The Man in 3B (2015) Movie Script

[radio chatter]
[crowd noises]
Back up! Back up! Back up!
[crowd noises]
[man crying]
[car honking]
["Man in 3B" playing]
If you're looking forward
to the man in 3B
You better watch out
He's a hustler
And he's carrying
He's got an S
Upon his chest
Got a David round his neck
Man, that boy's not playing
Yeah, he's from the street,
But he's a winner
He's a shock of brown, black
Ain't no beginner
He's got an S
Upon his chest
Got a David round his neck
Man, that boy's not playing
In life there's no regret
You move again, moved on
So we must not forget
Where we're going
when struggle poses back,
Dig deeper and deeper
'Cause we got too much life
To live to be defeated
Now there's no going back
I started from the bottom
We ain't going back
I'm looking past
The highs and lows
Everyone who knows us knows
Now there's no going back
I started from the bottom
We ain't going back
I'm looking past
The highs and the lows
Everyone who knows us knows
If you're looking forward
To man in 3B
You better watch out
He's a hustler
And he's carrying
He's got an S
Upon his chest
Got a David round his neck
Man, that boy's not playing
Yeah, he's from the streets,
But he's a winner
He's a shock of brown, black
Ain't no beginner
He's got an S
Upon his chest
Got a David round his neck
Man, that boy's not playing
I think I'm in
A way too deep
Only trouble surrounds me
Gotta keep my head
Above the water
What the fuck, man?
Is a glass of orange juice
in the morning
too much to ask for?
Baby, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize we were out.
I'll go, I can go to store
right now. I can go get some.
Can you just come zip me up?
Didn't you just get this,
like, two months ago?
Good morning ladies.
-Good morning!
-Good morning.
Hey, you have a good day
See you tonight
I heard that somebody's
movin' up in 3B today.
Well, I hope they don't have
any kids.
There's enough of 'em up
in here as it is.
Well, I actually think
they are like little angels.
They bring all this life
and energy to this building.
Girl, please!
They're like little demons.
I feel like we up here
with like Bebe's kids.
Got no respect for nobody
or nothing
Cuss your ass out
in a minute if you
say so much as a word to 'em.
Yes in deed, I had to make him
go out and get a switch
What's up ladies?
-Hey, Ben!
-Good morning.
-How are y'all doing?
What are y'all doing out here?
[BEN] Hey, son.
What's up, Pops? How was work?
Oh, work was good.
Work was good.
Uh, look, I'm gonna need you
to make yourself scarce.
I got company coming through.
Of course, you do.
Ladies I've go to go.
I'll see you later,
I've got some laundry
waitin' on me.
All right, Nancy.
Ooh, she got something waitin'
on her, all right.
But it ain't no damn laundry.
She barely gave him time
to get up the stairs.
Who? Nancy? Ben? No!
Girl, where you been?
Nancy and Ben?
Oh no, I ain't trying
to hear that.
-She's married.
Hell, he is fine!
How much you wanna bet that
little Benny comes high-tailing
out here any minute
with a funky attitude.
Hey, girls. How's everybody?
Hey, Connie.
Married to that evil man.
Er, honey, he told my husband
he wouldn't have
never married her
if he had known she was gonna
gain all that weight.
Honey, my husband looked
at him like he was a fool.
Well, if he loved her,
a few pounds shouldn't
make a difference.
And y'all call me naive?
[door opening and closing]
Well, good morning, Benny.
I tried to tell ya.
[all laughing]
I ain't gonna lie girl,
I could get used to this.
Oh, hold on, that's my dad.
Let me see what
he talking about.
My apartment won't be ready
for another few days.
Do you mind if I stay
here a little longer?
Stay as long as you want.
Okay, cool.
But Rodney's coming
over tonight!
Oh, girl, I do not know
what you see in him.
Because it's not about seeing,
it's about feeling.
And trust me,
when it comes
to Rodney, I feel a whole lot.
It's nasty.
-See, you think I'm trippin'.
-You Nasty.
But haven't you ever been
with somebody
that just took you
straight to ecstasy?
Every woman has that one.
You know what I mean
["Miss The" playing]
Every woman has that one.
You know that one guy,
that no matter when he calls
or what you're doing,
you're gonna answer that phone.
That one guy
who can take you there
and he really
doesn't have to try.
Who is that?
Lord have mercy,
Bertha, do you see him?
Of course I see him.
I may be old, but I'm not
blind. Damn he's fine.
Sure is, Mrs. Bertha.
I might have to take this
back off. I'm getting hot.
Do you, uh, need a hand?
Yeah man. Appreciate that.
Uh, okay.
Don't hurt yourself.
I'm up, right upstairs, 3B.
Excuse me.
How you ladies doing?
-Hey. Fine.
So, hey, Ben,
I appreciate you
helping me out, man.
When we're all done,
I'll throw you a few bucks.
Ah, you don't have to do that
Mr. Graham.
Oh, and everybody calls
me Benny.
My Pops is Ben.
All right,
Ms. Sallie here is my
homemade sweet tea.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome, ma'am.
Girl, where have you been?
We just saw our new neighbor
and honey, he is fine.
No, he is perfection.
Girl, that man got my
circulation going on in places
that I nearly forgot about.
Oh please.
I mean, y'all need
to stop exaggerating.
Is any man really all that?
Okay, well he's moving
on your floor.
So, you shall see.
But be careful girl, cause
what's upstairs is smoking hot,
and if you get too close,
you might catch fire.
Y'all need to quit.
I have a husband, and that's
enough man for me.
Now let me get him these
You liking that TV, huh?
You look pretty
studious though, man.
You, uh, you think
you could help me out
with some of this stuff?
My boys hooked me up with all
of this electronic equipment,
but I have no idea how,
to put it all together.
Dude, you have
a touchscreen TV,
You got surround sound
speakers, a Xbox,
a Play station,
a multi-room, receiver, a state
of the art computer.
Man, they hooked you up
with some gear.
I would love to hook
this up for you.
-Yeah! Of course.
Where are all
the cables and power cords?
Er... Oh, you know what?
Damn. There in the truck.
Al right. So, I'll run down
and just grab these real quick.
I'm going to leave the door
open. I don't have my key.
Hey how you doing?
You need some help?
Oh, hi. Oh, hi.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
[stammering nervously]
I'm fine. Thank you.
-All right.
You all right?
I'm okay. I'm sorry.
A little winded.
-Took the stairs.
Getting a little more active
and I must have overdone it.
-I'm sorry.
-It's all right.
Just trying to be more active.
I must have overdone it.
Uh, did I say that twice?
I thinks so.
Um, I mean I think a woman
that takes care of herself
is really impressive.
Although, between you and me,
everything looks like
it's exactly where
it's supposed to be.
[laughs nervously]
Hey. Hey, April, girl. Hey.
I'm Darryl.
Darryl Graham.
We must be neighbors.
Uh, hey. Connie.
Connie Graham.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, Graham too, huh?
What, are we cousins?
No. Did I say Graham?
I didn't mean to say Graham.
My name is Mack.
My name is Connie, Connie Mack.
I'm sorry.
No, no. It's all right.
No problem.
God, what is wrong with me?
-No problem.
-Lost my mind.
Well, uh, nice meeting you.
I'll see you around?
Absolutely... See you around.
-Yes, sir.
I need you to file this
inventory for me please.
Avery, I got my eye on you.
I don't know why
you're still playing games.
You know you're feeling me.
There was definitely
something about you that
is attractive. I'll admit it.
Well, then why am I
still being relegated
to the bench
when you know I should be
hitting a home run?
Because I keep
the books here, Avery.
And we both know that you
don't make enough to afford
a mistress and a wife.
You wanna hit a home run
with me? Get rid of your wife.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
How you doing?
Oh good.
Oh, you out here working out?
Yeah. You're serious about
getting in shape, huh?
I'm really trying
to save my marriage.
So, I'm just kind
of working out. You know.
I could help.
Wait. You're talking about like
being my personal trainer
or something?
Hey, I get it in now.
Every day.
I mean that sounds great
but things at home are tight.
So I can't afford
that right now.
You cook. Right?
Okay. Well, every Friday,
you make me a plate
in exchange for my services.
I, uh, I can do that.
That's cool.
So look.
We get it in right now.
All right? We start today.
Right here, right now.
Let's go!
We're 'bout to jog
this next quarter mile.
Come on put your top back on.
Let's go. Let's go!
What's cooking, good looking?
And aren't we in a good
mood today?
That's cause I've been
thinking about you all day.
How about we hook up and talk
about it over dinner tomorrow?
Look, Avery, you're sweet,
and charming
and all those good things.
But I told you before.
I'm looking for a man
who's a little more stable.
Someone equipped to handle a
high-maintenance woman like me.
Well you're looking at him.
Your game is all right,
but you're just a salesman.
Now, I can deal with a wife,
but what I can't deal with,
is empty pockets.
Mm, so you must not
have heard, huh?
Dave is leaving and I'm going
to be the new manager.
Yeah and we're gonna meet
with the big man tomorrow
to make it official.
Well, that's fantastic.
Oh, my gosh!
We might need to celebrate
your promotion.
Oh, yeah.
You might even hit a home run.
Ah, that's what's up, yeah.
Ha ha ha. Yeah.
Okay, Avery.
So, wait. You're not
from around here?
From the South side,
Forty Projects.
Whoa, Forty Projects?
It's kinda rough over there,
ain't it?
What about you? Where you from?
Oh, me and my husband, Avery,
we're actually from the island.
We just moved over here
a couple of years ago,
when he lost his job
in real estate.
Oh. Say no more.
But you know he's in sales now.
He's working over at, you know,
that big furniture store
on Jamaica Avenue.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know the place.
How is that working
out for him?
He still living in the past,
when we had BMW's
and a big house.
He just can't be happy
that he has a job.
You know what I'm saying?
You know he's not the type of
guy to be satisfied with what--
I'm sorry,
'cause you did not
come out here to hear
all of my problems. Jeez.
Can I ask you something?
What does a man really want
out of a woman?
I don't know.
Want her to be loyal,
classy, sexy,
proud, gentle--
Did I say sexy?
Yeah, you did.
Hey look, you're getting
your sexy back. All right?
I mean, personally,
I don't even really think
you ever lost it. So--
What's up, Loco?
Yo, what's up, College Boy?
Look, you ready
to do this or what?
Nah, I don't think
I can do that, man.
I'm not trying
to get in any trou--
Yeah, I'm not askin' you,
I'm tellin' you.
Now, get your ass into the car.
Watch out, watch out.
Stop it! Somebody
call the police.
Mother fucker!
[crying in pain]
Yeah, you know funny
thing about bats.
[chucking] They're a hell
of a weapon when
you hit your target.
But when you miss, they leave
you open for a world of hurt.
[gun clicks]
Yeah, like the hurt
this nine gonna do
when I pull this trigger.
You know, it takes a hell
of a man to put a pistol
to a brother's head
in front of twenty witnesses.
I'm impressed.
But here comes the hard part.
You man enough
to pull the trigger,
knowing you're going do
20 years upstate for murder?
You willing to do
that kind of time?
Sound like you ready to die.
You ready to die?
We're all gonna die someday.
A pine box beats 20 in a cage.
Yo, I've heard that line
Are you Darryl Graham?
You used to run with my brother
Majestic and Vegas Duncan.
That would be me.
Oh, shit.
Yo, this is
Darryl fucking Graham!
This cat is hood legend.
Fuck, Mr. Graham?
Man, I did not know
that was you, bruh.
Had I known,
I would have never
swung that bat at you.
That's all right.
So now that we know who I am,
why don't we lower this gun.
I'm sure you got one
in the chamber.
Ah, yo. My bad, man.
Real talk, you can have this.
Now, listen.
Benny's my friend
and so is his dad.
Fuckin' with them,
you fuckin' with me.
Put that out on the street.
Yeah, no doubt, no doubt.
Look, I'm sorry, Darryl.
Look, don't tell my brother,
all right?
We didn't know
that was your peeps.
We just wanted him
to bypass on some alarms
at the jewelry store.
Dead that conversation.
No Doubt.
Look, y'all might
wanna get going.
I'm sure five-o will be
here in a minute.
Somebody's called 'em already.
Yeah, all right let's go man.
What the hell was that about?
Why'd you let them go?
Why'd they attack my son?
Maybe you outta
ask your son?
I just got here.
My son's doesn't know
any gangbangers,
but you sure as hell do.
They're from
my old neighborhood.
Sounds like
you've got quite a rep there.
It's a rep I'm trying to leave
behind me, just trying to live
my life the best way I can now.
Come on, Pops.
Darryl saved our lives.
Those guys had a bat and a gun.
You're right, son.
[sarcastically] Thanks, Darryl
Yeah. Glad I could help.
[music playing]
[distant moaning]
[phone dialing]
Hey, Kareem,
I was wondering if you, um--
Do you have Darryl's number
by any chance?
Okay cool. Appreciate it.
[knock at the door]
You know, I was a little
surprised when Kareem
told me you wanted to see me.
[shushing] Shut up.
Do you want to talk
about our mistakes
from the past or...
you wanna talk about this?
Definitely this.
Uh huh.
Yeah, I thought so.
-Are you ready?
Cause you gotta
get this promotion.
I got this. I need you--
Avery, join us please.
Of course. I got it.
You know Al, right?
It's good to
see you again, sir.
Well, as you know, I'll be
leaving to go to the main
office as general manager,
and Al wanted me to talk to you
about the future of this store,
and about the smooth
transfer of management teams,
one to the other.
Well, first of all,
congratulations on
the promotion, Dave.
This store's loss
is the entire company's gain.
Secondly, whatever I have to do
to make the transition smooth,
I'm your guy.
Thank you for
the kind words, Avery.
You have been an exemplary
worker, a hard worker.
And for the record, I referred
you to become successor
as store manager here.
Why, thank you, Dave.
Al, step over here please.
Meet Avery. Avery, Al Jr.
You know, we're going
to need you to continue
being a team player, Avery.
Of course, sir.
I'm here for the store,
whatever it is--
And the key to that is a good
management transition.
Am I missing something here?
Avery you are
a valued employee,
and you have
a long career here
at the store.
Why do I feel a but coming on?
But for right now, we're gonna
need you to train my son how
to run the store.
Excuse me?
He's an eager learner,
he's a quick study.
It's not gonna take you very
long to teach him everything
you know.
I'm looking forward
to working with you.
Tell me something, kid.
What exactly
is a pillow top mattress?
And how would you distinguish
it from, say, the Posturepedic
Solon Plush Euro Top?
I... I don't know.
I know you know this
one. What's the difference,
pay attention,
what's the difference
between classical and
contemporary furniture?
Your daddy owns the store.
I know you know that one.
[chucking nervously] Classic?
Okay, I'm not really
sure, to be honest about the--
But you wanna manage
a furniture store?
He's not ready to be the
stock boy.
That's why you're going to
teach him, Avery.
No, that's why you're going to
kiss my black ass.
Whoa, Avery. Now don't think--
Don't what?
You know what, fuck you, Dave.
Fuck you, Dave.
You ain't shit
but an Uncle Tom.
And fuck you too you,
four-eyed bastard. I'll
smack the fuck out of you.
And Al, aw, Al.
[laughs mockingly] Big Al.
How long we been
doin' this dance, Al?
You remember when you hired me?
Do you remember how long
you been promising me
I'm gonna get a promotion?
You can take this job and you
can shove it up your ass,
because in case
you didn't know,
mother fucker,
I quit!
Fuck you!
Fuck you too, whore.
-Girl, what's up with that?
-Uh uh.
[both laughing] Damn,
that brings back memories.
I almost forgot how good
we were together.
Damn, we are good
together, huh?
So, does this mean
you forgive me?
Yeah, I forgave you
a long time ago.
And I still love you.
I still love you.
Besides, we can always have
another baby.
You want another drink, baby?
No thanks, I'm good, baby.
Bartender, another shot for me.
No more for him after this.
What? Man shut up
and give me my shot.
You are everything
a man could ever want in life.
Where you've been
my whole life, girl?
I've been waiting
for you, daddy.
[laughing] Yes, you have.
Oh, shit!
No, no, hold on, hold on.
Hey baby, how about I get a
dance on the house?
You're joking right?
Nah, I ain't joking.
Girl, I done spent damn near
my whole pay check on your ass
and I can't get a free dance?
I don't dance for free. I'm
working my way through school.
Oh, bullshit!
You're a whore just like the
rest of them.
Whore? You the one ain't
got no damn money.
That's bullshit.
Security! Get him out of here!
Get off me.
Your broke ass--
[Avery sobbing]
Fuck it.
[sobbing] I don't care.
I don't care. I don't care.
I don't care.
You don't wanna
do that, brother.
How would you know?
Because I used to be you.
Man, you don't know
shit about me, man.
A year ago I was standing right
there where you are, about
to do the same damn thing.
Tell you the truth, I might've
been a little bit drunker.
Man. Fuck you, man.
You don't know shit
about what I've been through.
I'd just lost my job
when I was about to jump.
My wife left me
six months before,
and some idiot repossessed
my piece of shit car.
My house was in foreclosure
five months prior to that.
Any of that sound
familiar to you?
But you don't look like your
doing so bad now.
What's that, what's that a
Bentley or something?
Well, that's a Bentley GT Coup.
Well, I'm happy for you.
[continues sobbing]
Well, you can
have one if you want.
Lord, help me.
Come on.
Let's talk.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be all right
It's going to be all right.
[Avery sobbing]
All right.
Hey, what time did you get in?
Well, why didn't you wake me?
It's Saturday.
Where are you going?
To handle my shit!
Good morning.
Look at you. You waiting
on that man like a junkie
needing a fix.
And you have the nerve
to talk about me?
Where is Mr. Wonderful, anyway?
Girl I'm checking right now.
Girl, he is on his way.
I gotta go get ready.
You do that.
Ah, there he is.
I'm glad to see
that you've taken me
up on my offer.
Ladies, this is Avery Mack.
He's cute.
You want a drink?
Uh, Jack and Coke, sure.
This is... This is all you?
I like your style, Cain.
Would you believe
a year ago, I was exactly
like you were last night?
Totally disgusted with my life
and ready to end it?
But you got all this in a year.
Would you ladies excuse us?
Why don't we go over here?
Sit down.
You know you've already taken
the first step when you,
climbed down from that bridge.
I'm listening.
I live by this philosophy.
It's simple.
All you have to do is leave
everything negative
in your life behind,
at that bridge.
The same energy
you put into dying,
is the same energy
you put into living.
You look a little
bit perplexed.
Well, how does
this work exactly?
Live like I'm dying?
There you are. I've been
waiting for you forever...
What are you talking
about baby? I'm a week early.
No, baby. You're right on time.
Now, you getting in here
with me or you just
getting your voyeur on?
Let me know.
I'm getting in.
Hurry Up.
I'm getting all the way in.
Hey, Darryl.
Krystal's not here.
She got tired of waiting
for you, so she went
back to the city.
What you mean she's not here.
She knew I was coming over.
I guess she thought
you stood her up.
I would let you in
but I got a little something
going on in here...
Yo, I been blowing her up.
She's not answering her phone.
You haven't talked to her?
I'm sure she'll call you.
Look, Darryl, I gotta get back
in there. Okay? Okay.
Hey look, tell her to call me.
Okay. For sure.
["Insomnia" playing]
Connie, we need to talk.
No talking.
[shushing] No talking tonight.
Sit down.
No. No.
Yes. No talking, baby. Sit.
Connie, we need to talk.
We gonna have fun tonight!
Uh, wait. Wait.
I've gotta talk to you.
Connie, no, no, no,
no, come on.
[Connie shushing]
Connie, no... come... My God!
Okay, I need a break.
Do you have any idea
how good you make me feel?
Tell me again.
I can show you better
than I can tell you.
How you gonna do that?
And don't peek either.
Okay. I'm not looking.
You nosy. You be trying--
No, look, my eyes are closed.
Going to ruin the whole
You know I always got
what you need. Right?
Daddy always got what I need.
You can look.
Oh, my God, Slim!
Two Karats.
Look at this.
This is beautiful.
Wait, so this is?
Does this mean--
Krystal, I love you.
I wanna make an honest
woman out of you.
Even went down to your
old man's job and asked him
if I could have your hand.
No you didn't? What did he say?
He said it was your call,
but if you said yes,
he said he'd be proud
to have me for a son-in-law.
No! Yes, no, yes!
So, look at me.
Look at me. Will you marry me?
Of course, I will. Oh, my God,
you know how long I been
waiting for this?
Put it on. Put it on. I want
to see what it looks like on.
-It's beautiful.
-Oh, my God.
You're beautiful.
Yes, yes. Yes.
Oh, man.
Oh, Connie.
[breathing heavily]
Oh, God.
What is it we needed
to talk about?
Uh, excuse me.
Come on. Come on.
Excuse me.
Connie, there's no easy
way to say this.
I want a divorce.
Did you just say
you want a divorce?
Divorce. I want a divorce.
You fucking asshole.
Did you just--
Couldn't you have said that
before I just--
Connie, we need to talk.
Where are you going?
I'm going to our bedroom,
so I can get the gun and blow
your fucking head off!
Let me know
when I can get
the rest of my stuff.
You should have seen
him run up outta here.
I don't know what that poor
girl's gonna do.
Yo, Kriss! Yo, guess
who turns 21 tomorrow?
That's right. Veintiuno!
Oh, hey. What's up, Darryl.
Come here.
Come meet Krissy,
that's my best friend.
Kriss, this Darryl.
He just moved in. He's cool.
Darryl, this Kriss.
Where the hell you've been?
What are you doing here?
Wait, you guys know each other?
Yo, Krissy, that was some
foul shit you pulled.
What I do to deserve that?
Look, I don't know
how you found me.
But you cannot be here
right now. Okay, Darryl,
you gotta go.
-What do you mean, go?
-You gotta leave.
Leave? Where, woman?
I live here.
You can't live here.
I live here.
Hey, baby. Do me a favor.
Take this stuff upstairs.
-I got it for you.
-Thank you.
-Excuse me. Excuse me.
Look, Darryl. Please,
I don't want any trouble.
[Slim] We gotta christen
this apartment.
Man, let's go get
this Chinese food, man.
Remember the shawty
I was telling you about,
out at the beach?
Yeah, the one that disappeared.
Well, I found her today.
It was Krystal.
-Get the hell outta here.
-Yeah man, it was Krystal.
What? Nah, man.
I didn't even know Krystal
got down like that.
-I'm trying to tell you man,
she shady as hell.
Well, hold on. She's been
with Slim for over a year now.
-Are you serious?
You know what?
She probably started messing
with him right around the time
she got rid of my baby.
Fake-ass bitch.
Oh, hey, hey, hey. Come on man.
You bigger than that.
Don't go there.
My bad. You right. You right,
you right, you right.
Listen to you, not even 21 yet,
and here you are giving
me grown man advice.
Well, look man, no matter what,
I got your back.
I love you, man, seriously.
Love you too, man.
Glad somebody got my back.
You all right?
Wanna blow off some steam and
play some Madden or something?
If you down
for an ass whoopin'.
Come on man, you kidding me?
Do it to you raw.
You raw? I'mma fire it
up right now. I'mma fire
it up right now.
Get ready. Get ready to take
this ass whoopin'.
I'mma fire this up
and you gonna get it.
I'm 'bout to get all up in ya.
'Bout to pull your pants down
and bend you over
and call you all kind of names.
That's right. That's right.
Hey, man. While you in there,
grab that hot sauce for me.
Hey, he can't hear me...
Good book.
Huh? You read this?
Yeah, it's actually
quite informative.
Isn't this about gay men
who lead double lives?
Well, you know, mostly,
but there's actually
a lot more to it than that.
You should read it
and read it with an open mind.
Dudes speaking a lot of truth.
So, what's up?
You ready to get that ass
whooped in this Madden?
Oh, uh, nah, I, uh,
I gotta go. I gotta go.
I told my dad that I'd have the
dishes done before he got home.
Ah come on man,
what's wrong, huh?
What's the problem? Afraid I'm
gonna get in that ass? Huh?
No. What? No. What?
Man, come on.
I just gotta go.
All right. Look,
Look, I'mma check you later.
All right?
-All right.
-All right. Bye.
-All right.
-All right.
Tell your dad I said what's up.
Hey, son, where you been?
Uh, Darryl and I went to get
some Chinese food.
I got some chicken and broccoli
left if you want some?
Nah, I'm good. Nancy's
bringing me by a plate later.
You looking forward to your
birthday tomorrow?
Yeah, looking forward to you
buying me my first drink
tomorrow night.
Yeah, right, about that.
Look, I was trying to get
somebody to cover for me
at the firehouse,
but I can't get out of my shift
tomorrow night.
Come on, pops.
I mean, we been talking
about this since I was,
what, 16 years old?
I know. I know. This--
We can do it this weekend.
Why don't you and Darryl
go out tomorrow night?
Yeah, maybe I was wrong
about him.
You know, all these girls
around here, you could
use a guy friend.
Yeah, um, why don't I
give you some money.
You know, a good time.
Go and have a good time,
it's my treat.
Don't bother. Don't bother.
Where you been, Connie?
Jesus! Avery, you scared
the shit out of me.
Sorry. I didn't mean to.
God, I'm just glad you're home.
How have you been?
I don't know what happened
between us, but we can make
this, we can make it.
I'm sorry, Connie. But I didn't
come here to make up, okay?
I came to get this,
and to give you this.
What's this?
Avery, come on,
you don't have to do this.
You made your point.
Look, I'm sorry, Connie,
but nothing's changed.
I've already lost five pounds.
Look, why don't you look
the papers over, Connie.
I think you'll see I'm being
fair in what I'm willing
to give you--
Give me? The judge will
probably make me pay
your broke ass.
I didn't mean to say that.
I didn't mean that.
Look, I'm working out every day
and I've already lost
five pounds. I can fit
my ring again.
I can be that sexy woman that
you had before. I promise.
I think you're about
a day late and 50 pounds
short for that one.
Look, next time I see you,
I want those papers signed.
You know what? If you want out,
I'm going to give it to you,
but it's going to cost you!
How much?
Twenty thousand dollars,
Twenty thousand dollars.
Done. It'll be worth
to get rid of your fat ass.
Fuck you.
Fucking asshole.
Yo, Connie! You all right?
[breathing heavily]
I fucking hate him.
I'm sick of his shit.
-Was that Avery?
-This is it.
You know what,
that dude is a fool.
If he don't get his shit
together soon, somebody
is going to take his place.
Oh God! Why did you do that?
Wha... What was that for?
I don't know.
I don't know. I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
But, it just seemed like the
right thing to do at the time.
I know we're both
in a vulnerable place
in our lives right now but--
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
You know what the fuck this is?
Nobody act stupid.
Take me to the safe,
-Please don't hurt me.
-Shut the fuck up.
We know they keep the safe
deposits here. Let's go.
Where you going, school boy?
Oh, my God. Please,
please don't shoot us.
Come on.
Let's go. Hurry up,
make it to the safe, bitch.
-Okay. Okay.
-Come on. Hurry up.
I don't know the combination.
I don't--
One more lie
is gonna be your last.
Okay, okay.
Stop fucking talking. Come on.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Fill it! Hurry Up! Hurry Up!
What the fuck are you doing?
Hurry up!
Come on. Come on.
Put my money
in that bag. Let's go.
That's it. That's it.
Grab the bag. Grab the bag!
Now get your ass on the ground,
you gold-digging whore!
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go!
Come on. Come. Go!
[screaming in joy]
Go on, get us outta here.
It's good to be alive.
Ah, Cain!
Proceed. Yes.
Cain, Ah, Cain,
this is the best.
What you got planned today,
birthday boy?
Yeah, uh, me and Pops
went clothes shopping
and went out to lunch.
But, uh, he couldn't
get off of work.
So, uh, he couldn't
take me drinking tonight.
Aw, man.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I know you were really
looking forward to that.
But, um, since he can't come,
I was hoping that you
could join me.
I mean it's my 21st birthday.
I don't wanna be watching
Call of Duty in the apartment.
You know what,
I wish I could,
little bro, but--
Look, man, you ain't gotta sell
me any bull, okay.
I just thought that
we were friends.
Well, we are friends.
It's just not that simple.
Trust me, if it was up to me,
we'd already be on our way.
I don't get it dude. Why does
everybody keep lying to me?
Yo, I'm not lying to you.
Look, you really wanna
know why I can't go?
You really wanna know?
Yeah, Darryl. Why can't you go
drink with me tonight?
That's why I can't go!
What the hell is that?
It's a damn ankle monitor,
courtesy of New York State
Department of Corrections.
I can't even leave
the building after 8 o'clock.
Well, that thing looks
pretty archaic to me.
I mean, I could have that off
in five minutes without
detection if you wanted me too.
Yeah, right. And you
and me both will be having
bologna sandwiches
at Rikers in the morning.
No, I'm an electrical
engineering major at NYU,
top of my class.
I could have this thing off
and dismantled in five minutes
with my eyes closed.
All I have do is bypass
the signal, take it off and
then just make sure
it's hooked up to a phone line.
No bullshit? You can do that?
In my sleep.
That's basic. Let's go.
["Raise the roof" playing]
You know they say
it's supposed to rain today.
Oh, you better be careful,
I might not ever leave.
No, go ahead and handle
your business, baby.
I'll be right here
waiting for you. All right?
All right.
You know you always got
what I need. Right?
-[laughing] Right.
[clearing throat]
Speaking of what you need,
I thought you might like this.
Oh, my God, thank you.
-I'm gone. Later.
I see he treats you
pretty good.
Remember a good man
is hard to find.
Especially when you have
two of them.
Oh, hey. We need to talk.
We don't need to talk.
Actions speak louder
than words,
so I heard you loud and clear.
I know, I know. I was wrong
and I'm sorry about the way
things went down. Okay?
You know. That's why we
need to set some ground rules.
Ground rules for what, Krystal?
Me and you.
There is no me and you.
There could be.
You know Slim is gone
a lot of the time,
and you only live upstairs so--
Look, just stop, all right?
Maybe you ain't heard,
but I ain't nobody's jump-off.
He can have you.
Krystal, Krystal--
Krystal, stop--
What the hell is going on?
You pervert.
Get the fuck off me!
Baby did you just see that?
He just tried to grab me.
Hold up. What? Yo, I did not
try to grab you, Krystal.
You disrespecting her man.
You trying to rape her?
Hold on, I ain't try to rape
her. Don't even use that word.
Baby, kick his ass! Don't let
him play you like that.
Man, get your hands off of me.
He tried to attack her.
Bullshit! I did not try
to attack her.
This ain't worth it.
If he did what you said,
lets just call the police.
Look, I did not try
to rape that girl.
How the hell I'mma rape her
with my bag and mail
in my hand?
Now he got a point there.
It just ain't adding up!
Sure ain't!
Come on baby.
Lets just go okay.
-Get off of me.
What is all that?
That's Cocaine.
I thought you was done
with that shit.
-It ain't mine.
See that, lying about
the cocaine, just like
she lying about me.
Let's just go baby.
He ain't worth it.
This ain't over.
Let's just go. Let's just go
inside of our apartment.
Child, there ain't never a dull
moment around here.
Mrs. Bertha, we gonna be high?
Hey, Cain, great food,
sexy ladies,
I could get used to this, Cain.
Well, you should.
The rate we've been going,
you'll be able to afford
your own.
You think so?
-There you are.
-What is this?
Your money. Six jobs
and we took in $640,000.
By the end of the year,
you should have close to
a million dollars in there.
Well, wait. So we're not
going to just divide it up
like we did before.
I recognize that you're a
novice at this,
but you can't exactly have that
kind of cash in America without
Uncle Sam noticing it.
I keep all my money off shore
in the Cayman Islands.
I did the same for you.
But if you wanna be stupid and
liquidate it, that's on you.
It's the difference between
being rich and being wealthy.
Hey, Little Ben. You okay?
It's Benny, okay?
How many years you been
coming here and still
don't know my name?
I know your name Benny,
I'm sorry.
Hey, you.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
I'm good. I just uh...
Me and Benny just had it out.
About what?
You know, after that fight
I broke up in the lobby,
I told him I that I didn't want
him hanging out with the guy
in 3B anymore.
You know, that guy is bad news.
I don't want him
hanging out with my son.
Look, after I told him
to stay away from Darryl,
he said how the hell
am I going to give him advice
when I'm running around
with a married woman
whose husband
still lives in the building.
I don't see where
that is any of his business.
Look, my job is to set
the right example for him
and how can I do that when
I'm kicking him out every
afternoon to be with you?
You are a damn good father.
I wish to God I could
have your children.
-You mean that? What you said?
-You want to have kids?
-Of course, yes. I mean it.
Okay. Let's have some kids.
Oh you know
we can't have kids
right now. I mean--
It's time that you leave
your husband.
He doesn't want to have kids.
We do. You deserve to be happy.
I can't just leave Charles--
You can't, or you won't?
I can't, Ben.
Why don't you go?
You don't mean that.
Please just, just go.
-Here you go.
So, what's on your mind?
What's going on?
He didn't come home again.
I don't know what else to do.
So, now I'm here to finish
what you started the other day.
What do you mean,
what I started?
What the...
Morning, ladies, Mrs. Bertha.
Damn, Avery, you look
open casket ready.
What did you do,
win the lottery?
Because I know you ain't
been to no church.
Well, you know what they say.
It's easier to make a second
fortune, than a first.
Kyrstal isn't here, Avery.
I didn't come to see
my daughter, I came to see
her stepmother.
Oh, well, I thought you and
Connie were getting a divorce.
Yeah, well let me get in here
and handle my business,
so I can get back to
making this money.
-You do that.
If there ever was a man
that needed an ass whoopin',
it's him.
If he's headed where
I think he's headed,
he might just get one.
Well, well, well.
Look who got all spiffied up?
I'm going to see my wife. Why?
You got a problem with that?
I'm a friend of Connie's.
A good friend.
So, I hope you didn't come
around here to piss her off.
Let me tell you something.
I don't give a damn
about you or your friendship.
Connie Mack is still my wife
and I'll come around here
pissing her off
whenever I want.
Don't make me tell you again.
Or what?
You obviously don't know
who you talking to.
I've seen plenty
of them player.
Yeah, but I ain't
put it on you.
Thank you for waiting while
I got freshened up, honey.
You look beautiful.
Oh, you so sweet.
Why are you here, Avery?
I came to talk to you.
Can we go inside?
Not going to happen.
Just... just give me
a second with him.
I'll be right here.
And I'll be right here,
with my wife.
Soon to be ex-wife, I hear.
You never seemed like the type
who went for riffraff.
Sure I was.
What do you want, Avery?
Here's your first payment.
Where did you get this?
It's part of the bonus
for my promotion.
It's $10,000.
I'll get you the rest soon.
I want those papers signed.
They're already signed.
I can't wait to get
rid of your ass.
[scoffing] And I want
the rest of my money.
And all the little fancy
clothes in the world would not
make you a better man.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Yeah, come in, babe.
[BENNY] I swear to god.
Hey man, what's going--
I was just getting ready
to call you.
What the hell are you doing?
You crazy man?
You can't drink that straight.
What's wrong with you?
My Pops is what's fucking
wrong with me.
He's always trying
to tell me what to do.
I'm sure it can be rough,
but listen, man,
you're fortunate enough
to even have your father.
Some of us never did.
What are you talking about man?
It's my life.
He's always trying to control
my life and everything.
You know what I'm saying?
He's not even thinking, man.
He's thinking from the stone
ages. You know what I'm saying?
He's trying to hold me back.
All right, hold you
back from what?
He's trying to hold me back
from being with you.
From being with me?
Yeah man, he's trying
to keep us apart, man,
keep us from being together.
From being together?
What are you talking about man?
Get over here.
Whoa! What the fuck? Whoa!
What are you doing, Benny?
Listen man, it's just me
and you, Darryl.
It's just me and you, okay.
We can be ourselves.
Benny, listen. You're a cool
All right, like you a lot.
I love you like
a little brother,
but I'm not into men.
I'm into women.
Listen man, you ain't gotta
hide any more.
Okay? I know you go
both ways, Darryl.
Okay, I've seen
the books you had.
Those books were because
my little brother came outta
the closet last year
and I just wanted to understand
what he was going through.
That's it, Benny.
Oh no, oh no.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Benny.
Benny, it's okay.
I can't believe this man.
No, are you kidding me?
-Fuck, man!
[screaming] Fuck, fuck, man.
Fuck you, man.
Police! Open up. Now!
-What's going on?
-Step back, Ma'am.
Where is he? Where is he?
I don't--
Sorry to scare you, Ma'am.
Detective Wilson. NYPD.
We're searching for Avery Mack.
Are you his wife?
I am, but he's not home--
Yeah, I know.
We have a warrant for your
husband's arrest.
And if you haven't guessed,
we also have a warrant
to search the premises.
So if I were you,
I'd grab a seat,
it's going to take awhile.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Why are you even
looking for him?
Armed robbery.
Eight, in fact.
He might not do much
around here but he
is a very busy man.
Here's a list of the items
we're impounding.
If you can sign at the bottom,
indicating you've received it?
Thank you.
Anything else?
Listen, Connie, if you hear
from him, you tell him
to turn himself in.
Otherwise, things
could get messy.
[whispers] Okay.
All right.
Where'd you get this from?
Avery. And now I know
where he got it.
They say that
fool's been pulling stick-ups.
Eight in all.
That explains it then.
The clothes, the Bentley,
the gun he almost pulled on me.
Whoa, gun? You didn't say
anything about a gun.
Yeah, I ain't worried
about that, Connie.
I've seen plenty of guns.
But Avery had that look...
What kind of look?
Look, baby, you spend
enough time in the streets,
you start to be
able to recognize
who would actually pull
the trigger and who won't.
He had that look like
he ain't have nothing to lose.
Well, if he doesn't
turn himself in,
the cops so much
as said that they--
They said that they would kill
him. I've got to call him.
No, uh-uh. Uh-uh.
Definitely don't pick
up the phone.
They probably already
got him tapped.
There's no way
I'm letting them
snatch you up
for aiding and abetting.
So, just... Just chill.
Let me handle this.
[knocking at the door]
-What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Look, yo, you look
like shit man!
Please tell me you
ain't on that shit.
You gotta go. You can't be
here, okay. Go!
Alright, look, I just came
to let you know, you
should call your dad
and tell him the cops are
looking for him.
Oh, whatever!
Go. Go! Go! Just get out.
-Go before he gets out here.
-Keep your damn hands off me.
Listen, fine, whatever
you want to do, I don't care.
I'm leaving, but I just
told you so you can
warn him to stay away.
Hey man, what the hell are you
doing at my door?
I just came to deliver
a message.
Good, Imma deliver
a message too.
Get back inside babe. Go.
The way I'm feeling
right now, man,
I wouldn't suggest you get in
my face right now.
Well good. I'll keep it
simple then.
You come by here again,
you're gonna talk to my nine.
How 'bout that?
Those are big words.
You better hope you kill me.
I will.
Peace offering.
Hey, I made you short ribs.
Thank you.
You can just
go ahead and leave it.
Ben, look.
Can we just move
past this, baby?
All right, honey, I miss you.
Bennie's been gone
for three days.
I called the cops but they said
I can't file a missing person's
report on a 21 year old.
Well, did you call
all of his friends?
He doesn't have any except
Darryl, and he's not there.
Okay what about his
social media sites?
Did you check his updates
on his status report?
I don't know how
to do any of that.
[phone ringing]
Cain, Cain.
Cain, where you been man?
Hey, hey, Avery. What's up?
Cain, man. We've got
to get out of sight, man.
The cops are on to us!
I'm miles ahead of you, baby
boy. I'm out of the country.
You might wanna do the same.
I'm just saying.
Where are you?
That's on a need-to-know basis.
Man, damn that.
Look, I went to the bank and my
debit card's not working.
Just tell me how to get to my
money and you can do whatever
the hell you want.
What money you talking
about, Avery?
Fuck is you talking
about, Cain?
The money you were supposed
to move offshore for me.
Wow, man. Oh, wow.
This is a horrible connection.
You're breaking up
something terrible.
Cain! Cain, answer me,
you son of a bitch!
So just pull it up
and let's see--
I don't know anything
about these computers.
So why don't you just--
No baby, you just push
the mouse and it leads--
Oh, my.
See, that's what
I'm talking about.
Everything is Darryl this,
Darryl that.
Listen, it's just
a picture. Okay?
Let's see what we can find.
Uh. Right there. Benny's
Blog. It's like a diary.
It tells you everything
you need to know.
All right. "Every day my
feelings get stronger.
I can hardly keep
my eyes off of him."
What the fuck is this?
"Sooner or later, one of us is
going to have to make a move."
He's trying to steal my son
right up from under me.
Baby you don't know this,
all right? Now just come on,
let's just--
Mother-- I'm going to kill
that son of a bitch!
Ben! Wait! Wait a minute
honey, come back.
Imma kill that son of a bitch.
Open up this door.
[banging on the door]
Open up the door!
What's going on?
I ain't gonna let you
do this to my son, man!
No, no, no, no.
You not going to turn him gay!
Hey, calm down. Calm down, Ben.
I'll snap your fuckin' neck.
You're a bad influence
on my son,
and I'm not going to
let you turn him gay!
What are you talking about?
I didn't do anything to Benny.
All right?
You might have
a hard time accepting
this, but your son is gay.
You don't wanna
come to terms with
that sexuality?
My son is not gay!
You confused him!
-My son--
Listen, I did not confuse him.
All right?
Maybe if you spent a little bit
more time with him,
this wouldn't be a surprise.
You're going to have to accept
this fact, sooner or later.
Benny is gay!
I'mma fuckin kill--
You told him? You told him!
You call yourself a friend
and you out me to my pops
and half the damn building?
Really? Really, Darryl?
Really? I hate you! I hate you!
I wish you were fucking dead!
Benny! Benny!
What the hell
are y'all looking at?
What are they doing out there?
What the hell
are you doing here?
Why are you in my house?
Avery, I changed the locks.
Too bad you never learned to
lock the fire escape window.
You know what?
I'm warning you.
-I'm not playing.
Calm down.
I just needed to talk to you,
and I figured the back
way was safer.
Avery, what have you
gotten yourself into?
The police are looking
all over for you.
Is it true?
Did you do what they--
Don't ask.
[sighing] The less you know,
the better.
You've gotta turn yourself in,
Avery. They will kill you.
I'm leaving the country,
Connie, and I want you
to come with me.
I need you to come with me.
We could go to Jamaica.
Remember when we went there?
We had a great time. Remember?
Will you?
Avery, no. Are you kidding me?
Did you just hear what I said?
The police are all over
looking for you. You gotta go!
You're right. I'll go.
But there's something I'm
going to need from you first.
That money I gave
you last week?
I need it back.
[siren wailing]
Pops! Pops!
Benny what are you doing here?
Come on. Let's get outta here.
What's going on?
Don't worry about it. Let's go!
Hold up, gotta check on
Darryl to see if he's okay.
Oh, my God.
Step back. Back up, back up.
[screaming] Oh, no, no, no!
I told you. I told you
that boy was up to no good.
We lucky he didn't burn the
whole goddamn building down.
Excuse me, miss?
Would you happen
to know the deceased?
Yes, we lived
on the same floor.
Did he have any enemies?
And why would you ask that?
This was a fire,
not a drive by, sir.
Because this was no
ordinary fire, ma'am.
Now according to the
Fire Marshall, this fire
was deliberately set,
which means this is
not only a case of arson,
but it's also a murder
investigation. All right?
Now you live on the same
floor, right?
Now, did you see anyone or
anything out of the ordinary?
Not that I can think of.
Can I go back into
the building now?
What's your name?
Connie Mack.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I told y'all that boy
was up to no good.
-I know what
I'm talking about.
-Uh, excuse me, ladies.
Can my partner and I ask
you guys a few questions?
You ladies look like
you know a lot about
what goes on around here, huh?
We see our fair share.
Okay, well, were you aware of
anyone who may have a beef
or a grudge against Mr. Graham?
Darryl was a nice guy,
as far as I'm concerned.
I mean he may not
have been on the
best terms with everyone.
You got a name
for this everyone?
No, but his no good
girlfriend's name
is Krystal Mack.
They live in 1A.
And I personally,
personally heard him
threaten to kill Darryl.
You come by here again,
and you're going
to talk to my nine.
Those are big words.
You better hope you kill me.
I will.
I mean, well, since
we're on the subject,
if looks could kill,
Krystal's daddy, Avery, would
be on trial for murder one.
Hmm, I know that's right.
When he saw Connie with Darryl
got his blood pressure way up.
He was itching
to take it out on Darryl.
I mean itching.
You talking about the same
Connie that just went inside?
Mmm, Connie Mack.
So, her and Darryl
were friends?
Friends with benefits,
would describe it better.
Okay. Well,
you know what, ladies,
thank you,
you've been a big help.
And if there is anything
you think of big or small,
day or night, give us a call.
Okay? Thank you.
Detective, you make sure you
talk to Mamie up there in 3A.
She know more than me,
you hear?
3A. Thank you.
I hear you, okay?
We have to step on the gas
on this one. That comes
from downtown.
Okay, but what's
the deal with that?
I mean, you know me.
I work my case,
the way I work my case.
Huh, not this time, you don't.
The deceased's family
wants the remains released
on religious grounds.
Okay, it turns out his body's
got to be laid to rest in like
three days,
or his soul can't get into
Black Hebrew heaven.
There's no way
we can process the body
and get it in here in time.
Okay, well, your fight is not
with us. Okay?
These orders
come from downtown.
All right partner,
but how do we fast track
a murder investigation?
What is it with him
and that bitch?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Miss Krystal Mack?
Detective Anderson and Thomas
are ready to see you now.
Oh, well, it's about time.
Good afternoon, Krystal. Thanks
for coming down here today.
What y'all want with me?
Well, we'd like to ask you
a few questions
about Darryl Graham.
Is that okay with you?
Yeah, what do you want to know?
Well, let's start with,
where's Slim?
We asked the both
of you to come in.
Slim is at work.
Now are we here to solve
Darryl's murder,
or you just to harass
me and my fiance?
Lord Jesus, ain't nobody here
to harass you or your fiance.
You see we're actually
here to catch the person
that did this horrible thing.
So do you, or do you not know
who might've killed this man?
Hell yeah, I know who did it.
My stepmother. Connie Mack!
Once a murderer,
always a murderer.
Oh, come on now.
She doesn't even have
as much as a traffic ticket.
Yeah, well that's because
nobody wants to listen to me.
We're listening.
Connie killed my mother
six years ago.
And now Darryl dies
the same exact way?
I think I would say
that's a little more
than a coincidence.
How many suicides do you know,
involve a fire?
Come on. Y'all cant be taking
this junkie serious?
I had nothing to do
with that fire.
You know what?
If you don't believe me,
why don't y'all call
the investigating officers
at Nassau County.
We already have.
They're sending the file over.
So, why is your stepdaughter
so sure that you killed
her mother?
She thinks I did it to steal
her father from her mother.
But he'd already told her
that he was leaving her.
He just didn't know the woman
was so unstable that she
would take Valium to overdose.
So where do you think
the fire came in?
She doused her
comforter with WD-40,
and put a lit candle
at her feet.
It's all in the report.
She was dead from the pills
before the bed
even caught fire, y'all.
I mean come on, I was at work
when the whole thing went down.
I see.
So, how does Mr. Mack
feel about all this?
He knows I wasn't involved,
that's why he married me.
Where is Mr. Mack anyway?
I'm just surprised that your
husband is not down here.
I don't know.
We're separated.
Mr. Stevenson.
Hey, Mr. Stevenson,
hold up for a minute.
I'm Detective Thomas
and this is Detective Anderson
and we just want to ask
you a few questions.
The word on the streets
is that you weren't really
too fond of Darryl Graham.
And... I'm not
too fond of a lot of people,
including cops
and I don't speak pig Latin.
So what's your point?
You might want to chill out on
that attitude, my brother.
Okay, well unless I'm under
arrest, which clearly, I'm not,
you got any questions for me,
you can contact my lawyer.
In the meantime, I've got
someplace I need to be.
Excuse me.
You don't want to do that.
Good day.
You too.
Okay, so this Ben fellow was
banging on Mr. Graham's door
and threatening him, why?
He said Darryl turned
his son into a reprobate.
Excuse me?
A sissy, honey.
He said he was going to kill
the man in 3B because
he made his son a sissy.
I'm going to kill
that son of a bitch.
And then the son come
hollering at 3B, too.
I hate you! I wish you
were fucking dead.
Okay, so what
happened after that?
Was there some type
of confrontation?
Benny run off crying.
That poor child.
So many problems.
Still, I thought
y'all should know.
Well, thank you, Ma'am.
So what you think?
I'm gonna get a reward?
Yes, I said,
I wished he was dead.
And yeah, I meant it,
when I said it.
But I didn't kill him.
So, where were you
when the fire broke out?
I was on the roof.
I was beginning to sober up
when I heard the alarm go off.
I mean...
I didn't think much of it
at first because kids pull
the alarm on
the regular, all the time.
But there was a lot
of commotion coming
from the street.
Benny what are you doing here?
Come on, let's get outta here.
What's going on?
Don't worry about it. Let's go!
Hold up. Gotta check on Darryl
to see if he's okay.
Hey, hey, hey guys.
We've got a body
in apartment 3B!
Please send more help.
-I'm sorry, Son.
No! Hold up. Wait, wait, what?
No, go get him and save him.
Wait, if he's dead,
you killed him!
You knew how
I felt about him
and you killed him.
No! I never said that.
That's exactly what you said.
We've have a sworn affidavit
from an early responder.
I don't understand,
why are you asking
me about that?
Well, several of your neighbors
indicated that you were present
when these threats
were made, Ma'am.
Of course, they did.
Yes, Ben did threaten him.
But so did that character
on the first floor.
Slime, Slim,
whatever his name is.
But you know what?
I don't see you all
checking him out.
We're investigating all leads.
Really, is he here, Ma'am?
-All I'm trying to say is--
-We already talked about this.
No, you talked about it
and I didn't agree.
So, we're going to finish
our discussion.
-In the car.
Ooh. Uh-oh.
What are they doing here?
Excuse me.
Hey, ladies.
Oh, Connie, you heard
the latest?
What, what happen?
Ben confessed to
Darryl's murder!
Ben? Really?
Oh, God.
Connie, you actually
showed up early.
Yeah, well,
I don't have
much time, so,
why am I even here?
I mean, don't you guys
have a confession.
Doesn't that make
this a closed case?
Maybe. Maybe not.
So, you don't believe
Ben killed Darryl, then?
Uh listen, Connie,
I don't know.
But who am I to question
a confession, right?
I'm just trying
to think this through.
I'm just trying
to process it all. That's all.
Actually, you know what,
you might be able
to help me with that.
How is that?
Because you never mentioned
the fact that you were having
a relationship with Mr. Graham.
I don't like it
when people leave out
specific details, Connie.
It makes my job difficult.
Now, Avery Mack
was seen in the building.
Now he was seen in the building
climbing the fire escape
which you and I both know,
leads directly to your
So if you got some
information for me, Connie,
or something you want to
tell me, like you saw him,
I really need to know.
Okay, You're right.
Avery was there.
How come you never
told me about this?
Because he's a fugitive,
and he got money from me.
But the police were there
just a few days before
looking for him, so...
Some guy from Major Crimes.
He said Avery's wanted
for armed robbery.
What that has to do with this,
I don't' know.
What's all this about the
money? He gave you money?
You gave him money? What?
Look, he gave me money
to speed up our divorce, okay?
Ten-thousand dollars,
cash. And he wanted it back.
What? And you just
gave it to him?
He had a gun.
What was I supposed to do?
It was too much money to put in
the bank, so he knew I had it.
Got-dammit, Connie,
that's 10,000 dollars.
He could be anywhere by now.
Now did he reach out to you?
Did he try to contact you?
He texts me, look,
but I didn't text him back.
Imma going to keep
this phone for a little while.
Oh no, Imma need my phone.
I said, I am going to keep this
phone for a little while.
Are we clear?
Then you pay the bill too.
[Slim] Hurry up. I'm starving.
Baby, you said you was hungry.
I didn't say for what.
How you holding up?
[voice shaking] Me?
How are you?
It is what it is.
Why you doing this?
You know damn well
you didn't kill anybody.
I'm going to need
you to leave that alone.
How can I just leave it alone
when the man that
I love might rot in jail?
What did you say?
The man you what?
Love, damn you.
The man that I love.
Baby, why?
Why you doing this?
I mean, who are
you taking the rap for?
God, Benny? Oh, my God, Ben.
-Keep your voice down.
Keep it down.
Darryl didn't die by fire.
Nancy, the fire was there
to cover up the murder.
So, remember how
I used to take Benny upstate
for the Fourth of July?
How I taught him how
to make fireworks?
The investigators said
there was an accelerant,
kerosene and graphite.
They searched our
apartment, Nancy.
You know what we used
to make our fireworks?
Right. Kerosene and graphite.
Oh, my God.
He's got his whole life
in front of him.
I have to do this.
I missed you.
[moaning] Wet, right?
That's amazing.
Now that is what I was
calling a nooner, right there.
It was so good. I was like ooh.
Oh, damn, babe.
I almost forgot.
Daddy left something
in the trunk he wants
us to get rid of.
What is it?
I don't know, but he made
a big deal about it.
So, let's just take care of it.
Okay. We'll do it after we eat.
No, babe, let's just do it now
and get it out of the way.
Come on.
I'm telling you he
was on me about it.
Nah, babe, I'm starving.
Look, we used up
a lot of energy upstairs.
We need to eat!
Come on, babe.
That's the least we can do,
we driving his car.
Let's just do it now!
-Hold, hold, hold, shit!
Listen, no matter
what they say, let me
do the talking, okay?
-This bitch.
-[Slim shushing]
Can you kindly step out
of the car please?
-We intend to search it, sir.
Like hell you do.
I know my rights.
-Oh, you know your rights?
-Sure do.
Okay, then you must certainly
know what this is then, right?
Get off
the fucking car, genius!
Oh, babe, what's going on?
-What happened?
-Can you pop the trunk please.
Get out the car.
They got a warrant.
A warrant?
Whoa, what we got here? Uh-huh
Let me see that.
WD-40, so?
Oh, what is this?
[laughing] Whoa, check it out.
You sure are dumb.
[stammering] This ain't
even my car, man.
This is her father's car.
-Save it for the judge.
-This ain't my dope.
Your phone records,
well they were pretty helpful.
It seems like your dad
is, uh, pretty good at texting.
So listen,
when you sent him
the list of countries
that don't have
extradition treaties
with our government,
what you probably didn't
know is that you were
aiding and abetting a fugitive.
And that, that's a felony.
So, I'm going to need
you to go ahead and
send your dad a message.
No way. I'm not selling
my dad out. Nope.
I respect that.
Family is family, right?
But, honestly,
if you don't want to spend
the next three to five years
of your life
in an orange jumpsuit,
you're going to have
to give me something.
You're going to have to
give me something good.
But I already told you
about Slim's whole operation.
And I'm sure the D.E.A. is very
grateful about that Krystal,
but I am not the D.E.A.
So, that means
that I've still got
this unsolved murder
on my hands.
I don't know anything
about that.
I didn't say
you knew anything
about it, Krystal,
but I think your father does.
What are you talking about?
You already have a confession.
Benny's dad admitted
to everything.
Yes, he did.
But see, we just got
the investigators report
on the fire back in.
An accelerant was used.
It's a blend of kerosene
and graphite commonly
known as WD-40.
The same cans
that we found in the back
of the Bentley, Krystal.
The same cans that your pops
asked you to get rid of.
So? I'm sure it's just
a coincidence?
So, then is it also
a coincidence that
the same substance was used
six years ago in your
mother's bedroom?
What are you talking about?
Are you trying to say that
my dad killed my mom?
I'm not trying to say
anything, Krystal.
It's my job simply
to report the facts.
And the fact is
that your father
cashed in on a very large
insurance settlement.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, what?
I'm sorry.
You didn't know
anything about that, huh?
[Krystal sniffing]
All I'm asking you to do is
send him a message, Krystal.
That's it. Just send
the man a message.
-I'm going to miss y'all.
-I'm going to miss you too.
I guess this is it.
Connie, girl, I can't believe
you're leaving us for good.
I know. I guess I could use
a change of scenery.
I hear you.
Just make sure
you come back
for the wedding.
Aw, look, I'm not
making any promises,
so congratulations you two.
I better get going.
Let me get that for you.
Oh, I have something for you.
It's Darryl's brother's number.
He was planning on giving it
to you before he died.
I think the both of you
could use a new friend.
You take care
of yourself, okay?
You too, okay?
All right guys. I love ya'll.
[MISS BERTHA] She probably
rushing off to meet that
fugitive husband of hers.
Bye, Connie.
[birds chirping]
I'll go.
But there's something I'm going
to need from you first.
That money I gave
you last week?
I need it back.
And I need it now!
-The police came and--
-I need my money.
I asked Darryl to hold it
for me because I was--
You what?
The police came here
and I didn't want
them to find it.
-Avery, I just, please. Wait.
-Let's go!
Get my money
so me and my wife
can get out of here.
Avery, just take it easy.
Get my money before
I shoot you on GP alone!
Just give him the money.
Just give him the money.
Listen, Avery--
Man, I'm not going
to tell you again.
Get my money
so I can get out of here.
Fuck you!
What the hell did you just do?
We'll just call the cops
and it was self defense.
Baby, this makes me
a three time offender.
I'd rather take my chances on
the run, then go to the cops.
I don't care how much I'm
trying to get my life together.
Nobody's going
to ever believe me.
Give me your necklace.
-Yes, give me your necklace.
Tell me you know how to
get that thing off your ankle.
Yeah, I think I've seen
Benny do it enough times,
I can take it off myself.
Good, I'm not gonna lose you
because of something he did.
And there's something
you should know about me.
I'm ride or die.
Now, come on,
we've got work to do.
[DARRYL] Texting Krystal felt
really weird.
[CONNIE] Yeah, I bet.
But they had to be convinced
that Avery was
still alive, so...
Yeah, her last message said
she wanted to join him.
I just didn't answer.
Hmm, because if I know Krystal,
she's already cut
herself a deal.
Guess we won't be needing this
anymore, huh?
Avery's phone.
I'm lucky I found
a beautiful woman
to start life over, with me.
Hmm, hold up.
What, what's this?
I got you a little something.
A new star? Thank you, baby!
This view is beautiful.
["The Man in 3B" playing]