The Man Called Flintstone (1966) Movie Script

-Don't let him get away.
-Don't worry, I won't.
Detour. Watch out.
-We have parachute too.
-Good. Let's follow him.
That is our parachute?.
Some parachute.
Oh, shut up, you.
Ho ho.
We have him trapped.
Good. Let's squish him.
Hurry. Hurry. He must not escape.
He won't. We've, uh, got him now.
That's the end of Rock Slag.
Nice work, Bobo.
Thank you, Ali.
They think they've finished me off.
They don't know how tough
we secret agents are.
This is Secret Agent Rock Slag
reporting to Chief Boulder.
Come in, Chief.
This is Chief Boulder.
Anything wrong, Slag?.
Plenty. Ali and Bobo, two of the
Green Goose's strong-arm boys... me cornered and tried to do me in.
-Are you okay, Slag?.
I think I've twisted my tibia
and cracked my clavicle, chief.
Stay there, Slag. I'll get an ambulance
to you right away.
Right, chief.
Cracked clavicle. That's a bad break.
Just as we were closing in
on the Green Goose...
...and his nefarious SMlRK organization.
The whole world is in peril
as long as the Green Goose is loose.
Operator, get me the Bedrock Hospital.
Oh, Wilma, we're gonna leave now.
Okay, Fred. But please hurry.
We still have a lot of packing to do.
Be back right after we take
Dino and Hoppy to, uh, you know where.
I don't envy the boys.
Dino and Hoppy put up
such a fuss when they go to the vet's.
It's a shame we can't take them
with us. I'm gonna miss Hoppy.
I'm gonna miss Dino too.
But a camping vacation is bad enough
without dragging pets along.
How true.
Seems like there's a million and one things
to do when you're going on a trip, huh?.
Uh, yeah. We darn near forgot
to take Dino and Hoppy to the--
Don't say it, Barn.
-Oops, I almost gave it away.
-Watch it.
If those two knew we were gonna leave
them at the V-E-T-S for two weeks...
...they'd take to the woods.
Well, how are we gonna get them
in the office?.
We'll sneak up the back alley. They've
never been taken inside that way before.
Hey, that's a good idea. Ha-ha-ha.
Come on, Dino, we gotta see a man
about something.
Uh, yeah, uh, you too, Hoppy.
No, no, Dino, no. Hold it. Hold it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Uh, take it easy, Hoppy, take it easy.
Calm down, now.
Dino, come back here. Come-- Oops.
Look out, Fred, coming through. Oops!
Oh, boy.
Mr. Flintstone, Mr. Rubble,
you're going about it all wrong.
-You have to use psychology.
-Psychology?. What do you mean, doc?.
I'll show you.
Miss Soapstone, send Zsa Zsa
and Dolly out here.
Yes, sir.
-Who is Zsa Zsa?.
-And Dolly?.
Zsa Zsa is a girl hopperoo
and Dolly is a girl dinosaur.
Watch this.
ZSA ZSA: Ha-ha-ha.
DOLLY: Arf, arf, arf.
I gotta hand it to you, doc,
you sure know your psychology.
Doesn't he, Barn?.
Uh, huh?. What?.
Oh. Oh, boy. Heh, heh. Thanks, Fred.
That psychology stuff
was working on me too.
I hope the girls have everything packed.
-I'm anxious to get started.
-Me too.
Hey, where are you going, Fred?.
This is the way to Rock Canyon Road.
Right, Barn. We'll save 1 0 minutes
going home this way.
But Rock Canyon Road is closed.
It's too dangerous.
Not for a good driver like me.
Hold on, Barn. Here we are.
We ought to have seat belts, Fred.
Oh, who needs them?.
There, we're down.
How is that for skillful driving?.
Oh, my goodness, Fred.
Are you all right?.
My head.
-Boy, that's some bump.
-We'd better get you to a doctor.
-No, that's not necessary.
Oh, I don't know, Fred. It won't hurt
to have your head examined.
Here we are. The Bedrock Hospital.
It'll only take a minute.
You wait here. I'll go find a doctor.
Make it snappy, will you?.
I feel okay now.
Uh, pardon me, nurse.
Uh, my friend needs to see a doctor.
You'll have to wait.
All the doctors are busy with a patient
who fell off a roof last night.
-Fell off a roof?. Is he hurt?.
-I'll say.
They've been working on him all night.
DOCTOR 1 : Hold it.
You've got his head on backwards.
Well, twist it around.
Okay, that's enough.
Now cut.
-How are you doing, lrving?.
-Be finished in a minute.
There, we've finished.
The statue looks just like new. When the
cement dries, he can go back on the roof.
How about the man who fell with him.
How's he doing?.
Dr. Moonstone is taking care of him.
Dr. Moonstone, I'm Chief Boulder,
head of this country's secret service.
And your patient is Rock Slag,
my best agent.
Thanks, chief.
BOULDER: Doc, you must get Rock
back on his feet quickly.
He's the only agent I have capable
of carrying out a very important...
...and dangerous mission.
Rock Slag survived fall.
He is still alive, Bobo.
Our work is not done, Ali.
Mr. Slag can leave any time.
He just bruised a few ribs.
So now, if you'll excuse me,
I'll just look in on my other patients.
Uh, sure, doc, sure. And, uh, thanks.
That's great news.
-What's this important mission, chief?.
-The biggest yet.
You're going to eliminate the guy
that tried to eliminate you.
-You mean the Green Goose?.
Intelligence reports he has a weapon
so powerful he could destroy the world.
-And probably will unless--
NURSE: Rock Slag.
--unless he is stopped.
So you see, Slag...
...the safety of every man, woman and
child in every country depends on you.
On me?. Why me, chief?.
It has to be you, Rock Slag.
Rock Slag.
There's your answer.
You have an uncontrollable appeal
to women.
Yes, I know.
But how can that help us, chief?.
-We're going to put your gift to good use.
-How, chief?.
Through Tanya, the Green Goose's
number one lieutenant.
She's heard about you, Rock,
and she wants to meet you so badly...
...she's made a deal with us
to turn the Green Goose over to you.
-To me?.
-That's the deal.
You're going to meet her in Paris.
-When do I leave, chief?.
-At once.
I'll call the office and have them
get your plane ticket.
At last Rock Slag is alone.
Now we can finish the job.
Hello, Rock Slag.
Ali. Bobo.
You're taking a trip, Slag.
A one-way trip. Heh, heh, heh.
-This time we got him, Ali.
-Rock Slag is finished, Bobo.
With Rock back on the job, the Green
Goose's goose is as good as cooked...
...right now.
Rock. What happened?.
While you were gone,
I had visitors, chief.
Ali and Bobo?.
-Right. The Goon Twins.
-That does it.
T anya will never go for you.
You're a mess.
-That cooks our Green Goose.
-I'll try to heal fast, chief.
It won't be fast enough, Rock.
At any moment, the Green Goose
may decide to take over the world.
I better cancel your trip to Paris.
Is this the patient?.
Uh, yeah, doc. Fred Flintstone.
He fell on his head.
I'm okay now, doc. I feel fine.
Well, why don't we check you over
anyway. Come with me, Mr. Flintstone.
Okay. But I'm telling you,
it's a waste of time.
Hmm. Your pulse seems to be normal.
Right on the button, in fact.
Now cross your legs
and we'll test your reflexes.
Make it snappy, will you, doc?.
I'm on my vacation.
We're almost finished.
Reflexes normal.
You can leave now, Mr. Flintstone,
right after I give you a booster shot.
Best to play it safe.
Y eah, yeah. All right. Let's have
the shot, doc. I wanna get out of here.
You won't even feel this, Mr. Flintstone.
Watch it, doc. What are you trying
to do, put me in the hospital?.
It's amazing.
That man is a dead ringer for Rock Slag.
Look at the size of this needle.
What do you think I am?. A brontosaurus?.
Why, he could be Rock's twin.
His twin. I wonder if....
Why not?. It's worth a try.
Um, pardon me, sir,
uh, can I have a word with you?.
-Who, me?.
-Your country needs you.
-My country needs me?.
Now, let's see if I got this straight.
The government will send me and my
family to Paris to pick up a Green Goose...
-...because I look like this guy?.
-Right, Mr. Flintstone.
Your resemblance to our
regular messenger is fantastic.
And, as you can see, uh,
he's in no condition to make the trip.
Yeah. Ha, ha. I can see that.
This, uh, Green Goose must be
a very valuable bird.
Very valuable. Our government
wants to put him in a cage.
Well, I had planned a camping trip
this year...
...but, um,
you, uh, did say all expenses paid?.
Every last penny.
In that case, I'll be glad to help
the government get the Green Goose.
-Good. Now raise your right hand.
-My right hand?.
-And repeat after me.
I will not reveal my mission to anyone.
I will not reveal my mission to anyone.
-Not even my wife.
-Not even my wife?.
Congratulations. You are now
an official secret agent.
Gosh. Heh, heh, heh.
A spy-type guy.
All right, Flintstone, here are
your plane tickets and some money.
-You leave for Paris in the morning.
-Oh, boy.
And remember,
your code name is Rock Slag.
Gotcha. Rock Slag.
Rock Slag, Rock Slag, Rock Slag.
Chief, are you out of your mind?.
That guy is no match
for the Green Goose and his gang.
I know, but he's our only chance.
Besides, I'll be there
to keep an eye on him.
You'd better, or that Flintstone
will be in worse shape than I am.
It's a long shot, but he just may be able
to pull it off.
Hi, Barney.
Fred. Gee, I thought
you'd never come out.
-What did the doc have to say?.
-I'm okay...
-...but I gotta cancel the camping trip.
-Cancel the camping trip?.
-Ooh-hoo, there he is.
-Who?. Who?.
-Rock Slag.
-Rock Slag?. Ooh! Purr.
-You naughty boy.
-Trying to leave without goodbye.
Whoa. What a hospital plan
they have here.
I don't get it.
Now, tell me, Fred, how come
you gotta cancel our camping trip?.
Because Wilma and I are going to Paris.
Paris?. Stop the car, Fred, stop the car.
-What's the matter?.
-Look, you got a bump on your head...
...and now you think
you' re going to Paris, right?.
-But to go to Paris you need...
-...A, money and B, plane tickets.
-Here's A.
-And here's B.
Plane tickets.
Gosh, Fred, what's this all about?.
I'll tell you later, pal.
Right now I want to see Wilma's face
when she hears the news.
-That was Rock Slag, Bobo.
-lt can't be, Ali.
It was. He is still alive.
Ooh. If we don't get Slag,
the Green Goose will get us.
Quick, after him.
-Here he comes.
-We must not fail this time.
-Boy, this is a rough road.
-You're not kidding.
When I give the signal,
you push the rock.
Right. Push the rock.
Take it easy, Fred,
we don't want another accident.
Hey, look. The car is going
right through the tunnel.
Get ready, get set, push.
Right on target.
-That finishes Rock Slag.
-For keeps this time.
You almost didn't make it
to Paris, huh, Fred?.
Yeah, that boulder would have
canceled my trip permanently.
I wonder what's taking the boys so long.
They're waiting for us to finish packing,
what else?.
-The trailer's got a flat.
-Just our luck.
Well, we better change it
and save some time.
Okay, I'll get the spare.
I'm always sticking my neck out
for someone else.
One spare coming up.
Here, it's fixed.
Hi, girls. Sorry we're late.
Fred, how come you're walking?.
Where's the car?.
Oh, never mind that.
-Wait till you hear the news.
-What news?.
A little change in plans, my dear.
Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone will be spending
their vacation abroad this year... Paris, France.
But how?. What?. I mean, when did--?.
Tut-tut, sweetheart, no questions,
please. Just take my word for it.
Paris. I can hardly believe it.
Oh, you wonderful man.
Ooh, I'm so happy for you, Wilma.
I wish we could take a trip like that.
Hey, that's a great idea.
Look, Barney, we can get our money back
on all the camping stuff we rented...
...and buy plane tickets
for you and Betty and Bam Bam.
-Really, Fred?.
-Do you think there would be enough?.
Sure. Maybe not enough for first class
or even second class.
But at least we'd all be together.
What do you say, Barn?.
I say, put her there, buddy boy.
You just talked me into it.
Wilma, did you hear that?.
We' re going with you.
FRED: Heh, heh, put her there, Barn.
BARNEY: We're teammates.
MAN [OVER PA]: Flight 70 for Paris
now boarding at Gate 5.
All passengers please check in.
-ls this the flight to Paris?.
-Yes, sir.
Here's our tickets. One set, first class,
one set, last class.
Fine. Put your luggage
on the scales, please.
With pleasure.
TlCKET AGENT: One hundred pounds.
That's quite a load.
You can say that again.
You may board now, sir. The helicopter
will take you to the flight deck.
-Well, thank you.
-First-class passengers this way.
Come on, Wilma.
Hold it, bud. Last class that way.
-And don't walk on the carpet.
-Oh. Uh, yes, sir.
Fred, why don't you get
some magazines?.
Yeah, yeah. Good idea.
Book. Book.
-And a coloring book for Pebbles.
FRED: Ha, ha. All right.
I can hardly wait to report
to the Green Goose... we eliminated Rock Slag.
-Our reward will be great.
Look. Look. By the newsstand.
We'll live like kings.
We'll die like dogs.
BOBO: But how could it be?.
There's not a scratch on him.
When the Green Goose
finds out we failed...
...there'll be plenty of scratches on us.
This time I'll make sure.
You missed.
Oh, how exciting. I've never been
on a helicopter before.
Hold on to Daddy, Pebbly-Poo.
Heh, heh. She said "Helicopter. "
Here's the flight deck.
I wonder how Barney's making out.
-Hurry, Barney, or we'll miss the plane.
-I'm hurrying. I'm hurrying.
-Why is the flight deck way up here, pilot?.
-Well, it's a big airplane... we use jet propulsion
to get airborne.
Jet propulsion?.
Yeah. You see, the plane is attached... that launching device
at the edge of the cliff.
When the pilot is ready,
he gives the signal.
The launching crew releases the retaining
rope and the plane takes off.
Oh, my, what will they think of next?.
Come on, Wilma, let's get aboard.
MAN [OVER PA] : Flight 70 for Paris
now boarding at Gate 5.
Fasten your seat belts, please,
we' re ready to take off.
-Got your seat belt fastened, honey?.
-Ready for takeoff?.
Let her go.
I wish we were already there, Fred.
I feel a little nervous.
Oh, nonsense, honey. There isn't a safer
place in the world than right here.
Let him have it.
All right, who's the wise guy?.
Why don't you go see
how Betty and Barney are doing?.
Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.
Uh, pardon me, miss.
Uh, where are the last class passengers?.
-All the way back, sir.
FRED: Thank you. Thank you.
-Be back in a minute, dear.
-All right, Fred.
Here he comes.
Now's our chance.
Second class.
Boy, they sure pack them in tight.
Third class.
Wow, a double-decker.
If it's this bad here,
last class must really be something.
Barney. Betty.
-Hello, Fred.
-Hi, neighbor.
You wanna take our seats for a while?.
-Thanks, but we'll be landing pretty soon.
-Okay. See you later.
-I'm all finished, Ali.
-Just in time, Bobo. Here he comes.
How could it be?.
I sawed the hole right here.
-Fred, look.
-Huh?. Huh?. What is it?.
-We're over Paris.
-Paris. Let me see. Let me see.
WlLMA: There's the Eiffel Rock Tower.
Oh, what a beautiful city.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
We are about to land.
All right, everybody, smile.
How about you, Wilma,
aren't you going to be in the picture?.
Oh, I will. As soon as I focus the camera
and set the timer.
Hmm. Ten seconds
should be enough. There.
All set.
She'd better hurry. Seven, six, five...
...four, three, two, one. She made it.
Oh, how I hate these mob shots.
How's this?.
-Oh, that's swell.
-Hey, it turned out great.
-Now let's take one of you, Fred.
FRED: Okay.
And no corny poses, please.
How's this, Wilma?.
-He's alone.
-Now's our chance.
All together. Push.
There she goes.
And here she comes.
-We safe now.
-Right. Ha-ha-ha.
Be with you in a minute, Fred.
I have to load the camera.
Take your time, honey. Oops.
-I have to talk to you, Flintstone.
-What are you doing here in Paris?.
-There's been a change in plans.
The Green Goose has flown to Rome.
You'll have to go there immediately.
Rome?. I just arrived in Paris.
How will I explain it to Wilma?.
You'll think of something.
And how do I find the Green Goose
in Rome?.
-Triple X will help you.
-Triple X?. Who's he?.
Our top foreign agent.
A master of disguise.
I'll show you.
-That's Triple X?.
Meet Rock Slag, Trip.
Pleased to meet you, Slag.
Wow, that dog disguise is terrific.
Yes. I've got a million of them. Watch.
How do you do, Mr. Slag?.
Ha. Huh. Whoa.
Gee, that's a great Frankenrock.
Okay, Triple X, you can go now.
See you in Rome, Slag. Ta-ta.
Uh, ta-ta, Triple X.
Boy, he's good.
Fred, where are you?.
I'm ready to take your picture.
Hold it, Wilma, hold it.
How would you all like
some real genuine ltalian food?.
Hey, sounds like an elegant idea, pal.
-And I know an elegant place to get it.
-Where's that, Fred?.
-ltaly, where else?.
BETTY AND WlLMA: ltaly?.
Sure. We'll grab a plane for Rome
and find a nice restaurant.
But all the way to ltaly
just to get an ltalian dinner?.
Hey, I guess we're lucky
he isn't in the mood for Chinese food.
Rome by moonlight.
-Ah, it's so beautiful. Isn't it, Fred?.
You know something, Wilma?.
If we were here a long time ago...
...I'd be down there in that garden
serenading you.
-Really, Fred?.
I'd be dressed in one of those
Romeo outfits...
...and I'd come leaping
over that garden wall....
Oh, Fred, you're so romantic.
Oh, I hate to interrupt you two lovebirds,
but your pizza's getting cold.
Pizza?. Oh, boy. Come on, Wilma.
I might as well face it.
Fred loves me all right...
...but his big love is food.
Hey, how about a nice bottle of wine
with our dinner?.
Oh, uh, waiter.
Ooh, you speak ltalian?.
How's about this bottle, signor?.
Yeah, sure, that bottle will be fine.
Did you read the label, signor?.
Uh, "Follow me XXX. "
Never heard of that brand.
No, no. It says, "Follow me. Triple X. "
I want to talk to you.
Oh. Oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, yeah. Well, I'll be glad to.
Uh, pardon me a minute.
I'll be right back.
Don't be long, dear.
-ls that you, Triple X?.
Boy, you're great at that disguise stuff.
What's up?.
-The chief wants to talk to you.
-The chief?. Here in Rome?.
-Where is he?.
-He's waiting in the kitchen.
Okay, I'll see what he wants.
CUSTOMER: Hey, waiter.
How about some bread sticks?.
Okay, buddy, keep your shirt on.
Chief, you in here?.
There's a girl in this restaurant
asking for Rock Slag.
-Hey, that's me.
And she's gonna tell you
where to pick up the Green Goose.
Great. How will I know her?.
You say: 50 flying firefighters...
-...and she'll answer: Boobala.
-"Boobala," huh?.
I'll go find her right away, chief.
-Uh, pardon me, madam.
Oh, Rock, my little cabbage.
I am so happy to see you again.
Uh, uh, 50 flighty firefighters.
Uh, 50, uh, fiery fighter-flies.
Oh, Rock, where have you been?.
You're supposed to answer "Boobala. "
Boobala?. You called me Boobala.
Oh, Rock.
Rock?. Where are you?.
Mon cheri, Rock. I heard you were here.
-Ooh, I miss you so, so much.
-Uh, uh, uh....
By any chance, uh, do you know
about the 50 flighty fireflies?.
-Oh, Rock.
Oh, my little cabbage. Where are you?.
-Oh. Excuse me.
-It's all right.
-Shall we dance?.
-Dance, darling?.
Oh, boy.
-Where were you, Fred?.
-I was just over the-- Uh-oh.
Rock, baby, where are you?. Y oo-hoo!
What are you doing
under the table, Fred?.
I'm, uh, just tying my shoe.
-You're not wearing any, Fred.
-Uh, uh, yeah, yeah.
Now, why don't we all go dancing
or something?.
I'm too tired, Fred.
I think Barney and I will call it a night.
See you in the morning, Wilma.
-Good night, Betty.
-Night, you two.
I'm not tired, Fred.
I'd love to go dancing.
You just made yourself a date, honey.
We'll find ourselves a good nightclub
and a great band, and whoop it up.
Oh, sounds like fun.
Shh. It's me.
-How did you make out, Flintstone?.
-You gave me a bum steer, chief.
Nobody called me Boobala.
Hmm. There's another girl in the garden.
She may be the right one.
Okay, I'll go talk to her.
But first, I gotta keep Wilma busy.
Will we be staying out late, Fred?.
Uh, yeah. Why don't you put Pebbles in
with Betty and Barney?.
And, uh, while you're doing that,
I'll phone ahead and reserve a table.
All right. I'll wait for you upstairs.
Be with you in five minutes, honey,
not a second longer.
-Three, please.
-Yes, ma'am. Take her up, George.
Whoa, Matilda. Third floor.
Isn't that sweet?.
Pebbles is so tired she doesn't
even know you moved her.
Thanks, Betty.
I'll pick Pebbles up in the morning.
I wonder where that girl is.
-Yoo-hoo, it's me.
WOMAN: Rockello.
Oh, darling.
Uh, wait. Wait.
Uh, 50 flittering fliter-flies.
Uh, 50 flighty flitty-floos. Fl--
I give up.
-Anyway, you know why I'm here.
-Oh, yes, my darling. I know.
My brother Mario,
he's come here for the wedding.
How nice. Whose wedding?.
-Well, I hope you'll be very happy.
-Let's go.
T o get the license.
Uh, oh, heh, heh. Sure.
After you, my dear.
Oh, we'll be so happy, Rockello.
Mario, Rockello, he's gone.
Have you found him yet, Mario?.
Not yet, little sister. Aha!
Stop. Stop.
This way, Roberta.
This is far enough, driver.
Hey, taxi.
Uh, let's see, Paris to Rome....
That will be 1 million francs, monsieur.
How much?.
How about for free, oui?
Hey, taxi, wait for me.
All right, cabbie, beat it.
Wait. Hold that cab.
Gentlemen, please help me
get out of here.
There's a couple after me
who think I'm somebody else.
It's Rock Slag.
Oh-ho-ho. He doesn't recognize us.
Must have took
too many knocks on the head.
Sure, mister, we'll help you.
Yeah, yeah. We'll hide you, permanently.
I sure appreciate this, fellas.
WOMAN: Rockello.
-Blast off, fellas, quick.
Don't worry, we follow.
Here they come,
and they're gaining on us.
Faster, Mario, faster.
We'll lose them on the steps. Hang on.
No good, they're still coming.
I make a fast left up the next alley.
Here's one.
Hey, fellas. Wait.
Oh, boy, I can't stop this thing. Uh-oh.
A tour of Rome would be great...
...but this is ridiculous.
Here she comes.
Oh, brother, what a spot to be in.
Don't stop, he must be on that train.
They're gone.
Now to get back to the hotel.
Oh, no. Rome, 50 miles?.
And I told Wilma
I'd be back in five minutes.
Oh, boy. Six o'clock in the morning.
How will I ever explain this to Wilma?.
Hey, bud.
Who, me?.
Yeah, you.
Wanna buy some genuine
ltalian leopard-skin ties?.
No, thanks, I have a tie.
Shaving lotion?. Nail clippers?.
Hubcaps?. Fountain pens?.
A gold watch?.
I don't need anything.
Then how about something
for the little lady?.
Like a genuine
imitation diamond necklace, maybe?.
A diamond necklace?.
Are you sure it's a real genuine
imitation diamond necklace?.
I guarantee it.
How much?.
Would you consider
a dollar and a quarter?.
Seventy-five cents?.
It's yours for two bits, bud.
I don't know if this will square me
with Wilma but it's worth a try.
She'll probably throw a lamp at me
the minute I walk in...
...but here goes.
Wilma, look. Surprise.
I spent all night shopping for it.
Well, what do you know?. She's asleep.
-Morning, Wilma.
One-two, one-two, one-two.
What--?. Where--?. What time is it, Fred?.
Seven o'clock in the morning, dear.
Seven o'clock?. Oh, no, I slept all night.
Why didn't you wake me?.
Oh, you looked so comfortable
I didn't have the heart to, sweetheart.
Oh, Fred, I ruined your whole evening.
I feel terrible.
Perfectly all right, honey.
Think nothing of it.
Oh, you're so wonderful. Mm.
I'll fix some breakfast
while you get dressed.
Okay, sweetheart.
Boy, that was close.
This spy job is too much for me.
I gotta find the chief and quit.
Look, Fred, there's a park
across the street.
Let's take the children there
after breakfast.
Good idea.
I'll tell Barney and Betty about it.
I'll be right back, Wilma.
Now to find Triple X.
He can take me to the chief.
What luck. Here he comes.
I was just looking for you, Triple X.
I gotta see the chief. Very important.
Triple X is such a master of disguise,
he could be anyone.
Excuse me, sonny.
Even an old lady.
Triple X, right?.
Hey, Trip.
Take me to the chief, will you?.
Well, he's not up here.
I'll take the elevator down to the lobby.
How did you find
my secret headquarters?.
Secret?. In an elevator?.
-Get in here, quick.
-Okay, okay.
-I wanna talk to you, chief.
-Hold it, Flintstone.
-This room may be bugged.
Nothing there.
Chief, I'm quitting this job right now.
You can't quit, not before you pick up
the Green Goose.
Oh, anybody can pick up a bird.
-You don't need me for that.
How about that?.
They have my bed bugged.
All right, Flintstone,
I see I'm going to have to level with you.
-What do you mean?.
-I mean the Green Goose is not a bird.
He's a master criminal
who plans to take over the world.
Well, why don't you arrest him?.
No one knows who he is
or what he looks like.
But you can find out.
Me?. How?.
Through a girl named Tanya
who thinks you're Rock Slag.
The minute she identifies
the Green Goose...
...I'll grab him, and your job is done.
-How about it, Flintstone?.
-Nothing doing. Too dangerous.
I got a family to think of,
Pebbles' future.
If we don't stop the Green Goose,
Pebbles won't have a future.
Sorry, chief.
You'll have to get somebody else.
Oh, look at those children, Fred.
They're having the time of their lives.
Heh, heh, heh. Why not?.
They got nothing to worry about.
Right, Fred?.
BARNEY: I said those kids
got nothing to worry about.
Oh, yeah. Y eah.
I wonder.
Isn't it wonderful
the way kids get along together?.
Y eah. Ha, ha. We adults
could take a lesson from them.
What'll we do now, Fred,
some sightseeing?.
-Fred, do you hear me?.
Oh. Uh, yeah, yeah. Good idea.
You, uh, go ahead and enjoy yourselves.
But aren't you coming with us?.
No, I got some unfinished business
to take care of.
So long, honey. See you later.
My, he's acting strange.
I wonder what's wrong.
I knew you'd change your mind,
Flintstone. You're A-okay.
-Are you sure this is the right girl?.
You're having lunch with her
at Papa Piccolo's Pizza Palace.
Here we are, Flintstone. Let's go inside.
There she is.
Tanya, the girl who will lead us
to the Green Goose's hideout.
She's a doll.
Your job will be simpler
than we thought, Flintstone.
Rock Slag has recovered
and will be here within an hour.
All you have to do
is keep Tanya here until he arrives.
-Think you can do it?.
-Heh, heh. It'll be a cinch.
-I'll order everything on the menu.
-Wait. I want you to wear this recorder.
BOULDER: Yes, we want to take down
everything Tanya says.
I'm glad I had my beak sharpened.
Tanya may be a real yakker.
This flower is the microphone.
And remember, keep her talking
until the real Rock Slag takes over.
Got you, chief.
BETTY: Ooh, how exciting,
the famous Papa Piccolo's Pizza Palace.
Hey, uh, let's go in
and have some lunch.
Poor Fred, it's a shame he isn't here.
Fifty flying firefighters.
Mm. Boobala.
Heh, heh. Hello, Tanya.
Rock Slag, at last we meet.
Uh, may I sit down?.
Is that wise?. We should leave at once.
Oh, plenty of time.
Let's have a little talk first...
...about, uh, you know who.
Oh, the Green Goose,
he is a terrible man.
Do you know he has a secret weapon
more powerful than any?.
A little louder, please,
and, uh, speak into the flower.
Ha, ha. How cute.
I will wear it in my hair.
No, no.
Allow me to get you a fresh flower.
I'll be right back. Toodle-loo.
-What are you doing here?.
-And who are you waving at?.
Waving?. Who's waving?.
Oh, that. Heh, heh, heh.
Just a loose wrist.
I thought you had some
unfinished business to take care of.
Well, I do. That is, I finished...
...and l, uh-- I took a chance
you might be here..., uh, heh, heh, here I am.
Oh, how nice.
-Well, sit down, Fred.
-Uh, yeah. Ha-ha-ha. Join the party.
Huh?. Oh, yeah, yeah.
Uh, will you excuse me a minute?.
It's kind of drafty in here.
I'll go close a window.
-Sorry, I couldn't find a flower.
-Oh, that's all right.
It's kind of drafty in here.
I'll go close a window. Excuse me.
What took you so long, dear?.
I was stuck.
I mean, the window was stuck. Heh.
-Well, shall we order?.
-Yeah, good idea.
Excuse me.
-Tanya, what are you doing?.
-Getting my wrap. We must leave.
Look, uh, the orchestra is getting ready
to play. Let's dance.
Well, maybe just one.
I'd sure like to dance.
I wonder where Fred is.
What are you doing, Rock?.
In this business you can't be too careful.
It's Fred.
I didn't know you wanted to dance,
Oh, you dance divinely, darling.
So do you, dear.
Come on, Tiger, let's get out of here.
Tiger?. So that's it.
That's your unfinished business.
Look, Wilma, I can explain everything.
I wish you would.
I've been going crazy down there
trying to record it.
There's nothing to explain.
It's all very obvious.
Wilma, please, won't you listen?.
I'm going home, Tiger.
Hey, Flintstone.
Rock Slag's cab is arriving.
Go get Tanya. You can switch
with Slag in the lobby. Hurry.
WlLMA: Taxi.
-Allow me, madam.
Don't you get smart with me,
Fred Flintstone.
So we see you
in your true colors, you playboy.
How could you do that
to the mother of your child?.
Consider our friendship ended.
You playboy.
Rock. No, no, not again.
You powder your nose, T anya,
I'll wait for you in the lobby.
-All right.
-All set, chief. Where's Rock?.
-Right there.
-What happened?.
He must have had a relapse.
-Rock Slag.
Quick, upstairs.
Looks like you're going to have to
carry the ball a little longer.
Me?. I gotta go home
and square myself with Wilma.
No time for that now.
I just got this message. Listen:
"Green Goose secret weapon
is giant inter-rockinental missile.
Our anti-missile missile
is not operational yet. "
So you see, it's up to us
to stop the Green Goose.
Us?. What do you mean, us?.
You go with T anya
to the Green Goose's hideout.
I'll phone Triple X
and we'll follow right behind you.
Now, just a minute,
that wasn't the deal.
I'm ready, Rock. Let's go.
But-- But-- But-- Oh, boy.
Hello, operator?. Hello?. Hello?.
Hello, operator, are you there?.
-Right on target, Bobo.
-Thanks, Ali. Ha, ha.
Now we get Rock Slag.
No time. First we must
take message to Green Goose.
Good idea, Ali.
Green Goose will be proud of us.
Here we are, Rock.
The Green Goose's secret headquarters.
An abandoned amusement park.
Pretty clever.
Okay, Rock.
-Now what?.
-Follow me.
Follow me, chief, wherever you are.
Why do you keep looking behind you?.
Oh, I just wanted to make sure
we're being followed.
I mean, that we're not being followed.
Heh. Heh, heh.
The Green Goose is in there.
I'll go in first and get behind him.
Then when you come in,
I will drop this rope over him.
Count to five before you break in.
One, two, three, four, five.
Let's go, chief, we're moving in.
All right, Goose, you're cooked.
Ah, Mr. Slag, nice of you to drop in.
Shall I tie him up?.
That won't be necessary.
Ferocious wouldn't like it
if Mr. Slag tried to leave.
Would you, Ferocious?.
Hey, what is this?.
What's going on, Tanya?.
My dear Rock, the Green Goose
needs some information... we set up this little trap for you.
Oh, a double-cross, huh?.
Well, now I have a surprise for you.
Okay, chief, come in.
-Oh, uh, there you are.
Y eah, Barney. I followed you here...
...and I'm not leaving
until I get some information.
Exactly what I was saying.
Hey, who are you, buster?.
And why are you wearing this--?.
Uh, ahem, look, Goose...
...this guy's just a friend of mine.
why don't you let him go?.
Oh, come now, Mr. Slag,
you know that's impossible.
-Mr. Slag?. Who's that?.
-That's me. I'll explain later.
Slag, I know your government has been
working on an anti-missile missile.
I want to know
if they have completed it.
I don't know anything about it.
I'd advise you to cooperate.
I'd hate to resort
to using unpleasant methods.
Unpleasant methods?.
Hey, what's going on?.
This guy is a master criminal...
...and I'm helping
the government capture him.
But don't worry,
our agents will bust in any minute.
You don't scare me, Goose.
No?. What about your chubby friend?.
Oh, l, uh-- I just remembered,
I doubled-parked outside.
-Uh, I'll be right back.
Oh, oh, ooh.
Not yet, Ferocious. I may need him.
Tanya, show them the torture chamber.
These are some of my toys.
But I want you to see my latest one.
It's called an "erocktric chair. "
We strap you in and....
Quite effective, isn't it?.
About my car, I left my lights on too.
Uh, can I turn them off?.
Take it easy, Barn.
Help will be here any second.
You'll get nothing out of me,
Green Goose.
I knew it would be useless
to even try with you, Slag.
But your chubby little friend... another story, isn't he?. Ha, ha.
Tanya, the rack.
Hey. Hey. What are you doing to Barney?.
Perhaps when you see
what happens to your friend...'ll tell me what I want to know.
You can't intimidate me
with these crude methods.
I'm intimidated. Yeow!
-Talk, Slag.
Don't worry, Barn.
All we got to do
is stall him a little longer.
My lips are sealed, Goose.
Slag, you're superhuman.
I've never met anyone like you.
Zounds. How much pain
can a man stand?.
All you can dish out and more.
Don't worry, Barney, I can take it.
You ain't taking it. I am.
You're gonna come out of this
a big man.
And a thin one too.
At last.
It's about time. I was beginning to think
you wouldn't show up.
If you're expecting Chief Boulder,
he's out.
Out cold, for the evening.
That's right.
And we found this message on him.
Hmm. "Green Goose secret weapon
is giant inter-rockinental missile.
Our anti-missile missile
is not operational yet. "
Mm. Ha-ha-ha. Good work, Ali.
Release the prisoner, Tanya.
I have the information I need.
Lock those two up
and prepare to launch missile.
Nobody can stop me now.
So that's the way it was, Barney.
Just because
I happen to look like Rock Slag...
...I got the plane tickets,
money, everything.
And I also got you into this mess.
My best friend.
Well, it could be worse, Fred.
At least Betty and Wilma
and the kids are okay.
Yeah. I wonder
if we'll ever see them again.
-Hey, Slag. Chow time.
Oh, boy, food. Oh, I'm starved.
Barney. Don't eat that stuff.
I couldn't if I wanted to, Fred. No spoon.
Looks like the Green Goose
is trying to get rid of us, Barney.
We got to get out of here
and find that missile.
Oh, I wonder where it could be.
Ha-ha-ha. The Fun House.
I hope our guests
are enjoying their last moments.
Oh, this amusement park
is the perfect launching spot.
Who would think that the Space Ride
is really a deadly missile?.
No one.
Now, let's prepare to launch.
Hey, uh, Fred, you sure you know
what you're doing?.
Uh, this tower is a hundred feet high
and you got an awful short tie.
Don't worry, we'll make it.
Easy, Fred.
How're you doing, Barn?.
You think you can jump
the rest of the way?.
Are you kidding?. Pull me up. Pull me up.
Faster, Barney, faster.
Hurry, Barney, hurry.
Oh, nice going, Fred.
You nearly got me killed.
What are you complaining about?.
-That was my best tie you ruined.
-Oh, sorry, Fred.
Guess we never will get out of here.
-Hey, Barney, look.
-What is it?.
The guards. They're asleep.
And the key is hanging on the desk.
-So, what good does that--?.
-Shh. Quiet.
Oh, uh, sorry, Fred.
But, uh, how are we gonna get the key?.
That's what we got to figure out.
Hey. Would you mind
speaking a little louder?.
I can't hear a word you're saying.
FRED: Well, what do you know?.
The tape recorder.
How would you like to do us
a little favor?.
What kind of a little favor?.
-Oh, nothing much. You see that key?.
-What about it?.
Just fly over there
and bring it back to me.
Uh-uh. I' m a recorder, not a retriever.
But you've got to.
It's our only chance to get out of here.
All right, all right.
Simmer down. I'll give it a try.
Shh. Turn around.
Oh, no.
Sorry, it slipped.
But don't worry. I'll get it.
Just put me down and relax.
-What's he gonna do, Fred?.
-Beats me.
Whoa, I'm hurt. The old wing is shot.
Woe is me. I can't fly anymore.
Never again to zoom into the wild blue.
Isn't that an awful thing
to happen to poor little me?.
Get ready, here comes the pigeon.
Come on, bird, come on.
Open up.
Barney, I got it. I got the key.
I just hope the union
never hears about this.
Hold it, Barney.
That door might lead to a trap.
You better let me check first.
Okay, Fred.
It's okay, Barn, come on.
Where are you?.
Let me go. Let me go.
Take it easy, Rock.
It's only me, Triple X.
Oh. Boy, am I glad to see you.
Where you been?. What took you
so long?. Where's the chief?.
One question at a time, please.
Heh, heh. Sorry. Here, you dropped
your hat and your hanky.
Hey, that's funny, Triple X...
...the Green Goose
was wearing a mask like this.
He was?.
What a very clever disguise,
don't you think?.
Uh, now, may I have it back, please?.
You mean, this is your mask?.
Yes, exactly.
Then you're the Green Goose.
And you're a dead duck.
Ali, Bobo. Over here.
Oh, no, you don't.
Come back, you.
Never mind him.
I'm going to fire the missile. Come on.
Oh, boy, big fireworks.
Whole world go boom. Ha-ha-ha.
The missile. I've gotta stop them.
I wonder where Barney is.
Maybe he could...?.
Uh, take it easy, Ferocious.
Can't we sort of talk this over?.
Fred. Oh, boy, am I glad to see you.
Ferocious wasn't gonna wait
till lunchtime.
Come on, Barney.
There's no time to lose.
GOOSE: Ha-ha-ha.
This is the big moment, gentlemen.
First I set the directional control.
Then I set the firing pin.
When the countdown reaches zero,
the blade will snap back...
...cut the rope
and the missile will take off.
Oh, Goose, you are a genius.
Oh, you are so right.
In a matter of minutes,
the whole world will know of my power.
And I alone shall rule supreme.
We've got to find that missile, Barney.
It's all up to us now.
Hey, Fred, look. The Green Goose.
Hold on, Barney, we're crashing through.
-Stop them, Bobo.
Ah, Mr. Slag, we meet again.
But too late for you to stop me.
Run, Barney, run.
Head for the space ride, Barney,
we can hide in there.
Oh, it's locked.
Uh, press the button.
Inside, quick.
Don't open that door.
GOOSE: Our friends have
trapped themselves in the missile.
Well, we no longer
need concern ourselves with them.
Hey, did you hear that, Fred?.
Yeah, Barney, we found the missile.
What can we do?.
Nothing to save ourselves...
...but we can aim the missile into space
where it won't do any harm.
At least that's something.
Oh, boy. Payload
in an inter-planetary projectile. Oh.
What a way to go.
They say we all gotta go
sometime, Barn.
Too bad I'll never get the chance
to give Wilma this present.
Wow, Fred, where'd you get that?.
It must be worth millions.
No. No, it's only worth, uh.... Uh....
It's only worth 1 million.
Just think, Barney,
we'll be the richest guys in space.
A million?.
Slag?. Heh, heh.
I'll make a deal with you.
I'll swap you your lives for that necklace.
On your toes, Barn. It's a deal.
Hand it out.
Here you are.
Ali. Bobo. Tanya. Help.
Let-- Let me out. No, no.
Let me out. Help!
Well, that's what always happens to
guys who want to take over the world.
Yeah, heh, heh. They end up out of it.
Welcome home, Fred Flintstone.
And with great pride,
we, the citizens of Bedrock...
...present you with this medal.
MAN [ON RADlO] : After a week
of parties, parades and speeches...
...public hero Fred Flintstone
has slipped away for a well-earned rest.
Only clue as to his whereabouts,
is a note saying, "Gone Fishing. "
-Ah, it feels so good to relax.
-Y eah.
It's been one parade after another.
My Fred, a big hero.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Oh, heh, heh. Forget the hero stuff.
Forget everything
that happened in Eurock.
From now on, I am just Fred Flintstone,
average citizen.
Besides, Barney deserves
as much credit as I do.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I deserve as much credit as Fred.
Well, now, wait a minute, Barn,
I was the one that....
Cut it out. Cut it out. Ha, ha.
Hey, hey. Come on, Fred, last one down
to the lake is a pickled pterodactyl.
Here I am, pal.
Hey, paisano.
Roberta. Mario. Gangway.
Go after him, quick.
-Wilma, help.
ROBERTA: Rockello.
Hey, paisano, wait.
What's going on?.
I don't know, but I have a feeling...
...that Fred isn't going to forget
his trip to Eurock in a hurry.
Help! Help!
Somebody do something!
Rockello, come back.
Hey, come back, paisano.
Help! Help!
Oh, we gonna get married.
And go on a nice honeymoon.
Help! Help!
ROBERTA: Rockello.
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