The Man From London (2007) Movie Script

What's new?
And yours?
Why, what happened?
Little Vera's got flu
for the third time this year.
Hi, Papa!
You said
the assistants clean up the place.
Not any more! The boss's wife
said they've got too much to do!
- Henriette!
- Yes, madam!
Did you know they're using
Henriette to wash the floor?
No, but I know
there's a job going
at the pharmacy in a month.
She mops the floor
and any bloke can stare at her arse!
Why all the fuss?
It's only another month.
I told you not to put
your elbows on the table!
What's your problem?
Don't talk to her like that!
No elbows on the table!
Why aren't you eating?
She'll eat when she wants!
Why d'you talk to her like that?
- Why aren't you eating?
- Don't talk to her like that...
- What's wrong with you?
- You understand me?
How come you're
shouting like this?
- Look who's talking!
- What's wrong with you now?
- You're rude, that's what.
- Why d'you speak like that?
- How did the food get here?
- Why are you shouting?
Who brings the money home?
- Be quiet and eat up!
- I bring as much as I like!
- Why've you become such an animal?
- You don't get it, eh?
You were fine when you came.
What's got into you?
Will you ever shut up?
Where you going?
Have you finished your dinner?
Here you are, gentlemen.
- To your health!
- Thank you...
- Call my daughter!
- Henriette!
Get your things and come!
What's that?
I'm taking her away.
What do you mean
"taking her away"?
Get your things and come!
Henriette! Go back
and finish your work!
Yes, madam.
I told you to get your stuff!
I forbid you to leave!
You're not staying here another
minute. Get dressed!
I'm sorry, madam.
You're mad...
Listen, Maloin!
If you like,
she can leave in a week.
In fact, she's got to
leave after this
because I won't tolerate
this in my shop.
But she must work the full week!
I won't let her stay!
Listen here,
I'll go to the police if I have to!
Do what you want!
I don't give a damn!
I'm going to complain to
the workers' tribunal!
Sorry, madam!
She'll definitely make a complaint.
She can do what she wants!
Had the boss been in, it would've
certainly ended in a fight.
He's an animal!
Don't worry!
You have a nice pipe.
Did you get it from Mum?
Give me another!
Mum is bound to be angry.
Don't worry!
You know I love it
when you come here!
I adore you...
But a terrible thing
happened last night.
An Englishman came in here
and asked me for a cigarette
and a coffee.
He sat down and drank it.
he came over again and
asked me if I had a free room.
I said of course I had.
He took it
and went up.
But a famous inspector arrived
from London later that night!
I didn't understand and
I started to get suspicious.
When I came down this morning,
I saw them sitting at
one of the tables, talking.
And then the man from London
stood up and left.
He didn't pay the bill!
He didn't pay for the
cigarettes or the coffee.
The inspector created such a ruckus
that even the local police
came round.
You know I've no doubt they're
going to catch that bloke.
But what good will it do me?
Who is going to reimburse me?
Because if they catch him,
he'll get sent to prison.
And we know that no one
pays from prison.
And if he manages to get away with
the money, I still won't get back
what I paid in... See?
Okay, bring me another glass!
But then you'll come up, won't you?
Oh, well!
Do you like it?
Do you think it's real?
Aren't you going to drink that?
Thanks, no.
Okay, let's go.
- These are our best furs.
- Our most beautiful furs!
Look how silky they are.
Look at the cut...
- They were sewn by fairies!
- The hands of skilled tailors!
- Excellent quality!
- Just feel it!
- Look at the quality!
- Stroke it!
- Try it on!
- Perhaps this one...
- What about this?
- Or look...
- This red fox is very special...
- Or would you prefer white?
- It suits you so well!
- Try it on, miss!
- Silky, isn't it?
- Especially fine work...
- Don't hesitate!
- Look how well it suits you!
Or perhaps this one?
It suits a young lady!
Try this stole!
Just stroke it!
Don't hesitate.
Try it on!
Take a look!
Perfect, isn't it?
Beautiful! It suits you so well.
Excellent choice.
With discount...
that will be 456.
Do you want it gift-wrapped
or will she keep it on?
- She'll keep it on.
- Really? Fine.
Thank you, sir.
Do you like it?
I do. I just hope Mum
won't be angry.
How long can a fur
like this last?
It should be fine for 10 years
if you look after it.
I'll only wear it on Sundays.
What have you done?
What do you mean "nothing"?
I just brought her home.
What's that? Brought her home?
I couldn't let her work there.
You've gone completely mad!
- I won't have anyone staring at her arse!
- Have you lost your mind?
On the contrary.
It's so like you!
You keep your mouth shut for months,
then at the worst possible moment
you do something idiotic!
- It's not idiotic.
- It couldn't be more idiotic!
No one's going to take her on
when word gets out about this!
Don't you understand?
- It doesn't matter.
- How can you say that?
We'll sort it out tomorrow!
You take all our money and
spend it on that shitty fur!
Are you drunk?
Leave me in peace!
You take all our money and
spend it on that shit!
- Leave me in peace!
- I have!
For 25 years...
Just look around you!
Leave me in peace!
Are you mad?
We'll take it back tomorrow.
- Come here!
- Yes?
- Take it down!
- This?
- Throw it over!
- There?
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I'm Police Inspector Morrison.
I need some information from you.
From me?
Do you always work nights?
Tell me,
are these windows always closed?
In the winter, yes.
How can you keep an eye on
the wagons and the dock?
Just like you. I wipe them.
Last night...
didn't you notice anything unusual?
What would you call unusual?
Something like this.
- Evening.
- Evening.
Now then!
Take it away!
One, two, now!
There's someone in the hut!
- What?
- There's a man in the hut.
- What does he look like?
- I don't know, I only saw his eyes.
- Did he say anything?
- He didn't say a word.
I was scared so I locked
the door and ran home!
You locked him in the hut?
Sorry, Papa!
Now listen here!
Not a word about this to anyone.
Do you understand?
Not a peep!
I'll take a look.
The key!
- What do you want to do, Papa?
- Nothing.
You're not going to hurt him,
are you?
Take care, Papa!
Don't worry about me!
Arrest me!
I killed the Englishman.
An hour ago.
I'll take you there.
Let's go!
Take this up to my room!
Look after it!
Try to keep her here!
Don't let her in!
I only... brought him food.
I understand your state of shock.
You should know...
...that I have investigated
a good number of cases.
Yours is a case of self-defence.
Please accept Mitchell's gift.
Do take it... deserve it...
Go home...
and forget the whole thing.