The Man I Love (1947) Movie Script

Hey, boys! Hit the road.
The joint is closed for the night.
Oh yeah?
How about that music?
There is a jam session
going on, but it's private.
It's just for them maniacs in there.
We only want to go in for ..
- Shush.
A private party for crazy people.
"Someday he'll come along."
"The man I love."
"And he'll be big and strong."
"The man I love."
"And when he comes my way."
"I'll do my best."
"To make .. him stay."
"He'll look at me and smile."
"I'll understand."
"And in a little while."
"He'll take my hand."
"And though it seems absurd."
"I know we both."
"Won't say a word."
"Maybe I will meet him Sunday."
"Maybe Monday."
"Maybe not."
"Still I'm sure to meet him one day."
"Maybe Tuesday."
"Will be my good news day."
"He'll build a little home."
"Just meant for two."
"From which I'll never roam."
"The world .. with you."
"And so all else above."
"I'm waiting for the man."
"That I love."
Boys, you really knocked
that one around.
That was strictly in the groove, Petey.
How about some refreshment?
Well, just one for the road won't hurt.
Good, wasn't I?
Petey, where's your boyfriend tonight?
Don't know why I'm a sucker for drinks.
Keep me up to this hour of the morning.
As if I didn't hear enough
when the joint's open.
Barbara, you know you love it.
I must have been born a sucker.
- Thanks, sucker.
Hi, Bud. Here's looking at you. Haven't
seen you for some time. Where you been?
Eddie's club.
Say, they got a guitar player
down there who is really fine.
Another broken-down guitar player.
It isn't the usual kind of guitar.
You remember the record that San
Thomas made of The Man I Love?
The one with the guitar in it?
Well, that's this guy.
Yeah. San Thomas made
some great recordings.
Remember the way he came in
the first four bars of the tune?
Come to the party, kid.
What's the matter?
I was just thinking, honey.
- About George?
What a pearl he turned out to be.
Ah, so that's why you look so worried.
Well, the only thing that bothers me
is he made off with my only watch.
I've never worried
about a guy in my life.
You never worry about
a thing. Even your career.
You haven't any ambition.
That's your trouble.
I'm happy, honey.
I've got a little dough.
So it's all on your back?
Oh, is that bad? I can always get a job.
Why worry? Worry gives you wrinkles.
So does this.
Now look, baby. You don't fool me.
I know you don't sit with your chin
down to your knees for nothing.
Maybe I want a great big laugh.
I'm homesick.
And I'm on my way.
Where are you going?
Out to California to visit my family.
I didn't know you had a family.
Sure, honey. Everyone
has a family some place.
Not me.
Haven't seen hide nor
hair of them in 30 years.
I hate to tell you where
some of them are.
Now it's just us kids left.
It's my sister Sally I'm going to see.
She lives in Long Beach.
The other two kids live with her,
a younger sister and brother.
I haven't spent a Christmas
with them in years.
Does Sally you look like you, Petey?
Hmm. Sort of, poor kid.
I want to try and do something
for her when I get out there.
She slings spaghetti for a living.
You get awfully tired
carrying those trays.
Receipts are alright tonight, huh kid?
Pretty good for the
holidays, Mr Toresca.
Ain't you getting off pretty soon?
It's Christmas Eve.
I think Tony will let me go as
soon as I've finished this order.
I haven't even bought a tree yet.
I see the big boss is
here again tonight.
He sure gave you the once-over.
- Who do you mean?
Don't give me that double-talk, kid.
You know, Nicky Toresca.
He really goes for you.
- So what?
Boy, I sure could go for him.
He's one of the biggest shots in town.
Who are you to be so choosy anyway?
Why don't you go home? I'll let you.
I was going to finish this order first.
Don't worry. Lee will take care of it.
Christmas only comes but
once a year. Go on, shoo.
Gee. Well thanks, Mr Toresca.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas. Don't come
back until the day after tomorrow.
Uncle Tony, is Sally
through for the night?
Well, it's Christmas eve.
She's a nice girl.
Works hard. She's got a kid.
That's not what I asked you.
Oh .. now I see.
Look here, Nicky.
Don't try nothing with her.
She's a good girl. She's got a husband.
I only want to offer
her a job at the club.
That's not why you want to talk to her.
I know you, Nicky.
Is that a nice way to talk
to your own nephew?
I mean it.
You've got plenty of girls.
Blonds, redheads.
All kinds.
Please, Nicky.
Sorry if I scared you, Sally.
Can I take you someplace?
Well, I'm sorry Mr Toresca. I can't.
Come on, I'll take you home.
I really have to buy a Christmas tree.
And I don't want to put you
to any trouble, Mr Toresca.
Trouble? That's silly.
We won't have any trouble
now, will we Sally.
Besides, I like to shop
for Christmas trees.
I wish you'd let me pay
for the tree, Mr Toresca.
Forget it. This one is on me.
Thanks a lot.
I have to go now. I'm having some
friends in to help me trim the tree.
Listen, Mr Toresca. I think you've got
things a little mixed up about me.
I ain't got nothing mixed up about you.
I don't have boyfriends.
That's too bad because
I could do a lot for you.
Yes, I know it.
And it doesn't make any difference.
You know your brother Joey works for me
too, on account of he is your brother.
You see, if I like people
I do a lot for them.
You're only making trouble for him.
Now look. I've been nice and
friendly with you. Is that right?
But sometimes I'm not so nice to people.
Hey, wait a minute.
I don't want this tree.
Neither do I.
Hi, Mum. Gee, is that our tree?
Hey, wait. I'll come down
and help you carry it up.
Mr O'Connor, Mrs O'Connor,
come and see our tree.
It's beautiful.
Hi, Gloria.
- Hello.
Sally, I'd help you but
I got my hands full.
Gee, what a beautiful tree.
Must have cost you a lot of money.
Well, come on over and help us trim it.
As soon as I finish feeling the family.
Aunt Ginny, Aunt Ginny.
Look what we've got.
Why, that's bigger than
the one we had last year.
Honey, get the scissors
from the kitchen.
Virginia, did you remember
to get the ornaments and stuff?
Hmm. They're over there under the table.
Hi, Joe.
- Hi, Sis.
Can you fix my tie for me?
I thought you'd gone to work.
Want to help us trim the tree?
I haven't got time now.
You aren't going to
Toresca's tonight are you?
Got a little business
to attend to there.
Oh, Joe. That kind of
business isn't any good.
Stick to your own job.
I got big prospects with Nicky.
No, you haven't.
Too bad you can't stay home with
your family on Christmas Eve.
Instead of hanging around with ..
- Oh, why don't you shut up.
Virginia, why do you always
say things to make him sore?
He makes me sick, brother or on brother.
Well Gloria and Johnny are coming
over to help us trim the tree.
Oh, swell.
- I am tired.
What's wrong with your eye?
I wondered when you
were going to notice it.
I wasn't going to say anything.
Have you been in another fight?
- I had to.
Billy Gideon told everybody
that Dad was in the loony bin.
I said: "you take that back".
He hit me and I socked him.
When anybody says anything
to you about your Dad.
Just remember this.
Look at him.
Does he look like anybody
who's been in the loony bin?
Does he?
Now promise me you won't get
into any more fights about dad.
And when people like Billy Gideon
say things to you just don't listen.
We know better, don't we.
Change clothes and put some witch-hazel
on that eye before the O'Connors arrive.
Sometimes I'd like to take Mrs Gideon by
the hair and throw her down the stairs.
She's a nosy woman. I hate her.
Did you go to Eleanor's party today?
Gee whiz, if I'm happy staying
home and looking after the house ..
What difference does it make to you?
Look Virginia, you're just 18. You
aren't getting out and having any fun.
You aren't meeting any fellows.
I don't want just any fellows.
Well, you're never going to meet anybody
sitting around here all the time.
Oh dear, that's Johnny and Gloria.
I've got to fix my hair.
Come in.
I brought the twins along
to help decorate the tree.
Which one is this, David or Michael?
I don't know, I'm never sure.
Come on now ..
They need a little Christmas cheer too.
I see your hand is bandaged again.
Anything wrong?
His hand's fine. Don't talk about it.
- We're not going to talk about it.
Johnny, can I show them what
I got for Christmas? Can I?
But you wanted to wait until morning,
- I want to now. Right this minute.
Okay, go over and get it.
- Oh Johnny, I love you. Honest I do.
Johnny, what have you do to that hand?
Look Sally, forget it, I don't want
to spoil Gloria's Christmas.
I know but the veins are all red
on that wrist and that's serious.
Have you been working on the side?
I must do outside work.
I know, but the doctor
ordered you not to.
Hello, Johnny.
- High, Ginny.
What's the matter?
- Johnny's hand is all inflamed.
You've got to take care of it.
Forget it, Sally. It's not
that important, really.
Look what I got for Christmas.
Johnny said I could have it if I wanted.
Yes, it's lovely.
What's the matter?
Johnny has got to go to the
doctor to get his hand treated.
They'll put him in the hospital.
I don't want to be all
alone on Christmas.
Gloria, baby. You won't
be alone. I promise you.
Johnny, you've got to go.
Virginia, will you call Dr Brent
and see if he's at home.
Look honey, maybe
Sally's go the right idea.
Maybe the Doc should look at my hand.
It might be infected or something.
Everything is going to be alright.
Now give me a smile, will you?
A nice one.
A nice smile.
Well, this is Christmas Eve.
We ought to have some music.
I'll get some coffee, eh.
[ Carol singing ]
Christmas carols. Isn't that lovely.
It's so sad. It gives me the willies.
Get some dance music.
Let's just hear this one.
Roy and I used to sing this
together on Christmas Eve.
Roy was kind of silly about Christmas.
The doctor said he could see
Johnny in about two hours.
[ Doorbell ]
Funny. I wonder who that could be.
Hey, Sal!
Hey, Sally!
Why, it can't be.
Oh, honey.
Oh Petey, I'm so glad to see you.
And me too.
Wait a minute. This is no way to
welcome someone on Christmas Eve.
Why didn't you wire that you
were coming or something?
I wanted to surprise you.
- Hello, Petey.
Oh honey, have you grown.
They are cute.
Who had the daily double?
I did.
Everything happens to me.
This is my sister Petey you've
heard me talk so much about.
Gloria O'Connor and this
is Johnny, the father.
How do you do?
Say .. lady.
Yeah. Did you think you
were the forgotten man?
Christmas only comes but
once a year, I always says.
That must get monotonous.
Put those things down there.
Here is two bucks. Get married.
Keep you out of trouble.
No trouble at all.
Well, merry Christmas and keep the
home fires burning as I always says.
That isn't what you
said before. So long.
Oh honey, am I tired.
I got in L.A. this morning and I've been
standing over hot counters all day long.
The last time I try to do my Christmas
shopping the day before Christmas.
Looks as if you bought out
the stores. You shouldn't.
Who says I shouldn't? Christmas isn't
Christmas unless you're broke, I say.
He's got me doing it now.
I can't find any witch-hazel.
Buddy, you remember your aunt Petey.
Why sure. Hello Buddy.
You didn't have that black
eye the last time I saw you.
And you didn't have that color
hair the last time I saw you.
Run along and look at your toys.
A smart kid. He doesn't take
after anyone in our family.
Where's Joe?
Well, he'll be back a little later.
- Swell.
How about a shot of beer or something?
- I've got some beer on the ice.
Hey. O'Connor.
What kind of vitamins do you take?
Well Sal, it's 2:30. Want me to go
home and let you get your sleep?
Oh please stay here, Petey.
I can make room.
I've already got a room, honey.
You know I'm no good doubling up
but I'll spend my days with you.
You know, it doesn't sound so good what
you tell about Joey and the Toresca guy.
Well, he won't listen to me.
I'm not much good at straightening out
people if I can't straighten myself out.
You've been holding
something back all evening.
It's about Roy. I know.
Well come on, tell me.
- I've told you about it.
Everything there is to tell. Honest.
You can't get away with that one.
Not with me you can't.
How bad is it, Sal?
He was the nicest, sweetest guy
in the world. You know he was.
Always going out of his way to
do something nice for everybody.
I used to think we two were the
luckiest people in the world.
You were too.
But he's changed now, Petey.
I hated going to hospitals but I never
minded going to see Roy until ..
Well, until the last time.
But he acted sort of funny.
I had to wait for the doctor.
"I couldn't go right in to
see Roy the way I used to."
That's the trouble. People get the wrong
idea about soldiers like your husband.
It's more like a nervous breakdown.
They aren't crazy. Just over-tired.
They'll get well if you
give them a chance.
"They kept the door open.
I didn't like that."
"I wanted to be alone
with Roy. To talk to him."
"Make him know how much I loved him."
Hello darling.
Gosh, I'm glad to see you.
You look fine, honey.
The doctor says you're
getting along wonderfully.
I brought you a carton of
your favorite cigarettes.
No thank you.
Don't tell me you've given up
smoking after all these years?
I just started.
Yeah. I guess you do a lot of things now
you never did when I was home, huh?
Roy Otis. A fine thing.
You haven't said a
word about my new hat.
I noticed it alright.
I brought you some other things.
You don't even want me touch you now.
Roy, you're hurting my wrist.
- You belong to him now, don't you.
Roy, honey.
You think you can fool me forever?
I guess I'm smart enough
to figure out that the ..
Restaurant wasn't the only place you was
getting money from while I was gone.
Just like that sister
of yours, that Petey.
You're no good. Either one of you.
Coming in here and smiling and ..
Showing off that hat he gave you.
Bringing books and magazines and stuff
in here with the money he gave you.
Now do you see why I'm afraid?
That poor guy.
Oh Petey, I can't go back there.
What will happen next time?
You do understand how I feel, don't you?
Sure I do.
But honey, you've got to snap out of it.
That's easy for you to say.
Now look.
I know how you feel.
Baby, don't you see, Roy is scared too.
And right now he needs
everything you've got to give him.
No matter how tough it is Sal,
you've got to see him through.
I can't. I won't go back.
Hey, is that Petey or
am I seeing things?
Hello big-shot. It's about time you
showed up. I've been here for hours.
He shouldn't even be home now.
Joe is working on the night-shift.
You kidding? You think I'm a chump?
Working on Christmas eve?
Here, I got something for you, Sis.
Oh Joe, you shouldn't
spend your money on me.
Why, it looks like a dress.
That was nice of you, kid.
Go ahead, open it up.
Oh not until morning, I want to
be surprised about something.
Go on, Sal. Give us a peek.
You look pretty sharp, Petey. That New
York climate must agree with you.
Yeah. That and some of the people
I met. How is your love life?
I get it. Joey the bashful boy.
You've got taste.
Joey, it's beautiful. It's the
best looking dress I ever saw.
New York has nothing on that.
A card and everything.
When you do something,
you do it right, don't you.
What gives?
You ought to know better, Joey.
Bringing me this dress.
How long have you been
running errands for Mr Toresca?
I don't get it.
What's wrong with Nicky giving
Sally a dress for a present?
Plenty, and you know it.
Joey, you see what
you're growing up to be?
If you don't mind I'd
rather not talk about it.
Just take this back to him.
Ah, take it back yourself.
Don't worry, baby.
Oh no?
California, here I stay for a while.
Good evening, Mr Toresca.
Stick around tonight. Maybe
I'll take you home after we close.
Thank you.
It's here, boss. And it's great.
What's great?
- The blanket. The robe.
The dress.
What dress are you talking about?
- The one we bought.
And what's more. I know
who you bought it for.
She's here. She's got it on
and she told me to tell you.
Three is she?
Oh, by the way. Tell that new cigarette
girl not to stick around tonight.
Something else just came up.
Oh. I mean .. I think ..
- Yeah. I got it.
Hi Sally.
Don't look so surprised.
Joe has three sisters.
Why don't you sit down and join me?
What's the gag?
It came in handy.
All I had to do was tighten
it a little here and there.
- Yeah.
I like good clothes. This is good.
It's quite a joint you have here.
- Hmm.
You must be new in this town.
That's right.
It's not a bad town.
As a matter of fact
the more I see of it ..
The better I like it.
Is that right?
That's right.
Maybe you ought to stick around then.
You think maybe I should?
I think maybe this town
could do a lot for you.
Do you think maybe I could do
a little something for this town?
I'm sort of handy to have around.
Yeah, you might be at that.
I know quite a few things.
I sing.
So, you're a canary too?
Some people like it.
Care for a sample?
Sure, go ahead.
I've got nothing to lose.
It's about time for the
joint to close anyhow.
Want to come up and introduce me?
Uhuh. I hear better from back here.
Oh, don't strain yourself.
I know you're a college man.
Name is Petey Brown.
What's on your mind, honey?
- I want to sing a number. Okay by you?
Sure, if it's alright with the boss.
What do want to do?
I think it's a pretty good idea to do
"Why Was I Born". Do the boys know it?
They know everything.
"Why was I born?"
"Why am I living?"
"What do I get?"
"What am I giving?"
"What do I want a thing,
I daren't hope for."
"What can I hope for?"
"I wish I knew."
"Why .. do I try."
"To draw you near me."
"Why do I cry?"
"You never hear me."
"But what can I do?"
"Why was I born .."
"To love you."
How about an encore?
Uhuh. From now on it's up to Nicky boy.
That's alright.
- So not bad.
Not bad at all.
What's your name?
I don't guess this town could
get along without you, Petey.
Hey, you look wonderful, Petey.
I wish I could fix myself
up to look like that.
Don't you worry, honey.
When I get through with you,
you're going to look swell.
How is the dress coming, Sal?
- I'll be finished in a second.
Ginny, you're going to be the belle
of the ball tonight, thanks to Petey.
Oh, do I have to go?
How do you like that?
Here I get you a date and everything and
a table for two right by the orchestra.
Of course, you'll have to sit
that close to hear me sing.
Come in.
Can I talk to Virginia?
Oh, I didn't know Petey was here.
Don't mind me, I'm leaving in a second.
You going someplace, Virginia?
Do you want me to take care
of the twins? I'd just as soon.
Well I've got a chance to go out with
a girlfriend and I was wondering ..
If you'd watch the kids
until I came back.
Sure, I'd be glad to.
- No, kid. You've got a date tonight.
But Petey, I'd much rather stay home.
I'll be here, Gloria.
Let me take care of them.
You act like you thought it was my fault
that Johnny had to go to the hospital.
Well it was.
I'm getting sick of other
people minding my business.
He was getting along alright until you
told him he had to go to the doctor.
Now, don't worry about the twins.
Go on out and have some fun tonight.
I owe it to you for
spoiling your holidays.
Well, it's nice of you.
Okay, but I may not
get back until very late.
My girlfriend is going to
take me to a midnight show.
Oh, there go the brats.
Just give them their bottles, will you.
Goodbye everybody. Happy new year.
- Happy new year.
A great little mother isn't she.
Mark my words there is going to
be trouble with wild Bella.
Oh, she doesn't mean anything.
It's not her fault that
Johnny spoils her so.
What she needs from
Johnny is a swift kick.
In the right place.
Having a good time, darling?
How about dancing for a change?
Well it's so much more
fun just sitting here.
Go ahead. That's what you're here for.
Yeah come on. The band is good.
- Go on.
Well, well. How is everything here?
- Fine.
Nicky, I want you to meet my kid sister
Virginia. And you know Jimmy Johnson.
Hello Virginia.
Good evening, Mr Toresca.
Jimmy, out on to the
dance floor. Quickly.
How about dancing with the boss?
A nice hunk of jewellery you got there.
It was given to me by
an admiring friend.
Thanks, Nicky. I like it.
I never did go for that word "friend".
A lot less trouble, don't you think?
- Yeah. But not as much fun.
A swell crowd you have here tonight.
Reservations closed about a week ago.
In other words, we're
doing alright, huh?
All except for you and me.
Nicky, you say that with such feeling.
I kind of go for that
dress you're wearing.
I was afraid of that when I put it on.
Better get ready, Petey. You're on next.
How do you like that. Just when we were
beginning to understand each other.
We've always understood
each other, Nicky.
Petey, I've got to talk to you.
Joe is in a jam.
What about?
- He's in jail.
And is the boss going to be sore.
- What's he been up to now, Riley?
Well we, that is Joe and myself,
were over at Barney's place.
Barney's got a back room
full of slot machines.
Joe picks a fight.
Barney takes a swing at him.
You know Joe ain't no good in a fight so
I'm getting my coat off and squared up.
There is a big guy jumps
up to take Joe's part.
The pay-off is, somebody calls the cops
and they pick up the mug and Joe.
Oh, is the boss going to be sore.
You said that once before.
What am I supposed to do?
Don't tell me. Where is the jail?
- Mill Street.
Tell the girls to do the Indian number.
- But they already done it.
So do it again. New Year's Eve.
Nobody knows the difference.
Okay. Alright girls.
Thanks. Happy new year.
Happy new year.
Well, well.
The people you run in to when
you aren't carrying a gun.
What is this, a gag?
- Hi.
Next time you land in the clink
Joey, don't forget to write.
You've seen Riley, huh?
No. It's a nice night.
I'm out for a walk.
I sure talked myself out of that one.
They picked up this big
guy along with me, see.
So I tell the cop at the desk that
he's the one that jumped Barney.
So they tell me to beat it.
The big guy gets the book.
What did they do, slap a fine on him?
- Yeah.
Except he didn't have any money.
They locked him up.
Starting the new year out like a
good little rat, aren't you Joey.
What am I supposed to do? A guy has
got to look after himself, ain't he?
Where you going?
- Back in there and spring the guy.
Listen, Petey. If Nicky finds
out about this I'll be in a jam.
So what?
Maybe if you were to talk to Nicky, huh?
Tell him it wasn't my fault.
Tell him the other guy started it.
Joey, shut up.
A man was just picked up in
a joint over on Mill Street.
I'll go his bail.
- What's his name?
Search me. He had a fight
with a guy named Barney.
Oh, that one.
Go to tank one and get that big fellah.
He'll be out in a minute.
His bail will be fifty dollars.
Fifty bucks?
It must have been a good fight.
Well, that's alright.
It must have seemed funny to you,
my bailing you out of here like this.
After all, you don't know me.
Well, you see the kid that started
the fight was my brother.
Well, he was scared to death.
That's why I did it.
Happy new year.
Wait. I ..
I was .. going to call a cab.
I could drop you off
someplace if you want.
No thanks.
Show over?
They've done the Indian
number six times already.
Ah, the tepee must be on fire.
You'd better get in there and see him.
- Okay, Mack. Hold these.
Do I have to find out about Joe from
a copper? What am I paying you for?
Now boss, you know ..
- Beat it, beat it, will you.
Hi. Nice of you to drop in.
You missed the show.
- I'm sorry, it couldn't be helped.
You went over to bail out Joe, right?
Yeah, right.
But you didn't have to bail
him. He was already out.
What were you doing
that took you so long?
Oh, I got into a crap game
with the boys at the jail.
Listen, Petey. Don't get
too tough around me.
People get in trouble
that get tough with me.
So fire me.
What do you say we forget about it?
This is a New Year.
Let's start it off right.
How about you and me blowing for
a while and taking in another joint?
What's the percentage? I'm fired.
I guess you know you're not.
Not right now anyway.
How about it?
I'll see how I feel.
A little independent, aren't you.
- Yeah.
Goodnight, Petey. We're leaving now.
- Goodnight, baby.
Goodnight, Jimmy,
- Goodnight.
There's a joint called the Bamboo
Club down on Coast Boulevard.
They've got a new band
I'd like to hear. Okay?
It suits me.
Now be a gentleman for once in
your life and go and get my coat.
Oh, why do we have to stay here?
Tell the head waiter who you are.
Get us a table like a nice little boy.
Alright, honey.
Hi, Gloria.
What are you doing here?
I guess maybe you forgot.
I work in this place.
What if I did.
Listen honey, you ought not to be
here without Johnny and you know it.
If you think I'll sit home on New Year's
Eve just because Johnny is in hospital.
You've got another think coming.
You know how rotten he'd feel if
he knew what you were doing?
Well, I'm tired of cooking
and taking care of babies.
A lot of girls not half as pretty as me
go places, have a lot of swell clothes.
I don't have anything.
I've got a chance for a job
and I'm going to take it.
My gentleman friend is in the perfume
business and he's promised me ..
You're an awfully silly kid, Gloria.
Introduce me to your friend, Petey.
Oh, Mr Toresca. This Mrs O'Connor.
Are you Nicky Toresca?
- Could be.
Somebody loves me.
Ever thought of getting
a job, Mrs O'Connor?
You mean here?
Any time you feel like it, why
just drop in and look me up.
Well thanks, Mr Toresca. I sure will.
We'd better get going Nicky,
before I change my mind.
Okay, okay.
Remember now.
Any time.
Don't you draw the line at anything?
You going someplace, boss?
Yeah, take over for me and this time
make sure everything is okay.
You a friend of the boss?
Well, I just met him.
Ah. My name is Riley.
My name is O'Connor.
Fine. Will you have a little
drink while you're waiting?
Why not?
Oh, I bet you're one of those nightclub
wolves I've heard so much about.
Yeah, I'm so dangerous that I
ought to be wearing a red lantern.
All my life it's been
"Cherchez le penny".
Cherchez le penny?
Yeah. That's French for
"get 'em while they're young".
Mr Riley.
Do you think Mr Toresca really meant
what he said about giving me a job?
Did he say he would?
- Yes.
As a Riley to an O'Connor.
You might just as well put your
two fingers on a red-hot stove.
You'll get the same
results, only sooner.
Everybody worries about little Gloria.
I wonder why.
Well, when you get the answer to that
question be sure and get the 64 bucks.
You will need it.
"If I could be with you."
"I'd love you strong if
I could be with you."
"I'd love you long."
"I want you to know."
"That I wouldn't go."
"Until I told you honey
why I love you so."
"If I could be with you."
"One hour tonight."
"If I was free to do the
things that I might."
"I'm telling you true I'd
be anything but blue."
"If I could be with you."
"For one hour."
"If I could be with you."
You know it's the band
that brings them in here.
I think it's the singer.
It's not a bad little spot. I wonder
how I can get it away from this guy.
Don't worry. You'll figure out a way.
Hello, Nicky.
- Well, hello.
What brings you down this way?
Business or .. pleasure?
Both. Meet Miss Brown.
Petey, this is Jack Atlas.
He runs the joint.
- Pleased to meet you.
I heard you singing at Nicky's.
If you ever get tired of that spot you
can always come here. We can use you.
Thanks. Did you hear that, Nicky?
I heard. I heard.
Yeah, we're not doing bad tonight.
- Well, this is New Year's Eve.
Every night is New Year's Eve here.
Mind if I talk to Jack for a minute?
- No. Go ahead.
I'll be right back.
- Take all night if you want to.
Anybody with you?
No-one to speak of.
Sit down.
Funny, seeing you here.
Come here often?
First time.
Only been in port two days.
Just got in from South America.
Merchant Marine.
Leaving soon?
My boat left San Pedro
while I was parked in jail.
Does that mean you're in a jam?
Sort of. But I'll get
it straightened out.
Look, I'm sorry if my
brother was the cause of it.
They'll be another boat along soon.
My record might help.
You see, I make a practice
of keeping out of trouble.
Except tonight.
I'd better leave before
your friend gets back.
Where are you going?
- Up for some air.
Do you mind company?
Listen, would you mind waiting
for me? I'll meet you outside.
Listen, Nicky. I'm just ..
For a stranger in town you
make connections pretty fast.
Going for pick-ups now?
If that is the way you feel, goodnight.
I know just what you're thinking.
But you'd better take another
think. He's a pretty big guy.
Are you kidding?
She's just another dame to me.
Mind telling me your name?
That's an odd one.
The only San I ever heard of was a guy
who made recordings a long time ago.
San Thomas.
I sing a little. So you see I
keep up on that sort of thing.
I don't suppose you're as
crazy about hot piano as I am.
If you ever heard him ..
- I've heard him plenty.
You aren't San Thomas, are you?
Why do you think I came down to
a joint like this as soon as I could?
Yeah. I get it.
Music. Bad liquor.
Hard to break the habit.
Why would you want to break the habit?
If I knew as much about singing
as you about the piano ..
What's your name?
Petey Brown.
Imagine me meeting
San Thomas in a beach joint.
Life is full of kicks, isn't it.
That's what I've heard.
You can hardly see the
lights of the city from here.
Want to go back?
No, I never want to go back.
It must be chilly out here for you.
How about some hot coffee?
I know a place where they
have the best coffee in town.
That's one of the best
recordings you ever made.
It never caught on though.
You were ten years ahead. That's why.
[ Telephone ]
Excuse me.
Hello, baby. Sorry if I
blew my top tonight.
How about me coming over for a nightcap?
No, you can't.
Come on, Petey.
Look, I tell you what let's do.
Please don't stop. Go on playing.
I ran down like a clock.
Just as though I'd been
wound up too tight.
And the spring broke.
Yeah. That happens to a lot of people.
I kept trying to make that piano do a
lot of things I guess no one guy can do.
It started me drinking too much.
I know what you mean.
Everything looks nice and sharp
when you've had a couple.
But when the edge wears off
the whole works has a dull finish.
It's no good.
Yeah. That's the way it was with me.
Then I really went haywire.
I decided I was going to play jazz
in Carnegie hall. A solo concert.
Oh, but you could have.
I'm sure you could.
I'll never know now.
Because something happened
that changed everything.
Well, go on.
Ever hear of Amanda Chandler?
What with her money and
her divorces she does alright.
I was her first husband.
Rough going?
I was as crazy about that
dame as I was about music.
I think she really went
for me too at first.
Then she started kicking
about my friend.
The music interfered
with her social life.
She'd want to go out to Long
Island for the weekend and ..
I'd have to stay in town.
The usual mess.
Funny how people always
try to change each other.
It doesn't add up, does it.
No. I guess she just got bored stiff.
Pretty soon, we just became two
strangers roaming around the same house.
I couldn't take it.
I might have known it would be a dame.
Nothing else makes a
guy cave in like that.
When she walked out I tried to forget
her by sticking to the music but ..
Something cracked up.
I just didn't have it anymore.
She put you through
the ringer, didn't she.
I wonder what women like that have got.
I don't know, but she
had it whatever it is.
Then I hopped a tramp steamer. I didn't
care if I never touched a piano again.
You've certainly worked hard at running
away from yourself haven't you.
And you're still unhappy.
Who is looking for happiness?
At the present time my life is a
comfortable blank and it's okay with me.
Maybe now you understand why
I didn't want to see you again.
Then why did you?
Because I had an odd feeling ..
That you might give me back a spark
of something that was once part of me.
You have and I'm grateful.
Does this have to end here?
It doesn't stack up, Petey.
You see, the important part of
the guy I once was is still missing.
I'd make you sing the blues, honey.
I'll take that chance.
Maybe we're both looking
for something, San.
No harm in shopping around for a
little happiness together is there?
Wait a minute.
What's the matter?
Petey, you're swell.
I don't want to mess up your life too.
Let me handle my funeral
in my own way, will you.
Hey, Paula.
I see your millionaire friend
out there tonight. - Yes.
Last night he promised to buy me a sable
coat, a diamond bracelet and a big car.
When he took me home, as I was going to
kiss him goodnight he said he's married.
So I slammed the door in his face.
What would you have done in my place?
I'd have did just like you done, only ..
Only what?
I wouldn't lie about it.
- Why, you big buzzard.
You look mighty happy
this evening, Miss Petey.
I feel happy, Lucy.
You've looked mighty happy for
the last ten days it seems to me.
[ Door knocks ]
Maybe that's him now.
- Hello.
Get me a Scotch and water, Lucy.
- Yes, sir.
What's the idea?
You don't need a chaperone
around me, Petey.
I'm just the guy that pays off
around here every Saturday night.
You look pretty sharp in that outfit.
Something on your mind, Nicky?
It's been a long time
since I've seen you.
About ten days in fact.
You see me every night here at the club.
Of course, you've
been pretty busy lately.
Ever since New Year's Eve
you've been busy.
What of it?
I've been thinking.
It's too bad we don't see
more of each other.
Can I help you with it?
Oh, don't put yourself out.
Maybe what we both need
is a little vacation, huh?
Think so?
I've got to go up to Palm
Springs on some business.
I thought maybe you'd
like to come along.
No thanks.
Too hot there.
You know, I've been worried about you.
That's nice of you, Nicky.
You not only pay me but
you worry about me too.
You are sure you won't change
your mind about the trip?
I can't let the customers down.
- I can fix that.
You still go for that big lug?
I don't know what you're talking about.
That broken down piano player
ain't going to do you any good.
Now listen, Nicky. Why
don't you get out of here.
Come in.
Here is your drink, Mr Toresca.
Thanks, Lucy.
That's what I like about a gentleman.
Always orders two of everything.
You think I haven't been keeping
my eyes open, don't you.
I've found out quite a lot
about this Mr Thomas.
What are you doing now? Playing Cop?
I've been noticing him, sitting
out there night after night.
It's a funny thing he
ain't out there tonight.
Maybe he's getting tired
of the watered liquor.
It could be that he has other interests.
Better take a look.
Sorry, I haven't time.
But you got to have time for
this, Petey. This is big stuff.
The Countess de la Porte,
the former Amanda Chandler.
Who just dropped her latest husband
in Reno arrived at Pasadena yesterday.
You know who Amanda Chandler is, Petey.
It's only about an hour to Pasadena.
You can make it easy from here.
Too bad you didn't
get a lock of his hair.
They told me downstairs
I could wait up here.
Darling, you had me nearly crazy.
I didn't know what had happened.
I missed you so.
Never do this to me
again, you big lug you.
What did you do all
day and this evening?
Went in to town.
I know she's in town, San.
I saw it in one of the papers.
So did I.
She still does something
to you, doesn't she.
I don't know, Petey.
There's been months at a time
when I never gave her a thought.
And then something happens
that reminds me of her.
A screwy hat on some girl
passing in the street.
A pair of slim legs.
High heels clicking on the pavement.
When I saw that article in the paper
today, something snapped in me. I ..
Took a trolley to Pasadena.
Half way there I got out
and headed for a bar.
Then you didn't see her?
No. I didn't see her.
Like a weak fool I dialled her number
and when she answered I hung up.
I didn't even have the
courage to open my trap.
Now that's the story.
I'm a bigger fool than you, San.
I need my head examined for ever
thinking I could make you forget her.
Maybe if I wore higher heels and screwy
hats I'd have had a better chance.
She must be quite a gal to do
this to you after all these years.
Don't be bitter with me, Petey.
Thanks for telling me.
But it never occurred to you to call the
club and leave a message, did it?
You let me sweat it out all day and
evening wondering what had happened.
It's a funny feeling being
jealous of a memory, San.
Because that's all she is to you.
Doesn't the fact that I came
back mean anything?
Not much.
You said I was what you needed.
I thought you meant me, not
the comfort I could give you.
Now just a minute, Petey.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I warned you in the beginning
that it wouldn't work out for us.
Sure you did.
But I guess all dames
are alike. Possessive.
They don't want to share
something they feel is theirs.
Well, I'm no different
from the rest of them.
And I don't feel like
sharing you with her.
My boat shoves off in a few days.
So you won't have to share me, as
you put it, for very much longer.
I'm not sharing you at
all San, and that's final.
And that's it?
That's it.
Well, I guess that about winds up
the evening's entertainment.
Oh, I forgot.
I never did like to be in debt, baby.
Fifty bucks, I believe.
My bail you paid.
That makes us even.
I don't Ike him.
Besides, he's just a kid.
Virginia, it's not right for a girl your
age to sit around a house day and night.
Oh, mind your own business.
Well, hi stranger.
Where have you been the last week?
No place.
Sal, I left this number at my apartment.
Was there a phone call for me?
- No.
And I've been here all morning.
Anything wrong?
No, I was just expecting someone
to phone me. That's all.
Have you got something on your mind?
Well I knew this was your day off ..
So I thought I'd come over and
chew the fat for a change.
Got a little pick-me-up?
Yeah, I've got some cooking
sherry in the kitchen.
Well, I may as well be
cooked as the way I am.
Why I paid $8.95 for this thing
is something I'll never know.
Good thing an organ
grinder didn't see me.
I think it's cute.
- It's yours.
You've been making yourself
pretty scarce lately.
Anything wrong?
No. I'll live.
What's the matter with Ginny?
I don't know. It all started with me
making Johnny O'Connor's sandwiches.
And she was bound and
determined to make them herself.
For crying out loud, Sal.
Don't you do enough around here without
making sandwiches for Gloria's husband?
Why doesn't she make them herself?
She hasn't time to take care
of the babies, much less Johnny.
Honey. Why be a sucker all your life?
She wouldn't give you the time
of day if she had two watches.
I wish she'd stay home.
I don't like Virginia taking
over the care of the babies.
She's kind of got a
crush on Johnny as it is.
I wouldn't worry about that.
Johnny is too wrapped up in
his wife to notice anyone else.
Speaking of wild Bella, I saw her
at Toresca's on New Year's Eve.
With a girlfriend?
Well, if it was a girlfriend she was
wearing a mustache and smoking a cigar.
Don't you think she would have
sense to go where I don't work.
But it couldn't mean
anything. If it did ..
It meant something alright. Either
she was tired or she just didn't care.
Is this the Otis Quick Lunch counter?
- Oh, hello Johnny.
Walk in without knocking? You nearly
scared me out of my new hair dye.
Take it easy, girls. Do I look that bad?
- Well you don't exactly look good.
Your hands are okay now then?
- Swell.
Hey, I can't find a thing to eat in the
place. Spare me a cup of coffee?
Why sure, Johnny. Help yourself.
I was just making your lunch, see.
Thanks, honey.
You know, I always wondered what two
dames talk about when they're alone.
Now I know.
How long have you been
standing at the door?
Long enough.
Who were you two kids
getting to pan this time?
Nobody special.
How about me buying dinner
tonight if you don't mind cooking it?
Sal's having dinner with me. She has
enough cooking to do round here.
Oh. What about Ginny?
Could she stew something up?
Gloria has got a date with a girlfriend.
It strikes me it is up to Gloria to
get the meals in your apartment.
What's up with you, Petey? You seem like
you don't want Gloria to have any fun.
Forget it, Johnny.
Petey doesn't mean it the way it sounds.
Keep out of this, Sal.
It's between Petey and me.
What's the matter with a kid like Gloria
having some laughs with her girlfriends?
I work the night-shift.
I can't take her anywhere.
Well honey, all I can say is you'd
better change to the day-shift.
What are you getting at, Petey?
Skip it, will you Johnny.
Are you suggesting Gloria's
been running around?
It would be just like you.
Wait a minute. You can't
talk about Petey like that.
Sal, keep out of this.
- But honey.
Look, beat it, Johnny.
You got to take back what
you said about Gloria.
You'll do the apologising.
Gloria was at Nicky Toresca's
on New Year's Eve with a man.
No girlfriend in sight.
Petey wouldn't have told you
about it except that she ..
So it was Gloria you two were talking
about when I walked in here?
I'd have known you'd make something
low out of it, Petey. You know why?
Because that's the kind
of woman you are.
Go ahead, Johnny. Get it
off your chest. I can take it.
Your pride is hurt.
You just can't stand to think that she
would look at another man. That's all.
I think we've finished talking
about my wife for now.
Johnny, I get a kick out of
you calling her your wife.
She's not your wife.
You never give her a chance to be.
Why, she's just a pretty girl you get to
spoil, and walk down the street with ..
So the guys will turn and whistle.
Make you feel important.
Now come on. Why don't you grow up?
Both of you.
Oh Sal, I'm sorry I talked out of turn.
But honest honey, I can't stand
by and see people walk over you.
I guess he needed it.
Well, maybe it will wake him up.
I hope so. I like him.
Come on, honey.
Get your clothes on. We'll go
out for lunch. I must talk to you.
Oh Petey, I've got so much to do.
Can't we talk here?
Well, it's about Roy.
What about Roy?
It's visitor's day. I think you
ought to go up and see him.
I know it'll be tough, Sal. But it's
over a month since you saw him last.
That's too long.
Roy's doctor advised me not to go.
I think you ought to go anyway.
I can't go, Petey.
Oh, Sal.
Come on, quit acting like a child.
He's your husband.
You got to stand by him.
I had to wait all morning
to get my hair fixed.
Had it fixed up nice on account some of
us are going to a show in L.A. tonight.
Look here Gloria, there is
something I want to say to you.
You don't have to give
me that stuff anymore.
Everybody makes mistakes.
This never happened before so ..
Maybe you didn't understand
how I felt about it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm going to tell you.
I don't want to ever hear about
you going out with another guy.
I don't ever want to hear of you
having a drink with another guy.
Are you accusing me ..
- I'm telling you.
There's only one man for you.
That's Johnny O'Connor.
But I ..
- Forget it.
We won't talk about it.
You're just not to do it again ever.
Look Gloria, let's forget it.
I know you won't do it again.
Please skip it.
Why don't I go down to Louis and order
a dish of fried shrimp you love so much.
I'm not hungry.
- Look.
Hello? Bamboo Club.
Hello Jim. This is Petey.
Is he there?
Just a minute. I'll see.
Nope. He ain't here.
Well, thanks anyway.
Hiya, Petey.
- Hiya, honey.
What are you doing here?
Just waiting back here for you.
Where you been?
Sally wanted me to tell you everything
turned out swell at the hospital.
She feels great about it.
- Gee, that's wonderful.
She wants you to drop
in sometime tomorrow.
She wants to tell you about it herself.
Okay, I'll do that.
Now listen, Joey. If you know what's
good for you, get back to your job.
Hey baby, I think maybe you'd better
go home. It's getting kind of late.
I don't want to go home.
I don't have a home to go home to.
What are you giving me? What
about your husband and two kids?
Nah. Little Gloria is now on her own.
You're talking a little
crazy, ain't you?
You told me you were
going to give me a job.
I told Johnny I was going to take it.
Your husband?
So you couldn't keep your trap shut?
I should have known you
were the gabby kind.
Come on, you're leaving right now.
- No, I'm not leaving.
I'm staying.
Come on, come on.
- No!
Okay, baby.
Say, boss.
That blond dame's husband has
been down here looking for her.
I told him she wasn't here.
- Good.
But he wanted to see you.
I gave him some fast double
talk and got rid of him.
But I don't think for long.
You'd better do something.
Send Joey up to me right away.
What do you want?
The boss wants to see you.
Thanks, Riley.
You sent for me, boss?
- Hello Joe.
I got a little job for you.
- Yeah?
On account you are a bright boy.
- What do you want me to do, boss?
I've got a babe down in dressing
room F I want to get rid of.
I think you know her.
She's a friend of Petey's. A blond
named Gloria something or other.
You don't mean Gloria O'Connor?
That's right.
Holy smoke, what's she doing here?
She's been after me to give her a job.
I took her out a couple of times.
That's the trouble with dames like her.
Never know when they got the brush off.
If her husband found out ..
You get the general idea?
What's she doing in dressing room F?
You ask a lot of questions, don't you.
I just don't want her
around here. That's all.
What do you want me to do about it?
Slug her on the head and
dump her in the ocean?
First, get her out of here.
You figure out how.
And drive her over to her house and dump
her but quick. And beat it back here.
Oh, and use my sedan.
No, Nicky. I don't like the idea.
You don't know Johnny.
He'll kill me if he catches
me doing a thing like that.
I'm getting a little
annoyed with you, Joey.
I'm not saying I won't do it, but ..
Okay then, get her out of here.
Just answer yes or no.
Is Joey going in dressing room F?
Hey, Gloria.
Come on, get up.
Where did you come from?
How you feeling?
Oh, I feel awful.
I wish I were dead.
Come on now.
What do you want to go and
say a thing like that for?
A pretty kid like you.
You know what can straighten you out?
A nice ride around in a car.
There's nothing like cold
air to make you feel better.
I'm hungry.
I know a wonderful spot down on the
beach where we can get some food.
And a nice cup of black coffee.
Oh, you ..
You won't tell Johnny you
saw me here, will you?
He thinks I went over
to see a girlfriend.
Of course not, honey.
You are going to feel a
lot better in a little while.
Oh, I feel awful.
You'll feel better when
we get in the car.
I never noticed before.
- Come on.
You're cute.
You've got nice curly hair.
You're going to love this little spot.
It's got a wonderful orchestra.
Nice coffee.
Hello San.
I .. just thought I'd stop
by for a few minutes.
Darling, I am so glad you did.
Come on, let's go to our table.
Come on.
You look good.
I don't mind admitting it's been
awfully lonely without you, San.
It's okay now that you're here.
I really came to say goodbye, Petey.
In 24 hours I have to
report aboard my ship.
I'm glad you wanted to come back.
Even if just to say goodbye.
Want a drink?
- No thanks.
Been having any fun
since I saw you last?
I went out on to the pier
the night before last.
Remember that funny old guy that
as always sitting there fishing?
He was still there in the same place.
He remembered me.
He asked where you were too.
I suppose one always remembers
people who are happy.
And seem to be having fun together.
I do.
I went out on The Pike
yesterday afternoon.
Did you, darling?
I shot clay pigeons at that same booth.
Then I got a burger at the place on the
corner where that girl spilled coffee.
Just like you.
You want me to say I did it
because I missed you, don't you.
You'd rather have me say I was ready to
blow my top because I'm lonely for you.
Say it, San.
Isn't life difficult enough without
mixing it up with memories.
I don't know.
Mine don't go back far enough yet.
Please, let's get out of here.
I hate fog.
It's sort-of lonely.
I know just what you mean.
San, why did you come back?
I told you. To say goodbye.
Don't go yet.
Why prolong it?
Oh, San.
I can't stand to see that hurt
look in your eyes all the time.
Darling, let me help you.
Please forget what I
said the other night.
Listen, Petey.
Don't you get the reason why I'm going?
There would be too many times when you
would see something in my eyes that ..
You couldn't understand.
And I don't understand
completely myself.
I don't know what makes me tick, Petey.
I just know that I've been running
away from life for a long time and ..
It keeps catching up with me.
You said the right
things the other night.
Stick to them.
Yeah. I was taking it big, wasn't I.
You said I'd be singing the
blues and I'm not the type.
But I'm glad you dropped by tonight.
See, I'm quitting after the last show.
Tomorrow you wouldn't have found me.
So long, darling.
Doesn't what I've said
to you make sense?
What a crazy little dame you are.
Know something?
I hate Nicky Toresca.
I'll never speak to him
again as long as I live.
That's a good idea.
I want to get a job.
And show him he can't toss me around.
Where are we?
Oh, so you're taking me home, huh?
You turn around and go back
or I'll jump out of this car.
Stop that! Get your hands off the wheel.
Can't you see I've got trouble driving?
You want to kill yourself
jumping out of a moving car?
Sit down!
- Leave me alone.
Come back here you silly
dame. Are you crazy?
Okay baby, walk home.
Maybe it will cool you off.
Joe, come back.
John O'Connor?
Across the hall. What's the matter?
Is that you, Gloria?
I wonder what he wants Johnny for.
I don't know.
I hope he isn't in any trouble.
Shall we go in?
- No, we'd better not.
Johnny, what's the trouble?
- It's Gloria. An accident or something.
Keep any eye on the kids will you.
- Sure.
If you drop around in about three
hours I could say a lot more things.
We'll talk about your career then, baby.
I'll give you a buzz when
I'm about to leave.
You meet me down at the bar, okay?
That's a date. Bye, baby.
Hello, kid. You get the little blond
back to her old man okay?
Can I have a drink, boss?
- Sure, go ahead. Help yourself.
What's the matter with you?
Nothing is the matter.
Maybe you're allergic to blonds
with husbands. Is that it?
Listen, Joey. When I talk to you,
you look at me. Is that right?
What became of the girl?
How do I know what happened to her?
I dropped her off like you told me.
Did you get in a jam?
You're lying to me.
Where did you dump her?
On the coast boulevard.
- On the coast boulevard?
A busy street like that? Just as well
have dropped her in front of the club.
She jumped out of the car.
I couldn't stop her.
Oh, so she jumped out?
That's fine.
But she'd have hollered
if I'd grabbed her.
I didn't want to attract attention.
Now listen. Start at the beginning
and tell me exactly what happened.
Or you'll get such a going-over.
- I only did what you asked, Nicky.
Nicky, please!
Nicky, listen to what I've got to say.
It was like this.
I got her out the dress-room by saying
I'd drive her about until she got sober.
- Yeah?
Better get upstairs quick.
- What's wrong?
Nicky and Joey are having an awful row.
- Joey?
Yeah. And he's in a bad jam too. He was
out with the blond dame Gloria O'Connor.
An accident happened. Something serious.
- Okay.
You are lying.
You must have blown your top.
There never was another car. You did it.
Why should I kill Gloria?
It was an accident. Honest.
Well maybe you can
explain it to the cops, Joey.
The cops?
Yeah, cops. They've been looking for
a rap to hang on me but this ain't it.
This is your rap.
You got me in this mess and
you're the one that will get me out.
What's happened?
It wasn't my fault.
Do you hear me?
What's happened to Gloria?
Gloria is dead.
A car ran over her.
He's trying to pin it on me.
Get me the police. 5th Precinct.
Now wait a minute, Nicky.
Let's talk this over.
Never mind.
Joey, go to my place and stay there.
- You'll fix it up?
You hear me? Get out
and don't talk to anyone.
Listen, Nicky. What is this?
The kid got that Gloria dame drunk
and used my car. I'm in a tough spot.
Yes you certainly are you no-good ..
Easy, Petey.
Your brother is in a worse spot.
The most they can do to
me is to close my club.
Joey is not sitting so pretty.
Do I make myself clear?
But you forget one thing, Nicky.
Don't think I'll stand by and
let you get away with this.
If you do, you're crazy.
I wouldn't do anything
silly if I were you, Petey.
See Joey's the one who
took Gloria out of this place.
He was seen leaving with her.
Joey was there when she was killed.
And unfortunately at the time there was
no-one around to say he didn't do it.
Nicky, you can't let him take the rap
for something that was your doing.
You can't.
I could play dumb if they question me.
But then that's up to you.
Well, I haven't any dough, but ..
I'd work in this dump of yours for
nothing if that keeps your mouth shut.
That won't be necessary.
What are you getting at?
What do you want to do with the rest
of your life, play second to a piano?
Grow up, baby.
Stick with me in my gutter.
We both talk the same language.
You don't know what you're asking me.
I love San even if he doesn't
go for me all the way.
Even if I never see him again
after he sails, he's what I want.
And you're what I want.
It doesn't matter to me either
if you don't feel the same way.
Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Oh no. A deal is a deal.
After all, you don't want to
wave the guy goodbye ..
And have him think you'd be waiting
for him when he gets back. Would you?
How about a little drive?
The air will cool us both off.
Come on down, Toresca.
Johnny .. don't be a fool.
Get out of my way, Petey.
Now wait a minute, kid.
You got the wrong guy.
- No I haven't.
I'm coming up to get you now, Nicky.
Now listen, Johnny. I wouldn't care if
you got the whole load pumped into him.
But you are too nice a guy. You've got
kids to think of. This would be murder.
So was Gloria's death.
And this was the guy responsible.
Look out, Petey.
She told me she was going to leave me.
On account of him.
He offered her.
Swell dresses and ..
A good job and a lot of things.
She wasn't a bad kid, Petey.
She just didn't know what the score was.
I know, kid.
Please go home, will you.
- Please.
If you don't call the police and
tell them the truth Nicky, I will.
Now come on, Joe.
Pull yourself together.
Johnny is not going to do anything to
you. Everything is going to be alright.
I don't want you to say a
thing about what happened.
I've got a surprise and I don't
want anything to spoil it.
Look who's here.
Hello, Petey.
How's that for a surprise?
Gee, you look terrific.
I'm glad to see you.
You look pretty swell yourself,
Petey. But then you always do.
Hello Roy.
- Hello, Joe.
Glad to see you.
- Glad to see you.
Do you folks mind if I go in
and fold up for a while?
No, go ahead, Joe.
I'll bring in some coffee later.
Well .. it's like old times
being together again, isn't it.
Yeah. It's almost too good to be true.
Remember the last time we were together?
On that tourist sleeper to California?
That horrible lady
with the flea-bitten dog.
Yeah. She accused Buddy of biting him.
- Well, didn't he?
I think he got something there.
Say dad, will you do me a favor?
Why sure. Anything you say, son.
Would you come downstairs with me?
I'd sort-of like you to meet the kids.
Of course. I'd like very
much to meet the kids.
Hey dad. Would you do me another favor?
Sure. What?
Will you put on your coat?
The one with all the medals.
Anybody would think I was a hero.
Well gosh, you are.
Okay kid, let's go.
- Put it on, Pop.
Okay, okay.
Being home is doing Roy more good
than all the hospitals in the world.
Thanks to you, Petey.
Are we going through all that again?
When did he get here?
- Just this morning.
Sort-of an experiment.
Honey, that's swell.
Yes. And I managed
to get the day off too.
Where's Ginny?
She's helping Johnny take
the twins over to his folks.
How is he coming along?
- Not bad, considering.
He was very sweet to Ginny the
little we saw of them this morning.
Say, this is alright. Maybe
I should do it more often.
Oh, Buddy certainly got a kick out
of Roy and all those medals didn't he.
No more than Roy did.
Hey, Sal. Sal, come here.
I always did like a place
with a good view.
Petey, can I fix you something to eat?
- No thanks, Sal.
Look, kid.
I'm not much good at saying goodbyes.
I never have been.
But I'm leaving town and ..
I just couldn't shove off
without letting you know.
Oh no, Petey?
- Yep. All packed and everything.
Catching the train tonight.
- Where are you going this time?
I can't say, really. Probably
won't know until I get my ticket.
I got a hunch maybe Chicago for
a little while, then New York.
Then who knows?
Why don't you settle down?
You don't know where you're going or
whether you'll get a job or anything.
It's not right for you, Petey.
You think it's fun now, but later on ..
- Yeah honey, I know.
I guess I just got train
whistles in my ears.
Oh, if you could only ..
Settle down, get married
and have a couple of kids.
Sally honey, I love you.
Now come on, honey. None of that.
Holy smoke.
A wonder the dame in the hat shop didn't
sell me a cage to go with this monster.
I think it's cute.
- Yeah?
It's yours.
The rest of the beast goes with it.
I left a little something
in it for Ginny.
Don't you worry about me, kid.
I'll land on my feet. I always do.
So long.
Dad, did you see Billy Gideon's
eyes when he saw those medals?
Oh, you're going already?
- Yeah, I have to run.
Well, you go on ahead, son.
I'll be right with you.
Petey, you're crying. What's the matter?
Something happen up there?
No nothing, honey.
I'm leaving town tonight and I got a
little upset saying goodbye to the kid.
I understand. I'm sorry you're leaving.
Look, Roy.
Keep up the good work, will you.
It's doing an awful lot for Sal.
Yeah I know. It's been
pretty tough on her.
It's been like a nightmare,
the whole thing.
All the time over there,
I kept thinking about Sally.
I had a picture in my mind
of her waiting for me.
She understands all that.
Don't worry about it, Roy.
You know I'm alright, don't you?
You bet I do, Roy.
Thank you, Petey.
Now I know everything is
alright because you say so.
On account of that's the way you are.
Hey Dad, aren't you ever coming?
Alright, kid. I'll be right with you.
So long, Petey.
So long, Roy.
Funny. This is the first time
anybody has ever seen me off.
When you hit Rio don't
forget to drop me a card.
I collect stamps.
That's kind of hard to do.
You see, I don't know
where to address it.
Well, the 39 Club 52nd Street
New York will always get me.
[ Ship's horn ]
Well .. this is it.
0h San. I do love you.
I know you don't feel the same way.
Don't say you do, darling.
Because nobody could love
two people the way you did her.
I am going to miss you so.
I'll be back.
Remember what you once
told me when I was low?
All of us are standing in the mud.
Some of us are looking at the stars.
Here's looking at you, baby.
T-g o #