The Man From Toronto (2022) Movie Script

Oh. Mm-hmm.
Okay, here we go.
Here we go. Uh
Hey, world.
I'm Teddy Jackson,
and I wanna welcome you to Teddybands.
All right, listen,
weights are about to be no more.
It's all about the bands.
Why? Because this is
where you get the best resistance.
You can stretch it,
do whatever you want with it.
The best thing is
to get you some reps in there though.
-Get a lot of reps to where you feel it.
Shit, I felt it. Goddamn.
It's my eye. It got me
right on the side of the eye. Dammit.
One hundred.
What's up, world?
Teddy Jackson here,
welcoming you to Teddyburn,
where I'm introducing
two pieces of non-breathable plastic.
Think about five garbage bags
wrapped up into two good pieces,
where you just
can't let nothing out, except sweat.
Oh, man. Whoo!
I'm getting dizzy. Shit.
Wait. Fitness is
Hey, what's going on, guys?
Teddy Jackson here,
and I wanna introduce you to the Teddybar.
I already know what you're thinking.
"Teddy, what is it?"
I'll tell you exactly what it is.
It's an adjustable pull-up bar.
Why did I make it?
Because some pull-up bars
are just too high.
So this one adjusts to your comfort level.
That's right. Adjust it
to the right height and pull up all night.
Let's go!
Let's get it! Oh yeah!
Oh shit! Lori!
God. Godda
Aw, come on!
Lori, the
-The Teddybar fell on my head! Goddamn it!
-Oh, Teddy.
It does it every time I'm taping.
You need to come up
with something a little less dangerous.
You may not talk to me,
but everybody talks to him.
I gotta say, it's a real honor.
Working on this guy
the last couple of days,
but he trained with
French special forces so he's tough as--
Sorry, my, uh, wife's leftovers.
Before we begin I'd like
to tell you a little about myself.
I was raised by my grandfather
on a frozen lake 50 miles from nowhere.
He was a kind man.
He taught me many useful things.
One brisk afternoon,
while we were fishing on the frozen lake,
we saw a large form approaching.
It was a grizzly.
My grandfather yelled at me to run,
so I took off as fast
as my little legs would carry me.
And when I looked back,
I learned the last thing
that my unfortunate grandfather
would ever teach me.
Bears have very sharp claws,
which they use to fillet the skin
off their still-breathing victims.
I share this with you
because when you beg for your life,
I'm not gonna hear your screams.
Any feeling I once had dried up
on that frozen lake long ago.
You're wasting your time.
After I remove your eyes, your ears,
and balls, all your sensory organs,
if you still haven't told me
what I need to know
-I'm going to fillet you
like that bear did my grandfather.
-It's Grenkin! Velvel Grenkin.
-275 Castro Street.
Velvel Grenkin, he's there, I swear.
I'm gonna tell
my grandkids of this, one day.
I like you.
Tell your wife wild juniper's the secret.
Not the store-bought.
It looks like bunny shit,
so better smell it first.
Who the hell was that?
Good morning, Yorktown.
It's ten past eight
on a beautiful Monday morning.
None of my kids talk to me.
I don't know where they are.
Look who's up, huh?
Happy birthday.
What time is it?
I think it's, um
I think it's baby-making time.
We can do it in that position
that don't even feel good.
It feels good for you.
-I'm saying,for me it's just more about
-A baby?
survival of the species.
I'm just trying to break it down to you.
I hear you.
But you know
you can't Teddy that one, right?
What What does that mean, honey?
That's what they call it at the firm now.
If a paralegal screws up,
they say they Teddyed it.
They named a screw-up after me?
-You're actually a verb now.
-Okay, listen, that's the past.
Why talk about the past?
I wanna focus on the present.
Look at this.
Come on, look at it.
Onancock, Virginia?
I got us a little cabin for your birthday.
-Tons of baby-making time.
Baby, what is this? I can't read this.
There's no toner on the page.
It's the reservation, babe.
We leave tonight. It's perfect.
Thank you.
I'm not messing up
your birthdays anymore, babe.
On a serious note,
did you talk to Marty
about your business idea?
I did not talk to Marty yet,
but there's a reason.
-I'm just waiting for the right time.
-There's never gonna be a right time.
You just have to do it.
You're absolutely right.
Know what? I'm just gonna do it.
-I'm gonna pitch it to him today.
He's gonna fall in love with it.
The money that'll come will be ridiculous.
I'm gonna pay our tax lien off.
I'm gonna fix this place up.
It's gonna happen.
You think maybe we could start
with some light bulbs and toner?
That's what Teddying it looks like, right?
-Okay, all right. I'll get the bulb.
And toner.
And the toner.
Light the blunts up
When I walk in the building
Gravy getting buck
Every time I get up in it
-Teddy. Oh, I know. I know.
-I've been meaning to come by the gym.
-Well, you better come, Betty!
-There, I will.
-Dream hard and punch harder!
-Here you go, guys.
-Marty's Fitness. Right up the street.
Stop lunchin' and get to punchin'!
Non-contact boxing, Marty.
Non-contact boxing?
This is big.
This is the whole breakdown of the idea.
Now, the big thing here
is that it's still boxing,
without the contact.
That's the beauty of the idea.
Look at this. I'm getting that same burn
that I normally would, right?
But I don't touch you.
I got so excited
when I started to get into the idea,
I decided to put up
the first workout video.
Just to get a response.
Three comments.
And the questions are simple.
They're like, "What is this?"
Digest it.
could be the dumbest idea
I've ever heard.
Sales is not your forte.
I'll be honest you.
I don't know what that word means.
What are you What are you saying?
-Let me show you something.
-Yeah, sure.
See these flyers you made up?
I spent my entire marketing budget
on these things,
and we ain't got one bite.
Marty, they're gonna come
through that door any day, any minute.
-You just gotta be patient. You know that.
-Well, they would be.
If you had put the address on this thing!
-I mean, who really needs addresses?
-My customers.
Then they'll call you, Marty.
You left out the phone number too.
Dammit, did I?
Teddy, you're a nice guy. You really are.
But I need a dude with some grit.
I got grit.
Are you firing me?
I need a closer, Ted.
Non-contact boxing.
That's your closer, man.
I'm sorry, Ted.
Marty, I've worked hard on this.
So stupid.
Yes, ma'am?
Ready to go back to work?
The only thing I'm working on
is my breakfast.
Your breakfast can wait.
I've got a blue-chip client,
and he's got a red-hot stack
with a two-million-dollar fee.
With respect, I'm listening.
I thought so.
It's a two-phase extraction.
One million dollars for each one.
Payday like this comes along
once in a decade.
-Onancock, Virginia.
- 00 p.m. Jump on it.
-Oh. Hey.
-Hey, there he is, my little avocado.
So, GPS says we'll be there by- 00 p.m.
I am so excited.
Well, if that's the case,
I'll go get dressed now.
-Okay, sounds good. Yeah.
-All right?
-Oh, hey.
-How'd it go with Marty?
-How'd it go with Marty?
-It was, uh Yeah, it was great.
He said it wasn't, like,
the dumbest thing he's ever heard, so.
-I'm proud of you.
-I'm proud of you too.
Hit me.
You're reconfirmed.
Payment on-site in cash
at completion of job.
Somebody will be waiting for you there.
It's house 1465.
Wait, a day spa?
-I thought we had a cabin.
-We do have a cabin.
I'm gonna go meet the guy at the cabin.
Before I do that I wanted to let you out
because I got you two hours at a spa.
Okay, Teddy Jackson, you are killing it.
-You like that?
Babe, I got you set up
for the whole shebang.
-You're getting a facial, mani-pedi--
-I love it. Okay, I love it.
-Thank you.
You're welcome, honey.
I caught a moment
Damn toner.
What is this? Where am I?
We were sipping on moonlight
Wait a minute,
is that a six or an eight?
It's gotta be this one.
Some mistakes are worth making
I'm not gonna Teddy this one.
Got the magic box, let's go.
Come on.
Shit. Damn it.
This is nice.
This whole thing is nice, right here.
You're early.
Well, if you're on time, you're late.
Ain't that right?
Do me a favor, grab this box.
You know, I got bottles. Get the bottles.
My legs. You're big, ain't you?
Oh, this ain't bad. This ain't bad at all.
I'm glad I made it up here
before it got dark though.
That would've been something else.
That's to celebrate.
I'm gonna do a little bit of this,
a little bit of that.
This is all part of your method?
No, man, this is just a warm-up.
When you ain't did it in a while,
things can get a little animal.
Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.
Gotta tap into that danger zone.
Start using safe words.
I can't say that I do.
Oh, you probably got safe sentences.
Safe paragraphs.
Where the bathroom at? I gotta pee, man.
Behind you.
Oh, shit.
-Oh! Damn.
There it is.
I'm sorry if you can hear this.
I got a strong stream.
Been like this since I was six.
It's called "a consistent flow,"
that's what the doctor said. Phew.
A little above average for my size.
I'm at the tail end of it now, though.
Oh God.
Man, I'm surprised I made it this far.
I'm ready to get to work now though.
Well, follow me.
Oh, you gonna take me on the tour.
What is it, a game room?
You got a ping-pong table down here?
Probably Hey, how are you doing?
You with the rental team?
Good to see you.
Oh, my. Hold on. What the
Excuse me.
We have work to do.
You're not leaving until it's done.
We got work to do? Oh. Uh
Mr. Coughlin,
allow me to introduce
the Man from Toronto.
What? Hold on. Wait a second.
The Man from Toronto?
Just give me Give a second. Give me
Wait, hold on.
Just hold on a second.
I know a guy that knows a guy
that saw you do this once.
Said it was life-changing.
And now I get to witness it firsthand.
Unless, of course, he talks.
"Unless, of course, he talks."
He said, if he talks,
then things can be different.
Because you, you know who I am.
You know me.
You guys all
Everybody here must know who I am.
Now, if you know what I know,
that's that I love to communicate.
So let's figure out the best way to talk.
-I hope you understand what I'm saying.
Last I checked,
communication is key to understanding.
Is it muggy? Are you guys Is it a little
The air, right? Back up. Back up.
Put the hammer down and back up.
You're crowding me, okay?
And I can't do whatever it is
I'm here to do with you on my ass.
Now, what you need to know
is that
I don't know what is going on.
I don't know what they want.
They called me the Man from Toronto.
I don't even know who that is.
-Give them what they want. Is it money?
He starts with the eyes.
You said what? I start
You start with the eyes.
-You're gonna listen.
I love eyes.
I would hate for your eyes
to be next on my activity list.
I don't wanna do this.
I don't like none of this.
-I don't like nasty stuff.
I don't like blood.
They say he filleted
an entire poker parlor in Minnesota.
I I did what in Minnesota?
Filleted the entire poker parlor.
Goddamn right I did.
Don't nobody else say anything.
You know why?
Because at this point I'm getting angry.
I'm getting angry,
and I'm about to get real active.
Look at my thumbs. Because
it's the last thing you're gonna see.
Look at this. Look at me, I'm gonna do it.
-Oh, God, no.
-What? Do you want me to do it?
-Do you want me--
-I'm gonna do it!
-Do you think I'm playing?
-I can't hear you! Is that what you want?
-Ah! No.
-Is that what you want? Then say it!
-Say it!
-Okay, I'll tell you!
Say it!
Okay, 4-4-5-0-8
I'm sorry, please don't.
Please don't hurt me.
All right, stop it. Stop it.
-Let me get myself together.
Let me get myself together.
Please. Don't hurt
-Is that Is that what you needed?
-Hey. It's me.
-You saved our lives.
Yeah. Tell the colonel we got the codes.
And the Man from Toronto
is gonna continue on
to Washington, DC to meet.
What's that?
FBI! Don't move!
-Oh, no! Don't shoot!
-Don't move!
I'm not moving!
Don't shoot me!
I'm not moving!I'm not moving!
Don't shoot!
Shots fired on the ground.
Ah! Ah!
My car!
No! Ah!
We got him.
What'd I do?
It was a low toner situation.
Me and my wife, we were going to a cabin.
But because of the low toner,
I couldn't make out the address.
I didn't know if it was a six or an eight.
Look, I'm not the Man from Toronto, okay?
I'm actually just an idiot from Yorktown.
-We're well aware, Mr. Jackson.
-So please guys, let me go.
Show him.
-This phone
-Mm. That don't look good.
was recovered on the scene
from the man who led you into the cabin.
Just before the attack, a text was sent
to the former Venezuelan colonel
Sebastin Marn.
Last year Marn staged a coup
to overthrow his own government.
He was stopped by US Intelligence,
but he and his wife escaped
before they were apprehended.
He swore revenge on us ever since.
-Marn has been planning an attack.
-We can't find him.
The Man from Toronto was our only way in.
And now Marn believes that
you are the Man from Toronto.
Our only way to find him
is if you continue
to be the Man from Toronto.
Why did I just get word
that information was secured?
Not by me, it wasn't.
Some cut-rate operator just got lucky?
Or made a giant mistake.
Park it along that tree line.
Right there.
This is everything we know
about the Man from Toronto.
An expert in over 23 martial arts.
It's believed when engaging with clients
he uses 19th century
American poetry as code.
Some mess, huh?
It got me out of bed.
Intel suggests he grew up
on a frozen lake in Canada,
50 miles from nowhere.
After witnessing his grandfather
being eaten alive by a bear,
he was left an orphan.
He's basically a ghost.
Apart from one known contact,
a female by the name of Debora,
who we believe is his handler,
he operates alone.
Who the hell still uses Hotmail?
Please, guys. Please, can I just go?
You're supposed to meet Marn
tomorrow morning in DC.
-Are you compliant?
-No, I will not do it, okay?
I'm not supposed to be in DC tomorrow.
I'm supposed to be with my wife.
-And if I miss this birthday--
-Santoro can take care of your wife.
Who is he?
Santoro is the best we have.
I'll pose as your wife's personal butler,
escort her on 24 hours
of shopping and luxury
before meeting you
tomorrow night for dinner in Washington.
You will do no such thing.
She'll be in great hands, sir.
Oh, she ain't gonna be in his hands.
Not those soft, well-manicured hands.
I'm not passing my wife off to this man.
A good-looking man like this,
that's gonna obviously be charming.
Why can't it be his ugly ass?
Why can't he go?
If it was him, no problem.
Stop your ass right here.No.
There are lives at stake here, Teddy.
According to Oscar's phone,
the meet is at the art museum
in DC tomorrow.
You draw Marn out,
we grab him, you're done.
All right, if if I have to do this,
then I want you guys
to do something for me.
I got a tax lien
that I've had for quite some time,
that's really affecting my life.
Tax lien.
I also have an American Express debt.
You gotta pay it back every month,
and they never
explained that to me in full.
Okay, perfect. We got it.
-There's a Visa situation that's the same.
You can pay that one off monthly, but I
I just I botched that.
While we're here,
I owe my cousin Carl $300.
-So if you could just send him a wire
-All right.
But make it look like it came from me,
'cause he got a record.
Sir, does your wife
prefer Swedish or deep tissue?
What are you talking about?
No chatter on the network.
Did this grifter
leave a signature of any kind?
It would take a real pro
to make it look this amateur.
Did you grab the password
on the email address?
The algorithm is four characters in.
You have two hours and 47 minutes
to full hack.
Too slow.
What have you got so far?
Well, so far
they have P, A, S, and S.
He's toying with us.
It'd be rude not to play along.
Hey! What's going on? I'm Teddy Jackson,
and I wanna welcome you guys
to my first ever non-contact boxing class.
It's called Teddybox.
It's all the "wow" without the "ow."
Maybe you got somebody you got
a little altercation with or had one with.
Or maybe there's somebody that
just doesn't need to receive your love.
Okay? Let's go. I'm talking to you, Doug.
You know who you are.
Back when I was in school,
Doug used to pop me
in the back of the head with fruit cups.
Well, right now, Doug,
I'm about to kick your ass.
Drive into a trap, you're on your own.
One, two!
That's one way to look at it.
The other way is
their trap's gonna drive right into me.
-Hey, babe.
-Hey, you. I was starting to get worried.
You started to get worried?
I actually called 'cause
I got another surprise for you.
There's somebody there
to actually meet you.
Yeah, I, uh, just met Santoro.
He's amazing.
-Did you know he went to Harvard?
-No, I did not know he went to Harvard.
What else did he say?
Just that Marty
desperately needed you for a presentation.
Why didn't you tell me
an Equinox rep was interested
in your non-contact boxing thing?
Babe, I was gonna tell you.
Stop, girl, I was gonna tell you.
You're not mad, right?
Are you kidding? I'm proud of you.
Santoro explained Equinox is
paying for a DC shopping excursion,
dinner tomorrow night anywhere we want,
private dance lessons.
Is he there, babe? Let me talk to him.
I just wanna go over
the last couple of things.
-He wants to talk to you.
-Don't you "sir" me. You cut the shit.
Ain't gonna be no dancing.
No dancing.
Perhaps it's best you focus
on the very big presentation
you have ahead of you.
-I'll take good care of Lori.
-That's "Miss Jackson."
Miss Teddy Jackson.
Matter of fact, call her Teddy.
Chiquitito ese, me la tiene pelada.
And he speaks Spanish. Girl.
What a nice guy.
Um Okay, babe. I love you.
I love you too.
Washington awaits.
She got a big bad dumper, drop it low
Mama called me
And she happy with the growth
The meet is near
the entrance of the museum.
They'll say,
"O the bleeding drops of red."
Then you'll say,
"Where on the deck my captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead." Got it?
No, I do not have it. What?
What was that?
When did we turn this
into a Shakespeare play in the damn park?
-What are you Are you serious?
-It's Walt Whitman.
The Man from Toronto
always picks a password
from 19th-century American poetry.
-It's in the file, Teddy.
Oh. Okay, then that clears it up.
It was in the file.
As if I know what I'm reading!
I told Lawrence you couldn't do this.
I told her!
Listen to me, man.
What what else do I need?
I just wanna get it over with.
Lawrence, you copy?
-I gotta put it somewhere.
-You didn't say that.
All right, you're good right here.
Just get that.
What is What is this?
That's how we can track you.
-This is how I should feel safe?
-That's top quality, man.
Bleeding drops of red.
Y'all could've given me an earpiece
or something, so I can know y'all
Y'all can hear me, right?
Y'all still can hear me?
Get it together, Teddy. Come on, let's go.
Bleeding tops of
No. Shit.
All right, the meet is on.
O the bleeding drops of red.
Oh, yeah.
They are.
Because on the deck
We all know what happened on the deck.
That's where I hit my head.
You heard what I said.
What the hell is he doing?
I'm him. I'm Toronto.
Daniela Marn.
My colleagues Lus and Andrs.
It is an honor for all of us.
I'm eager to meet the Colonel.
Once the next phase is done.
No, it's one phase, right?
I give you the numbers.
After that, I get the money.
It's a oner.
No, no. Always two.
No. That's not the deal.
The deal
The deal was to meet the Colonel here.
They're on the move.
Goin' somewhere else?
Somebody's gotta be watching. Right? We
-Let's go.
-Nobody sees nothing, huh?
-Are you sure nobody else is watching us?
-Should I intercept?
Negative. We need Marn.
I'm in pursuit.
Follow them.
Follow those SUVs. Go!
I got visual on them.
Well, I am going now.
The Man from Toronto has left the scene.
Who would've thought it?
First time the Man from Toronto
has ever sat bitch.
The vehicles are entering
the underpass. We've lost visual.
Davis, do you have a visual on Jackson?
You were right behind him.
"He ditched the tracker."
I think he ditched it.
Scared they were gonna find it on him.
You have a visual.
Yellow truck headed south.
He's in the yellow truck headed south.
Assistance required.
Copy. Follow that truck.
-Tuck and roll.
You said, "Phase two." What is phase two?
The man you met in the cabin,
Mr. Coughlin, had a partner, Mr. Green.
Mr. Coughlin had half
of what the colonel needed.
Mr. Green has the other half.
You will bring him to the Colonel.
Without both, each are useless.
Davis, are you getting this?
Something is wrong.
Pull that truck over right now.
Visual on the truck.
I'm sorry, but where are we going?
You're going to Puerto Rico.
Okay. All right.
-Step to the hood!
-Get out!
-Get out of the car now!
It's not him. He's gone.
How did we just lose him?
I thought that we were going commercial.
I don't know why
I thought I heard you say Delta.
Time to go.
-What What is this? This is a--
Oh, that's a big trunk.
Somebody popped the trunk on this one.
Y'all don't do a lot of talking, huh?
My type of people.
I don't like to talk either.
Especially in the air.
What is there to talk about?
Shit. Messed up.
Weapon down.
And it's not about you guys.
We're on the same team.
It's about whoever this is.
This man is an imposter.
Objection. I mean, no. Stop.
I'm interrupting that.
'Cause those are those are
those are allegations with no ground.
You're an imposter, and cut it out.
-I need to speak to the client.
-I need to speak to the client too.
Are you just gonna
parrot everything I say?
Are you just gonna
parrot everything I say?
I'm surprised at you gentlemen.
That you could actually believe
that this whiny little mosquito
is actually the Man from Toronto.
Trust me. I'm the Man from Toronto.
And I don't know where you're from either,
but I know that I come from a frozen lake
50 miles from nowhere.
Are you stealing my origin story?
Here's a little secret of mine.
I love 19th-century American poetry.
It's my hobby.
Let's hear some Keats.
You wanna hear
her old stuff or her new stuff?
Well, he
died at 25.
You got some sack on you
to come up here without gender etiquette.
He may not identify as a "he" anymore.
It's all about being gender-neutral.
Obviously, you didn't get the message.
What's your deal?
You don't know who you're offending.
Now you okay?
Is anybody offended? Are you offended?
If so, this is the time to speak up.
You owe a gender-neutral apology
right now.
I apologize, gentle people.
I don't have to do what you tell me to do!
You ain't the boss of me.
What you need to do is put your weapon up.
There is some sense in that.
I mean, let's face it,
we don't need to discharge a firearm
at 30,000 feet.
That's not gonna benefit anybody.
You're damn right it's not.
Who's the Man from Toronto now?
This is on you.
No! Wait! Wait! Wait! Ah!
-Don't shoot me. Shoot him!
-Get off!
Get the bald guy! Hit him!
Hit him!
Shoot him.
Oh God.
Oh, no, no, no. Stop, stop, stop!
-Oh shit!
Warning. Warning. Caution.
-Why are we going up?
-No! No! No!
Get off me!
Can't we do this without violence?
Who the hell is flying the plane?
Get off!
My ass! Oh!
No, no. Don't shoot me. Shoot him.
Shoot him.
-No, don't shoot--
Stall. Stall.
Breathe, Teddy.
Don't pull that lever!
-Don't lever!
I can't hold on!
I'm flying out!
Help me, I'm about to die!
Grab my ass!
Please, man!
Oh, for the love of God, we almost died.
Oh, I almost died!
Never, ever lever!
Terrain, caution.Terrain, caution.
Terrain, caution.
Terrain, caution. Terrain, caution.
Too low. Pull up.
Two hundred feet.
One hundred seventy-five feet.
-One hundred fifty feet.
Seventy-five feet.
Pull up.Pull up.Pull up.
Autopilot engaged.
Excuse me, you got a sec?
I'm sorry for rootin' against you.
I mean, you were a clear favorite, so
Who do you work for?
Marty's Fitness.
I work for Marty. I'm I work in sales.
What were you doing in that cabin?
It was a low toner situation.
I thought that I had--
Answer me.
You got my neck.
I can't say nothing.
It's my lady's birthday weekend.
I was taking her to a cabin, all right?
And we get up there to the cabin,
but the address address was blurry.
The guys at the cabin,
they thought I was you.
-It's a mistake, man!
-You're the mistake.
This is a full-on pigfuck.
I don't know what that means.
Where's this plane headed?
Puerto Rico because
we're in a second phase.
Sit down.
I'm here.
Why Puerto Rico?
Some guy named Green is there.
-What are you doing?
FBI tracker?
Let me see your phone.
-But I gotta call my wife. I gotta--
-Yeah, good. Good.
I gotta call her.
I gotta call I gotta call my wife. Don't
How do you think I found you?
Right now, my priority
is getting back to my wife.
My wife has a birthday dinner.- 00 p.m.
-You're lying.
-Why would I lie about dinner?
No, about having a wife.
I saw your YouTube video.
Nobody who teaches non-contact boxing
could possibly hold down a marriage.
I mean, you ever
actually punched a guy in the face?
There was a time
where I was in a situation
where somebody grabbed my backpack.
And I turned around,
without knowing who it was,
hit her in the face.
Of course we were younger, so she cried.
And that's when the principal came.
What are we talking about right now?
My marriage Matter of fact, no, my life
My life is depending on it,
do you understand that?
Your life depends on this.
News flash!
I'm more afraid of Lori than I am of you!
-Would she torture you?
-With the silent treatment, yeah.
Do me a favor.
Give me a little silent treatment
for the rest of the journey.
What you just did was mean.
Hey, this is Teddy. I'll call you back.
Hi, my little avocado.
Oh, honey, I am having
the greatest birthday ever, okay?
Oh, and guess what?
-Annie's in town.
-Uh, hey, Teddy.
Okay, don't freak out, don't panic.
I won't say anything rude
or sarcastic for once.
Teddy, honey, I've never said this
in all the years I've known you, but wow.
I mean, well done. You didn't Teddy it.
This makes up for years
of disappointment--
Okay. Honey, listen,
I know you made a reservation for us,
but Annie can get us
into this amazing place.
Oh, yeah, tell him.
There's supposed to be food,
dancing, just a whole experience.
It's called L'Ambassadeur.
It's French. He won't understand.
So I hope that doesn't
mess up your plans too much.
-I'm excited. See you there.
-Oh, champagne!
-Bye, love you.
-Do you have glasses? Whoo!
I just want you to know
you killed six people on this plane.
And the fact this isn't
a big deal to you, it baffles me.
It makes you a sick individual in my eyes.
-It's a dog-eat-dog world.
What does that mean?
What does that mean
outside of being untrue?
Dogs don't eat other dogs.
So it can't be a dog-eat-dog world.
Naturally, a dog will sniff
another dog's butt.
He may lick some poop occasionally.
But he won't eat another dog.
Dogs don't eat other dogs.
Well, you're talking about
domesticated, well-fed pets.
I'm talking about a hungry dog.
I mean, a dog that ain't afraid anymore.
-Mad dog.
Okay, A, I've seen those dogs.
I see one every day.
My next-door neighbor's dog,
Stephanie, is one of those.
Let's talk about
what else I'm looking at. Dead people.
One, two, three, four. There were six!
Two of them fell out the back,
40,000 feet to their death!
You're responsible for that.
And you dropped your lighter.
You dropped this, okay?
And now we got water
springing out the damn plane.
It smells like gas.
It smells like gas! Gas!
Talk to me, Toronto.
What the hell is going on?
-I made contact.
-Hey. Wait a second.
-And who was it? He's just a rogue asset?
-Where are we? There ain't no airports
Ready for this? His name is Teddy Jackson,
and he actually uses that Hotmail account.
-Did you let him live?
-Do I have another Minnesota situation?
-Relax, the client thinks he's me.
-I have no choice.
-I don't pay you to let people live.
-Make an exception.
We gotta find a Mr. Green
and deliver him to Marn back in DC.
-Where are you now?
-Puerto Rico.
Jesus. You better get
a handle on this, Toronto, right now.
Hey! You don't hear me calling you?
Who are you talking to? Debora?
Is that Mrs. Toronto?
My handler.
Take a second and tell me
the things I need to understand.
What is my part in the mission?
Two parts, actually.
Thank you.
First part is
shut up.
Or I'll kill you.
Second part is
don't forget the first part.
So you didn't hear nothing I said?
So everything I--
Hey! No!
Hey, we just blew up a plane, man.
I blew up a plane, man.
You didn't do shit.
That's why you gotta get on things quick
when the market's bearish.
-Excuse me.
-You boys mind if I join?
-Are you even a member here?
Why, yes. I'm the Man from Miami.
I'm a guest of Philip Beaumont.
Oh, well.
I'm Philip Beaumont.
-Oh, you are?
-Imagine that.
Thank you.
You're crazy.
You're crazy.You're crazy.
-I have a job. Where are you?
-Im on the course.
-Well, pack your bags.
You're going to Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico.
-What's the offer?
-Two million.
Bring the asset to the client,
and you'll get a big payday.
According to Luis's note,
you are to collect Green
at a tech company event, so
we got an hour
to get you ready.
Get me ready for what?
To be me.
What are you talking about?
To be you? What?
they don't have kids' sizes.
What do you think?
You need to look
like you've done this before.
What do I look like now?
Like a guy who teaches non-contact boxing.
Paring, boning, and this.
I mean, it ain't Shirogami,
but it's as close as we're gonna come.
Do you have any idea
how big non-contact boxing is?
Look at this.
Right cross. Right cross.
Left, right.Left, right. Left, right.
Just from that.
Never box at me again
without actually punching me in the face.
They got Hot Hot Cheese Puffs.
I gotta get these.
No. We ain't getting that crap.
We didn't ask for 'em.
I asked for 'em. We are getting these.
Get off. Stop pushing me.
What's that,
for your little serial killer wall?
You think you'd make the wall?
Come on, man.
You're barely fridge material.
-Hop on.
Hop on.
Hold on.
Oh God.
Let me put this here
and get a good grab on you.
All right, I'm ready.
There's handles.
There's handles.
Why didn't you just say that?
Why not say, "Grab the handles behind you"
from the beginning?
That simple.
So you're telling me
this is some type of tech company event?
My mouth is burning.
Sure you don't want any
of these Hot Hot Cheese Puffs?
Put that garbage away, man.
What you mean garbage? It's good.
I'm trying to be nice and give you some.
What's the matter with you?
All I had to do was change the damn toner
and I wouldn't be in none of this.
Yeah, but you didn't put the toner
in the printer, and you're here now, yeah?
Stop living in your imagination.
-That's for Mr. Green to do.
-You don't think I know that?
Let's not skip the fact that
I'm now here carrying out a mission
that I'm not capable of doing.
You're gonna go in there,
you're gonna give him your scariest look,
and you're gonna complete the mission,
or you have no idea
what I'm gonna do to you.
My bad.
I got it.I got it.
So whatever you were gonna do,
you don't have to do to me.
I wasn't gonna do anything.
It's just a look.
It's all a bluff.
-You got it?
Here. Thank you, man.
-I didn't want you to do it.
-Don't ever touch me like that again.
A102 conference room.
You got this.
Game face.
Not shit face.
Game face.
Go on. Right down there.
Relax, will you?
I'm gonna be with you.
I'm gonna be listening.
There's a guy
standing outside the door.
Yeah, so?
He's got a gun.
Yeah, well, he would.
"O the bleeding drops of red."
"Where on the deck my captain lies."
"Fallen cold and dead."
The Man from Toronto.
Really looking forward to seeing you
go to work on this crowd.
One of these guys is Green.
We just don't know who.
Which is where you come in.
Marn never dealt with Green face-to-face,
but we traced him
to the R&D department here.
Is this the entire R&D team?
We need you to figure out
which one is the real Green.
Take him to the Colonel back in DC
at his hotel by- 00 p.m. tonight.
Here's the address.
I'm scared.
-I can't do it. I don't think I can do it.
-You can do this. And you will.
I got an address, but I don't have
all the information I need.
One time, one time only. Who is Green?
Do you guys have any idea
who you're dealing with?
The Man from Toronto!
-Let me do my thing.
I do have a reputation.
Show 'em what you brought.
I got ways of getting my answers.
And I'll get them.
See, the--
You dropped the knives?
You want some help with that?
You're asking the questions.
Are you familiar with reverse psychology?
-That's right. The answer's no.
If you did know
the tactic that I just employed,
dropping my utensils on the floor,
making me seem incompetent,
it was all just a ploy
to get into their heads.
Mind games.
And I got a lot of them.
Mixing stuff up is what I love to do.
Question is,
who am I gonna do it to first?
Eyes. Look him in the eyes.
Come on. I can't do this.
We can't afford for you to Teddy this one.
Get up from under that table.
Wave the knives around.
Don't be a wuss.
-Guess who's back.
That's who.
Own it.
-You know what this is?
-Some kind of disemboweler.
Some kind of disemboweler.
'Cause I don't like bowels.
How about you?
I I don't know.
Looks like
there's gonna be some human ass
on a hibachi grill tonight at Teddyhanas.
-I knew this wasn't gonna work.
-What do you want me to do with this?
-Hmm? I'll do this all over your face.
-Please, please, I'm not Green.
-You're not Green?
-I'm not Green.
He say he not Green.
That's what he says.
It don't make sense to me!
It don't make sense!
-If you're not Green, then who is?
Ah! Oh, my eye!
-Oh shit.
-Oh, what?
-You didn't actually cut his eye, did you?
-I can't see.
-You can see.
-I can't see!
-You can see.
-I can't see!
You're looking at me,
so I know you can see.
Shut up! If I hear another peep,
I'm gonna get the bigger knife.
You got a little bit
of blood on your damn face.
Open your eye.
Swallow it.
Jesus Christ.
You are a train wreck.
Oh God!
-Im Green! Im Green! Please, stop.
-Oh God.
I'm Green.
That's Green. He's Green.
I heard you were the best, but wow!
Yeah, just doing what I do. Right?
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
-What you doing, man?
-We can't just put them back, can we?
No. No, no, no. No, no. Listen.
Now, first of all, I wanna apologize,
because I know my breath doesnt
smell the best after what I just did.
Now, this ain't the solution.
-No, we can't do it like this.
-What the hell? What is that?
What's what?
In your ear.
Are you wearing a wire?
I can't hear on this side!
It's a hearing aid.
-Who the hell are you talking to?
-Did you land yet?
-I'm on the ground.
-I'll call you as soon as I intercept.
They're paying me to deliver you to Marn.
I wonder why that is.
Are you familiar with DARPA?
-I am.
Had it two times.
Once in the back of my neck,
one time on the back of my knees.
the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency.
That's not what I had. I had a ringworm.
Coughlin and I worked there
in the early 2000s
developing seismic explosives,
Makes the blast
look like a subterranean tremor.
Two years ago, our former boss
called General Hanson,
he asked for help
with a top-secret project
for an unnamed client.
I didn't get many of the details.
We didn't know
Hanson had been hired by Marn.
What for?
Blowing up the Venezuelan Embassy
in Washington.
When we realized what he was planning,
we built in two fail-safes.
The remote detonator to the explosive,
it needs both Coughlin's coded sequence
and my thumbprint.
So they're after your thumbprint.
You know, we won't deliver you to Marn.
Of course we're not.
You sat here, you let all these people go,
now you're about to do the same for him?
People can change.
-I'm proud of you, man.
-Thank you.
I think you might
wanna step out for a second.
Oh. You guys are about to chat.
I'll go give you guys a second.
I'll be back, man.
I'm really proud of you.
-Okay. Dope.
People do change.
Don't What are you doing?
Don't do that to
No, no, no, no. Please don't do that!
-Oh my God!
-Look at that.
-Cheese bag.
Cheese bag.
Open it up.
Last pat.
Take this, man.
You don't need me anymore.
Actually, I do need you
to deliver the thumb.
No. Did you hear what he said back there?
You're gonna have to kill me
to get me to do anything like that.
It's not happening. Do you hear?
What are you doing? What are you doing?
It's not me you need to worry about.
They have your photo.
They know who you are.
You have no choice.
I do have a choice.
And I choose not to be you anymore.
I'm done.
Watch out!
Who are you?
I'm gonna die, man!
Oh God!
Oh my God!
Hold on!
I'm high.
Ah! I'm slipping!
-You with me, Teddy?
-Help me, man!
I'm slipping!
I can't hold on!
Oh my God. Oh.
I see the thumb!
-I see it!
-Grab it!
Okay. Okay.
I'm gonna get it. I'm about to get it.
I'm about to get it now.
I got it!
He's shootin' at me!
I'm getting light-headed!
You are experiencing
a lack of oxygen to the brain.
Will you stop diagnosing me
and just kill the guy!
-Kill him right now. Shit!
Shoot him!
Ow, you shot me in the ass!
Your ass got in my way.
I'm slipping!
-Hold on. I'm coming down.
Help me, man.
Help me. I'm about to die!
-Throw me the bag.
-No! No! I'll fall again.
Toss it. I believe in you.
-I just got shot in the ass!
-I didn't want to fall!
Oh, help!
-I'm gonna die, man!
-Aw, damn it.
Help me!
Help! Come on, man,
don't leave me up here!
You're outgunned.
Come on, come on, put the guns down!
Ow, man!
Oh, would you relax?
My God. You just got grazed.
I didn't get no grazed.
You shot me in the ass.
You're such a baby.
You know, Im surprised how taut
this non-contact makes the buns.
I told you, man, it's all cardio.
It's about giving your body
the best chance to succeed.
I got a good look at you.
You got some nice ones too.
Tell me it's done.
Got ambushed. Barely made it out.
-You heard from Marn?
-Have I heard from Marn?
No. Who ambushed you?
-Could you ID him? Did you see his face?
-No idea.
Definitely a professional.
Where are you with phase two?
Well, we got all we need of Green.
Heading back to DC
for the handoff to Marn.
That'll be at, uh
- 00 p.m. tonight, at the Monarch.
Did you hear that?
Heard what?
Your handler just lied to you.
What are you talking about?
Talking about her repeating the question.
That's a clear sign of stalling and lying.
I used to do it all the time.
Did it this morning
when I was talking to Lori.
I've been in sales for ten years.
I know that move.
Yeah, well, I've known her for 20.
-Have you ever seen her in person?
We're leaving.
What is this?
Passport. You're gonna need it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking.
We have a flight time
to Washington, DC of three hours.
You know, I saw your file.
I did.
I know about the bear
and your grandfather,
and I just wanna say,
I wanna say that that's tough.
No child should have to
go through that, ever. It's a lot.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I know that Debora
Debora wouldn't want this. She wouldn't.
You think you know me?
I know you.
I looked at
your little online gym channel.
Seven views.
With one upload three years ago.
And seven views.
Yeah. Three comments.
You think that low toner
got you into this situation?
Never doing what you say you're gonna do
is what got you into this situation.
Being afraid.
Not being able to follow through.
Not having the guts.
You know? You literally fight air.
The only thing you ever landed
was that poor woman
who calls herself your wife.
And I get the feeling
you're about to Teddy that.
You know what, man? You're right.
Just realizing I haven't been
the best husband I could've been.
Can I use your phone?
Make it snappy. Keep it on speaker.
Hey, babe.
How are you doing?
Missing you, Mr. Presentation.
I miss you too.
I just called because
I want you to know that I'm sorry
for missing your birthday in the past
and Teddying everything. I just--
Baby, don't worry about it.
I actually do worry about it.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah. I'm fine, I promise.
Okay, then.
See you tonight.
-Get off the phone!
-Oh, and I just wanna make sure
you got my message
about the new reservation.
-- 00 p.m., L'Ambassadeur.
-L'Ambassadeur, bitch!
-It's meant to be the most amazing place.
-Yeah. I'll, um--
What are you doing?
I didn't even say goodbye.
-Hello? Hello?
-Let's get pre-lit!
This is an historic moment for Venezuela
Well, you can say hello
tonight at the L'Ambassadeur.
Wait, the drop is supposed
to be at- 00 p.m. You're gonna let me go?
Oh, uh, yeah.
Not only am I gonna let you go,
I'm gonna let her know
you're bringing an associate.
of ups and downs.
Today, President Henderson
and President Arvito of Venezuela
will celebrate the opening
of the new embassy.
By the way,
I've been waiting to check this place out.
It's got durian sorbet on the menu.
What the hell is durian?
Yorktown is entering the restaurant
with an unidentified male. Do you copy?
-Can we get an ID?
This could be the Marn meeting.
L'Ambassadeur security feed
coming up now, ma'am.
Hey, you wanna hold on to the thumb
or you wanna check it?
Okay, come here.
Let me talk to you. Please. Please.
I want you to relax. Okay?
Listen, you should--
Get your hands off of me like that.
It's 'cause of the cameras.
Stop with the paranoia stuff.
Somebody looks you in your eyes
and they smile, smile back.
Make eye contact. Be a person.
Perhaps you'd be
more comfortable in this, sir.
That's not the type
of eye contact I'm talking about.
-Thank you.
-My pleasure.
Oh, no problem.
I'm just asking that you
make the most out of this, okay?
How do I look?
Who's she with?
Her friend Anne. Why?
You didn't tell me about Anne.
I didn't know that
I had to tell you about Anne.
-What's the problem?
I get uncomfortable
around women.
So, how do you deal with Debora?
-Debora is different. Debora--
-Stop it. Why are you complicating this?
-Same as you talking to Debora.
-Hey! There you go.
-Hi, honey.
Oh my God.
I thought I was never gonna see you again.
Well, here I am.
Who is this?
This is the Man from
-All right, let's sit down.
-Okay, great. Thank you.
-Let's all sit down.
-Hi, Teddy.
Hey, Anne!
Who is this guy, Santoro?
-Does he look like Colonel Marn?
-No, ma'am.
It must be the Man from Toronto.
This is our chance.
-Can we get a higher resolution?
-That's a negative.
Get me another camera.
When Teddy texted,
I didn't want
the whole third-wheel dynamic,
so I brought you a date.
Don't worry. It doesn't have to be a date.
Anne's my best friend from college.
It actually could be,
Mr. Tall, Dark and Scary.
No. No.
It can't.
All right, stop, don't even panic.
That's his way of telling you he's taken.
-He's got a lady. Her name's Debora.
-All right.
Well, actually, Debora is a
1969 Dodge Charger 440 R/T.
Come again? What'd you say?
Debora's a car?
The 440 R/T is not just a car.
With eight cylinders of big block,
high torque horsepower,
it's a weapon.
-I'm happy celebrating my wife's birthday.
-Yes, my love.
-That's right. You look good.
-And it's a man-size too.
-I love it.
I got it in, uh
It's some nice ink over there.
Are you a chef or
Oh, well, yeah, I
I wanted to be. Yeah.
It's not too late.
Well, you know,
I actually thought about that.
I thought about opening my own place.
A great, great restaurant.
But then I just remember everything,
and it just doesn't seem
realistic, you know?
Why not?
Well, it's just,
kinda scary.
I mean, what if
nobody came?
I'd come.
It's gotta be him.
Do you want me to intercept?
Wait for backup.
Davis, where are you?
Five minutes out.
I finished that
before everybody.
Oh, I love this song.
Look, they're dancing.
This is so cute.
Can we dance?
-Baby, I don't know. Come on.
-Oh, come on, baby. Please?
It's my birthday,
and Santi taught me tango today.
San-what? Why?
-I wanted to learn.
-Get up, let's go. No, come on.
-It was hot. Yeah.
-Well, we're gonna unlearn it.
We're gonna unlearn
whatever he taught you.
-Just because it's your birthday.
-All right, you ready? Let's go.
No, I I don't dance.
-You don't or you can't.
Will. Let's go.
-Come on, cowboy. Stand up.
-No, I'm not Oh.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Ah, ah, ah. Okay.
Come on, you crazy.
You know how to dance. You can dance.
-Just move your body a bit.
-I feel a bit self-conscious.
Loosen up a little bit.
Just like move your limbs.
-You got it.
Ooh. Ooh.
Move your arms. Loosen up.
Not like that. Less weird.
Loosen up. There you go. Yeah!
-Happy birthday.
-Thank you, my love.
My country needs me.
Homeland security depends on it.
Santoro, don't be a hero.
-I'm 60 seconds out.
-I'm moving in.
Agent, stand down.
Arms here.
Get a little crazy.
Look at you in this dress.
-Are you okay?
-Bathroom break.
-Oh. Okay.
-Gotta take a quick bathroom break.
Hey, we gotta go.
-No, I don't have to go.
-Listen, we gotta. Now! Now!
You don't normally see two guys
going to the bathroom together.
-We gotta go!
-What about the dancing?
-What is going on?
-Santoro, do you copy?
Moving in through the back.
They're not here.
Come on! Come on!
What is going on?
That guy That guy is here, man.
-Who, the waiter?
-No, not the waiter.
The guy from Puerto Rico
that tried to kill us. He's here.
-Do you think Anne likes me?
-What are you talking about?
-I was dancing.
-I mean
Snap out of it, man!
He's trying to kill us!
I need you to go back
to being the killer you are
and to understand that we are in trouble!
Are you not listening to what I'm saying?
He's here!
The Man from Miami.
Give me the thumb.
Hand it to me. Just walk it over.
Thumb. What are you
Why are you doing that? Stop.
I still can't believe you stored
a human thumb in a Cheese Puffs bag.
The Cheese Puffs bag
is what's throwing you off?
If you think about it,
the preservatives are
keeping the thumb intact.
Nobody's thinking about that.
She was right. You're out of control.
As in the Mrs. Man from Toronto,
your handler.
She said you'd gone Minnesota again.
I told you.
Stop helping!
I got your ass!
Get the gun!
It's in dirty water!
Ugh. Oh God.
I got it! I got it!
I got the gun!I got the gun.
Move. Move, move!
Move, so I can shoot his ass. Step aside!
Shoot him!
-Come on.
-I missed.
Get outta here!
-Front's clear.
-Backup should be arriving now.
I'm gonna check the kitchen.
You okay, man?
I was better before you shot me in my leg.
-It was an accident. I'm sorry. Sorry.
-Yeah, I bet.
Need some help?
Yeah. Yeah. Let's go.
-Come on. Hurry.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
No, no, no. We gotta go back there. Lori.
No, we're going
to the Monarch Hotel right now!
-What do you mean right now?
-We gotta intercept that thumb.
It's her birthday dinner!
Get in.
Get in what?
You're driving.
You want me to steal a cop car?
You don't see the irony in that?
-Asking a Black man to steal a cop car.
-Get in that car, right now!
Stop, all right? Just stop. Fine.
Fine. Know what?
You're gonna deal with the consequences.
You're gonna talk to Lori!
That's You're gonna do it.
I'm not dealin' with nothing
that comes from this. Nothing!
-What happened to being a person?
Hola, mi amor.
There's a man here who claims
he has all you need of Mr. Green.
-Who is this?
-No s.
I am
the Man from Miami.
Think of me as a surprise upgrade.
I don't like surprises.
-How can I trust you?
-Because I'm telling you to.
He's one of mine.
And where is Mr. Green?
Mr. Green couldn't make it. But
His thumbprint did.
Payment will be delivered
after the fireworks.
Fair enough, my friend.
They're not here.
And It turns out
a patrol car is missing from the scene.
We're tracking the car now, ma'am.
They're headed for the Marn meet.
All right, we are on the move, people.
Let's go!Let's go!
What about Marn? Are we helping Marn?
I just want my money.
I got it.
Know what? It's just like Minnesota
and all those damn people you killed.
It's no different, man.
I didn't kill anybody in Minnesota.
You killed a lot of bodies.
-That's what killers do. Killers kill.
-I didn't kill anybody!
I was about
to pull the trigger on a hit.
The guy was a chronic gambler.
Owed a lot of money
to the wrong people.
And then I saw the kid.
Like the kid at the frozen lake?
I just
I wanted to break the cycle.
Sorry, man.
But after I set the man free,
he went on a rampage.
How would you know he was gonna do that?
He said, "If you set me free,
I'm gonna go on a rampage."
this job gets me my cash, then I'm out.
Are you talking about your restaurant?
How much do you need to do that?
Eight mil.
You could get a whole food court
with that type of money. Damn.
-I want it to be special.
Has the number always been eight mil?
I bet it started out at two.
You're just like me, man.
You're scared.
I promise you, on my honor,
no one gets killed tonight.
I mean, as near
as you can predict these things.
But I need you to be me
one last time.
Thank you, Jessica.
We're live here
at the opening gala in Washington, DC
where the new president
is about to give his speech.
I dreamed of this day.
A new Venezuelan embassy.
To my friends from the United States,
as countries
-Con gusto.
As you're all aware,
relationships between
our countries have been
They celebrate its opening tonight.
We sent the desserts.
They will have their cake,
and we will kill them too.
I hope you, like me,
also envision this new building
as the beginning of a new era.
Give me Coughlin's sequence.
Like every Venezuelan,
when on an international stage,
I'm acutely mindful
of the troubled history
my beloved country has endured.
We have a visitor.
Now, let's cut the cake!
Celebrate officially
And the thumb, please.
These people are imposters.
Oh. Says who?
-The Man from Toronto.
-O the bleeding drops of red!
We don't have time for this.
What's going on?
Stop it.
Pleasure is mine, Colonel.
That is not the Man from Toronto.
The Man from Toronto is--
Is what? What is he?
Say it. I wanna hear it.
-I have a photo.
-That's a screwup on your side, my friend.
Oh. I see.
He's obviously lying.
His name is Teddy Jackson.
That's my name? Teddy Jackson?
An obviously fake name.
That is the Man from Toronto.
-I've known him for decades.
That is my driver, Wendell,
who you've been speaking to
on the phone for the last 20 years.
Put the guns down.
You're making him nervous.
He's got a bad stomach
when he's around weapons.
Who is the Man from Toronto?
Colonel Marinara, give me a second.
You know me.
That's what she said, not me.
Enlighten me. Tell me something
about myself I don't know.
'Cause last I checked, I know about me.
So, what do you know about me
that I may not know that you know?
Who's Debora?
-Oh, that's your question?
Did you hear that, Wendell?
She wants to know about Debora.
I'mma let the information fly.
Debora's a 1969 Dodge Charger.
-440 R/T--
-440 R/T.
You know what that means?
That means I got the big meats in the back
with a sway bar so my ass wiggle.
When I'm in the streets,
I mark it up so you know I was there.
It's me pulling off and pulling out.
Rubbin' and tuggin'.
But you wouldn't know that
because you don't know me.
You know why you don't know me?
Because you never met me.
And that's intentional.
Because that's how I do business.
I'm done with the whispering.
The volume just elevated.
Because now you're wasting my time.
You think I'd wait till now
to actually let you speak to me,
let alone see me?
To the real me?
To the me I know I am
right now in this moment,
and not who you thought I was?
I know who I am.
And don't you tell me who I'm not.
Because that's gonna confuse everybody.
I saw this whole thing coming.
You smell that? Because I do.
It's people trying to play games
with the Man from Toronto.
You don't play with me!
I do the playing!
This is all a mistake.
You're a mistake!
This is all pig sex!
Now, who's ready to oink?
I know that noise. Y'all hear that?
-Federal agents! Everybody on the ground!
-On the floor! Don't move!
Everybody on the ground!
Get back here!
-Where are you going?
Get down! Ah!
I don't have a weapon!
I don't have it!I don't have it!
Get back. We're clear!
Aw, shit.
Hey, look at this.
Match to the thumb. It wasn't even Green.
It was this guy.
Who the hell is that?
That's the guy who was
holding the hostages in Puerto Rico.
But the bomb wouldn't have even gone off.
I guess the Man from Toronto
wasn't gonna go through with it.
You're a lucky guy
to know a woman like Lori.
Once-in-a-lifetime dream. Truly.
Thank you.
You saved the world tonight.
And I lost mine.
Not today, Stephanie.
Hey, this is Teddy. I'll call you back.
I called Marty
because I was worried about you.
He told me about your job.
I need some time, Teddy.
I don't know how much.
I just I don't feel like I know you.
I don't even know if you know you,
what you're looking for, what you need.
I just wanted you to be there. For once.
Like you said you would.
I'm sorry.
I knew you'd pick up.
For old times' sake.
You know the rules, Toronto.
You don't complete the job,
you don't collect the cash.
You bring that money to Yorktown,
or I'm gonna kill your friend Teddy.
How's that for your new moral compass?
Rumors of my morality
have been greatly exaggerated.
You're a fool if you think
I'm gonna let you have that money.
You know
what this means, don't you?
Don't look at me that way, Deb.
You're a bad influence on me.
I thought he was dead.
You've reached your limit with the casino.
Well, look at this. Some skin in the game.
Hey, boys. Looks like we've got a payday.
So stupid.
I'm coming, Lori!
I'm not gonna Teddy this one.
You remember me.
-Man from Miami.
-Oh, no.
-Where is he? Huh?
-I don't know who you're talking about.
-Where is he?
I don't know, man.
He took the money and he left me for dead.
Where is he!
Where is your friend?
He's not my friend.
I got nothing to do with him.
Come on. No, man.
No, don't do it! No!
You came back for me.
Yeah, the thought of you dead
just didn't sit right.
I think I'm going soft.
Hit me in my back
with a damn club, you bitch.
Hey. I gotta get
to the train station for Lori.
Yeah, I read your texts.
You hacked my phone?
You're the only one who knows who I am.
That makes you a liability.
Now, let's go get your gal.
-Over there.
-Get down!
Well, well, well. Look who it is.
-Who the hell are they?
-The Men from Tacoma Brothers.
You done picked a fight
with some people from the medieval time.
-What the
Ow! You shot me in the leg!
Marty's Fitness. We go through there.
We go through the back door.
Hey, that's a great idea. Take this.
I don't want it.
I don't want this.
You son of a bitch!
Here I come!
Anybody hit?
Oh shit, I missed. I missed!
I missed!
Hey, Marty!
-Where you at?
Ah! No, no, no! Don't shoot, don't shoot!
I'll do anything.
I'll give you your job back!
Nobody's gonna shoot you.Eat lead!
Give me the keys to the back door.
Give me the goddamn keys!
All right, let's go.
-You threw my second favorite gun.
-Because it was out of bullets.
So is this, but I had backup bullets.
-Well, I didn't.
You are dead man, Toronto.
-Who the hell is that?
-The Man from Moscow.
Nowhere to run, Toronto.
I suggest contact.
Watch out!
Watch out!
Get off!
You're mine.
He's always laughing
In the midst of power
Always living in the final hour
Oh, you're mine, Toronto!
We gotta get to the station!
-I'm aware of the time!
He's always laughing
In the midst of power
Because you're about
to get a dose of my first contact.
You got this!
You're dead, Toronto!
Appreciate you.
-I had him.
Go, go, go!
-Get down!
End of the road, Toronto.
Get up, Bubba, let's go.
Where are you, Toronto?
I don't wanna go out like this.
-What is it?
Whoo! That's my payday.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Looks like you've
cashed your last check, Toronto.
You practice these lines
in front of a mirror?
You recite that
18th-century poetry in the mirror?
Nineteenth-century, bitch!
Is that contact?
Oh my God.
You saved my life.
I broke my hand.
Yeah, that ain't normal. Ah.
Okay, let's get you to the station.
Which way?
-I want my money.
Aw, come on.
-Oh, she's pissed. Go.
-Go! Go! Go!
Let's go!
Quick, the factory!
Go. Go! She's coming!
Watch out! Shit!
-Teddy! What are you doing, man?
-Get up.
Henry, tell everybody
to get out of here! Go!
-Give me that money!
Warning, pressure loss.
Shit, go.
All employees exit the building.
-Which button?
-I don't know.
I got handles in my house, not buttons.
-Just press the buttons.
-Activating boiler.
Looks like you lost your edge
somewhere in Minnesota, huh?
You know, there is nothing sadder
than a hard man gone soft.
Why don't you let him go? You got me.
What's that?
Keys to Debora.
Money's in the trunk.
If there was ever a time
for you to be a closer, it is now.
I don't know what you want me to do.
I pressed every button, thing didn't open.
Okay, let him go.
Do you forget
how this works, baby?
We don't let people go.
-You said, "Don't pull the lever."
-We disappear them, don't we?
-There's a lever?
-Yes, there's a lever.
I'm gonna disappear your friend first
and let you watch.
-Pull that lever.
-You said, "Never lever."
Sometimes lever.
Like now.
-Still nothing.
-Come on.
-You might've shorted it, Teddy.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I did that?
Okay, well, I hope you're happy.
I boiled a goddamn
white woman because of you.
You gotta stop!
You gotta just die.
I think you just made human tempura.
I mean, look. All killing aside
it's just me and you here,
so I can admit, it don't smell bad.
This air smells like gas, though.
Not like ass gas,
but like gas, like fuel. Right?
-Gas in her jacket or something.
-Oh shit.
-You do smell it.
You blew up a warehouse.
We blew up a warehouse.
Hey, I, uh
I know you said not to say nothing, right?
I don't I don't have many people
that I can open up to, man.
These last couple of days,
well, it's been, um
It's been
Well, I can't say it's been good.
But in some type of, like
In some kind of weird way,
you've somehow managed to inspire me.
Through all this
that we've been through, you
you got me wanting to be better, man.
I mean, I hope
I'm hoping that I've had, like
the same effect on you, you know?
Maybe we can be friends after this,
stay in each other's life.
I don't want to get emotional,
but I feel like there's a poss
Where is your friend?
Who are you?
Man from Tokyo.
I'm here to kill Toronto.
I don't have time.
When will this cycle of violence end?
It ends right now.
After I finish off this poser.
Get your girl.
-What are you talking about?
-Go on. Get in there.
-You're gonna let me take Debora?
-Yeah, yeah, I'll find you. Hey.
Two things.
First thing, you so much
as scratch her, I kill you.
Second thing--
Don't forget the first thing.
I already know.
-Yeah. You got it. Get outta here.
-Thank you. Bye-bye!
Get outta here!
In pursuit of
the 1969 Dodge Charger 440 R/T.
We cannot keep up with it.
Come on, Teddy. Come on.
Watch out!Watch out!
I'm coming, Lori!
Next train from Armon
arriving in five minutes.
-Oh my God, what the hell happened to you?
A lot of stuff.
Honey, yeah, you're bleeding.
-It's not all my blood.
-Okay, you need medical attention.
No, no, no.
That's not what I need.
I figured it out.
I know what I need.
I need you.
I need you, Lori.
You're all I ever needed.
-I'm so sorry, Lori.
Oh, that's bad.
That's not good at all.
-That is--
Suspect apprehended.
Do you remember when we met him,
how he couldn't even make eye contact?
-Now he's in his element.
I know. Turns out Mr. Tall, Dark and Scary
is all bark and no bite.
I feel he's turned over a new leaf.
He's over that frozen bear
on the lake thing.
-Oh, totally over that bear thing.
-Question, did you guys like this?
-Do we
-I don't know what it is.
-Durian sorbet.
I wanna be polite, so
I don't like it, but I'm gonna finish it.
-Congratulations on your new restaurant.
-There he is.
Lori, you look fantastic.
How's that little loaf rising?
-I want to murder everyone all the time.
-I've been there. Hey, baby.
-Thank you.
-Oh, I'll get this.
-No, stop. I got it.I got it.
-No. I
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
-Okay. That's very nice.
-Back off. No problem.
What is this?
Is this a three or an eight? I can't tell.
-Can you see that?
-Oh God. Low toner.
Low toner. What type of man
doesn't have a spare toner?
It's an eight.
Well, thank you for a delicious meal, man.
We, uh, we appreciate it,
and we'll get the next one.
-I got good news. Babe, give me a sec.
-Of course.
-You, come here.
Come here. You ready for this one?
I took the liberty
of making you a partner in my online gym.
Big moment for us.
I'm celebrating, which means
I'm gonna let you celebrate too.
What I have in my hand right now
is your first down payment for your car.
Is that a one or a seven?
-That's a one. Yeah.
I want Debora back.
The chassis was cut in half.
The engine practically evaporated.
She's gone.
-That's your problem.
-Cut the shit!
Ow! I can't believe you actually did it!
Yeah! Way to go, guys.
Welcome. Welcome to Teddybox.
I, of course, am Teddy Jackson,
and guess what?
Here, the only opponent is yourself.
Don't you forget it.
We're brick-and-mortar now, guys,
which means things are changing.
They're getting bigger and better!
And we're bringing you
one online class per week!
That means I can talk to you guys live.
And today,
we got our first ever online call.
Uh, calling all the way from Toronto.
Um, okay.
Talk to me.
I had a dream about her last night.
That's graphic.
That's That's a lot, sir.
I wanna remind you that we're live.
We got about 8,000 viewers
in here right now, not to mention kids.
-So we keep--
-I miss her.
Quite sure you miss her
for good reason, sir. Whoever she is.
You know damn well who.
You killed her.
Oh, stop that.
Not while we're live.
You don't tell anybodythey killed
somebody, especially without proof.
That's what we call a strong accusation.
Not true at all.
Maybe I should come down there
and non-contact your face.
Or not, sir.
This is online, so you don't have to come
all the way from Toronto
when you can talk to me now.
-That's the beauty.
-I'm not in Toronto, Teddy.
What does that mean? What are you saying?
Where are you?
I'm standing outside.
Oh, !