The Man from Utah (1934) Movie Script

Martial...I was just gonna apply for a job.
Its all right son. My deputy just gone down
there with all the men we need.
What's all the trouble, Martial ?
Who is he ?
Boys, get that man. I want him.
Wait a minute. I will get him.
Watch this fella.
Well Martial, I guess you got me ...
but I was not mixed up with that gang
...I was trying to help you.
-You darn fool.. I noted.
I just wanted to talk to you
when you lead out.
I got a job for you
and it ain't fighting fire with others.
Say, I been looking for a fellow
that can shoot, ride like you for months.
Think I am going to let you get away ?
No Sire...
Take a look at this.
-What's wrong with that ?
-Nothing maybe ..
it might be funny to me that every time
this gang organizes Rodeo
...their own men win all the first prizes.
Once it begins to look like an outsider
was going to win, he gets sick..
two or three has even died from it.
-cannot arrest them for that, Martial.
-no, maybe not.
... but its mighty peculiar ...
that when all these outsiders fall
fall off from them tough horses suffering
from snakebites. I tell you it ain't natural.
what do you want me to do, get snake bit ?
No, my idea is for you to trail over there
and sign up for the Rodeo.
I will come along after
and do some private investigating.
...while you work in on the gang.
cause you don't have to know me
when we get there.
-what do you say to that son ?
-sounds great to me.
-when do we start ?
-right away.
this game is getting pretty hot for us.
If we are tiring the law to figure out
something crooked with this whole Rodeo business
they will start investigating.
Now I will decide when we make our next clean up
right here in Dalton.
head for the border...
before something happens
we will stick up the next stage of the mine
grab the rodeo receipt, and clear out.
you are right spike. they acted mighty suspicious
when that fella died over the boulder
-when do we start ?
Dolores will board the stage, down at sagebrush
and give you boys a high sign when the money is aboard
women passengers as a stage crew
ain't liable to fight much anyhow
.well, well Cramer.
meet my new deputy John Weston.
I want you to paddle west with the shortcut trail
the one that leads to Dalton.
save him a whole days journey, if he
had to go on the way over the desert.
give him a horse. I will see
that another is sent to you.
-sure thing.
-you better get going then, right now.
the trail starts outside the corral,
cant get off of it.
then you go 14 miles
straight through the mountain
that will drop you right out of the timber
on the main stage road that leads to Dalton.
Howdy Miss Carter,
going home for the big round up ?
-Oh yes! I promised Dad that I will be there.
-I bet, he will be mighty glad to see you.
I will be glad to see him too.
-Pardon me. Do you mind if I sit on this side?
-Well, certainly not. Its quiet alright.
looks like we are getting some help
from back there.
you sure got us out of the jam,
that time stranger. nice riding.
you don't happen to be going
to the Dalton Rodeo... do you ?
-Yes I am.
- Well tie your horse on behind and ride in with us.
thanks, I will do that.
that was very fine of you
to come to our rescue.. Mr.. ....
Weston Mam.
John Weston from Utah.
I came over for the rodeo ...
...I saw your distress signal
from the top of the ridge..
when I saw all those men riding behind,
I thought I better come down and investigate.
-My distress signal ?
-it was mine.
I saw the men coming and waved for help.
that was kind of an unusual place
to expect help, wasn't it ?
-I saw you on the ridge.
-Oh, I see.
-Are you going to Dalton mam ?
-Yes, I am Margaret Carter. father is Judge Carter.
president of the county news bank of Dalton...
I want you to meet him when we get there.
he will want to thank you too.
You see the bank had a
large shipment of money on this stage.
Yeah. there were about 50 of them.
but this fella from Utah comes along single-handed
and knocks them all off the horses.
I have never seen such riding.
can you tell me where I can find Weston ?
-Just went in the bank there, Mr. Carter.
-Thank You.
Hello Miss. Carter.
This is Mr. Weston.. the man who
saved us from the bandits.
Mr. Weston. my father ...Judge Carter.
mighty fine piece of work, young man.
I hope you are staying in Dalton.
-Yes. I am going to enter the rodeo.
-that's fine.
Drop into my office after you get settled.
I like to have a talk with you.
thank you, I will be glad to.
-you cant blame me if your men
cant take care of him.
she is right. just out-smarted you that's all.
I don't like the looks of it.
he came up behind us and
took the boys off there horses.
he said he will enter the rodeo.
-we are going to have to take care of him.
he is liable to spoil our plans.
-hey, young man.
-hello Judge.
-come in.
- thank you.
Miss Carter !
- How do you do ?
as justice of the peace of this township,
I have been doing a little investigating.
and it appears to me that this rodeo gang
ain't just not exactly on the level.
if it ain't, we are going to need all the good men
we can get on the side of law and order.
it would be mighty disastrous son,
if anything happens to this rodeo.
nearly all the money in this valley
is tied up in it.
... so we just got to keep it honest.
you mean to say that these people
have tied up all the money in the valley
on a proposition put on by outsiders ?
yes, every cent.
they think that it will bring people
and prosperity to Dalton.
and they are all mighty proud of this little valley.
that's why I am offering you
the job of Deputy Sheriff.
I figure, that with a man like you representing us
they wont dare to pull any of their tricks.
well, I appreciate your confidence in me Judge,
but I couldn't accept.
it will interfere with my plans.
- plans ! what plans ?
My plans to enter the rodeo, tomorrow.
- Oh ! I see. Well I am sorry young man...
so am I judge.
Good day Miss Carter.
- I am afraid I was talking to the wrong man.
- I think he is nice.
Ladies and Gentlemen !
it gives me great pleasure to announce
the first annual Dalton rally roundup.
two days of Bronc riding
... consisting of riding, roping
and horsemanship
featuring Dynamite,
the only unridden horse in the play
better be careful son.
many of them have lost their lives
making up with this thing.
Oh, I don't think they will try anything today.
by tomorrow, I may have this thing
figured out for you
I hope so,
but I still say you ought to be careful.
next on the program,
ladies and gentlemen ..
will be the trick roping contest.
featuring Jack Hollister.
the next event ladies and gentlemen
will be the roman standing race.
next ladies and gentlemen we introduce the world-renowned holder of all championships
...Cheyenne Kent and the cub roping contest.
let her go !
new record in this contest, ladies and gentlemen..
Kent's time was 15 seconds flat.
its a brave try
but Kent's record still stands.
however we have a dark horse with us today.
A man from Utah will try his luck.
let him loose !
a new world record, ladies and gentlemen!
the man from Utah rode and tied his cub
in 14 seconds flat.
that one got away!
...better luck next time...
that's 3 events taken in a day, the one
from Utah ! he looks like holding to me.
yeah! we got to do something about it.
I don't want to pull anything too rough
unless we have to.
Kent, you take the boys up into the cabin
and Dolores will get him up there.
just work over him gently.
leave that for us.
-are you ready ?
-let her loose.
Dolores, the young girl that you met on the stage
was in the gang from the beginning.
play up to her
and see what you can find out.
I will meet you in the saloon tonight.
that concludes today's event,
ladies and gentlemen.
Don't forget, tomorrow is the big day.
-Oh, you were wonderful.
-thanks Miss. that means lot coming from you.
I like you to come to the house for dinner tonight.
I told father that
maybe you can get you to reconsider the offer.
we need somebody like you.
Oh, Mr. Weston. It was wonderful
the way you win today.
my brother is a big Rodeo star also.
and he would like to meet you.
..wont you come now ?
- well .... I ....
goodbye Miss. Carter!
I will see you tomorrow.
-here they come Kent !
-you boys get out at the back.
this is my brother, Cheyenne Kent.
-how do you do Kent.
-pleased that you have accepted our hospitality.
-sit down, Dolores will fix us a drink.
I must say that I watched your show today
and thought you were great.
well you did some mighty fine work yourself.
-full on !
-no thanks. I don't drink
well, here's looking at you !
well Weston, tomorrow is the big day
now that you would ride in with us.
he got away !
we have to go tell Boss about this.
and he will be plenty sore.
hey sheriff, the gang just jumped me
up at the Spanish woman's house.
I got a hunch that if you go up there,
you can pick up some of the gang
that were mixed up at the
stage coach hold up yesterday.
yeah ? well you don't get look to me
like that you have been in any fight
you don't get me out of here
on no wild goose chase either.
I am staying right here to guard this money.
-suit yourself.
-oh Utah! I got some prize money for you..
-that's a lot of money there judge ?
-yeah. we are doing pretty well.
taken in 8.000 dollars today,
and expecting more tomorrow.
we will have close to 30.000 dollars
in this bank, by tomorrow night.
30.000 dollars,
- you are taking an awful chance, aren't you ?
I am still guarding this bank, young fellow.
pardon me Sheriff !
thanks judge.
hello Miss Carter !
Hey Buddy ! ain't you the whooper snapper
that won most of the events out there today ?
-I wont appraise it that way.
-sit down.
hey, you look like the young fellow
that won the belt at Cheyenne, last summer.
no that was my grand dad.
I have been nosing around. seems to me
that we will have to give this fellow Burton.
after what you have done today,
he will probably be glad knowing you.
get on the bar and make a bet on yourself
you lookie up.
well alright!
if you cant fix him off,
then I have to buy him off.
if you are wrong with your work
I will use my brain.
that boy put it over on you twice.
fine bunch you are.
guess who is just talk out there.
he just came in.
-fine, I will take care of him right now.
-what it will be ?
-wanna place a bet?
a 1000 dollars, on Weston to win.
he is on 1:2. favor.
that's right
but its an easy 500.
Beg pardon ! you are Weston aren't you ?
my name is Burton ...
...I am head of the rodeo committee.
-I would like to talk to you privately.
-certainly Burton.
I want to apologize for the little over incident
that my boys had with you.
they thought you were somebody else.
they found out their mistake and they are sure sorry.
...I would like to have you meet them.
fact is I like to have you join up with us Weston.
you will never get into the big money in this game
unless you play with a gang.
I guess you know what I mean.
- well it sounds good to me.
I have always heard
that you have to be on the inside be anything.
what's your proposition?
just this, right now you are 1 to 2 in favor.
that means you are going to win
on a 1000 dollars bet, 500 dollars.
seems for you to do is to let me
place 2000 for you on Kent's 2:1.
and if you should be off form tomorrow
and Kent wins,
you stand to make 4.000 dollars.
now that's a lot better than 500 dollars isn't it ?
- I am glad that you are right.
that's fine, I am glad that you can see it our way.
come into the back room.
I want you to meet some of the boys.
boys, Weston here is going to join up with us.
I want you all to treat him right.
- Weston meet Cheyenne Kent.
- I think we have met before.
-signore Weston,
we will see a lot of each other,
now that we are friends.
I am kind of agreeing at this racket,
I suppose there are a lot of things
over this rodeo business that you can tell me.
-well Boys, see you later.
so long Burton. -so long.
-well just make that 2.000 on Weston.
see boys, it just takes a bit of brains
to handle a guy like that.
yeah.. how do you know
that he wont cross yourselves ?
well, if he does
then we can still get him with the needle.
we are cleaning up all this after this one anyhow.
-what did you make out son?
-you had the right hunch Martial.
Burton is the brains in the gang alright.
I placed the bet like you told me ...
he made me a proposition to join them outfit.
-did you accept ?
-sure, I accepted.
he took me right in to introduce me
to the rest of the gang. I met them all.
Burton told me that he place 2.000 dollar bet
on Cheyenne Kent for me.
and if I should lose the event that
I was entered in, I stand to win 4000 dollars.
so I don't think that we have much to worry
about them, till I start to winning.
and then it may be too late for them
to get organized.
I don't know son.
strikes me, you better be mighty careful.
remember what happened to them
the other fellas.
this gang tough bunch
when somebody crosses them.
I don't want to see you
take down with snakebite.
you get anything out of the Spanish woman ?
-no, she wouldn't talk much.
she took me up to that shack on the hill
and introduced me to Cheyenne Kent.
she said, he was her brother.
and before I can get into
some understanding..
the whole gang jumped me and I had to
curve myself up fast and walking.
I didn't get you into this job
to get yourself killed.
-you got any ideas how they
work the snakebite proposition ?
not yet, but figuring from their past performances
I cant do much till the bronc riding.
that's one of the last events tomorrow.
so I will have till the end to figure it out.
and besides its going to take them sometime
to get wise that I am not gonna lose this rodeo.
- never forgive myself if anything happens to you.
- nothings gonna happen
-come on lets turn in.
-tomorrow is the big day.
I want to announce in time that the high man
from yesterday's events was the man from Utah.
...Cheyenne Kent is the runner up.
and it looks like a close race.
in the events for today, the contestants
will contest
riding, roping and bull dogging, ending in a
thrilling demonstration of horsemanship.
and both the man from Utah and
Cheyenne Kent will try their luck on Dynamite.
may the best man win !
and for the first time
ladies and gentlemen.. will see the Indians from
the Daltons reservation... Zaente
let her go.
they are sure going to give it to you today.
do you think you got it doped out..
I don't know for certain,
but I gotta good hunch
- you better not take any chances.
- its the only way to get the dope on them
say, you got that snakebite medicine.
- sure, plenty of them.
- that's what I will try
here take this out there with the needle.
what are you thinking about son ?
on my mind, I think I got this thing figured out.
come on I am on the next event.
next is the bull dogging ladies and gentlemen
watch closely, this is going to be good
Cheyenne Kent will try to keep bulldogging record.
let her go.
his time was 13 second, the best so far.
John Weston, the man from Utah is next up.
I got to leave Mergeree.
the receipts are in by now.
I have got to take them over
and put it in the vault.
that was another one
from the man from Utah folks.
he beat the best time by 2 seconds.
or 11 seconds flat.
we got to stop that guy right now.
if he wins the bronc riding we are licked.
when that double crosser comes up
for the bronc, you boys get the needle.
and make it strong ..
and now get going.
ladies and gentlemen Cheyenne Kent
will attempt to ride Dynamite.
unridden for 3 years.
let her go.
- everything all fixed up for me boys ?
-its all yours !
maybe I better sit into one saddle myself
to make sure.
you will find everything alright.
ladies and gentlemen, the man from Utah
will try his luck on Dynamite.
ride him cowboy !
just a minute.
let him loose.
man from Utah on Dynamite !
that guy is wise. he found out about the needle
and now he is riding the bronc.
we better get moving. we clear out the bank
and get over the line.
-what about me ?
-that's for you to figure out.
he rode him ladies and gentlemen.
he rode him ! what a ride.
-Senor Weston !
-what's the matter ?
Barton and his boys are holding up the bank
and they have left us behind.
-put up your hands !
- well sheriff.. I ...
robbery and murder eh ?
well you didn't get away with it.
I thought you acted kind of suspicious last night
when you were looking over that money
...and tried to get me out of there.
-but.. Sheriff !
save your breath young fellow.
just a minute sheriff...
...I am United States martial
that young fella was working for me.
we were after a gang of rodeo crooks
and you almost let the biggest one getaway.
now I gotta organize a posse
and go after him.
nice work son, come on boys
take him out.
boy you got them red handed.
that's not all, here's enough evidence that can
send that gang up for murder.
whenever anyone interfered with their rodeo plans
they stuck one of these needles.
dipped in snake venom in the saddle.
that's how the men died and
why we couldn't prove any of them....
...I knew there was a mystery about this bunch.
by jolly, it took you to figure it out.
well you see Miss Margaret, its like this,
he had to play up to that gal he can get in with the gang.
well, in that case I will have to forgive him.
say young fella,
how about the deputy sheriff job ?
sorry judge, but I cant accept.
-it will interfere with my plans
-plans .. what are you planning now ?
well dad, he promised to stay away
from these beautiful seneoritas...
...and we got to plan our honeymoon.
so long judge.