring this thing to ground.
When time and moment gather,
Two sides will be as one,
When two shadows come together,
Life will unfurl and death will be done.
Come here.
Stay here and be quiet.
Hide here until I come back.
He is the one.
How sure are you?
My feelings say so.
He's the one we've been waiting for.
Where am I?
Do not try to move,
lest the wound opens again.
Who... who are you?
I am Kesum. Shaman of the tribe.
This is my adopted daughter, Embok.
Rest for a while.
I will take care of you
until you are strong enough.
And don't worry.
The ring will only be opened...
...when the moon is completely gone.
The ring?
What do they call you?
My name is not fit to be uttered...
...from the lips of dogs!
How rude!
Did they not teach you manners...
...and how to respect a man?
You animal! Get off the princess!
Kamawas, restrain yourself!
Taji, what is the use
of capturing this fine prize,
if only to ornament our huts?
Patience, my student.
This is the princess of a great king.
Emperor of China.
A great and strong empire.
And what would insult
the Chinese Emperor more
if not for his daughter...
...becoming my plaything and my pet?
I have sent a messenger to China.
The princess will not be harmed.
And if the Chinese Emperor wishes...
...for her to continue to be unharmed,
Geruda will be given a thousand taels
of gold
within two full moons.
A thousand taels of gold?
And if you can find another port... satisfy your lust
for a moon or two,
I am also asking for the Chinese Emperor... bow down to Geruda,
So we could be kings of these waters!
Many thanks for taking care of me...
...until I am well.
Are you rushing off somewhere?
Your wounds still bleed, young man.
Have to get the Jentayu... vessel.
A Jentayu with broken wings
will not fly away.
Rest here for a while.
The prince under my care...
...Is gone.
Maybe lost at sea,
or eaten raw by the Gerudans.
Of what use am |
if I can't fulfill a simple task?
Not only am I a vagabond,
chased away from port to port,
I also lost my ship...
...with the prince under my care!
I am useless!
Why am I still alive?
If you'd like,
you can make our village as your home.
We come from the earth,
live by water,
but some of our tools
we craft from the sky.
This keris,
I craft from star metal.
Keris for a King.
She does not trust outsiders.
Her parents were killed by Gerudans.
Why did you save me?
Why are you so brash?
When will you leave?
When the moon is full?
Pak Kesum believes in you.
He says you are a foreign king.
The savior of the tribe.
I think you have mistaken me...
...for someone else.
Our tribe, we are not as one.
We fight each other, and are not united.
The headman of each village
wants to be king.
Pak Kesum stayed where the water falls...
...for seven days and seven nights
until he dreamt of a prophecy...
...but you are not the one.
You are the same as the rest
of the outsiders!
When your wound is healed... will disappear!
What prophecy are you talking about?
I don't know any of this.
Yes, I admit.
When my wound is healed,
I will be gone.
The matters of the people
is not my concern.
Just get me to a ship.
You want to leave?
Why don't you leave now?
Leave now!
And so they discovered
that freedom's but a daydream.
Her hopes of freedom
shattered by the Gerudans...
...who kept her safe and guarded,
by the cliffs and the sea...
...and by their numbers.
They're allowed to roam freely
on the island,
knowing that know one
escapes alive from there.
Pak Kesum?
Why is there a scar on Embok's neck?
A scar?
We are scarred people.
But if it is merely a scar on the body,
then many other tribes have that as well.
But the scar on her heart,
that scar is shared by many in the tribe.
What do you mean?
Let it be known to you,
that the Gerudans came from here.
They used to be part of us.
And Taji, the leader of the Gerudans...
...studied under the same master as I.
Let it be known to you that Taji...
...was also a drifter like yourself.
He was cared for in this very hut.
My master's hut.
And Taji's master as well.
And he is invulnerable...
...because of the amulet around his neck.
Taji begged for the amulet
so he can become a shaman of the tribe.
But my master declined.
Because it is his nature...
...not to give to one who asks for it.
So he stole it...
...and killed my master.
And he gathered followers,
many of them the sons of this tribe.
One night, with those loyal to him,
Taji started raiding the villages.
We were surprised, and disorganized.
There were those who fought back.
One of them was Lang,
the daughter of the previous two headmen.
She was the first to get the people
to fight back.
The first attack was foiled
by her spirit alone.
But...Taji's amulet was too powerful.
That is my mother's name.
Then maybe our meeting...
...was destined after all, young man.
Since then, the Gerudan pirates
would come,
every few moons,
to take anything their hearts desire.
And once they came...
...and Kamawas, Taji's student,
saw Embok,
the daughter of the headman.
Her father and I tried to stop him.
But Kamawas...
...was also invulnerable
to dagger and spear.
That is why we are all scarred.
So how do we destroy Geruda?
What did you see in the prophecy?
Embok told you?
Seven days and seven nights
under falling water.
What vision did appear to you?
I had a dream, on the seventh night,
a foreign king will come,
in the heat of battle.
He will be the one to unite the tribe.
I believe... are the one
whose coming was foretold.
I think the prophecy is mistaken.
Or... | am the wrong man.
I am not a foreigner.
I remember...
...used to lived here before.
When time and moment gather,
Two sides will be as one,
What did you say?
The pantoum.
It's mother's pantoum.
Where did you hear it?
The prophecy came with the pantoum.
This is the pantoum.
Two warring villages will be as one...
...and fight Geruda.
If you still wish to go,
we will not hold you back.
Great teacher Kesum...
Guide me.
What am I to do?
With Guru Kesum his lessons began.
He is told of the conditions...
set by the two tribes of the land.
He who fights and wins in the ring...
will be pronounced king.
The first warrior, Pilus was his name.
He could crush rocks into grains of sand...
with his bare hand.
But Merong...
proved to be more of a man.
As he waited for his second adversary,
Embok's cold resentment...
was there for all to see.
The days that passed
did not wane his determination.
And so sparked the embers
of Embok's affection.
The second warrior,
'Embi, he was called.
The brave son of the headman...
from the second clan.
Swift were his moves,
like an eagle hunting in flight,
striking his prey when the time is right.
It would take all of Merong's
strength and might,
to win the fight.
Or it was fate, maybe,
that this was his destiny.
For today, Merong
was proclaimed king of his men.
Langkasuka as the name of his land.
He, who in times past...
...had no people, no mission,
now faced the Geruda
as a leader of a nation.
And as with every king,
he had to choose a queen as a companion.
He prepared the Jentayu,
his old vessel,
to carry his men to defend,
or into battle.
'But on that fateful day,
little did he know,
emerged a kindred spirit
from a chapter ago.
And so, united again,
they were to be.
Together they would
write new pages of history.
Prepare the roof properly.
This will be our shelter
if the Gerudans were to come again.
How's our progress?
It will be ready in a couple of days.
In the meantime
this will be our resting place.
Pak Kesum, there are outsiders
on our shore.
How happy it is to see you.
I thought you were lost, with the others.
We chased the ones who took the princess.
We thought you were lost
with everyone else...
...when we returned.
My apologies
that I was not there personally
to help you fight off...
...the Gerudans.
The princess was important, of course.
And now one kingdom of Geruda...
...has her in its claws.
The messenger from Geruda.
The princess?
She's alive?
Alive for another moon or so.
We have sent word... our fleet in the spice islands
and also to Goa.
We are waiting for them,
but it could take some days
before they arrive.
Maybe you can tell the...
...savages to help us?
They are not savages.
They are my people.
And we will fight Geruda on our own terms.
But as you can see,
we are nowhere near ready yet.
It will take several moons to prepare
the ships and the men.
We do not have much time to spare.
If China does not give in to their demands,
she would lose her head.
I would need your help in rescuing her.
We have also rescued someone.
Maybe this will help you make up your mind.
Your Highness.
I do apologize.
there's no need for apologies.
Nor bows and curtsies,
as if I'm correct, you are now a king.
Besides, I have always thought of you
as a brother.
Call me Marcus.
We found him,
draped on the shores of this new world.
We have men to spare for this war.
Would you lend us some fighters...
...and sprinkle the shores with pirate blood?
I will not send a few men.
I will lend you myself,
and the whole might of this new kingdom.
For my people to survive,
we must break the wings of Geruda.
Now, let see what's on that ship of yours.
Maybe we can salvage
and resurrect my old Jentayu.
Take what you want.
We cannot use this junk for the attack
on the Geruda.
Why not?
This ship will take
many more fighters than...
...than the Jentayu.
The Gerudan waters are too shallow.
We had to cut the chase short the last time.
Well, let's hope that...
...luck shines upon us.
The princess, she smells nice.
Pearl powder and rose water.
Unfortunately, this is not a battle ship...
...or supply ship.
This ship was meant for carrying
the princess's clothes.
An entire ship?
Now, that's impressive.
She had three ships for her clothes...
...and gifts from the emperor.
Our princess,
she was a favorite noble girl at the palace.
Everyone adored her.
I remember...
...she was twelve.
Don't mind me.
I was just inspecting these mirrors.
How many does she have?
Many dukes gave her a thousand each.
This is perfect.
I want all of these mirrors...
...for the assault on Geruda.
What are you going to do with them?
I'm going to show the pirates...
...just how ugly they are.
Kamawas, we are to be attacked!
How can that be?
By whom?
The Mainlanders.
The two villages unite under a new king.
Kesum's damned prophecy has come true.
The villagers?
How can a pinch slight a barrel-full?
They are in the mere hundreds,
most of them farmers.
We number in the thousands of warriors.
My seance shows that...
...If we overcome this obstacle,
these waters will be ours.
What are you talking about?
Fall, and we shall never rise again.
Are you trying to scare me?
They are not to land on our shores.
I will not sail in the dead of night
and leave you alone with the princess.
That's your plan, isn't it?
Kamawas! Don't forget!
Your invulnerability
is all due to my amulet!
Lose it, and you will bleed like the rest!
Don't you ever forget it!
Wake me up if they reach our shores.
You're getting senile.
Go attack them, Kamawas!
Where do you think you're going?
As long as Taji draws breath,
how can I show my face here?
Pak Kesum, you stay here.
Take care of Embok.
Take care of the rest.
You have done enough.
We might not come back.
If this happens, please take care...
We should not stand here for long.
...go forth and avenge your mother.
And to avenge you as well.
Let us say our good...
This keris you carry,
it will weaken Taji's magic.
But it will not take away his invulnerability.
His and Kamawas' invulnerability
lies in the amulet.
Take away their amulets...
...and you can take their lives.
I will not forget your advice.
Thank you for everything, Pak Kesum.
Be wary of Geruda's arrows!
If you get wounded,
we have the salve to heal it here.
Goodbye, Embok!
Take care of yourself!
No! Our king will take care of us!
Our king...
...will surely,
come back!
I found out his weakness.
What weakness? Who?
The big bald man,
the mawas man.
He is invincible...
...because he wears the necklace.
So if you take away his necklace,
it will be easier to kill him.
Good evening, sweet one.
You are not yet asleep?
And why are you here?
Shouldn't you be with your men?
My men should be fine.
Men do not smell as nice as women.
And who dares to breach...
...the impenetrable fortress of Geruda?
So what is the reason
for this late night visit?
If we don't receive news
from China tomorrow... will be mine.
I have waited long enough.
I want to have a peek of what is to be mine.
The moon is almost full tonight.
Does it not make you feel.. walking by the shore,
enjoying the beauty of the night?
I would rather sit here,
and drink in your beauty.
Then, I see no harm in that.
Let us lay awhile...
...and compose a poetry.
Can't you stem your impulse?
I have a headache.
Come tomorrow night,
after I have recovered my vigor.
I cannot hold it in much longer.
You will be mine tonight.
Princess, are you hurt?
Not as much as he will be.
Put it at the front.
Yes, your highness.
What is that, Merong?
Remember the scroll I carry?
A weapon...
designed by Archimedes.
Archimedes the sorcerer?
What does it do?
If I knew, I would tell you.
You mean you do not know?
It might be just a huge mirror
for Archimedes... see his fat behind.
Then why?
But judging by the plans...
...I can hazard a guess
as to its function and,
I think it will work.
You better get some sleep.
The Admiral is already in the land
of the dreaming.
At a time like this?
We are but one ship
facing thousands of Gerudan pirates.
What use is sleep
when the eternal slumber awaits us all?
No, the Admiral is a fool.
May wake up with an arrow on his chest.
Do not think of them so.
The Chinese have been waging war...
...for many hundreds of years
before you Romans.
Getting some sleep makes perfect sense.
Smell that?
That is the stink of pirates.
We are only hours...
...from slashing Gerudan limbs.
They are aware of our coming.
And you could be sure their ships
will be coming... greet us.
Much blood will be spilled today...
...from both sides.
Come sunrise...
...the battle will be thickest.
Get some sleep, Marcus, please.
We will need all of your strength.
And then we will find out,
whether Archimedes is a sage,
a sorcerer...
...or just a good storyteller.
Get some rest, young prince.
You're going to need it.
I told you.
I told you it would work.
This is magic.
It's a miracle.
We can win this.
With Archimedes' death ray,
we can win this.
Come a thousand, come ten thousand...
...we will burn them all.
Only as long as the sun shines, my prince.
Do not celebrate just yet.
Almost all their ships that raised anchor...
...are burning or sinking.
But there are many more of them
on the beach.
And they outnumber us.
Maybe five to one.
Damn it to Hades!
What manner of miracles
are we to rely on now, Merong?
People of Langkasuka.
Men of the tribes.
Hear me out.
For many moons,
Geruda's talons have scratched
and wounded us.
Scarred our hearts.
Taken those who are dear to us.
And though I am your king,
but for today,
I will fight as one of you.
The blood that flows within us...
...Is the same color.
With the same thickness.
We breathe the same air.
Walk on the same ground,
roofed by the same sky.
It is for our children that we do this.
...maybe some of us will not return.
Maybe many,
maybe all of us will die.
But what's the point of living,
if we are not free from the brutality
that is Geruda?
Until when do we let our sons...
...and daughters be fed to those monsters?
We fight to take back...
...this young prince's bride.
But that is not all.
We will also take back our honor.
Our dignity, as the people of Langkasuka,
does not lie within your King...
...but within our land that we protect.
I would rather die...
...than live as a slave.
A slave to the terror...
...and violence of those animals!
In the name of our pride...
...and the sovereignty of our kingdom,
Let us reap...
...the field of Gerudans!
Archers.. strike!
Princess, this is a Chinese arrow.
They come to save us.
Come, Princess.
Ying Ying!
Where are you, Ying Ying?
Ying Ying, where are you?
It is the last of them.
I think you have spoken too soon, Admiral.
I have his amulet.
Now he bleeds like all of us.
Please, stop!
Your Highness,
I'm sorry, I'll be not there at your wedding.
My princess,
that this life... a wedding gift.
Has Geruda"s wings been clipped?
I will break every single bone in your body.
I am scared to the bone.
Rescue the princess!
Kill the pirates!
This is for Embok's scar.
You bastard!
May your scars never stop bleeding...
...even after you die.
The pleasure of Embok...
...I still feel now.
Behind you!
Drop your weapons.
Or your leader dies.
Lycius, wait.
When time and moment gather,
Two sides will be as one,
When two shadows come together,
Life will unfurl and death will be done.
His passing was not in vain.
For his wife was bearing his son,
and it is the king's blood...
...that fortified long-lasting peace
for his descendants,
and for the sons and daughters
of his country.
And that blood is still flowing in the veins...
...through seven generations
until 1, the reigning king.
'Sultan Mulzalfal Shah,
hitherto known as Phra Ong Mahawangsa.
'Langkasuka today is resplendent,
and showered with prosperity.
'But old tales are long forgotten.
I bestow upon you, my children,
that the Malay Chronicles be a guide...
...of your ancestry and their renunciation.
For we shall be forever indebted,
and always remember our bloodline,
and how the great
King Merong Mahawangsa...
...gave his life for Langkasuka.