The Man from Egypt (1916) Movie Script

The man from Egypt
Who is that man with the potbelly?
He has the looks of an ostrich egg.
The brave Rollmops has long fought
against higher prices for the meat.
Good sheik, Be so kind to dine
with us at Smarlton tonight.
Then you can meet my daughter,
who will inherit my million.
We would like to marry her off.
John D. Mazuma
"The Egyptian... Wait!"
"A ruby for you, my beauty."
It shows that they're
enjoying themselves...
"That is Egyptian. My cook
will translate it for you."
May a thousand accidents destroy
the unworhty, who stole the ruby
from our goddess Ammut's eye.
May he die as a miserable dog
and his carcass be consumed
with the fire of our hatred.